The Stratosphere Burger | The Chronicles of Beard Ep.51


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  • Ebansan Samuel
    Ebansan Samuel 16 days ago

    "The burger wouldn't be enough to fill me up today" 😂😂😂 damn Beard 🤣 btw cool video. Keep it up my man!

  • James Windsor
    James Windsor Month ago

    Beard, I set a record at uni. 7 double cheeseburgers in 5 minutes with no drink. Could you beat that?

  • John Waen
    John Waen Month ago

    I've watched over 15 of these videos over the course of 2 days, mind you I have re-watched some of them as well and i have just realized I haven't subscribed yet........? What the f@#k

  • Big Brim
    Big Brim Month ago

    200 mini corn dogs?!...

  • Rafaela França
    Rafaela França 3 months ago


  • koolworld27
    koolworld27 4 months ago

    Anybody know the tune at the start of the video, cheers in advance ;-}

  • Alias8007
    Alias8007 5 months ago

    Peanut Butter is life.

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards 7 months ago

    You absolute hammer legend

  • Amie Knudson
    Amie Knudson 8 months ago

    I eat peanut butter out of the jar too! I use a new disposable plastic spoon every time. I take a picture of it swirled on the spoon when it looks awesome. I'm going to make a poster with all the shots. Skippy Creamy.

  • kkrispy2009 P
    kkrispy2009 P 8 months ago

    Adam monopoly starts this week you know how you love macdonalds if you spends loads in there grab some stickers . Until may 2018

  • Hasnat Qureshi
    Hasnat Qureshi 9 months ago

    You drink so much water

  • Cheetylicious meow meow

    That saled is redundant...lmfao

  • Dylier A. Velazquez Nidoknight

    Great jokes, but I meant it this time.

  • darkholyPL
    darkholyPL 9 months ago

    I eat peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon too. I thought that was a normal thing to do. Isn't it?

  • LoudHOrnz 5
    LoudHOrnz 5 9 months ago

    Bet you have some massive shits.

  • Thom Sheppard
    Thom Sheppard 9 months ago

    You need to do a challenge at Rub smokehouse

  • Alex Marleau
    Alex Marleau 9 months ago

    How about 100000 calories in 5.5 days :)???? For the 2000000 subs :)???

  • Mongo Friend
    Mongo Friend 9 months ago

    You like sweets so do 200 cookies and gallon of milk. I know you have some killer bakeries over there. Sure they could come up with something creative. Like bearded cookies. lol!

  • Mongo Friend
    Mongo Friend 9 months ago

    Thanks to whoever finally gave you a spoon!!! LOL! Custard and fries??? I seen kids eat fries and ice cream. I'll stick to ketchup and cheese sauce. GJ!!!!

  • LagavulinMTG
    LagavulinMTG 9 months ago

    200 grilled cheese donuts in 48 hours

  • Heather Duncan
    Heather Duncan 10 months ago

    I vote for another cheat day! Great video!

  • melanie baxendale
    melanie baxendale 10 months ago

    Oh my god them burgers looked so nom my mouth was watering like don't know what. Xx
    Would of took me days eat it. Xx

  • Chilltownify
    Chilltownify 10 months ago


  • TheMerryPup
    TheMerryPup 10 months ago

    Good job as usual Beard! Consider doing a vlog of what your training consists of lately. I'd like to see that. Thanks!

