Giant Cup Pong!!

  • Published on Feb 21, 2017
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 20 542

  • Aidan Sage
    Aidan Sage 17 hours ago

    200 likes and billy puts on a mic

  • Patrick Marzo
    Patrick Marzo 22 hours ago

    The music at :40 is a good song for summer

  • GreenBoi Plays
    GreenBoi Plays Day ago

    11:17 he didn't even do the punishment

  • Emily H.
    Emily H. 3 days ago

    11:24 HAS ME ROLLING

  • Ari Backup
    Ari Backup 3 days ago

    brian: give us a diamond
    matt: I will not give you a dead man
    me: (laughs so hard he poops his pants)

  • Ari Backup
    Ari Backup 3 days ago

    10:00 doh

  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales 3 days ago

    I try my best not to laugh when I watch yall

  • Carissa Anuar
    Carissa Anuar 3 days ago

    hi i'm commenting in 2019

  • Samantha Douglas
    Samantha Douglas 4 days ago

    Play real base ball in a baseball feild

  • Fabio Zmugg
    Fabio Zmugg 4 days ago

    I subbed

  • Purple Guy 5GT
    Purple Guy 5GT 4 days ago

    That mouth peice is called a mouth guard and fighters wear them

  • Kailynne Rodriguez
    Kailynne Rodriguez 5 days ago

    Gunner looked like he just went skiing

  • Nery ツ
    Nery ツ 5 days ago +4

    6:47 is no one gonna really talk about how J-Fred looks like that one guy from SMOSH

  • Troy K
    Troy K 6 days ago +1

    When Matt took the ball out of Gunner's hands he was like "really Matt? "

  • AR12
    AR12 6 days ago +1

    next time don't suck xD

  • Brighton Sleeth
    Brighton Sleeth 6 days ago

    The thumbnails have been the same for forever

    SAPPHIRE SQUAD 6 days ago +24

    "I'm a basketball player"
    "I didn't say I was a good one..."

  • Joshua Hinchliffe
    Joshua Hinchliffe 7 days ago +8

    Only people from dope or nope can like

  • The unknown universe

    Matt acted like a dog when he was tricked with the fake ball throw

  • Andrebabbaloo Playz
    Andrebabbaloo Playz 7 days ago

    What happened to Bryan’s leg it’s like bitten 1:01

  • Razefounder
    Razefounder 7 days ago +1

    Bryan is annoying

  • RcN Echo
    RcN Echo 8 days ago +1

    Bryan is so annoying

  • Kurik Mcclure
    Kurik Mcclure 8 days ago

    3:44 my dog when i have a ball

  • Luigi Thode
    Luigi Thode 8 days ago +14

    1 like = 0.5% chance Joey is a basketball player 🏀

  • Luigi Thode
    Luigi Thode 8 days ago +2

    1 like = 0.5% chance Joey ain’t a basketball player like he said he was 🏀

  • Rowan Hitchen
    Rowan Hitchen 9 days ago

    I actually am a basketball player I am in the middle of a tournament right now not for you but right now this weekend

  • Munyon FFA
    Munyon FFA 10 days ago

    6:24 they didn’t pull the cup

  • Kyan Atkinson
    Kyan Atkinson 10 days ago +1

    Coach Bryan pep talk

  • Kyan Atkinson
    Kyan Atkinson 10 days ago +1

    Joey said he kicked the bucket. I was like Brian’s dead

  • J Bone
    J Bone 10 days ago +1

    2020 anyone?

  • Madyson Blessing
    Madyson Blessing 12 days ago

    1:53 goes for the make out

  • JK 10
    JK 10 12 days ago +1

    Bryan + mouthguard = funny

  • Hugo Waz
    Hugo Waz 13 days ago +6

    4:50 “ Stop Joey stop being so good ‘’ killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Silent Wraith
    Silent Wraith 15 days ago

    Never have joey do a Russian Accent as he has offended my peeps

  • Kathy Gentry
    Kathy Gentry 18 days ago


  • Nathan Stout
    Nathan Stout 19 days ago

    Dang gunner broke Matt's neck so badly with that fake

  • Preston Sparks
    Preston Sparks 20 days ago +1

    Bryan is like a boxer 😆🤣😆🤣

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 20 days ago

    5:13 Matthias said pu$$y

  • Jacob Yoder
    Jacob Yoder 21 day ago

    Is red base team edge

  • Madhu Kolli
    Madhu Kolli 23 days ago

    Thanks for checking your videos

  • Annabelle Ortega
    Annabelle Ortega 24 days ago

    3:36 this is hilarious

  • Christopher Ramos
    Christopher Ramos 25 days ago

    5:12 matt causes

  • mcmessi21
    mcmessi21 26 days ago


  • Leila Briceno
    Leila Briceno 26 days ago

    Do anyone one hear "how do you not make a face with this" -bryan " cause I aint a pu**y

  • James Collinson
    James Collinson 27 days ago


  • Gamerboi ENDI
    Gamerboi ENDI 28 days ago +1

    Anyone in 2019 if ya like

  • Talha Choudhery
    Talha Choudhery 28 days ago

    What happened at 7:00 ?

