24 Hour Overnight Challenge In Hi5 Studios! *Creepy*


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  • Katoon Casley
    Katoon Casley 9 hours ago

    Was it just me or did anyone else see a ghost like thing at 19:41 it sorta freaked me out please someone tell me I wasn’t the only one

  • Jekhi GamingYT
    Jekhi GamingYT 9 hours ago

    I nearly freakin died when the paint roller fell...

  • T ‘n’ P Gaming
    T ‘n’ P Gaming 10 hours ago

    What is the name of the camera mat used

  • Tyler Le Turtle
    Tyler Le Turtle 11 hours ago

    That paint roller wouldn't just randomly fall at that speed. If it was leaning against something it'd fall the other way most likely..

    • Tyler Le Turtle
      Tyler Le Turtle 11 hours ago

      Look in the bottom left of the security camera footage.. Am I the only one who thinks that light looks like a flashlight?
      EDIT: Dude.. I just realized the light *moves* as if someone was holding it...

  • GGTGamer69 Racer
    GGTGamer69 Racer 16 hours ago

    Matthais get the same crew and more ppl at night and try and see if it is really haunted

  • Hamza Musani
    Hamza Musani 17 hours ago

    4 15 Paul playin fortnite

  • Kore Lawrenz
    Kore Lawrenz 18 hours ago

    from the nest cam

  • Kore Lawrenz
    Kore Lawrenz 18 hours ago


  • Kore Lawrenz
    Kore Lawrenz 18 hours ago

    when u guys heard the i started crying and i was crying even worse when i saw the fotdege

  • Olivia Scavo
    Olivia Scavo 20 hours ago +1

    Was Paul playing Fortnite?

  • Asrar Samad
    Asrar Samad 22 hours ago

    i literally saw something at 24:39

  • 5 Pika
    5 Pika 23 hours ago

    Me trying to answer a question

  • Klance Fan
    Klance Fan Day ago +1

    They’d start act like ghost buster now work place hunted I was there would be scary and creepy .

  • Ladybug wonder
    Ladybug wonder Day ago

    WAIT!! Who is driving!!

  • josie rosales
    josie rosales Day ago

    How old is Luna

  • VaderMaster
    VaderMaster Day ago

    Matt your daughter is so cute

  • Alexis Whitley
    Alexis Whitley Day ago

    supernatural fans just die

  • Alexis Whitley
    Alexis Whitley Day ago

    wow i never realized woods was so attractive... dang

  • Nicole Plumley
    Nicole Plumley Day ago

    Birthday cake Oreos are the worst for me

  • TheKing OfUncontrol

    That white van...? Probably Markiplier.

  • Elijah Shepherd
    Elijah Shepherd Day ago

    for tanner: the person who uses frebreze as a body spray

  • crazygamer C
    crazygamer C Day ago

    5:45 😂

    FORTNITER Day ago

    Do it again but in new one pls it was the best

  • Plushtrap Pop
    Plushtrap Pop Day ago

    I'm investigating the paint roller that fell. Now something pushed it. We know that it was not pushed by someone that was like under the table because if someone did push it then the paint roller would've fell from the bottom. If you see the footage you can see that the paint roller was pushed from the top while it was perfectly still if someone pushed it from the bottom then it would've slipped and not have fallen from the top. I don't know what caused that but the paint roller was not pushed by someone under the table. Also what's more creepy was the paint roller fell at 3:00 Am (The Devils hour)

  • Cyrel Samosa
    Cyrel Samosa Day ago

    At 11:55 when he said day6..i got so excited, then i realized that he meant "day 6"😂

  • the artistic boy 2006

    4:06 he's playing fortnite

  • popcorn 3
    popcorn 3 Day ago

    I love your pajamas I'm screaming right now because I want them mattias

  • Youssef kaakati studio

    4:10 you see Paul playing Fortnite

  • Samantha McClain

    Tanner looks like a skinny Santa clause

  • Felidrummer1
    Felidrummer1 Day ago

    3am is also called the hour of the devil... just saying

  • Jeef Feej
    Jeef Feej 2 days ago

    Wait whaa he is fasting i tot only muslims do that

  • Mincraft and all
    Mincraft and all 2 days ago

    Just to let you know my dad is 49

  • achapong aroonskul
    achapong aroonskul 2 days ago

    Did u guys noticed Paul playing fortnite

  • Mai May
    Mai May 2 days ago


  • robert smith
    robert smith 2 days ago

    Why is woods not sleeping on shoes?!

