Can You Flush A Chocolate Cake Down A Toilet?

  • Published on May 20, 2015
  • In CollegeHumor's first mini-documentary find out whether the cake is flushed away, or Emily's dreams.
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    Emily Axford
    Sam Reich
    Mike Trapp
    Pat Cassels
    Brian Murphy
    Jamaica Crist
    Nai-Chang Yeh, Ph.D.
    Tony Abramyan
    Sam Payaslyan
    Director - Tony Yacenda
    Producer - Michele Santoro
    Treatment - Emily Axford
    Cinematography - Alan Gwizdowski
    Editor - Jim Cummings
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    Jamaica's Cakes
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 9 305

  • K JN-S
    K JN-S Day ago

    I love this... You just inspired me

  • S4dn3ss
    S4dn3ss 5 days ago

    This is a really good BuzzFeed video

  • Wiktoria L
    Wiktoria L 5 days ago

    I don't know if I should give it a thumb up for the great satire, or down for wasting a cake.

  • Amber Washington
    Amber Washington 13 days ago

    this cake was for kugrash's birthday

  • K Boi
    K Boi 13 days ago

    African children starving CH flushing chocolate cake down toilet

  • Internet Cancer
    Internet Cancer 19 days ago

    Plumber be like: am i a joke to u

  • Internet Cancer
    Internet Cancer 19 days ago

    Wtf is this

  • EpicFallOut
    EpicFallOut 21 day ago

    That was actually so inspiring.i needed that right now

  • Alice Xu
    Alice Xu 24 days ago +1

    Am I weird or is it SO INSPIRING?!

  • Jacko Jew Jr R
    Jacko Jew Jr R 26 days ago

    I cried s lil.

  • Benny Fix
    Benny Fix 26 days ago

    Wtf :( waste

  • DonJohn80
    DonJohn80 Month ago

    I got way to emotional and invested in this.

  • Adiyo Savarin Savarin

    the monologue

  • angelia flores
    angelia flores 2 months ago

    What monster would do this...

  • Ivo Krstulovic
    Ivo Krstulovic 2 months ago

    Why to waste acake

  • Omar Salinas
    Omar Salinas 2 months ago +2

    This was actually inspiring. Like I feel more optimistic about life now. Waiting for my next critica flush

  • Quinn
    Quinn 2 months ago +1

    I watched this when if first came out and understood nothing about the math associated with flushing the cake. Four years later, after three different algebra classes and a year of university physics, i understand. School does things to people.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    Netflix must cmake this into a documentary now

  • Caleb P
    Caleb P 2 months ago

    Adam has a serious case of punchable face....and punchable personality.

  • Tessa Knight
    Tessa Knight 2 months ago

    This js the greatest thing i have ever watched on youtube

  • Cunning Fishing
    Cunning Fishing 3 months ago

    Where we’re going we don’t need crosswalks 😎

  • Alex Belman
    Alex Belman 3 months ago

    “The cake wasn’t going down, but my dreams were.”

  • Phlebas
    Phlebas 3 months ago

    So... I'm in a motel room and I may have... ahem... clogged the toilet. I came to this video for inspiration, hoping that multiple flushes may get me out of my predicament so that I don't have to ask a maintenance person for a plunger and do the walk of shame back to my room.

    Update: Success! Flushing a million times didn't work, but the maintenance room was left unlocked! It was a high stakes heist. The prize: my dignity. And it went off without a hitch.

    I sneak into the maintenance room and grab the instrument, then proceed back to my room, walking at a brisk and confident pace. I hear a noise behind me. A complete stranger is entering his room. We do not make eye contact. Whether he noticed the tool of shame in my possession, I will never know, but frankly, I don't care. I will never see this man again, and if I do, I doubt that I will have made much an impression.

    I enter my room and accidentally tilt the plunger a little. Some stored water inside it dribbles onto the linoleum floor. Is it the poo water of a previous guest, I ask myself? As clear as it looks, sitting there under the single dim forty watt bulb above me, I know that it is, in fact, gross poo water. I will have to clean it up later.

