Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)


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  • Joel Allen
    Joel Allen 3 hours ago

    Hey MatPat check Dakow he found it out I am not kidding he cracked the code the name of golden Freddy is Cassidy!!!!

  • CRG Videos
    CRG Videos 3 hours ago

    Maybe there are two mikes,one that died and the other one is the older brother and there dad is the one who is supposedly the reason why Mike is dead, I know that his older brother/Mike2 was the one who made him hug freedbear but he probably did it to help micheal over come his fear of freedbear but that changed and micheal died and mike2 decides to take his younger brothers name so his dad might not find out that micheal is dead because there dad William is not allowed to go into Freddy fazbears 2 so that's why I think there are two mikes.

  • Daniel Prince
    Daniel Prince 4 hours ago

    I was watching somebody play the teaser ultimate custom night, and it showed all the characters and challenges that would be on it, while also saying that there was a “Nightmares Attack” challenge, and when you clicked on it, it would show the scrap baby as a nightmare

  • Grim Savage
    Grim Savage 4 hours ago

    More puzzle pieces fit than you think... Remember way back in FNAF 2? The toy animatronics were designed with FACIAL RECOGNITION that were thought not to work properly, but what if they did?? They were designed to identify Purple Guy. You as Mike (the player) posing as someone else, looks just like dear 'ol dad, Purple Guy, & they attacked you! A major hint was given way back then & we didn't connect the dots! What else are we missing??

  • Sarah Conway
    Sarah Conway 4 hours ago

    Hey, check FNAF world! has some creepy eyes?
    The image is called Iamstillhere.jpg
    edit: and the page souce says, , over and over. Same thing at Scott Games. Creepy...

  • Anju Does Stuff
    Anju Does Stuff 4 hours ago

    0:20 am I the only one who saw the inky batim searcher from ch 4? Oh maybe meatly made matpat that seacher to taunt him that he hit a dead end XD aren't i cruel? Or....aint scott cruel

  • Pixelated Game Animations

    Hey matpat I think I know why Susie had the same font as the night introductions in the 4th game because it is Susie the girl from the fruity maze which makes a connection to purple guy in that game which the other game that had purple guy was midnight motorist so the font could have been to confirm the house in midnight motorist was the fnaf 4 house it seems like a long shot but like you said Scott tries to tie up loose ends this could have been a last resort if we didn’t find that out I may be wrong but hey thought I would say it

  • Nightcore_music _life
    Nightcore_music _life 5 hours ago

    But about the toy anima Tronics are the same souls that possessed them

  • Dragon Army
    Dragon Army 5 hours ago

    Home alone three: FNAF edition
    Main targets: The crotch

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 5 hours ago

    What if the references to the baby isnt mine is refering to the older brother, and that leaves you with what happened with the younger child, aka crying child? He is a robotic clone of william, a perfect kid?
    That would explain william's frustrations with crying child.
    He expected the kid to be just like him, but he is slightly different
    Will's relationship to the older brother is almost non existent. Maybe that is what split mr and ms afton, and he got stuck with the child. That is why will made mike, cause he wanted a child of his own, but found him self single. The references of do you remember them might be from after a memory wipe of mike by william after the bite
    The put you back together might reference putting him back to what will might think of as his "perfect" form
    Enard entered mike to restored his memory, and when enard left, that is why he survived and remembered he is a robot. The whole thing after fnaf 3 where the fire might be mike doing will's dirty work. He sound happy in that recording, and the whole "im coming to find you" might be mike going for more orders.

    • Ryan Smith
      Ryan Smith 5 hours ago

      Sorry if this is completely wrong, but you have been there for me in my darkest times, so i would like to help in any way i can, even if that just means saying
      I believe in you Matthew
      You can do it

  • Somebody you don't need to know

    That matt patt headbang will haunt my deams forever

  • Ebony Dragionhart
    Ebony Dragionhart 5 hours ago


    I'll see myself out now.

  • Un Friki Mas
    Un Friki Mas 5 hours ago

    Ballon girl is real! Hsuwvwirbejfbfiwvdybxsnkqvdhd

  • callom s
    callom s 5 hours ago

    Use the numbers as coardinance on the word search

  • Whitepikmin sub
    Whitepikmin sub 5 hours ago

    Question: if michael is the bite victim how could he be a child in fnaf 4, 8 or 10 years old in 1983, and be old enough to be a security guard in fnaf 2 only 4 years later in 1987?

