• Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • I wanted to have some big exciting reveal, but news got leaked so I guess talking at my kitchen counter will do!
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  • DespizedICON
    DespizedICON 2 months ago

    You really still think you are going to COMPETE ??? you are a great driver no doubt, but competing and having an extremely strong mental focus is really hard to develop if you don't already have it. i wish you the best and hope you are up to the challenge. You have all the ingredients but can YOU cook something great??? We all want it to work out. Go get cooking kid.

  • Richard R
    Richard R 2 months ago

    Trevor = 2jz GOD

  • Axel Alva
    Axel Alva 2 months ago

    Drinking game - every time he says logistically, s15 , financially ,fd , program

  • Team Red Shirt
    Team Red Shirt 2 months ago

    I didn't catch your second run, but your first was really nice.

  • Gabriel Krana
    Gabriel Krana 2 months ago

    So crazy. Us fans watched your first day drifting and now we are about to see you in pro 2

  • Douglas Fargo
    Douglas Fargo 2 months ago +5

    we want all the content, this is gonna be so cool if you upload everything...

  • BestHotboi NA
    BestHotboi NA 2 months ago

    can anyone imagine how annoying fd live chat will be with +50k more people lmaoo

  • Sam Keay
    Sam Keay 2 months ago

    #carfag 😉😁

  • Ethan Marshall
    Ethan Marshall 2 months ago +2

    Your ceiling fan needs a longer downrod

  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    Hehehehe who cares if it is leaked it was the most exciting thing that I have heard all year I would have liked to hear this from the get go but this is more than okay for me🙌🙌

  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    Hehehehe formula drift pro 2 BRO GIVE ME A BROFIST LETS GO I NEED TO SEE ADAM IN THIS

  • DevBizkit
    DevBizkit 2 months ago

    any performance anxiety?

  • Guns n stuff
    Guns n stuff 2 months ago

    adam, you need some mustache wax man

  • Matheus Matos
    Matheus Matos 2 months ago +2

    Adam el zed is going to compete in fd. Surprised Pikachu face

  • Sawyer az
    Sawyer az 2 months ago

    I’ll be at fd

  • PMW 2
    PMW 2 3 months ago

    You should grow your moustache longer at the edges.
    Oh and don’t spend 29 minutes talking.
    “When you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk”
    You know what I mean.
    Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez - if you don’t.

  • Christian Bugsch
    Christian Bugsch 3 months ago

    is it just me or does everyone else feel like they know Adam better after this, cause I been watching this fool for 5 years and i finally feel like I know him

  • Sheriff Hughtokes
    Sheriff Hughtokes 3 months ago +1

    People who crowd around youtubers at events watching them work on their car look like idiots

    FASTSHAFT 3 months ago

    What channel is fd on

  • NTB Fishing
    NTB Fishing 3 months ago

    Hope your legs fall off

  • Hartley Builds
    Hartley Builds 3 months ago

    LZMFG toterhome coming soon

  • S wagner
    S wagner 3 months ago

    Dude that was a good video. Letting people in like that can be a hard thing to do. I know because the same kind of thing happens to me & I DON'T have a bunch of people that "know me" coming up to me. So it was cool to see that. Things like that help people more then you think. Because it let's them know even you guy's, feel like we do some times & it's a normal thing.

  • codi lewis
    codi lewis 3 months ago

    Where can we watch

  • Kuruma Productions
    Kuruma Productions 3 months ago

    Good shit mate!! Good luck with the pro 2!
    But can you please do us camera heads a favour, when filming yourself like this video, can you please not use auto settings, especially that auto focus, it does our head in hahahaha cheers from Australia

  • Kärkəs
    Kärkəs 3 months ago

    So hyped!

  • Luke Pakula
    Luke Pakula 3 months ago

    do it bro! see you at the track!

  • Average Bros Media
    Average Bros Media 3 months ago

    This is so rad! Can’t wait to see you kill it in Pro 2, Adam!

  • jonathan gibson
    jonathan gibson 3 months ago

    I thought USDC was the "local" drift event that can get you ranked in pro/am... So yes there is a local pro/am.. unless they don't count? I use to drift at USDC events back in the day in Miami.

  • Darcy Yule
    Darcy Yule 3 months ago

    Do I sniff a holiday coming up??¿?

  • Big Dreamer
    Big Dreamer 3 months ago

    stoked on the streetcar look!

