AVENGERS ENDGAME Cap Soul Stone Theory! #Debrief

  • Published on May 11, 2019
  • At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Captain America takes on a special time travel mission with the Soul Stone - with some complicated off-screen implications! We speculate as to how Cap might have pulled it off and what that means for other parts of the MCU. We also break down the news about Marvel’s Phase 4, Detective Pikachu, the new Watchmen series trailer, and answer your lightning round questions. Watch as Erik Voss, Sam Bashor and Maude Garrett all dive in!
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Comments • 932

  • Marc Driftmeyer
    Marc Driftmeyer 11 days ago

    Point in Time==> Point in Space-Time. Space and Time are 2 extra dimensions. In String Theory or the more recent M-Theory we have 21 dimensions, thus 6 fold our physical dimensions. They don't `travel' through Time.

  • Anna Warner
    Anna Warner 12 days ago

    Do you guys have a video where you theorize/know where Mar-Vell(sp?) got the tesseract?

  • Renee Knott
    Renee Knott 12 days ago

    Inverted mobiles strips might be the key to get the quantum physics in the quantum would. But when you dig into the quantum world (real world) it doesn’t open the laws of physics we live in. So expecting time travel in the quantum world to obey the same laws of physics that time might obey it would most likely be different laws. So did they contradict themselves?

  • Eric Gaiser
    Eric Gaiser 15 days ago

    Remember it was Thor that actually turned The Aether into a Stone in Thor: The Dark World. The Reality Stone, he probably had to do it again in Endgame y'all agree?

  • Nomad
    Nomad 17 days ago

    The space stone noth said

  • Noob Saibot
    Noob Saibot 17 days ago

    I have a suggestion. If you like time travel, watch the flash

  • Jonathan Sengstock
    Jonathan Sengstock 21 day ago

    Cap stayed on Earth back in time so the space stone was probably his last to return, meaning he could have used it to teleport all around.

  • John Banschenbach
    John Banschenbach 22 days ago

    $1.2B? Like how could that be the highest haha?

  • Meilerators
    Meilerators 24 days ago

    What if he used the space stone?

  • Stijn Weijters
    Stijn Weijters 25 days ago

    Black widow has begun shooting!

  • Ignacio Santillanes
    Ignacio Santillanes 28 days ago

    I appreciate the captain america movies a lot more now. I saw winter soldier over the weekend and it was already good but it has aged well too.

  • Soly
    Soly 29 days ago

    My question is when they went back to 2014 first time from where they got the ship to travel throw space since at 2014 earth those

  • Ammon Czuba
    Ammon Czuba Month ago

    Why didn’t they just use Pym tech to shrink down to the size of atoms and build a gauntlet that could shrink also and use the stones. Thanos said he reduced the stones to atoms...so then why not shrink down to the size of atoms collect the stones in a special smaller gauntlet and then snap your fingers and everyone’s back.... just saying

  • kGs comedy production

    I know how he got to vormir he went to nebulas spaceship

  • Tracy Schaber
    Tracy Schaber Month ago

    Just read Black Widow Deadly Origin. Loved it! I want to see this on the big screen! Next read is Eternals...any other suggestions to read for future potentials??

  • Dakentae Jones
    Dakentae Jones Month ago

    I wonder if he had to use the hammer while putting the stones back

  • Ivan Avila
    Ivan Avila Month ago

    Think about it... If you go back in time to change something and "change" it, the future is no different because you never had a reason to go back in time. Therefore, you never go back in time and change the past because it doesn't exist. Leaving an aberration.

  • Grext 2.0 cough cough Dragon

    Captain America probably used the space Stone to travel in space

    LILOU TUBE! Month ago

    When Cap returned the stone why didn’t Red Skull kill him as revenge from the first avenger movie?

  • Quinn Sterd
    Quinn Sterd Month ago

    Does that mean gamora is gone for good?

