• Published on Jan 1, 2019
  • This was one of my Favorite Years for discovering incredible beauty products & these are the very very best! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
    xo's ~ Tati
    😇 HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE » » »

    ✔ M A K E U P W O R N
    100% Pure Mattifying Primer
    Tatcha The Silk Canvas Filter Finish Protective Primer
    Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid // Awakened
    Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Full Coverage Concealer Fluid // Light
    Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer // Light
    Eve Lom Powder Foundation // Ivory
    100% Pure Bamboo Blur Powder // Translucent
    Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation // Flawless
    100% Pure Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer // Cocoa Kissed
    Volition Oil-Control Mattifying Mist
    The One Eyeshadow Palette // Lawless
    100% Better Naked Palette
    Kjaer Weis Mascara // Black
    Ardell Wispies
    Lune+Aster Dawn To Dusk Brow Pencil // Universal
    Juice Beauty The Organic Solution Luminous Lip Crayon // 04 Carmel
    Bite Beauty French Press Lip Gloss // Flat White
    Juice Beauty The Organic Solution Sheer Lip Gloss // 05 Bikini
    Lorac Lipstick // Bombshell

    ✔ S N A P C H A T
    ✔ I N S T A G R A M
    ✔ T W I T T E R!/glamlifeguru
    ✔ F A C E B O O K
    ✔ E M A I L

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  • CaliDreamin
    CaliDreamin Day ago

    Did that foundat’n ingredient list (beauty blender) say COAL TAR?

  • Mikaylah Shutran

    I want to see your skin care routine or a best skincare products video!💖

  • Miss Mona
    Miss Mona Day ago

    Great! Thanks! Favourite skincare?

  • Forrest August Zephyr

    Woah that Hourglass looked like you just blur-photo'd yourself on facetune :0

  • Kristi Bergman
    Kristi Bergman Day ago

    I’m so glad that the bum bum Cream is one of your favorites because I love it and I’ve been wondering if the ingredients are good, so I’m glad you approve! 😀❤️

  • Cansu C
    Cansu C Day ago

    Great video I really love the foundation too

  • Catalina Torres Viada

    Tati pleaseeee do the best of skincare video!!! I’d love to watch it!

  • Heather Gonzalez
    Heather Gonzalez 2 days ago

    I want the blood sugar palette but its always sold out 😭

  • Annie Lyall
    Annie Lyall 2 days ago

    I just love all the tangents in your videos Tati! Keep being you 😘

  • max uh
    max uh 2 days ago


  • Beeboo Phan
    Beeboo Phan 2 days ago +1

    omg I remember the twins on x files that was actually one of my favorite episodes damn Tati's whole family is super talented

  • Kate R
    Kate R 2 days ago

    Ive seen hair masks in the same packaging as the sephora scrub. A rounded tub doesn’t mean they are copying. I think as long as they aren’t advertising it as a dupe then it’s not necessarily a copy.

  • Liandille
    Liandille 2 days ago

    omg, you look AWESOME!

  • Mary Witcher
    Mary Witcher 2 days ago

    Omg, the Eve episode. I still remember that episode and think it is one of the creepiest. That was such a flashback moment for me.

  • Kaydence Mullin
    Kaydence Mullin 3 days ago

    she’s getting a lot of hate or critisim for this video?? yes tati please put captions on your videos, it would thoroughly help out a lot of others :) also try to explain the beauty blender foundation liking too because i see people are confused about that. love u so much 💓

  • Mindy Miller
    Mindy Miller 3 days ago

    I wish you had links for the products!

  • Jessica Lyons
    Jessica Lyons 3 days ago

    Just wondering, you mentioned not wanting coconut in your products anymore but some of your faves have coconut oil. Why is coconut oil ok but not straight coconut?

  • paige parker
    paige parker 3 days ago

    I Can't get over how gorgeous you are!

  • Vera Carranza
    Vera Carranza 3 days ago

    I don't want to sound like a hater of anything like that but everytime I watch your videos cause Im curious about your opinion about new products etc.. I feel annoyed to see that you still can't blend your eyeshadows right.. You always make the same eyelooks on yourself and poor blending... Idk I'm sorry it's just my opinion

  • chloenkitty
    chloenkitty 3 days ago

    I don’t get the hype on shape tape. Gave me lines i didn’t realize i had

  • chloenkitty
    chloenkitty 3 days ago

    Anyone try beauty counter? Thoughts?