  • valeria de leo
    valeria de leo 10 months ago

    Saying eketit before it was cool

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 10 months ago

    You should make a beard vlogs channel

  • Brian C
    Brian C 10 months ago

    Love your videos mate. Great video today fast yet leisurely enjoyment of some awesome looking burgers. As to the 200k sub challenge how about 214 oysters in 214 seconds? (as that is current sub amount) :)

  • #Roed#fun #
    #Roed#fun # 10 months ago

    Hi beard How about trying 200 different fruits / vegetables, love you'r show

  • TiagoC
    TiagoC 10 months ago

    Hi there,
    Hope you're doing fine.
    Well I dont know if you'll ever going to reply to this, but screw it.
    Like you, I love to eat, well not that crazy amounts you're capable of, but it is something I really enjoy.
    I want to start a eating youtube channel, but the thing is i'm kind of a loner lol and really shy, do you have any tips on how to try to overcome that shyness in front of a camera? Doing a video with just eating and no talking is kind a weird lol.
    You are a inspiration for me in many ways and I really enjoy your content. There is a strange feeling of fulfillment from watching you eat.
    Keep the good job man!

  • Emerge Legendz
    Emerge Legendz 10 months ago

    could you do an all you can eat buffet video?

  • Ben Campbell
    Ben Campbell 10 months ago

    200 creme eggs. Do iiiiiiiiiiit. Do it now!!!

  • Beard _Lives
    Beard _Lives 10 months ago

    That was a tasty looking burger man. You should do a cheat day for the 200,000.

  • Adrienne Garner
    Adrienne Garner 10 months ago

    Defs a full day of eating!

  • Fady Abdo
    Fady Abdo 10 months ago

    Mate, you can keep the vodka, Rum and any other spirit for me, I'll join you with all smiles and joy :P You eat, I drink :D
    Another great video bro. Thank you

  • jon hartley
    jon hartley 10 months ago

    200 cadburys cream eggs brother!

    • jon hartley
      jon hartley 10 months ago

      Dear Adam, can you please, please, please fix it for me to see you destroy 200 cadburys cream eggs before they stop selling them. please pardon the jimmy saville reference. Big ups you crazy food muncher, now do me proud.

  • Christopher Gokim
    Christopher Gokim 10 months ago

    Yummy burger! Happy Valentine's day!

  • Dimtri Yakeno
    Dimtri Yakeno 10 months ago +3

    Arab cheat day

  • Jose Herjaes
    Jose Herjaes 10 months ago +4

    Middle Eastern cheat day

  • Tenille Gauci
    Tenille Gauci 10 months ago

    Jack Daniels bbq sauce 🤤🤤

  • Abdulla Elbarany
    Abdulla Elbarany 10 months ago

    Another attempt on the 100000 calorie challenge

  • Rumkugel
    Rumkugel 10 months ago

    Maybe you could eat 200 things with 200cal. each in 20 hours :)

  • Sara Khan
    Sara Khan 10 months ago

    Thanks for replying

  • Mark A
    Mark A 10 months ago +1

    200 Kit Kats!

  • Lee Boy
    Lee Boy 10 months ago +1

    Great video as usual man what about for the 200k subscriber challenge spend £200 on food challenge maybe get some greggs in there or a £200 takeaway something along them lines just a thought buddy.either way Il be watching and supporting you!! Love the Chanel mate👍

  • TheMartinfoley
    TheMartinfoley 10 months ago +1

    Try redemption of the 100k challenge?

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  10 months ago

      sure...when i hit a million subs lol...not before

  • Anthony S.
    Anthony S. 10 months ago +1

    Great video as always Mr. Beard. Ok I have researched some foods only found in England and would like to suggest them for your 200K video. Now what I found look pretty tasty but the last one I'm not too sure of. How about eating 200 of one of the following food items, Scotch Eggs, Cornish Pastie and this one I don't even have a clue as too what it is so here goes Spotted Dick. It might be delicious but I haven't the slightest. I don't know what a currant or suet taste like but if people see spotted dick in the description it could get new viewers to your video. I'm sure whatever food you choose to do the video with will be great as always. Looking forward to more videos good luck, deuces

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  10 months ago +1

      god help me 200 scotch eggs would be carnage

  • 2025 M
    2025 M 10 months ago +1

    Love your videos. Quick question. Which camera are you using to film? Much respect.

