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  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
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  • Madan Gowri
    Madan Gowri  5 months ago +866

    *7 Miles...not 70 miles. Sorry.*
    Instagram : instagram.com/madangowri
    Twitter : twitter.com/madan3
    Snapchat : madangowri

    • Priyanka Anbarasi
      Priyanka Anbarasi 25 days ago


    • Gokul Vasanth
      Gokul Vasanth 3 months ago

      B4 he knowing internet or email, he got rejected in one of the interview because he dont have internet.

    • Abinesh G
      Abinesh G 3 months ago

      @Thendral vinc mmm okk

    • Thendral vinc
      Thendral vinc 3 months ago

      Nan apovae think pana 70miles epdi daily poga mudiyum nu.. but deep uh think panla.. nengalae solitanga tankx

    • Abinesh G
      Abinesh G 4 months ago

      Adana pattan 70mile cyclelaa yaa🤔

  • mubas ms
    mubas ms Day ago

    Bro Ian malayali but you talk amazing🥰

  • Roshan Akther
    Roshan Akther Day ago

    I will try to remember my goal...

  • Surya Balu
    Surya Balu 2 days ago

    My Goal is to buy a big house within 4 or 5 years(Before completing my degree)

  • Guru Samy
    Guru Samy 3 days ago

    Hi madan

  • kumar senthil
    kumar senthil 4 days ago

    Thanks gowri

  • kumar senthil
    kumar senthil 4 days ago

    Great person, I will do my ambition

  • kasirajan rajendran
    kasirajan rajendran 4 days ago

    Intha year ennoda government job confirm

  • kasirajan rajendran
    kasirajan rajendran 4 days ago

    Nan sub collector aganum

  • kasirajan rajendran
    kasirajan rajendran 4 days ago

    Intha year la nan ennoda kanavu acheive panna poren

    MADHAVAN SMS 4 days ago

    I will.

  • Vignesh anand
    Vignesh anand 7 days ago

    One day I will become a big cricketer and play for India. I believe in the words I leave here. Thanks na

  • Logesh Murugesh
    Logesh Murugesh 15 days ago

    My big dream I have to die .....death is good thing .....Jack ma achieved in 35 years .....internet is boomed in 30 years all r selected view I am not so I expected soon possible for the death .......

  • Jilla Suresh
    Jilla Suresh 17 days ago

    Jeff Bezos history sollunga sir...

  • Saravana Kumar S
    Saravana Kumar S 20 days ago

    Today itself I learn English Bro.😍

  • Venu Shetty
    Venu Shetty 21 day ago

    I want to success in my life Jack ma Is my inspiration

  • mary mary
    mary mary 23 days ago

    Yes thanks for your encouragement , it's life best moments, everybody life have a vision, everybody have a ability to do anything in this world, only one thing willing capacity how much have and interest have much have that based to achieve our goals defantely , thanks the lord, all glory to God

  • Gladiya Misal
    Gladiya Misal 24 days ago

    I wanna become a millionaire one day

  • satheesh mech
    satheesh mech 24 days ago

    Na enna va aaga poranu ithu varaikum theriyala.. But one day i will be at the good possision..

  • King Maker
    King Maker 25 days ago

    In my age of 28. I will be an millionaire..

  • brave_heart _iyob
    brave_heart _iyob 29 days ago

    I will be the next..............

  • deepash rangan
    deepash rangan Month ago

    I already watched this video before. Now i came here to watch this again... Bcoz this story relates me in many ways ... Im an engineering student attending placement... I have been clearing all the rounds but continuosly getting rejected in personal H.R.

    The reason they say is i don't have communication skill,lack of points in grooming

    Even yesterday i attended Ducen IT
    10 people shortlisted for personal H.R

    9 got offer and im not the one in that...
    No one to hear my feelings

    So im sharing here....😔

  • Shajahan Shaji
    Shajahan Shaji Month ago

    Annaleyum mudiyum next 5 year change my life

  • Pavithra Raman
    Pavithra Raman Month ago

    Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................. Anna

  • vijayalakshmi karthikeyan

    Ungaloda achievements kuda oru inspiration tha

  • jaishree queen
    jaishree queen Month ago

    Failure is the stepping stone to get success.,One day I will become a billionaire

  • Mass Vidhu
    Mass Vidhu Month ago

    Nah CA course ah full ah clear panuven. ... CA aguven

  • Mohan Vishnu
    Mohan Vishnu Month ago +1

    I want to learn everything ....like not only knowing or being a doctor , engineer,or ca,. ...
    I want to learn everything .........
    Because....I'm interested at it ..
    And i don't want to be like others , I want to be like me

  • rajeshgokul Jai
    rajeshgokul Jai Month ago +1

    Speak about ab divelleas retirement

  • Rama Krishnan
    Rama Krishnan Month ago

    i want to become a vj (video jack)

  • Alagar Gopal
    Alagar Gopal Month ago

    I was became a best web developer in the world

  • Ayyxsh Alone
    Ayyxsh Alone Month ago

    I am From Sri Lanka and I am Middle Class boy. My Aim is "The world Best Security Programme should Create and My name will Be in the History. One day I will definitely achieved My goal.

