3 True Creepy Clown Stories/Encounters (part 2)

  • Published on Oct 17, 2016
  • Second and final part to the clown stories.
    ► Story Credits:
    AJ Adams, Kaiya Smith, & Snitch&Ditch.
    ►If you want to send me a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it to me through email. I will not read anything with poor grammar & sentence structuring, so please just make them neat and understandable. Thanks.
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  • Arianna Young
    Arianna Young 10 hours ago

    This is perfect for me to watch this knowing I have anxiety :)

  • G A W D
    G A W D Day ago +1

    Why is everyone else getting likes I want sum likes too😑

  • Eric Canby
    Eric Canby Day ago

    2019 anyone? Like if you are😁😁😁

  • Jesse Andersen
    Jesse Andersen 2 days ago

    Actually scared me a bit when it happens in a place near me.

  • River Terry
    River Terry 2 days ago

    thanks to Mr. Nightmare, my awareness about everything is much higher.

  • iiJess 444
    iiJess 444 2 days ago

    I wish my neighbours were nice, one of them tried to break in and kill my grandad and the other never comes out their house I’m 11 and lived in that house for 7 years, and never had a nice greeting with them, I’ve lived next to them for 7 years, Edit: I still live here and they donto

  • The Free Guy
    The Free Guy 2 days ago

    MVP Marv

  • Glitchy Demon Fairy
    Glitchy Demon Fairy 2 days ago

    Can we have a part 3?

  • isabelle robbins
    isabelle robbins 4 days ago

    Story 2 was at my school like no joke i remember this-

  • *0*Kayak Sirens*0* *0*Queen

    I remember this one time it was like 4:00 and I was watching my phone. I hv a bunk bed and it was close to the window. So there was a person dressed as a clown with a gallon of milk (I was confused bc why Milk?), and then he looked up at my window. He smiled and shaked the gallon of milk at me. Then cop sirens began. He looked the other way. Dropped the milk and ran. (Ik ik, weird story, it still gave me chills tho

  • Nakia Udaku
    Nakia Udaku 5 days ago +1

    dude my dad took off when we saw a clown on the side of the road

  • Aidan Sysak
    Aidan Sysak 5 days ago

    2016 was a great year #clown_killers

    DOOTBALL GOD 6 days ago +1

    Why do people even do this stuff

  • Drew Dawson
    Drew Dawson 6 days ago +3

    Shout out to marv

  • Nioame Daley
    Nioame Daley 6 days ago +1

    Dose sound effects tho they make da vid sooo much better👌❤️😊

  • Janniel Villadiego
    Janniel Villadiego 6 days ago

    Marv is a straight OG, i bet he's black

  • sd card ens has
    sd card ens has 7 days ago

    Do you have a good man 1010101011011011010101011010101010101011001101010101010101010101

  • Kimberly Boensch
    Kimberly Boensch 7 days ago

    I was attending a camp at a university campus in my state. The camp was meant to teach teen girls about government and the importance of voting and how you can make a difference. When we were at the flag pole singing the national anthem, as we sang, a man in a clown costume skateboarded past on the street with a chainsaw in his arms. It was very scary as there were no men supposed to be on the campus except for a couple of senators who came to give speeches and some security guards. We went into the nearest assembly building while the guards got rid of that guy. Idk what happened to him or who he was.

  • Marc
    Marc 7 days ago

    Fucking marv

  • TM DraGs
    TM DraGs 7 days ago

    Story 1 clown comes back with double Uzis and starts Spraying them in the sky

  • Noah Cathers
    Noah Cathers 7 days ago

    all dislikes were clown wannabes

  • Gjorceski Matej
    Gjorceski Matej 7 days ago +1

    Yo marve got the STRAP

  • Bigheadjoe XxX
    Bigheadjoe XxX 8 days ago

    Nobody ever likes my comments

  • Bigheadjoe XxX
    Bigheadjoe XxX 8 days ago +1

    Hell yeah his neighbor had a gun see this is why you carry guns people

  • Bigheadjoe XxX
    Bigheadjoe XxX 8 days ago

    Why don’t people carry guns it’s America

  • Hello 123
    Hello 123 8 days ago

    I remember in school whenever someone knocked on the door everyone would jump

  • Doog And Kite Luvar I Live hamstor

    A clown licked me *A S S H O L E*

  • Erin Rose
    Erin Rose 8 days ago

    Ah yes, I remember the clowns... had a lockdown at my high school then I literally jogged home at lunch, getting the fuck outta there. I hid in my room with a steak knife after

