3 True Creepy Clown Stories/Encounters (part 2)


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  • Clayton Dye
    Clayton Dye Hour ago

    I'll fight a clown

  • Molly
    Molly 7 hours ago

    I live in Massachusetts.... really my guy me too 😭😭

  • Chelsea Ripley
    Chelsea Ripley 22 hours ago

    Where's superman when you need him

  • Drones, Cameras and Tech

    Geez it's been 2 years since this stuff happened

    HAYDEN RYAN Day ago

    anybody else realize this is the same person every story

  • Diane Giran
    Diane Giran Day ago

    Please like

  • Ababybadger TTV
    Ababybadger TTV 2 days ago

    Anyone in Jan 2019

  • Jasmine king
    Jasmine king 2 days ago

    I saw the reflection of my face on my screen and scared the shit out of myself

  • Dylan  Johnson
    Dylan Johnson 3 days ago

    Hey mr.nightmare who are you?

  • C00KIEM0NSTER 111
    C00KIEM0NSTER 111 3 days ago +1

    Watching these at 3 pm *oooooo* *spoooooky*

  • Lolz Youtube Watcher
    Lolz Youtube Watcher 3 days ago +1

    *why does everyone live next to the woods mAybE tHaTs tHe PrObLem*

  • Zach Gorski
    Zach Gorski 4 days ago

    Can you do ceepy dolls

  • Alexander Rodriguez
    Alexander Rodriguez 4 days ago

    I want some likes 😢

  • Jason Valentin
    Jason Valentin 5 days ago

    I love watching Mr. Nightmare’s stories at night when it’s raining hard

  • KattriellaDoesStuff
    KattriellaDoesStuff 6 days ago

    My boss and I had a random conversation a couple weeks ago, and somehow it turned to what we would do if we encountered one of these "creepy clown" people. She said she would freak out and cry. My response was essentially to beat the crap out of them with my overloaded backpack purse and scream, "Back to the sewers, Pennywise!" I might have anger issues . . .

  • BADGER_jedi original

    i fall asleep too much during these

  • Aiden Williams
    Aiden Williams 6 days ago

    True clown hor

  • John Read
    John Read 7 days ago

    95percent of commenters are liars seriously

  • John Read
    John Read 7 days ago

    These people r lairs r pussy or Mr. Nightmare makes this shit up @Mr. NIGHTMARE where will you ever have proffm stop scaring preteens withh lies

  • John Read
    John Read 7 days ago

    This generation tends to lie id take out my 9mm 2shots to the head they r dead

  • JoAnn Oeser
    JoAnn Oeser 7 days ago

    THERE'S is such a very EVIL tone to these things.

  • JoAnn Oeser
    JoAnn Oeser 7 days ago

    I would have shot this sob.

  • wowie kil me
    wowie kil me 7 days ago


  • Miller Time
    Miller Time 8 days ago

    Marv don't fuckin play

  • Cerloyn Terry
    Cerloyn Terry 9 days ago

    I anit running from shit

  • Cerloyn Terry
    Cerloyn Terry 9 days ago

    Who else finds this unscary

  • Pablo Osorio
    Pablo Osorio 10 days ago +1

    Marv: Mr nightmare i can be your hero baby 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😂🤣

  • Ernie Ismael Moreno Hernandez

    What would you guys do if you saw a clown?

  • William Martorano
    William Martorano 11 days ago

    Okay so I know the clown stuff is way over know but can please please do another one of these clown story's there so good also can you like or reply on this comment so i know you got it :)

  • Nacho Slayer
    Nacho Slayer 12 days ago +1

    Good ol' Marv

  • The Production boys
    The Production boys 12 days ago


  • kylee lerue
    kylee lerue 12 days ago

    I feel like if I saw a clown, I would get my power washer and make that mother fucker feel PAIN! (A power washer feels like little mini bullets when it’s up close and on full blast)

  • LGamer Unknown
    LGamer Unknown 12 days ago +2

    2019? anyone

  • Jubble
    Jubble 13 days ago +1

    2019?? Anyone?