  • Aiden Barker
    Aiden Barker 2 days ago

    Ok just a theory, What if the paint roller was maybe connected to the white van by any chance, Or maybe that was a ghost,Because it was leaning on the table,And not straight up either And I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be any air flow that would be strong enough to knock or push it over,Or maybe it was a prank i don't know like I said JUST a theory.

  • Jade Player
    Jade Player 2 days ago

    Honestly, I love watching shows dealing with the paranormal. Seeing how that paint roller just fell in the STUDIO is like. So cool to me

  • Bucky Barnes
    Bucky Barnes 2 days ago


  • Ellouise Roberts
    Ellouise Roberts 2 days ago

    i hate dabs

  • Mason Fink
    Mason Fink 2 days ago

    I saw a string on the bottom you can see it being pulled

  • Jace Nevarez
    Jace Nevarez 2 days ago

    Haunting hour is 3:00 am

  • Jace Nevarez
    Jace Nevarez 2 days ago

    It was a gosst at 3:00am

  • Matthew Bui
    Matthew Bui 2 days ago +1

    Mathias: where are you babe, you didn't come home.
    Babe: oh, i ended up passing out at work and in the morning, i just decided to work again.
    Mathias: USclip VIDEO!!! *but can i make it somehow creepy and not make it just look like I'm just sleeping at work?* *Can i somehow make content out of this?* *OFC I'M MATHIAS*

  • DarkLeagon
    DarkLeagon 2 days ago

    dude turn up the volume before the paintroller falls you can hear something that souds like breathing 24:53

  • Thedeadlypickaxe
    Thedeadlypickaxe 2 days ago

    Hey don't drive with no hands. Keep both hands on the steering wheel.

  • Austin Moriset
    Austin Moriset 3 days ago

    5:34 is by far my favourite part of the whole video when Connor puts too much tapatio on tanners food and proceeds to wheeze for the next 30 seconds. Connor is by far my most favourite person at hi-5!!!

  • Tashy 497
    Tashy 497 3 days ago

    I love how serious Paul is when all the spooky stuff happens XD

  • Kristen Mackenzie
    Kristen Mackenzie 3 days ago +1

    Did anyone else think that Woods was hella cut when he was sleeping on the floor, no, just me?

  • Trena Reichman
    Trena Reichman 3 days ago

    19:40 there's a gost.

  • Ninetales Karma
    Ninetales Karma 3 days ago

    Ghost if the temperature it's off to you and that fell on its own like I can see stuff and from I knowledge you have a ghost in Orange Bass.

    JACKANE 3 days ago

    His joke wasn’t good

  • Alley Ratcliff
    Alley Ratcliff 3 days ago

    27:09 can we agree that this is the cutest thing ever?

  • Ruby Gunslinger
    Ruby Gunslinger 3 days ago

    When you try your best but you don't succeed!!!!!!!when you get when you want but not what you need!!!!!!!!!

  • Madi Brown
    Madi Brown 3 days ago

    I have watched this video like 4 times and I don`t understand the ghost insedent.

  • Kaleb Compton
    Kaleb Compton 3 days ago

    that was creapy

  • courteney banks
    courteney banks 3 days ago

    Tanner woods and Matt are my favourite people ❤️

  • Ludis Crafter
    Ludis Crafter 3 days ago

    My sister used to LOVE KOHLS

  • Sudarshan Rajan
    Sudarshan Rajan 4 days ago

    More CJ

  • IShipLeafpoolAndCrowfeather FOREVER!!!

    Isn't 3 AM the Witching Hour or the Haunting Hour?