  • greyish
    greyish 9 days ago

    Its facts that clowns aren’t going to hurt you there trying to scare you unless they have a machete or a knife or something and they talk gtfo

  • Sarcc
    Sarcc 10 days ago +3

    Yo can we respect Marv? He’s an absolute legend

  • Eternal Flame
    Eternal Flame 11 days ago

    I’m really scared of clowns and my fourth grade teacher new it so as a punishment she made me watch an episode of bozo

  • Eternal Flame
    Eternal Flame 11 days ago

    I was at school and one came up to the window with a knife and stared in with a psychotic smile
    We had to go on lockdown that day

  • Droxy 56
    Droxy 56 12 days ago

    @ 6:05 was that the laugh from one of the clowns from killer clowns from outer space?

  • Sharon Horsfall
    Sharon Horsfall 12 days ago

    *walks outside and sees a clown* i got a baseball bat with your name on it come get me bitch *clown walks off in silence*

  • NickAyye30_YT
    NickAyye30_YT 12 days ago +2

    Wish me luck I'm going full screen again

  • Flynn Cowburn
    Flynn Cowburn 12 days ago +1

    Calling all.... THE CLOWNS!

  • Checker Chubbie
    Checker Chubbie 13 days ago +2

    Ive been watching this in 2019... if you could .. then.... would u give a thumbs up if liking Mr Nightmare before the Sandman?

  • Carlos Zavala
    Carlos Zavala 13 days ago +1


  • justin Barlow
    justin Barlow 13 days ago

    Will you make one tonight

  • Mckenzie Cooper
    Mckenzie Cooper 14 days ago +1

    i cant stop watching these videos they are way to addicting. Some times i wonder if these type of things will ever happen to me.

  • Jenn Weenink
    Jenn Weenink 15 days ago

    I would of called the police too

  • Elin Macwater
    Elin Macwater 16 days ago

    Part 3?

  • Jason Biffle
    Jason Biffle 19 days ago

    Story three that’s why u have a gun license

  • Jason Biffle
    Jason Biffle 19 days ago

    I live in Alabama and I thought I seen a person in the woods and then I thought it might be a clown and I let 2 round from my 16 gauge into the air and the bolted

  • The Racing Guy
    The Racing Guy 19 days ago

    Who the hell would walk home when there is a clown near their school?

  • OwO '-'
    OwO '-' 20 days ago

    At school one day when all the clown stuff were happening. We were in English class and someone yelled "look there's a clown" everyone ran to the window so did I. Our class was on the bottom floor so the windows were ground level and there was a clown. He started walking slowing to us and then when he was right next to the glass he yelled "hallo" most people started laughing and so did I 😂 but the thing is that when we started laughing the clown started to back up a bit... I realized that there were police cars stopping on the road next to the school. Then I looked back at the clown and the clown started running so fast to the window some people screamed and others (me) were just standing there. He hit the glass with his body ( nothing really happened to the glass ) after that he started hitting the glass and then after the police started running to the clown and then they took him away. The teacher that was teaching us let go to a different class room because some or the kids were saying they want to move and then 3 boys and 2 girls said that there was another clown hiding behind another part of the school looking at us ( I saw it too but I didnt say anything ) so then we went up to a class room at the very top of the school and I was looking out the window most of the time and I thought I saw a clown on the roof but the building was small so anyone could get up it but I looked away for about 10 seconds because my friend was asking me something and when i looked back it wasnt there anymore. We got a week off school because of the so called clowns.
    *believe me or not idc but It did happen. I just wanted to share my story xD*

  • John Who
    John Who 22 days ago

    Moral of the story....buy a gun.

