How to Look Good for Back to School! *advice from a college dropout

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
  • Want to look good going back to school? Here are my tips on just how to look bomb for school! Lulus has the cutest back to school outfits guys so excited that they're sponsoring! xo -alisha marie
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    OOF QUEEN Hour ago

    61% of the comment section : dress code
    31% of the comment section : I’m broke how could I buy this?
    8% percent of the comment section: random stuff like mine.

  • Lalalalalisa Manobann

    I want to see more Awkward situation videos, like a 2019 Awkward situation video.

  • Emma Tuzlic
    Emma Tuzlic 4 hours ago


  • Alexandra Pereira
    Alexandra Pereira 4 hours ago

    Notebook hehehe

  • Măriuța Sandu
    Măriuța Sandu 6 hours ago

    Shorts at school? Hell no, my teacher would kill me

  • Esme_ Conejo
    Esme_ Conejo 7 hours ago

    Alisha:Hey Guys! What’s up?
    Me: hehe tHe sKy!.~~~

  • Angelus Berland
    Angelus Berland 8 hours ago

    i am so glad that my school doesnt have a dress code!!

  • Jacky Nguyen
    Jacky Nguyen 8 hours ago

    My school mascot is a cougar

  • Raegan Taylor
    Raegan Taylor 9 hours ago

    A pirate

  • Eva Bello
    Eva Bello 10 hours ago

    my mascots a koala lmaooo

  • Liliana Claditis
    Liliana Claditis 11 hours ago

    dresscode who honestly no hate tho 😂

  • itskylie
    itskylie 11 hours ago

    Alisha: “ this hairstyle takes two seconds “
    My curly hair: AM I A joKe To yOU!????

  • Yuna Lin
    Yuna Lin 11 hours ago

    ngl this bts video kinda sucks and literally isn’t any advice but hopefully it gets better

  • Jayci Vlogs
    Jayci Vlogs 11 hours ago


  • Adrianna Flores
    Adrianna Flores 11 hours ago

    My school mascot is the Wildcats

  • the donato
    the donato 11 hours ago

    I'm so upset in my school we have to use a damn uniform

  • Chayse Lempert
    Chayse Lempert 12 hours ago

    Sometimes I feel like some girls like her forget about dress code, I understand this is more for collage but she said for any grade so like yaaaa

  • Gabrielle Santos
    Gabrielle Santos 12 hours ago

    Omg Alisha you're so awesome!I love your videos!Keep doing what you're doing!I wish we could meet in person!

  • Thefavoritechild Lila Jean

    My school mascot is a mustang, not the car..the horse. 😂

  • Julie Kinkopf
    Julie Kinkopf 12 hours ago

    A Phoenix

  • Lauren Nolte
    Lauren Nolte 12 hours ago

    an indian

  • emil0761 emil0761
    emil0761 emil0761 13 hours ago

    So what your saying is that girls have to wear makeup and people who wear to much don't look good

  • Mr. Glowing Owl
    Mr. Glowing Owl 13 hours ago +1

    My school mascot is a tiger. Yeah pretty normal huh.

  • Purpleaxelate 17
    Purpleaxelate 17 13 hours ago +3

    2017: **throws paper ball at whiteboard and made the most cutest video**
    2019: chillest video ever
    😭😭omg time flies😭😭

  • Maia Takurua-Truscott
    Maia Takurua-Truscott 13 hours ago

    "has metal straw in PLASTIC cup"

  • Marjorie Heard
    Marjorie Heard 14 hours ago

    My school mascot is a panther! Woohoo go panthers!

  • J.J.
    J.J. 15 hours ago +1

    Do u live in Bloomington Indiana or somewhere in indiana BC I live in Bloomington 😂

  • Millie Gacha
    Millie Gacha 15 hours ago

    Am i the only one that misses old Alisha? 😭

  • McKinley A
    McKinley A 15 hours ago

    What school did she go to where the dress code was NONEXISTENT?

  • Ella Sinel
    Ella Sinel 16 hours ago

    school masscot- rams

  • Ella Sinel
    Ella Sinel 16 hours ago

    When u went to college what was was ur masters in?

  • Iness douiouri
    Iness douiouri 16 hours ago


  • Ella Kobylecky
    Ella Kobylecky 16 hours ago

    I can’t wear any of this to school cause it violates the dress code lol plus I’m broke so😂😂

  • Yasmin Mahal
    Yasmin Mahal 16 hours ago

    I am going to 5th grade

  • Shxdxwx
    Shxdxwx 17 hours ago +1

    Great jog gurl

  • Brittany Ribeiro
    Brittany Ribeiro 18 hours ago

    Cute clothes but that's not practical. Most of the options you gave are super expensive and not dress code attire...