  • Mr. Money
    Mr. Money 5 hours ago +1

    Guess who's back?

  • 0GalaxyExe0
    0GalaxyExe0 5 hours ago

    Connor, the Android sent by CyberLife? Are you secretly Charlie?????

  • Banana Bread
    Banana Bread 5 hours ago

    One more comment, I think Scott Cawthon broke MatPat

  • Banana Bread
    Banana Bread 5 hours ago

    Also I can flipping stand all the fnaf backstory yet duck season scares me.

  • Marcus Chan
    Marcus Chan 5 hours ago

    Let’s motivate MATPAT with a controlled shock

  • Banana Bread
    Banana Bread 5 hours ago

    The older brother is Fritz cause he turns into foxy. His mask is who he is and you confirmed Fritz is Foxy.

  • Carmen Guerilla
    Carmen Guerilla 6 hours ago

    I think you got the name thing wrong. To me, when the entity in the fnaf logbook asks "do you remember your name?", its asking Michael (Mike) if he remembers his original name after living under several aliases.

  • Logan Bro guest stars
    Logan Bro guest stars 6 hours ago

    Golden Freddy is the crying child

  • lilstanm lilstanm
    lilstanm lilstanm 6 hours ago

    The only reason I think FNAF can't end is because purple guy is invincible

  • Orla Loughman
    Orla Loughman 6 hours ago

    This is so confusing😂😂😂

  • Pokecraftmaster
    Pokecraftmaster 6 hours ago +1

    Hey Matt I had a thinking What if "Jr.'s" is that "Sister location" that the phone guy was talking about in fnaf 3 with the simultaneous springlock failures? I mean wouldn't it make a lot of sense? It would explain the random "sister location" from that game and makes fnaf 3 more sense.

  • MercyMedic _2k6
    MercyMedic _2k6 6 hours ago

    New theory: The Puppet doesn’t die at the end of fnaf 6
    Reason we see all the animatronics burn but Lefty is no where to be seen in the Fire 🔥

  • Lauren Peak
    Lauren Peak 6 hours ago


  • Kuro Servamp
    Kuro Servamp 6 hours ago

    Golden freddys name is possibly Cassidy. Use the codes on the word search.

  • bloody tv
    bloody tv 7 hours ago

    That one back there is golden freddy

  • Simon and Maddie Hoff.

    I think the whole Michael not being Purple guys son seems weird. What if, during the bite, he lost his memories, which would explain why he says it isnt his kid, because he acts SO different. Then he runs away to 'that place again' aka the only place he can remember

  • Adam Higginson
    Adam Higginson 7 hours ago +1

    Fnaf: Battle Royale

  • Edin Kluka
    Edin Kluka 7 hours ago


  • Carolina Alphonso
    Carolina Alphonso 7 hours ago

    I know what his name is GFLUIS . G means golden F means freedy And then there’s Luis. Golden greedy is Luis. Luis is miceale afton