    As I plunge, I begin to notice its ineffectiveness. Considering the contents of the toilet bowl, it should have flushed easily. After multiple cycles of flushing and plunging, everything eventually goes down, but I am never granted that satisfying gurgle that informs me that I have succeeded. I know that something is wrong. It was likely something that was wrong before I fucked it up. Yes. That must be it. It wasn't me, it was the previous guest.

    I look into the toilet bowl. It appears clear and clean, as it should be, but I know that if I were to attempt to flush anything solid, or semi-solid, it will not work. I am unsure if I should even pee in it. I check out tomorrow and ask myself, can I avoid peeing in this toilet? The motel has a public washroom. I shall go there before going to bed. I shall use the restaurant's public washroom when I go for breakfast tomorrow. This is a good plan. I congratulate myself.

    I return the plunger, unnoticed, then return to my room. The poo water on the floor has evaporated and I notice that the room has a faint but noticeable odor. I open a window and write my story on the Internet, suddenly realising that something must be very wrong with me. I mean, even before that, going to the Internet to find a four year-old comedy video between the act of clogging the toilet and fixing said clog is kind of weird, isn't it? But I am so far into this now, I feel committed.

    Then, realising that by chronicling this, I am publicly admitting to making a motel room gross and feel kind of ashamed. I scrub the poo water, or at least the area that the poo water touched, with a damp cloth and throw it in the tub. I make sure that some of the dirt I tracked in is visible so that the floor will be properly cleaned. I then write a note, neatly folded and placed on the toilet reading, "Maintenance Note: Weak Flush".

  • Brother Jasper
    Brother Jasper 3 months ago

    Wtf is all i can say

  • Anastasa Beaverhausen
    Anastasa Beaverhausen 3 months ago

    What about vanilla?

  • Miby Gatch
    Miby Gatch 3 months ago

    who's that random girl hiding behind the fridge

  • Frederick Freer
    Frederick Freer 4 months ago

    This is the biggest waste of water I have ever seen LOL

  • Ariq Fauzan
    Ariq Fauzan 4 months ago

    This is the best, most inspiring documentaries I've ever watched, but also the most stupid and weird.

  • WangleLine
    WangleLine 4 months ago

    Now this is the content I subscribed for.

  • Elise Pay
    Elise Pay 4 months ago

    I feel like if it sat in there with the water for a while it would cause it to take less flushes.

  • apeb2odhdjefifnrnb39h39eborhie2borb3

    Whys it gotta be chocolate cake

  • UL
    UL 4 months ago +1

    If you thought it was serious

    You are right

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese 4 months ago

    This is EXACTLY the kind premiere content I've subscribed too.

  • Fanni Eszter Molnár
    Fanni Eszter Molnár 4 months ago

    I, as a chocolet addict, cried throughout the whole video. Just give me that fcking cake next time, okay?! it triggered me so much >.

  • Dan K
    Dan K 4 months ago

    This is Vice done well

  • Spammu Doggo
    Spammu Doggo 4 months ago

    Even in a parody they were less annoying than buzzfeed people. In a good way
    This was beautiful btw

  • twofingers onecup
    twofingers onecup 5 months ago

    Try flushing a dead body.

  • CaptainJackeye
    CaptainJackeye 5 months ago

    Only at Collegehumor

  • Neave MCGEEHAN
    Neave MCGEEHAN 5 months ago


  • AvocadosAtLaw
    AvocadosAtLaw 5 months ago

    I just watched 7 minutes of a lady flushing an entire cake down a toilet. What am I doing with my life?

  • Voogish
    Voogish 5 months ago

    Some Alligator is having the time of his life down there now

  • Sneaking Raccoon Gaming

    Why isn't this on Netflix?

  • scarlett bishop
    scarlett bishop 5 months ago

    wait what? im not subscribed to buzzfeed why is this coming up?

  • UnderDragon
    UnderDragon 5 months ago

    How about a vanilla cake?

  • Natasha B
    Natasha B 5 months ago

    i dont think a lot of these commenters realize that this is sarcastic, probably imitating buzzfeed

  • AZTenor94
    AZTenor94 6 months ago

    This is still one of my favorite CH videos.

