Why Don't We Plays Who's Who

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • Why Don't We stopped by BuzzFeed to point some fingers! Who is the worst texter? Who talks the most? Who would date a fan? They have the answers.
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    Celebs + puppies, kittens, thirst tweets, and more = so much yes.
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  • Anya Vlad
    Anya Vlad Day ago

    And Corbyn is good at responding too. Sweetest thing !

  • Silvyz
    Silvyz 2 days ago

    Imagine daniel have a crush on u and he confess to u on dm 🤔

  • Olivia O'Neill
    Olivia O'Neill 2 days ago

    " I give you the good advice to have fun in life, it's not always the best advice...."
    -Zach Herron 2019

  • jasmin Varela
    jasmin Varela 2 days ago

    Hi im a hugh fan of wdw I wish I could meet them im person and maybe get there phone number i know how all there songs and I know shout there New song cant Walt to here IT bet its going to be gareat

  • Demetrio Daniel Coconi

    3:02 💛

  • Haley Stier
    Haley Stier 2 days ago

    I’m with Jonah I saved a spider too

  • Violeta Caranyagan
    Violeta Caranyagan 3 days ago

    jonah saved a spider

  • Genieva P
    Genieva P 3 days ago

    zach "daniel has dated like 5 fans"

  • Nay nay
    Nay nay 3 days ago

    Why am i zach i dont understand

  • jimena sad
    jimena sad 3 days ago

    Jack's hair 😭

  • Chloé _
    Chloé _ 4 days ago

    Why Zach is so sexy in this video? 😱

  • annette mmk
    annette mmk 4 days ago

    Literally daniel fell when I saw them live 😂

  • Uli Reinhart
    Uli Reinhart 4 days ago

    “And now I’m irritated” 🤦🏻‍♀️ - Jack Robert Avery 2k19

  • whatt braver
    whatt braver 5 days ago

    The three guys at the back are so adorablee and sweet

  • Kara Foree
    Kara Foree 5 days ago

    Always get advice from zach

  • CORBYN BESSON Limelight!

    At 2:55 I thought it said who's mostly likely to get Starbucks? 😂

  • Diamond Matthews
    Diamond Matthews 5 days ago +1


  • Ellie May
    Ellie May 6 days ago

    am I the only one thinking has Corbyn got a tan

  • Jorja Gates
    Jorja Gates 6 days ago +1

    “I give the good advice for fun, buts it’s not the BEST advice.” - Zach Herron 2k19 😂😂

  • Marielyn Themhaokip
    Marielyn Themhaokip 6 days ago

    wow danil love me m ur biggest fan

  • Marielyn Themhaokip
    Marielyn Themhaokip 6 days ago

    came here for tay n them

  • Alice
    Alice 6 days ago


  • Mamota Mim
    Mamota Mim 6 days ago

    WDW: lets all wear chains and don’t tell Jonah

  • Ilse
    Ilse 6 days ago

    I love this haha

  • Addison King
    Addison King 6 days ago

    Wait Jack has his noodles back?

  • Simply Rylie
    Simply Rylie 7 days ago

    I love you zach but you look high 😂

  • Lamyaa Osama
    Lamyaa Osama 7 days ago

    i missed those ‘most likely’ interviews

  • Made-up Name
    Made-up Name 7 days ago +1

    No one:
    Zach: I give the good advice for you to have fun in life, it's not always the best advice....

  • Vanessa Chavez
    Vanessa Chavez 7 days ago

    No one:
    My subtitles: ZACK

    Me: what is this witchcraft

  • Itz Niya
    Itz Niya 7 days ago +1

    Limelights that are like 3 years younger than Daniel: Guys we have a chance!
    Limelights that are like 50 years younger than Daniel:

    *We so got a chance*

  • Kendra Mclean
    Kendra Mclean 7 days ago

    Rip noodles

  • Leah Ramirez
    Leah Ramirez 7 days ago

    Love u guys

  • robstricklin
    robstricklin 8 days ago

    I love them sm omg❤❤❤

  • WhyDontWe 4life
    WhyDontWe 4life 8 days ago +1


  • Georgia Sim
    Georgia Sim 8 days ago

    Corbin talks a lot like me. Lol

  • Lillyann Heads
    Lillyann Heads 8 days ago

    Why they post this so late, I almost thought Jack grew his curls out again...

  • emma incognito
    emma incognito 8 days ago


  • your mom your dad
    your mom your dad 8 days ago

    Daniel your minee

  • Daisy Alvarez-Lopez
    Daisy Alvarez-Lopez 8 days ago

    Can I be Daniels fan crush?!

  • samar
    samar 8 days ago

    stream mad at you

  • nqmjoonn
    nqmjoonn 8 days ago

    jonah: regardless the title of someone, it comes down to who the person is.
    *immediately after*: "who gives the best advice?"

    we all know the answer.

  • Nafisa Najmi
    Nafisa Najmi 9 days ago

    its so funny that everyone points to corbyn when the question said "who talks the most?" But throughout every interview I've seen, corbyn rarely talks

  • Ishika Grace Abbott
    Ishika Grace Abbott 9 days ago

    'this is why we have Jonah'

  • limelight puppy
    limelight puppy 9 days ago +1

    Why can't Daniel have a crush on me?? 😭😭🤧

  • Lola Murray
    Lola Murray 9 days ago

    Of course Daniel is the most likely to crush on a fan because he's kind to everyone and always welcoming everyone into his life💕😉

  • Tae is beauty So yeah

    This probably doesn’t follow to the vid but I love BTS 😊

  • Liya Song
    Liya Song 9 days ago

    Jonah: I crushed on fans before bla bla bla
    Everyone: Who is it?
    Jonah: That’s a secret I never tell.

  • Jo Ba
    Jo Ba 9 days ago +1

    Zach: "He's dated like 5 fans"
    Pointing at Daniel

  • Adri Collins
    Adri Collins 10 days ago

    ooo the baseball player 😏😏 cough cough tate

  • Elyzabeth Arzola
    Elyzabeth Arzola 10 days ago

    Kiorbyn is my MAN!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seavey Ally
    Seavey Ally 10 days ago

    0:04 new favorite member! Ganiel 😍😍

  • Rose dragonfrog
    Rose dragonfrog 10 days ago

    i like daniel :3

  • Subhasis Chandra
    Subhasis Chandra 10 days ago +1

    When it said who is most likely to be star struck I read who is most likely to get Starbucks 🤣🤣

  • lauren beare
    lauren beare 10 days ago +1

    Who gives the best advice?
    Everyone: Jonah
    Me: But Corbyn just gave us all the best advice!!

  • amanda roach
    amanda roach 10 days ago

    Something me and corbyn have in common: were both good at talking

  • Breauna Crotts
    Breauna Crotts 10 days ago


  • Alexandra Bator
    Alexandra Bator 10 days ago +1

    0:53 But I always save spiders bc I feel bad when people try to kill them🥺

  • Alyaa Syasya binti Sufian *

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  • Alyaa Syasya binti Sufian *

    He may not be the girl that you met met the name is Alyaa and yes I did it with Alyaa and she is your biggest biggest fan ever and I just want to show you that he has been watching your videos all day long with all the money he never wanted any videos like Jake Paul like collins key I don’t know why because he just like you got to just like you get because you guys are getting Saikou size even though I love the song but that doesn’t mean I type your kind of names

  • lillian mcgeehan
    lillian mcgeehan 10 days ago

    who did jonah have a crush on????? :) your lucky then if he did