  • AZCardinalfan DCM
    AZCardinalfan DCM 7 hours ago

    You are a good theorist

  • Michael DeMarco
    Michael DeMarco 7 hours ago

    not trying to be the but actually guy, but, aren't there 7 games, not 6

  • Holy The Sketching Skeleton /Neko/

    The dabbing chica is a nightmare

  • Pinesicle
    Pinesicle 7 hours ago

    I hope I'm not too late for this to be seen, but I may as well make an effort.
    So, I was in class, thinking about FNAF, like always. I was having trouble focusing, when I started to think about Baby saying "you won't die". Then things kinda clicked in my head.
    Have you ever heard the Greek myth of Cronus being told his son would, one day, overthrow him? The one where he proceeded to eat all his children in fear of that happening?
    What if, somehow, William was told that Michael would, one day, overthrow (kill) him? Obviously he'd want to prevent it. So, with that, I'll continue.
    We never really got a solid explanation for why the animatronics were attacking Michael in the first place (assuming we play as him in every game). There was the "he looks like his father" but that was in SL, supposedly early in the timeline. I doubt William looks like a rotting corpse.
    What if the attacks were WIlliam's doing? What if he programmed them to attack Michael, because he understood that his son would eventually get revenge for all the lives taken by him?
    Although it's a stretch, I do kind of believe it. It would also explain the cameras from SL, watching the FNAF4 house. It would explain Michael (if he is, in fact, the crying child) being locked in his room all the time. William would probably be paranoid, and would want to keep Michael, even if he was a tiny child, from trying anything on him.
    So yeah. I'm sorry if you understood 0% of what I said up there, I've never been good at explaining things.
    (I've been working on this little theory for a while, and another thing clicked as I was writing this. Why would Michael be so content to just die at the end of FNAF6? Other than him being a robot, I saw someone saying it was because he had, in a way, fulfilled his purpose. He had no more to live for. I believe that, but I also don't. Again, it's a stretch, but what if Michael was born only to stop his father and get revenge? That would also explain how he didn't die after the bite, and survived after Ennard ditched him. Again, things are clicking in my head, so here we go again. What if Ennard was especially created to kill Michael? We never really see him do much except take over his body. Maybe William created him to extra-kill Michael? Just a thought. Again, super jumbled, I know, Also I've said "again" a lot here. ok thanks for reading.)
    *TLDR because my friend told me this makes no sense: I think William created the animatronics to not only kill kids, but to kill Michael, too. I think he somehow learned that Michael would kill him eventually, and did everything he could to prevent that. Also maybe Ennard was created only to "extra-kill" Mike. And maybe the reason he survived both the bite and Ennard was because he was "supposed" to kill William. Hopefully that made more sense. *

  • SydsKawaiiVids
    SydsKawaiiVids 7 hours ago

    her name is Charlie

  • Blizzard Cloud
    Blizzard Cloud 7 hours ago

    Am I the only one that keeps checking to see if Matt has released a new fnaf video just to end my own confusion?

  • Miss. GameAtion
    Miss. GameAtion 7 hours ago

    We're can you buy the book

  • Kat_ Glen
    Kat_ Glen 7 hours ago +1

    Ok, so this might sound weird and crazy, but I think will help somewhat.
    This is how I think Michal rebirth might have happened. The bear tells you I will put you back together, so of course you know he will bring you back to life. The question is how. Don't you remember that the crying child has an older brother? The bear could have simply swapped both of your souls to were Michal takes the place of his brother, and his brother takes the place as Michal. (so technically a body switch, to were Michal's brother ends up dead because he is in the body of Michal, and Michal lives because he is in the body of his brother) This would make the older brother Golden Freddy.
    You might be asking yourself, how can this be true? Well lets face the facts. If this wasn't true then the older brother served no purpose other then killing his brother and scaring the living hell out of him. What other use does he have. And BECAUSE Michal's brother torments him, you would think he would want some kind of revenge on him, and that answer is yes. The bear ends up switching Michal's and his Brother's bodies, killing Michal's brother, getting the revenge Michal wanted. His brother would finally get a taste of his own medicine, and the karma he deserved for killing and tormenting Michal. Even if it caused him death. This is how Michal was "Put together again".
    Michal can now start planning on getting revenge on his father for locking him up in his room, and for killing those children and trapping their souls in animations. Its brutal, yes, but would you let someone as horrible as William kill more children?
    This was just a theory, (a GAME theory *cough cough* sorry *cough cough*) but hopefully this will help.
    Side note: I do not know how the swapping would work, but hey, if robots could come alive with a human soul, then there could be body swaps.

  • TacoPuppyLord
    TacoPuppyLord 7 hours ago

    what if the fredbear plush is inside the locked box?

  • Miguis 2004
    Miguis 2004 7 hours ago +1

    Why does the game 1 paycheck say Schmidt and not Afton?

  • grenade
    grenade 7 hours ago

    What I’m confused about is in the last theory he said Balora and Baby are the mother and daughter but like why doesn’t Baby remember balora as her mom?

