Film Theory: The Secret to FUSING a Cat and Dog (Nickelodeon CatDog)

  • Published on Sep 6, 2018
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    Alone in the world is this little CatDog, at least for now. I love Nickelodeon's classic cartoons, but I've always wanted to figure out one thing: What is a "catdog?" Better yet, can a "catdog" really exist? Today Theorists, we are diving into the world of NickToons to figure this out!
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  • Bobbo The Rosso
    Bobbo The Rosso 6 months ago +14942

    Why...why do I need to know this...
    Rational part of me: Cos Film Theory made a vid on it

  • Michelle Wnuk1
    Michelle Wnuk1 27 minutes ago

    Rebecca is my favorite USclipr

  • The Hollow Knight
    The Hollow Knight 46 minutes ago +1

    0:15 the entirety of my friend’s use of the word heck

  • Nikkie_ Ilj
    Nikkie_ Ilj Hour ago

    I love rugrats the most

  • Some Person
    Some Person 4 hours ago

    How does cat dog poop?

  • mright lol
    mright lol 4 hours ago +1

    Yes it is possible everything is possible nothing is impossible

  • Circe Coffee
    Circe Coffee 4 hours ago

    I watch Rokos modern life and...yeah I already know but...I LOVE ROKOS MODERN LIFE

  • Sophia Ranson
    Sophia Ranson 6 hours ago

    How will it survive without a butt?

  • TrainBoy227 Gaming and Music Videos

    Do NOT diss JaidenAnimations and Rebecca Parham and Domics! NO. NO! NOOOOOOO!!!!!

  • Jayden Aguiar
    Jayden Aguiar 8 hours ago


  • Zachary Holthaus
    Zachary Holthaus 8 hours ago

    8:20 Did anyone notice the background was from Full House?

  • Amy
    Amy 8 hours ago

    Can...can *I* have a Skip clone of my very own? Pleeease? =p

  • •.Luni. •
    •.Luni. • 9 hours ago

    Lets make a kittydog

  • Toadling Veegul
    Toadling Veegul 9 hours ago

    I get why they called it cat dog instead of cog

    IMBATMAN447 9 hours ago +2

    If you had a catdog,
    would you feed it cat food or dog food?

  • Djatsoris26
    Djatsoris26 9 hours ago

    Yay I scrolled down

  • Angle S
    Angle S 10 hours ago

    RIPLEY !!!!!!!

  • hamrock 65
    hamrock 65 11 hours ago

    Im on moble i can still see the screen even on the commets

  • Alyssa _._
    Alyssa _._ 11 hours ago

    Scientifically accurate CatDog. Look it up. 😂 but uh... It's a bit inappropriate for 10 & under (I guess).

  • Ezra Attias
    Ezra Attias 11 hours ago

    I already watch my hero academia and dragon ball on cartooncrazy

  • Carmine Capezza
    Carmine Capezza 11 hours ago

    Was this all for an add

  • Ruth Walton
    Ruth Walton 11 hours ago


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    Callum Neel 12 hours ago


  • Cute _Gurl
    Cute _Gurl 16 hours ago +1


  • Robin Rem
    Robin Rem 17 hours ago

    The biggest question is ......... How do they poop and pee?

  • Ole Spiegelenberg
    Ole Spiegelenberg 19 hours ago

    Thank you very much

    MIKO MIKO 20 hours ago

    Hickin' n' Bickin',
    Bamboozled and tarroozeled,
    Catdog and matmug,
    TheoryMerch and YearlyMerch,
    Come to me all your day.
    I wanna see ya everyday.
    Even if you cant, do it anyways so it's fun.

  • Caesar 1218
    Caesar 1218 22 hours ago


  • NoahPC’s review channel

    I’m using mobile so I had to watch

  • stephanie liang
    stephanie liang 23 hours ago +1

    I just did the kingdon phylum class order family genus amd species but in french!!

  • stephanie liang
    stephanie liang 23 hours ago +1


  • Naomi Diaz
    Naomi Diaz 23 hours ago

    I saw a two head turtle that is alive

  • Riley Brown
    Riley Brown Day ago

    How does CatDog use the bathroom

  • Luna playzz :3
    Luna playzz :3 Day ago

    *child hood ruined*

  • Galaxy Animations

    Theres already a cat-dog TOOTHLESS THE NIGHTFURY!!!

  • Pizza Craft
    Pizza Craft Day ago

    That piano works by driving a nail into the tail it is horrible

  • SoulandLogic
    SoulandLogic Day ago

    I just wanna know why so many people are questioning how does the creature poop....

    Well dogs will happily eat poop so it'll go out the cat side

  • pastel creativity

    The Bamboozled part I know what USclipr that is from , licid chart

  • Omega Star
    Omega Star Day ago

    You're forgetting amazing world of gumball (IT IS THE SUPERIOR TV SHOW)

  • MengaPlay
    MengaPlay Day ago

    those damn dirty dogs... always ruining science 😂😂😂😂

  • Stacey Brandfass


  • Emerald Cutie
    Emerald Cutie Day ago

    Rocko is the best

  • Hailie Martin
    Hailie Martin Day ago

    Watching in class bc who needs school

  • CeCe Studio
    CeCe Studio Day ago

    8:14 the fuller house or full house living room I am still a fan but not with Aunt Vicky I don't know her real name but her

  • Iemand
    Iemand Day ago

    a tl;dr: you cant

  • Gavin Grover
    Gavin Grover Day ago

    vrv is amazing

  • IAnimateThings
    IAnimateThings Day ago

    You see. Im an animator my self

  • Gavin The knight

    you chose the right side matcat

  • Jamla Jo Jamz
    Jamla Jo Jamz Day ago

    Even if a cat and a dog had a child it might be a fox

  • Markenzo ShukShuk

    to those fire emblem fans:
    how to make catdog
    1. get lethe
    2. get kaden or keaton
    3. put them ( as in lethe and one of the two guys ) in bed
    5. boom catdog (human form)

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom Day ago +2

    We DO have a cat dog

    My cat.

