$1 Donut Vs. $100 Donut

  • Published on Mar 12, 2017
  • "This is truly the best donut I have ever had."
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    Joanna Park & Katie Villanueva
    Ryan Ososky
    Teresa Larsen

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  • Tom Debenham
    Tom Debenham 10 hours ago

    Where is Gordan at?

  • Iris de Goede
    Iris de Goede 10 hours ago

    Meanwhile in the Netherlands Dutch people are like: donuts? You mean American fast-food that is basically fried dough

  • Amused Potato
    Amused Potato 12 hours ago +1

    *Puts golden edible glitter on donut*

  • Kylie Liao
    Kylie Liao Day ago +1

    Give me a box full of Crispy Cream donuts and I'm good

  • Vanessa McCall
    Vanessa McCall 2 days ago

    So they didn’t try taking the gold off the donut ? lol.

  • Jaxon Whittle
    Jaxon Whittle 2 days ago

    Bruh Andrews laugh in he beginning is so evil 😂

  • Sister Lauren
    Sister Lauren 2 days ago

    “I just pooped gold. Like, gold cake out of my butt!!!”

  • Loretta Bes
    Loretta Bes 3 days ago

    Bruh, I was reading the comments while watching the video and everybody's saying, 'Oh, it's just a donut with gold'. But it isn't! That chocolate dough, champagne glace, nutella and strawberry filling are all in there, too! Those also make the flavour and are probably a little bit more pricing than 'normal' ingredients.

  • Loretta Bes
    Loretta Bes 3 days ago

    Lol. Olie koeks.
    Yeeey, we brought Donuts to New Amsterdam 😊

  • Triet Le Nguyen Minh

    I only like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donut until now ^-^

  • Allstar Hackers
    Allstar Hackers 3 days ago


  • ZacBloxx
    ZacBloxx 3 days ago

    The guy who made the golden donut is my cousin

  • Shiro
    Shiro 4 days ago

    (Mithrandir (Gandalf) + Donut Uncle)
    = Mithdonut.

  • MrChrisTheDemon
    MrChrisTheDemon 4 days ago

    'Ya'll can't afford things like lil tay. I eats a donut, filled with gold and it costs more than yo momma's rent!'

  • Connor Sauer
    Connor Sauer 4 days ago

    just give adam his own show already

  • Jimin U got no Jamz
    Jimin U got no Jamz 5 days ago +1

    I thought Andrew in the Thumbnail was Ryland Adams. 😂

  • CountableOwl 80
    CountableOwl 80 5 days ago

    I feel that Adam only has a certain amount of words he can speak per video

  • fuck haters
    fuck haters 6 days ago


  • Eiyah Red
    Eiyah Red 6 days ago

    I love you Adam.

  • Eiyah Red
    Eiyah Red 6 days ago

    So green sorry.

  • Eiyah Red
    Eiyah Red 6 days ago

    I hear "oily cocks".

  • Doctor Kermit
    Doctor Kermit 6 days ago

    6:11 I just idk I just IDK OK I JUST IDKKKK

  • TGW 47
    TGW 47 6 days ago

    *The Fancy Bøys*

  • Ben Marling
    Ben Marling 6 days ago

    7:23 assistant to the general manager

  • Lizzy H.
    Lizzy H. 6 days ago

    Adam is like an adorable little puppy it’s great

  • c p
    c p 6 days ago

    5:22 XD

  • Ryan’s Channel Now!!!

    Epic gamer moment I am eating a donut now watching this USclip video

  • Daniela Flores
    Daniela Flores 7 days ago

    In love of Adam😂❤ he is so sweet!

  • Jane Luu
    Jane Luu 7 days ago

    Teresa's uncle used chopsticks to flip the donut in the cheapest one.

  • Counterclockwise Films
    Counterclockwise Films 7 days ago +1

    Oh no! Guys, I’m watching BuzzFeed more often! I think I’m turning into a millennial!!! AND IM THIRTEEN!!!! 😱

  • Leo Valdez
    Leo Valdez 8 days ago

    Why don’t you just go to Krispy Kreme?

