Michelle Obama and her mother on adjusting to life at White House

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
  • Michelle Obama says it was never easy being the wife of a driven politician. The demands of campaigning and politics strained their marriage, and they sought help in couples' therapy. In their first national TV interview together, Gayle King also spoke with Marian Robinson, Obama’s mother, about her eight years in the White House.
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Comments • 2 578

  • Lynnjack Penn
    Lynnjack Penn 2 days ago

    the woman in pink looks a bit like Opra Winfrey looking from the front side.

  • God Father
    God Father 3 days ago

    Mom and her son Michael look great together.

  • Faith Alone KJV
    Faith Alone KJV 3 days ago

    You don’t save the world by being a politician in AmeriKKKa. That statement alone should wake people up. You don’t get funding from Goldman Sachs and the like, then pretend you’re for income inequality. Obama killed Gaddafi because he was trying to unite Africa to reject the debt slavery of the globalist bankers and keep their own resources. Africa is the richest “poor” continent on the planet and Obama didn’t help them at all. He was just a puppet chosen to keep the world confused and advance the elite globalist agenda. That is why he gave $38,000,000 to “Israel” and did more drone strikes (murders) than Bush, while getting the Nobel Peace Prize. Why are people so gullible? And where was Obama on the CDC whistle blower, which is still covered up? Notice all these “presidents” support Israel! Watch Birth of a Nation and Woodrow Wilson and you’ll see a that colonialism hasn’t gone away. The Birth of a Nation (Israel). Then look up the dancing Israelis on 9/11, watch General Wesley Clark. The watch war is racket, Gen. Smedley Butler.

  • Marveline B.
    Marveline B. 5 days ago

    "Joint project". Perfect way to put it!

  • Patricia Wendt
    Patricia Wendt 6 days ago

    You mean Michael......now......God is in control!

  • Maureen Tornetta
    Maureen Tornetta 7 days ago +1

    I miss the class that the Obama’s brought to the American people. Mostly I miss the piece of mind for eight years I had knowing that our country was safe, really all of us slept better when Obama was our president, lol, I miss my piece of mind, now I’m just being selfish. Thank you for your kindness, your families sacrifice so that all of could sleep better.

  • linda cohen
    linda cohen 8 days ago +1

    I know a man Barack raped. The articles and stories are true about the dead men and hotel hook-ups of his.

  • linda cohen
    linda cohen 8 days ago +1

    Michelle is not the wife, she's a beard. Give it a break. She knows he's with men more than with her. I worked with them while in Whitehouse. This interview is compulsive lies. Sad. Can't get elected as a gay Muslim. Needs his beard.

  • Donald Ranski
    Donald Ranski 9 days ago

    Never saw any pictures of Michelle in a bikini or in the hospital giving birth have you 🤔 if you have them please share 🤣 !

  • Atticus Finch
    Atticus Finch 9 days ago

    Third bathroom big mike samsquance.

  • Happey67
    Happey67 9 days ago

    Glorious life is filled with terror. That is the dichotomy of politicized life.

  • Bohemian Peacock
    Bohemian Peacock 9 days ago


  • Laura Alvarez
    Laura Alvarez 9 days ago +1

    Wonderful interview Gayle the Obamas awoke us to the inequality of our country thank you President Barack and Michelle Obama

  • Denny Smith
    Denny Smith 9 days ago

    Lovely family ... all of them... one & all... too decent to be involved in anything to do with shenanigans of politics... you HAVE to be a duck n dive Clive ... war-mongering egostistic narcissist...

  • Nadia N'jiba
    Nadia N'jiba 14 days ago

    This are just English property we don't know what is the control out of it yet.