  • Gaming Drifter Guy
    Gaming Drifter Guy 3 months ago

    All I can say about this...2 words...FUCKING AWESOME!! 😎👍

  • javier magana
    javier magana 3 months ago

    God dam he talked for 30 minutes lol

  • Mitchell Boreham
    Mitchell Boreham 3 months ago

    Plz tell me your not putting a shit tones of stickers on you nice car...... thank you.

  • Nathan Meacham
    Nathan Meacham 3 months ago

    Congrats bro cant wait to see you in atl

  • Paul Bailey
    Paul Bailey 3 months ago +3

    Love that you’re keeping the car “street” and low key with stickers man! Can’t wait for this chapter, you’re gonna kill it!

  • will16vuk
    will16vuk 3 months ago

    Ah I think you're ready for this Adam, you've got the means and ability to do this for sure. Wishing you all the best from the UK :)

  • JesusWalkss
    JesusWalkss 3 months ago

    It really is crazy to see how far you come with drifting Adam! Keep doing your thing man your a huge inspiration 👌

  • E Woods
    E Woods 3 months ago

    His s15 look like a street car but is not 25 years old so not street legal but is because of how it is build

  • Jacob Miller
    Jacob Miller 3 months ago

    We all knew you could shred when you borrowed that kids 240 and still won the comp

    iIVI INSTiiNCT 3 months ago

    So is pro1 the top dogs like rad dan vaugh gitten jr and chelse denofa and forest wang and so on??

  • Ricky Boss
    Ricky Boss 3 months ago

    First time seeing you with a moustache 😅

  • ronnie cason
    ronnie cason 3 months ago

    It’s called he has alimony to pay.

  • Alan Mercado
    Alan Mercado 3 months ago


  • bergrud
    bergrud 3 months ago

    Fd is just pay to play.

  • longdongslong
    longdongslong 3 months ago


  • Gabe A.
    Gabe A. 3 months ago

    Adam, In terms of safety equipment, if you don't have a contact at Sparco message me, I will tell you who to talk to and give him a heads up. I used to work there.

  • TheStig
    TheStig 3 months ago +3

    16:18 Now I'm Subscribing! Oh I forgot, I already did that...

  • neil dsouza
    neil dsouza 3 months ago

    Good luck Adam lz i want u to win ur awesome mister lz #lzmfg for the win

  • 666Satan666
    666Satan666 3 months ago

    I love the video and the update but please trim that mustache up 😋 it looks good but she needs a touch up

  • SamAkaGanj
    SamAkaGanj 3 months ago


  • m kailas
    m kailas 3 months ago

    so excited with you keeping the s15 clean with minimal livery

  • Jye Hardy
    Jye Hardy 3 months ago

    Damn that's a good team, keen to see how this season goes!

  • Freshtugboat491 1
    Freshtugboat491 1 3 months ago

    Do what you want

  • daniel wilson
    daniel wilson 3 months ago

    I remember when i sub to u bc u rode bmx and still were yelling watch out theres snakes in the water

  • Amade Colenbrander
    Amade Colenbrander 3 months ago

    I remember watching your how to bmx videos drop a like of you remember these

  • Colton Key
    Colton Key 3 months ago

    Don't hate u. All luv ❤️

  • kappa1 121
    kappa1 121 3 months ago

    Did you get a lot of pressure from sponsors to complete in the S15? I can imagine if they are putting that money into a car with such high potential and a skilled driver I can imagine they may have pushed for the jump to FD

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee 3 months ago

    I already knew it. No one builds a car to that extreme just to starbucks runs

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes 3 months ago +1

    LOL @ BMX rider like myself.

  • Dolan Ellis
    Dolan Ellis 3 months ago

    Just because you said you didn't want to at one point doesn't mean you have to stick to that forever. Change can be a good thing.

  • Barrens chat
    Barrens chat 3 months ago

    Best part of my day is the daily ramble from Adam LZ

  • morgan zeger
    morgan zeger 3 months ago

    Bring the S15 up to VIR for Hyperfest in a couple weeks!! May 17-19. Would be sick to see you there man!! I’ll be there racing in Honda Challenge in the “lighting” run group. Hope to see you there Adam!

  • big chingo
    big chingo 3 months ago

    We all know Adam can get sideways but I'm pretty sure he's about to get smacked in pro2 lol

  • David Løkken
    David Løkken 3 months ago

    You will kill it!! You can see from your videos that you hust have more controll, and a beatiful style of driving than other guys.

