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Hotel Hell - Season 1 Episode 5 - River Rock Inn Full Episode HD

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
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    Hell's Kitchen - Season 17 Episode 5 - Josh Josh Josh Full Episode
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  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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  • Lakshmi Krishnakumar

    He’s just so fucking dumb

  • CtpnLucario
    CtpnLucario 3 hours ago

    Pause at 9:31 there is Weenie the Pooh 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mark Renkert
    Mark Renkert 4 hours ago

    Not a cockroach but a helpful box elder bottle......

  • The Grimwiz
    The Grimwiz 8 hours ago

    I'd love to see Gordon Ramsay cook for Conor McGregor. Video would just explode. Proper European animals in their own thing

  • Aeshift Unboxings Drawings

    The owner looks so humble!!!!

  • Ya Girl
    Ya Girl 9 hours ago

    My new diet: Gordon's dog's food
    Cause apparently it's delicious

  • Duck Duck Goose
    Duck Duck Goose 9 hours ago

    Just like women to hook you up with the uglyiess

  • Lowlow
    Lowlow 19 hours ago

    That’s not a cockroach’s a kissing bug, they are attracted to the carbon dioxide you exhale when you sleep and basically drink and feed on your mouth.

  • Duck Duck Goose
    Duck Duck Goose 21 hour ago

    I knew Gordan was a Mack... I knew it... he got that guy laid.... lol

  • M R
    M R 22 hours ago

    Fuckin Gordan Ramsay wingman LOL

  • wowgisselx3
    wowgisselx3 Day ago

    Milky way 😂😂😂 on that bed

  • Bodie Crawford
    Bodie Crawford Day ago

    I’m 99% sure all those girls were drunk

  • Sierrah Jenee
    Sierrah Jenee Day ago +1

    Bro he respectful and cute for his age so uh HIT HIS LINE

  • Cheshire Wolf
    Cheshire Wolf Day ago

    *Gordon Ramsey voice* that's not an Inn its a fucking *_OUT_*

  • Bullet Proof Daisy

    what a satisfying happy ending!

  • Blake Sains
    Blake Sains Day ago

    He's the number one wingman

  • hannahxbeauty x
    hannahxbeauty x Day ago

    The “cockroach” he saw in the beggining when he was on the toilet is actually a box elder. I have them in my house, they don’t bite.

  • MugMan **
    MugMan ** Day ago

    I’m gonna be sad when Gordon dies

  • Amamkoncahuanquichu

    The cockroach at :12 is just a lil plant bug! Those are ok!

  • Tony Arce
    Tony Arce Day ago

    5:26 that is no damm roach😂😂

  • San Junipero
    San Junipero Day ago

    Omg when he put the dead bugs in his barehands and than hers... 😭

  • ashlyn💛
    ashlyn💛 Day ago

    You sure this ain’t my grandpas house?

  • Peaches Gaming
    Peaches Gaming 2 days ago

    30:00 lol Barbie and ken

  • Majikpoptart Star
    Majikpoptart Star 2 days ago

    "I'm missing The Simpsons" same Gordan, same

  • Nate Williams
    Nate Williams 2 days ago

    5:32 that’s a fucking boxelder bug Jesus

  • Gacha_Emma XoXo
    Gacha_Emma XoXo 2 days ago +1

    A flip flop with mayo..... well that’s one way to describe it 😂

  • zerou24
    zerou24 2 days ago

    she looks like one of twins in dishonored

  • Alyse Is a dork
    Alyse Is a dork 2 days ago

    *Lets just hope hes not late to breakfast in the morning"

  • Alyse Is a dork
    Alyse Is a dork 2 days ago

    *It needs a womens touch*
    *proceeds to find him a girlfriend*

  • Mitchell Holladay
    Mitchell Holladay 2 days ago

    nothing says bad editing choice like including a photo of a couple kissing in a hotel room.

  • Alyse Is a dork
    Alyse Is a dork 2 days ago

    *Im GoNnA mIsS tHe SiMsOnS*

  • Alyse Is a dork
    Alyse Is a dork 2 days ago

    *Somebodys ashes are down there*

  • Adamaster
    Adamaster 2 days ago

    Barbie and ken wait what...

  • Insanity Panda
    Insanity Panda 2 days ago

    5:20 That is called the Maple Bug they are harmless and very notorious to Canada and America. They are not in the arachnids family even though it looks like it.