  • Alexis Leigh
    Alexis Leigh 3 days ago

    I have very dry skin, and I don't set my face with powder...but I do use Hourglass finishing powders and they look great on my skin. Other than another powder bronzer and a few powder blushes, I’m only using Hourglass finishing powders regularly these days on my face...the rest is cream or liquids 🤓🤓🤓

  • Devan Harrington
    Devan Harrington 3 days ago

    The second you said your sisters were on xfiles I immediately knew which episode, that's crazy!

  • Miki Go88
    Miki Go88 3 days ago

    I literally rewatched that ep with the twins two weeks ago and now I’m shook to know they are your sisters

  • Kara R
    Kara R 3 days ago +1

    of course Tati hated the beauty blender foundation but then researched the ingredients and then suddenly "it's very buildable, it doesn't clog [her] pores and works so beautifully"

  • Just Being Arie
    Just Being Arie 3 days ago

    Natasha comes through every year ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Belinda Acott
    Belinda Acott 3 days ago

    Happy happy New Year to you! Love you xx

  • My Makeupp Arlen Arias

    You’re so beautiful Tati don’t ever let anyone tell you different I love how humble and honest you are best wishes and blessings for this 2019 baby girl 💕

  • Michelle Dodgson
    Michelle Dodgson 3 days ago

    Omg!!!!!! Your sisters were in my fav ever!! I remember that episode 💖💖💖

  • lily miles
    lily miles 3 days ago

    it was obvious jalo was lip synching

  • krystina calderon
    krystina calderon 4 days ago +1

    Love the fact that she mentioned sister Jeffrey 💕

  • heyheyparty
    heyheyparty 4 days ago +1

    Why is her face sunken in? Is she a former addict?

  • Geneva
    Geneva 4 days ago +6

    Just a PSA to everyone scrolling through the comments: makeup being gluten-free is only relevant or important when it’s being applied around or on your mouth. Gluten cannot be absorbed through the skin (I’m a severe Celiac btw), so if lipstick or moisturizer is gluten-free, that’s actually helpful. If eyeshadow is gluten-free, they’re just trying to make themselves look trendy

  • Stephanie Reibling
    Stephanie Reibling 4 days ago

    Can you do the look you are wearing in a video? I love how natural and beautiful it is.

  • Vic Strauss
    Vic Strauss 4 days ago

    tati should make an entire in depth video on what ingredients you need to stay away from in each product for the face!! would love and appreciate that

  • Sara Slater
    Sara Slater 4 days ago

    Is nobody gonna mention that the James Charles pallet was nowhere to be found 🤔

  • Denise Hunter
    Denise Hunter 4 days ago

    Love Sol De Janiero Cream! The smell is iNCREDIBLE, I’ve been telling everyone about it

  • Andrea Knight
    Andrea Knight 4 days ago


  • Maddy Z.
    Maddy Z. 4 days ago

    Can you do a video on all the makeup you decluttered and kept since reviewing all the ingredients?

  • J CQ
    J CQ 5 days ago

    How does the origin primer compare to the guerlain gold flakes? Does it replace?

  • Amalia El-Ali
    Amalia El-Ali 5 days ago

    i know Tati is a beauty channel but i’d LOVE to see a purse or shoe collection video, i’m just so curious!!

  • Hannah Lewis
    Hannah Lewis 5 days ago

    I always love reviews from Tati because i know I can trust them love u Tati ❤️

  • Ana Ale
    Ana Ale 5 days ago

    Aww, that's so cool that your sisters were in that! Now I want to watch it haha
    Thank you for the recommendations! I'm looking forward to all these other videos!
    Where do you get Linda Halberg's products? Is it in stores or can you only buy it online from her website?

  • Cr Tp
    Cr Tp 5 days ago

    Please check if your foundations have SLS. If so, cast them away. Also check if your shampoo has sugar, lettuce or a fork. Cast it away, as well.

  • ika W
    ika W 5 days ago

    You have mentioned INGLOT thank you! This is such a great brand from Poland!

  • Yiwei Liu
    Yiwei Liu 5 days ago

    enjoy it, love to see a skin care of 2018

  • Mosheera Tawfiq
    Mosheera Tawfiq 6 days ago

    I love favorites !!

