Game Theory: FNAF, The Theory That Changed EVERYTHING!! (FNAF 6 Ultimate Custom Night)


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  • Keelin McEwen
    Keelin McEwen 18 hours ago

    WHY SCOTT WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keelin McEwen
    Keelin McEwen 18 hours ago


  • Diani Wahyuni
    Diani Wahyuni Day ago

    Do shadow bonnie u did not tell us what happend. Whose shadow bonnie?

  • Diani Wahyuni
    Diani Wahyuni Day ago

    Im comfussed thet mike its the crying chile

  • ashley ally
    ashley ally Day ago

    woah wait what if the crying child its told to say "i will put you back together"maybe he put his back together as a robot? and he dosent know anything... (eh im so stupid)

  • Danny Ramon
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  • Lubex Rant
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  • PokeM Playz
    PokeM Playz Day ago

    I know this is an old video but I’m watching it right now and I remembered that hello neighbor released an update here you can see the kids or something like that

  • Elijah Hall
    Elijah Hall Day ago

    how did mike rot if he does not have real skin

  • Abigail Bagnell
    Abigail Bagnell 2 days ago

    I don't think Michael is a robot. I think he has remnant inside of him.

  • A random Undertalefangirl

    That Intro!

  • The wired One out
    The wired One out 2 days ago +1

    The phones blue, to me

  • Lily The potato
    Lily The potato 2 days ago +1

    I have binge watched these episodes so much, I don't even know what to say anymore. We've come so far! (mostly you guys) I'm so proud of everyone for nearly solving fnaf! I can't help but rewatch everything. :>

  • Funtime Foxy
    Funtime Foxy 3 days ago

    What if Micheal from FNaF all games changed his name to Fritz and Jeremy because he was known at that place for something?

  • Giresh Talaba
    Giresh Talaba 3 days ago

    I have it

  • Saurandrael
    Saurandrael 3 days ago

    Well he didn't necessarily die from the bite. Because when discussing the bite phone guy coments something to the effect of " it's amazing how long someone can live without a frontal lobe".

  • Wade Watts
    Wade Watts 3 days ago

    I know that Cassidy is the name of Golden Freddy from the word search on pg 58 and that pg 61 on the chalk board it shows 5+4 with a 3 in the corner.
    First i think the 3 in the corner is referring to 3 pages back to the word search as the "fill in the blank clue" for the name, but the only thing i can seem to find with a "5+4" the board may be referring too is the tally marks through out the book that come only in 5's but one 4 on page 31. silly enough if you add all the tally marks together it equals 39 which happens to be the page asking to "draw yourself as an animatronic. what special ability would you have?" possible simple indication of what scott was going to reveal or just a coincidence.

  • Damber K Kharel
    Damber K Kharel 4 days ago

    William afton wants his son to die?!?!?!?!?

  • Kittenfight_ 326
    Kittenfight_ 326 4 days ago

    I was literally reading “the fourth closet” just before clicking this video 😅

  • Terra Saurus
    Terra Saurus 4 days ago

    Wait, what was the theory about again?

  • Yazoo - RBLX
    Yazoo - RBLX 4 days ago

    At 1:06 I Saw eyes in the puppet no joke

  • Shaylee Cruz
    Shaylee Cruz 4 days ago

    Okay, but what if, Mike afton is the kid you play as in FNAF 4, but he wasnt the crying child. What if the crying child is the little brother we thought he was, and he was the one that got bit, and the reason that the setting of the game is the crying childs room is because the older brother is grieving the younger brothers death, or hes having nightmares after the bite because he technically caused it, and that would explain the IV, pills, and flower Easter eggs in the main game. just a theory but this would explain a whole lot. EDIT: well, never mind because it still wouldnt explain why the survival log book belonged to Mike and makes the conclusion that mike was the crying child

  • Scottie Burgess
    Scottie Burgess 4 days ago

    I have a sorta-dumb theory, what if "Jr's"... *is "cakebear's"?*

  • The Gamer of survival

    to be honest i thought that nightmare was purple guy since he had a brain and that springtrap became forgotten lol

  • Geezee Gamez
    Geezee Gamez 4 days ago

    This series, after watching all these theories is more sad than scary. I know that the series is over, but I feel like Cassidy needs their happy ending. They need their happiest day. Even people have been trying to help them, such as puppet and the nightguard.