  • Chris Bratten
    Chris Bratten 29 days ago +1

    Cool j Fred good gay and Byran good gay and Matt good gay 🤖🤖🤖💩💩💩💣💣💣🐘🐘🐘

  • Thomas Houghton
    Thomas Houghton Month ago


  • Ashley
    Ashley Month ago

    Lol 🤣🤣 I died laughing
    I’m not gonna give you a dead man 🤣🤣😭😭🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣

  • Kawaii Panda
    Kawaii Panda Month ago

    I laugh so hard at team
    Edge videos is so funny

  • BossAydan
    BossAydan Month ago

    Did anybody whose seen the latest version of this Challenge notice that Joey said he's not a Basketball player, but in this one, he says he is?

  • The Dark Prince
    The Dark Prince Month ago

    Joey is heavy weapons guy...

  • Aydison Dilworth
    Aydison Dilworth Month ago

    5:30 haha

  • Jahna Wood
    Jahna Wood Month ago

    where do you live

  • Littlebro Videos
    Littlebro Videos Month ago

    Did anyone here what Matt said at 5:11

  • Sarah winter
    Sarah winter Month ago

    r.i.p Gunner's mic😣😣

  • Willy Barrios
    Willy Barrios Month ago

    You can do it You can do it👍

  • Madison Stovall
    Madison Stovall Month ago

    mathassis is funny

  • I v a n !
    I v a n ! Month ago +1

    *intro:w-w-w-whats going on guy-*
    *SKIPS TO **2:07*

  • Linda & Nelson Martinez

    2:17 best accent ever lol

  • Jane Cashel
    Jane Cashel Month ago +3

    10:29 bryan blocked that shot and it would have gone in

  • Rhys Wallace
    Rhys Wallace Month ago

    J-Fred caught it behineiiiiind the baaaaaao acordonó to Matthias

  • Leila Is Bored
    Leila Is Bored Month ago +1

    Gee... You guys are so creative!
    Stay entertaining!

  • Justin Risdon
    Justin Risdon Month ago


  • Justin Risdon
    Justin Risdon Month ago

    fuk u

  • Amos Alonso
    Amos Alonso Month ago


  • Base Ball
    Base Ball Month ago

    Gunner killin that mullet

  • Lauren Brown
    Lauren Brown Month ago

    Omg matt

  • Adam Lavine
    Adam Lavine Month ago

    Gunner looks like a skier in the 70's

  • BJ _GHOST BlitzZ
    BJ _GHOST BlitzZ Month ago +6

    J-Fred: I'm a beautiful woman I'm a beautiful Russian woman

    MARCUS HINSKI Month ago

    my name is deklan i love your vidoes imy

  • LL. Plays
    LL. Plays 2 months ago

    Hold up team Bryan’s team got two point and we they didn’t do the punishment

  • Little Heaven
    Little Heaven 2 months ago

    I’m in 2019

  • Criselda Hernandez
    Criselda Hernandez 2 months ago

    Bryan needs to wear more that mouth thing on new videos... He is like ten times funnier.

  • Guadalupe Lopez
    Guadalupe Lopez 2 months ago


  • Jean Briggs
    Jean Briggs 2 months ago

    Team edge do don’t try to laugh challenge

  • Jean Briggs
    Jean Briggs 2 months ago

    Joeys the best

  • Jean Briggs
    Jean Briggs 2 months ago

    I love your crank

  • anime is my thing
    anime is my thing 2 months ago

    Joey look like gruw in minion

  • nope. nope.
    nope. nope. 2 months ago

    Why is your channel all about throwing stuff at their faces?

  • Debbie Hardy
    Debbie Hardy 2 months ago +1

    Hi I wach your videos every day

  • X Games
    X Games 2 months ago

    10:20 me when I was a younger kid lol

  • TristianTdog 546
    TristianTdog 546 2 months ago

    Has anyone realized that for the first punishment Bryan said "Oh, that’s a fenalty“ instead of penalty

  • h patel
    h patel 2 months ago

    Thumbnail look like ali a hair
    Joey looks like ali a from behind
    Like if u agree

  • Gacha Dino
    Gacha Dino 2 months ago

    Bryan: Diamond! Diamond! Diamond!
    Matt: I’m not going to give you a deadman

  • Gacha Dino
    Gacha Dino 2 months ago

    Joey: ohh I’m a beautiful Russian woman

  • Jayson Scott
    Jayson Scott 2 months ago

    Bryan and Gunner both look like a trash man

  • Jhing Agias TV
    Jhing Agias TV 2 months ago +1

    Matt and J-Fred look alike.

  • Vibhav Nimmagadda
    Vibhav Nimmagadda 2 months ago +2

    2000 likes and joey keeps the wig LOL

  • Amjad Basha
    Amjad Basha 2 months ago +3

    The music was awesome when joey said im a basketball player. Im a basketball player too...

  • Ashlyn Willis
    Ashlyn Willis 2 months ago +2

    I literally died in this video. I love this video so much😂💀

  • Chris Volpe
    Chris Volpe 2 months ago +1

    Gunner what losar 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chris Volpe
    Chris Volpe 2 months ago +4

    This one of my favorite videos thanks for da laughs

  • Annabelle Ortega
    Annabelle Ortega 2 months ago

    This is hilarious

  • Swag King
    Swag King 2 months ago


  • Rosaura A
    Rosaura A 2 months ago

    At the end is funny

  • Gabby Evans
    Gabby Evans 2 months ago

    at 7:55 through 8:02, where is joeys accent??? like if you notice!!!

  • Haziel Carmona
    Haziel Carmona 2 months ago +1

    10:50 j Fred cheated

  • Mahibur Rahman
    Mahibur Rahman 2 months ago

    Who else died of laughter 😂😂