FUNNY CURLY HAIR PROBLEMS || Girls With Curly Hair Struggles by 123 GO!

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • If you’re someone who has thick, curly hair, then you know you’ve been blessed with the beautiful yet sometimes difficult task of maintaining it.
    Guess what, curly haired beauties - this video’s for you!
    Could relate to these curly whoas? Share this video with your other curly-headed besties to give them a laugh!
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Comments • 3 974

  • Ayesha riyan
    Ayesha riyan 20 hours ago

    No matter what but you look so cute

  • abdul shakoor sajid
    abdul shakoor sajid 21 hour ago


  • Michelle Williams
    Michelle Williams 22 hours ago

    Her earings changed

  • Fitor Gashi
    Fitor Gashi 22 hours ago

    You guys are Albanian I know that you guys are Albanian but you don't actually look like Albanian oh

  • Stacy Robinson
    Stacy Robinson 23 hours ago

    Who saw that there was no coffee in her cup

  • Celia Martin
    Celia Martin 23 hours ago

    Fgsjsi jajnsmajzmakmz123 Go

  • Celia Martin
    Celia Martin 23 hours ago


  • Celia Martin
    Celia Martin 23 hours ago


  • Celia Martin
    Celia Martin 23 hours ago


  • Celia Martin
    Celia Martin 23 hours ago

    123 Go

  • Aima Khan
    Aima Khan Day ago

    I (*6aaaaaaa

  • DorkdNeedTes !
    DorkdNeedTes ! Day ago

    I have big curls :3

  • mani raheja
    mani raheja Day ago

    I have hair like her it’s a bit different

  • cheylah Patton
    cheylah Patton Day ago

    This is my sisters every day routine

  • re re
    re re Day ago

    She has the ugliest hair I have ever seen. Sorry but wow. Very exaggerated video.

  • Larissa Scott
    Larissa Scott Day ago

    Any hats for that because I have Curly hair

  • Glenroy Attwood
    Glenroy Attwood Day ago +1

    C'mon....why the heat damage

  • Rae Lily
    Rae Lily Day ago


  • Wanda Lopez
    Wanda Lopez Day ago +1

    Sooo Relatable..

  • 4149
    4149 Day ago

    Question from a guy: What is heat damage?
    Her hair is amazing 😍

  • •Gacha Gamer•

    Girl you have huge heat damage problem in your hair.You need to go cut your hair ASAP.

  • Betty Dias
    Betty Dias Day ago

    And i have LONG curly hair

  • Betty Dias
    Betty Dias Day ago

    I hve locks and i know that the problem with the NO BRUSHING is not always the Problem and that one with had gear

  • B.E.B.S crews
    B.E.B.S crews Day ago

    Very funny

  • Fluttershy Pegasus

    So relatable!

  • nuha hamyd
    nuha hamyd 2 days ago

    The hair tie part always happens to me and the hair touch sooo much people

  • Helena Isabella
    Helena Isabella 2 days ago


  • Marilva Plein
    Marilva Plein 2 days ago

    curly hair is a struggle but not for me even tho I have curly hair I wash it and braid it its easy

  • Laure Lacointe
    Laure Lacointe 2 days ago

    I have curly hair and i knew all this things😂😂love you 123 GO! ❤️ ❤️

  • Gacha_ Wolf
    Gacha_ Wolf 2 days ago

    My hair gets in all of situations. My hair can be wavy at times and curly at times

  • Mya Gibbons
    Mya Gibbons 2 days ago

    I have major curl hair to and I have all of these as well people are always trying to touch my hair and I can’t brush my hair because it goes frissy

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  • Hi I play roblox
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  • Hi I play roblox
    Hi I play roblox 2 days ago

    I have long curly hair and have none of these fake “curly hair problems”

  • Rosemarie Namisato
    Rosemarie Namisato 2 days ago

    And that’s why you always straighten your hair lol

  • Sam Lyons
    Sam Lyons 2 days ago

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  • Marina Pascacio
    Marina Pascacio 2 days ago