  • gayathri devi
    gayathri devi Month ago

    I would become a software engineer in Google

  • vinoth kumar c
    vinoth kumar c Month ago

    I will become a tasildar

  • Subasri D
    Subasri D Month ago

    Semmma bro thank u for this story. last dailogue semmma

  • Ajith Kumar
    Ajith Kumar Month ago

    Bro avar first three years ku onume sambadhikala. Next it got hit

  • Jyothi Jyothi
    Jyothi Jyothi Month ago

    Google le work pannanum. Than Government job vagi sondhakargale pathu sirikkanum.

  • new motivational video for tamil

    Big level contracter

  • muthu kumar
    muthu kumar Month ago

    Don't waste time, that's my biggest achievement,.

  • Modern Tech Tamil
    Modern Tech Tamil Month ago

    Inum nariya video indha mari podunga ila poduringa

  • Lokesh R
    Lokesh R Month ago

    Hi plz tell about nick vujicic plzz broo❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sathish sharma
    Sathish sharma 2 months ago

    Football would cup

  • Sujin Raj
    Sujin Raj 2 months ago

    Big hacker in the world

  • vinodhini suman
    vinodhini suman 2 months ago

    Sir enaku familyla problem ennoda mother in law enna varthayala noga adikurenga some time engu life verupa eruku sir enaku advice pannunga air

  • Noor Mohammed
    Noor Mohammed 2 months ago

    nalla padhivu

  • The Expendables
    The Expendables 2 months ago

    I want to become a ceo of a company

  • silambarasan paramasivam

    Hello bro Naan Mechanical engineer than aanaa enakku edtior agunum asai aanaa ithuvaraikkum anathillai niraiya sambathicha veriyum Avamanankal niraiya ketta peyar en vazhakkai ethai nokki poguthunu theriyala

  • online technic
    online technic 2 months ago

    I will become a CA clearing all exam in first attempt

  • Jeya Sankriti
    Jeya Sankriti 2 months ago

    The way you presented about JACK MA was really awesome

  • DJ Boys
    DJ Boys 2 months ago

    Eminem histry pathi poduga Mr.MadanGowri

  • Dharanipriya Iog
    Dharanipriya Iog 2 months ago +2

    I will be a best supporter for my boyfriend.... he is struggling lot to come up in his life.... I will make him a successful person......

    SELVAM M 2 months ago

    I want to become a business man

  • Tamizh app tech
    Tamizh app tech 2 months ago

    Bro my age was just 16 but I have a great dream one day I will become a best fire man in the world it is true u will definitely talk about me it is true MG bro mark it

  • arun nithish
    arun nithish 2 months ago

    70 miles? really!

  • Valli Nayagamsenthil
    Valli Nayagamsenthil 2 months ago

    Speak Abt Dr. He

  • Sobe nesh
    Sobe nesh 2 months ago +1

    I will earn 5million us dollor per day within 7 years ..I will work hard and god will help me achieve its like my dream which gonna convert in my plan

  • Priya Dharshan
    Priya Dharshan 2 months ago

    I will become a banker 😎

  • Esvar R
    Esvar R 2 months ago

    Jackie Chan pathisolunka

  • siva sai
    siva sai 2 months ago

    Naanum entrepreneur ah aagiten... I will definitely reach bigger places.

  • Vishnu Balaji
    Vishnu Balaji 2 months ago

    I want become a data scientist


    Inspiration story of EMINEM

  • As z
    As z 2 months ago

    Pray for Sudan 🇸🇩

  • youtube fans
    youtube fans 2 months ago

    Bro..say about c.Ronaldo plz

  • ragin purushothaman
    ragin purushothaman 2 months ago

    Awesome story!! True inspirational 👍

  • RJ Bala
    RJ Bala 2 months ago

    I want to become an entrepreneur one day in transport industry i will definitely succeed that one day.

  • Gokulakrishnan Gokulakrishnan

    By leaving a comment .
    I will be a inspiration for others.

  • Saraa Rajan
    Saraa Rajan 2 months ago

    I want to start a business... Wanna explore the world🗺.

  • Rajmohan Rajboy
    Rajmohan Rajboy 2 months ago


  • Dhanasekar Pandian
    Dhanasekar Pandian 2 months ago

    Kadumaya Uzhaikanum!! avamangalai thanganum.. Vetri namai nokki varum.. !!

  • bharath vijay
    bharath vijay 2 months ago +12

    I will become World's best cardio thoracic surgeon ❤

  • Harinishiva Boss
    Harinishiva Boss 2 months ago +1

    I will come on Forbes under 30

  • kowsalya venkatesan
    kowsalya venkatesan 2 months ago +2

    I will become a great and responsible doctor. I will I can.

  • Mufi
    Mufi 2 months ago

    Thumbnail la rendu jack ma pakathu pakathula nikira mari iruku

  • Balaji Mahadevan
    Balaji Mahadevan 2 months ago

    Super bro...

  • Nayeem Ulla
    Nayeem Ulla 2 months ago +1

    Warren Buffett history