What If You Stopped Eating?

  • Published on Aug 5, 2015
  • What happens to your body without food?
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Comments • 8 558

  • Lemon Aesthetics
    Lemon Aesthetics 19 hours ago

    what happens if you stop eating because....you want to get skinny?

  • C
    C Day ago

    I never feel hungry (in the sense that I can feel hunger in my stomach) I just get headaches ... weird

  • RhaennFalls
    RhaennFalls 2 days ago

    okay so eat once every 72 hours to keep from muscle being digested, got it

  • arif ali
    arif ali 3 days ago

    Sorry to say not all info here makes sense. Fasting has lots of benefits.

  • Avery :3
    Avery :3 3 days ago

    Haha still anorexic over here

  • Mirai_Animates
    Mirai_Animates 4 days ago +6

    Video: In women the menstrual cycle often shuts dow-

  • M Masil
    M Masil 4 days ago

    I haven’t eaten for 2 days

  • Wulf Fearless
    Wulf Fearless 5 days ago

    I love this channel.😘

  • earth worm chloe
    earth worm chloe 5 days ago

    u die

  • Gene Lariv
    Gene Lariv 5 days ago

    I don't gt hangry. I start to get depressed.

  • Naomi J.
    Naomi J. 6 days ago

    I haven't ate a 10hrs...ow

  • hi, so my name is [dan]

    Tbh I watch this whenever I consider just not eating anymore to get skinnier. I desperately don't want to develop an eating disorder and hearing all the negative things that come with starvation keeps me eating

  • Somebody Unknown
    Somebody Unknown 8 days ago

    After nearly 48 hours, I notice a minor difference in my breathing, I am extremely tired and found it slightly harder to walk home today, my bones feel different and yesterday I had a Terrible headache all day.

  • Willow Hicks
    Willow Hicks 9 days ago

    I don't like eating

  • TupolevPilot
    TupolevPilot 9 days ago

    All of those things happened to me during anorexia. Besides the. Heart failure part

  • Emma Jordan
    Emma Jordan 9 days ago +4

    When I stopped eating for 4 days
    1 : I was tried
    2: I don't have energy to talk and play
    3: I was really thin
    4: I couldn't breathe well
    5: I was yellow
    So that's happened to me when I stopped eating for 4 days !

  • horror movies rock
    horror movies rock 10 days ago

    When I'm hungry some how I act high 😂😂 😂

  • Justloveit 456
    Justloveit 456 10 days ago

    Except....saying nobody is sexy....could just mean you're asexual. But at a time like that, meaning suddenly, then no, it's not asexuality.

  • Princess사미
    Princess사미 10 days ago

    Then how do u lose weight

  • Eadaoin McKiernan
    Eadaoin McKiernan 10 days ago +2

    Where is all my ra heads that noticed the Bobby Sands mention 🇮🇪🇮🇪

  • ShaheenAA 543
    ShaheenAA 543 11 days ago

    When you sleep for more than 6 hours this happens when you don’t even realise jeez zuz

  • Reeciee Productions
    Reeciee Productions 11 days ago

    I stoped eating because depression

  • Elmo *
    Elmo * 13 days ago +1

    So you’re telling me that if I stop by eating, my period will stop...

    SiGn mE Up

  • Lolipop Joe
    Lolipop Joe 13 days ago +1

    I had a wisdom teeth surgery i cant eat im diying

  • anime_lover 1200
    anime_lover 1200 14 days ago

    What would happen if you stop Eating?

    Me: you die

  • Dave G
    Dave G 14 days ago

    Food is such a hassle

  • _ANANDA _
    _ANANDA _ 16 days ago +1

    Simple Answer : Skinny Legends

  • Wajih Aziza
    Wajih Aziza 17 days ago

    What happens to the body if without eating AND drinking?
    Would the body start cannibalizing itself earlier or would it die before even starting that?

  • Harrisen Lysaght
    Harrisen Lysaght 18 days ago

    When you said 'cardiac arrhythmia or heart attack' at 2:15, did you actually mean 'myocardial infarction'? In my very brief searching, cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) seems to be a separate condition but can play a part in or be a result of a previous heart attack.

  • Larry Putra
    Larry Putra 18 days ago

    Tell thst to sn obese person who has a huge storage of fat

  • green tea is green
    green tea is green 18 days ago

    Watching this while im fasting

  • Vanella Icecream
    Vanella Icecream 20 days ago

    I sleep for 9 hours though ...