  • Anna Freeman
    Anna Freeman 4 days ago

    When did the broom fall

  • Saleen S7
    Saleen S7 4 days ago

    Paul driving a manual Subaru really makes me happy 😁
    No one drives stick shifts anymore and thats a shame

  • Ryan Stevens
    Ryan Stevens 4 days ago

    do the ghost hunt'

    because i believe in 3 am

  • Ai Li
    Ai Li 4 days ago

    3 am is haunted and it means Jesus’s death and the devil would make fun of Jesus so the devil chose 3 am, like ghost, witch, or something weird happened go and watch guava juice 3 am bath bomb

  • Shaan Davoodi
    Shaan Davoodi 4 days ago

    as soon as i heard matthias say oof i thought of the roblox meme

  • Nerdy Narwhal
    Nerdy Narwhal 4 days ago +1

    At 0:42 is what I say when I’m too busy eating food, and my mom leaves the house

  • LLLucas LL
    LLLucas LL 5 days ago

    I always eat specials every day

  • Dakota K
    Dakota K 5 days ago

    Oh no poor bois.... omfg poor hi5 bois... But you guys have the coolest job but holy shet man!

  • Jack Plays
    Jack Plays 5 days ago

    It's like one AM and I heard a noise in the basement while watching this. qleh em. esalq

  • Dianemarie Scott
    Dianemarie Scott 5 days ago

    My 85 year old grandma shops at kohl’s

  • Lily Luna Potter
    Lily Luna Potter 5 days ago

    While they're eating: No technology!
    2 seconds later: Let's go find batteries!

  • Independence In Mind

    I love how the guys are immediately concerned something might have happened with Amanda and Luna

  • Michael Flaring
    Michael Flaring 5 days ago

    Who else wished for Bryan and j Fred to scare them 😏

  • The Anonymous Airheads

    I'm a young white boy and I can handle flames in my mouth.

  • Bellagirlminecraft
    Bellagirlminecraft 5 days ago

    When you watch Matthias all night because you couldn’t sleep

  • Kawii_Kitty173
    Kawii_Kitty173 5 days ago

    Someone proboly messed with the paint roller the day before and that's why it fell (happens to me all the time)

  • Cheezee Cheeto_
    Cheezee Cheeto_ 5 days ago

    they don't like matt anymore.

  • DageJunior
    DageJunior 6 days ago

    22:43 that sounded so fake tbf /-/

  • Jessica aikatsu
    Jessica aikatsu 6 days ago

    Maybe the Paint Roller Fell down cuz of the Vibration cuz you guys were kinda yelling ( '-' )

  • A Ghost
    A Ghost 6 days ago

    Guys I know what caused the paint roller falling it’s was me

  • Ink! The creative skeleton


  • Ink! The creative skeleton


  • Ink! The creative skeleton


  • Rylon McCullough
    Rylon McCullough 6 days ago

    Dude how did that thing fall😱😱😱😱😱😱😖

  • Monika
    Monika 6 days ago

    The paint roller was leaning towards the table and then it fell.I CALL CONSPIRACY

  • Pten 247
    Pten 247 6 days ago


  • Serenity Cook
    Serenity Cook 6 days ago

    20:21 asmr

  • GodofEverything
    GodofEverything 7 days ago

    "I don't camp for nothing" - Woods

  • Crime Crusader
    Crime Crusader 7 days ago

    0:18 was that a hidden dad joke thrown in there? Can’t ride his bike cause he’d be TWO TIRED hahah right?

  • tara sorres
    tara sorres 7 days ago

    My house is literally haunted like I sometimes feel someone standing/walking on my bed haunted. Sounds, movements, etc.

  • AnimeEquestrian
    AnimeEquestrian 7 days ago

    Did anyone else realize that Matt was driving without hands for a long period of time!?!?

  • Maura Dinan
    Maura Dinan 7 days ago

    15:16 he ripped his pants

  • Jazz Rose
    Jazz Rose 7 days ago

    Is Paul wearing pants or are they high quality pj's