HAZBIN HOTEL -"Morning Report" -(CLIP)-

  • Published on Dec 4, 2018
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    Meet Katie and Tom; 666 News’ top anchors. Despite being the “go-to” station for all of Hell’s going-ons, they still can't seem to find an engineer who can use a green screen correctly. Or at least one who actually wants to make them look good.
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  • saira lopez
    saira lopez Hour ago

    I wish the news was actually like this

  • A slavaboo
    A slavaboo 5 hours ago

    I have a feeling Tom Trench fought in the trenches of WW1 because of the gas mask

  • FrappachinoGurl
    FrappachinoGurl 5 hours ago

    Read the text at the bottom

  • Aspen Leavitt
    Aspen Leavitt 11 hours ago

    This just draws me in more and more!!!!

  • Dots!
    Dots! 12 hours ago

    *mY wIfE iS a BiTcH*

  • Blood Fire Drake
    Blood Fire Drake 13 hours ago

    This art style reminds me of newgrounds.

  • Jacob Furrow
    Jacob Furrow 13 hours ago

    I can only see tom as pyro.

  • Diana Thomas
    Diana Thomas 16 hours ago

    How to get your kid on the news:
    Step 1: be in a cartoon
    Step 2: name them Tom
    Step 3: wait. Even in death, they'll have a chance to go on the air

  • ChloeCanary
    ChloeCanary 19 hours ago

    Don't know how many times I replayed this

  • Kruzo Z
    Kruzo Z 19 hours ago

    Did anyone notice the the title says morning report and that she says good afternoon

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer 20 hours ago


  • Potato Cat
    Potato Cat 22 hours ago

    Pause at 0:30

  • Lex the føx random stuff and more.

    heh. *666 news*

  • Spooky Spider
    Spooky Spider Day ago

    whens this gonna be commin out?

  • 80's Snorklover
    80's Snorklover Day ago

    These monster don't play fair huh?😂

    WOW SUCH DOGE Day ago +1

    *disney* wants you to make this show opposites *day*

  • Перепитий inc

    Какая боль , нету русских субтитров :((

  • Blue Hat
    Blue Hat Day ago

    Boi why is pyro a new reporter

  • Adam Van Schaijk

    Tom trench reminds me of Pyro in team fortress 2, it would be adorable if he actually mumbled

  • ChrysGamerWolf
    ChrysGamerWolf Day ago

    Unlike you guys, I get my news from a reliable source

    TUR TOIL Day ago

    So... Are we just gonna let Tom Trench die here or say compliments about the headlines below.

  • TheMightyBagle
    TheMightyBagle Day ago

    0:37 feels bad man 😂

  • Flamingo Fan
    Flamingo Fan Day ago

    “Or should I say, no dick?”

  • Nobody in Particular

    Tommy Trench probably died from a gas attack in WW1

  • Charles Harageones

    I am so fucking ready for this show

  • Androxs'e
    Androxs'e Day ago

    0:36 Tom grunts "not again"

  • Aidan Childers
    Aidan Childers Day ago

    Transcript of the text on the bottom crawl:

    *Susan you whore, please give me custody they're my kids too*

  • emily Miles
    emily Miles Day ago

    Hi hello yes WHEN IS THIS COMING OUT

  • Hutch2Much
    Hutch2Much Day ago +1

    the writer for the bottom text has a foot fetish, of course he’s in hell

  • Not an expert
    Not an expert Day ago

    Katie: Good Afternoon! I'm Katie Killjoy. Tom: And I'm Tom Trench. Tom: Chaos out of Pentagram City today as a turf war is ranging on the west side between notable kingpins, Sir Pentious, and self-Proclaimed spunky powerhouse, Cherry Bomb. Katie: That's right Tom, After the recent extermination, many areas are now up for grabs! Demons all over hell are already duking it out to gain new territory. Tom: Those two seem to really be going at it, huh? Katie: Looks like they're fighting tooth and nail for that hot spot! Tom: And I'd sure like nail her hot spot! Katie: You are a lip dick jackass Tom. Katie: Or should I say? Katie: No dick? Tom: -Not again... Katie: Coming up next, we have and exlucive interview with the daughter of hell's own head Honcho! Katie:Who's here to discuss her brand-new passion project. Katie: All that and more, after the break! Katie: Suck it up you little bitch!

