Best of Game Grumps (August 2018)

  • Published on Sep 1, 2018
  • trivia boy for president
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    Games played this month:
    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    Slap City
    A Week of Garfield
    Doodle Date
    Firefighter 3D
    Game and Wario
    Garfield: Threat of the Space Lasagna
    Monopoly Plus
    Pool Panic
    Please, Don't Touch Anything
    Super Bunny Man
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  • Elly Augustine
    Elly Augustine 9 days ago


  • JJ Rambles
    JJ Rambles 29 days ago

    1:20:36 the furry energy is so strong

  • Dragon Orb
    Dragon Orb Month ago

    Zelda is bad for Arin, he is having a breakdown about being grump...

  • volatileEnchantress

    2:27 exactly somethin a ravenclaw would say

  • McDoublemack ฅ'ω'ฅ

    "Draco,do you like the dærk ærts?"
    -Harry Potter at some point in his life.

  • Doctor Mac
    Doctor Mac 2 months ago

    i miss ryan

  • Aaron Trueblood
    Aaron Trueblood 2 months ago

    Oh, I've been there. We've ALL been there. Especially that Carribean Blue by Enya

  • fishtouch
    fishtouch 3 months ago

    10:55 Danny looks so proud of himself when he declares it's called the backboard i love him

  • - Mitch
    - Mitch 3 months ago

    Newest GG animated character: Dirk Buerrell, the Dark Artist.

  • zelos1826
    zelos1826 4 months ago

    Good God. I need to watch their SS playthrough. Dan fucking KILLS it as Fi's voice. XD

  • just me
    just me 6 months ago +1

    "HHMMMMMMMASSHOOLE!!" will play on speakers around my grave on repeat at all times

  • The Emperor
    The Emperor 6 months ago

    I agree with a lot of things PragerU stands for I'm sure there is something I might disagree with but they have a very positive goal so far.

  • The Lonely Skeleton 2001
    The Lonely Skeleton 2001 6 months ago +1

    4:44 Does wand is butt good?

  • Aaron Forbes
    Aaron Forbes 6 months ago

    So when's the squirrel bit going on power hour?

  • Uncle Ruckus
    Uncle Ruckus 6 months ago

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t mr pickles satan in that black and white dog?

  • Greg Burgner
    Greg Burgner 7 months ago

    I love how arin thought that was enya the whole time

  • Quinten
    Quinten 7 months ago

    watching this high asffff these guys funny as hell

  • Estevan Garcia
    Estevan Garcia 7 months ago

    38:10 Really glad the Grumps got around to playing Sonic 4 Ep. 2

  • zelos1826
    zelos1826 7 months ago +1

    *T E H D E R K E R T S*

  • THESE Gaming
    THESE Gaming 8 months ago

    Its 3 minutes until im officially 14, celebrating by watching this

  • Beau Maysey
    Beau Maysey 8 months ago +10

    And Danny immediately proves he’s been put in the right house...

  • Trevin Hughes
    Trevin Hughes 9 months ago

    there's so many places that aren't andorra.

  • Static Gaming
    Static Gaming 9 months ago

    God Arin's a fucking idiot

  • Grey Bayles
    Grey Bayles 9 months ago +1

    1:15 is that a Carl Wheezer voice

  • The Boy
    The Boy 9 months ago

    13:27 scared me

  • Mauricio Ruiz
    Mauricio Ruiz 9 months ago +1

    The fartitude crystals had me dying

  • Julio Santiago
    Julio Santiago 9 months ago +2

    13:45 best part

  • justin declair
    justin declair 9 months ago +1

    i like when dan refers to himself as daddy

  • Cypher_Decode
    Cypher_Decode 9 months ago

    Johns a cuck

  • Amia Anderson
    Amia Anderson 9 months ago +2

    Have you ever tried...

  • Mecklenburg Falldini
    Mecklenburg Falldini 9 months ago

    I really didn't like that Harry Potter stuff, but at least they had fun.

