What If You Stopped Eating?

  • Published on Aug 5, 2015
  • What happens to your body without food?
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Comments • 7 579

  • swadey 2.0
    swadey 2.0 14 hours ago

    Thank god for this video, alright, off to KFC for a 10 piece combo

  • June Bug
    June Bug Day ago

    Currently doing what the title says lol

  • aethorod
    aethorod Day ago +1

    Euginia Cooney needs to see this

  • Da Man 52
    Da Man 52 2 days ago

    This is so incorrect.

  • paul muldoon
    paul muldoon 3 days ago

    This is complete bullshit..check out the snake diet on USclip for real healing and performance and weight loss and addiction breaking method check it out free

  • J3LLYZ
    J3LLYZ 3 days ago

    Uhhh I once didn’t eat for 48 hours and my stomach was cramping up so much....I had no energy and really bad headaches that was a bad idea...

  • Meg#Slay
    Meg#Slay 4 days ago

    Watching while eating snacks🙂

  • Soph Snow
    Soph Snow 4 days ago

    Instead I got Diabetic Ketone Acidosis. Which is ALMOST the same thing which lead me to Type 1 Diabetes.

  • Squinku N
    Squinku N 5 days ago +1

    *you* *die*

  • american psycho
    american psycho 5 days ago

    So he just spends 3 minutes saying you'll die

    • LuckyLady
      LuckyLady 4 days ago

      ...I dont know what I expected

  • Xochil Diaz
    Xochil Diaz 5 days ago

    if you don't eat does your blood pressure goes up cause that happened to me and I didn't eat nothing

  • Lisbeth Bear
    Lisbeth Bear 5 days ago

    oof anorexia

  • Bo Moore
    Bo Moore 7 days ago

    Guys don't try water fasting . cause it can and will turn into an eating disorder. Its mental. And its not fun I can tell you that.

  • BTS Suga
    BTS Suga 9 days ago

    ohh no i dont eat morningfood i only eat like a half peace of bred to middlefood and half to the last eating time i only eat one meal in One day😱

  • tyran
    tyran 9 days ago

    My longest Water fast 21 days im 15 after fast i got 9 cm taller

  • blakely1334 YT
    blakely1334 YT 9 days ago

    is it just me or dose this just seem dumb

  • The Anti-Christ
    The Anti-Christ 9 days ago

    What if you go without eating for a day and then get hit in the head?

  • Hailey Amber
    Hailey Amber 10 days ago

    Wow I can die pretty easily. That sure as hell ain’t gonna stop me, haha lol

  • Avocado MUA
    Avocado MUA 11 days ago

    Any other victims of eating disorders. My anorexia never fails to make me feel sick

  • Krish Patel
    Krish Patel 11 days ago

    My all my family members said im too fat and no one will love me. And so i decided to not eat anymore. So i was just watching this to see what would happen. Im still GOING TO DO IT. Idk anymore

  • Park Chim Chim's Property

    Like no eating in 24 hours is not a big problem to me (I'm just 11 years old) but more than that? No. Then I have to eat something, like two bananas. My body doesn't give me the feel of starving. It's weird. But byeeeeee!

  • Monica Mae
    Monica Mae 12 days ago

    “What if you stopped eating?”
    Me:Who told you I didn’t already start ?

  • Sheeran 101
    Sheeran 101 12 days ago

    i was anorexic for a while...... i went really skinny i loved myself. at my school camp last year i started to faint a little and my the teachers noticed how much weight i had lost and were concerned they had a chat with me and i ate dinner that night at camp but i was scared of gaining weight. a few months later i felt really comfortable with my body so i ate again but i am anorexic again..... 😭

  • AlyyMakeup
    AlyyMakeup 13 days ago

    simple. YOU DIEEEEE'

    SNAX KING 13 days ago

    Shit I haven't ate in 3 weeks

  • Isabella's vlogs
    Isabella's vlogs 13 days ago +1

    Am i the only 1 here who has a eating disorder?

  • Andrea The Cxtes
    Andrea The Cxtes 13 days ago

    I haven’t ate anything today apart from breakfast and it’s been 9 hours almost 10 😭😭😩

  • dtx. priscilla
    dtx. priscilla 14 days ago

    cant wait to starve myself now :)

    SHATTERD HEARTS 14 days ago

    When people strave them selves they become anorexic

  • Chyanne Collins
    Chyanne Collins 14 days ago

    To make a long story short, you'd die

  • Efren Schwarz
    Efren Schwarz 15 days ago

    I tought you were a serious channel, but I´ve just noticed on this video you´re not, just from the begining. You won´t enter ketosis state until 2 to 4 days after starting fasting. In the meantime, the liver will provide the glucose that its been stored there. Just after the glucose on the liver is finished, you will start the ketosis, whichl means transform fat into energy. And by the way, check all the studies that shows that the brain works better with ketone than with glucose. Shame on you.