  • Izzy Day
    Izzy Day 9 days ago

    Jam donuts are my fav🍩🍳

  • Kaan _
    Kaan _ 9 days ago

    Where’s krispie kreme

  • FpsHavokboy
    FpsHavokboy 10 days ago


  • Alastair Morton
    Alastair Morton 10 days ago +1

    Who pays for this?

  • Steven Cha
    Steven Cha 10 days ago

    My family was going to go to Blinkies while we were in California for home leave. But then my sister and I (we were the ones that were planning) found out that it has VERY short hours. It opens at 5 and closes I think at around noon. It was already 3 and it was the last day we were staying in California. So... Yeah sucks to be me.

  • Argiselle R
    Argiselle R 10 days ago


  • Happy_ Panda1234
    Happy_ Panda1234 10 days ago

    You guys are lucky you guys can actually eat donuts

  • brian garcia
    brian garcia 11 days ago

    The Church Key is Permanently Closed ☹️

  • Harsh Shrivastav
    Harsh Shrivastav 11 days ago

    "I just pooped gold! Like, gold came out of my butt! :O !!!!!" -Steven 2017

  • Kelvin Casarez
    Kelvin Casarez 11 days ago

    Wanna be try guys

  • spicy tacos_432
    spicy tacos_432 12 days ago

    “They have chicken sandwiches here too right?”

  • Lil' Boba Buddy
    Lil' Boba Buddy 12 days ago

    From the good donut, I want the dark chocolate dough, and Nutella 🤤

  • Alexthecutiepie
    Alexthecutiepie 13 days ago

    1:49 Andrew is fingering donuts 1:49

  • Nida Ahmad
    Nida Ahmad 13 days ago

    Steven's face at 9:12...

  • Alex Toohey
    Alex Toohey 13 days ago

    I like Adam he's nice and really patient

  • Itz_Puppy !
    Itz_Puppy ! 13 days ago

    Man U r so lucky to have that job

  • randomfandom kiddo
    randomfandom kiddo 13 days ago

    Escondido Peterson’s donuts is the greatest donuts never, no matter what

  • PopularMMos Rules
    PopularMMos Rules 13 days ago +1


  • Alicat
    Alicat 13 days ago

    Adam: *Presented with 100 dollar gold covered nutella and jam filled donut* They have chicken sandwiches here too right?

  • Alicat
    Alicat 13 days ago

    Stevens moan xD XD

  • Ben Krueger
    Ben Krueger 14 days ago

    Pay a 100 dollars for a single donut, but don’t sit down

  • donut
    donut 14 days ago +1

    Don’t nut

  • Martin Atayde
    Martin Atayde 14 days ago

    Never change, Adam

  • Chelsea Kyle
    Chelsea Kyle 14 days ago +1

    American doughnuts are massive in comparison to England

  • Baker Girl
    Baker Girl 14 days ago

    All the donuts look so so so good!!!🍩🍩

  • Karolinaa2
    Karolinaa2 14 days ago

    3:44 it's called oliebol xD

  • FramesPerSecond
    FramesPerSecond 15 days ago

    “It’s like man-slaughter”😂😂😂

  • Ic3 Veo
    Ic3 Veo 15 days ago

    You should have brought a cop with you

  • Laury Sears
    Laury Sears 15 days ago

    Why does event expensive food item either has caviar, gold leaf, truffles, or fois gras?!!

  • miguel hafkenscheid
    miguel hafkenscheid 16 days ago


  • Jose Ascencio
    Jose Ascencio 18 days ago

    The V from BTS dount

  • boss tycoon
    boss tycoon 18 days ago

    6:11 cracks me up every time 🤣

  • Funny Memes
    Funny Memes 18 days ago

    Does anyone have anything to say about the last comment?