  • CryptidCanine
    CryptidCanine 9 months ago +3

    I appreciate that not only have you added the funny moments, but the inspirational/real shit they talk about to.

  • thicvegan
    thicvegan 9 months ago +7

    Congrats to u and Ryan and the new GG animated btw ❤❤

  • Xzeralt
    Xzeralt 9 months ago +2

    Dan's reaction to the furry head lol

  • TheBardmeister
    TheBardmeister 9 months ago +1

    I tear up laughing at the window full of people every god damn time, that series was gold

  • nothingtolookat
    nothingtolookat 9 months ago +2

    They MISGENDERED a baby!?! How are they not in tumblr jail right now?

  • Russell Bly
    Russell Bly 9 months ago +2

    16:13 that’s because he is smarter than you Arin

  • Pvt.Pancakes
    Pvt.Pancakes 9 months ago +1

    They are both definitely hufflepuffs.

  • temato flakes
    temato flakes 9 months ago

    dude dan...if he had a long ish beard itd look so weird...he should like...ok its like arin said suzys dad looked really weird without a beard, i think its the same deal with dan when he shaves its like whoa....stay stubble dan

  • Williamwreckx
    Williamwreckx 9 months ago +1

    why is 23:35 so goddamn funny

  • Tawny Ventura
    Tawny Ventura 9 months ago +5

    The Income Tax debacle is like the next generation of Lose a Turn

  • Commander Shepard
    Commander Shepard 9 months ago

    nothing can surpass doodle date. that was the fucking best thing i've ever seen from game grumps

  • Ian O'Padrick
    Ian O'Padrick 9 months ago +3

    The Andora thing was so funny to me cuz it's a city that's a country. It's so funny

  • Arcien
    Arcien 9 months ago

    You’re so fast dude

  • JusticeAcolyte
    JusticeAcolyte 9 months ago +2

    Loving this compilation :)

  • Azzabackam
    Azzabackam 9 months ago

    14:15 Arin's such a good fucking voice actor.

  • Berke
    Berke 9 months ago +8


  • Mew Mystify
    Mew Mystify 9 months ago +1

    There is zero way Dan can ever convince anyone he's not a furry now.

  • Mew Mystify
    Mew Mystify 9 months ago


  • Andrew Sorenson
    Andrew Sorenson 9 months ago

    What is Arin singing during Zelda at 50min?

  • Eira
    Eira 9 months ago +57

    Does wand is buttgood is the most discussed in the media in the few years ago

  • James V.
    James V. 9 months ago

    Sbassbear, keep up the good work, been watchin' your compilations for a bit now and you just seem to know what to pick out to nail each month. Thanks a bunch!

  • Pit
    Pit 9 months ago +5

    Why are those phone grip add-ons so popular in the states? Do you not know how to grab your phone without it falling from your hands?

  • Gr3y
    Gr3y 9 months ago

    36:47 when he pushes his legs out with zero movement it kills me everytime

  • Sierra Davis
    Sierra Davis 9 months ago +1

    I’m gonna print out a picture of a keese, walk up to my boyfriend and say “give me a keeeess” and when he goes to kiss me, I’ll just hand him the picture and walk away.

  • Niravathu
    Niravathu 9 months ago +16

    Why is no one talking about how cute Drogo is?!?

  • Alex Fuller
    Alex Fuller 9 months ago


  • Kole Dornseifer
    Kole Dornseifer 9 months ago +200

    The dærk ærts

  • Paul B
    Paul B 9 months ago +47

    _Aei laike the daerk aerts!_

  • Rabid Robbie
    Rabid Robbie 9 months ago

    Words cannot express how much I truly hate Arin now.