  • Lisa Limone Loves
    Lisa Limone Loves 6 days ago

    You look absolutely STUNNING 🌋🔥🔥🔥

  • Jimena Vega
    Jimena Vega 6 days ago

    I love you make up 🔥😩😩😩👍🏼🤩💓

  • chaton20
    chaton20 6 days ago

    Even if you had an intolerance, Gluten should have no effect on your skin whatsoever. Its molecules are too large to penetrate it. And Celiac disease is rare but for some reason everyone and their dogs claim they have an intolerance.

  • Angelp
    Angelp 6 days ago

    Love your unboxing videos Tati!!!

  • Julia
    Julia 6 days ago

    i snorted when bumbum cream came up because i’m brazilian and bumbum means butt
    i’m so stupid lmao

  • Maggie Stevens
    Maggie Stevens 6 days ago

    What do you think about the Marc Jacobs palettes cause I really want to try them but if it doesn't blend or have the pigment I don't want to waste my money

  • Jaclyn Hinojosa
    Jaclyn Hinojosa 6 days ago

    Are you going to do a Valentine’s dayblookbook????

  • Desiree Gaffron
    Desiree Gaffron 6 days ago

    Love you Tati❤️

  • Aimee Martell
    Aimee Martell 6 days ago +1

    Just a suggestion, not attacking. Why not list the products you mention as well the products you wear?

  • Michele Salter
    Michele Salter 6 days ago

    What a great wrap up! Thank you for doing the best of in a variety of categories and then the less of as wells. I save these videos so I have a reference.

  • Loraine Mercier
    Loraine Mercier 6 days ago

    It was an awesome episode!!!! X-files fan for life!!!!

  • elizabethpink
    elizabethpink 7 days ago

    OMG! I remember that X-Files episode! (I still prefer that first season over all others.)

  • Nicole Felthaus
    Nicole Felthaus 7 days ago +1

    Tati we love you. But 👏🏻we’re 👏🏻 done 👏🏻with 👏🏻 ingredient 👏🏻 talks

  • Lora LaLanne
    Lora LaLanne 7 days ago

    I agree with you a bum bum cream is five stars and so is the shower gel!! Gave some for Christmas presents this year. And they fell in love with it too❣️🥰🎉

  • Sharifah Safiah
    Sharifah Safiah 7 days ago

    you should list down the items you mentioned xx

  • Ann Taylor
    Ann Taylor 7 days ago

    I don’t have time to watch the entire video right now. Can you list the items in your comment section? Thanks

  • StellaBella〈3〈3〈3

    Okay I’m genuinely asking this question, why does it matter if makeup is gluten free?

  • Suzanne Cluff
    Suzanne Cluff 7 days ago

    SUBTITLES PLEASE!! I mean, come on Tati! Everyone wants to enjoy your informative videos! At least try auto generated. It’s not that hard!!

  • HippoDino Reserve
    HippoDino Reserve 7 days ago

    At 13:00. I totally agree. It is crappy for the individual brands to have Sephora rips off their ideas.

  • Ruslana Chaplina
    Ruslana Chaplina 7 days ago

    Really really very very very

  • kate schildman
    kate schildman 8 days ago

    Tati id love to see more skincare videos in 2019!! maybe a full skincare routine video??

  • mallory holland
    mallory holland 8 days ago

    I really appreciate you being more thoughtful about your ingredients! I am really picky about ingredients and animal testing and it’s nice to see influencer always consider those things more

  • Camry Mathis
    Camry Mathis 8 days ago

    Can not handle your hair almost in your mouth.....

  • Andrea Pérez
    Andrea Pérez 8 days ago

    I still can't get over how you and your sisters are SO alike

  • Itzo and Krisi PS
    Itzo and Krisi PS 8 days ago

    Where is your necklace from ?

  • Mackenzie Clark
    Mackenzie Clark 8 days ago +1

    *-Taty 2018*

  • Ayme Batista
    Ayme Batista 8 days ago

    Loviuuu you girllll

  • Michelle Anderson
    Michelle Anderson 8 days ago

    TODAY AT ULTA: 50% off Clarisonic* Sonic Foundation Brush Head
    NOW $19.50 | reg $39

  • Sahra
    Sahra 8 days ago

    I need a Tutorial on this make up please :(

  • Kitty
    Kitty 8 days ago

    Tati, please, have your twin sisters (although you all guys look alike :-))) and do a story time video, where they'd talk about their experience on X Files! That'd be awesome.

