24 Hour Overnight Challenge In Hi5 Studios! *Creepy*


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  • MarbleFoxPlayz
    MarbleFoxPlayz 22 hours ago

    arguing about feet
    *totally normal*

  • Shane Jowett
    Shane Jowett Day ago

    I'll be in the chair I'll be in the chair... HE IS OUT OF THE CHAIR!

  • Sporty SkyNova
    Sporty SkyNova Day ago +1

    Dear Matthias,
    I have a question for you,
    What does HI5 stand for?
    I am very curious about it

  • W Kingy
    W Kingy Day ago

    Did anyone else here Matt say it’s gunner rain?

  • Austin Nguyen
    Austin Nguyen Day ago

    Are there going to be more like this

  • marie halley
    marie halley Day ago

    Yes!! Who else agrees that birthday cake oreos are the best.

  • Iirk Kkk
    Iirk Kkk Day ago

    When a man becomes a baby girl

  • Kawaii LGBTQ PRIDE
    Kawaii LGBTQ PRIDE 2 days ago +1

    Me: I’m on a diet
    Also me: Sits in my room eating crackers and peanut butter while watching USclip

    • Lolo K
      Lolo K 2 days ago

      Kawaii LGBTQ PRIDE same

  • Shawna jacobson
    Shawna jacobson 2 days ago

    When they said shawna was fake I questioned if I existed

  • William Centala Jr
    William Centala Jr 2 days ago

    Woods is so cute

  • Kittymankitty
    Kittymankitty 2 days ago


  • MarbleFoxPlayz
    MarbleFoxPlayz 2 days ago

    They suddenly start arguing about...

  • MarbleFoxPlayz
    MarbleFoxPlayz 2 days ago


  • kk raye
    kk raye 2 days ago

    25:48 Connor you good bro 😂😂😂

  • MarbleFoxPlayz
    MarbleFoxPlayz 2 days ago

    6:04 They just have an argue about feet.

  • Fast SJT
    Fast SJT 2 days ago +1

    Did u know that if ur doing renervations in a building that if it is a spirits home they will come out

  • Sunshine Draws
    Sunshine Draws 3 days ago

    Harry Potato for life

  • pbm888
    pbm888 3 days ago

    i saw a ghost in the footage on the stairs and push the paint roller....

  • Claire Fogelstrom
    Claire Fogelstrom 3 days ago

    It looks like it got pushed

  • keegan MacIntyre
    keegan MacIntyre 3 days ago

    I can't stay up that late

  • Raul Alvarez
    Raul Alvarez 3 days ago


  • Rusty Sappington
    Rusty Sappington 3 days ago

    Tanner is not a King

  • Artsy
    Artsy 3 days ago


  • Phil Kauzlarich
    Phil Kauzlarich 4 days ago

    i would have got up at like 2 and left.... 😅

  • Savannah VanBuskirk
    Savannah VanBuskirk 4 days ago

    Do more of these.

  • Drkazilllionaire
    Drkazilllionaire 5 days ago

    biggest whitewash work place. hire some black and indians man!

  • Hector Natt
    Hector Natt 5 days ago

    At 27:39 I saw that I have those same Nike's

  • ruth arabella
    ruth arabella 6 days ago

    uu I like tanner's purple hoodie

  • wendy bright
    wendy bright 6 days ago


  • chicken nuggee
    chicken nuggee 6 days ago

    24:27 SCARRYYY

  • chicken nuggee
    chicken nuggee 6 days ago

    That was scary

  • ChuppyAbc Plays Stuff

    It's called rotation of the earth. I think... Never pasted school...

