$285 Watch Vs. $700,000 Watch

  • Published on Jun 10, 2018
  • "It's like Santa's Elves, living in this tiny watch."
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    Tim Fleschner
    Bradley Snyder
    Hyungsoo Kim
    Cameron Weiss
    David Lee

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  • Fire Crystal
    Fire Crystal 5 hours ago

    They should of had a $10 watch which has a regular working class citizen doesn’t have to pay payments on installments

  • Jamie
    Jamie Day ago

    My watch cost 11 euro and does the same thing as every other watch. I ain't broke, I'm just not a moron.

  • BabyFunTube -Nursery Rhymes for Kids

    9:30 no i know where he went after playing basketball was over

  • Nick Star
    Nick Star 2 days ago

    ten ten means young penis here in Philippines 😝

  • Andye Say
    Andye Say 4 days ago

    The way he pronounced Girard 😭

  • Samski BBS
    Samski BBS 4 days ago

    Peter marco next

  • Lamest BABY
    Lamest BABY 4 days ago +2

    That jack pot idea has been done before by children watch companies 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    A CHIRP LIFE 5 days ago

    Hey its david lee with the massive ferrari collection video from Producer Michael

  • A Parrot
    A Parrot 5 days ago +2

    As a swiss man this video was really pleasing to watch.

  • Moh
    Moh 5 days ago

    They chose that weird goofy watch as the most expensive? I’d have loved to see a Jacob&Co Astronomia or something classy instead

  • hyojoo Kang
    hyojoo Kang 5 days ago

    Will there be more worth it videos?

  • Rahel Rubio Prabhaker
    Rahel Rubio Prabhaker 7 days ago +1

    Bro, i have a 6 dollar watch, and it haves everything i need. Clock, crono, alarm timer...

  • Rahel Rubio Prabhaker

    Do they buy them???

  • Twe Foju
    Twe Foju 7 days ago +5

    so a 700,000 watch is not a conversation starter?

  • Darkis
    Darkis 8 days ago +4

    I would’ve done

  • Christian Romero
    Christian Romero 8 days ago

    y'all should do glasses sun or prescription

  • Jay Kalinka
    Jay Kalinka 8 days ago

    Wait, how can they afford such videos? Are they rich kids?

  • Jude likes food
    Jude likes food 8 days ago

    Best burrito

  • dsss fhjdd
    dsss fhjdd 9 days ago

    Worth It: Toilets

  • Nicholas Johnston
    Nicholas Johnston 9 days ago

    My worth it winner is the middle one because it is gonna last the longest out of all of them and it looks so good

  • Tagon Robinson
    Tagon Robinson 10 days ago

    The other dude plays too much

  • Phurawit
    Phurawit 10 days ago


  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy 11 days ago +2

    You should of showed his 40 million dollar car collection

  • chico rebel
    chico rebel 12 days ago

    Hi i love my watch.. it looks so cool.. do you have one amzn.to/2Cbjvj5

  • RonTj阿杰
    RonTj阿杰 13 days ago

    hey its david lee from producer michael who owns ferraris collection!

  • Icee Mori
    Icee Mori 14 days ago

    Not even from the holy trinity of watches - not patek, vacheron nor audemars. Next.

  • waldo4133
    waldo4133 16 days ago

    so how do i set the time if im blind ? so i still need someone else ?

  • Louie Merced
    Louie Merced 16 days ago

    You guys need to check out David Lee's car collection

  • Vineet Jain
    Vineet Jain 18 days ago

    Amazing video!

  • Keen Lai
    Keen Lai 20 days ago

    Yo, I live in San Gabriel valley and I didn’t think you would be here. Proof? Behind that is a hotpot, Daiso, boba shop, and supermarket. From what I remember, at least.

  • Sarah ChoCho
    Sarah ChoCho 20 days ago

    Come back!!!!