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  10 months ago

      a canon 80d, a canon t6i and a canon g7x mark 2...also use DJI osmo for stabilised movement shots and a polaroid mini action cam for occasional table shots

  • LonePiper Studios
    LonePiper Studios 10 months ago +1

    Another great video I love the editing. How bout that Haggis tho m8 LOL

  • Jamieka Dawson
    Jamieka Dawson 10 months ago +1

    Whatever it will be I’ll be here to watch, I enjoy your Video’s

  • George Davies
    George Davies 10 months ago +2

    Another great vid dude 👍👍

  • Miss_Kitty_Meow/HelloKritter

    Ok I’m hungry now lol

  • Michael Wilkinson
    Michael Wilkinson 10 months ago +1

    quality video m8

  • Claire Schofield
    Claire Schofield 10 months ago +1

    What about something around £200, like how much stuff you can buy for that amount?

  • Joe Garner
    Joe Garner 10 months ago +1

    How about a ‘to failure’ day? Like I’m sure you have in the gym, but a day of just as much as you can. How many calories could you do from waking up to when you, no doubt desperately, want your bed? 50k in one day???

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  10 months ago

      done that before man...35,000 calorie cheat day was pretty much to failure lol

  • Rob Henderson
    Rob Henderson 10 months ago +1

    Another great video. For the 200k special, I loved your 35thousand calorie cheat day you did, I’d love another day like that and see if you could break your own record over the 24 period ?

  • Joke
    Joke 10 months ago +1

    Cheat day with 200 oz of food to your liking.

  • Patrick Quille
    Patrick Quille 10 months ago +1

    Good going looks a fab place

  • Amy Mcphee
    Amy Mcphee 10 months ago +1

    I don't know why I can't stop watching you I think it's kinda hypnotising me😂

  • George P
    George P 10 months ago +1

    Massive cheat day for the 200k subs! Cheat day vids are the best! And make me feel normal for what i eat on my cheat days 😂

  • Darren Hull
    Darren Hull 10 months ago +1

    Do you have greene king pubs up there?
    Im from essex and they do xtra large meals here.
    Itd be great to see you try the 5 main meals if you have the pubs there...

  • Glen Walsh
    Glen Walsh 10 months ago +1

    200 steamed dumplings???

  • Curtis Gutteridge
    Curtis Gutteridge 10 months ago +1

    You should do 200subcribers cheat day

  • bUbBle gUm
    bUbBle gUm 10 months ago +1

    200 boiled bulls’ bollocks... 🤣🤣

  • Kelly Edwards
    Kelly Edwards 10 months ago +1

    Looks good

  • damien
    damien 10 months ago +1

    next time FISHFINGERS AND CUSTARD!!!!!

  • Noelle Kllr-Bhl
    Noelle Kllr-Bhl 10 months ago +1

    Cheat day! Always love you're videos! OG subscriber!

  • Angi Anarchy
    Angi Anarchy 10 months ago +1

    $200 worth of 5 guys 🍔🍟👌🏼

  • Linn Rooney
    Linn Rooney 10 months ago +1


  • Linn Rooney
    Linn Rooney 10 months ago +1

    fucking love cheese bro.

  • Aly
    Aly 10 months ago +1

    200 Big Macs

  • Luke Carrigan
    Luke Carrigan 10 months ago

    I am genuinely out of Ideas. Not for 200k but a Protein Bar challenge as I've said before.Or one that hasn't been suggested before - A Spreads Challenge with them Grenade Spreads, Biscoff Spread, Cadbury Spreads, Mars ones, White Chocolate, Marshmallow Fluff, don't know if Nestle do any but these seem to be so popular at the moment. There us even an Ovaltine one.

  • Hrishikesh Maheshwaram
    Hrishikesh Maheshwaram 10 months ago +1

    200 chicken nuggets!!!!

  • Sara Khan
    Sara Khan 10 months ago +1

    I like u very much keep making video best of luck

  • M D J
    M D J 10 months ago +1

    200k subs- have another go at 100k calories. A rematch. You were so close last time.

