$1 Donut Vs. $100 Donut

  • Published on Mar 12, 2017
  • "This is truly the best donut I have ever had."
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    Joanna Park & Katie Villanueva
    Ryan Ososky
    Teresa Larsen

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  • Elsa&lisa
    Elsa&lisa 36 minutes ago

    I watch these videos just for Adam.:)

  • Rainie Veronica Tan

    i want a cold donut actually hahaha

  • Iyaz Eiseb
    Iyaz Eiseb Day ago


  • Raihan Mahajana
    Raihan Mahajana 2 days ago

    like really, donuts are supposed to be simple, why make it complicated ?

  • Lena Martin
    Lena Martin 2 days ago

    Someone give white boy some braces

  • MikejessGaming H
    MikejessGaming H 2 days ago +1

    Adams Reactions:
    1. That’s good chocolate
    2. It’s good
    3. They have chicken sandwiches too, right?

  • biolumate
    biolumate 2 days ago

    bet that joanna park is a golddigger LOL

  • No Name ツ
    No Name ツ 3 days ago

    *_The question is, are the gold flakes have flavor??_* 🤔

    • Nur Sofiya
      Nur Sofiya 3 days ago

      I'm pretty sure they have like a vanilla taste to it

  • Tanu Krishna
    Tanu Krishna 3 days ago +1

    You can get edible gold leaf for $25 and the donut is $10 and why it's for $100

  • Hannah Fall uwu
    Hannah Fall uwu 4 days ago


  • ImNotOk
    ImNotOk 4 days ago

    Bruh I live near the first place

  • Daen Voor Games
    Daen Voor Games 4 days ago

    Its nolnotiekoeks it is: oliebol

  • M T
    M T 4 days ago

    The first donut was super damn worth it. It was. One. Flippin. Dollar. For the most perfect donut ever. So damn worth it y'all

  • Yousef_the_ derp
    Yousef_the_ derp 5 days ago

    Im sry but Adam is the only reason i watch worth it XD

  • Shelbers Simon
    Shelbers Simon 5 days ago

    *I'm waiting* very subtle

  • Cadence McDonald
    Cadence McDonald 6 days ago +1

    are we just not going to talk about how cute the chef ryan guy @ 4:13 is? Oh ok then.

  • Amelia Rose
    Amelia Rose 6 days ago

    1:46 a CRONUT?!

  • Kevin Dudlers
    Kevin Dudlers 7 days ago +1

    🍰 So enjoying some donuts and b's after this video. Gonna put up some Delta Parole and AFI rock music while I bake em up then come back to this vid.

  • safiul saffi
    safiul saffi 8 days ago

    I feel like only Adam gives honest opinions

  • Connor Kenway
    Connor Kenway 8 days ago

    What are the qualifications for taking a job in BuzzFeed or Tasty??

  • Mohammed Marouf
    Mohammed Marouf 9 days ago

    Chocolate 🍫 vbucks 💰

  • Noah Hutchison
    Noah Hutchison 10 days ago +1

    what im wondering is how they got a 1 dollar donut

  • Emily Pham
    Emily Pham 10 days ago +3

    Andrew: let’s drink at the same time
    Steven: no
    3 minutes later
    Steven: let’s eat at the same time
    Andrew: nO

  • Carl Ramos
    Carl Ramos 10 days ago +2

    Andrew: My finger just disappear inside this thing. If you know what I mean ;)

  • Delique Scence
    Delique Scence 11 days ago +1

    When he said the expensive one was “really moist” I’m like yeah, that’s not a donut.....

  • Sudarshan siddu
    Sudarshan siddu 12 days ago

    Pity on Adam

  • lou mertens
    lou mertens 13 days ago

    The fact that they throw nutella on it cheapens the donut in my eyes

  • Bonita Mason
    Bonita Mason 14 days ago +1

    When you poop gold is it called a gold nugget???💩💩💩

  • Toby Flenderson
    Toby Flenderson 15 days ago

    I have like a soiled gold nugget just ripped it off a chandelier but into it, turns out it’s filled with jelly

  • Rantallion
    Rantallion 15 days ago

    hi could we work w u guys ok thx pls dm

  • M.K. Fox
    M.K. Fox 15 days ago

    I cannot stop laughing from that end clip “I just pooped gold. Like, gold came out of my butt” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr BoopDoop
    Mr BoopDoop 16 days ago

    The reason your throat itches is because you just ate like 7 doughnuts.