  • Czarina Salcedo
    Czarina Salcedo 8 hours ago

    i was just looking through the book a few seconds ago, and it said, “My Name” two times throughout the book with blood splotches right next to it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • mariana nieto
    mariana nieto 8 hours ago

    What happens if golden Freddy is maike

  • tangerine six
    tangerine six 8 hours ago

    1:05 who else sees human eyes where the puppets eyes are

  • Clutch Nikko
    Clutch Nikko 8 hours ago

    Idiots. The orange guy is William Afton’s father, and William is the one always escaping to that other place to build his animatronics because if you follow the footsteps it leads to a pile of stuff which can be parts to animatronics. The person at the tv is the mother too. Very broad but makes more sense than this bullshit. Jr’s is where orange guy goes to drink at a bar and midnight motorist is where he drives back home drunk at 200 mph. Makes more sense ? Of course

  • roger roger 2187
    roger roger 2187 8 hours ago

    Guys what upsets me is THE FACT THAT WE STILL DONT KNOW WHO PHONE GUY IS!!!!!

  • Star King
    Star King 8 hours ago

    MY LEG!

  • William Faix
    William Faix 8 hours ago

    I think I’ve figured out who did the bite of 87! On page 36 of the Freddy Files you can see blood on China’s teeth (both endoskeleton and head). And that would explain her broken jaw.

  • flukey the cat is cool

    Yea and I'm one of them..

  • Maddox Reynolds
    Maddox Reynolds 8 hours ago

    mine is that it's all a dream and he gets stuck in a golden Freddy suit and wakes up and is purple Freddy

  • SS8 Phantom
    SS8 Phantom 8 hours ago

    Oh I forgot to mention please tell me if this is helpful or not

  • Maddox Reynolds
    Maddox Reynolds 8 hours ago

    my theory is that the guy is dreaming and works at after he done sleeping

  • Erine Richemod
    Erine Richemod 8 hours ago

    Wait what if he filled the book when he was a kid and then he came back as another human and it happens again in fnaf 5 and then he came back again as a human and then died in fanf 6

  • SS8 Phantom
    SS8 Phantom 8 hours ago

    Sorry I was too lazy to type in one box so there like 20 comments form me. And by 20 I mean five

  • SS8 Phantom
    SS8 Phantom 8 hours ago

    I finished the lists a lot sooner than I thought I would also I thought I saw a clue in the Freddy files there’s a picture that’s in the survival logbook that is In the Freddy files Page 9 in the Freddy files and page 73 and 101 in the survival logbook the one on 101 kind of relates but doesn’t look exactly the same

  • SS8 Phantom
    SS8 Phantom 9 hours ago

    Page 9 page 12 page 14 page 15 page 16 page 19 page 20 page 23 page 29 page 32 page 34 page 41 page 42 and 43 Page 56 page 59 page 61 page 62 page 64 page 70 page 73 page 75 Page 79 page 82 and 83 page 84 page 85 page 87 page 92 page 101 page 103 Page 106 and 107 page 108 and 112 the very last page in the book

  • komododithrax
    komododithrax 9 hours ago

    Golden Freddy's real name is Cassidy.

  • Thomas Turner
    Thomas Turner 9 hours ago

    He's realesing stuff to scare hiself and other people

  • Barrett Kiburz
    Barrett Kiburz 9 hours ago

    Spooky intro

  • SS8 Phantom
    SS8 Phantom 9 hours ago

    Oh also I forgot to say you’re fnaf theories are my favorite theories and also Markiplier made reference to you in one of his videos if you just look up Markiplier compilation fnaf you’ll find it

  • SS8 Phantom
    SS8 Phantom 9 hours ago

    Hi Matt pat my name is SS8 I just got the survival logbook and I am making a very long list of everything that Mike or the spirit of golden Freddie says it’ll take a week or two because I’ll be at schoo I just got the survival logbook and making a very long list of everything that Mike or the spirit of golden Freddie says it’ll take a week or two because I’ll be at a camp. But when I’m done I’ll send it to you

  • Mrs Stingray
    Mrs Stingray 9 hours ago

    also you could use the words in the word search as key words

  • Mrs Stingray
    Mrs Stingray 9 hours ago

    maybe the hospital was for michale aftons brother aka the crying child brother and the crying child was there with him

  • superc22066
    superc22066 9 hours ago

    Malay who is your favorite fnaf character

  • Mrs Stingray
    Mrs Stingray 9 hours ago

    you can also use dabbing Chica silver eyes twisted ones the fourth closet freddy files and the name of all 51 animatronics plastic, purple, telephone

