Cauliflower Hater Vs. Chef

  • Published on May 27, 2018
  • Can a Cauliflower Hater become a Cauliflower Lover in three dishes?
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    Chef Yadi Garcia
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  • Sania Khawaja
    Sania Khawaja 6 days ago

    I hate carrots with all my heart

  • ali Aalim
    ali Aalim 7 days ago

    "Drop the balls" sounds sexual

  • Janiyablair Banks
    Janiyablair Banks 8 days ago

    Those tacos look so good and I love sushi 🍣

  • #1CAPS FAN
    #1CAPS FAN 8 days ago

    I'm not a big fan of cauliflower

  • 123 WXauslen
    123 WXauslen 8 days ago

    Pls do a dish with lady finger

  • Gurvan Saikhan
    Gurvan Saikhan 9 days ago

    I hate those veggies ugh UGH COUL FLOWER i am picky eater

  • Mireya Monjaras
    Mireya Monjaras 9 days ago +1

    Why she gotta snap her fingers when she wants the waiter to bring the dish of cauliflowers in?!!!

  • Nicolle Ortiz
    Nicolle Ortiz 9 days ago +1

    Bro I replayed the “cauli gang,cauli gang,cauli gang” so many times lol

  • Tawfique Hassan
    Tawfique Hassan 9 days ago

    The gf jelly af I think

  • Chris David Angeles
    Chris David Angeles 11 days ago

    Im asian and looking at him being so disgusted by the looks of the cauliflower is triggering me, at least the chef is very positive and funny LOL

  • gmjkk -
    gmjkk - 12 days ago

    Should’ve made cauliflower crust pizza

  • Frozen _RBLX
    Frozen _RBLX 12 days ago

    I made my own XD

  • Bảo Trân Mai Quỳnh

    Is Tam Vietnamese people?

  • Joshua Epperson
    Joshua Epperson 13 days ago

    Try Wax beans please. Believe they are a pale brined version of green beans and I find them gross.

  • Kalyani Deshpande
    Kalyani Deshpande 17 days ago

    i tried making the arancini balls and it failed lmaoooo its hard to make

  • ncanders47
    ncanders47 18 days ago

    If my girl did this I'd be like bitch did you really have to have me on a suprise USclip show cause I don't like cauliflower

  • Skyrah Bai
    Skyrah Bai 20 days ago

    Can she get me to like olives?

  • h ey
    h ey 22 days ago

    I like the chef's personality

  • S Sabr
    S Sabr 23 days ago

    I just love Chef Yadi

  • L MM
    L MM 24 days ago

    He looks like that guy who was tricked into being invisible😂😂😂 just saying

  • Gekozz
    Gekozz 24 days ago


  • Arely Vargas-Morgado
    Arely Vargas-Morgado 25 days ago

    I hate pickles

  • Michael M.
    Michael M. 26 days ago

    Any one know where I can find these recipe's

  • Daniela Reynoso
    Daniela Reynoso 26 days ago

    I don’t like raw cauliflower but I like any other

  • florian calina
    florian calina 26 days ago

    I LOVEEE cauliflower

  • TheoristPlayz MinecraftNMore

    Hah no one can or will convince me to eat red meat fish (all the fish that’s not cod or fish like it, y’know, white meat)

  • Taylor Reddington
    Taylor Reddington 29 days ago +1

    I hate tomatoes

  • Khang Lieu
    Khang Lieu 29 days ago +1

    Can you make my school lunch taste good or at least edible?

  • Cody Cai
    Cody Cai 29 days ago +1

    As I’m watching this I eating cauliflower.........

  • WLSH UrRahz
    WLSH UrRahz 29 days ago

    I love cauliflower

  • Mazin IDRIS
    Mazin IDRIS Month ago +4

    Says found most pickiest eaters well I guess they haven’t met me

  • angelthegamble !!!
    angelthegamble !!! Month ago +1

    Cheff yati look like Liza koshi

  • Dave Cote
    Dave Cote Month ago +1

    Lmao. I was really hoping that champagne at the end was also cauliflower.

  • Eunice Yeow
    Eunice Yeow Month ago

    Chef Yadi is friggin hilariooouuuus 😂
    Said this out loud in my kitchen... My housemates threw me some looks ya know like why's this bitch talking to herself.

  • Bruh I'm weird
    Bruh I'm weird Month ago


  • soccer master
    soccer master Month ago

    I hate onions

  • Holywizard _
    Holywizard _ Month ago

    Some reasoned cauliflower taste like rice sometimes

  • Audy Nayaka
    Audy Nayaka Month ago

    5:15 waaaaa WOOOOO
    6:20 cauli gang cauli gang cauli gang lmao
    8:45 rEinnnnn

  • Sadee Michelle
    Sadee Michelle Month ago

    well i dont even like bacon so

  • The goat is back Lol
    The goat is back Lol Month ago +1

    6:20 Cauli gang Cauli Gang Cauli Gang Cauli Gang Cauli Gang Cauli Gang Cauli Gang Cauli Gang

  • Bui Dinh
    Bui Dinh Month ago +1

    8:00 why did my iPad have to pause there

  • Ava Mixon
    Ava Mixon Month ago


  • Aryu Redy
    Aryu Redy Month ago

    I hate okra

  • Anette Kattrup
    Anette Kattrup Month ago

    Sooo #CaliGang

  • Sapphire Blue
    Sapphire Blue Month ago

    I bet she can’t get my *HATRED* of ginger

  • DeRpY Entertainment

    She needs to be on master chef

  • LaurTato
    LaurTato Month ago +1

    How do I make the sushi one? It looks sooo goooddddd!!