  • Hampus Swenson
    Hampus Swenson 16 days ago

    Are they gay

  • du1roger
    du1roger 17 days ago +1

    it’s nice and...

    thicc.(couldn’t figure out to bold print it)

  • Lewd Donut
    Lewd Donut 19 days ago

    Adam is so cute 😂 like wholesome

  • Lewd Donut
    Lewd Donut 19 days ago

    Lady and the tramp? Hmmm i wouldn't mind seeing that lol

  • G Lo
    G Lo 19 days ago

    The $1 donuts seemed more interesting and appealing than the other three since it is like a simple Krispy Kreme with nice designs. I would want to go try that out, also Golden Donuts sounds weird since gold is very precious where you would want to collect gold for money than eat it and end up in the sewage back to where they were found (water).

  • Roman Gaming
    Roman Gaming 19 days ago +2

    I Don't Want To Eat Any Of The Three Donuts......

    *I'd rather eat Krispy Kreme*

  • Blair Liang
    Blair Liang 20 days ago


  • Ethan Zahrul.R
    Ethan Zahrul.R 21 day ago

    Every unsual pricy food be like :
    A : whats make it so different than the other [ INSERT FOOD NAME HERE ] ?
    B : Well, we add GOLD / TRUFFLES / CAVIAR to it and that makes it so special and unique
    A : oh ok..

  • jo shmo
    jo shmo 22 days ago

    I have been to blinkies multiple times and i can wholeheartedly agree with these people

  • Melvin The Goat
    Melvin The Goat 23 days ago

    Can u just order it without gold?

  • Raven Black
    Raven Black 23 days ago

    50% of the video was innuendos, 25% was descriptive; double meaning comments and the rest was donut-gasming.

  • Valence Mcgoga
    Valence Mcgoga 24 days ago

    You can get the same doughnut in my country for 10€

    • Michael Cusick
      Michael Cusick 18 days ago +1

      Valence Mcgoga wow! That’s really cool! No one cares

  • Chapolee
    Chapolee 24 days ago

    What would u do for a donut?
    Steven:*kill a man*

  • Niche Jorsling
    Niche Jorsling 25 days ago

    They didn't go to duckin dounts thats the main dounts place to go across the 🌎

  • Krish Dutta
    Krish Dutta 26 days ago

    Adam *eats 100 dollar donut* : “They have chicken sandwiches here right?” 😂 Adam is the best.

  • SpoodyStevenBoi
    SpoodyStevenBoi 26 days ago


  • Tony Lao
    Tony Lao 26 days ago

    These two or all three of them must be GAYS. I can't go wrong!

  • Muffin jr.
    Muffin jr. 27 days ago

    So if i poop gold I'll be rich

  • Brian Rodriguez
    Brian Rodriguez 27 days ago

    Did anyone else kinda want to see the gold poop...?

  • Chris Lopez
    Chris Lopez 29 days ago


  • RIZKY 4K
    RIZKY 4K 29 days ago

    take the gold out you get 12 dollar donut

  • Brook plays
    Brook plays Month ago

    I can get a better doughnut for $0.95

  • Anime Ninja
    Anime Ninja Month ago


  • Millie Merry
    Millie Merry Month ago

    its so funny when he says i pooped gold! !!!!!!!!!