  • Katy Scene
    Katy Scene 9 hours ago

    Michael: "Can... you... tell... me???"
    Golden Freddy: "...No..."
    Michael: *Is on the verge of tears and wants to close the book
    Golden Freddy: "...But I can show you."
    _(Sorry, I got a serious Chamber of Secrets vibe from that book.)_

  • Mrs Stingray
    Mrs Stingray 9 hours ago

    And you can add 5 and 4 to those numbers witch are on the chalkborad

  • Mrs Stingray
    Mrs Stingray 9 hours ago

    other words tombstones, three, six and you can use the page numbers as word clues like nine where tally marks are and the error page words and four and five for tally marks groups and tally marks, tally, marks, FNAF, sister location, sister, location FNAF world, Freddy Fazbear's, Fazbears, circus baby, Pizza world

  • Pixelated Game Animations

    Remember how you said there were elephants in the room one of the elephants stuck out to me if the crying child is Michael how is he also golden Freddy as shown in happiest day and fnaf 4. I began to think about it and what if he’s both he’s not truly all Michael but not fully golden Freddy allow me to explain. In the give gifts give life mini game from fnaf 2 we never give golden Freddy a gift or life meaning that most likely something has already happened outside of the puppets control like the remnant soul juice mixed with whatever the puppet uses to give life is what makes a dead child able to possess an animatronic and I think that that’s what happened William Michael Afton springtrap schmeikenheimer (reference from a previous video) had sucked the remnant out of Michael already meaning the puppet has very little effectiveness of giving life which would explain golden Freddy’s ghostly behavior. And the reason Michael’s normal body isn’t ghostly like golden Freddy is because all it takes for a human body to be living is just remnant due to previous life in the body unlike the suits that are inanimate objects that had no life previously in it making the remnant need a little push from the puppet making golden Freddy only having that push and not the remnant it needs making it only half alive in the suit and technically half but it’s easier in his human body. But hey that’s just a theory a GAME THEORY thanks for reading.

  • Mrs Stingray
    Mrs Stingray 9 hours ago

    and did you use susie charlete gabriel and the rest of the tombstones for word clues other words five, nights, survival, logbook animatronics, baby, lefty, nightmare etc security, purpleguy purple, guy, survivallogbook

  • Brianna Wensel
    Brianna Wensel 9 hours ago

    What if he didn't die I know that logic makes no sense since we heard a Flatline at the end of the game but maybe Scott put that maybe just to mess with people maybe he didn't die I know you probably won't see this matpat but if you do see this thank you for reading

  • TheSCMiners
    TheSCMiners 9 hours ago

    Wait a minute. Didn't we say in an early theory that the crying child WAS Golden Freddy? I know that that probably isn't actually the case, but is it possible that we've met "Cassidy" before as an unnamed avatar? Maybe it isn't the crying child but is actually his big brother. This would make him a much more prominent character, as he probably should be. He has appeared in two games now (one of which seems unnecessary), which makes it seem like he should be a bigger deal. It would also make Golden Freddy's relationship with Mike in the logbook make more sense: it's his brother giving him the advice to try to help him. It's a long shot, and I have no clue if it actually makes any sense (FNAF4 kinda freaks me out), but it seems to make logical sense.

  • Mrs Stingray
    Mrs Stingray 9 hours ago

    and you can add all of the page numbers where you found the my name equals number error add them together and use the double numbers like 10 11 and 8 11 and you can use those as 3 digit numbers and you can use these instead of a vigenere cipher and go back to 123 ABC

  • Mrs Stingray
    Mrs Stingray 9 hours ago

    and if you forgot those page numbers are.9 19 31 31 again for 2 groups 36 and 100 or add them together for 226 and finally you can multiply the by their numbers like page 9 times 5 tally marks equals 45 and you can also and those together

  • Kurt Boylstein
    Kurt Boylstein 9 hours ago

    I think golden Freddy real name is MICHAEL because it cant be Alex because Alex has a X at the end of it that must be foxy so maybe that's it

  • Beyblade Nutt Boom
    Beyblade Nutt Boom 9 hours ago

    I like how you used Omega floweys camera face showing the duplicates

  • Mrs Stingray
    Mrs Stingray 9 hours ago

    i have an idea use the page numbers of the pages with the tally marks and use that for your decoding with a vigenere cipher

  • Flame Solar
    Flame Solar 9 hours ago

    I thought the guy watching TV in the house in midnight motorist was the guy from sister location because he watches TV when you beat the night.