  • Can I get 1.0m subs no videos

    Blonde is hot

  • deep hazarika
    deep hazarika Month ago

    can you (or anyone who loses) please stop using that dental thingy, you look creepy that way.

  • Al Bro
    Al Bro Month ago

    “Thanks for the pep talk pissant”

  • Chris Hernandez
    Chris Hernandez Month ago +2

    The Ancient One can use the time stone to turn the other stones into their proper form (Tesseract, scepter, reality stone into liquid form, power stone into sphere)

  • Chris Hernandez
    Chris Hernandez Month ago +1

    Why do people keep thinking Cap meets Red Skull at Vormir? Red Skull says he's on the planet to guide people to the soul stone. Cap isn't looking for the stone. He's just there to return it.

  • Arah Davis
    Arah Davis Month ago

    I've been telling so many people about Chernobyl & the podcast because I want more people to talk to about it. I also highly recommend it

  • jacob nelson
    jacob nelson Month ago

    Who is the evolutionary?

  • Jack Rock
    Jack Rock Month ago

    my personal dream casting for The Fantastic 4

    1. Mister Fantastic: John Krasinski
    2. Susan Storm: Emily Blunt
    3. The Thing: Dean Norris
    4. Human Torch: Zac Efron

  • Shabd Gupta
    Shabd Gupta Month ago

    Thanos - my name in tha-nose
    Voldemort - what!!!???

  • lexingtonbrassband
    lexingtonbrassband Month ago

    No one commenting about Maude's TOTALLY AWESOME shirt??? NERDS. :)

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    Why does he have to return the soul stone to Vomir? Isn't Vormir just another hiding place? Wouldn't it be enough just to have the soul stone back in the timeline?

  • Pharaoh Of MK
    Pharaoh Of MK Month ago

    Cap went back in time maybe before Red Skull was transported to Vomir. That's probably how Cap returned it with ease.

  • Elisabeth Cuningham

    We need a Cap 4 short film of his adventures.

  • Graeme
    Graeme Month ago

    He doesn't have to go to Vormir he just has to go back to that time line & drop it anywhere.

  • Graeme
    Graeme Month ago

    Dr Manhattan is in the DC universe.

  • Lewis Castles-Hyson

    -_- seriously? I give up

  • Reinnemann2
    Reinnemann2 Month ago

    Ozzy-mun-DIE-us...grrr...NOT Ozzy-mandy-us!

  • Amaljith Cf
    Amaljith Cf Month ago

    To make this easy, cap dosent need to go back to the timelines where it is taken, he can give it to the avengers couple of weaks after the snap to create a better timeline

  • Dannii Maley
    Dannii Maley Month ago

    I thought they’d pull the time stone time loop nightmare for red skull until he gave in and gave back Black Widow

  • Noah Hogg
    Noah Hogg Month ago

    I think cap might have used Sharon Carter or used a Peggy from a other multiverse as a sacrifice. Imagine if cap saw red skull there at vormir lol!

  • Cesar Cruz
    Cesar Cruz Month ago

    What Odin said in the first movie when he banished Thor

  • Cesar Cruz
    Cesar Cruz Month ago

    Whoever can wield the hammer shall posses the power of Thor making it possible for him to fly through space

  • Kieran M
    Kieran M Month ago

    Can Hawkeye please get a stand-alone. Especially after all the screen time he got in endgame

  • Bobby Teel
    Bobby Teel Month ago

    Space stone

  • R W
    R W Month ago

    Ironman gave him his arc reactor during his meltdown so......

  • FlickTalk
    FlickTalk Month ago

    Endgame fucks soo many things up in the timeline lol.. was the 30 mins of awesome action worth the multiple gaping plot holes??