    She eats shoes. Chews up rugs. Throws food EVERYWHERE. And drags shirts over puke just to be annoying to me..

  • funtime foxy yet animations


  • Clarissa Alexander
    Clarissa Alexander 2 days ago

    My biggest problem with cat dog is how do they go to the bathroom

  • the loneliest grape
    the loneliest grape 2 days ago +1

    Anyone else notice the fortnite meme 7:58

  • Flamein Cheetos
    Flamein Cheetos 2 days ago

    You forgot tape
    the *strong* tape

  • Israel Filoteo
    Israel Filoteo 2 days ago


  • G W
    G W 2 days ago

    Asinus, more like assinus ba doom ching

  • Avery Jones
    Avery Jones 2 days ago

    Green monkey

  • souvlaki gamer
    souvlaki gamer 2 days ago +1

    He got Mirage'd😅

  • Black Fang
    Black Fang 2 days ago

  • Frazer Marshall
    Frazer Marshall 2 days ago

    I chosen cats

  • Heather RaeStrickland

    I swear a lot of these older scientists even some of the ones we have now because the lack of understanding of the world and what you were able to get away with I think a lot of them took the name scientist as a cover-up because a lot of them just had weird fetishes think about it the ship these idiots came up with because they thought it would be good for your health and just made a lot of sense to them as a whole because when it comes to science especially biology and things like that there's a video of intimacy and sometimes it boils over to something perverse and provocative just to satisfy curiosity of simple minded savages pretending to be sophisticated

  • Ardas Animations
    Ardas Animations 2 days ago

    I loved the 2000s Nick toons and I also like to watch the old Nick toons to

  • Mr. Benporn Kaewsiribundit

    Did you forget the odd 1’s out? In the animator part

  • Muhammed Limbada
    Muhammed Limbada 2 days ago +4

    I actually learned about the liger in preschool (South African Kindergarten)

  • GalaxyShell
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  • GalaxyShell
    GalaxyShell 3 days ago

    we got something called Hulu

  • WillowdaWolf
    WillowdaWolf 3 days ago +4

    *And sometimes they light it on fire and cover it in thumbtacks.*
    I laughed so hard I almost peed myself, no joke.

  • Zero Animations
    Zero Animations 3 days ago

    What about breeding other animals to eventually get close to the cat dog cat or genetically altering them to be close to each other but I don’t know I’m not as smart as you filmtheory

  • NECRO gemer
    NECRO gemer 3 days ago +1

    Hiiiii comments guys

  • טארק חגיר
    טארק חגיר 3 days ago

    Call mom you just said my favorite USclip

  • Trystan Most wanted
    Trystan Most wanted 3 days ago

    I'm on a vacation

  • Gabe knotts
    Gabe knotts 3 days ago

    Mutant animals neat

  • Elise Simpson
    Elise Simpson 3 days ago

    Use both memes
    Ps :how they poop

  • coolad dog
    coolad dog 3 days ago +2

    I what a cat bog!😖😩😭🐈🐩

  • Crazy Place Entertainment

    Lol you used a pic of Ripley

  • ZephPlayz Fan
    ZephPlayz Fan 3 days ago


  • Joey Burger
    Joey Burger 4 days ago

    And James delete film theory and game theory and gaming whatever show

  • Arlie Wilkey
    Arlie Wilkey 4 days ago

    Twig=Groot trash panda=Rocket

  • Arlie Wilkey
    Arlie Wilkey 4 days ago

    Keyboard cat is so in sync with the intro

  • Salty Marx
    Salty Marx 4 days ago

    But what about kittydogs?

  • Squid gamer
    Squid gamer 4 days ago

    10:30 remains me about fallout

  • Elena Radzeviciute
    Elena Radzeviciute 4 days ago

    I believe that the monkey is the closest animal to a cat and a dog because of its skeletal structure, which is strikingly similar to both said species.

  • Vegeta Uchiha
    Vegeta Uchiha 4 days ago

    Warning: if you are not from U.S. you can't use vrv! (for now)

  • louis liu
    louis liu 4 days ago

    That intro....... r/fellowkids..........

  • Danjal Veskandar
    Danjal Veskandar 4 days ago

    When a 14 minute theory is just a prelude to a 1½ minute advertisement. Followed by a youtube ad.

  • Gienstien Lord Awesome

    Interesting that I'm watching this well busy with a cross of fungi

  • Christian Sanchez
    Christian Sanchez 4 days ago

    Thanks for running my child hood

  • RocketShipSquid
    RocketShipSquid 4 days ago

    common uncommon rare epic.....y no legendary

  • Jose Gallardo
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  • j- toons
    j- toons 5 days ago

    Fortnite reference

  • Gavin Conway
    Gavin Conway 5 days ago

    I learn more about science and math in film theory and game theory more than I do in school

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    McStinky's stuff 2.0 5 days ago +2

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    (About the animators, not the CatDog)

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