  • Mark Bautista
    Mark Bautista 2 days ago +1

    Chef Ramsay..please find me a date😂😆

  • Backdoor Plumber
    Backdoor Plumber 2 days ago

    "Karen, you have a beautiful smile!"
    *Giant yellow grill greets you at the door.*

    • Jonathan Mings
      Jonathan Mings 7 hours ago

      Teeth arent the smile. You can smile without teeth right? Ok then

  • Paige K.
    Paige K. 2 days ago

    it really sucks watching all of these hotel hell episodes and knowing a lot of the hotels have closed down after the show :(

  • Real Ganstas
    Real Ganstas 2 days ago

    The restaurant closed

  • Falling Dragons
    Falling Dragons 3 days ago

    can we take a moment and pay some respect for this cat 2:02

  • Huskylover GamerAJ
    Huskylover GamerAJ 3 days ago

    Every HH gordon is just about naked in every one of them

  • Henery Beaton
    Henery Beaton 3 days ago

    He came prepared to look at the bed with a black light

  • Asthetixx Bae
    Asthetixx Bae 3 days ago +1

    Whatever that was in the thumbnail, it looks like the Chum Dogs from the Chum Bucket

  • Lemourne
    Lemourne 3 days ago

    “Im so shocked a little bit”

  • Dont Worry, Im Here
    Dont Worry, Im Here 3 days ago

    nooooooooo Gordon gonna miss the simpsons!!!!!!

  • Taj Pearl
    Taj Pearl 3 days ago +1

    Gordon Ramsey, the man of many talents..chef, designer, professional asshole when needed, AND a world class wingman. lol seriousy this dude got her # for him. Stay golden Gordon Ramsey

  • Johnson Adam
    Johnson Adam 3 days ago

    I cant stand that mat grey puke paint that Gordon seems to love so much.

  • Chris Brewer
    Chris Brewer 3 days ago

    The bug in the bathroom is a kissing bug and if you get bitten by one you could possibly get chagas disease

  • Claudia Lazlok
    Claudia Lazlok 3 days ago


  • 포카리스웨 튜
    포카리스웨 튜 3 days ago

    surprising that the shittiest places actually have the best people working for them

  • Sierra Witham
    Sierra Witham 3 days ago

    It wasn't a roach it was a Box Elder bug. They're everywhere in the part of Utah I'm in.

  • Andrew Dyshaw
    Andrew Dyshaw 3 days ago

    I feel more bad for that cat than that man

  • Hailee Wrice
    Hailee Wrice 3 days ago +3

    Ok but does no one else think that the inn looks kinda like the house from coraline?

  • XxItalianGamerxX
    XxItalianGamerxX 4 days ago

    Ken is the biggest legend ever

  • The Antipolos
    The Antipolos 4 days ago

    13:37 WOAH

  • hulkbuster 2.0
    hulkbuster 2.0 4 days ago +1

    What an amazing guy. He can improve the hotel, and be a wingman to find kenny a hookup

  • dank Kid
    dank Kid 4 days ago


  • Anthony Olah
    Anthony Olah 4 days ago

    Go eat at the apple valley down the road

  • cody 101
    cody 101 4 days ago

    If I ever go to a Ramsay restaurant or anything he better not have a speck of dirt and nothing wrinkled everything better be completely perfect I'm bringing a black light and all understand these people and places are grosser than normal but come on no place is spotless I guarantee you I can find shit that's kind of gross in one of his businesses granted they won't be on the level of any of these shows but still he acts like he's spotless and perfect on everything he owns obviously very successful not knocking him I'm just saying there's dirt everywhere like you can't just be 100% completely clean....... hope you don't catch anything part had me dying

  • Avoni C
    Avoni C 4 days ago


  • john doe
    john doe 4 days ago

    8:48 Gordon is funny asf😂😂 that whole sweating part was fucking hilarious

  • Sarha Hillsburg
    Sarha Hillsburg 4 days ago +2

    Sad that despite all money an time Gordan cashed in went down drain cause it closed 2yr later. Wonder if he was atleast abpe pay those people back an get out debt cause didn't say it foreclosed. 💁

  • Ava & Jaelyn
    Ava & Jaelyn 5 days ago +1


  • BizziTheOg
    BizziTheOg 5 days ago

    Legend Says He Never Got To See The Simpson's.

  • OG_Tornado
    OG_Tornado 5 days ago +2

    Gordon: How much money are you losing per month?
    21 Savage: Alot

  • Martijn Bakkes
    Martijn Bakkes 5 days ago

    Looks like a stink bug and not a cockroach.

  • Douglas Greene
    Douglas Greene 6 days ago

    Not a cockroach. Wtf is that though?

  • kittyface27
    kittyface27 6 days ago

    "I'm gonna miss the Simpsons." I love him.

  • Bushmaster 1
    Bushmaster 1 6 days ago

    Give the english woman some whitening toothpaste please

  • Raymus Anunciacion
    Raymus Anunciacion 6 days ago

    why gordon is always having a naked scene? are you japanese?