  • Balarj mahil Robloxbalraj

    🤡🤡👏🏻😿🙏🏻🤙🏼911Call the police so they can come and measure gum clown

  • Lynsey Morrison
    Lynsey Morrison 24 days ago

    20019 any one

  • Brooklyn Rathjen
    Brooklyn Rathjen 25 days ago

    Marve is blessed

  • Xxgamer13 Xx
    Xxgamer13 Xx 25 days ago

    this is why you should always own a gun or a car to run em over or kill that crazy 🤪😄🤣

  • Tobenna Okoli
    Tobenna Okoli 27 days ago +1

    Not joking. People got killed during this. I met a clown and I booked it. It was like 5 minutes before the clown let up and left me alone

  • E H
    E H 29 days ago

    The sound of the thud on the window was like the sound of death to my ears. Beautiful analogy.

  • Meme God
    Meme God Month ago

    Yeah Mr. rainbow same with me

  • Salty Bros
    Salty Bros Month ago

    the first one- i would most definitely would have shot the clown if i was the neighbor (just a note if anyone is playing on scaring me or attacking me i WILL SHOOT YOU)

  • Salty Bros
    Salty Bros Month ago +1

    every time i am home alone i am gonna yell "red robbin " just to see if anyone will yell "yum" back (thanks to another person who gave me the idea sorry i forgot your name)

    • John Who
      John Who 22 days ago

      That honestly made me laugh out loud. You get a like.

  • Paulina S
    Paulina S Month ago


  • humming bird
    humming bird Month ago +1

    Every time I try to quick watching these I just can't i always find myself back here... it's like a fucking addiction 😅

  • No One
    No One Month ago

    I always watch your scary stories

  • Derrick Wilson
    Derrick Wilson Month ago

    Can Make a part 3

  • Sauron Ikov
    Sauron Ikov Month ago

    *See's a clown*
    Me: Oh hi friend
    Clown: HEAHAHAHAAHAH!! *runs at me*
    Me: oh you wanna fight? "brings out sniper"
    Clown: nope!!

  • Lollie Groom
    Lollie Groom Month ago +2


    Just me ok

  • Tino Fremling
    Tino Fremling Month ago

    I tried to take a shit while watching this but I got so scared since my room is on the first floor and there has been clown sightings near the are I live in

    KITTY DINO Month ago +1

    Aye i want sum likes too :

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Month ago +1

    Can we get a like for Marve?

  • chris bogan
    chris bogan Month ago

    I literally dont want any likes

  • Gamers World
    Gamers World Month ago

    Do mall horror stories

  • Hermione Contreras
    Hermione Contreras Month ago +2

    Marv: the clown ran into the woods
    Person telling the person: thanks
    Turns out marv was actually the clown💀

  • Natalie Zinn
    Natalie Zinn Month ago +1

    I have been to the school before or at least one that looks just like it

  • Haise Sasaki
    Haise Sasaki Month ago +1

    You could kick him

  • Subscribe For No Reason

    2019 anyone?

  • SpEcKYsHyPe _
    SpEcKYsHyPe _ Month ago

    But for the 10th time

  • SpEcKYsHyPe _
    SpEcKYsHyPe _ Month ago

    Im seeing this in 2019

    GLMR KILZ Month ago

    Soooo Someone threatened the school and had SWAT waiting... so the school had these kids waiting on the supposed intruders instead of canceling school 😑

  • Alex .R
    Alex .R Month ago +1

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  • Your Hometown Gay Alien

    Clowns... hahaha Weird
    Killer clowns... Huh what

    2016... What the actual fuck even happened

  • Big chingbutt Louis fast fax oftgffcf

    It was Ronald McDonald

  • Jay Games1000
    Jay Games1000 Month ago

    My dad jumped a clown on our porch

  • That Sad Kid
    That Sad Kid Month ago

    Literally no one did anything about the clowns. 2016 was wack

  • Landn Gaming
    Landn Gaming Month ago

    6:03 that’s ninja when he was mocking that kid in h1z1

  • Kayla Brackett
    Kayla Brackett Month ago +1

    2019 anyone....... just me ok this is usal

  • Clay Johnson
    Clay Johnson Month ago

    Bro this all is a bunch of bullcrap

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson Month ago

    2019 anyone

  • LoganAmazing 1234
    LoganAmazing 1234 Month ago +1

    2/14/19. I went to School and I Asked my Girlfriend if she would be my Valentine. Since she was my Girlfriend,she Said yes.After school My Dad dropped me of at My School Dance. When I got there my Girlfriend was already there. Then,a Red Pickup Truck parked right next to me. I saw a Clown Head peeking out of the Driver Door window. Then it got out of the truck and starting Screaming. My Girlfriend and I ran to my dad's Car. I told him what happened, but he didn't listen and drove away. I looked behind me and the Clown Started to chase me. But luckily my friend came by with a Baseball Bat and hit the Clown. Then I called the police. The Clown was arrested. I hate when Clown come around me.

