Destroying My Friend's Car And Surprising Him With A New One

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  6 days ago +56118

    subscribe or you'll have bad luck for a year!

  • Sabo Train
    Sabo Train 11 hours ago

    How did you get the keys of the cars

  • Evan King
    Evan King 11 hours ago

    Why does he remind me of Modest pelican gaming ps stay hydrated

  • YakūlNev _
    YakūlNev _ 11 hours ago

    Nice asmr, boys

  • Bry Roberts
    Bry Roberts 11 hours ago


  • FIFAHero60
    FIFAHero60 11 hours ago

    I only just noticed mr beast has more subs than ksi

  • Gilbert Zapata
    Gilbert Zapata 11 hours ago

    Ohmagod my mom has that soccer fader car

  • Mikaylaa P
    Mikaylaa P 11 hours ago

    I didn’t subscribe. You could find my car at 1234 n My House Rd🌚🤣

  • IamCanadian1896
    IamCanadian1896 11 hours ago

    Mr beast can you buy me a car?

  • Josh Kapsar
    Josh Kapsar 12 hours ago

    Where is my cookie

  • Jay Skett
    Jay Skett 12 hours ago

    Ima kid so lol

  • Lil Pump
    Lil Pump 12 hours ago

    Marcus get a 350z?

  • sean al
    sean al 12 hours ago

    Smash my car im done with it

  • JeT
    JeT 12 hours ago +2

    "I hAd ChAnGe In HeRe! I wAs GoNnA dO lAuNdRy WiTh My ChAnGe!"

  • Stephen Riecke
    Stephen Riecke 12 hours ago

    You should buy boogie2988 a Tesla

  • JahsehXOX
    JahsehXOX 12 hours ago +1

    How did you got the keys tho

  • Ben and Bryce Productions


  • 10000090 99
    10000090 99 13 hours ago

    Me: o no a metor just killed my home
    Other people: idc

    KILLz GHOST 13 hours ago

    Bra I want a oculiss vr

  • Israel Manzo
    Israel Manzo 13 hours ago

    "you have a los rider now"

  • Ultimate Man
    Ultimate Man 13 hours ago

    Truly pointless! O.o, some people just have zero imagination.

  • Daniel Niemeyer
    Daniel Niemeyer 13 hours ago

    I would’ve loved either of those cars :(

  • coogko moim
    coogko moim 13 hours ago

    There‘s a Lidl in the US??

  • NyPerfa Studios
    NyPerfa Studios 13 hours ago

    MrBeast should kill everyone's family then replace them with new people.

  • MIDO 202030
    MIDO 202030 13 hours ago

    Please dont smash my toy car 😭

  • Janice Wolfe
    Janice Wolfe 13 hours ago

    Can you send me the change??

  • Connor Gregg
    Connor Gregg 13 hours ago

    You should fill chandlers car with hot dog Werner’s

  • Potato Games
    Potato Games 14 hours ago

    Nine year olds and Beast gang paulers assemble

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 14 hours ago

    I would say hey Mr beast come destroy my car but.....I don't have a car 😂

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz 14 hours ago

    he got my dream car :( Marcus

  • Loyiso Cebisa
    Loyiso Cebisa 14 hours ago

    Is that a burning rock?

  • H G
    H G 14 hours ago +1

    ينشر و

  • Soldier 50
    Soldier 50 14 hours ago

    I’m already subscribed

  • Lauren Caldwell
    Lauren Caldwell 14 hours ago

    "It DoEs HaVe HyDrAuLiCs - Weddle 2019"

  • Emma Curry
    Emma Curry 14 hours ago

    Mr,beast says subscribe or I will smash your car
    Me: I don’t gotta car...
    But I still subscribeddddd

  • MallumX xtp
    MallumX xtp 14 hours ago

    wow idubbz is that u?

    THE ROBO GAMER WR 14 hours ago +1

    Those some nice whips

  • Koen Branson
    Koen Branson 14 hours ago +1

    morgz sucks

  • dude stef
    dude stef 14 hours ago +1

    Its sooo cool that u can help and make people happy 👏
    Wish i could be one of ur friends though😅👍✌✌✌

  • Maria Molchanova
    Maria Molchanova 14 hours ago +1

    Morgz: **intense sweating**

  • Katie Adler
    Katie Adler 14 hours ago +1

    There‘s a Lidl in the US??