  • Kade Harrington
    Kade Harrington Month ago

    👏👏👏 wtf man its kinda like brocklie

  • Chedeville
    Chedeville Month ago

    Ya I reaaaaaly love baked cauliflower. Season it with oil, salt and pepper and bake it. Just trim the stems

    • Ava Mixon
      Ava Mixon Month ago

      Fried is better like fried cauliflower is so good

  • hiatus mode
    hiatus mode Month ago

    Omg why would he hate cauliflower 😭😭...Stupid

  • Sean Halperin
    Sean Halperin Month ago

    6:20 Please no, no, no, why

  • Exotic Surge
    Exotic Surge Month ago +1

    7:10 his girlfriend said I know what balls are./volume up

  • BigChungus
    BigChungus Month ago

    Is this Azzerz???

  • Mr Mustache
    Mr Mustache Month ago

    2:59 WHAT THE HELL IS THAT 😂😂😂😂

  • Miyagi Power
    Miyagi Power Month ago

    Atleast a raw cauliflower is better than this guy’s haircut I mean wtf is that

  • Alex uWu
    Alex uWu Month ago +13

    “Like a yummy little baby”
    *age restricted has entered the chat*

  • Ava Doyle
    Ava Doyle Month ago

    5:38-5:41 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fly_ Sound
    Fly_ Sound Month ago

    Chef Kadi acts like she’s a chef Liza Koshy

  • Daniel Lundvall
    Daniel Lundvall Month ago

    I like the use of the word victim

  • Řøşę黄雅智
    Řøşę黄雅智 Month ago

    Lol I have a cauliflower stuffed toy

    C!CHARA Month ago

    I hate cauliflower cuz of the taste

    ITZ THE ULTRA Month ago

    i hate ze potato

  • Sharkgirl Fortnite
    Sharkgirl Fortnite Month ago

    I hate basically everything spicy food is the worst

  • ya.gurl._. shantiii

    she is so passinate

  • deltarune fan
    deltarune fan Month ago +9

    Where you think the cauliflower is?
    *I think it’s in the trash.*

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker Month ago

    Vegetarians Vs. Feminists

  • Vanilla Cake
    Vanilla Cake Month ago

    Gordon Koshy in da house

  • RtestEmma :3
    RtestEmma :3 Month ago

    get me to like shrimp

  • Shining Bacon STUDIOS

    I’m gonna want that chef’s emotions and mindset if I ever become a chef

  • Derpy_Panda Weirdo
    Derpy_Panda Weirdo Month ago

    If they ever get married, then they know who to call to be their head chef!

  • Victor 360NOscope
    Victor 360NOscope Month ago

    What happened to this show why didn't it continue

  • Lazy Potato
    Lazy Potato Month ago

    In 2020, suddenly there is a song cauli gang created by chef yadi

  • World Of Randomness

    It’s not bad, it definitely looks and smells a lot better than it taste. I think it’s just the cauliflower mannnnn
    Hmmm nah...I think it’s chicken wings...
    No shit Sherlock

  • SubToCKD Thai
    SubToCKD Thai Month ago


  • CrazedDino
    CrazedDino Month ago

    Dont say CAULI GANG!

  • Clarissa Cao
    Clarissa Cao Month ago

    Tell me that cauliflower drink pleaseee!!

  • bml7500
    bml7500 Month ago

    He didn't taste the cauli cuz it's all cheese

    • bml7500
      bml7500 Month ago

      way too complicated, won't make at home ROFL

  • yuki zhao
    yuki zhao Month ago

    So I can’t taste some of it?it has whine in it I’m a kid I’m not gonna eat alcohol

  • German Racoon
    German Racoon Month ago

    I love cauliflower but cauliflower puree? Wut

  • Biana Vacker
    Biana Vacker Month ago +6

    at the end chef Yadi be like Cauliflower wine !

  • ini yers
    ini yers Month ago

    More episodes like this

  • Christian Owen Abuel

    Go to the philipines my mom is picky she hates cucumbers

  • maggy tokyo
    maggy tokyo Month ago +27

    *you know damn well he didn’t make it once after that day 🤣*

  • yeet god
    yeet god Month ago +5


    Button1 Button2
    EAT CALIFLOWER pass article 13


  • VeryFeralChild
    VeryFeralChild Month ago

    I vote Lorenzo.

  • Shirolian
    Shirolian Month ago

    Seeing so much people around me who hate vegetables and stuff makes me feel so weird because I love every single vegetable and fruit since I was one year old...

  • Emily Robb Thompson

    Your just picky so use to fast food.

  • ItsTotallyCoconut
    ItsTotallyCoconut Month ago

    ima do these myself

  • Hannah Lairson
    Hannah Lairson Month ago

    *cauli gang, cauli gang, cauli gang*

  • TheWolfPackCo-Leader

    Cauli Gang

  • Gacha Taco
    Gacha Taco Month ago

    Cauliflower is a hard broccoli.

  • cobra thekid
    cobra thekid Month ago +10

    These balls need to work if they fall apart in my hands I will cry
    -chef yati

  • cvbra
    cvbra Month ago +8

    I love her personality

  • Hurry cane
    Hurry cane Month ago +1

    Butt it has basically no taste whatsoever

  • Rakhiri Romero
    Rakhiri Romero Month ago +1

    whaat? am i new here?? i mean, come on. hos come i havent seen this until now? 😂

  • Watęr Melõnë
    Watęr Melõnë Month ago

    What's wrong with a white broccoli

  • Nyftii
    Nyftii Month ago +50

    I’m sorry but this girl is amazing, nothing else said.

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers Month ago

    it taste like nothing, why someone hate it?

  • vBxbbless
    vBxbbless Month ago

    Ohhhhhh yeah

  • Дмитрий Акинфеев

    что за херня происходит