  • عبدالرحمن العتيبي

    LOL 700000$ is more expensive than lambos

  • Ty Nguyen
    Ty Nguyen 22 days ago +1

    Check out the big 🧠 on Brad

  • Kids Flip
    Kids Flip 23 days ago

    I like other side on watch 2 not the real side

  • Kids Flip
    Kids Flip 23 days ago

    Where cool clock from the beginning

  • Slot Hut
    Slot Hut 24 days ago

    For 700k id get a richard mille

  • Slot Hut
    Slot Hut 24 days ago

    of course the asian guy has a watch that has to do with gambling

  • 88blockNS
    88blockNS 24 days ago

    I hate that I subscribe for cool videos like this, but 3/4 of your videos are just people playing video games. Y'all need to keep the cooler stuff on another channel.

  • Gian Carlo Dela Merced

    Please have regular worth it lifestyle videos W/ ben and alex as your trio buddies.

  • Emerald Doughnut
    Emerald Doughnut 28 days ago

    Me and a group of friends met the guy that stepped on the I.E.D. in Afghanistan
    Wow I actually spelled Afghanistan right.

  • Mljekara Perfetto
    Mljekara Perfetto 28 days ago


  • save your hero
    save your hero Month ago

    vincero wants to know your location

  • r Negoro
    r Negoro Month ago

    Just get get a watch with a good movement like the miyota 9015.

  • Jollu Pollu
    Jollu Pollu Month ago

    oops i dropped my 700,000€ dollar watch

  • Lucas_The_God
    Lucas_The_God Month ago

    where is rolex at

  • cool vines
    cool vines Month ago +3

    I want have a Rolex nobody wanted to liked my com😢😢😢😢

  • Soham Mitra
    Soham Mitra Month ago

    nope seiko
    Philipe Patek

  • Jay Cowper
    Jay Cowper Month ago

    Funny to watch them gleefully exclaim "Rolex" when they started out with the Vacheron Constantin. That's marketing for you though.

  • Ante Trusić
    Ante Trusić Month ago

    cool and all.. but showing notifications from phone is just way too convenient, so i will buy 1m dollar watch that no-one cares about besides its price value cool cool

  • Oscar Cheng
    Oscar Cheng Month ago

    11:36 look at the way the watch is covering the other one and probably scratching it. Jesus Christ no

  • Oscar Cheng
    Oscar Cheng Month ago

    2 grande for an eta movement! I understand if it’s a name brand but it’s no name brand. Should get a nomos with the same eta or the same price

  • Donnie Garcia
    Donnie Garcia Month ago +2

    Lee has the best Ferrari collection

  • Will Edwards
    Will Edwards Month ago

    Weiss is great. There used to be tons of American watchmakers but they basically all moved to Switzerland. Now there's only a handful, startups from the 90s, mostly. It's nice that Weiss is one of the companies bringing back American watchmaking.

  • thomas oliver
    thomas oliver Month ago

    this is the 21 century watches used should be galaxy s7 @ 250, LG G6 @ 350 , note 8 @ 460, note 9 @ 900

  • Razor Reznov
    Razor Reznov Month ago

    Here I am with my 3$ watch which acts as a bracelet and tells me time

    GADGET CENTRAL Month ago

    I use a 1 dollar digital hello kitty watch

  • mauno hietala
    mauno hietala Month ago

    Cool story on the 285 dollar watch but for 285 you could get much more stylish, classy and what ever their categories were

  • Cyka Blyat
    Cyka Blyat Month ago

    that 700k$ watch is now a 225k-270k$ watch on chrono24 :)

  • Noah Reyes
    Noah Reyes Month ago

    This episode or Worth it is brought to you by Movement Watch

  • colin rabinowitz
    colin rabinowitz Month ago

    Weiss Watch!!!

  • EvilHomerSimpson
    EvilHomerSimpson Month ago

    why not just wear a leather strap, with a piece of gold and a diamond
    who cares about the time when your are rcih

  • apollo23V
    apollo23V Month ago

    David Lee, Salomondrin’s nemesis

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode Month ago

    Watch is to tell time point blank period. Maybe because I don't value certain items that all have one simple functions. A car, house, TV etc I will pay why because it can be improved but watches? Think not unless its diamond or gold lol 😂

    QWERTY ASDFGH Month ago

    this guy always go for the cheapest one lol always always always

  • Ghostcatcher64
    Ghostcatcher64 Month ago

    Hurts me seeing expensive time pieces getting scratched from two guys that wanted to wear as much as possible for fun and one guy running. I don't like those watches i'm a fan of omega watches but it still hurts me x)

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne Month ago +6

    David Lee has also a big car garage you can see the video on producer michael channel. He is a chill guy.