  • Useless Human
    Useless Human 6 days ago +2


  • Mike AFucku
    Mike AFucku 6 days ago

    The single pube on the toilet lmao

  • PoliticallyIncorrect
    PoliticallyIncorrect 6 days ago +1

    You couldn't pay me enough to go into that nightmare!!

  • SolarFan Wings
    SolarFan Wings 7 days ago

    Such a wholesome episode!

  • Wakib Zamal
    Wakib Zamal 7 days ago

    But he makes life of others better

  • Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness

    Those rooms are bullshit... I have seen ruins in a better state.

  • Wakib Zamal
    Wakib Zamal 7 days ago

    The amount of food gordon waste...we can actually feed half of africa ...he is just wasting food like hell

  • James Ragusin
    James Ragusin 7 days ago

    Dude Gordon needs a show where he just tries to get other dudes laid lmao

  • Bin Lee
    Bin Lee 7 days ago

    Thats not a cockroach. Thats firebug

  • Raina King
    Raina King 7 days ago

    with all these staffs nobody bothered to clean the rooms?

  • skyler and marley paul

    Waiter James looks like Victor from Gotham

  • Da_Real_ M44in
    Da_Real_ M44in 7 days ago

    When the owner was at the bar i was like "stand up"

  • rumneyjoe
    rumneyjoe 7 days ago

    He has horse chompers like Baba Booey!

  • Chris Hill
    Chris Hill 7 days ago

    That's not a roach.

  • Purple Rose
    Purple Rose 7 days ago

    hey, i'm 16 and i do my own home repairs, what gordon did was confusing, you gotta have the window's OPEN! XD

  • Joey Ackley
    Joey Ackley 8 days ago +1

    Having Gordon as a wingman will get you laid every time

  • TheGooglyminotaur
    TheGooglyminotaur 8 days ago

    Someone’s pube was on tv. Did they know? Were they proud? Like hey, I know that little guy!

  • Jennifer Wallace
    Jennifer Wallace 9 days ago

    He reminds me of marry poppins

  • Sonny Southon
    Sonny Southon 9 days ago

    I reckon Gordon Ramsey is the man where Eva he goes he makes a big change to restaurants all ova we need more people like him I reckon and he's not as bad as people make him out to be. Good on u Gordon

  • debra parkhurst
    debra parkhurst 9 days ago

    When I first glanced at the appetizer on the bamboo spears I thought they were flattened little rats. Lol

  • James
    James 9 days ago


  • Sam Bolt
    Sam Bolt 10 days ago

    Gordon Ramsy at a job interview.
    Interviewer: "Do you have any skills?"
    Gordon: (Claps hands) "Remaking and remodeling restaurants, hotels, inns, as well as people's lives. I also know how to cook."
    Interviewer: "Wow! Anything else?"
    Gordon: "I can tell you if your bed sheets are dirty."

  • Proud American
    Proud American 10 days ago +1

    If you look good,and feel good,you will be good

  • lies, all lies.
    lies, all lies. 10 days ago

    Lol that girl just casually roasted her Gran.

  • BetaBugz ,
    BetaBugz , 10 days ago

    I know hes not American, in the south, those "cockroaches" are called boxelder beetles

  • Wanderer of the daylight Noa

    This was amazing I mean that person could have sold his organs or himself for paying the bills but gordan saved him . This is unbelievable. Gordon has done a work which is the reason why people still believe in humanity .

  • Eiszapfen der wütenden Winde

    1:55 he either played a *Strigoi* in the series The Strain or some kind of Vampire in a different movie.

  • Aussie Zambarau
    Aussie Zambarau 10 days ago

    I like Ramsey's sleeping bag.

  • Logic and Reason
    Logic and Reason 10 days ago

    What I love most about the orginal hells kitchen is it was a was a way for Gordan to create people who could create his quality so he could leave the kitchen ! I am a kitchen equipment repair worker and their is not 1 person in the area that does what I will service ! There for I have not 1 person to hire to put in my place so I can obtain more work ! I took the local movie theater work ! I beat the guys that should service their own equipment, still I fail because people do not know I exist ! I am a Detroit journey electrician , who can fix anything everyone else gives up on ! I dream to make my service thrive . I know I can't provide this service for a life time . I need to create employees to cover my 24 - 7 a day drop ! I live for service , I have never found 1 person that will take the responsibility or that that can service the equipment with eachother ! Your show forced people to owns up to the responsibility that they have deep inside ! I dream to find the same results you created here ! Quality always wins !

  • Logic and Reason
    Logic and Reason 10 days ago +2

    Not 1 hot lady wants part of a falling hotel owner !