Ice Climber - NES Gameplay

  • Published on Feb 12, 2008
  • Pure gameplay.
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    SOUTH GAMES Month ago +1

    o primeiro jogo q eu tive quando era criança ! muito nostalgico isso nunca esqueço

  • golgus 84
    golgus 84 3 months ago +2

    got this for Christmas in the 80's

  • Alex de la mora
    Alex de la mora 4 months ago

    Amaba jugarlo en mi famicom!

  • Squidberg
    Squidberg 4 months ago

    I'm glad this youtube channel exists, I bought this game and now it's my favorite nes game

  • Angel815 !!
    Angel815 !! 4 months ago

    I might look like popo, but this game need to be remastered

  • Insanity
    Insanity 5 months ago +1


  • ShinySonic35
    ShinySonic35 5 months ago

    Hate this fuckin game. The dude cries like a fuckin little bitch when he doesn’t get the bonus.

  • Shankar Narayanan
    Shankar Narayanan 6 months ago

    Timing is the main factor in this game.. It is so easy to watch.. But not easy to play!! I almost died playing this in my childhood!! Such a Masterpiece

  • Goten Mendoza
    Goten Mendoza 7 months ago


  • Ernest Sanchez
    Ernest Sanchez 7 months ago

    I remember this game being next to super Mario bros at my local pizza place in the 80s.

  • mincho178
    mincho178 8 months ago

    the background music sounds simple, but it is complex and beautiful

  • 4arms4life
    4arms4life 8 months ago

    They should do a remake of this game with separate episodes with one starring Popo and another starring Nana (Kind of like how Captain Toad had separate episodes starring both Captain Toad and Toadette).

  • Ludibrious Games
    Ludibrious Games 9 months ago +1

    Everybody's favorite game

  • Alastor Fate
    Alastor Fate 10 months ago

    This is one of my favorite NES games. They need to make a new Ice Climbers game similar to this one, but with more levels and better graphics (even though I liked the old-style graphics, it's kind of a granted to have polished graphics for remasters/sequels for consoles that are heavily oriented around 3-D graphics.) They could easily give the game good replayability, by making it where there is an online competitive mode; they could make it where whoever gets to the top of the mountain first wins.

  • Labyrinth Atelier
    Labyrinth Atelier 10 months ago

    Cant wait for the revival in switch 😍 i used to play this with my mom or dad.. its fun and hard at the same time

  • Leroy Allen
    Leroy Allen 10 months ago

    This is what time travel (back into the past) feels like?
    This video is literally like a time machine right now!

  • boiledliddo
    boiledliddo 11 months ago

    really had long fun hours playing this with my cousins. Classic game.

  • Fred 006
    Fred 006 Year ago

    I played this when I was 5 years old and had completely forgotten about it until I played Brawl for the first time

  • Marcelo Linhares
    Marcelo Linhares Year ago


  • Shankar Narayanan

    I remember playing this.. After ending I would jump as same as the ice climber 😂😂🙏🙏 golden days

    SHAWKLAN 27 Year ago

    This game looks pretty fun though

  • Red Dragon
    Red Dragon Year ago

    In roblox ice climbers is feared mostl- mario jumps srsly

  • Jean-Maurice Padamis

    Thx super smash bros :/

  • TENACIUS1000
    TENACIUS1000 Year ago

    Ojala pudiera darle me encanta al video porque lo miro con toda la nostalgia del mundo, gracias a estos juegos puedo decir que pase por la mejor infancia del mundo, mucho mejor que salir con amigos o algo asi, lindos recuerdos con estos juegos

  • Brandon
    Brandon Year ago why are there 2 ice Climbers in Smash

  • LogoAttitude
    LogoAttitude Year ago

    both me and Lana from Alola would scream bloody murder if those were the seal Topis...we both hate to see seals get hurt (Lana has a Popplio so that would make sense for her to think that)

  • Alejandro Amuedo
    Alejandro Amuedo Year ago

    Eran pinguinos no ovejas. Esta "tocado" el juego

  • james bond
    james bond Year ago

    I will play this. It's 2018 and I'm an adult

  • Fernando Houjou
    Fernando Houjou Year ago


  • Harry Best
    Harry Best Year ago

    I First Knew The Ice Climbers When They Were In Super Mario Maker

  • LDF Enterprises
    LDF Enterprises Year ago

    The jump sound sounds like the Zooming WB Shield.