  • itsSoraya Julien
    itsSoraya Julien 18 hours ago

    Mines is a middle school lion

  • Izzy Douglas
    Izzy Douglas 19 hours ago

    I feel like outfit #3 made her look like a soccer mom (no offense)

  • atfinn
    atfinn 19 hours ago

    Worry about your grades, she worried about her clothes and dropped out.

  • Tamara Jurdi
    Tamara Jurdi 20 hours ago

    dress code who?

  • Audrey Ann
    Audrey Ann 20 hours ago +2

    "*advice from a college dropout"
    That's a serious mood XD

  • Emily caroline
    Emily caroline 20 hours ago


  • Ray Train
    Ray Train 20 hours ago


  • Sophia Wells
    Sophia Wells 20 hours ago

    Lemme show you my dress code
    No baggy clothing
    No collarbone
    No bralettes or bra straps
    Shirt must cover shoulders and stomach
    No ripped jeans
    No shorts that don’t cover knees
    Shirt must cover butt
    Clothes can’t be too tight
    Thee are much more but essentially everything in this video we can’t wear which is great

  • Lola Schrad
    Lola Schrad 21 hour ago

    My mascot it a rocket

  • Amelia Goold
    Amelia Goold 21 hour ago +1


  • Vilja Vakkuri
    Vilja Vakkuri 21 hour ago

    does anyone. know an alternative for the green jacket? like something that looks the same ish?

  • Costanza Griffa
    Costanza Griffa 21 hour ago

    No hate or anything but u look like u don’t really care about what u are doing. I mean, u are literally showing us 4 outfits and 2 of them are practically for parties in a video called “how to look good for back to school”. Oh yea and buy chapstick

  • lazy girl
    lazy girl 22 hours ago

    20 Day To back to school 😥

  • Michelle
    Michelle 22 hours ago

    everyone complaining about dress code, but not everyone have dress code. I don't have dress codes so it's not a problem for me:))

  • Kaoshlya Inchure
    Kaoshlya Inchure 23 hours ago

    You are so beautiful in this jackettop

  • I LiKe CoUnTrY SiDe!! !!

    😂😂dress code who?

  • Selina Ljubica
    Selina Ljubica Day ago +1

    When you HAVE to wear school uniform for school...😑😅

  • Sarah Ibarra
    Sarah Ibarra Day ago

    Hey alisha, I watched this video before and I really love it! My school has a dress code and we have to wear khakis and polos and it's not very my style I guess😂 I would love a video on how to make different dress codes your style without it being, against the code. Btw (I loved the videos with Mia and you, especially in target! Idk what happened but it's your life) so ya❤

  • Emily Jones
    Emily Jones Day ago

    Can you please go back to Fun schoolisha vids and not clothing for collage because most people are in middle school 5th grade area lying about there age

    No tea no shade

  • Nicholas Winter
    Nicholas Winter Day ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t have a dress code, and the guys aren’t freakin out on all the shoulders they see

  • Rebecca Cui
    Rebecca Cui Day ago

    Alisha: Use bronzer and highlighter, and no one will know you pulled an all nighter!
    Me: what bout those eye bags doe?

  • Danutaa
    Danutaa Day ago

    Perfect outfits

  • Nera Tesankic
    Nera Tesankic Day ago

    Can you please do i faked going on vacation video. Pleasee, these are so fun to watch

  • pea ch
    pea ch Day ago +1

    That outro tho ...😢🤤😭

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Day ago

    I’m still going to look like a mess

  • Nera Tesankic
    Nera Tesankic Day ago

    Please do a 24 hours in my closet video

  • Emma Druffel
    Emma Druffel Day ago +1

    yo like does she fully understand the fact that other than college every single outfit she is wearing will get dress coded in high school or middle school like girl dont get me wrong these are cute af but we have dress codes

  • Mss Double Trouble

    Can you do another omg akword

  • Dream Big
    Dream Big Day ago

    My school mascot is a wildcat

  • Claudia Jackson
    Claudia Jackson Day ago

    where is my school uniform squad at?

  • Hannah Twiselton

    Haha. I have dress code ands school uniform lo rip

  • PiraFang
    PiraFang Day ago

    Get that coin honey!!!!

  • Star Fam
    Star Fam Day ago

    My schools mascot is a scorpion 🦂

  • Yolanda Alier
    Yolanda Alier Day ago

    do a omg awkward video its been soooo long

  • Jordan Alberts
    Jordan Alberts Day ago


  • Alivia Weathers
    Alivia Weathers Day ago

    lol why do i love this thumbnail so much

  • Ansar A
    Ansar A Day ago

    My school maskot is Frick en George Washington LMFAO LOL

  • Juge King
    Juge King Day ago

    back to school clothing haul

  • And I-oop !
    And I-oop ! Day ago +1

    What happened to her views??!