  • Itz Mel
    Itz Mel 21 day ago +1

    Quick Summary:

    You die....

  • ShyftTV
    ShyftTV 22 days ago

    *Showed this to a friend who was trying to starve themselves to lose weight, he ran into our fridge and started eating the sandwich I made for school...*

  • Kawfee
    Kawfee 23 days ago

    stop making me scared of my life

  • Mira Icgoren
    Mira Icgoren 24 days ago

    Victoria Beckham should watch this

  • Melania Quill
    Melania Quill 25 days ago

    You would get hungry

  • Chad Gilmore
    Chad Gilmore 25 days ago

    Global Citizens what a lot of crap you mean the rich turning the world into a one world order

  • Morgzie Chicken nuggets

    Eugenia cooney

  • TheFirstPiløt
    TheFirstPiløt 25 days ago

    I'm gonna starve myself for 4 days thats not alot

  • Generalissimus Headquarters

    Pack of lies. My cats live without food at all since birth. Stop lying to sheeple

  • Georgia
    Georgia 27 days ago

    I can't eat, every time I put it in my moth I'm thinking about how I'm going to have to work it off later

  • Marching Band
    Marching Band 28 days ago +1

    Ok for people talking about fasting:
    There is a difference between fasting and starving. Starving is not controlled. Fasting is.

  • floRida
    floRida 28 days ago

    You'd die

  • Alivia Ringling
    Alivia Ringling 29 days ago

    Just a guess. We would die

  • aglove275
    aglove275 29 days ago

    So basically if you only drink water, eat steak, and apples then you would be fine?

  • toby
    toby Month ago +1

    *anyone eating while watching?*

    just me? k

  • Zan UwU
    Zan UwU Month ago


  • Ela Something
    Ela Something Month ago

    I’ve been doing this since I met school for being laughed at

  • •Just Asako•
    •Just Asako• Month ago +1

    are you sure? maybe I'm not going to eat and I'm going to do something else like cut myself and dying because no one likes me because I'm fat and I'm a mistake.......

  • Imran Khalil
    Imran Khalil Month ago

    Foodpanda ad on video about food gets me hangry!

  • Still Me
    Still Me Month ago +2

    I eat nothing since 11h but not cuz I am fat , the reason is i wanna die

    • Ramses4King
      Ramses4King Month ago

      You don't have the willpower to starve yourself even if you wanted to.

  • Lucy Nicolson-Toole
    Lucy Nicolson-Toole Month ago +1

    Why am I watching this for 'fun'?

  • TheTyrawr
    TheTyrawr Month ago

    Damn.. I was supposed to kill myself using hunger.

  • Memento Despair
    Memento Despair Month ago

    I want to stop eating and drinking to Commit Suicide

  • Cocoa's Animations
    Cocoa's Animations Month ago

    Your body eats it self to survive

  • Kenley MacDonald
    Kenley MacDonald Month ago

    *gets out of bed and eats*

  • mon_elise_a
    mon_elise_a Month ago +2

    Eugenia Cooney needs to see this.

  • Chloe & Rosco Random!
    Chloe & Rosco Random! Month ago +1

    This makes me want to eat everything in my house now.

  • NPC #23362536
    NPC #23362536 Month ago

    I didn't eat for 5 days two weeks ago

  • rowyy
    rowyy Month ago

    *watches video while eating*

  • The Busy Vlogger
    The Busy Vlogger Month ago

    I start to get hangry after 4hrs of not eating.

  • Arioch
    Arioch Month ago

    I wish i can stop eating. Food is so boring. Tired of food. Ugh catch 22, damn I hate food.

  • XxShinequeenxX Yass

    Im going to not eat for one day

  • Monsour Drunkbird
    Monsour Drunkbird Month ago

    At last someone who isn't my dad or old history teachers who knows what the Irish Hunger Strikes are.

  • Mint Chocolate Chip

    You’ll die

  • TrinaB
    TrinaB Month ago

    I want To Burn My fatty Thights

  • Kyanna’s life
    Kyanna’s life Month ago

    I already have it’s called anorexia🙃

  • Anti Peanut
    Anti Peanut Month ago +1

    Well I'm assuming poor people go through this A LOT.

  • Kiddo
    Kiddo Month ago

    I just realized i was eating popcorn, which is food, while watching this video.