  • promethius the strong

    I'm not sorry I cheated on you Martha. That orangutan was totally messing with me

  • Jose Emanuel Echalar Cespedes

    y los datos de tiempos :v

  • Bartsuns
    Bartsuns 2 days ago

    pyro's father?

  • Squek
    Squek 2 days ago

    I wonder if Hell etiquette exist. If so what would it be?

  • chibi sangwoo putinho


  • Cartoon Random
    Cartoon Random 2 days ago

    At least...

    It’s not fake news.

  • Luna Noight
    Luna Noight 2 days ago

    You could say that coffee was fire

    MR PUMKIN MAN 2 days ago +1

    *Wow Pyro you change...*

  • Rei Infinite
    Rei Infinite 2 days ago

    "Cherry Bomb" heh... Get it? No? Then I'm the only NCT 127 fan here

  • agodelianshock
    agodelianshock 2 days ago

    I’m sorry Martha

  • Arry
    Arry 2 days ago

    tom *trench* (tøp fans! DON'T LET ME DOWN!)

  • StoryCat And StoryWolf

    Title: morning report
    Katie: good afternoon!
    Me: **deep breath** not gonna say a word

  • roger sears
    roger sears 2 days ago

    This is from great

  • althea Velasco
    althea Velasco 2 days ago

    if hell is dis fun im going there lol

  • OwO Sosige plz
    OwO Sosige plz 2 days ago

    Tom Trench has to be my most favourite

  • Cora Rodgers
    Cora Rodgers 2 days ago

    I cannot fucking wait for this masterpiece to arrive!!

  • Sin Queen
    Sin Queen 2 days ago

    Who ever wrote that bottom text really needs some therapy man. Getting mad over an Orangutan??

  • Monster Master
    Monster Master 2 days ago

    *"not again"*
    Also can we get an extended story on that bottom text scroll?

  • NekoMint
    NekoMint 2 days ago

    More like Mourning News ;DDD

  • bunny
    bunny 2 days ago

    the text at the bottom lmao

  • Toby Harrison
    Toby Harrison 2 days ago +2

    How the heck does that society run without everything being nothing more than a pile of burning rumble ? I mean who fixes the broken infrastructure and the building’s?! Also who builds new ones? I mean I know that this is hell and all but seriously, How?!!

  • Lilian Aguero
    Lilian Aguero 2 days ago

    Suck it up you little bitch!

  • L SamohT
    L SamohT 2 days ago +1

    Poor text guy, being mocked by a orangutan. Can't wait to see more of it ! It's really great !

  • Adam Malone
    Adam Malone 2 days ago

    Hey look, Fox news got new anchors.

  • 김남훈
    김남훈 2 days ago

    i hate that her.....

  • Marmio64 Marmio64
    Marmio64 Marmio64 3 days ago

    she only poured the coffee on his arm...

    • Malus Rising
      Malus Rising 2 days ago

      Marmio64 Marmio64 no she poured it onto his dick. Or what’s left of it

  • Connor Scanlan
    Connor Scanlan 3 days ago

    That scrolling text at the bottom, tho.

