Earth's Next Balance Patch

  • Published on Oct 30, 2018
  • Some might call it a hotfix
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  • DanDraco
    DanDraco 29 minutes ago

    Uhhh, I'm pretty sure human intelligence is lowering as we speak. Some dofus got in charge of the North America server with the help of the idiot masses of a clan. Pls nerf clan power

  • AnthemGS
    AnthemGS 16 hours ago

    Outside confirmed published by Blizzard

  • Remi Gauvain
    Remi Gauvain Day ago +1

    human intelligence nerf called the USA?

  • Intergalactic Memes
    Intergalactic Memes 2 days ago +1

    I’m a dolphin main and I told my trainer to type this

    LAMOOOW 2 days ago

    good thing I'm an orca main

  • Nick Calleja
    Nick Calleja 3 days ago

    This is one of the most unique channels I’ve ever seen. Thank you, you’ve earned a sub and bell ring. Misfits sent me ;)

      LAMOOOW 2 days ago

      @TierZoo ikr who tf is misfits, gtfo out of here

    • TierZoo
      TierZoo  3 days ago


  • Mr. Retardo
    Mr. Retardo 3 days ago

    Anyone wanna play? I'm playing human, also my gender is attack helicopter

    • only somewhat racist
      only somewhat racist 3 days ago

      You should reset yourself, I think your INT rng ended up as low as possible regurgitating decade old memes

  • YouNeedHealing
    YouNeedHealing 4 days ago

    the servers were getting too crowded and causing lag, not to mention its infested with griefers
    time to cull the herd

  • iihoipoiii
    iihoipoiii 4 days ago

    more of this please there are new reports out :)

  • Small SHAQ
    Small SHAQ 4 days ago

    You can’t really nerf humans. They nerf themselves

  • Xirpzy
    Xirpzy 4 days ago

    I heard ticks actually have a positive impact on environments. Still hate them though.

  • Abel Fabro
    Abel Fabro 4 days ago

    Patch 1000000000
    Nerfed the frog, human, turtle tiger, lion, bear Etc
    Buffed bug, jelly fish, weather, orca, octopus
    Aphipain are removed

  • Mr. Roombastic
    Mr. Roombastic 5 days ago

    Thank God my mosquito build is getting buffed. The human builds were starting to develop hard counters to us. But with this, and are quick respawn time. Our numbers will greatly increase in do time. 👌🤤

  • luis avitia
    luis avitia 5 days ago

    Stats it not true

  • GoldDropper
    GoldDropper 6 days ago +2

    Polar bear got a 6% nerf
    *Now its no longer a posivitr stamina trade against an unprotected seal*

  • CrushRoshanna 69
    CrushRoshanna 69 6 days ago

    Can we like protest these stupid dev's or something

  • King Henry VIII Tudor

    'weather is one of the few things in the game that humans cant actually fight'
    Cloud Seeding:Am I a joke to you

  • James Mersh
    James Mersh 6 days ago

    Human intelligence has been debuffed, especially in cities and enclosed spaces. Increased carbon dioxide levels severely reduce brain function. Some schools have even been documented to have enough carbon dioxide to reduce human intelligence levels by up to 30%!

  • Eddjie
    Eddjie 6 days ago

    I hope they take some of the micro transactions out of human play throughs

  • Blaze The Kid
    Blaze The Kid 6 days ago

    Orca pods are starving because there aren’t enough salmon

  • SomeHobo101 REEE
    SomeHobo101 REEE 7 days ago

    I feel like i heard once that there was a military device that could change weather but it was too OP so it was banned from use and destroyed...

  • Findyification
    Findyification 7 days ago

    the dev definitely just want to nerf human player they so obnoxious
    and because of that insect got buff because they the one gonna help dev to lower the human number

  • Cthu1hu
    Cthu1hu 7 days ago

    global warming doesn't feel like a bad thing when put like that

  • Gage M
    Gage M 7 days ago

    did you say... theory? GAME THEORY?

  • Car Mikislav
    Car Mikislav 8 days ago

    Breaking news
    Apearently some past type of bird mains that their main has been banned,manneged to reevolve into that spesific bird build

  • Car Mikislav
    Car Mikislav 8 days ago

    Why in the ever loving of guhuh would the devs nerf f tier builds

  • Upen Graden
    Upen Graden 8 days ago +1

    The devs really messed up here. My server has a lot of mosquitoes that contain the West Nile Virus infection buff. My brother who's in my party has to stay inside as he has the O-type blood debuff.

  • Some FANBOI!!!
    Some FANBOI!!! 8 days ago

    So basically Humans are screwed

    • Oshe Shango
      Oshe Shango 7 days ago

      Not really, humans will just combine like the polar bear and grizzly bear, and combine more of their technology in a more globalized world. We will still fight, as is the nature of things, but I think the plastics in the environment have lowered human testosterone so much that we won't start nuclear war.