  • Harry Best
    Harry Best Year ago

    This Game Should Get A Sequal Or A HD Remake
    And I Hope That Ice Climbers Will Return To Smash

  • kroakie4
    kroakie4 Year ago

    I thought there were two ice climbers. Nana (pink) and Popo (blue). Do you only get both if you play in two player mode?

  • Dexter Wright
    Dexter Wright Year ago

    I want another ice climber game in the style of the modern world.

  • Alex Andre92
    Alex Andre92 Year ago +1

    Souvenir young , 💔😭💔. 😘😘😰😘😘

  • Girom Christian Calica


  • Coda Greene
    Coda Greene Year ago

    Omg i always thought the egglants were batman

  • y4vu7 y
    y4vu7 y Year ago +3

    my first game ❤️

  • Michael Concepcion
    Michael Concepcion Year ago +2

    Arent the enemies supposed to be penguins?

    • KevClips Gaming
      KevClips Gaming Year ago +1

      The Travelmonkey That's for the japanese version. It was changed in the US to avoid controversy

  • Йазь Петрович

    играет как лох

  • Travel Liszt
    Travel Liszt 2 years ago

    I love this game. Good childhood memories.

  • Creative Myth
    Creative Myth 2 years ago +9

    I never played this game before, I never even knew about ice-climbers until super smash bros.

  • Federation of Uganda Medical Students Association

    Who's playing in 2017?

  • CyberIce2000
    CyberIce2000 2 years ago

    4:41 shit pickles!

  • Dennys Paulo
    Dennys Paulo 2 years ago

    Que nostalgia!

  • Trev64
    Trev64 2 years ago +1

    Who else is here cause they wanted to know where these guys came from before smash bros?

  • Retro-Dork the YTPooper

    Nintendo should make a sequel. "Ice Climbers 2: The Bird Strikes Back!!!".My opinion. 200 Comment

  • IamMagPie
    IamMagPie 2 years ago

    Why is it that every NES gameplay I find on USclip is sped up compared to all my games. Does it have something with that most videos are from the US where you have 60 Hz electric power supply, compared to here in Euro-land where we have 50 Hz?

  • Death to Denton
    Death to Denton 2 years ago +7

    6:43 wow that was bullshit!

  • Kevin Millaqueo
    Kevin Millaqueo 2 years ago +1

    estos juegos de nes snes y sega van a ser mas que la ps4 o zbox live o wii u

  • xNeonStreetz
    xNeonStreetz 2 years ago

    Que recuerdos cuando jugaba esto con mi prima en el original nes

  • The One
    The One 2 years ago

    which music is that i hear at the game menu, anyone?????

  • Username
    Username 2 years ago

    I can't believe Sakurai said they got Ice Climbers working in the 3DS version in 2015 yet he didn't bring them back. But hey, we got characters like Ryu, Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta. And since Smash 4 modding/hacking can now create custom moveset, and rig models, maybe we can get them back.

    • Chuck the Quail
      Chuck the Quail 2 years ago

      Screw Bayonetta, She's a Dark magical girl.

      i'm sure if Bayonetta must be Removed out Smash Bros, that will be Better to us.
      Seriusly, She's too Dangerous for the Others Characters (Especialy for the Duck Hunt Dog).

    • Username
      Username 2 years ago

      Right. But the thing is... That wasn't confirmed.

    • A1
      A1 2 years ago +2

      Smash for Switch....

  • Saar penarski
    Saar penarski 2 years ago

    amazing game party. for 2 players or more..!!!

