$1 Donut Vs. $100 Donut

  • Published on Mar 12, 2017
  • "This is truly the best donut I have ever had."
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    Joanna Park & Katie Villanueva
    Ryan Ososky
    Teresa Larsen

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  • Stefanie Glover
    Stefanie Glover 8 hours ago

    Hi I love you 😘

  • Sejez
    Sejez Day ago

    Ah yes Nutella, the food of the royals.

  • TGP
    TGP Day ago

    Adam live the present !!! and enjoy !!! I love this videos

  • Nia May
    Nia May 2 days ago

    Steven thought it was weird.. I’m telling.

  • Mintix
    Mintix 3 days ago

    Camera guy: They have chicken sandwiches too right?

  • Rich M23k
    Rich M23k 4 days ago +1

    Andrew: "What would you do for a donut?"
    Steven: *_Kill a man_*


    Me: I love these guys.

  • MrsHippyfreak
    MrsHippyfreak 4 days ago

    You guys need to get back to the east coast and find a Duck Donuts!! My 1st time in it took about 15 minutes for them to prep my donuts with the toppings I chose... then I stopped at the shop next door for a gallon of milk and the girl behind the counter knew I had bought donuts. The smell of fresh donuts is so thick in there that it clings to you within minutes. BTW... my fave is chocolate icing, bacon and topped w/ fudge drizzle.

  • Panda YT
    Panda YT 5 days ago


  • bibo
    bibo 5 days ago

    I've never skipped so many minutes on a channel.

    only smart golden dick people will understand

  • Chris Rose
    Chris Rose 6 days ago

    "they have chicken sandwiches here too right?"
    next shot: adam eating a chicken sandwich in the back

  • arsine
    arsine 6 days ago

    The fact I've randomly decided to listen to Aretha Franklin and say a little prayer is the one I choose and Andrew is singing it(donut remix). Having a lot of coincidences in my life

  • Makeup Addict
    Makeup Addict 6 days ago

    Andrew: I like when the name for something is just literally what it is.
    Steven: Like, man slaughter 😂😂😂😂

  • Xiao Lin
    Xiao Lin 7 days ago

    Its doughnut dunkin spells it wrong

  • Noah Kienbaum
    Noah Kienbaum 7 days ago


  • JustTijn
    JustTijn 7 days ago +1

    lol first donut fact, i live in the netherlands XD

  • Navya G
    Navya G 7 days ago

    So when is Andrew going to beat the record

  • Gamer X
    Gamer X 7 days ago

    I am torturing myself

  • Aj Flowe
    Aj Flowe 7 days ago

    You guys have to try britts doughnut at catolina beach boardwalk please its the best

  • laiba qaisar
    laiba qaisar 8 days ago

    I do think Adam is a Muslim

  • bucketsquad
    bucketsquad 8 days ago

    id rather have a krispy kreme them 100 dolalr one

  • GetReadyWithMeMamma
    GetReadyWithMeMamma 9 days ago

    Manslaughter... complete silence... oh Steven

  • Maxx Prince
    Maxx Prince 9 days ago


  • NoodleCat Studio
    NoodleCat Studio 10 days ago

    1:48 He put it in the wrong hole

  • Clear Sounds
    Clear Sounds 10 days ago

    6:11-6:18 what? 😂

  • Hui Zhao
    Hui Zhao 10 days ago +1

    These people have the best job

  • Multi-fandom_freak show

    dude i can get 20 sheets of edible gold leaf for 6 dollars! Why is it so expensive?

  • P C
    P C 10 days ago

    The best donut is made with breastmilk, and the hole is made with a BBC. The heat from the BBC will cause the inside edges to be crisp.

  • Moj Glupi Kanal
    Moj Glupi Kanal 11 days ago

    1:07 did anyone else notice that "straight outta blinkies" t-shirt😂

  • Austin Luszcz
    Austin Luszcz 12 days ago

    I always forget which one is adam and which is andrew

    • P C
      P C 10 days ago

      The black guy is Adam

  • Sanaa Ghalayini
    Sanaa Ghalayini 13 days ago

    Who always in this series kind of wants to taste the cheapest food in the video

  • Joyful Yan
    Joyful Yan 15 days ago +3

    $1 homemade first shop donut is crazy cheap if it's actually that good.
    Gold donut ... what's the point?

  • imenja
    imenja 16 days ago

    I guarantee you that donut would have been better without the gold.

  • Josh Beers
    Josh Beers 16 days ago +2

    4 videos into the binge. Just gotta say thank you for this series

  • H
    H 17 days ago

    Why does Steven remind me of jake peralta, Andrew is captain holt

  • Jackie Rodriguez
    Jackie Rodriguez 18 days ago +5

    i love how adam is so quiet 😂 then when we see his reactions to the food lol, his expressions are priceless.

