Destroying My Friend's Car And Surprising Him With A New One

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  4 months ago +70806

    subscribe or you'll have bad luck for a year!

  • bircan pekgoz
    bircan pekgoz 22 minutes ago

    but chandlers car is hot-

  • Junaid Akbar
    Junaid Akbar 39 minutes ago

    Hi there. I'm in a debt of $1700. Can you help me out paying it off.. .??

  • MasterOfDisaster
    MasterOfDisaster 52 minutes ago


  • Abdul Muqeet
    Abdul Muqeet 2 hours ago

    I dont have a car so what u would smash?

  • Jan Luckey
    Jan Luckey 2 hours ago

    "you got a low rider now"

  • Sandali Disara
    Sandali Disara 3 hours ago

    I'm questioning my self. Why am I watching these kinda videos again?

  • sub to me for no reason

    Me beast: you each have 10,000 dollars to buy what ever car you want

  • Rifathhh Alghifari
    Rifathhh Alghifari 5 hours ago

    What is the song name at 1:31 ?

  • Amol Vijayachandran
    Amol Vijayachandran 6 hours ago

    MrBeast : Has a BMW i8
    Also MrBeast : *is jealous of* Marcus' car

  • Joey Valdez
    Joey Valdez 6 hours ago

    You can smash my car with a meteor if you drop the boulder from the sky

  • *•lilly Chan•* Dujali

    mr.beast is just the person who takes things seriously and pays for it 😂

  • Arshdeep Singh
    Arshdeep Singh 7 hours ago


  • Utkarsa Karki
    Utkarsa Karki 7 hours ago

    Can u buy a Gibson les Paul for me?

    HABIT ROYALZzz 8 hours ago +1

    Me:see Mr beast breaking my car
    My reaction:yes Mr will buy me bugatti
    Mr beast: umm why would I buy you a new I don't even know you

  • Dr.Sumit Dogra
    Dr.Sumit Dogra 9 hours ago

    Surprise me too with a new car

  • Mankill
    Mankill 12 hours ago

    Jokes on him I don't have a car lol

  • Karlamardo
    Karlamardo 12 hours ago

    Omg, pls smash my car or my entire house :(

  • Chris Head
    Chris Head 13 hours ago +1


  • Gaming 101
    Gaming 101 13 hours ago

    Why does my car have balls are you trying to say something

  • ryan thounaojam
    ryan thounaojam 14 hours ago

    I was waiting for one of those cars to explode lmao

  • Erick Figueroa
    Erick Figueroa 15 hours ago

    Subscribe or Mr.Beast will smash my car. haha jokes on you Mr.Beast I'm so broke AF I don't even have a freaking bike 🤣

  • Diralt McAllister
    Diralt McAllister 15 hours ago

    Gets 10k, buys a journey. -_- WUT

  • Eric Doucet
    Eric Doucet 16 hours ago

    Jokes on you I don't have a car

  • Daniel ibrahim
    Daniel ibrahim 16 hours ago


  • DynamiteGamer05
    DynamiteGamer05 17 hours ago

    10:06-10:17 my fave parts

  • mikehancho007
    mikehancho007 18 hours ago

    this is how much times we fell for it

  • Infinity Role-player
    Infinity Role-player 19 hours ago

    Already did

  • Antony Cole
    Antony Cole 19 hours ago

    “I don’t care if you’ve had a heart attack, I’m on holiday!”

  • Official BubbaForge
    Official BubbaForge 19 hours ago

    weddle is now a soccor mum
    marcus is now a gangster

  • Call Me Crazy
    Call Me Crazy 20 hours ago +2

    2:24 MrBeast, for the first time in forever needs a loan!!!

  • Caleb Clemons
    Caleb Clemons 21 hour ago +1

    We need new car

  • Seth Mullis
    Seth Mullis 22 hours ago +1

    He should actually make insurance place

  • Fox Plays
    Fox Plays 22 hours ago +2

    “He likes balls!” 8:22


  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez 23 hours ago +1

    High drolecs are when you move side to side to a whelle

  • Ashlee Duarte
    Ashlee Duarte 23 hours ago +2

    Now thats a lot of damage

  • Santiago
    Santiago 23 hours ago +2

    You can smash my car too!!!!

  • panicdotc
    panicdotc Day ago +1

    please smash my house with an meteor and buy me an house

    BERHAMPUR TIPS Day ago +1

    Give me a drop from your sea.... 😍😍🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • CoffeeShop Cat
    CoffeeShop Cat Day ago


    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

  • Alex Burton
    Alex Burton Day ago

    That Nissan with marcus’s muscles is gonna definitely get him some major pussy

  • IvanPlayStation4LiFe

    I will be furious even if I get a new car. USclipr make so much money wow

  • FreshFireballJuice


  • Gage Hull
    Gage Hull Day ago

    Muscas reminds me of juice wrld so sad that he died of the age of 21 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jj Studioz
    Jj Studioz Day ago

    Mr beast: subscribe or I’ll smash your cars with meteors
    Me: glad I don’t have a car yet!

  • Ir0n Mxmmoth
    Ir0n Mxmmoth Day ago

    “Lemme just tell you guys, the fun never stops”
    Oh Chris, just wait for it.

  • Herg! Gamer tv
    Herg! Gamer tv Day ago +1


  • The Labovskiy's
    The Labovskiy's Day ago

    My fiancé and I are getting married 4.20.2020. Mr.Beast and friends are invited 💙


    Thanking for uploading this vid in my brithday

  • Q Games
    Q Games Day ago

    Chris likes bals

  • Abimehlec De Borja

    i dont have a car

  • Delaney Wheeler
    Delaney Wheeler Day ago

    “you weighed it?”

  • Songs Covers
    Songs Covers Day ago

    Hey can smash my car plzzzzzzzzzzz, infact i don have a car 😑

  • Shelby Reno
    Shelby Reno Day ago

    *i can see all your friends in that car*
    *yes, all 4 of them.”
    Me: *relatable*

  • MelonMan
    MelonMan Day ago

    Weddle got the car I own but mine is a blacktop package or something so the rims are black on mine.

  • QmQУurі СһапQmQ

    So uhh i troed thejje1iigwgs so mt s Hi o na froend justb w oh wyy destroy my carvso I destroyed jer lige by stabbing her

  • #midway
    #midway Day ago

    Don't distroy car, I don't have one 😥

  • The Rhardon
    The Rhardon Day ago

    Imagine that MrBeast in 2020 destroys their new cars,and give them 20k to buy a new one.

  • Djordje Jovanovic

    I wanna be mrbeast friend too

  • Syroi
    Syroi Day ago

    Smash my car pleaaaase