We Made Those Awful Candy Tacos

  • Published on May 2, 2019
  • Sorry for the audio! I had the mic plugged into the headphone jack bc I'm a professional!
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Comments • 5 052

  • Team Slay CPTSD
    Team Slay CPTSD Month ago +3506

    Gabbie's inner poor kid balking at exorbitant (and/or marginally upcharged) prices even though she's a rich USclipr now IS SUCH A MOOD!!🤣🤣 😍 PS WE LOVE YOU, GABBIE (& you, too Irene).

    • garbage person
      garbage person 4 days ago

      @Sidney Crosby Ice God alex Ovechkin ice god

    • RCA Tablet
      RCA Tablet 18 days ago +1


    • anaxtruong
      anaxtruong 19 days ago +1

      Team Slay CPTSD I feel so smart after reading this comment

    • Woahism
      Woahism Month ago

      Irene Kim are you really her and how do you have barley any subs😂

    • RCA Tablet
      RCA Tablet Month ago +3

      Gabbie's worked hard for everything she has. 💛😇

  • Emery Quin
    Emery Quin 7 minutes ago

    i love that gabbie and i literally have the same cups from the dollar tree

  • Potato good
    Potato good 13 hours ago

    Does Irene have a channel

  • Grimwolf007
    Grimwolf007 18 hours ago

    i threw up while imagining what that tastes like

  • bm3 .b99
    bm3 .b99 Day ago

    Irene and Gabbie are literally me and my bestfriend

  • Belle Lillian
    Belle Lillian Day ago

    ive never seen someone match gabbie so well in all the years ive watched her like jeez irene and her pair so well together

  • Natalie Melvin
    Natalie Melvin Day ago

    *0:10** The little "ow" at the end of the intro*

  • HiMyNameisPeter
    HiMyNameisPeter Day ago

    DID SHE JUST FUCKIN SAY- “Zach Stone is gonna be famous”???????

  • Tea King
    Tea King Day ago

    Why your head is so big in the thumbnail

  • M Romano
    M Romano Day ago

    i’ve lost track of how many times i’ve watched this

  • Levi Wolff
    Levi Wolff 2 days ago

    Gabbie ranting about the doctor only eating brown m&ms is me anytime anything incorrect occurs in a TV show or Movie

  • A O
    A O 2 days ago

    its def a kid😂

  • Rosa Mello Jones
    Rosa Mello Jones 2 days ago

    Sherbet has dairy and sorbet is dairy free

  • Yt_GachaKitty
    Yt_GachaKitty 3 days ago

    What people think go on behind the cameras
    Irene Gabbi
    (づ•0•)づ (ू•ᴗ•ू)
    What actually happens
    Irene Gabbie lol (>" ̄> ̄)>

  • Paintedfins
    Paintedfins 3 days ago

    Wait. M&M’s aren’t coated in chocolate? W a I t

  • Hannah Crowell
    Hannah Crowell 3 days ago +1

    the flavor I'm imagining is tooth pain

  • Stephanie Prokopec
    Stephanie Prokopec 3 days ago

    I actually want to puke watching them eat that 🤢🤢🤮🤮😷

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah 3 days ago


  • Ashtyn Scalzi
    Ashtyn Scalzi 3 days ago

    Jeffree Star should order one of these 😂

  • Sara Ferguson
    Sara Ferguson 3 days ago

    When are they gonna date?! 😂😂😭

  • Caroline Lewis
    Caroline Lewis 4 days ago

    Irene’s laugh makes me laugh, in a good way

  • ellie maurer
    ellie maurer 4 days ago

    Its a TURTLE!!!!!!!!!!

  • ashleyy marie
    ashleyy marie 4 days ago

    this video is fuckin hilarious 💀

  • Jayde alyse
    Jayde alyse 4 days ago

    Irene: it’s so bad
    Also Irene: keeps eating

  • Harmony Taylor
    Harmony Taylor 4 days ago

    In Australia sherbert is like this sweet and kinda sour powder that you wat it's like pure sugar and sorbet is kinda like ice cream

  • Linzey Proto
    Linzey Proto 4 days ago

    I grabbed a random flavor taffy. IT WAS COTTON CANDY. The minute Irene said cotton candy. SMH/ But in a good way oh NMH, nod my head

  • Mia Romero
    Mia Romero 5 days ago

    Omg she has a single red nail just like she did in the "A Perfect Day" music video😨😨😨

  • Michael DeGruy
    Michael DeGruy 5 days ago

    3:43 “otay” 😂😂😂

  • Shiloh Store
    Shiloh Store 5 days ago +2

    13:05 it was literally a sarcastic joke in the movie

  • garbage person
    garbage person 5 days ago +3

    "What was?" Oh my god I'm dead Irene is so funny

  • Heather Newman
    Heather Newman 5 days ago

    its a fucking turtle

  • Katie Has Life
    Katie Has Life 5 days ago

    Sherbet is pronounced sherbert. Sorbet it sore-bay. The difference between sherbet and sorbet is that sherbet has cream in it and sorbet does not (my friends mom used to make ice cream and she told me, it was an entire discussion)

  • Pantherboy12  the streamer

    Are they best friends or are they dating

    • garbage person
      garbage person 5 days ago

      God I hope they're dating Irene at least makes it seem like she has a crush on her all the time

  • Katie Has Life
    Katie Has Life 5 days ago

    gabby x irene

  • Bitch, are you high IM HOT

    In the thumbnail the girl looks like gibi .