  • Sic Lusifer
    Sic Lusifer Month ago

    free advertisement, nothing really about how important those watches are.. there are much better and iconic ones out there .. but i think you have many saying this already among those other 3100 comments

  • AntManPlayz Anthony

    when the $285 is more expensive than your most expensive watch :/

  • Usman Ali
    Usman Ali Month ago +1

    1200 watch was the best with a nice movement ... 700000 watch was ugly ... i wouldn't wanna be seen wid it

  • TheWildGroudon THE BEST

    You should do sunglasses next

  • Rafay Virk
    Rafay Virk Month ago

    I have a samsung gear sport

  • Safi Nasir
    Safi Nasir Month ago

    That wess watch is a fraud. That movement is Chinese, and is cheap not worth 1200 at all.

  • Wes Sovis
    Wes Sovis Month ago

    These guys are hilarious. So good.

  • Dr. Dolphin
    Dr. Dolphin Month ago

    i wish i was the owner of the show :(

  • Blank
    Blank Month ago +2

    He is still kidnap phobia

  • Jasonyo
    Jasonyo Month ago

    This better worth my time

  • Jason Tj
    Jason Tj Month ago

    4:15 its a pendulum bob

  • ScaryBeast Margwa
    ScaryBeast Margwa Month ago

    11:45 worked in gta, not so much in real life

  • Viggo Cen
    Viggo Cen Month ago

    condom gloves

  • Rutger Van 't Klooster

    when is the next episode

  • Jarl Bergström
    Jarl Bergström Month ago

    Where is the seikos

    MILY BLANCH Month ago

    😂😂😂😂😂that back in time comment!!

  • Shaikh Mohammad Oais

    I wear 6 dollar-watch and it also shows time just like a 1000000 dollar-watch

  • CarEnthusiast 81818
    CarEnthusiast 81818 Month ago +1

    You can follow him kn instagram @ferraricollector_davidlee

  • sokol sinojmeri
    sokol sinojmeri Month ago


  • Shaaf Shoaib
    Shaaf Shoaib Month ago

    should have done vincero, there better and cheaper

  • Tommy Cahill
    Tommy Cahill Month ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Mr. T
    Mr. T Month ago

    6:40 finger condoms

  • maliah jones
    maliah jones Month ago


  • Beauty Lover12
    Beauty Lover12 Month ago

    their should be more of these videos they are fun to watch

  • SY
    SY Month ago +1

    60:30 condoms on his fingers

  • Guerra dos Bichos
    Guerra dos Bichos 2 months ago

    700.000 of tackyiness

  • What Agar
    What Agar 2 months ago

    When a watch cost more than your house.

    AHVEN 2 months ago

    When motorcylces

  • Shoe Science Cleaning
    Shoe Science Cleaning 2 months ago

    What I would buy instead of the 700000 watch
    300000 house
    200000 fierri
    50000 200000 things of ramen noodles
    2000 10 pairs of Jordan’s
    1000 5 supreme shirts
    10000 nice Rolex
    10000 a couple nba courtside tickets
    100000 dollars in Microsoft stock
    1000 all NCAA football video games
    1000 1000 cans of coke
    25000 rest of money Brest cancer charity

  • Abu Siddique
    Abu Siddique 2 months ago

    0:51 Is that Long Necks older brother?

  • Leonardo Cabrera
    Leonardo Cabrera 2 months ago

    Smh, should of showed them a Patek instead of the GP

  • Willem van de Pol
    Willem van de Pol 2 months ago

    From every watch in that store you choose a GP, Patek Philippe would be a so much better pick for the last one.

  • Tuffenuf12
    Tuffenuf12 2 months ago

    This is the type of watch a serial killer would use and only let the people that get 3 in a row live

  • Matt Steer
    Matt Steer 2 months ago

    *I use my phone...*