  • jro2095
    jro2095 2 days ago

    Before watching this video: I want curly hair

    After watching this video:Nvm I’m good with straight

  • Ormie Ledlon
    Ormie Ledlon 2 days ago +2

    I could relate to this videoLOL😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Danika Reese
    Danika Reese 2 days ago +1

    Curly haired people I'm surprised when we wake up in the morning and our hair is a mess. We're also not surprised that stuff is caught in it and we find weird stuff in it

  • _awe_dree_
    _awe_dree_ 2 days ago +2

    Random person: “Ooh I love your curly hair, can I touch it?”
    Me: “actually-”
    Random person: *touches it before I can say no*
    Me: “......... ugh.....”
    Random person: “What was that?”
    Me: *pulls hard on their stringy straight hair* “HOW DO YOU LIKE IT BOBA?!”

  • Ariahn Baker
    Ariahn Baker 2 days ago

    The struggles of having curly hair is real lol

  • Vanessa Carrillo
    Vanessa Carrillo 2 days ago +3

    I'm wondering what's ur real voice can u do a live

  • Ink Ber
    Ink Ber 2 days ago

    I found a noodle in my hair a time

  • abby roberts
    abby roberts 2 days ago

    im crying dont judge people on there looks

    like if u aggre

  • Samantha Serrano
    Samantha Serrano 2 days ago +1

    She needs to cut off all that heat damage fr

  • Prissy Pranksters
    Prissy Pranksters 2 days ago

    My hair is wavey ish curly
    Every time I try to straighten my hair, it works for 2 minutes, and then *POOF*
    just like that

  • Wada abdulqayyum
    Wada abdulqayyum 2 days ago +1

    123 G
    123 GO
    123 GO!

  • Aseel Hosam
    Aseel Hosam 2 days ago

    I love curly hair so much...and u too 123Go😍😘💕💛💚💙❤️💜😃

  • NKKhan
    NKKhan 2 days ago

    And thing happened to me but I am silky straight hair ❓❓❓❓

  • FlipzFN Yeah boi
    FlipzFN Yeah boi 2 days ago


  • blackpink jennie momoland ahin

    Im like that because im curly

  • KeksAHHU
    KeksAHHU 2 days ago


  • Shwetzzz Creative
    Shwetzzz Creative 2 days ago +1


  • Shwetzzz Creative
    Shwetzzz Creative 2 days ago +1

    If you really like 123 go subscribe to my channel

  • Sara_Gymnastics
    Sara_Gymnastics 2 days ago

    My hair is curly too l have those problems too

  • Maria Guerfi
    Maria Guerfi 2 days ago

    Oh yeah my hair like this 🙆I say don't touch my hair 💆

  • DatYoutuberWhatsHisName

    Also my sister has long curly hair and she has hair just fine :p

    meaning she can put on long hats and helmets.

  • DatYoutuberWhatsHisName

    this is why detangler goes out after a day and we have to do it all over again :-\

  • Winter Stark-Targaryen

    I have straight hair cause I relaxed it and everyone touches it

  • lojine ali abd el salam Farouk

    I just have released that the cup of the tea wasn't in it tea

  • Timon Mpampiniotis
    Timon Mpampiniotis 3 days ago +1

    I love 123 go

  • Kiran kulkarni
    Kiran kulkarni 3 days ago +1

    Who have curls
    Hit a like 👧

  • annie valencia
    annie valencia 3 days ago

    why olivyah is allways mad.sorry if the name is roung please coment 123 go love you all ✌

  • Hussain Bano
    Hussain Bano 3 days ago +1

    Olivia is so adorable

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  • Xenaraes Journey
    Xenaraes Journey 3 days ago

    This video is bullshit fuck y’all

  • Xenaraes Journey
    Xenaraes Journey 3 days ago +1

    3:33 her hair looks beautiful...

  • pete garza
    pete garza 3 days ago

    Can I please have a shoutout T.T I've never got one before

  • susan benavides
    susan benavides 3 days ago

    Por que esta en ingles

  • Scandalous Bobbalong

    Just straighten it and be attractive please.

  • Emily Nicole
    Emily Nicole 3 days ago