  • Qwerty Qwertovich
    Qwerty Qwertovich 6 months ago

    Why am I getting emotionally involved in this?:'(

    • oskari61
      oskari61 5 months ago

      It was well produced, it was her idea and she was actually invested in the outcome.

  • art에반
    art에반 6 months ago

    Why would you do that to the sewer water cleaner people
    And starving bois watching this and wtf a waste of money

  • Jerry RAMPS
    Jerry RAMPS 6 months ago

    That documentary was pretty flush, wasn't it?
    I bet they got the cake from flushing.
    Who thought it was a good idea toi let me make puns?

  • Daxdleader
    Daxdleader 6 months ago

    Emily is irreppaceable

  • Quantris
    Quantris 6 months ago +1

    You miss 100% of the flushes you don't take.
    - Michael Scott

  • Maxwell Trabalka
    Maxwell Trabalka 7 months ago

    im watching this now when adam ruins everything is out and he almost is always right about everything Emily sas

  • Letni
    Letni 7 months ago

    I know the motivational parts of this video were just a joke, but damn, this legitimately gave me some good vibes. Just like Emily says at the end: "I know you're bein sarcastic, but it still feels good."

  • Fennikk The Furry
    Fennikk The Furry 7 months ago +1

    That ending motivational speech is inspiring until you remember that it's about flushing a cake down a toilet.

  • Zil Fariza
    Zil Fariza 7 months ago

    Emily is my favourite!

  • Rahul Dhargalkar
    Rahul Dhargalkar 7 months ago

    This weirdly reminds me of Vox videos 😋 same set up

  • Owo
    Owo 7 months ago

    ‘The only thing everyone agreed on was that this documentary was a complete was if time... and money... and cake... but my boss already agreed so I didn’t care.’

  • DerpJerd
    DerpJerd 7 months ago

    5 people clap at a toilet

  • Seal School
    Seal School 7 months ago +1

    before LIGO winning Noble.
    6:45 The new way of looking at space begins after.

  • Kevin Gomez
    Kevin Gomez 7 months ago

    this was oddly inspirational

  • Sophie Teresa
    Sophie Teresa 7 months ago

    You maybe should have flushed it in sideways?

  • Mansoorr68 Uvxeg
    Mansoorr68 Uvxeg 7 months ago


  • lola moiki
    lola moiki 7 months ago +1

    i fully believed it would flush
    it was almost certain to flush (unless it clogged before all the cake went down)
    the reason is because the cake got soggy from sitting in the water. it would then break more easily and go down the toilet. it most likely flushed because it was weakened from sitting in water.
    it probably could have gone down in one flush if it sat in the toilet ten to fifteen minutes prior
    the cake did flush and that gives me motivation

  • syaza fahzlin
    syaza fahzlin 7 months ago

    Don't know why the 12th flush was so satisfying BUT IT IS!!!!

  • dr.bruce banner
    dr.bruce banner 7 months ago

    "The cake wasn't going down
    But my dreams were"

    RETARDIS 7 months ago +1

    I want to be paid for that.

  • John Bainivanua
    John Bainivanua 7 months ago

    3rd world problems: What does a cake even taste like?
    1st world problems: Can we flush a cake down a toilet (and get paid)?

  • John Funk
    John Funk 7 months ago

    One word: inspiring

  • Terezz
    Terezz 7 months ago

    Owners thoughts: “Who cares if they flush it down the toilet as long as I get paid take all the cakes you need.”

  • sievepen
    sievepen 7 months ago

    this is a first world problem's wet brown dream: they are literally flushing decadent food down a toilet.

  • Erin MacIntosh
    Erin MacIntosh 7 months ago

    This brought me such joy.

    FJSP JEI 7 months ago

    lmao adam

  • Sel
    Sel 7 months ago

    This was so stupid.

  • Sydney Flanigan
    Sydney Flanigan 7 months ago

    The real question how did this come where they just like you know what I love cake and you know what I also love toilets and then Adams like let's flush it

  • k evergloss
    k evergloss 7 months ago

    So thats why i found a cake in the poop hole!