  • Bouwerke
    Bouwerke 15 hours ago +1

    Omg I am the 2.000.000 abo😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱LOVE MR.BEAST

  • Becca Baker
    Becca Baker 15 hours ago

    69420 is the numbers in my Snapchat oop

  • Angel Baker
    Angel Baker 15 hours ago

    i love mr beast

  • mike black
    mike black 15 hours ago

    Hope they have good credit... Cuz them premiums will increase, insurance payments will increase... Lord help 'em.

  • may rushart
    may rushart 15 hours ago

    Hahaha Mr. Beast

  • Esther Kroon
    Esther Kroon 15 hours ago

    Huhuahahha I DON'T HAVE A CAAARRRR!!!


    Drop it drop the meteor

  • Kristy Wright
    Kristy Wright 15 hours ago

    I'm subscribed, but you can smash my car if you buy me a new one lol

  • Prince Ali
    Prince Ali 15 hours ago

    Ayyy my boy got a z. Stoked

    ROBOMATREX 16 hours ago


  • SON Hughes
    SON Hughes 16 hours ago

    Wish I had enough money to get some Mr.Beast merch!!! Love your videos!!!!!!!!!!

  • Owen TV
    Owen TV 16 hours ago

    Sub to me Mr Beast

    IPLAZZ XXX 16 hours ago

    I’ll allow you to smash my car just getting me another one 😂

  • zwinky899
    zwinky899 16 hours ago

    Chandler is my favorite

  • Raees Baker
    Raees Baker 16 hours ago

    I wanna be Mr Beasts bestfriend

    TOP CHELO OFFiCiAL 16 hours ago

    *God bless everyone who is there*

  • Rapid Llama
    Rapid Llama 16 hours ago

    U can’t smash mine w a meteor Bc I’ve been subbed since 5 mil, fuck outa here. Imma smash yours w a meteor

  • Pelenaise Prescott
    Pelenaise Prescott 16 hours ago

    Jokes on you...I don’t have a car😂😂😂😂😂😩😩😩😭😭😭😭😭

  • Rusty MRF
    Rusty MRF 16 hours ago


  • Rusty MRF
    Rusty MRF 16 hours ago


  • Gaming with D
    Gaming with D 16 hours ago

    Did he check the glove compartment

  • J D
    J D 16 hours ago

    Stupid as hell theyre destroying these cars when they can be sold

  • Trez Spre
    Trez Spre 17 hours ago

    if i get a new car you can smash it, but im subscribed D:

  • Nick Mutch
    Nick Mutch 17 hours ago

    Chris: CRANK IT UP!
    Metal Fortress Radio: Your listening to Metal Fortress Radio on 91.7, CRANK IT UP!

  • Uzair Ahmed
    Uzair Ahmed 17 hours ago

    I’ve made a list of things I want for under 10k, just in case god drops down mr beast to Canada and gives me 10k to spend

  • Child of The Father
    Child of The Father 17 hours ago

    Facebook-Malak Godchild

  • Zach Gamer QC
    Zach Gamer QC 17 hours ago

    He has done so many videos of destroying cars that if my car gets destroyed i’m gonna think it’s MrBeast

  • Abi Natu
    Abi Natu 17 hours ago

    Please send me some money I need it

  • John Oxios
    John Oxios 17 hours ago

    wettle: oH!!

  • zachary kilcollins
    zachary kilcollins 17 hours ago

    You can smash my car it brakes down at least twice a day

  • Mister Tootsie
    Mister Tootsie 17 hours ago

    Dude picked him out a nice pair of shoes

  • JabbaWookie
    JabbaWookie 17 hours ago

    “Why does mine have balls? Are you tryna say something?!” 😂😂😂😂

  • C E
    C E 17 hours ago

    this is what i do to my friends car when my friend thinks fortnite is better than minecraft. but i dont buy him a new one