  • Gustavo uribe
    Gustavo uribe 13 days ago +2

    What is clown story sorry Friends best police call hear talk 😨 😱 💯 🤘😎👌👍

  • Mc Spheal
    Mc Spheal 13 days ago

    oh my god

  • Natasha does SLAYY
    Natasha does SLAYY 13 days ago +1

    Who else is watching this in 2k19 if so like this comment

  • Diane Crossley
    Diane Crossley 14 days ago

    Freaky do llama arts animation of the last storie

  • martijn baaten
    martijn baaten 14 days ago +2

    Imagine if someone dressed as a killer clown ran into someone else dressed as a killer clown and they just stood there looking at each other😂

  • Alnashief Mohammad
    Alnashief Mohammad 14 days ago

    It's 1:30am about to sleep all lights off except for the one inside my rest room, while I was about to drowse off, the light in my began to turn on and off, that's when I immediately stood up and turn on the light, I think I'll sleep withthe lightson tonight

  • Yukithatchan
    Yukithatchan 15 days ago

    i always listen to horror story at night,
    and then i have a dream on one of the story
    im scared for life wtf.

  • Love Myself
    Love Myself 15 days ago

    Anyone watchin in 2019 🤑😎😂

  • Martin Rodriguez
    Martin Rodriguez 15 days ago

    Watching this in 2019, January 1st

  • HYDRO Stone
    HYDRO Stone 15 days ago

    Once on Halloween night in 2016 i seen a clown right across from my house

  • Joyce Larocque
    Joyce Larocque 16 days ago

    i have to stop watching this at night 😲😲


    1 like=1%less chance of dying

  • Ben Macdonald
    Ben Macdonald 17 days ago

    holly ****

  • Michael Delvecchio
    Michael Delvecchio 17 days ago

    6:04 scary ass sound effect

  • Rex Neilson
    Rex Neilson 17 days ago

    Get your concealed carry and pack a fucking gun wherever you go. If they charge you then they get a bullet to the leg. If more come then one of those fuckers will die by my hand

  • Carmen Wheeler
    Carmen Wheeler 18 days ago

    That "Killer Klowns" sound effect at 6:02 tho😍😍😍🤗 I love that damn movie lol

  • Eric Nunez
    Eric Nunez 18 days ago

    hi hi

  • Helder !
    Helder ! 18 days ago

    Why are people dumb in these stories don’t go outside. Lock yourself inside and close the door. Never investigate

  • Christina Dzib
    Christina Dzib 20 days ago

    The fuck

  • David Locklear
    David Locklear 20 days ago

    2018? This happend in 2016

  • Steven pillco
    Steven pillco 20 days ago

    Wow Marv got smarter after home alone

  • Autumn Coulter
    Autumn Coulter 21 day ago

    Watching these at 1:00 AM is fun. I’ve had to pee for like an hour and a half but I don’t wanna leave my bed

  • letsylin
    letsylin 21 day ago

    He makes it sound like he was in the experience

  • Zuma Dude
    Zuma Dude 21 day ago

    I don’t hate clowns and people who do are annoying and need to stop fearing them is okay but hating them for no reason isnt

  • VL
    VL 21 day ago +1


  • VL
    VL 21 day ago +1

    the 1.1K people who disliked probably got way too scared 😂.

  • Merna White Hawk
    Merna White Hawk 23 days ago +1

    Stop fucking around

  • Dynasti Crawford
    Dynasti Crawford 23 days ago +1

    That was dark

  • Bryan Campise
    Bryan Campise 23 days ago

    I be like be gone you thots

  • khnarry
    khnarry 23 days ago

    Story 2 6:20 ………..NO……….They never did catch me ……..he he he he he

  • Hope Sellers
    Hope Sellers 24 days ago +1

    Watching in 2k19??!

  • Celice
    Celice 24 days ago

    10:47 I swear in this exact moment my door also made a kind of banging noise and holy moly, I jumped


    How can a clown chase you in big floppy shoes?

  • Kahn
    Kahn 26 days ago +1

    Who else wants the Clown sightings to come back?

  • Y Yeezyy
    Y Yeezyy 27 days ago

    As soon as it said the clown was knocking on the window my dog started itching it's ear upstairs and kicking the floor in the process it sounded like someone knocking on my door lol that was a good spook my dog is spook king

  • Daniel Sanchez
    Daniel Sanchez 27 days ago


  • Daniel Sanchez
    Daniel Sanchez 27 days ago


  • Ben
    Ben 27 days ago

    Why the fuck do American parents let their kids do whatever the fuck they want??