  • Snowmanbutternips
    Snowmanbutternips Month ago


  • One Bright Star
    One Bright Star Month ago

    If I don't eat for more than about 8 hours then I get dizzy and my ears ring and I sweat a lot. My vision also goes blotchy and discolored..
    I think that's a problem. oof. It hasn't happened in a while because I'm not gonna make that mistake again.

  • Thick Facts
    Thick Facts Month ago

    Simple answer we die

  • JJ Animations
    JJ Animations Month ago

    You would die.

  • ThatOneCrazyBro
    ThatOneCrazyBro Month ago

    I’m gonna last a year if I stop eating

  • ItsActuallyMelanie
    ItsActuallyMelanie Month ago +3

    What would happen if you stopped eating.

    *You would die.*

  • Gonk Droid
    Gonk Droid Month ago

    You would die.

  • sakecs
    sakecs Month ago

    you will die.

  • kamryn carter
    kamryn carter Month ago +1

    This is probably a dumb question, but people that don’t eat and starve themselves, how do they not die after 4 weeks?

  • Vixtoriah
    Vixtoriah Month ago +9

    *laughs in 500 cals a day*

  • Jannie Schlüter
    Jannie Schlüter Month ago

    False information. Brainwashing and conditioning.

  • sparkling star
    sparkling star Month ago

    I mean.. please! control for people surroundings! People have feelings too..

  • sparkling star
    sparkling star Month ago

    I hate people with hangry. My sister scold and yell at me in front of my friends for no reason.. when we arrived home, after lunch she apologize and said she was hangry. Erghh I was embarrassed!!!

  • Rainy
    Rainy Month ago +1

    You're Going to Die

  • No One
    No One Month ago

    Them people got flabby knees

  • HTS Gaming
    HTS Gaming Month ago

    One guy went 1 year with only eating multivitamins and black coffee

  • Jaiomi Roberts
    Jaiomi Roberts Month ago

    What if you’re ill and have no appetite and only eat something small each day but still drink lots?

  • lucas albaek
    lucas albaek Month ago

    0:24 is it just me or does he say "rod bledcells"?

  • heatt
    heatt Month ago

    You dont need to eat carbs , they cause more harm than help

  • Vanna Del Rey
    Vanna Del Rey Month ago

    I didn’t eat for 2 weeks once. After 4-5 days you stop feeling hungry and don’t have any appetite. I drank a lot of water, herbal tea, and coffee. I could’ve taken the pain but the physical exhaustion of trying to function with a full time job was impossible. I did nothing but stare into the distance. It was a bad time in my life. Anorexia is hell.

  • Zoë Kanas
    Zoë Kanas Month ago

    In soviet russia, food stops eating you.

  • Kayla Afonso Quintana
    Kayla Afonso Quintana Month ago +1

    people with eating disorders in the comments laughing about this video, saying that they're watching it for "fun", or the people that are making ED jokes or even the people that are "bragging" about an ED and the people that are relating need to seriously stop. if you SERIOUSLY had one, you wouldn't be hyping it up in the comments. that's just attention seeking. EDs are serious, not a trend or something to laugh about. "oh i haven't eaten in DAYS, this video doesn't mean anything." just stop. i honestly hope that you get better, but triggering and influencing people that read your words is a terrible thing to do.

  • gowon tea
    gowon tea Month ago

    if you stopped eating, you'll die.

  • Alex my little Budgie

    So, 72 hours is the max before we really start to suffer? Nah, I will just eat regularly and healthily

  • Ráth Péter
    Ráth Péter 2 months ago


  • Julz XD
    Julz XD 2 months ago

    Anorexia happens.... or if like me, youve taken diet pills in the past known as amphetimines or other stimulants with ephedrine or pseudoephedrine then youre able to go up to three days without eating as long as you drink fluids and liquid foods like smoothies but you tend to throw up the food aswell. Headaches are common as are joint pains and tiredness following a crash. Dehydration is a silent killer because so many people are unaware of it happening to them.....

  • I Will Eat Your Children

    Short answer: Death

  • Meccabullock
    Meccabullock 2 months ago

    So you saying there’s a chance????

  • saif saif
    saif saif 2 months ago

    Shorr answer : you starve to death

  • zellaika luvidice
    zellaika luvidice 2 months ago

    Its been like 5 days an dim not even hungry ifk why