  • tammy dwight
    tammy dwight 8 days ago

    Please do loud looks

  • Army Barbie
    Army Barbie 8 days ago

    You look stunning

  • Heidy Elias
    Heidy Elias 9 days ago

    Lol I love that you talked about the X-files because I automatically recognized them when rewatching lol

  • xoharleen
    xoharleen 9 days ago

    Tati, I'm all for good clean makeup too! It has really transformed my skin once I started looking at ingredients. I would love if you came out with your own line that was bomb ass makeup but without the harsh stuff for the skin with that moderate price point!! Pls pls and pls!!

  • Cole Crystal
    Cole Crystal 9 days ago

    Less story time, please. It’s boring & im just here for your make up opinions

  • Kristen Bogdanoff
    Kristen Bogdanoff 9 days ago

    Tati I’ve watched your videos for almost 4 years now and out of every single beauty influencer, you are the only one who I believe is 100% genuine with every single recommendation you’ve ever given. I can’t say that about any other influencer. And that’s not to say they’re all liars- I just feel like you are the most genuine out of your peers. Thank you so much!

  • Sol Vinter
    Sol Vinter 9 days ago

    Love your videos! My wish for 2019 is if you could do a review video about the Surratt range, especially the eye shadows :)

  • Stephanie Sojka
    Stephanie Sojka 9 days ago

    Glad you talk about ingredients because it’s important to think about!!! The mainstream makeup industry should be concerned with quality of ingredients as well as the performance of the product

  • Mad_Scientist17
    Mad_Scientist17 9 days ago

    I LOVE Bum Bum Cream!!!! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Leslie Johnson
    Leslie Johnson 9 days ago

    I'd love to see what foundations you still use

  • Mvii1k45
    Mvii1k45 9 days ago

    I hate how you think you're some sort of pharmacist by taking fragrance out of your products, its literally so harmless

  • Anm X
    Anm X 9 days ago

    I see a change coming in her channel, likening it to Elle Leary who pushes green/ clean products and always mentions products in terms of their long-term use and use in various skin types. If this is true, I think she’s doing it smart by simply bringing it up in regular videos first. However she definitely needs more research as the things she says aren’t always accurate and she tends to just skim over problems she sees with a product/ brand without explanations-so she needs to do the explanations and research more thoroughly in 2019

  • webds
    webds 9 days ago

    Tati please list these products blow if you wouldn’t mind. I would love to purchase some of them and didn’t take notes during your video. Thank you ❣️

  • frida
    frida 9 days ago

    You should check out Korres skincare and makeup. They are SO GOOD with natural ingredients and natural perfumes.

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez 10 days ago

    Tati, can you please give me info on your evil eye necklace? Brand? Length? Size? I’d like to treat myself to something nice for my birthday. Thank you

  • Ben Kahnke
    Ben Kahnke 10 days ago

    Lol did anyone else catch j lo’s lip sync?

  • Susan Galliher
    Susan Galliher 10 days ago

    I dont recognise that viseart palette....which one is that.....thanks

  • kay
    kay 10 days ago

    I got the diamond bomb and I hate it gets glitter all over my face

  • Missy Molder
    Missy Molder 10 days ago

    Did I miss something and Tati got some kind of lip enhancement?

  • Kelliann DeCarlo
    Kelliann DeCarlo 10 days ago

    She always looks stunning, but her skin looks UNREAL here.

  • Diane Milligan
    Diane Milligan 10 days ago

    Under your make up worn eyes - you list s100% Better Naked Palette - what is that? I can’t find it????

  • AngelacBeautyandFlair - Angela Stuart

    Thanks for the info on the beauty blender foundation. I have overhauled my skincare for the same ingredient issues but have been having trouble finding "good" foundations. I have oily/combo skin so I hope it will work for me, have a wonderful day xx

  • elizzybec
    elizzybec 10 days ago

    If I'm not allergic to the fragrance I love it. i hate when the cosmetic just smells like plastic or nothing good. fragrance is sometimes what I love most from the product. i buy milani lipsticks for their lovely smell.