  • Kirsten Conlan
    Kirsten Conlan 6 days ago

    i just had an ad with gabbie in it before this love that

  • Ariel Amron
    Ariel Amron 6 days ago +4

    9:52 *_Irene leans in for the kiss_*

    • Sara Carter
      Sara Carter 3 days ago

      And Gabbie doesn't lean away....

  • shauna estes
    shauna estes 6 days ago +7

    i could watch them hang out together for hours idk why they’re so funny together 😂

  • Madi Burgin
    Madi Burgin 7 days ago

    The way gabbie parked had me weak

  • clari hernandez
    clari hernandez 7 days ago

    i loved every single second of this video

  • Ryley Lampman
    Ryley Lampman 7 days ago


    Oh I love her baby voice or her SUPER cute voice.

  • Li Topete
    Li Topete 7 days ago

    HI Gabbie. My mother has carpal tunnel and it got so bad to the point where my mother couldn't even move her hands, or make a fist so she had to have surgery to release the pain, and tightness in her hand. And now she's all well to do a lot of things with her hands without feeling any pain. If it gets to that point where you have to consider surgery I hope you can think back on this, sending love from Utah

  • Stephanie Barradas
    Stephanie Barradas 8 days ago

    I literally have a stomachache just looking at it 🤢

  • Sarah Hilliard
    Sarah Hilliard 8 days ago +2

    If it's a turtle like but if it's a kid comment

  • Chelsea Did A Thing
    Chelsea Did A Thing 10 days ago

    7:10 I googled it and it's a turtle

  • Chelsea Did A Thing
    Chelsea Did A Thing 10 days ago +3

    Gabbie and Irene are actual couple goals❤❤

  • Wolfieowns
    Wolfieowns 10 days ago +1

    I don’t know Irene that well but I ship you both

  • anarchy sasso
    anarchy sasso 11 days ago

    Lots of people want to get sticky with you gabs😉😉😉😉

  • Haila Daze
    Haila Daze 11 days ago

    okay okay okay. but hear me out-
    cotton candy taco with mini zepoles, shredded coconut, sweetish fish or jelly beans, a reasonable amount of whipped cream and sprinkles.... just saying.

  • Ella Slinn
    Ella Slinn 11 days ago +1

    Um, I am trying to not make a lot of noise because my parents are asleep and I started laughing and...

    ... I fell off of my bed...

    ... what even...

  • Isabelle Priddy
    Isabelle Priddy 12 days ago +20

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Not a single person:
    Gabbie: “scawy”

  • Mina Barket
    Mina Barket 12 days ago

    Irene is my middle name

  • Diogo
    Diogo 12 days ago

    Wtf how is it sherBET???

  • Cynthia G
    Cynthia G 12 days ago

    “uuh no, if i make it, its large” this had me dying hahahahahahahaha

  • Sage Markham
    Sage Markham 12 days ago +1

    You say these would be gross but tbh while you were saying all the ingredients, all I could think was how good it would be

  • Popularmmos and gamingwithjen fan


  • Avery Dolphin
    Avery Dolphin 13 days ago

    ft that good blackbear shit

  • Scrapped
    Scrapped 13 days ago

    Hi hello that part of the wedding planner also bothered me so much

  • Random Seth
    Random Seth 14 days ago

    Its a dang kid Gabbie lol get over it

  • Christian Harrison
    Christian Harrison 14 days ago

    she calls them awful and im just sitting here with my mouth watering

  • Casey Lovsness
    Casey Lovsness 14 days ago

    Their friendship just makes me soooo happy

  • Opal Sky
    Opal Sky 14 days ago +2

    Lol this place with the cotton candy tacos is right by my house. It looks dis gus ting.

    • Kaitlyn *
      Kaitlyn * 13 days ago +1

      I have one an hour away from my moms work 🌌

  • Maeve Yarbrough
    Maeve Yarbrough 15 days ago

    I love their friendship so much

  • Hudson the yellow Labrador retriever

    How many times did they get scawed

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 16 days ago

    Wait in wedding planner the girl says the thing about the m&m’s not the doctor dude...