  • Megan Terpstra
    Megan Terpstra 19 days ago

    oliekoeks? bruh. it's probably based off of oliebol, a similar pastry thats eaten with powdered sugar at new year's

  • A J.
    A J. 19 days ago

    1$ donut is fine for me

  • A J.
    A J. 19 days ago

    1$ donut is fine for me

  • Roy Brenner
    Roy Brenner 20 days ago

    Brown butter

  • Dounia Azoul
    Dounia Azoul 21 day ago +1

    Lol it’s not oly Koeks it’s olie koeken

  • FerhadM55
    FerhadM55 22 days ago

    I'm going to be honest, the last donut looks like hot trash

  • Brett van Gennip
    Brett van Gennip 22 days ago

    You guys are funny. Entertaining

  • Droopy Dog
    Droopy Dog 22 days ago

    Me when I try to explain my crush 5:36

  • Jente Zijlstra
    Jente Zijlstra 22 days ago +1

    Yeah we Dutch did that. Oliebollen all day.

  • Wallace
    Wallace 22 days ago

    U know.. u can get a matcha ice cream w/half covered gold on it and it cost $5 usd.. These numbnuts restaurants here in The US are robbing their customers

  • Stryc9Nine
    Stryc9Nine 22 days ago

    Krispy Kreme glazed is the best!!!

  • Lone Libra
    Lone Libra 23 days ago

    I won’t eat a glazed donut if I don’t have a napkin to hold it in. I hate getting my hands sticky

  • Junior Rodriguez
    Junior Rodriguez 23 days ago

    😂😂 adam: they got chicken sandwiches here right adam: eating chicken sandwich it the back

  • Marco Bautista
    Marco Bautista 24 days ago

    There a local donut shop called King Donuts and they are the best donuts I’ve ever had and there price

    0.60 cents for one and they are handmade

  • Evamar Gonzalez
    Evamar Gonzalez 24 days ago

    ItS lIkE mAnSlAuGhTeR

  • Gangsta Senpai
    Gangsta Senpai 27 days ago +1

    I am going to create the platinum donut by adding the gum foil wrappers to my donut. Going to sell for $200.

  • JustJaguar
    JustJaguar 27 days ago

    The heck was Andrew singing @ the end clip at Blinkie's???

  • Roxy Dream
    Roxy Dream 27 days ago

    Um at the end with the poop, TMI seriously 😐

  • Derpy Tomato
    Derpy Tomato 27 days ago +1

    Whats your fav donut flavor? Comment down mine is sugar glazed

  • GxinfTheDistance Aka TraficStics uri

    He would kill a man for a donut.
    Imagine for 100 donuts,he would kill the president.

  • akshat s
    akshat s 29 days ago

    That gold is not even worth 5 dollars 😂😂

  • TEF_Mater
    TEF_Mater 29 days ago +1

    “That’s what she said”

  • Olly Gill
    Olly Gill 29 days ago

    Anyone else thinking how disgusting the £100 doughnut sounds?! Like chocolate, champagne, strawberry jam and Nutella. Dude.. sounds minging 😂

  • MrSmurtzTV
    MrSmurtzTV 29 days ago +6

    Why waste 100$ on a donut, the 1$ glaze wins all day

  • Sara Cata
    Sara Cata 29 days ago +4

    Adam:🧔🏽 and hides behind his computer

  • Matt Ketai
    Matt Ketai 29 days ago +1

    honestly, good for them for being ahead of the curve and giving themselves this job

  • Kevin Tochihuitl
    Kevin Tochihuitl Month ago

    The Ending lmao 😂

  • Red foxx
    Red foxx Month ago +1

    Honestly, my world's fav donut is Krispy Kreme donuts. If you never tried it, trust me, u haven't lived a real life yet.

  • Kurozuma Sora
    Kurozuma Sora Month ago

    So, in conclusion, the 100$ donut is only expensive because a pointless flavourless gold leaf is placed on it, how beautiful

  • 228anonymous
    228anonymous Month ago +32

    1. Purchase gold donut
    2. Eat gold donut
    3. Collect gold poop
    4. Extract gold from poop
    5. Sell extracted gold
    Natural rebate on gold donut

    • P C
      P C 10 days ago

      @Salted Caramel Cube no. You use that gold to buy a chicken sandwich.

    • Salted Caramel Cube
      Salted Caramel Cube 28 days ago +1

      228anonymous then ask for a chicken sandwich

  • Shadowdust360
    Shadowdust360 Month ago +1

    He sexualy assaulted a donut with his finger

  • J!m Geor
    J!m Geor Month ago +1

    06:11-06:21 EPIC!

  • Sarah Kokko
    Sarah Kokko Month ago

    Oh don't mind me just here for the adam comments.

  • Samuel Kajah
    Samuel Kajah Month ago

    When someone tries to tell me their problems

  • Itsmeharper Jacksons

    I would probably kill a man for a donut

  • Lil Illegal
    Lil Illegal Month ago +2

    Right before watching this video there was an ad and it said “What would you do for a Klondike bar?”
    Then the video starts with “What would you do for a donut?”

  • minaj2003
    minaj2003 Month ago


  • Purple pickle Lemon juice

    Three way donut. 😂

  • Purple pickle Lemon juice

    Why doesn’t Adam talk? He also wears headphones most of the time... just curious

  • star xx
    star xx Month ago

    adam is a whole damn mood.