  • Wisdom Valley
    Wisdom Valley 17 days ago

    Yh right! Those doing water fasting aren’t dying of disease mate! 👎

  • Juanita Walker
    Juanita Walker 17 days ago +1

    Prolonged suicide?

    JAY JDUBZ 17 days ago

    Don't water fast that could kill you

  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay 17 days ago

    I mean I'm in America and I rarely eat, like maybe once a day if I'm lucky. Do I blame the government or my parents lol

    • Collin Haas
      Collin Haas 17 days ago

      Gordon Ramsay maybe you're just lazy

  • Glowy1234 Glowy1234
    Glowy1234 Glowy1234 17 days ago

    Congratulations for 8m subscribers 🎊 🎂

  • Erin Blockabitch
    Erin Blockabitch 18 days ago


  • Sa Rang Hae
    Sa Rang Hae 19 days ago

    I want to do water fasting
    But I'm afraid my menstrual cycle would be affected

  • MrChars
    MrChars 19 days ago

    You die

  • Blue Boi
    Blue Boi 19 days ago

    Sure, you can last 70 days without food, but you're not gonna feel very good..

  • Jessie Reacts
    Jessie Reacts 19 days ago +1

    I became anorexic at 9. I already didn't eat more than 1,000 calories a day. Then I felt fat. Now imagine a girl with a fast metabolism that's also a dancer that refused to eat. My parents didn't notice. I fainted from lack of energy. Now I am a Happy healthy 13 yearold! I have other problems but I am so glad that anorexia is just a chapter in my life that shapes who I am.
    Ik it's not the point of the video

    • Jessie Reacts
      Jessie Reacts 19 days ago

      Luki Dwi Putra yeah I have. I still am underweight though.....

    • Luki Dwi Putra
      Luki Dwi Putra 19 days ago

      Jessie Reacts so have you recovered ?

  • Ava playz Aj!
    Ava playz Aj! 20 days ago

    Ugh....I'm so hungry rn and I got no food....WHAT DO I DO??!?

  • Prickly Llama Productions

    Who else ate after watching this video

  • Stacy. Studios
    Stacy. Studios 20 days ago

    I almost cried over the guy in the title cuz I love to eat

  • Galaxy One
    Galaxy One 20 days ago

    Most of this is wrong. I know that because of the movie Magic Pill

  • Just Saph
    Just Saph 21 day ago

    Once I didn't eat for three days. I lost a total of one and a half pounds :P

  • Jontrex 13
    Jontrex 13 22 days ago

    What about ramadan?

  • Thuy Nguyen
    Thuy Nguyen 22 days ago

    I'm staving while I'm sleeping.lol.

  • Park jimin-ah Park chim chim

    I never eat I had this pills when I was in second grade that was supposed to help concentrate but it didn’t it just made me loss my appetite so that’s why I don’t eat that much

  • Chanel Molendijk
    Chanel Molendijk 24 days ago

    What if u stopped eating?

    Me:Ud die

  • Aris van de Moortel
    Aris van de Moortel 24 days ago +1

    Im9 and didnt eat for 10hours just fine

  • Kin kin
    Kin kin 25 days ago +1

    I'm not eating I don't CARE

  • Gummy Kat
    Gummy Kat 25 days ago

    you'd die, the end

  • Model RK800
    Model RK800 25 days ago

    I have not eaten anything in a LONG time.... I'm extremely hungry but it's all apart of the weight loss...

  • Angel Wirries
    Angel Wirries 25 days ago

    So you’re telling me that it’s bad to be on a low carb diet but we used to live on a low carb diet cause there wasn’t really carbs to go around so how’d we survive then huh?

  • train123z
    train123z 26 days ago

    you die

  • Miguel Patino
    Miguel Patino 26 days ago

    I love ASAPScience and all the content they provide, but this video turned out to have lots of misleading information. I highly recommend to anyone looking for more information on this subject to do your own research or watch a USclipr by the name of ChrisKruger.

  • RaymanGlobox4
    RaymanGlobox4 26 days ago

    So is that they are you talking as often in a few R r a lot more than that to the office is open and it is you can change your phone is off and it will take me about the great blue eyes I see that I have the least you would be willing I don't have to be at the school if you're interested I have a lot more entertaining to the office is overrated a little bit more time to do the work to a mirror is that a good guy but it's just a little too late I will take a look and see a movie and then we can get together and have a great blue eyes and ears to the gym today and it will not let me log in to your office and we can get it on my way back from work to the new one is the same as the ones we have to be at the house around a lot of the same things as you can change it to a different location and time for you to meet my friend who is looking for a job

  • Yandere Chan
    Yandere Chan 26 days ago

    I suffer from anorexia and bulima

  • Wendy's Food
    Wendy's Food 26 days ago +1

    Then i would physically and mentally die

  • Flame TheMaster
    Flame TheMaster 27 days ago

    You'd die
    That is what would happen if you stopped eating

  • bad vibes
    bad vibes 27 days ago

    So 7 day water is bad !!