  • Maru Sama
    Maru Sama 2 years ago +10

    Eu amava esse jogo qdo era criança ♥

    • Claus Wagner
      Claus Wagner Month ago

      Muito antigo os comentários ksksk

    • Bynho Castro dos Santos
      Bynho Castro dos Santos 8 months ago

      tenho 33 anos e estou conhecendo esses jogos antigos desde 2016, jogos difíceis mesmo, o mais fácil é o bugs bunny crazy castle

    • Maru Sama
      Maru Sama 2 years ago +2

      kkkkk antes os jogos eram difíceis mesmo, eu sempre cai la de cima da ''nuvem'' como no vídeo,
      eu lembro que nunca consegui zerar esse jogo ;-; kkkk Lembro q já zerei Contra que era super difícil tb!

    • Antonio462
      Antonio462 2 years ago +2

      Maru Sama mesmo depois que eu cresci eu não consigo passar da segunda tela deve ser trauma de infancia desse jogo

  • Pontius888
    Pontius888 2 years ago +10

    We used to play this with my friend he hated it because he always ended up being the pink one lol.

  • Joel Colon
    Joel Colon 2 years ago

    the jumping sounds, just like Mario

  • morikahjo
    morikahjo 2 years ago

    I see the laws of matter exist in this game- you can just jump headfirst through a platform and land on top of it. You have to wait, and jump around it. Looks like a great game!

  • Felipe Kawka
    Felipe Kawka 2 years ago

    kkkkk é engraçado pq ele morre

  • LeoSystem
    LeoSystem 2 years ago +1

    Nintendo nes Mini

  • Barebare kun
    Barebare kun 3 years ago +29

    This cute duo deserve more of their own game than just got stuck in SSB roster...
    One of the most underrated Nintendo characters ever...

    • Gavin Attala Hadiyan
      Gavin Attala Hadiyan 2 months ago

      Chuck the Quail
      It’s literally a crossover game between video games.
      I mean,unless you were talking about the bosses..

    • Biota Tempus
      Biota Tempus 8 months ago +1

      It's fun exactly because it's a cross over games? Having some characters from different games fight each other, luv it

    • Endie Endor
      Endie Endor 2 years ago +3

      I'd say it would be so we'd get a sense of nostalgia. I mean, for a lot of people, these are the character they grew up with. Also, it's fun to make Kirby fight Bowser.

    • Chuck the Quail
      Chuck the Quail 2 years ago +1

      Mr @Dano Beltrano​.
      SSB had a Weird roster of their Characters.
      Everyone don't MATTERS​ That.
      The Game is Good, but the Characters.
      That Game should be Better ir it had original Characters.

    • Chuck the Quail
      Chuck the Quail 2 years ago +1

      SSB SUCKS.

  • B O N K O N T H E H E A D

    Who came from Supe Mario Mak- Actually who cares

  • Santiagueño 14
    Santiagueño 14 3 years ago

    Esto era mi vida cuando era niño...
    Me encantaba el Ice Climber!!!
    Qué recuerdos... :'(

  • phoenix arizona cardinals and diamonbacks Diaz

    this game was fun

  • BevvyIsTheBest
    BevvyIsTheBest 3 years ago +10

    Aw me and my sister used to play this all the time, we always thought the little people were mice for some reason lol

  • SK Linux
    SK Linux 3 years ago

    those are the days

  • EpicFinish
    EpicFinish 3 years ago

    They should remake Ice Climbers like they did with Kid Icarus. Change up the style, if it gets popular then bring it back. The problem is there are no good ideas to bring them back. What's gonna happen? Ice Climbers RPG?

    • A1
      A1 2 years ago

      Maybe thats Sakurai's next game

    • Marigio300X
      Marigio300X 3 years ago

      +EpicFinish9 There's always an HD Remake to spark interest.

  • Yeti
    Yeti 3 years ago

    this is shit. most nes games are. but unlike some of the others, there's nothing artistic, experimental or revolutionary about it. it's just shit.

  • warrior of truth and reason

    remake for game

  • Lee Mulreay
    Lee Mulreay 3 years ago

    Remember 2 player being funny as you could bounce each other or knock the other one down something like that anyway was a lot of laughs

  • Starblax
    Starblax 3 years ago

    Nintendo, make a reboot of this game that's a Zelda styled Ice Climber game.