  • Tyler
    Tyler 9 hours ago

    The Puppet shows in the FNaF world extras menu, “Think outside the box!”

  • Luminus Wulf
    Luminus Wulf 10 hours ago

    Matpat you're gonna break a vein take a breath for a second--

  • lapis lazuli
    lapis lazuli 10 hours ago

    Dabbing chica is actually the mastermind of the franchise.

  • T̾ωu̾b̾b̾y̾ T̾i̾g̾e̾r̾

    WAIT, so the telephone was purple all this time? I thought it was blue with purple eyes. and the robot (which I call Rupert) is blue also. BUT NOPE THE TELEPHONE IS PURPLE! MY MIND IS BLOWN. also when it goes down to the picture of the "purple" phone at 5:07 I thought mat was saying Mike is the phone. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN .

  • BrianXD0807 Roblox, Geomtry dash, and more!

    Golden Freddy’s name is Cassidy do the code but do it in the word search

  • Nasir Javed
    Nasir Javed 10 hours ago

    okay so about mike being the bite victim just think of this for one second. okay? forget about the logic. what if he did not die? what if mike just did not die. I mean the only LOGICAL way for mike to be in sister location is if he did NOT die so that means that he was in the hospital but he was probably unconscious so he DREAMED about the nightmares and that nightmare Fred bear does represent death. so when you survive the night without nightmare jump scaring you basically just avoided the face of death which is Scott Cawthon's way of saying "he did not die" and when the plush says some things are best left forgotten maybe he is saying we should FORGET about the bite and just move on into the story. now all of this is MY theory there is nobody (at least I think nobody) who have talked about this I came up with this so I am just saying please do not hate on it. because it might not be true but this is what I think.

  • lynx
    lynx 10 hours ago

    anyone been on Scotts websites lately cuz on there is only a dark picture called Iamstillhere.jpg and on in the background you see an office and there are six frames, three of them show shadow bonnie, plushtrap, and nightmare chica. The other three have three question marks. Under that it says Things get much, much worse.

    • lynx
      lynx 7 hours ago

      he added bonnet

  • 30O0 Pvpッ
    30O0 Pvpッ 10 hours ago


  • Belinda Gonzales
    Belinda Gonzales 10 hours ago +1

    Omg are you ok banding your head

  • Floreta Ticky
    Floreta Ticky 10 hours ago

    As I was checking one of your theory like way back you said the purple guys used a golden GOLDEN Freddy suit to lure his victims

  • Davin Sean
    Davin Sean 10 hours ago

    Wait i thought mike was springtrap I'm pretty sure he is but then who are you in night 4 of sister location and also William killed his wife and what I heard that she possessed the marionette and burned down the fnaf horror attraction

  • dead pool
    dead pool 10 hours ago

    Have you ever had read the thread book

  • Floreta Ticky
    Floreta Ticky 10 hours ago

    Eventually golden Freddy was a humanoid robot in disguise as purple guy talking to Mike to comfort him as in the mini game golden Freddy said I'll put you back together like purple guy to put Mike's body back to get and survive lol I just thought of that

  • debbyk3457
    debbyk3457 10 hours ago +1

    But you forgot...when he gets scooped there is blood soooooo he has to still be alive

  • Tyler Carney
    Tyler Carney 11 hours ago

    1:32 Did anyone notice chicas eyes

  • Rodrigo Couto
    Rodrigo Couto 11 hours ago

    mat at 6:41 mangle looks like the mangle in the sisters bedroom just saying it could be useful

  • Reigameru
    Reigameru 11 hours ago +1

    FNAF is my fav game ever i tried to solve it since fnaf 2 but i never got where you did.Your theories make sence and i hope you will solve the BIGGEST MYSTERY in gaming history!!!!

  • Chubbtub _101
    Chubbtub _101 11 hours ago

    Maybe the 4 days in fnaf are related to 6