  • Γιώργος Δρίτσας

    Actually phone guy in Fnaf 1 says that the bite victim survived without the frontal lobe . So micheal survived after going to the hospital . That could be the reason we se flowers and etc in Fnaf 4 .

    • RandomPerson
      RandomPerson 3 days ago

      Phone guy was talking about the bite of 87 not the bite of 83

    ROBERTO BERMÚDEZ 5 days ago

    I thought mike had kenny syndrome

  • Silvia Legi
    Silvia Legi 5 days ago


    FNAF 7 UCN

  • Coolbrobray203 A-bear

    Charlie didn’t die from a spring lock failure she died from a suit and got crushed by her house while studying another door she never noticed before and then her dads house fell down on her while she was getting eaten alive

  • The Drage
    The Drage 5 days ago

    Matpat i found an clue to mike's real name. Its on page 52 on the page number

  • FNAF productions
    FNAF productions 5 days ago

    You're wrong about FNAF

  • Abbynator Torres
    Abbynator Torres 5 days ago

    Does anybody see eyes in the puppets eyes

  • Daiheem Blow
    Daiheem Blow 5 days ago

    Who's grave is that? and its pretty linked and keeps going maybe matpat is being used to create a bigger story the more pieces you fit the author creates more until a finally is inevitable

  • Daiheem Blow
    Daiheem Blow 5 days ago

    Yo I know yall see that grave in the background

  • Hayden TheGamer
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  • Hayden TheGamer
    Hayden TheGamer 5 days ago

    scoot is so werd

  • Hayden TheGamer
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  • Hayden TheGamer
    Hayden TheGamer 5 days ago

    fnaf is cool

  • Hayden TheGamer
    Hayden TheGamer 5 days ago

    It's so cool

  • Colin Johnson
    Colin Johnson 6 days ago

    Hes here
    He's There
    He's everywhere
    Ho You gon call psychic friend friend fredbear

  • Chreeios 363
    Chreeios 363 6 days ago

    10:37 wait so what about "midnight driver arcade"?

  • Christopher Bottle
    Christopher Bottle 6 days ago

  • The Bandit
    The Bandit 6 days ago +1

    11:33 am I the only one who sees that

  • Hayden TheGamer
    Hayden TheGamer 6 days ago

    Do more fnaf

  • Hayden TheGamer
    Hayden TheGamer 6 days ago

    Do more fnaf

  • Khristina Mantei
    Khristina Mantei 9 days ago

    What if the brother is saying "I WILL PUT BACK TOGETHER".

  • Amanda Highbarger
    Amanda Highbarger 9 days ago

    Puppet is a guy 😡😡😡😡🤬

    • Pguin Man
      Pguin Man 4 days ago

      No it’s possessed by a girl

  • EndyTheUnicorn
    EndyTheUnicorn 10 days ago

    at least matpat will never run out of new content as scott will never stop releasing new stuff lol

  • Katrina Vonstockhausen

    Uhhhhhhh... my brain hurts now...

  • Katrina Vonstockhausen

    Mat pat (I haven't seen your end theory for how Mike is an adult so don't hate) simple, the bite, and stuff happened BEFORE 4 1 5 (in order of how it happened) Mike gets bit, and in the game he flat lines, but HE'S REVIVED and goes onto be Mike Schmidt.... now your thinking "long stretch" and yes.... it is....

    CHUCK E. CHEESE Tube 10 days ago

    uhh game theorists i don't like to tell you this but the book originally said "five nights at Freddy's security logbook" scary right?

  • Infinity Verse
    Infinity Verse 10 days ago

    What about the movie

  • Lerroy Jankins
    Lerroy Jankins 10 days ago

    Does anyone else see the eyes in the puppet on 1:06???

