Solving a $10,000 Puzzle Box - Level 10 (One of a kind)

  • Published on May 8, 2019
  • Craig Thibodeau:
    Today I'm going to attempt to solve this $10,000 custom made Puzzle box by Craig Thibodeau and Robert Yarger. I had this puzzle commissioned last year and just received it! Enjoy!
    1000's of PUZZLES Available here:
    Chris Ramsay
    CP 50011 BP. Galeries Des Monts
    St-Sauveur, PQ
    J0R 1R0
    #Puzzle #ChrisRamsay
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  • Chris Ramsay
    Chris Ramsay  2 months ago +7763

    Beyond excited to be able to share this with the community! Such a great Puzzle!! Hope you guys enjoy the video!!

    • Peeper Leviathan
      Peeper Leviathan 5 days ago

      The top was a CR for Chris Ramsay

    • Swedish Voice Over Röstskådespelare Speakerröst
      Swedish Voice Over Röstskådespelare Speakerröst 6 days ago

      Hi Chris! Really amazing stuff. I've seen one or two videos of yours before, and I've enjoyed every moment. This one was something really special though. So nice of you to share this, and to come up with such a unique idea of ordering your own puzzle at that cost is so generous of you. I really hope that you'll be able to get back the money that you spent on this puzzsle...and more! My very best wishes, Daniel :)

    • Firey_boy
      Firey_boy 8 days ago

      201 REPLIES WHOOP WHOOP! Btw I am the 201 reply. Please congratulate me X3

    • cat master
      cat master 12 days ago

      Find U again

    • Seamo One
      Seamo One 16 days ago

      Coopy My man ? He’s Canadian I think... no Australian accent...
      I’m confused bro

  • Liji Johnson
    Liji Johnson 32 minutes ago +1

    All around this was a good ASMR experience!

  • seph
    seph Hour ago

    Please don't start saying "subskrib pls" at the start of the video. I could tell that you're not used to it by the way you said it, it felt uncomfortable so i am guessing it was forced on you. I am NOT going to like a video that i have not seen yet. No thanks.
    Anyways, it's really making me *NOT* want to watch the video (even tho i am gonna see this particular vid anyways, very nice project there dude, super cool). It just comes off as begging for subs. I've seen others start doing this as well, am guessing it's youtube asking you to promote yourself at the start of the vid instead of the end, but *i, as a consumer, really am disgusted by this new trend, gonna start unsubbing from channels, ffs that's annoying as hell. *

  • James Carver
    James Carver Hour ago

    Wow 😮! That was an AWESOME & AMAZING puzzle & video! So glad I came across you (while late), & sub’d, last week. I love it & all the videos I’ve seen. Thank God for the Knights deck I got a week & a half ago, they started it all. 👍👍

  • Pierre Pohan
    Pierre Pohan 2 hours ago

    This thing is perfect to keep a bitcoin private key paper or a ledger nano S

  • Jemmie Xie
    Jemmie Xie 5 hours ago

    WTF of Ramsay r u

  • Buttersnow
    Buttersnow 5 hours ago

    where's the timer?

  • Jon Wirthner
    Jon Wirthner 8 hours ago +1

    Pleeeeease Chris, could you get the police to do a house search at your place? I would love to see how long it takes them to open all the chests and boxes you collected!

  • Aidan Lovato
    Aidan Lovato 11 hours ago

    2:25 yw

  • Ashley Barnes
    Ashley Barnes 13 hours ago

    All these doors just remind me of the hobbit

  • cristian mateo rodriguez duarte

    Amazing !!!

  • cajunice
    cajunice 14 hours ago

    What a beautiful puzzle

  • chelsy moore
    chelsy moore 17 hours ago

    impressed af !

  • Cosmic Realm
    Cosmic Realm 19 hours ago

    Obviously, this isn't designed to be out back together.. It's for unpacking freaks 😆

  • Daniel Merriweather Washington excitement when you open

  • giddyjet
    giddyjet 20 hours ago

    lol 10k

  • IMMORTAL-siphon
    IMMORTAL-siphon 21 hour ago

    Craig makes it look so easy I know he made it but stop flexing

  • Lord Chumpington
    Lord Chumpington Day ago +1

    Watch at 2x speed. It's the speed of a normal person lol

  • Colonel482
    Colonel482 Day ago

    This guy needs to make a real life version of The Room. One of the best puzzle games like this.

  • PsYc0M4nt1s
    PsYc0M4nt1s Day ago

    Nice litte box, but more lvl 6 or 7 i cant see the 10 here...Still awsome idea

  • Dev Burns
    Dev Burns Day ago

    The real challenge is putting it back together

  • Cryptic Clan
    Cryptic Clan Day ago

    ya yeet

  • erçe su kasapoğlu

    adamsın chris abi

  • RoadRunner WR
    RoadRunner WR Day ago

    your hat is on sideways.