  • Kamoflauge
    Kamoflauge 19 days ago

    *Picks up Golden Donut*

    *Drops it on the Floor*

  • HyperXTherapy
    HyperXTherapy 19 days ago

    lmao imagine 1000 dollar water with gold in it lmfao

  • Veronica Chan
    Veronica Chan 19 days ago

    WHERE'S DUNKIN DOUNTS 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

  • Superkill Superkill
    Superkill Superkill 20 days ago

    11:03 did he really have to record

  • Jacques Dixon
    Jacques Dixon 20 days ago

    I’m amazed that Andrew knows Aretha Franklin.

  • Melat G
    Melat G 20 days ago

    "Nice and thicc"

  • Melat G
    Melat G 20 days ago

    Is it just me or is there something going on with Adam and Andrew

  • Nycole Kemper
    Nycole Kemper 20 days ago

    Their livers must be screaming for all that icing that they eat

  • Friends for life E
    Friends for life E 21 day ago

    Almost every body on the buzz feed videos are all from Tasty

  • Natasha TASH MAhAL
    Natasha TASH MAhAL 23 days ago

    Lol you guys just make me hungry.🤗🤗

  • Zainab Qureshi
    Zainab Qureshi 24 days ago

    Who else is eating a donut while watching?

    Me !

  • Glitchy GameDrop
    Glitchy GameDrop 24 days ago

    Why was I laughing for 5 minutes after that--

  • ItsKathy303
    ItsKathy303 24 days ago +3

    What was going up with Steven eyes while eating the 100$ donut?

  • Neha Dabhi
    Neha Dabhi 27 days ago

    stevens against drinking the milkshake at the same time but is all for eating the donut at the same time, wtf lmao

  • Kim K.
    Kim K. 27 days ago

    Awwww I wanted to see them try to beat the world record of eating 3 donuts per minute

  • Don't Sub
    Don't Sub 27 days ago



  • The_ ReaperReverse
    The_ ReaperReverse 27 days ago

    I'd orgasm for each doughnut.

  • Savannah Reed
    Savannah Reed 29 days ago

    Half sphere flat bread with a hole in it with frosted icing on it and sprinkles on it =


  • Coffee Cats
    Coffee Cats 29 days ago

    Dumbledore-Nut xD

  • Sherry Drake
    Sherry Drake 29 days ago

    How unoriginal, another chef putting gold leaf on food. At least no truffles this time.

  • snappy Slime
    snappy Slime Month ago

    Are you starving😕


  • my life with benji
    my life with benji Month ago

    Steven said Dora fact instead of donut

  • Dn pl
    Dn pl Month ago

    HAHAHA dat 11:00 thoo

  • Simen Stødle
    Simen Stødle Month ago

    SONG 8:51 ????

  • rp games
    rp games Month ago

    I just pooped gold its worth $100 come buy it

  • Jaime Ramos
    Jaime Ramos Month ago

    The cameraman is missing out so much on these episodes.

  • Stefan Tudose
    Stefan Tudose Month ago

    * has a golden dognut *
    " they have chicken sandwichies here too right? "

  • Cool Cat
    Cool Cat Month ago

    Unless the gold inproves on the overall texsture and taste then i dont care for gold covered food

  • Jerks Play92
    Jerks Play92 Month ago

    Are you the fancy boys or golden boys

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez Month ago

    Does Adam have some type of problem bc he’s always quiet and shy ?

  • Football714
    Football714 Month ago

    I t s N i c e A n d T h i c k

  • deadlyNightshade789
    deadlyNightshade789 Month ago +1

    Okay what kind of a weak world record is that? Three donuts in one minute?? I bet I can eat three donuts in ten seconds without even sweating it

  • Sefanit Zeray
    Sefanit Zeray Month ago

    I feel like they each pooped a whole bar of gold from these series.

  • Cupcake Cult
    Cupcake Cult Month ago

    What would you do for a donut?
    .......kill a man

  • 2k16_ROCKER
    2k16_ROCKER Month ago

    Like if yuno which youtuber holds the world record for eating 3 donuts🙌