  • Tonyt123
    Tonyt123 10 days ago

    Who else watching at 1:30 am

  • Zakary Dodson
    Zakary Dodson 10 days ago

    Orange guy is Williams dad... so he is grandpa Afton 😂

  • Bad Poker Face
    Bad Poker Face 10 days ago

    The word final means nothing to me

  • shanna cox
    shanna cox 10 days ago

    What if the Micheal did die on his birthday(bite of 83) and William put his things into the box, locked it up then adopted a new child that looked a lot like himself at about the same age as the real Micheal and named the new child Micheal and then raised him as mike and that would be why the book asked if he remembered his name and is William is the vampire from the tv show the reason he says he is it my child is because the adopted child isn’t his child because he adopted him

  • Vida Balazic
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  • Couch O'Clock News
    Couch O'Clock News 11 days ago

    What I thought he was golden fredbear

  • Azur Čubrilović
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  • Azur Čubrilović
    Azur Čubrilović 11 days ago

    Rip MatPats ballu

  • A.R. Galaxy
    A.R. Galaxy 11 days ago

    Your first final fnaf theory was to be honest the most clear and easiest one to follow that you have made

    • RandomPerson
      RandomPerson 3 days ago

      Because it was linear, and mat wanted it to be ez understand

  • Challenge Warriors
    Challenge Warriors 11 days ago

    This is his Story..... Dun Dun....

  • Ryan Romano
    Ryan Romano 12 days ago +1

    Sorry, but Michael isn't the crying child. The majority of Fnaf fans believe him to be the older brother. At first I believed you, thoguh now I understand. The reason Michael knows of Nightmare Fredbear is because Fredbear killed his young brother, and he had nightmares about him. It also would make more sense on how he survived the scooping. If he was literally rebuilt by his father father, then the scooping would destroy a lot of it, though he would still survive because of Ennard, and when he throws up Ennard, he wouldn't be able to survive because oft he constant electric shocks caused by the parts William added, and some other things. Not even his sisters soul would be able to save him. Maybe Cassidy's(Golden Freddy's) soul could save him, though she was nowhere near him at the time. It's just that too many people are going with the older brother is Michael theory.

    • Keldrick Westbrook
      Keldrick Westbrook 8 days ago

      No,these days three are very very few people with that old idea these days

  • Morgan Stock
    Morgan Stock 12 days ago

    Watch Andy’s videos now you have to🧠👉🏻👃🏼

  • theshinycharizard
    theshinycharizard 12 days ago

    It used to be 4 games, one story, but now its 8 games, too many stories.

  • AlecTyphlosion
    AlecTyphlosion 12 days ago

    Wait just a second. I thought it was stated that the crying child was Micheal’s brother and that the crying child is also Golden Freddy. Were those theories debunked? Also if Micheal is just a robot how could he grow up and have memories plus when he gets scooped we obviously see blood which means he must be human. Also maybe the crying child is the one writing the faded out messages to Micheal. I know that doesn’t explain hoe Mike knows about the Nightmare animatronics or why the spirit asks about Psychic Friend Fredbear and if he knows his name or remembers everything, but hey that’s just a theory!

    • AlecTyphlosion
      AlecTyphlosion 12 days ago

      Never mind so it seems the crying child isn’t golden freddy ok but I’m still not sure about everything else

  • Mellow hates everybody and also you

    Dabbing chica

  • jobey Cazzy
    jobey Cazzy 12 days ago

    it's a game idiot

  • jobey Cazzy
    jobey Cazzy 12 days ago

    go kill yourself

  • Mr Noob
    Mr Noob 12 days ago

    WAS IT ME >:)

  • Mr Noob
    Mr Noob 12 days ago

    no the foxy guy is michael

  • Ava Taylor
    Ava Taylor 12 days ago

    If the children could only possess the animatronics because for the puppet then why could the puppet get possessed?

    • karder samson
      karder samson 11 days ago

      Because the soul of Henry's daughter was absorbed by the puppet, the same thing that happened to Golden Freddy

  • Ranger Mixie
    Ranger Mixie 12 days ago

    I swore myself off of FNAF because my parents found out I watched it... but the only reason I'm watching it is because it's pretty recent... so sorry MatPat but this is a one time thing...😶😉

    • Ranger Mixie
      Ranger Mixie 12 days ago

      Ok maybe I'll watch FNAF 6.... JUST ONCE THOUGH!

  • Villa Wafer
    Villa Wafer 12 days ago

    But Michael is-in The 📚 books

  • Steve Eidsvoog
    Steve Eidsvoog 13 days ago

    The last tombstone must by Michael Brooks quote TSE “They all knew there had been other children, but Michael’s death had loomed so great in all their lives, that they had never even talked about the other victims. Now, Charlie felt a pang of guilt.”