  • Saddutchman
    Saddutchman Day ago +1

    Funny how you put a picture of a CC-mill on the background when you say "Everything is hand crafted"....

  • ilovetheninetiesssss

    Closing it again 😀

  • Smoko-Nuts
    Smoko-Nuts Day ago

    Best place to store savings...

  • Nikki Boo
    Nikki Boo Day ago +7


  • Nick Villano
    Nick Villano Day ago

    Did it summon the Centobites?

  • LyraR
    LyraR Day ago

    Now put it back together

  • Angel Marie
    Angel Marie Day ago

    Ultimate hiding spot for weed

  • A Human I Swear
    A Human I Swear Day ago +1

    You need to stop that top down perspective

  • Ptyler Beats
    Ptyler Beats Day ago

    Did you try spinning it?

  • Cody
    Cody Day ago

    Great puzzle but not in any way worth more than $1000

  • Kayli Piper
    Kayli Piper Day ago +4

    imagine if the camera wasn’t recording

  • C Dubs
    C Dubs Day ago

    This some Indiana Jones shit

  • A
    A Day ago

    Those draws would be sick to hold a stash

  • Jake Russ
    Jake Russ Day ago

    10k$ for that? I feel like 200$ would still be overpriced what the heck!

  • Jason Cassie
    Jason Cassie Day ago

    I phucking want one

  • john
    john Day ago

    Dumbest shit in the world

  • Is van Leest
    Is van Leest Day ago

    something else dam

  • SueTheHue
    SueTheHue Day ago +1

    what a great example of human curiosity and master craftsmanship

  • colin john gilbert
    colin john gilbert 2 days ago

    10g for that !! bro u got robbed hahaha

  • Dez_
    Dez_ 2 days ago +1

    Dislikes are the people who can’t solve a 3< jigsaw puzzle lmao

  • Takira Takasu
    Takira Takasu 2 days ago


  • selbzstar
    selbzstar 2 days ago +1

    imagine stashing your weed in there xD

  • Kelly Wisneski
    Kelly Wisneski 2 days ago

    The real puzzles going to be putting it back together

  • Bryten Smith
    Bryten Smith 2 days ago

    Not worth 10 Gs

  • wolfie13s
    wolfie13s 2 days ago

    That's amazing and beautiful.

    JAHOBOS 2 days ago

    What the hell did I just try to watch lol

  • Matt Keating
    Matt Keating 2 days ago +2

    I paid 5.99 for this box on steam. It’s called the room.

  • Mohna Zaidi
    Mohna Zaidi 2 days ago

    Wow... what an insanely creative and imaginative mind! For both of you :) But yeah, to create this, not only did he have to reverse engineer it, but he actually had to have a foresight well beyond most people.

  • Ian Swenson
    Ian Swenson 2 days ago

    An important, even extraordinary work of art. A contemporary mode of the artist/patron relationship which has produced something unique and incredible. Hope it finds it's way to a museum in due time, for the benefit of future generations.

  • Nick Beaudry
    Nick Beaudry 2 days ago

    I'd open that in a less than a minute flat.

  • P. S.
    P. S. 2 days ago

    how stupid is that?

  • james namesdontmatter

    I need instant gratification so I would want a how to solve paper and just get it done.that's why I would never try one of those but kiddos to you the channel

  • neikung12991
    neikung12991 2 days ago

    You can put your weed in it

  • KanacK Tv
    KanacK Tv 2 days ago

    FBI open up

  • Tom M
    Tom M 2 days ago

    Wow what a waste of money

  • Shiro Shinsengumi
    Shiro Shinsengumi 2 days ago

    This box is absolutely gorgeous

  • Joost
    Joost 3 days ago

    Putting it back together is the real puzzle

    SAID ANDDONE 3 days ago

    great!!! props to the kaws figure too!!

  • Sahra Leeting
    Sahra Leeting 3 days ago

    USclip recommended this for me and I really enjoyed this video

  • Bayron
    Bayron 3 days ago

    No video about how it was made?

  • Joey Jacobson
    Joey Jacobson 3 days ago

    I love how smooth the logo is

  • Santa Dragon
    Santa Dragon 3 days ago

    7:42 I ask myself why this shouldn't have open when go over with the pin magnet ...
    Nice made but definitely not worth the 10k.

  • Brent Y
    Brent Y 3 days ago +1

    Who gave you 10k? Just leaving the drawers scattered everywhere bumping into them constantly. You couldn't care less if you break it.