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  10 months ago

      na that aint happening again unless i reach 1 million subs lol

  • Syahmi Muhammad
    Syahmi Muhammad 10 months ago +1

    Your editing skills man 🙌🏻 you’ve improved so much and the videos are superb quality content. Cheers !

  • The icey memes
    The icey memes 10 months ago +1

    Great video beard

  • conor o keeffe
    conor o keeffe 10 months ago +1

    Cheat day all day long

  • Adam Arnold
    Adam Arnold 10 months ago +1

    Do a seafood feast

  • Riki Jola
    Riki Jola 10 months ago +1

    Hotel California in the background

  • Riki Jola
    Riki Jola 10 months ago +1

    Hotel California in the background

  • Mark Harriss
    Mark Harriss 10 months ago +1

    I like to see you eat 200 items....

  • Edward Shepherd
    Edward Shepherd 10 months ago +1

    I'm thinking 200 McNuggets!!

  • the critic
    the critic 10 months ago +1

    great looking burger! yum!

  • Matthew Osborne
    Matthew Osborne 10 months ago +3

    My body is a temple.......... to Gouda.

  • AwkwardTimes
    AwkwardTimes 10 months ago +1

    200 Pop-Tarts!!!!!!!

  • Bengsters Paradise ®
    Bengsters Paradise ® 10 months ago

    200 heads of broccoli !!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 10 months ago +1

    200000 minstrels! I just want to watch you try and count them all 🤣

  • Aaron Sherwin
    Aaron Sherwin 10 months ago +1

    Yes beard! “Northern boys love gravy”😂😂 that burger looked mint! 🤤🤤

  • mkmickey87
    mkmickey87 10 months ago +1

    I'm thinking maybe 200 of something would be cool, but what?? With you love of deserts what about 200 Ben and Jerrys icecream sandwich?? It's an idea 😀

  • Harry Marshall
    Harry Marshall 10 months ago +1

    200oz steak

  • Harry Marshall
    Harry Marshall 10 months ago +1

    Or how about 200 chicken McNuggets??

  • Em J
    Em J 10 months ago +1

    Love the vid . Could do a Cheesy Cheat Day for your 200k sub special! Not just eat cheese of course, but meals with cheesy burgers, cheesy fries, cheesy nachos and maybe some cheesecake 😂😁 Look forward to whatever it is you do next....

  • Simon Bourbage
    Simon Bourbage 10 months ago +1

    Maybe you can do a cheat week

  • Louise
    Louise 10 months ago +2

    You should deffo do a roast dinner sort of challenge as i dont think ive ever seen one on your channel! Would be amazing

  • heath2033
    heath2033 10 months ago +1

    Somthing spicy

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 10 months ago +1

    Dude do 200 scotch eggs

  • Dylan Laws
    Dylan Laws 10 months ago +1

    How many calories was this approx?

    • Dylan Laws
      Dylan Laws 10 months ago

      BeardMeatsFood Thank you for your reply ! Yes I also thought it was around 6k 8k

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  10 months ago

      dunno tough to estimate when i dont seem them cook everything, i imagine with sundae and nachos somewhere in the region of 6000

  • Esoteric 365
    Esoteric 365 10 months ago +1

    Congrats on reaching 200k subscribers! For the 200k subscriber celebration challenge, can I suggest that instead of attempting to eat 200 units of something, you attempt to eat £200 worth of something?

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  10 months ago +1

      a few people have said that, i like the idea.

  • gimbits
    gimbits 10 months ago +1

    Cheat day fo sho

  • Akuma
    Akuma 10 months ago +2

    Strong editing game Beard! The quality continues to improve. Can't believe it's already CoB #51! Time really does fly doesn't it?

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  10 months ago

      thank you for the kind words bud, and indeed it flies when you're having fun lol