Galaxy S10: How to power up another device with Wireless PowerShare

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • No cables needed. Learn how to charge other devices wirelessly using the next generation Galaxy S10.
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  • Xd得到了他們

    On s10 is SLOW af but still nice to have it

  • Z-Man Overstreet
    Z-Man Overstreet 6 days ago

    Dosnt charge the a50

  • Cooper k64
    Cooper k64 Month ago

    Hi, im just asking but can the s10 charge the s9+?

  • Mahoann Haynes
    Mahoann Haynes 2 months ago

    They beat Apple to it ..crazy

  • Jeannie Arnold Self
    Jeannie Arnold Self 2 months ago

    Sounds great

  • Marjorie Chavez
    Marjorie Chavez 2 months ago

    And if you ain't got a friend that got someone or family member then what good is it tell me that thank you

  • Dante Edgeworth
    Dante Edgeworth 3 months ago

    Does anybody know why it wont powershare with an iPhone 7 plus. It works with my friends iphone 6 but not my other friends iPhone 7 plus

    LOGANATHAN J 3 months ago

    This is an amazing feature.. I ever seen any other brand mobiles... hat's off samsung... always giving marvalus features....

  • Shrinivasshetti K
    Shrinivasshetti K 4 months ago


  • Gokul Krishnan
    Gokul Krishnan 4 months ago

    I broke my s8 display glass how much cost to replace that

  • Rollina Sangma
    Rollina Sangma 4 months ago


  • Thiru Kumaran
    Thiru Kumaran 4 months ago +1

    A30 battery life video

  • Rishabh Mohan Aggarwal
    Rishabh Mohan Aggarwal 4 months ago +1

    Can this Can Also happen in my phone J4 plus

  • James Barter
    James Barter 4 months ago

    0:26 S11??

  • the amazing everything
    the amazing everything 4 months ago

    I’m gonna get this phone for this years Christmas so I can show all the things it can do to my brother who is an apple fanboy, right now I’m stuck with this crappy iPhone

  • Fkfkdk Fkkfkd
    Fkfkdk Fkkfkd 5 months ago

    Does the other phone mode battery?

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen 5 months ago

    I just need the name of the music...

  • Jayy_TV -
    Jayy_TV - 5 months ago

    Does this phone steal power from other phone or does it only charge other phones? Trying to prove a point

  • Niklas Miller
    Niklas Miller 5 months ago

    Please 1080p60

  • giseleteengirl
    giseleteengirl 5 months ago

    i have an s8 plus i donot see the wireless power share. how do i get it on my phone?

  • Hunter XXL
    Hunter XXL 5 months ago

    What if i put two s10 in front of each other and i turned that mode in bouth?

  • Wajahat Siddiqui
    Wajahat Siddiqui 5 months ago

    Have some phone in the stocks please

  • TheBf666
    TheBf666 5 months ago

    Samsung forgot to tell you that the speed is VERY slow just like the gimmicky one found in the huawei mate 20 pro. It's trash. I tried it myself.

  • Incores
    Incores 5 months ago

    Yeah, i would if i didnt have to wait a month for it to get to me. (Pre ordered 02-21)

  • Renraj Raj
    Renraj Raj 5 months ago

    Watching in j8 💕💕💕

  • Renraj Raj
    Renraj Raj 5 months ago

    Awesome love you samsung

  • DO 87
    DO 87 5 months ago

    Nah man, Sharing is for communist.

  • unknown gay
    unknown gay 5 months ago +1

    _Lg is better than samsung_

  • happy Pee
    happy Pee 5 months ago

    Apple has leave the chat.

  • I LightenStar I
    I LightenStar I 5 months ago

    The Galaxy S10 doesn’t deserve to be in a 480p video.

  • I LightenStar I
    I LightenStar I 5 months ago

    Mate 20 Pro: Am I a joke to you?

    SAHEL_ LOL 5 months ago


  • boxier vase
    boxier vase 5 months ago +1

    Is it possible on the s10e

  • Josiah Barnachea
    Josiah Barnachea 5 months ago

    How about with a case?

  • Dj fest proo
    Dj fest proo 5 months ago

    Samsung actualiza el samsung j5 prime a android 9 y colocale el smart view y es mas like si quieres que actualizen tu j5 prime

  • meheraj hossian
    meheraj hossian 5 months ago +1

    I want it

  • tech user
    tech user 5 months ago

    Atleast here comments aren't disabled like apple

  • Chris p. bacon
    Chris p. bacon 5 months ago

    Wait, where's the front camera?

  • Ali Yusuf
    Ali Yusuf 5 months ago

    Ive had my s7 edge since it came out and i have never realised that you can swipe down with to fingers to imeadiatly display the full panel

  • Livan Rodriguez
    Livan Rodriguez 5 months ago

    How about you share some info on the ikonik skin?

    BLACK丨 ÇÄT 5 months ago +1

    Can i charge my Samsung Guru 1200 mobile

  • Max
    Max 5 months ago

    Google need to remove the face unlock feature from Android because it's not Secure 😞

  • Marcustzb
    Marcustzb 5 months ago

    Also works on S10e

  • Days Games
    Days Games 5 months ago

    But can you do this:
    Secure face id

  • dyllen1907
    dyllen1907 5 months ago

    My Note 10 can do that when it comes out in August!

  • gtone339
    gtone339 5 months ago +2

    Won't be used all the time, only for emergencies only!