  • Ben Bryan
    Ben Bryan 3 days ago

    This is probably the coolest and most entertaining puzzle box I’ve ever seen. Thank you

  • Jeremy Orr
    Jeremy Orr 3 days ago

    I have come to a conclusion the person that designed that is not human

  • lerraD dleifyarB
    lerraD dleifyarB 3 days ago +1

    Wait, you don't cook food?

    USclip what the hell man!

  • Jesse Peterson
    Jesse Peterson 3 days ago

    you should use that as like you jewelry box XD

  • Pedro Sequeira
    Pedro Sequeira 3 days ago +4

    "Everything is handcrafted"
    Procedes to show me an image of a machine cutting a sheet of steel.

  • Mac Barnes
    Mac Barnes 3 days ago

    you ever think that whoever created some of these puzzles watch you work them and at some point are saying "well crap... that wasnt supposed to happen"?

  • Mm Mm
    Mm Mm 3 days ago

    I love watching his hand tattoos

  • francescosio
    francescosio 3 days ago

    Beautiful craft

  • Stillmin Stilldoit
    Stillmin Stilldoit 3 days ago

    You can get the weed and smoke as much as you want if you can get to it, now which drawer did I put those papers in.....

  • Richa Pathak
    Richa Pathak 3 days ago

    What kind of puzzle is this?

  • spitkrak
    spitkrak 3 days ago

    You could put your weed in there!

  • Kokichi Oumami
    Kokichi Oumami 4 days ago

    image someone breaks in his house and sees thid box and noticing its a puzzle box, the robber thinks its something expensive hidden in this box, after weeks of trying to opening it he does and he finds a deck of cards, he prolly will just return it after crying another few weekks

  • Bodhi Here
    Bodhi Here 4 days ago +9

    Finally I got a box where I can keep my Weeds & Stuffs. Thank You

  • Nathan55411
    Nathan55411 4 days ago

    I discovered this channel through the Excalibur video. Watching this, I feel like I would lose my mind trying to solve some of these puzzle boxes and yet I would love to try some now

  • Jarytt Taylor
    Jarytt Taylor 4 days ago +1

    Yesss I finally heard someone other than me say yoink

  • bert luis
    bert luis 4 days ago

    $10,000 for that "puzzle"... to each their own I guess, it's a box with other boxes in it wow amazing

  • William Rohm
    William Rohm 4 days ago


  • neoweaponx
    neoweaponx 4 days ago

    Anyone else kept getting anxious every time he spun the main box and kept pushing the other boxes closer to the edge of the table or just me?

  • Lynzi Oliver-Musto
    Lynzi Oliver-Musto 4 days ago

    Did anybody else notice that the box matches his rug perfectly?

  • Taylor Sweeney
    Taylor Sweeney 4 days ago +3

    So many places to hide your drugs

  • Victor Ngo
    Victor Ngo 4 days ago

    Outstanding item.

  • Jode G
    Jode G 4 days ago

    I think the value of the box is way to high. I think he charges for the time and labor to make it. The puzzle seems way to easy.

  • rudy reigah
    rudy reigah 4 days ago

    10k for a puzzle still boring thought he won 10k for solving

  • Rachel Kruse
    Rachel Kruse 4 days ago

    How will you know to put it back together?

  • KhushiR
    KhushiR 4 days ago +1

    "OH" "So that happened" "OH" 'oH" "OHH" "ooooh hello" 😂

  • Heidrosign
    Heidrosign 4 days ago

    Put a box of condoms in there and a man who's girlfriend is in the other room naked and ready for sex and see how fast he will open it.

  • Zara Pamboukhtchian
    Zara Pamboukhtchian 5 days ago

    Like and subscribe for commissioning a $10,000 puzzle box. Anand, this video makes me so happy!
    When you spun the logo mechanism, and that box spun out, just so damn soothing!

  • Art
    Art 5 days ago

    I like it when he screamed whoa WHOA!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Peeper Leviathan
    Peeper Leviathan 5 days ago

    The top was a CR for Chris Ramsay

  • legendrybox123 legendrybox123

    I wanna but this XD

  • DarkKiller
    DarkKiller 5 days ago

    I would use this to protect my personal belongings that are very valuable like jewelry. Very nice, and very good job on the video.

    • matt gage
      matt gage 4 days ago

      yeah because a thief would try solve the puzzle to get your personal belongings out lol

  • iba9121
    iba9121 5 days ago

    Give me a fucking break... this retard already knew how to open it! Let me take the magnet and randomly and LUCKILY just happen to go to the exact spot. Watch how he lingers around the first spot.... smh. What a douche.

  • Lisa Dykes
    Lisa Dykes 5 days ago

    You will not believe me but my cat loves your vids