  • Rebekah Flowers
    Rebekah Flowers 16 days ago

    I love Gabbie and Irene it’s unreal like their love and dedication and just their hype for each other love you guys

  • Autumn Sandoval
    Autumn Sandoval 17 days ago

    The fact that she sang wish u the best is amazing

  • Savannah Phelps
    Savannah Phelps 17 days ago +2

    Does anyone else thinks she looks like Nymphadora Tonks!? 💜😂

  • Jeorgia Knepp
    Jeorgia Knepp 17 days ago +1

    Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and my bestieeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • LCA A
    LCA A 17 days ago

    I fucking love their friendship

    GABRIELLE 17 days ago

    You guys should start a podcast

  • David Smith
    David Smith 17 days ago

    Gabbie ruins EVERYHING that Gabbie touches, regardless of my personal spelling

  • David Smith
    David Smith 17 days ago

    Gabbie’s friend doesn’t belong in LA, she’s more of a pretty office worker with the cutest guy in a small town instead of settling with loneliness in California

  • Menny Malone
    Menny Malone 17 days ago

    Am I the only one who remembers when she spilled beet juice on the table

  • Faith Morgan
    Faith Morgan 17 days ago

    Omg gabbie i always loved you but now i think i love you more because u like blackbear

    AMELIA WHITE 18 days ago

    The thumbnail has me dead.

  • Harleigh Waddell
    Harleigh Waddell 18 days ago

    I all Sherbet the way it is pronounce because my speech teacher talked about sometimes when I was in elementary or middle school, and that's the way she said it and the way she told us to say it

  • Ava Castle
    Ava Castle 18 days ago

    I need an irene.

  • Ava Castle
    Ava Castle 18 days ago

    Wait- but I wanna know what the m&m battle is.

  • Cherry .W
    Cherry .W 18 days ago +44

    9:53 Gabbie didn’t back away(I ship Gabbie and Irene)

    • Brigitte G
      Brigitte G 4 days ago +1

      Cherry .W because she does the same thing to everyone 😂 have you seen the video she did with Glam&Gore

  • Reidgienia McGarden
    Reidgienia McGarden 19 days ago

    It's a kid. It's literally called Step2 Kid Alert! It. Is. A. Kid.

  • Briana's World
    Briana's World 19 days ago

    Omg I went to James Unlimited in Pheonix and tried these they were actually good

  • No Shade Sista
    No Shade Sista 19 days ago

    Sugar overdose. I don't eat that much sugar but enjoyed watching this. Lol

  • EmojiGirl5000 Gaming
    EmojiGirl5000 Gaming 19 days ago

    I hate being sticky. Being sweaty kinda feels sticky and its gross

  • Amanda Panda
    Amanda Panda 20 days ago +3

    OK you two remind me of me and my friend Alanah and I love her so much and we are literally like twins and we are so close and we could be closer but we literally love each other

  • Evelyn Mundt
    Evelyn Mundt 20 days ago +1

    Gabbie got her little silver wallet at target. I know because I have the same wallet.

  • Kristen Marie
    Kristen Marie 20 days ago

    Irene is a hoot

  • Trans Queen Sierra
    Trans Queen Sierra 20 days ago

    I get diabetes watching this 😂

  • Hannah With Care
    Hannah With Care 20 days ago +1

    06:38 that’s most definitely never what she said

  • Cymantha Jones
    Cymantha Jones 20 days ago +1

    am I the only one that wants to eat them

  • Meme Gacha
    Meme Gacha 20 days ago

    Do you like eachother

  • Anna Gray
    Anna Gray 20 days ago

    My dad would love that because he literally eats 2 cups of sugar in one bowl of cereal

  • Mackenzie
    Mackenzie 20 days ago +1

    Her Blackbear sweater oh my god I stan harder now

  • Brady Kibbe
    Brady Kibbe 20 days ago

    At 7:08 it reminds me of that one vine..... “ you don’t know what’s good for me.” “ THatS mY oPiNiOn”

  • kyra _slay
    kyra _slay 20 days ago

    Bro they eating diabetes🙄 help the poor kids

  • Drarry Pride
    Drarry Pride 21 day ago

    Okay let’s get something straight there both fucking beautiful

  • fat bitches running
    fat bitches running 21 day ago

    I’ve watched this frocking video at least 20 times and I’m still entertained 😂😂😂

  • Jimin's Jagiya
    Jimin's Jagiya 21 day ago +1

    Irene is actually in love with Gabbie. Prove mE WrOnG?!!? I want them together so bad like??? She’s always putting Gabbie first, evEn with little things like offering her the cuter taco or standing on the outer part of the road. Gabbie’s been through so much and it would be so nice to see her with someone that would never hurt her and would care for her, and they have so much fun together oshanayava like you never know!!!! That’s all I’m saying

  • Vesta Flynn
    Vesta Flynn 21 day ago

    Everyone needs a friend like Irene

  • Lord Nollan
    Lord Nollan 21 day ago

    The three of us could be a family but y’all don’t know me yet 😒