  • Nancy Pinales
    Nancy Pinales 3 days ago

    When is out i want to watch it

  • Luis Monterrosa
    Luis Monterrosa 3 days ago

    Im 💗 👿 this cartoon!!!!! 🙌😍

  • welcome to hell
    welcome to hell 3 days ago +1


  • Royal Sjin Authority

    Fukin brilliant

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 3 days ago

    This will be the Ultimate Masterpiece

  • ninjammer726
    ninjammer726 3 days ago

    gets better and better

  • Danica Merriman
    Danica Merriman 3 days ago


  • Frida Alexander
    Frida Alexander 3 days ago

    that text at the bottom lol

  • Nightdash Moon
    Nightdash Moon 3 days ago

    i can't for more of these to come out

  • Commander Kat
    Commander Kat 3 days ago

    Be me on left

  • cam guariglia
    cam guariglia 3 days ago

    Need more of this in my life

  • PixieDog Blogs!
    PixieDog Blogs! 3 days ago +1

    _fuck you martha, I'm glad he banged the cleaner lady_

  • Queen Phoebe
    Queen Phoebe 3 days ago

    “Good Afternoon, I’m Katie Killjoy.”
    *Morning Report*

  • Shyanne Slettebo
    Shyanne Slettebo 3 days ago

    I saw the title and immediately thought of the song from the lion king

  • Dawn M.
    Dawn M. 3 days ago +1

    Best clip I’ve seen so far 😂 can’t wait to see more!!! Aghhhhhh

  • The Creeper
    The Creeper 3 days ago

    Wow, when did the Pyro learn to talk?

  • knockoutroundabout
    knockoutroundabout 3 days ago

    I wanna know how the Orangutan story ends

  • Kesean Butler
    Kesean Butler 3 days ago

    That’s lol and funny

  • joker death of the family

    😆😆😆i love it!

  • Cocoa Doodles
    Cocoa Doodles 3 days ago

    We never got to read the rest of the zoo story, I was actually interested :c

  • orion fire
    orion fire 3 days ago

    We can all hear the doom slayers shotgun in the background right now.

  • Cynical 2DD
    Cynical 2DD 3 days ago

    I just want Stamper. Give me Stamper already.

  • Bryan Churion
    Bryan Churion 3 days ago

    the news jokes are AWESOME FUNNIEST AND I LOVE IT!

  • Velvet Fox
    Velvet Fox 3 days ago +1

    At 0:36, Tom says *"Not again"*

  • Ffonnie Fan
    Ffonnie Fan 3 days ago +1

    I wanna know what happened to him at the zoo. Did he hit the monkey-? Is Martha gonna find out he cheated -?

  • gaahinalover
    gaahinalover 3 days ago


  • Sonic The hedgehog
    Sonic The hedgehog 3 days ago +1

    Jeft the killer
    the rake??
    In hazbin hotel?

    • Malus Rising
      Malus Rising 2 days ago

      Sonic The hedgehog she’s not adding Creepypastas

  • Derrick helms
    Derrick helms 3 days ago

    The pyro from team fortress 2 needs to stop reporting and start burning people again.

  • MyachiHyei VEVO
    MyachiHyei VEVO 3 days ago

    Wow, I loved that text report. Nice side story to the actual news.

  • Christian Bauer
    Christian Bauer 3 days ago

    I feel bad for the woman married to the news ticker guy

  • Cheezits ;0
    Cheezits ;0 3 days ago

    Suck it up ya little bitch 😎

  • Thicc Scout
    Thicc Scout 3 days ago

    Why is Pyro from Team Fortress 2 there

  • Mark Watson
    Mark Watson 3 days ago

    This cannot release fast enough GOD ITS SO FUNNY!

  • BottomShit
    BottomShit 3 days ago

    What. The fuck. Was that bottom text.

  • Aaa
    Aaa 4 days ago +1

    *Protect tom*

  • Leafa 0910
    Leafa 0910 4 days ago +1

    Rip Dicc

  • amarisit
    amarisit 4 days ago

    I like how pyro can talk in the news

  • moon targent aj
    moon targent aj 4 days ago +1

    R.I.P dick

  • Brittany Williams
    Brittany Williams 4 days ago


  • el prro ruso
    el prro ruso 4 days ago

    the TF2 pyro xD
    I imagined the voice more like "mmph" :v

  • Jorge Ramirez
    Jorge Ramirez 4 days ago

    Creo que hablo por todas las personas hispanas que esta serie sera increible

  • Chris Fox {Crystal}
    Chris Fox {Crystal} 4 days ago

    Not complaining but
    Title:” *_MORNING_* report”
    Katie killjoy:”Good *_AFTERNOON_* “

  • Angel Flores
    Angel Flores 4 days ago

    What would happen if actual Angels came from the Heavens to visit Heck to choose a person who changed through redemption? I bet Charlie would be the first one that they'll choose. ^_^