  • It’s your boy Wes
    It’s your boy Wes 6 days ago

    Do the thing Conor said

  • Rachel Thornley
    Rachel Thornley 6 days ago

    i get a like for ever person i trick
    *Read more*

    • Rachel Thornley
      Rachel Thornley 6 days ago

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      This is atully a code for somthing find out

    • Rachel Thornley
      Rachel Thornley 6 days ago

      i reply to my self

    • Rachel Thornley
      Rachel Thornley 6 days ago


    • Rachel Thornley
      Rachel Thornley 6 days ago


    • Rachel Thornley
      Rachel Thornley 6 days ago


  • iceteafresh offthestreet

    Hey um Matthias can you do more videos with Luna and Amanda

    I know you have a Matt and Amanda chanal
    But make more videos with Luna and Amanda thank you

  • ninetailednaruto11a
    ninetailednaruto11a 7 days ago

    Could've been a mouse

  • Hyperactive Goes Mobile

    Why not use the paranormal investigation stuff you reviewed on a video, like the REM Pod or something

  • Tori Lynn
    Tori Lynn 7 days ago

    Your daughters so cute!

  • FlamingFlareo
    FlamingFlareo 8 days ago

    Lol you are doing a scary challenge while children are getting kidnaped across the street XD

  • Dark Hydra
    Dark Hydra 8 days ago +1

    What's the song when they do the fashion show????

  • Constantinos Attouni

    2:20 behind woods.. can someone please tell me the names of these things you put on your camera? I want to buy one.

  • RITNiX
    RITNiX 8 days ago

    Translation on what connor said: "i don't know, i don't know kevin is, kevin's the first person to go for this"

  • Blazin' Games
    Blazin' Games 8 days ago

    i need to know if the spook after matts bit was real or faked. if its legit thats pretty dope.

  • mygaminglife 069
    mygaminglife 069 9 days ago

    Watch to the right of the paint roller and you can see a slight orb as it's falling

  • Arnav Thapaliya
    Arnav Thapaliya 9 days ago

    Matt you should have scream while hiding

  • pet-z
    pet-z 9 days ago

    omg spirit orb in 21:29 at the door to the right

  • AAA Anything Anytime Anywhere

    Ur hi5 studio is haunted !!

  • Olivia Sorenson
    Olivia Sorenson 9 days ago

    they are such good friends!! (I wish I had some of those ;-;)

  • Olivia Sorenson
    Olivia Sorenson 9 days ago

    0:15 cutest baby ever

  • Tiger Tamir
    Tiger Tamir 10 days ago

    maybe the white panel van went inside and tipped it over idk how but maybe

  • TrioBroVlogs
    TrioBroVlogs 10 days ago


  • William Collins
    William Collins 10 days ago +1

    14:45, 15:08 Connor’s dabs

  • Kj Armstrong
    Kj Armstrong 10 days ago

    I am a young white girl (11) and I eat spicier food then my mom..... and Tanner

  • Jacobson Studios
    Jacobson Studios 10 days ago

    Matthias could you make skits and comedy vids like the ones you used to do, its hard to find good skit channels now used to like Rhett and Link, but now they just do GMM, I've been pressuring them to start making skits again to.

  • MiGHTymaxiBLE imamakeyoulaugh

    eng for what?

  • Evan Simmonds
    Evan Simmonds 10 days ago

    You are the best

  • Jewell Mckinney
    Jewell Mckinney 10 days ago

    Omg it's Dave the ghost

  • Jill Landry
    Jill Landry 11 days ago

    If you pulled a prank on me like that I would slap the HECK out of you

  • Jill Landry
    Jill Landry 11 days ago

    I don’t like creepy videos so idk why I clicked on this

  • Koval Fetterer
    Koval Fetterer 11 days ago

    Please do another 24 hour challenge video please!!!!!!!!

  • KJCGS_101
    KJCGS_101 11 days ago

    26:35 look at tanners pj's he peed gimself

  • alexis jones
    alexis jones 11 days ago

    @ 21:28 did anyone see the weird light in the bottom right corner??

  • Williiam Small
    Williiam Small 11 days ago

    3:45 lol

  • luna the white wolf
    luna the white wolf 11 days ago +3

    At 3: 00am it's the witching hour

  • That cool guy Cole
    That cool guy Cole 12 days ago

    wait.....so your not MrBeast?