  • LoganAmazing 1234
    LoganAmazing 1234 Month ago +1

    3/17/19.My Friend, Fred's Family and I were Going to the Saint Patrick's Parade. We Were Taking the Light Rail. We we got there,I spotted 3 Balloons Hanging off a tree branch,1 Green,1Orange,and 1 White. I didn't know why they were there. When the Parade was over. We Went to our Car and drove home. Fred said I could stay over at his house. When we got home,I noticed a white van and it said on it Free Candy.I told Fred That we got followed and it's the same van we saw on Halloween of 2018. He was scared and he told his parents. The Parents went to investigate the van.Then A clown wearing a saint Patrick's day Clown Suit and Hat Jumped out of the back of the van. Fred's Dad went to fight back and His Mother Called 911. But the clown Escaped and went to the woods. When the police got there. His parents told everything. But the Clown wasn't caught.

  • Burger Fries
    Burger Fries Month ago

    Just get a rifle and bang bang

  • LoganAmazing 1234
    LoganAmazing 1234 Month ago

    Previously on the Clown story. When I was 13 years old me and my friend,Fred went trick or treating,i was Jason Voorhees and Fred was Freddy Krueger. I told him about the Clown story. He said "let's go to that house you were talking about". I Said,"Ok, But if you get scared it's your fault. When we got to the woods we saw a picture of me and my friend from 2 years ago and it had a red balloon on it. It said"if you come back I will Kill you."i was shocked but Fred said I dont care about that let's just go over there. When we were outside of the house there was a Clown sitting In a chair at the front of the house. I told My Friend let's go. He agreed and once we took a step the clown Got up from his chair and starting to run at us, we ran too. When we got out of the woods he was still chasing us. Luckily I had my phone and called 911. When the police got there,the Clown was arrested . I hope i said to Fred we are not going there again he said oh heck yeah we aren't. Part 3 coming soon

  • LoganAmazing 1234
    LoganAmazing 1234 Month ago

    10/31/16, On Halloween, Me and My Friend were Dress up as Batman and Robin, I was Batman,and my friend was Robin. We saw a Old house in the woods and it had a white van and it said free candy on it. It had balloons hanging out of the windows. We decided to go there. When we got there I knock on the door. Then I heard someone Laugh like a Clown. Then We saw a Clown peeking out of the window and then it shut the blinds and ran to the door. Then We heard it say open up the door. We Said no. Then it said I will find you and you can run but can't hide. We decided to run home. When we got there I had security Cameras At the front and back door. Then We heard knocking on the door. We were frighted . Then We called our parents and then they call the police. But the clown was gone. I hope that doesn't happen again.

  • Michael DiAcri
    Michael DiAcri Month ago

    2019 anyone?

  • readingwithash hall

    Halloween 2016 my town made it clear that no one could dress up as a clown.

  • Bodie Fisher
    Bodie Fisher Month ago

    Do another camping video plz.

  • Random Person
    Random Person Month ago

    Marve the man 👍🏻

    JONZILLA21_YT C. Month ago +1

    The 1.1k dislikes are all of the clowns

  • Superman 55
    Superman 55 Month ago


  • Shai Dent
    Shai Dent Month ago

    I experienced clowns my costume

  • Weasly 1010
    Weasly 1010 Month ago

    “Then they stopped”
    Me: 😑

  • Daniel Centeno
    Daniel Centeno Month ago +1


  • Bryce David
    Bryce David Month ago +1


    DONT EVEN TRY Month ago +1

    6:02 killer clowns from outer space.

  • SXH
    SXH Month ago +3

    I’ve been sneaking into the kitchen for 30 mins now cuz I’m scared asf I’m home alone too😂