  • ☆Galaxy.Lunar☆
    ☆Galaxy.Lunar☆ 27 days ago

    I'll die in 2 mins

  • The fun Lil farm animals

    Are you saying if your fat you survive longer ~ rades the refrigerator ~k I'm safe 😛😛👌👌

  • Charcoal Media
    Charcoal Media 28 days ago

    What if you stopped clickbaiting?

  • StratosphereSTUDIOS
    StratosphereSTUDIOS 28 days ago

    What if I stopped eating?

    I won't

  • AlwaysIzz
    AlwaysIzz 28 days ago +1

    I would die within the first 8 hours

  • WonderBlox Productions

    How does your body lose weight?

  • The Misanthrope Channel

    FYI abusing people is not the way to encourage healthy eating habits. Don't fat shame and don't skinny shame. It's not big. It's not clever.

  • Gabriel Felix Muñoz

    so people doing keto must all be sticks huh?

  • Damien Walker
    Damien Walker Month ago

    I legit eat only 1 to 2 things a day

  • Mandy Cook
    Mandy Cook Month ago

    ~sees title of vid~
    Me: you die!

  • Komila Abdulatipova

    Does this mean that as long as I eat a nutritious meal after 72 hours of starving myself, I'll be fine?

  • Shauna stephens
    Shauna stephens Month ago

    I stopped eating for 9 whole weeks which is 2 months and a week, I drank 1/2 a cup of water a week

  • Irina Doro
    Irina Doro Month ago

    Thanks for the information!❤

  • Damn I look Like Mona Lisa

    I only eat 400 calories each day and i burn half walking i lost ten pounds the first week and now i wont lose weight why? Iam beginning to feel my bones more but the scale still says the same

  • Christopher Applegate

    Not eating is dangerous. Before you will become malnourished and all these terrible things will happen

  • Fuck Off
    Fuck Off Month ago +1

    Any anorexics watching this?

  • XxX_PussyDestroyer_XxX

    Eugenia Cooney.

  • babe
    babe Month ago

    The only thing I’ve eaten today is a donut

  • Ivy Ante
    Ivy Ante Month ago

    I feel hungry watching this

  • Y.T.D.
    Y.T.D. Month ago

    What happens don't stop eating? you get fat and DIE
    Die die die die die die die..........
    STOP!, Hammer Time!
    🎶I want to buy a tap and die and some w w w wd 40 I want to buy some Hammer Time and some
    w w w wd 40.🎶

  • JudgementalCorgi
    JudgementalCorgi Month ago

    "After 6 hours you may feel hangry."
    I get hangry after 20 minutes of not having food lol

  • Sage Exotics
    Sage Exotics Month ago

    I stopped eating for 6. Whole. Minutes. I gorged myself after that, it was torture. No cheesecake for 6 minutes. Unimaginable pain.

  • Mrs. Ender Mage
    Mrs. Ender Mage Month ago

    You draw and write nice

  • Kanz Al Temimi
    Kanz Al Temimi Month ago

    Hold on a minute, i can stop my period by just not eating??? Sign me up!

  • GoogIe Chrome
    GoogIe Chrome Month ago

    You die

  • The KPOPgurl
    The KPOPgurl Month ago +1

    I hate eating
    It makes me fun
    And I I’m tryna lose weight

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol Month ago

    When i dont eat when i need to i get very moody and upset

  • Rachel Tetz
    Rachel Tetz Month ago

    K wait so then how do anorexics stay alive?

  • V D.O.
    V D.O. Month ago

    RIP all the ppl throughout history and now whom have fasted and didn't die from it. To all Muslims, Christians, Buddhist, etc. To all hippies and raw vegans. To all the ppl who post. Videos of their 30 + day fasts. And me who grew up around fasting in the Christian churches. Rip me.

  • missy brown
    missy brown Month ago


  • no yes
    no yes Month ago

    I can survive without food with a very long period of time

  • Shak Attacc
    Shak Attacc Month ago

    "What If You Stopped Eating":
    *Cues vine* "Well then I guess you're just gonna have to be prepared to die."

  • life101
    life101 Month ago

    I want to die a slow painful death my life is useless I just want it to end so I am doing this until I am dead

  • Sydney Mann
    Sydney Mann Month ago

    Oh, i dont know, you’d die........i did think this vid was cool tho

  • Steph P
    Steph P Month ago +1

    I like the cause behind the video, thank you!

  • Booster butts 500m I love racks

    I eat peanut butter & apples every day healthy healthy

  • mel
    mel Month ago

    anorexics: BAHAHAHA can't relate.

  • Alexander Lacaden
    Alexander Lacaden Month ago

    Um if you stopped eating youd lose weight