  • Ariel Lambdin
    Ariel Lambdin 13 days ago

    Isn't mangle a girl?????

  • Lm Pst
    Lm Pst 13 days ago

    He was upset because he learned Ronnie had put a baby in his Beard.

  • ima bad youtuber
    ima bad youtuber 14 days ago

    the log book(srry i dont know how to spell log book)more like the LORE book

  • Riley Gilpin
    Riley Gilpin 14 days ago

    there is a grave behinde susie!!!!!!

  • Diamond Craft
    Diamond Craft 14 days ago +1

    I keep having what I think are answers but your next video kill that theory

  • Eaf Crane
    Eaf Crane 14 days ago

    love your videos on fnaf.

  • Mangle girl
    Mangle girl 14 days ago

    Scrolling through the comments I realized something, the blood spatter you get when you die in FNAF 4 is the same blood spatter you get when you get scooped in SL, could there be a connection? Scott doesn’t do coincidences so that could mean something, or I’m reading to far into this, but isn’t that what this channel is about?

    ROCKSTAR ANIMATOR DC2 15 days ago

    In FNAF 3 mingame
    The good ending minigame
    There are kids with FNAF 6 secondary characters mask...

  • rainbow pusheen gacha
    rainbow pusheen gacha 16 days ago

    That dabbing Chica haunts me in my dreams 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • DragonGaming - Agario
    DragonGaming - Agario 16 days ago

    Wondering why Purple Guy is orange? He was stuck in the suit (Springtrap) and he can't get out. So, he returned home as Springtrap.

  • DragonGaming - Agario
    DragonGaming - Agario 16 days ago

    But.. Mike's full name is Michael Afton.. But, In FNAF 1, his name on the paycheck, is Mike Schmidt. Hmm... Is The Game Theorists wrong?

  • DragonGaming - Agario
    DragonGaming - Agario 16 days ago



  • UnderTheLimit — Minecraft And More!

    My fnaf story:
    Fredbear Family Diner, 1983
    Characters of chapter 1
    Alex Afton
    William Afton
    Spring Bonnie
    Spring freddy
    Spring Chica
    Spring Foxy
    Untwisted Wolf(Wolfy)
    Half Built Toy Freddy
    Half Built Toy Bonnie
    Half Built Toy Chica
    Alex Beffy(Builder Of Animatronics)
    Charles Beffy(oldest son of Alex)
    Dozing Bots Robotics(Beffy Company)
    Chapter 1: The Bite
    He was having a birthday, the kids sang “Alex happy birthday happy birthday!” There was 4 kids whispering to each other, then they each asked the purple person standing in the yellow rabbit suit. He was there friend and would tell them about his murders, only them. The 4 Kids we’re programmed to prank Alex, not meant to kill him. They glitched and went crazy, tossing him into the jaw of the yellow bear. The rabbit did not see, the kid shook and cried, causing the spring locks to fail, closing the mouth of the bear, nearly killing the kid and severally hurting the employee inside it. After this the restaurant owner and many people called the cops, hundreds coming to the restaurant as people ran away. The restaurant closed days later leaving it abandon. On the day of the bite a new restaurant opened, and ice cream parlor.
    Chapter 2: Coming Soon

  • Kadie Harrett
    Kadie Harrett 16 days ago

    it shows by he,s toy

  • Kadie Harrett
    Kadie Harrett 16 days ago

    and also golden freddy is crying kid

  • Kadie Harrett
    Kadie Harrett 16 days ago

    name is cassidy

  • Kadie Harrett
    Kadie Harrett 16 days ago

    golden fraddy

  • PotterHeads Unite!
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  • PotterHeads Unite!
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    I think this video needs a avengers infinity war spoiler alert

  • Thomas Schwietert
    Thomas Schwietert 16 days ago

    I called it was Mike because if fnaf is a dream from a child. That means Mike is a child that's why his name are on the checks

  • Thomas Schwietert
    Thomas Schwietert 16 days ago

    Wouldn't it be 4+5 times three

  • RayGunZombies _ YT
    RayGunZombies _ YT 17 days ago

    he's here
    he's there
    he's everywhere

  • MegaAbsolRocks359
    MegaAbsolRocks359 17 days ago

    Scott just wants to screw you off. Your too smart for him though. Also, why doesn't withered bonnie have a face?