  • The Washable Bomb
    The Washable Bomb 8 days ago

    lol dat shade thrown at amphibian players though! WTF?

    • Oshe Shango
      Oshe Shango 7 days ago

      That means it's time to have amphibians as pets in a backyard pond.

  • Michael Gagnon
    Michael Gagnon 8 days ago +1

    "Humans intelligence stat didn't get nerfed"
    You sure about that? Because it seems like many humans are either still denying that this patch is coming or are actively shifting the meta towards even harsher changes simply because they don't want to modify their playstyle to something that will 1) keep niche and fan-favorite builds in the game, 2) mitigate the buffs to their greatest counters in the meta (parasites, pathogens, and extreme environmental effects), and 3) maintain plentiful stores of loot and exp for the still growing human playerbase.
    I think the human intelligence stat was stealth nerfed and the devs don't want to admit it.

  • Altamiro Allebrandt Jr

    talk about smooth transition to the sponsor message

  • Jordan Craighead
    Jordan Craighead 8 days ago

    This is why no one on the cosmic server plays this board.

  • Ammon stringham
    Ammon stringham 8 days ago +1

    Frogs shall live on through captive breeding!

  • Chris Silva
    Chris Silva 8 days ago

    Humans intelligence didn’t get nerfed huh there a very rare species of human known as a “anti-vax” who’s intelligence is severely lowered along with defense to disease honestly I say the more common human build is better that this build

  • JadedPandaGirl
    JadedPandaGirl 8 days ago

    Considering the nerf is happening largely due to human player idiocy, I'd say the Intelligence stat of the humans was always secretly crap.

    • Resurgent Class Battlecruiser
      Resurgent Class Battlecruiser 8 days ago

      @JadedPandaGirl You will be happy to know that the devs are working on reducing the spawn rate of humans, I still wish that they buffed the intelligence of humans, it's their most definitely characteristic and nerfing it would be a real shame.

    • JadedPandaGirl
      JadedPandaGirl 8 days ago

      @Resurgent Class Battlecruiser No thanks. I like my human main. I'm playing a counter culture build. Trying to improve the class, honestly. What really needs to be done is humans need a severe nerf to our respawns and a serious understanding that we're destroying our own server base. We shouldn't be ruining the entire game for everybody else. Play and let play.

    • Resurgent Class Battlecruiser
      Resurgent Class Battlecruiser 8 days ago

      As a former human player with a nerf to my patience and buffs to my aggressiveness, laziness and intelligence, it's clear that they've increased the chance of brain problems. Personally the devs should open new servers and add more loot, the human build has unparalleled potential and It would be a waste to nerf them. If anything they should decrease the chances of brain problems, buff our defences a but and instead nerf the parasitic builds, they are low skill trash. The devs have probably been 'influenced' by the less skilled players to promote cheap builds. This server was fun but it's clear that the devs have ruined it. I'm now playing in a different server called Star Wars and I'm playing as the Resurgent class battlecruiser. Care to join that server.

  • Wardhouse
    Wardhouse 8 days ago

    This balance patch has even less of an idea of how to rebalance than Mojang. Both games will end untimely, at this rate. I have huge-scale desolate dreams of the planet being devastated all the time. Not Minecraft. Though I dream about both, sometimes simultaneously.

  • DJ4NTI
    DJ4NTI 9 days ago +1

    MY LEG

  • Christopher Storvik
    Christopher Storvik 9 days ago

    They did nerf the intelligence stats of humans. Clear evidence of it is here:

  • Ramen_Emperor
    Ramen_Emperor 9 days ago +3

    devs, please don't add this update!

  • angry fannot
    angry fannot 9 days ago

    save the biomes to save the meta everyone!

  • po po
    po po 9 days ago

    From what I heard weather disasters are going down is this wrong?

  • ashenbreese
    ashenbreese 9 days ago

    what a hilarious and brilliant way to frame this! 😂 cephalopods will take over the world!

  • Beef Boss
    Beef Boss 10 days ago

    I am a dog sorry

  • STBill
    STBill 10 days ago

    5:57 Feels bad man.

  • Masterdeinonychus Gaming

    would be awsome if this someday becomes a real game on pc or something

  • FoxMoxin
    FoxMoxin 10 days ago

    I don't like this patch. I would like to do something about this...

  • David Collins
    David Collins 10 days ago

    how can you say we can't fight weather and say we did global warming at the same time smh dam hed fam

  • kacper szyniec
    kacper szyniec 10 days ago

    2:34 I was screaming, that’s not how you take a tick out, you have to gently twist it out, there’s a 90% chance that part of that tick was left on that cat.