  • Nadia N'jiba
    Nadia N'jiba 14 days ago

    Looking at the woman fixtures she could never give birth to Michelle Obama unless if Michelle is a man the fixtures compliment good it's easy to read

  • Darlene Dubey
    Darlene Dubey 15 days ago

    She treated her mother like Laura bush go shopping at target 🎯 while buttock takes his opportunity out on drunken grouper George bush

  • Darlene Dubey
    Darlene Dubey 15 days ago

    Which one of you strong girls are on fetinol

  • Darlene Dubey
    Darlene Dubey 15 days ago

    And I’m burying mine while she has a struggle with her girls again I’m burying mine should I put her creamation on the medical card too

  • Darlene Dubey
    Darlene Dubey 15 days ago

    I kinda think you lieing about your daughter Michelle and it’s obvious. She’s a powerhouse you couldn’t even controll she’s the big boss

  • R D
    R D 15 days ago +5

    I missed having a FLOTUS who can actually articulate meaningful and coherent sentences.

  • Craig O
    Craig O 20 days ago

    Big Mike and Bath House Barry !

  • Lacedra Minor
    Lacedra Minor 23 days ago


  • Walt Schmidt
    Walt Schmidt 24 days ago

    Big mooch.

  • Janice Duncan
    Janice Duncan 24 days ago

    Mom got 160,000 a year that we taxpayers will be paying for a lifetime .

  • Earnest T Bass
    Earnest T Bass 24 days ago

    Adjusting? They came to the White House broke and left millionaires... must be a tough adjustment..
    Fortunately we don't have to drag the old hag Michelle's mother all over the world on the extravagant trips Michelle and her children took.

  • Sheila Williams
    Sheila Williams 25 days ago


  • Hannah Thomas
    Hannah Thomas 26 days ago

    For the first time I believe Barack and Michelle were married and that's a good thing. Michelle is very honest and I like that about her. This is a very interesting video about Obama and her marriage.I used to think they were never really married and that he was gay but this video interview with Michelle is enlightening. Barack was such a strange guy that I couldn't understand if he was really married and had these 2 daughters. Michelle's mother played a good part into making me realize Barack was just strange.

  • Eric Baker
    Eric Baker 28 days ago

    She doesn't look no more manly than Pat Nixon, Mary Lincoln Tod, Barbra Bush, and omg Eleanor Roosevelt, Nancy Regan. There's a considerable history of Fugly First wives..😏

  • Shobhit Mishra
    Shobhit Mishra Month ago +1

    Michelle obama &Oprah Winfrey are inspiration all the suppressed women in the world that they can achieve great heights no matter who or what tries to prevent them from doing so.

  • Money Mann
    Money Mann Month ago

    Michelle is beautiful

  • Minolta4Life
    Minolta4Life Month ago

    First first tranny first lady.

  • Myra Braxton
    Myra Braxton Month ago

    The most gracious interview with Michelle Obama and her Mom is that you can tell where Michelle gets her can do and positive attitude from! I loved, loved, loved how her mom said I want to be like "Michelle Obama when I grow up!" And Michelle responded "Oh, Momma!" That is true love between mother and daughter! This is why Michelle was so loved! Because the foundation was lay by her mother! I enjoy everything I see and hear about Michelle Obama! Michelle Mother is one class act!

  • Albert May
    Albert May Month ago +1

    Michelle is so ugly that makes me sick.

    • Lillian Wright
      Lillian Wright Month ago

      Albert May
      Are you talking about the plastic surgery stripper in the WH?

  • Blue Ego
    Blue Ego Month ago +1

    #ReallyDude. "Income inequality" ..

    MICHAEL BELENKY Month ago +1

    "It was hard to be driven to school in armed vehicles with armed guards" Tell this to the kids in Chicago who's being killed. They'd do anything to have arm guards in their schools and neighborhoods. But they're not so lucky.

  • Bo Hunter
    Bo Hunter Month ago +1

    I always wondered what momma Sasquatch looked like. She must be so proud of her son.

  • Vincent Cheatham
    Vincent Cheatham Month ago +1

    He didn't make more civil rights laws for blacks.

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    I hope you your mother and daughters get to meet # bring our daughters back boco haram

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    I hope you your mother and daughters get to meet # bring our daughters back boco haram

  • Chattingesque
    Chattingesque Month ago +1

    "he was always a... DIFFERENT... kind of guy" 👜💃🌸💁

  • Rena Hopson
    Rena Hopson Month ago

    Interesting how huge in stature she is to her little mom, hmmmm sort of like a Michael

  • kath david
    kath david Month ago +1

    What an act... what an hilarious put on act... good acting though... oscars please !!!