  • ServerMate S
    ServerMate S Month ago

    There are super Good donuts for 50 cents in sweden

  • the song lover
    the song lover Month ago

    you get awesome doughnuts in my school for 25 cents

  • cesar garcia
    cesar garcia Month ago

    Hahaha that face 9:28

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous Month ago +1

    I can get a pack of 5 donuts for 70p which is about a dollar

  • Yong K peterson
    Yong K peterson Month ago


  • Lianna Le
    Lianna Le Month ago

    I totally donut want all the donuts 😶

  • Lovekiller07 .02
    Lovekiller07 .02 Month ago +1

    Adam: Steven thought that was weird. I’m telling
    Steven: go ahead
    Me: ooooh he snitchen

  • john fru
    john fru Month ago

    7:26 assistant TO THE general manager

  • Ashley Amoré
    Ashley Amoré Month ago

    Did anyone else see Steven try to stick his finger in his doughnut after Andrew??! 😂😂😂

  • Donut
    Donut Month ago


  • Jessica Dinh
    Jessica Dinh Month ago

    gives adam the tiny bit of the gold donut sad life

  • Natalie Mullin
    Natalie Mullin Month ago

    Why the hell did they not go to Krispy Kreme. Why why whyyyyyyyy😫

  • Maud Walravens
    Maud Walravens Month ago

    Damn you butchered the pronounciation of "oliekoeken"

  • paigie inu
    paigie inu Month ago +1

    steven is truly a leprechaun.. he can poop *gold*

  • Milstead on Movies
    Milstead on Movies Month ago


  • epic mc
    epic mc Month ago

    tf u made me hungry

  • David Fernández
    David Fernández Month ago

    Steven say gold in a weird way, he say it like “gowld”

  • XxMae613xX
    XxMae613xX Month ago

    10:58 Andrew: I think it’s called a warthajatwa

  • XxMae613xX
    XxMae613xX Month ago

    5:35 Steven: can you get out of my milkshake? *disgusted face at its fullest*

  • Xx_Kitty.Kitty_xX
    Xx_Kitty.Kitty_xX Month ago

    Lol, the end!!!!!->

  • Fifty Three
    Fifty Three Month ago

    Thank god it's always the cheapest one that makes my mouth water the most.

  • Japy Gamz
    Japy Gamz Month ago

    Did you guys ever heard of Tim Hortons?

  • ALLDocks Kitten
    ALLDocks Kitten Month ago

    Season one Andrew: “I’m not *clinking* food, that’s gross.”
    Season two Andrew: *gets a milkshake and puts two straws in it* “I’m _waiting_ ;)”

  • Via Thomas
    Via Thomas Month ago +1

    ‘My finger just disappears inside of here’
    That’s what he said 😏

  • D Mendoza
    D Mendoza Month ago

    does gold even taste good

  • Karina UwU
    Karina UwU Month ago

    Look at andrews face whenever he takes a bite


    DR.LILJAY Month ago


  • Jace Monday
    Jace Monday Month ago

    2:55 says it’s like manslaughter and the whole car starts laughing maniacally, Steven is there anything you would like to tell us?

  • Taylor Reser
    Taylor Reser Month ago

    Come to kokomo Indiana. Get a dirty dans donut for $.85. Best donut of your life. Promise

  • Wura O
    Wura O Month ago

    steven is such a meme


    Adam u can’t say dumbeldoor

  • ItsClarestaa
    ItsClarestaa Month ago

    i really lov Andrew laugh at 6:12

  • dark.k x
    dark.k x Month ago

    Andrew then: uhhh i'm not gonna cheers this with u steven
    Andrew now: come on steven lets sip this drink in a small cup together

  • pneumoniaultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis lol

    Oh my gawd I need donut

  • derpaderp
    derpaderp Month ago

    did that chick say nutella? what a damn gimmick everything tastes good with Nutella no need for me to waste $100

  • Alycia
    Alycia Month ago

    Krispy Kreme. Period.

  • JustYourTypicalSpaceNerd

    I love how they just put fukin nutella in a 100 dollar dounut covered in gold and champagne glaze-

  • george Marta
    george Marta Month ago

    Shampaign am dark chocolate that is haram

  • Niamh Cumming
    Niamh Cumming Month ago

    He wants to eat gold because it’s gold 😂

  • Mr Corks
    Mr Corks Month ago +1

    Watching this while eating donuts

  • angga saputra
    angga saputra Month ago

    i rather eat the first donut

  • MarsPlant :D
    MarsPlant :D Month ago

    It's only good when Adam says it is

  • Unicorn101 #unifam
    Unicorn101 #unifam Month ago

    Would gold leaf rust in your body?