What If You Stopped Eating?

  • Published on Aug 5, 2015
  • What happens to your body without food?
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Comments • 8 215

  • Vincent Bryan
    Vincent Bryan Day ago

    Us wrestlers know where it’s at😎

  • rhonda green
    rhonda green Day ago

    anorexia:what would happen if you stopped eating

  • colorbar.s
    colorbar.s Day ago

    Already doin that

  • Boi
    Boi Day ago +1

    What happens if you stop eating?
    Me: You die....

  • Labona
    Labona 2 days ago

    Girl: Is it true that you’re healthy? Cause it doesn’t look like it. You *ugly* rat!
    Boy: Shut up! *Is* it true that girls get periods? EWWW! You’re *a* bloody version of the ring. And I’m *strong* and beautiful!
    Girl: Stop saying useless stuff. You’re just wasting your time on using your last *word*s...
    Boy: *Stop*! You’re *bullying* me!
    Girl: I’m not! I’ll tell all the *people* I know that you are mean!
    Read the marked words. :3

  • Laptop killer
    Laptop killer 4 days ago +1

    *stop eating fatass*

  • Brittany Bennett
    Brittany Bennett 4 days ago +1

    What if you stopped eating?
    You would die. 😵⚰

  • emily hargreaves
    emily hargreaves 5 days ago

    “What if you stopped eating?”
    Me: I know all this. I watch JaidenAnimations. It’s called anorexia.

  • Sheri Young
    Sheri Young 5 days ago

    this was the best Mr lingshaun approves. keep it up

  • xGia Playzx
    xGia Playzx 5 days ago +1

    "What if you stop eating?"

    -Die of starvation-

  • Alisha Aqdas
    Alisha Aqdas 5 days ago

    *sees on recommend while eating mac Donald’s*

  • Karma_the_kittydog
    Karma_the_kittydog 6 days ago +1

    I sure do love eating disorders :D

  • kawaii candi
    kawaii candi 6 days ago

    I want to try doing this for a day but I won't because I don't want any of the things mentioned in the video to happen to me

  • Samantha Feringa
    Samantha Feringa 6 days ago

    short answer: you die

    oops wrong science channel XD

  • Bakingqueen 77
    Bakingqueen 77 7 days ago

    What happens to people who fast for a month? How do they not die????? Dont people have to fast for religious purposes????

  • Røse-Cøløred Dumpster

    you would die.

  • dilwich123
    dilwich123 8 days ago

    Don't worry about the starving of the World they are all coming to the west for free housing,medicine and money. . . . .

  • Jay Silva
    Jay Silva 8 days ago

    Lift 795 million people out of poverty by 2030 yet another billion people will be on earth by then and the story continues.

  • Baked Potato Cupcake

    You die.

  • Juan Cortez
    Juan Cortez 8 days ago

    I have a problem I mostly don't eat because I sleep is that normal?

  • stop looking for my info

    i starved myself for 3 days and only drank water, but i still didnt lose a single pound. weird huh.

  • Fortnite Hacker hunter

    That is called a “diet”

  • Pee Pee Nut
    Pee Pee Nut 8 days ago

    If you stopped eating you'd die obviously

  • Kiera Espey
    Kiera Espey 8 days ago

    He’s right about the period thing
    I have anorexia and my period hasn’t come in 2 and a half years

  • blackflag 321
    blackflag 321 9 days ago

    If ur super fat and want to lose weight just literally stop eating and go on a warter fast until u are at a good weight for ur self and after that control ur calorie intake and just eat healthy and I guarantee u if u do this ur life will change like the UK from 1903 to now. HOLD TIGHT 💙💙

  • ALLEN The 1st
    ALLEN The 1st 9 days ago +1

    "what if you stop eating?"

    me:You will die it seems obvious

  • Hi I'm Anonom
    Hi I'm Anonom 9 days ago

    What the heck are those knees?