  • Fierce Russell
    Fierce Russell 3 months ago

    Are you going to dallas for that FD event @Adam LZ

  • AnPleb
    AnPleb 3 months ago

    how much are the pro 2 lisences, cant be cheap

  • Andrew Dodds
    Andrew Dodds 3 months ago

    Boring 🙄🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Richard Tidwell
    Richard Tidwell 3 months ago

    When's Redbull Adam coming back?

  • Nick Johnston
    Nick Johnston 3 months ago

    I’ll be going to the Dallas event. So ready to see you there!

  • damien kwaak
    damien kwaak 3 months ago

    Is there any plans for pro1?

  • TeemuMedia
    TeemuMedia 3 months ago

    Just go balls deep and get the pro1 license for the next season so you can step into the "big-boy-league" if you feel like it :)

  • ben barrett
    ben barrett 3 months ago

    8/10 needed more logistics

  • Manny M
    Manny M 3 months ago

    "LoGiStIcAlLy" you're gay

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Pedro Rodrigues 3 months ago

    You awesome ma man
    , from Portugal! Keep it up!!

  • iv vyro
    iv vyro 3 months ago

    I dare you not to shave the moe till April next year

  • rrobotman
    rrobotman 3 months ago

    You got the talent so go for it!

  • Wayz
    Wayz 3 months ago

    Yes Adam Hyped on you doing FD for a challenge, Goodluck.

  • Chris Comstock
    Chris Comstock 3 months ago

    Raiden is that you? MORTAL COMBAT!!!

  • CJames
    CJames 3 months ago

    Lets goooo!!

  • James H
    James H 3 months ago

    Soooo stoked for you bro, I honestly knew it was coming when you first showed us the build of the s15. Kill em quietly bro!!

  • Colyers
    Colyers 3 months ago

    Dude I'm so excited for you!!! This is going to be rad.

  • irishmurf 1
    irishmurf 1 3 months ago

    Awesome congrats

  • LeGoogle Chrome
    LeGoogle Chrome 3 months ago

    It's unfair that he doesn't have to compete in pro am first especially since he's so half assed about competing in pro 2 when there's plenty of drivers who have earn their license not just buy it

  • John Daniel
    John Daniel 3 months ago +1

    Congratulations Adam 👍👍👍👍

  • Moist Skids
    Moist Skids 3 months ago

    I had to pause the video and say this and I hope you see this so you know at least a small population of your community here understands the anxiety, I personally had to drop out of highschool cause of panic attacks from crowds. And I switched to online school, so I think country being "security" is going to make all of this go over super well, in regards to keeping you "safe" and supported. I'm super excited about the team!

  • Brian K.
    Brian K. 3 months ago

    GO ADAM cant wait to see how you do

  • Kushal Lakhan
    Kushal Lakhan 3 months ago

    Go Adam!

  • Luke Marquardt
    Luke Marquardt 3 months ago

    This is awesome. And definitely a great choice IMO to keep the car looking just like it does. Won't miss it on track because it's so clean.

  • Harley Garcia
    Harley Garcia 3 months ago

    I loved cars even before this channel became about cars but seeing this bmx rider going pro 2 that goes to show anything is possible

  • Joseph Barker
    Joseph Barker 3 months ago

    Wishing you the best of luck on pro2 dude honestly seeing it turning out to be the best decision of you're life. Also happy to see the 15 will be as is now in the series and with everone else stickered up yours will stand out big time.

  • Graham Nagaski
    Graham Nagaski 3 months ago

    Hell yea brooo

  • Acids Trippy
    Acids Trippy 3 months ago +1

    Rip Lz bmx T-T

    MADDEN IT 3 months ago +1

    I saw that Adam was in pro 2 when I was in school and I freaked out😂😂

  • Robert Houck
    Robert Houck 3 months ago

    I don't understand why formula D charges the drivers so much to race...when the drivers are the reason they make money at all...

  • maxmane1
    maxmane1 3 months ago

    Freaking stocked to see you in there!

  • Im Asid
    Im Asid 3 months ago

    My GOD that pedophile stash

  • hobotechMASTER
    hobotechMASTER 3 months ago

    i just subscribed so that i can see your new videos. ive seen your older videos and youve improved a lot. go do that shit!

  • Colin Chiero
    Colin Chiero 3 months ago

    In the end of the day, you gonna win this season!

  • Cav
    Cav 3 months ago

    Hope to catch you at Irwindale. Also, should do a video with Micah Diaz while you’re in SoCal he’s next city over.

  • m 130zt
    m 130zt 3 months ago

    Keep climbing that mountain of success Adam I respect you for always pushing the limits of yourself and what your capable of..... remain humble