Scuba Diving One of Hawaii's Most Dangerous Cliff Side for Sunken Treasure! (Spitting Caves)

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
  • In this video I explore Hawaii's Spitting Cave underwater for lost valuables!
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    DALLMYD  Month ago +2053

    Drop a thumbs up if you guys want us to film another Hawaii video! If we can reach 10,000 likes we'll team up and metal detect a waterfall in the jungle!

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      Your mental

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      Xavi Mateo 17 days ago

      DALLMYD where did you get the underwater camera?ive been looking everywhere for one so I can start doing this stuff

    • Scarlet Howard
      Scarlet Howard 19 days ago

      DALLMYD dallmyd

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    This vid gave me anxiety

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    _Drafty _ Hour ago

    11:23 a warning would have been nice I thought a mosquito was in my room

  • ARMY Btslove
    ARMY Btslove 2 hours ago

    Idk why but he’s handsome😂

  • Jodie Carpenter
    Jodie Carpenter 2 hours ago

    Noob:how dose he hold his Breath for so long

    Pro:bruh did you read the title

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    Ziggahmeister 2 hours ago

    My State was seen in this video. 🙂🤓😎

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    I live in Honolulu Hawaii

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    I have lived in hawaii

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    Mariah Smith 4 hours ago

    standing and kneeling all over that already suffering reef though.... :(

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    If you think about it there won’t be a lot of stuff because it was the most dangerous😑

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    You sound so corney.. but you play it safe.

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    *Me:* Can someone kill that fly?
    *Everyone Else:* 11:09

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    Please just respect the islands.

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    Hyzro 6 hours ago

    Just an example of how beautiful the ocean is

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    Josiah Hodges 6 hours ago

    What camera, quality, settings do u use?

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    Hey don't forget to be super super careful LOL.

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    Caleb Vick 7 hours ago

    Dont swim with scissors

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  • Chawnson Faraci-Ahnee
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    I live in Oahu

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    Sharks don’t eat people on Purpose

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    Hello Americans, I'm from Brazil and I really love the country and the language of you, could someone please respond?

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    That place is so beautiful 😍😍

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    what type of camera are u housing witht the nuaticam

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    the part when you heard the whales i was honestly shook!!!

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    The shots and the editing is so good!

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    Joseph Montalbano 11 hours ago

    I don't think I would ever walk that close to the edge. One sudden distraction and it's all over.

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    LB awesome 11 hours ago

    There was so many sea urchins

  • WillPhillips HD - Goalkeeping

    What Lens are you using in the intro?

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    From a cod sniper to a treasure hunting scuba diver gotta love D

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    You need to use a gloves its dangerous

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    At 7:57 he finally touches water

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    I love how he like when he finds things like even the most use less things he takes them so that the animals don't eat them or get stuck in them and what not

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    11:00 the vid starts. The rest is him talking.

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    Skip to 10:00 for tresure hunting

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    Just do it

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    I hope that canister and BCD were not left standing. Do you hate your gauges or something?

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    Real legends

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  • Michael Feeley
    Michael Feeley 22 hours ago

    It sickens me to see you walking on the coral. You shouldn’t be taking even empty shells from the reef.

  • Kaes Ryan
    Kaes Ryan 23 hours ago

    The medal detector sounds like a person going mmmmmMMMMM...MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm

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    hawaiixchris Day ago

    Please don’t step on the coral, it’s affecting our island and the sea life

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    Still remember you Almost killed in hawaii by seal 😁😀

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    DALLMYD: I ain’t jumping off this cliff
    Tfue: Hold my contract

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  • 808 G8GT
    808 G8GT Day ago

    Yup. A hand full of tourist get swept out here every year. Most people dont realize how dangerous this is. The currents here are strong. About a month ago a few college kids drowned there. One kid jumped in, started to panic, so the second one jumped in to try to "save" him, they both got swept out and drowned.

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    Sieara Richards Day ago

    Omg the water is so clear yay I want to go there.....

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    This video is sorted by USclip to me as "Pets"


    Man I love you guys!

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    That powerful current is called an undertow Incase you didn’t know!

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    Omg the whales! I stopped breathing for a minute when I heard them. Awesome 💋 xx

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    Hey guys. I’m a new subscriber from the Uk. Those free diving shots were stunning! 💋 xx

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    *goes higher up the cliff.*

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    Did it sound like u were holding your breathe? Lol number #1 rule of scuba! Haha got certified this spring in Mexico and it was just the best. 100% recommend to anyone

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    You should go to Galveston, Texas it’s beautifu the ocean if clear and the water is blue

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    I would slip so hard and probably die.


    Dude I would always need to have someone or something to grab if I went anywhere even close to that cliff face I’m terrified of hights OMG just thinking about that makes me nervous!

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