  • Owen G
    Owen G 9 days ago

    What if you stop eating

    You get hungry

  • Ella Jones
    Ella Jones 10 days ago

    Eugina Cooney

  • Shenny
    Shenny 10 days ago

    Wie MadeMyDay das Video einfach 1zu1 kopiert hat wow

  • Everyone’s favorite space dad

    *eating food*
    *looks down*
    Me: not gonna happen

  • Blue Bronco85
    Blue Bronco85 10 days ago

    Is it convenient I was eating food while watching😂

  • ♡Melody The  Owl Queen♡

    If i stopped eating for a day: *death*

  • Ashley Lake
    Ashley Lake 10 days ago

    This video is 100% wrong. Gandhi didn't eat for 21 days and he was healthy. So take that Science! And take that uploader. You're video's wrong!

  • sugar cake
    sugar cake 11 days ago

    Finally I can die yes causevimnnot eating I'm only 10

  • Sophia_GalaxyGamer 1089

    I dont eat breakfast at least five days a weak to lose weight, and I still control my emotions.

  • Elijah Maranon
    Elijah Maranon 13 days ago

    What if you stop eating?

    Me:According to Stephen Hawking you will starve to death

  • tom wilks
    tom wilks 13 days ago

    What if fire never exited

  • M7MD_TY
    M7MD_TY 15 days ago +1

    So 3 days without eating is the safest way to lose weight ?

  • Spazuit
    Spazuit 17 days ago

    They have ligma

  • Death Man
    Death Man 18 days ago

    what if you stopped eating?

    ummm you will be hungry?

    STANCED _KOUKI 18 days ago

    What if an anorexic person eats alot and gets an eating disorder

  • な な
    な な 18 days ago

    If your a girl reading this, don't starve yourself because your period will stop coming and you can't give birth

    • な な
      な な 15 days ago

      Liza x I'm a lesbian myself I'm just looking out for the staight girls

    • shrekswife
      shrekswife 15 days ago

      What if you are a lesbian

  • Quartet!Films
    Quartet!Films 19 days ago

    When you really want an eating disorder and watch these for research.

  • a kitten with no interest in sexual activities

    When you still live with your parents and can't starve yourselfes wirhout them loosing their mind...

  • dee barr
    dee barr 19 days ago

    i have Anarexia

  • Cute_Furry's
    Cute_Furry's 19 days ago

    I've went 9 months without eating

    In my mothers stomach

  • HopeOrDespair?
    HopeOrDespair? 20 days ago

    The Pizza Guys went to a different house so I don't get dinner, now watching this.

  • Robloxian Buddies
    Robloxian Buddies 21 day ago

    Its been 3 days since I didnt eat....Now I know why I failed my test on friday.............

  • Creepy Pasta Girl Rockz 101

    My mum does not eat food much at all I eat food a lot but I’m skinny not fat My mum is not skinny but I am I feel bad for her but that’s why she stops eating she does not want to get anymore fat that’s why she stops eating but I always eat so yeah 😀

  • Oomenging아이 이 그림

    How to be skinny

  • Skye Woods
    Skye Woods 22 days ago

    I made some mashed potatoes, pit them on a plate, almost threw up looking at them, put them in the fridge and said I ate. Yay.....

  • Maxwell Edgar
    Maxwell Edgar 22 days ago

    Why is there no video on just cociane

  • M a g i c a l P i z z a

    This video made me hungary 😭🍔

  • Mr.Sneak Underyourbed
    Mr.Sneak Underyourbed 23 days ago

    Heart attack does it hurt? I want to starve to death.

  • Ryan___Ryan
    Ryan___Ryan 23 days ago

    But what if I drink sweet tea for glucose?

  • Chiara gv
    Chiara gv 24 days ago

    if i eat 1200 and burn 2200 is that ketosis?

  • Art Ameti
    Art Ameti 24 days ago

    I would never ever become skinny 👊

  • Itskoalacupcake
    Itskoalacupcake 25 days ago

    Sooo that’s why I am dizzy if I don’t eat... 🤭

  • I got yes jams
    I got yes jams 26 days ago +2

    If you are anorexic clap you hands

  • Marko Car42
    Marko Car42 28 days ago

    What if we stopped eating

    We will be hungry of course😂😂

  • k.lee.z
    k.lee.z 28 days ago

    I usually undergo 24 hours fasts after a binge, is that bad?

  • Pøtåtø Plåyż
    Pøtåtø Plåyż 29 days ago

    We'd *die.*

  • Fried Chicken
    Fried Chicken Month ago

    But I don't have any food in my house and my parents didn't pay the water bill! ;-;

  • Preternatural Pentacorn

    Ok but how did he make *no* mistakes in his awesome doodles? What kind of sorcery...