  • kath david
    kath david Month ago

    What a shame, trying to look after kids and do your job... my heart bleeds for you ( all said with sarcasm ) oh you are badly done to. weep weep.

  • Million Bedo
    Million Bedo Month ago

    I wonder what kind of people the 1.6k people who dislike this video are?

  • Sharon Watson
    Sharon Watson Month ago

    The biggest frauds ever pulled on the American people. Joan Rivers told the truth just prior to her mysterious death during a routine outpatient procedure. I have never heard someone so privileged play the victim so much. Ask the mother how much she was paid at tax payers expense. It must have been such a hardship living in a beautiful mansion and flying around the world on the tax payers dime. Please stop insulting our intelligence. iamamalaysian.com/2018/07/26/malia-and-sasha-obama-were-loaned-by-their-real-parents-so-america-would-accept-the-fake-first-family/

  • Karen Bozzi
    Karen Bozzi Month ago

    Jacklyn said ypus suck babydick for power

  • Saiteja Enugu
    Saiteja Enugu Month ago +1

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    Saiteja Enugu Month ago +1

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    Saiteja Enugu Month ago +1


  • Saiteja Enugu
    Saiteja Enugu Month ago +1

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  • jason thomas
    jason thomas Month ago

    Big Mike keeping it real

  • Rich Shackleton
    Rich Shackleton 2 months ago

    There was a rumour for so long that Michelle is a tranny!

  • martia bern
    martia bern 2 months ago


  • Julien de Winter
    Julien de Winter 2 months ago

    Michelle O est une femme exceptionnelle et adorable. Sa maman est charmante itou.

  • Legal
    Legal 2 months ago

    Those aren't her grand kids. usclip.net/video/mCWgtytvDLI/video.html

  • Freedom Patriot
    Freedom Patriot 2 months ago

    Such a nice scripted little fairytale. Too bad it's all fake.

  • Peaceful Angel
    Peaceful Angel 2 months ago

    "When I grow up I want to be like Michelle Obama" says Michelle Obama's Mom 😢 #beautiful

  • JaCKo 456 KGTP
    JaCKo 456 KGTP 2 months ago

    Yeah ok but michelle obama is a man

  • iamfree
    iamfree 2 months ago

    IF it opens it's mouth, it's lying.

  • Marcos Contreras
    Marcos Contreras 2 months ago

    Monkeys in the white house, thank god they are out now.

  • jj Avelleyra
    jj Avelleyra 2 months ago

    michelle obama is a transgender

    • Malcom X
      Malcom X 2 months ago

      OMG, are you serious? like you saw her genitals?

  • Chiqui Barlow
    Chiqui Barlow 2 months ago

    omg, why did autoplay led me to this video..🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Wesley Brown
    Wesley Brown 2 months ago

    Who cares about big Mike what to do after the White House what where they going to spend theirs millions on a house they came to the White House broke and came out with millions nobama should be in prison he and Hillary got 4 Americas killed and the nobama care was going to be free and he change his mind it was going to be affordable and keep your doctors yea Wright he broke so much laws you cant for e people going on nobama care I was on that crap it didnt cover anything sure glad that nobama is gone with big mike

  • King
    King 2 months ago

    usclip.net/video/bizHcYRNlfI/video.html old story love on Beach

  • Channah Israel
    Channah Israel 2 months ago

    Lady Michelle Obama. Yes Lady!

  • kiliipower
    kiliipower 2 months ago

    She reminds me of Sigourney Weaver when she was younger. Big, slim, well-trained. Even when she (Susan Alexandra Weaver) took on the male stage name Sigourney, nobody said: This is a man!
    So why this hatred? And the insinuation Michelle Obama would be a man? Why?
    ....oh I know it,...she is black!...she is highly intelligent!...handsome!..and has personality.
    Something that must not occur in the world view of racists, woman-haters.
    Now these people worship a "gold digger" who slept her way up.

  • kathy Oropeza
    kathy Oropeza 2 months ago

    He's nothing but lies an suck