  • The Mansion Crack
    The Mansion Crack 5 months ago

    Que mal que no hay dinero

  • Ashura
    Ashura 5 months ago +2

    can i have galaxy s10 for free plz samsung

  • Arthur Williams
    Arthur Williams 5 months ago


  • Akay Shintaro
    Akay Shintaro 5 months ago +15

    My nokia 3310 share the power with the sun

  • Brian Ceja
    Brian Ceja 5 months ago

    Who else watching on there Galaxy S10+ 😊

  • Daniel Nawrotzki
    Daniel Nawrotzki 5 months ago

    Kopieren von Apple 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Meti Shala
    Meti Shala 5 months ago

    Is the Powershare option going to be in the Samsung galaxy s9? I would be very happy.

  • Rahul Katare
    Rahul Katare 5 months ago +2

    Samsung is best..

  • Саня Сергеев

    Ну и? Хуавей это представила ещё 3 месяца назад на своем Huawei Mate20 Pro

  • Abubaker Siddiq
    Abubaker Siddiq 5 months ago +8

    I phone We will provide this feature 2050 lol🤣🤣🤣

    • BaBaLaBa
      BaBaLaBa 5 months ago +2

      Iphone -We- will provide this fearure *on* 2050 lol🤣🤣🤣

    • Mr. Unknown
      Mr. Unknown 5 months ago +1

      Stop talking about iPhone on Samsung channel you love samsung k?

  • TB Tech
    TB Tech 5 months ago

    I was charging my s7 edge in curry’s with a 10 while using the s10 lol got %15 more
    My s7 edge is fine ATM have a custom one ui rom which is brilliant so fast great battery and one ui on s7 edge may get s10 next year though

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  • DamJamGaming [ДамДжамГейминг]

    This is why samsung is better than iphone!

  • Sameer Khan
    Sameer Khan 5 months ago

    12% in 30 mins. Thats even slower than with 5W charger. 😅😅😅

  • Ezequiel Ramirez
    Ezequiel Ramirez 5 months ago +3

    Watching on my s10 prism white with my free ear buds.

    • tech-ne-sci-en Gyaan
      tech-ne-sci-en Gyaan 3 months ago

      You are from the lucky country who get galaxy buds free of cost with S10+

  • RasenRendan
    RasenRendan 5 months ago +2

    Android is king.

  • Rebin Moradi
    Rebin Moradi 5 months ago +1

    Problem with Galaxy 10 If you drop a picture in front of a screen opens please solve the problem

  • Z-Man Overstreet
    Z-Man Overstreet 5 months ago

    You can sell your kidney for $5,000

  • Kenad Hamzic
    Kenad Hamzic 5 months ago

    Does sharing wirles power work with samsung gear s3 frontier

  • Aakrit Yadav
    Aakrit Yadav 5 months ago

    Thanks thanks thanks galaxy thanks I don't have words but you are Legend

  • محمد الزيدي
    محمد الزيدي 5 months ago +2

    متى ينزل النوت 9 اريده ان يكون بلا نوتش او كاميرة منبثقة والبطارية فوق 4200-5000 ملي امبير وشاشة داينمك اموليد بدقة 3800*2800 pixil و كثافت 530 pixil HDR 10 PIUS و اريد ابعادة نفس كالاكسي اس 10 بلس واقوى معالج وبطاقة رسوميات و 3 كاميرات كلها بدقة 40او30 Pixil بفتحت عدسة واسعة فوق F2.2 و مقياس عمق وكاميرتين اماميتين بدقة 20 PIXIL و اريد كل الكاميرات تستطيع تصوير فيديو بدقة 4K و HDR 10 PLUS مع مثبت بصري فلاش متغير اللون بصمة الترى سونك وقارء قزهية العين و ماسح للوجه اسمي علي من العراق

    • محمد الزيدي
      محمد الزيدي 5 months ago +1

      @XxsalahxX- salah هههههه اني يمكن نايم او جاي اكتب تعليق
      بس ولله امنة هيج مواصفات ادفع 1500$

    • محمد الزيدي
      محمد الزيدي 5 months ago +1

      @CancerSaurusRex0 اي 10 اكتب واني صافن هههههههه

    • XxsalahxX- salah
      XxsalahxX- salah 5 months ago +1

      هههه احلم خيالك واسع😹😹😹😹😹

    • CancerSaurusRex0
      CancerSaurusRex0 5 months ago +1

      نزل وراح.. قصدك نوت ١٠؟

  • Sanjay Vishwakarma
    Sanjay Vishwakarma 5 months ago +1

    Love you Samsung 👌👌👌👌👌

  • Fregianda Ahmad
    Fregianda Ahmad 5 months ago +5

    Samsung 😍

    AMAN KUMAR . 5 months ago

    I like Samsung but i hate the notch.

  • K.L.M. yt kurt
    K.L.M. yt kurt 5 months ago

    Can connect to the other phones like vivo,oppo and iphone

    • K.L.M. yt kurt
      K.L.M. yt kurt 5 months ago

      @JozAnimations thank you for answer my question

    • JozAnimations
      JozAnimations 5 months ago +1

      K.L.M. yt kurt Yes, it can. It just needs to support wireless charging.

  • gayashan kavinda
    gayashan kavinda 5 months ago


  • Lucas Gawor
    Lucas Gawor 5 months ago

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • 同盟ショートヘア
    同盟ショートヘア 5 months ago +71

    iPhone was poor.
    Galaxy is wonderful .

  • لا تيأس من رحمة الله

    Good sumsung you are the best