  • I Don't Even Like Chai Latte's

    I went 14 days straight without food. At first I was hungry, desperate to eat but my body wouldn't. Like I could eat 2 grapes at most before I threw up. After a while I got used to the hunger or didn't feel it anymore, and just felt weak. I only had energy to move from my bed to couch. Then tired, constantly napping. I went from 60kg, to 45 and got given a bunch of fluids and a dietitian in hospital. (Ps, taking potassium through IV huuuurts. Also, I miss having boobs.)

  • Diy Darlings
    Diy Darlings Month ago

    I could never stop eating I lov3 food😍 I'm glad I have a fast metabolism

  • Deyvid's Channel
    Deyvid's Channel Month ago

    "Me and my boys are *H U N G R E Y* "

  • Kevan does stuff
    Kevan does stuff Month ago

    Im in the hospital so ima bout to find out the hard way

  • Ghulam Naved
    Ghulam Naved Month ago +1

    His drawing is satisfying AF

  • Harry Baron-Richardson

    Nickel back was right!

  • Jesse Jenkins
    Jesse Jenkins Month ago

    idk maybe die

  • Amzy Bean
    Amzy Bean Month ago

    I only just ate a packet of crisps, before that I hadn’t eaten since wednesday

  • Jina foox
    Jina foox Month ago

    Ur soo stopid 3 weeks are 2 days ...u say 3 weeks 70 days its 3·7 is 21 ahhh ur brain soo stoopid

    • shrekswife
      shrekswife 15 days ago

      Bruh. They are scientists. They are not stupid

  • Fail Marine
    Fail Marine Month ago

    Why watch this video when we can ask the africans?

  • What's in With Gwen?

    Tbh I was gonna see how long I don't have to eat till I go crazy

  • Lillian Equestrian
    Lillian Equestrian Month ago +1

    I'm 13, 5'6, and 125 lbs. I have let myself eat in 24 hours, and tried to eat tonight. I'm currently upstairs feeling like I'm going to throw up

  • vkook yeah
    vkook yeah Month ago +1

    😂lol i’m watching this yet i’m anorexic

  • Gabriela Lopez
    Gabriela Lopez Month ago +1

    I want to commit suicide

  • Gabriela Lopez
    Gabriela Lopez Month ago +1

    Ima stop eating so I can die

  • Gaming With Eve_h2o

    You die

    Good bye

  • Rizwana Dar
    Rizwana Dar Month ago

    Then how can we sleep 🛏 more than 11 hours!!!!!!HAHA

  • vikakanu
    vikakanu Month ago

    You are so smart

  • Maulan Wong
    Maulan Wong Month ago

    Narrator:what if you stopped eating food?
    Me:you'd die from hunger and would either go to heaven or hell

  • Awesome Team
    Awesome Team Month ago


  • Ali Sadoon
    Ali Sadoon Month ago

    i stoped eating

  • Ali Sadoon
    Ali Sadoon Month ago

    i don't eat

  • Just Some Fandom Trash :D

    I know! I know!

    *You'll die*

  • Justin Myers
    Justin Myers Month ago

    Wait, my body is cannibalizing itself?

  • NolanDolan
    NolanDolan Month ago +2

    Summary :You die

  • m a
    m a Month ago

    You die. The end.

  • mcmc 23
    mcmc 23 Month ago +1

    This is not true

  • soulassassin0g
    soulassassin0g Month ago

    *What if you stopped eating?*

    Me: "You turn into a diva."

  • Flal Bown
    Flal Bown Month ago

    I watch while eating...

  • Darlyn Njoroge
    Darlyn Njoroge Month ago

    Wth I got an ad for modeling.

  • Kaeben
    Kaeben Month ago

    So if I want to die, how long will it take?

  • Roshell Davis
    Roshell Davis Month ago

    Oml half of this information is false people do ur ✍🏻Own research lol

  • Ava Siminou
    Ava Siminou Month ago +1

    In conclusion:
    *you die.*

  • Cat Loover
    Cat Loover Month ago

    You gonna starve. There’s no video behind it..

  • Cancer
    Cancer Month ago

    You will die of starvation #stopclickbait