  • TheMrPandaGamer1
    TheMrPandaGamer1 9 months ago

    Dan is a furry confirmed

  • Kailie Fennell
    Kailie Fennell 9 months ago +87

    Kill a man, take his shoes

  • Wolfie
    Wolfie 9 months ago +6

    the tie dye moment was the worse...totally not funny

  • winterisclairing
    winterisclairing 9 months ago +17

    Game grumps may as well hire you as the monthly best of guy, we can always rely on you kami-sama

  • Mitch Gibson
    Mitch Gibson 9 months ago +52

    I love how straight faced Arin is the whole time the guy is laughing at Dan’s backboard joke. Like completely numb to that shit.

    • Nanashi Gravenhorst
      Nanashi Gravenhorst 6 months ago

      Mitch Gibson They were both also exhausted and didn’t expect to be doing more stuff that day. They did something like 15 hour days the three days they are there and were done.

    • Mitch Gibson
      Mitch Gibson 9 months ago

      Cody Guberud they do that all the time. Watch the t shirt commercial bloopers.

    • Cody Guberud
      Cody Guberud 9 months ago +1

      I think they just reused the same shot while he was laughing. Every time it cuts back to the grumps Arin does the same shrug

  • Belugatoons
    Belugatoons 9 months ago +2

    I came here for Trivia Boy!

  • SevenShadesOfNerd
    SevenShadesOfNerd 9 months ago +1

    Silly Dan, a chode is a penis that is wider than it is long, not the grundle.

  • Poop DaScoop
    Poop DaScoop 9 months ago +141

    "When people tell me I can't do something, I get very inspired twice as hard just to do it." can't suck my nuts....

  • Dylan Follett
    Dylan Follett 9 months ago +19

    33:50 my favorite of this whole video is Ryan talking to this random dude Ryan: do you know where I can get some really cheap food?...I am.. a fat piece of shit. 😂 oh lord I was wheezing.

  • pyrotechnick
    pyrotechnick 9 months ago +7

    my real name is Dirk Berells

  • TheOtisUpham
    TheOtisUpham 9 months ago +1

    Thank you my beautiful baby boys. You're the best bears.

  • GribbleBit
    GribbleBit 9 months ago +8

    Arin is literally the exact same as I am, Hufflepuff and a dolphin patronus

  • MrNikhan
    MrNikhan 9 months ago +2

    ¨Tell us your funniest joke¨ ME

  • Rabid Robbie
    Rabid Robbie 9 months ago

    Hey look! Most of the stuff Arin bitches about with Skyward Sword is actually his own ineptitude at playing the game...just like we all knew it would be! How 'bout that shit?!?!

  • Generic Lets Play Watcher And Stupendium Fanboy

    Video at roughly 11:00? Wanna see what they made

  • Generic Lets Play Watcher And Stupendium Fanboy

    5:00 deep thoughts with Arin

  • The Exclusive Gamers
    The Exclusive Gamers 9 months ago +90

    "Hello, Father."
    I've never laughed so hard.

  • Allison Darlington
    Allison Darlington 9 months ago +5

    I knew this absolute gem would be ready - and just when I ran out of grumps stuff to watch!!!!

  • Jeremy Boateng
    Jeremy Boateng 9 months ago +132

    I love it when the comps reach up to 1hr30min like an actual movie

    • Hayden Sousa
      Hayden Sousa 8 months ago +4

      You act like they only do game grumps for a living. people have lives. My god just enjoy the content

    • Glitch
      Glitch 9 months ago +5

      Drej9 does the best ofs, so you're kind of pretty much absolutely directed at the wrong people

    • Milk Berry
      Milk Berry 9 months ago +4

      They don't.

    • TheOtisUpham
      TheOtisUpham 9 months ago +4

      I don't think they do the comps.

  • WhoIsOnYourSide
    WhoIsOnYourSide 9 months ago

    What episode is the skyward sword part starting around 14:05?