  • where the music strives the real song

    If I were you then I would have taken a nerf gun to scare whatever was in the garage.

  • where the music strives the real song

    U need to do a five nights at Freddy’s challenge.

    GIPSY DANGER 12 days ago


  • Gaming With Gamerz
    Gaming With Gamerz 12 days ago

    Man it's 3 am that time is were times something weird happen there are videos of 3 am challenge

  • HyperEndymion2's Games and stuff

    2:00 Wood knows something.

  • The Three Kings
    The Three Kings 13 days ago

    i watched this at night.... not a good idea

    HYRULE GOD 13 days ago +2

    20:19 ASMR

  • HaZe Syphon
    HaZe Syphon 13 days ago

    10:05 the trunk looks like its open with how much its bouncing.😂😂

  • Aura Chip
    Aura Chip 13 days ago

    I haven’t watched you for MONTHS! I haven’t even seen Luna in your videos, and wasn’t she a brunette? She’s blonde and beautiful! She is either way, and always will be! She is right now anyways. Also, she’s adorable! Last time I saw her, she wasn’t even a toddler. She was a tiny baby! Aww, she can even TALK NOW

  • Abigail Bella Overton
    Abigail Bella Overton 14 days ago

    26:34 tanor the definition of man sitting

  • Gamer Lover09
    Gamer Lover09 14 days ago

    Project Zorgo is Watching

  • cameron buckwalter
    cameron buckwalter 14 days ago

    Yoooo the part with the paint roller in the warehouse gave me chills

  • Blind Bag Palooza
    Blind Bag Palooza 14 days ago

    At the time they said it was 8:45 I am watching this video at 8:45

  • Skyler Newton
    Skyler Newton 14 days ago +1

    this is a bucket

  • Daran Turner
    Daran Turner 15 days ago +1

    I wrote a horror story on this vlog

  • ShockTrooper 9000
    ShockTrooper 9000 15 days ago +1


  • Andrea Johnson
    Andrea Johnson 15 days ago +1

    your baby is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  • Sara Allison
    Sara Allison 16 days ago +1

    Matt:Its like 3:00a.m dude
    *weird noise*
    Yea it is DEFINETLY 3:00a.m

  • Joe Story Gamez
    Joe Story Gamez 16 days ago +2

    9:20 brian is digging in his butt

  • Slippers Gaming
    Slippers Gaming 16 days ago +2

    You talk fast 🙄

  • Blazer the Gamer
    Blazer the Gamer 16 days ago +1

    Im kinda annoyed by this video. It says 24 hours in hi-5 but but they didn’t start early enough and left too early.

  • Mica Tamani29
    Mica Tamani29 17 days ago +1


  • Mica Tamani29
    Mica Tamani29 17 days ago +1


  • Fred purcell
    Fred purcell 17 days ago

    unless u eat when yor sleep you are constantly breaking your fasting when you get up and eat

  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi 17 days ago

    I watch this again then I think tanner pant is broken I think it have a cut

  • Red Knight Fan
    Red Knight Fan 17 days ago

    Um the sub count is uhg...

  • Cesar Rodriguez
    Cesar Rodriguez 17 days ago

    1:19 nice Donald Trump.

  • Maximilian Rabbitt-Tomita

    ‘I stay for hockey’
    Joe pavelski confirmed

  • Jaffar Mahkamov
    Jaffar Mahkamov 17 days ago

    666k subs

  • It’s the unicorn Life

    Your daughter is so so cute I say her when she was like a couple months old she is so so CUTE!!!

  • Mario Kart
    Mario Kart 17 days ago

    666K SUBS...

  • Spectral Hunter
    Spectral Hunter 17 days ago +2

    I’m scared he has 666K subs

  • Jaselle Kernc ,rhen,
    Jaselle Kernc ,rhen, 18 days ago

    I’m watching this and you have 666k

  • bob the bulider
    bob the bulider 18 days ago

    Did anyone see the person at the door