  • Mia Dinardi
    Mia Dinardi 27 days ago

    Where in Massachusetts

  • Jack Dawson
    Jack Dawson 27 days ago

    I have a story:

    Once I was walking home and my school was 5 minutes from home I took a shortcut by a forest park and then started hearing laughs so I got phone out and put the flash on I was still walking and 1 minute later I saw a clown with a butchers knife so I ran to my house i opened the door with my moms secret key I opened armed myself and hid upstairs then I just heard a bang in my window I opened the window got out my blade and threw the clown down with my blade I called the cops and as sooner they got here the clown was..............gone I never heard of it in years thank goodness that we haven’t heard of him in 2 years

  • Cj McWilliam
    Cj McWilliam 28 days ago

    There were like 8 of them in the town I go to school in

  • VenomSilver Is Awesome

    Story 2 is so fucking bullshit. The SWAT team is expensive to use and they don't call it out for just anything. Also the police officers in the story don't follow any kind of procedure.

  • John77 Minecraft
    John77 Minecraft 29 days ago +1

    1 like = 1 more damage to pump shotgun 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Steph Nelson
    Steph Nelson Month ago

    am i the only one wondering if the person in story two got their bag back???

  • mochi gang !
    mochi gang ! Month ago +1


  • Janice Martinez
    Janice Martinez Month ago

    If I was home alone and a clown was their I would
    1. Pee my pants
    3.call 911
    4.hide somewhere
    5.wait and pee some more😂😭🤣

  • con man665
    con man665 Month ago

    I've got jumped by a clown it almost stabbed me

  • a23auhoffman
    a23auhoffman Month ago

    Mr.Nightmare do a true creepy Monday stories and give me a shout out pleaase

  • a23auhoffman
    a23auhoffman Month ago

    i expect to see a clown pop up at my school window now and by my bus stop since i am alone

  • Mike Mikkelson
    Mike Mikkelson Month ago


  • Zombieman 450
    Zombieman 450 Month ago

    This video is a good reason why people buy guns

  • Olivia and Heather
    Olivia and Heather Month ago

    2047 anyone?

  • Xenominator X-06
    Xenominator X-06 Month ago

    1 like 1 clown on the loose

  • Xenominator X-06
    Xenominator X-06 Month ago

    I like 1 free clown on earth

  • Xenominator X-06
    Xenominator X-06 Month ago

    I have to stop watching these videos in the morning.

  • error corrupt
    error corrupt Month ago

    Killer clowns from outer space

  • joezein
    joezein Month ago

    how to make clowns dont go to your house:
    step 1: buy a pistol
    step 2:wait until the clown comes
    step 3:point the pistol at the clown

  • Evelin Armendariz
    Evelin Armendariz Month ago

    These only scare me when i am in bed in the day time and my house is quit!

  • Maddie Carney
    Maddie Carney Month ago +1

    Everyone needs a Marve

  • Courtney Tuxford
    Courtney Tuxford Month ago

    Story 3 was on my birthday 😰😧

  • George Dajavs
    George Dajavs Month ago

    I saw a clown on Halloween at school while in costumes and I turned stadium and saw the clown and punched him (on accident)

  • Its ya bro Ugg Zay
    Its ya bro Ugg Zay Month ago

    Can I tell you a story
    It is about a clown
    So I was walking home from school and I saw this clown behind me
    Being the tough person I was i said
    Fuck off
    After I said this
    He charged at me
    But as soon as he got maybe 2 inches from me
    I knocked the shit out this nigga
    And then I said
    I hate clowns motherfucker
    So fuck you and if you get you or anyone if your friends come near me
    There going to get there ass beat
    So if course
    At 3AM
    The same nigga came to my house and I knew it was going to happened so what I did is as soon I heard something
    I will go outside and kick there asses
    So I did
    But I did it like a superhero
    One friend try to tackle me so I fucking punches threw is ass too the ground
    Punched this boi 7x before he got knocked out
    Then the same nigga came at me and I spanked his ass and the other clown ran away but I threw a stick at him and he fell
    I came over to him banged his head at a tree 2x then
    I smacked and punched and kicked the shit out of him before the police came over to help
    This was the best day of my life

  • Sarah Pork
    Sarah Pork Month ago

    I love this smmm

  • Yes Please
    Yes Please Month ago

    Marv is a legend

  • Charles Alex
    Charles Alex Month ago

    Moral of the stories:
    Get yourself a Marv and don’t go into the woods at night

    • Jonn Doe
      Jonn Doe 19 days ago

      I don't need a gun I've got a donk (crocodile Dundee 2)