    • candy-kat! kitty-lichious!
      candy-kat! kitty-lichious! 3 years ago

      or make an ice climbers ice climbers game that doesn't use your cancer to sell a
      also Nintendo cqnt hear you
      why the fuck should it not be ice climbers based? like really wtf its in smash and Mario maker so people know about it

  • Allinta Tadesse
    Allinta Tadesse 3 years ago

    is it me or are u fast as hell

  • tootsie|troll®
    tootsie|troll® 3 years ago

    lol i remember when me and my brother play this game, i do tend to climb faster than him and doesn't even bother to wait for him to catch up so he always ends up dying early in the game. good times ;)

  • Don Tapley
    Don Tapley 3 years ago +2

    I (Susanne Tapley) made the comment below. I'm using my husband Don's phone.

  • Don Tapley
    Don Tapley 3 years ago

    Great player and fast too!!* : ) I used to play this game in my 20s 20 years ago on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). I started with an Atari system when I was 12. Then me and my two younger brothers got a Nintendo system. Atari and Nintendo were the best!!!* :) ♡♡♡♡♡ Miss them!!* Does anyone remember the white polar bear that would come and jump on the screen shaking it when you took too long which would cause you to go up a level on that mountain?!* : ) That was hilarious!!*; )

    • tootsie|troll®
      tootsie|troll® 3 years ago

      +Don Tapley yeah that polar bear that'll chase you as you progressed to higher level ;)

  • XiiCubed
    XiiCubed 3 years ago

    Why would anyone climb a mountain with a hammer?

  • Lenn256i
    Lenn256i 3 years ago +30

    Am I the only one who wants a game company that was as dedicated as rare to make a ice climbers reboot like dkc?

    • Scotty Plays Guitar
      Scotty Plays Guitar 3 years ago


    • Lenn256i
      Lenn256i 3 years ago

      @Pig Wizard Nope, what's it about?

    • Scotty Plays Guitar
      Scotty Plays Guitar 3 years ago

      +Lenn256i Have you played Towerclimb?

    • Lenn256i
      Lenn256i 3 years ago +1

      yeah that was what i was thinking too, nintendo should take this idea on board with them so maybe retro studios or monster games can make it? I don't know but a good idea none the less

    • Wextial
      Wextial 3 years ago +2

      @Lenn256i I think they suit more a plataformer puzzle game. You have Popo and Nana and each of them have diferent abilities/items and you have to combine them to solve some puzzles... something like Trine or The Lost Vikings

  • nok kewtong
    nok kewtong 4 years ago


  • anis painis
    anis painis 4 years ago

    I remember playing a bootleg of this. The ice climber was replaced with a baby

    • anis painis
      anis painis 3 years ago

      @Joe Osoup Yeah I cant believe my Mother fell for a "120 Games in one console"
      It also had panda mario bros and a unedited Contra game that i played the shit out of

  • Twentecable
    Twentecable 4 years ago

    This game is great... really super in multiplayer!

    STOPEJECTPLAY 4 years ago

    good job

  • Yukahoreine Riyamolet
    Yukahoreine Riyamolet 4 years ago +9

    So many memories!!
    I Love this game!!!

  • elguitarTom
    elguitarTom 4 years ago +1

    Worst NES game ever. Remember mom gave me this. Luckily we could return it to the store and get full money back!

    • nansha games
      nansha games 11 months ago

      elguitarTom what is do bad aubout the game?

    • samy poirier
      samy poirier Year ago

      Yo guys chill out he's just saying that he didn't like the game you don't have to hate on him

    • A Lego Man
      A Lego Man Year ago

      die die die DIE!!