  • Tubax
    Tubax 11 days ago

    I don't think human intelligence will ever be completely nerfed, only the subspecies of homo-sapiens known as anti-vaxxers and social media addicts will receive a large penalty. If by any means does the entire human race get an intelligence nerf, there's a near certain probability that all of the human mains will rage quit, so it is best to indirectly nerf humans by means of natural effects to avoid losing valuable community members.

    Tho that sponser ad was smooth

  • TheTaintedWisdom
    TheTaintedWisdom 11 days ago

    2:19 - Oh for the love of- Really?!? Cat mains are pestilential *enough* without buffs to their respawn time! They constantly grief human players, carry the toxoplasmosis debuff, other human players don't put anywhere *near* as many gameplay restrictions on them as dogs, they're just the *worst.* I know that some players think that they're good as a support class but I can tell you, the more cat players you have, the more your charisma stat goes *down,* and rightfully so.
    4:27 - I like to think that the dog was trying to intimidate the scorpion, and when it failed, it bowed its head in respect.

  • Justin Tomsky
    Justin Tomsky 11 days ago

    Oh I think our intelligence got nerfed alright

  • Ultraboris Gaming
    Ultraboris Gaming 11 days ago

    Can’t wait for the Florida Man to be extinct

    Head ATTANIUS 11 days ago

    any orca mains in the chat

  • Tom Patterson
    Tom Patterson 11 days ago

    I play coyote, and would like to know how to get past the Great Lakes

  • magmat0585
    magmat0585 11 days ago

    "weather is one of the few things in the game that humans can't actually fight"
    to quote John Paul Jones, 'I have not yet begun to fight'

  • x\ Dokuujin /x
    x\ Dokuujin /x 11 days ago

    "Olimar's helmet will now crack when he takes damage"

  • Gigastro
    Gigastro 11 days ago

    Aah, see? Go to this video's sponsor and maybe humans will figure out how to make much more weather proof structures!

  • noob tv
    noob tv 11 days ago

    If cephalopods are very op
    Splatoon, HERE WE GO!

  • Felix Mounsey
    Felix Mounsey 12 days ago

    I’m really into surfing, especially on the Australia server - the rise in jellyfish (especially the box jelly) is a real concern.

  • knopf 44
    knopf 44 12 days ago

    Well i wouldnt say that human intelligence didnt get nerfed... Just look around facebook

  • Dakota Brown
    Dakota Brown 12 days ago

    I'm glad we can all get together and panic and assume that we're all gonna die instead of thinking about this rationally :)

  • Gem Bocobo
    Gem Bocobo 12 days ago

    Trump becoming president and nestle dependence seems like solid int nerf red flags though I dunno guess i might be overthinking things

  • Mr Anderson
    Mr Anderson 12 days ago

    Human pop is gonna get nerfed to near extinction in our lifetime

  • Boogiepop
    Boogiepop 12 days ago

    Well, i for one think maybe human players are actually getting a pretty funny build glitch where they think their intelligence stats are higher then they actually are. Most human mains are at about average stats for their build, yet because of the individuality patch, it think they've gotten carried away thinking they're hot shit.
    Lol. We're all not as smart as we like to imagine. And that's just fine.
    Also, i think certain servers are dealing with a respawn time debuff. The most recent patch has seen lower birthrates in specific areas and rising birthrates in others.

  • levi ackerman
    levi ackerman 12 days ago

    Can't wait for the nuclear war patch

  • levi ackerman
    levi ackerman 12 days ago +6

    Teir zoo: humans can't fight weather
    Humans: *ArE YoU SuRe AbOuT ThAt*

  • Tobias Pause
    Tobias Pause 12 days ago

    i hered that human intelligence gets nerved and our Brains did shrunk alot in the last 100 jears. Which is an very small timespan in evolution.

  • Jaime Ramos
    Jaime Ramos 12 days ago

    Sad patch

  • x vladymyr
    x vladymyr 12 days ago

    turns out this is a sad video instead of funny

  • Fack Go0gle
    Fack Go0gle 12 days ago

    "The humans intelligence stat didn't get nerfed"
    Have you not seen what's been going on in the news?

  • A Taco Videogames,science,more

    I was hoping for a
    "If you're a human main, why don't you invest some of your stat points into SOLVING THIS MASSIVE EPIDEMIC"

  • scifimom42
    scifimom42 12 days ago

    It’s August 2019 I think human intelligence did get a nerf

  • WelloBello
    WelloBello 12 days ago

    Let’s be fair, mammals needed that nerf.

  • Luca Nicholas Balestra

    maybe there will be new dlcs like "dystopia" or "apocaylaypse"

  • Black_ Fog
    Black_ Fog 13 days ago

    Le gasp! They nerfed frogs?
    Those mad man.
    We need to protect Froppy
    (for those who don't get it )