My Family Thought I Was Crazy…


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  • #•_Norre_•#
    #•_Norre_•# 14 minutes ago

    Ahh thats hot thats hot

  • Fake 12
    Fake 12 2 hours ago

    Один із моїх улюблених акторів

  • Lee Boricua
    Lee Boricua 2 hours ago

    God bless this family 🙏🙏 I love the way they have experienced this challenge together.

  • Віктор
    Віктор 6 hours ago

    Почему так сложно делать субтитры для русскоязычного комьюнити ?

  • Nhạc hay gái xinh
    Nhạc hay gái xinh 6 hours ago +1

    Is there any handsome guy who sees me?

  • Ali Yılmaz
    Ali Yılmaz 7 hours ago

    Kardeşim allah iman edin iyi insan lar olun kimsenin sizden bir şey istediği yok

    DON COLLIER 7 hours ago

    Keşke İngilizcem biraz daha iyi olsaydı :(

  • juan miguel
    juan miguel 7 hours ago

    Guill emi

  • Travis Phelps
    Travis Phelps 8 hours ago

    Hey will ,big fan ,I'm a poor single dad and I just had a heartattack a few months ago and can't work anymore and my 15 yr old deserves more ,will you help me out ?just what's in your wallet would probably help immensely, looking forward to irobot2

  • Cassia santos
    Cassia santos 14 hours ago

    Adorei will:Cassia santos Manaus amazonas

  • Cassia santos
    Cassia santos 14 hours ago

    Olá bom dia muito legal

    WASEEM SAJJAD 15 hours ago

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    WASEEM SAJJAD 15 hours ago

    helloo everyone i lve u

  • Danny Ventura
    Danny Ventura 16 hours ago

    God Bless you and protect you, regards from Santo Domingo,Dominican republic Land Of Merengue and Bacata Music

  • Consuela Evans
    Consuela Evans 17 hours ago

    No Way Hosea Good Job Will Don't Do That Again ( ˘ ³˘)♥

  • nick nonya
    nick nonya 18 hours ago

    It takes balls to do that.

  • play with rosy
    play with rosy 19 hours ago

    Will Smith my teacher said one day she was at a hotel and her room was infront of yours and she received a autograph from you

  • Toxic
    Toxic 19 hours ago

    Your family thought right

  • salty snowflake
    salty snowflake 22 hours ago

    Dat’s hot!!!!

  • DeaddevilHD Gaming

    The blonde guy from the thumbnail in the left is he Jaden Smith or wht

  • Kim Alexander Kepler

    Good job Jaden don't let no one deter you from your survival gear it's better to have it and not need it and need it and not have it

  • Bilmemne YT
    Bilmemne YT Day ago

    Aaaaahhaahaah. Thats hot thats hot

  • Noel Lieder
    Noel Lieder Day ago

    At 3:54 isn’t this the Intro music of PeterMcKinnon?

  • Tadas Ate
    Tadas Ate Day ago

    This actor is a legend 😮

  • Ruben Dalupang
    Ruben Dalupang Day ago

    Cry baby I want an Oscar uhu uhuuhu you don't insults the academy

  • dreaming
    dreaming Day ago

    i had freaking chills something that doesn't happen thank you you made me feel alive in a way that i cant find such a beautiful family may god keep blessing you

  • RapGod
    RapGod Day ago

    It's rewind time

  • Classy boi
    Classy boi Day ago

    Lol thought the smiths were rich none of them are wearing air pods 😤

  • Nathan Jewett
    Nathan Jewett Day ago

    I'm sorry but I can't take anything he has said seriously anymore because of USclip rewind 2018.

  • Royal Marauder
    Royal Marauder Day ago +1


  • Harman Kang
    Harman Kang Day ago

    Itssss rewind time. Dduuuuuhhh

    GT DRAGON Day ago +1


  • Vilma fofa
    Vilma fofa Day ago

    Br ♡♡♡ will

  • boi
    boi Day ago

    Aaahh thats hot dass hot

  • Ogieamen John Efeosa

    Kiss her

  • Анатолий Иванцов

    кто нибудь переведите этот канал

  • bellabana
    bellabana 2 days ago

    The whole family are incapable of living their lives without constant attention & publicity, all narcissists!
    It’s creepy!

  • Денис Кобзев

    Чувак. Какого хуя ты не стареешь? Где твой источник молодости?

  • Emily Chan
    Emily Chan 2 days ago

    *It's rewind time*

  • 림태산
    림태산 2 days ago

    림태산 이란 아이디로 유투브에 동영상 수천개를 올럤다가...
    지우고 또 힘들어 도와 달라 해서 수천개의 동영상을 올리고 있는데,
    여전히 겨울 푸른 하늘 보고 한숨 쉬고 죽음을 생각하며 울고싶다

    그리고 나같은 아픔을 격다 죽어 가는 눈물들을 들을 태마다 가ㆍ슴ㆍ이
    모든 수고가 그져 하공에 대고 내지르는 한숨이되는것 같다

  • Skhirod kumar
    Skhirod kumar 2 days ago +1

    Hello sir, my all tym fav, i am waiting for ur movie, its been a long , long tym to see u in reel

  • Dward Oval
    Dward Oval 2 days ago

    I thought he was an action star? How come Tom Cruise without any hesitation will skydive from a plane solo while taking care of Corbin but it takes Will every might he has to jump from a heli attached to a rope.

  • Strapped Serpent
    Strapped Serpent 2 days ago

    ITS NOT UNUSUAL to be hanging from a helicopter *Carlton dance happening in background*

  • gentechgamer 18
    gentechgamer 18 2 days ago +1

    Thats my motivator right there

  • leon kettenpeter
    leon kettenpeter 2 days ago


  • Crapul.7 5
    Crapul.7 5 2 days ago

    Qui veu meu sucer g un gros bite

  • Martin Lynch
    Martin Lynch 3 days ago


  • Ayoub Halimi
    Ayoub Halimi 3 days ago +1

    Good's family well

  • Graveto Largo
    Graveto Largo 3 days ago

    Ce ta doidooooo