    • KnowDude
      KnowDude Year ago +2

      what the hell, you must be trolling
      you are the first person i have ever met who doesn't like ice climber

    • BulletCube
      BulletCube Year ago

      elguitarTom oh screw you, play Super Smash Bros. Melee

  • Sarah Miller
    Sarah Miller 4 years ago +12

    when nana or popo jumps it sounds like when mario or luigi jumps

    • Red Dragon
      Red Dragon Year ago +2

      Sarah Miller cuz it is

    • sideshot
      sideshot 3 years ago +5

      its the same sound but less pitchy

    • Lucas Knox
      Lucas Knox 3 years ago +2

      I wasn't the only one who figured it out:-D

  • Crashinator
    Crashinator 4 years ago +56

    This is the 30th anniversary of this game. It's a damn shame Popo and Nana had to be left out of the fourth Super Smash Bros. all because of technical limitations. They'll be missed....

    • Blayz TR
      Blayz TR 6 months ago +2

      smash ultimate.

    • foryoazz
      foryoazz 9 months ago +2

      They are actually back in smash ultimate on the Nintendo switch, And i am not living in 2020 this is in regular 2018.

    • BāgenMāto
      BāgenMāto 10 months ago +5

      Long live the...

    • NathanRowe10
      NathanRowe10 11 months ago +1

      SmashMarioPro 2000 Actually it's 2018

    • Shontae Winston
      Shontae Winston Year ago +3


  • SmashMarioPro2000 (OLD)

    I remember getting this game on the GBA and loving it and maining them in Smash Bros. It really sucks their gone though =(

    • BulletCube
      BulletCube Year ago

      Neo yeah, because of limitations, they couldn't be in the 3DS version. They could easily fit on the Wii U but they wanted the roster equal

    • Neo
      Neo 3 years ago

      @CarKing 114 its the 3ds fault

    • Distinctively Different
      Distinctively Different 4 years ago

      @CarKing 114 it really sucks

    • SmashMarioPro 2000
      SmashMarioPro 2000 4 years ago +1

      And now with Sakurai's latest statement, it looks like these guys won't been in Smash until the 5th happens =(

    • Distinctively Different
      Distinctively Different 4 years ago

      @SmashMarioPro2000 (OLD) I hate that there gone

  • SmashMarioPro2000 (OLD)
    SmashMarioPro2000 (OLD) 4 years ago +6

    Here's hoping Sakurai will give these guys a Kid Icarus Uprising like reboot I mean it is their 30th anniversery coming up and it would make up for them not being in Smash Bros 4.

    • Medachod
      Medachod 3 years ago

      @SmashMarioPro 2000 Yeah, I suppose, but they were mostly for advertising at best. Cloud for the remake, Corrin for Fates.
      But, Sakurai might pull a fast one and slip them in the February update, who knows. He did say they were working on the 3DS a bit earlier this year.
      It would honestly be incredible if he brought them back, since they did show up in two games. It makes sense.

    • SmashMarioPro 2000
      SmashMarioPro 2000 3 years ago +1

      Yeah but at the end of the day the fact that we got characters like Cloud and Bayonetta in made up for that IMHO. I still like Project M and all and enjoy playing Ice Climbers. I still wish I could make them duke it out with characters like PAC MAN, Ryu, Bayonetta, Cloud, Megaman and my 16 Ice Climber fests. It hurts that they can't challenge those fighters but honestly whether or not Ice Climbers return is up to Sakurai and his team trying to get them on the 3DS.

    • Medachod
      Medachod 3 years ago +1

      @SmashMarioPro 2000 Reboot? Sakurai won't be on the next one, dude. It will probably have Goku, Shrek and all that since it will have a brand new team behind it.
      But, you have Project M to play them on so no need to say they never had a chance at all. Snake, Squirtle, Ivysaur and all of the other rejects are still here for us to play; even in high definition if you have Dolphin.
      But, who knows, maybe Sakurai might throw the curve ball of the century and slide in an extra character in February; two certain characters, since he clarified that they were functional on the 3DS after further testing.
      Truthfully, the biggest disappointment for me came from the fact that we had no new game modes, like a Smash Run for Wii U or something similar in an adventure-esque kind of way.