    JYFNHG 9 months ago

    Arin playing with the VR controllers is a fucking mood if I’ve ever seen one

  • TheSpektrum
    TheSpektrum 9 months ago +38

    Day 19: Ryan still hasn't come home. The Grumps keep telling Matt he's okay but Matt has become an insomniac waiting up for Ryan.

  • Aiden Plays Games & Stuff

    I am dissapoint, not enough trivia boi

  • Wes Papes
    Wes Papes 9 months ago +1

    I love you guys so much.

  • Repentless Dodo
    Repentless Dodo 9 months ago +7

    Our lord Sbassbear has sent us a gift!

  • Brooke hemsath
    Brooke hemsath 9 months ago

    Live streams best of? Maybe?

    • Brooke hemsath
      Brooke hemsath 9 months ago +2

      Sbassbear I meant of the grumps but also your channel! Why not both my friends?!

    • Sbassbear
      Sbassbear  9 months ago +2

      you mean best of our streams? maybe at the end of the year! 400 out of 24k watch our streams so I don't wanna clog people's feeds with them each month

  • Isabel Avila
    Isabel Avila 9 months ago +37

    Yess this is what makes every beginning of the month great

  • Lucy
    Lucy 9 months ago

    why the fuck is arins phone so old omfg

  • babymetalic
    babymetalic 9 months ago

    all of the things you can do in a week of garfield:
    -ride a bike
    -play a skateboard
    -ride a tuba
    -give a homeless
    -dance, dance, dance
    -play a little ditty
    -drink a guitar
    -play a pizza

  • ScrumptiousBoi
    ScrumptiousBoi 9 months ago +2

    Its not even the end of August 👌👏👏👏👏👏

  • Timothy Rodowicz
    Timothy Rodowicz 9 months ago

    Always remember Arin is my age and Dan is almost 40... If anyone ever needed video evidence of what autism looks like, send them to a power hour..

    • McMaster1471
      McMaster1471 9 months ago +2

      Timothy Rodowicz you do realize that the power hours are scripted, right?

    • PerpetualCamel
      PerpetualCamel 9 months ago +3

      @Implosive Typhlosion if it looks like a dick and acts like a dick... He's a dick

  • WayWardWonderer
    WayWardWonderer 9 months ago +99

    "There's so many places that aren't Andorra!" You know, he's NOT wrong!!

  • no no
    no no 9 months ago

    The month just finished, chill the fuck out

  • Shaun Rutherford
    Shaun Rutherford 9 months ago +249

    Everytime that car locking honk comes on I get a sudden rush of childlike joy. Thank you.

  • JereMyYuh
    JereMyYuh 9 months ago +13


  • OrgaNik
    OrgaNik 9 months ago

    You know, as an European, I must say... none of us know where the fuck Andorra is either.

  • blake vandeweghe
    blake vandeweghe 9 months ago

    307th !!!
    suck it nirds

  • OrgaNik
    OrgaNik 9 months ago +3

    I had to wait several minutes for this. I want my money back!

  • nirobu
    nirobu 9 months ago +7

    WTF? August isn't even done yet! You work quick

    • Glitch
      Glitch 9 months ago +2

      @Timothy Rodowicz
      Fuck off with the "you should feel bad" shit. He's complimenting the dude, what? People can't compliment someone the same way now? Should he say it in Chinese, just to not be similar to other comments?

    • Glitch
      Glitch 9 months ago +1

      A good way to do these kinds of compilations would be to keep adding clips as they come out, so when the last video of the month comes out, you look for the best part in it and add it in and your done

    • nirobu
      nirobu 9 months ago +4

      You can make cash with youtube comments?! How much did i get for this one?

    • Sbassbear
      Sbassbear  9 months ago +11

      how does one "cash in" on a youtube comment?

    • Timothy Rodowicz
      Timothy Rodowicz 9 months ago

      You know damn well that someone comments this same thing on every best of video. You should feel bad for trying to cash in on a lazy ass comment looking for easy likes and attention..

  • Hatty
    Hatty 9 months ago