    • SmashMarioPro 2000
      SmashMarioPro 2000 3 years ago

      +Medachod Well they didn't make it back. I'm alittle sadden by that but hey we got Bayonetta and Corrin which look like fantastic fighters. I was hoping Sakurai would get them but I'm now OK with them being gone. They will return one day in Smash 5 or in a new game if Sakurai reboots the series. Well I think it's time I gave them a faithful farewell. "Popo, Nana, you two were some of my favorite characters in the Smash Bros series and had a part of my childhood. I miss you alot but like every journey we must leave some behind and you unfortunately didn't return. This isn't good bye forever. I'm sure we'll meet again someday. And when that day comes, it will be a reunion to remember"

    • Medachod
      Medachod 3 years ago

      @SmashMarioPro 2000 Someone mentioned it to me a while ago, and I believe he had the source. If it wasn't for USclip's shitty comment arrangement system where I have to continuously wait for it to load, I could find it again for you.
      But, keep in mind that this very same person did not particularly mention that they were coming to the game. However, what you just said may very well link to that entirely, so I have lots of faith. We have two sources that could very well become one next month.

  • janirwin16
    janirwin16 4 years ago +8

    Wheres the pink one

    • Keeby64
      Keeby64 3 years ago +11

      @janirwin16 She appears if you select the 2 player option.

  • Zachary Erickson
    Zachary Erickson 4 years ago

    When you reach the top of the mountain can you fall off the sides? What happens?

  • Rocco Salvemini
    Rocco Salvemini 4 years ago

    The bonuses are so tough to beat

  • Meester Tweester
    Meester Tweester 4 years ago

    5:16 SSBM and SSBB Ice Climber victory theme

  • Subz
    Subz 4 years ago

    my brother and i were helping eash other to climb up, am i supposed to not let him climb and beat him? XD this remind of the good old times ;)

  • ZaLO
    ZaLO 4 years ago +89

    this game looks so easy.. but really it's hard

    • Just a Toaster
      Just a Toaster Month ago

      Rotund Monibuv your right

    • Rotund Monibuv
      Rotund Monibuv Month ago +1

      @Just a Toaster it's only hard because it controls like roasted ass. Good hard games, (like the JP SMB2) while being hard, still have tight controls.

    • Nasty Old Grandpa
      Nasty Old Grandpa 4 months ago

      Guillem Tb no it’s because you suck

    • Leroy Allen
      Leroy Allen 10 months ago +2

      Falling down all the way from the top and being MAD as fuck.

  • Otaking Mikohani
    Otaking Mikohani 4 years ago

    Why does Kid Icarus have not one, but TWO sequels while this has none?! It makes no sense!

  • Viktoria O
    Viktoria O 4 years ago

    Это моя первая игра! в шесть лет подарили денди с этим картриджем

  • ShyGuyXXL
    ShyGuyXXL 4 years ago +7

    I don't get why this game is considered a classic. It doesn't hold up well at all.
    The whole thing has aged terribly. Especially the controls. They are wonky and not intuitive at all. You keep falling through platforms when trying to jump on them.
    It's one of those games where the difficult part isn't playing the game but working your way through the bad controls.

    • BulletCube
      BulletCube Year ago

      Daniel Dove probably you always got "wobbled" XD

    • Tommy Sasaki
      Tommy Sasaki 4 years ago +6

      Its a classic to me because I played it as a kid. It doesnt matter if the controls were bad. The sounds and graphics gets my whole body tingling with nostalgia.

    • Ray Mond
      Ray Mond 4 years ago +1

      @Cradily Is Love Too bad anonymity hides you so you don't fuck up your future self and get know as a fuck stupid

    • Cradily Is Love
      Cradily Is Love 4 years ago

      @ShyGuyXXL But what if it's wrong?

    • ShyGuyXXL
      ShyGuyXXL 4 years ago

      @Cradily Is Love !

  • alfredclub
    alfredclub 4 years ago

    I remember when i played this, but i don't remember the control xD

  • Hawl and Sera The Shapeshifting Cyber Spider Tigress

    Why is this game terrible?

  • Asammel
    Asammel 5 years ago +14

    good memories

  • Patrick Siener
    Patrick Siener 5 years ago

    Mein Bruder hat das spiel auch heute noch immer gerne gespielt er hat es heute noch und ich auch in meiner Sammlung sogar mit OVP noch