  • Jaz Ebah
    Jaz Ebah Month ago

    Watch out the zombie universe is coming
    Rated R

  • Sourabh Raja
    Sourabh Raja Month ago

    Agreeeeeeed.... Prisoner of Azkaban.. The best Time Travel movie

  • Clayton Cooper
    Clayton Cooper Month ago

    "Got your nose" LoL underrated funny

  • Marj Salangsang
    Marj Salangsang Month ago

    I think Captain America did not marry Peggy. He married someone else. When he returned the Soul Stone, he got Natasha back and they got married

  • David Forbes
    David Forbes Month ago

    Simple thought. He returned the space stone (tessaract) last.

  • Comik Nerd89
    Comik Nerd89 Month ago

    Remember we got the Disney plus series coming out for Marvel in between that 10 month time Gap that'll hold us over cuz Kevin said they will directly affect the MCU so we will still be getting stuff that is Cannon and whatever movie does come next I'm sure the series will build it up

  • PennyAfNorberg
    PennyAfNorberg Month ago

    Chernobyl nowadays shows us that civilization is worse to nature than radiation.

  • fodder fella
    fodder fella Month ago

    here the thing about getting the stones back.
    cap has all the stones, the most powerful things in the universe.
    thanos portaled all over the place.
    mystery solved

  • J. Rizzle
    J. Rizzle Month ago +1

    Black widow comes back to the MCU after Adam Warlock joins the MCU and gains the Soul Stone!

  • deep hazarika
    deep hazarika Month ago

    you are thinking so hard about what happens when you return the soul stone, but what about how was the snap perfectly reversible? all those billions of living organisms just came back to life without even a scratch on them. how is it possible? even in a superhero movie you need to have some mechanism to explain that.

  • RELAXcowboy
    RELAXcowboy Month ago

    I took the bashing of time travel movies as a way for Marvel to say "this is a movie. Shit's gonna get weird. just run with it."

  • Bickley91611
    Bickley91611 Month ago

    Disney Network in Oct/Nov this year cuts into that 10 month time frame..

  • ajessell281
    ajessell281 Month ago

    does agents of shields time travel work differently? have they said anything about it?

  • Josh Blanchard
    Josh Blanchard Month ago

    HOW! HOW! HOW!

    How does Capt return the teseract? When they took the space stone it was in a cube that needed to be broken to get to the space stone. How did Capt. America put the stone back into that crystal cube?

    How does Capt return the mind stone? When they took the mind stone it was still in the scepters gem. If he returned it it would not no longer be in the scepter it would just be the stone. Or does Capt make an Alien scepter that makes use of the powers of the mind stone?

    How Does Capt return the reality stone? Does he really infect Jane foster with it? kinda harsh

    There are definitely some basic holes left with this. I am 100% looking forward to how they patch these plot holes with future movies, and hopeful they will patch these holes...

  • vaishnavi ramji
    vaishnavi ramji Month ago

    A question just popped I’m my mind...might be nothing... IF HEIMDALL IS DEAD, WHO OPENED THE BUFROST FOR THOR IN INFINITY WAR? Was it because of the storm breaker?

  • Pen Wednesday
    Pen Wednesday Month ago

    I was watching Infinity War earlier and I saw this scene wherein Strange asks Thanos what he'd do after doing the snap. And Thanos said "rest" just wanna tell everyone that that's another parallel from the endgame.

  • Jay Ross
    Jay Ross Month ago

    Waititi better wear Sam's shirt next time he directs a marvel movie. Also, the time travel problem solved; You have to dial one number higher. (Bill and Ted).

  • DkunPete
    DkunPete Month ago

    Guys he's not "just Cap" with Mjolnir. The enchantment claims that whoever is able to Lift the Hammer will be endowed with the "Powers" of Thor.

  • Alec Smith
    Alec Smith Month ago

    Okay returning the stones is not about making time exactly the way it was it's about making sure that those fundamental constants of the universe that the stones represent are still there in those timelines so you don't actually have to put the stones back in the exact same spot just in the exact same time

  • futuramayeah
    futuramayeah Month ago

    the last episode of next generation wasn't about time travel, picard's consciousness was jumping from point to point within his mind within his own lifetime, like how dr samuel beckett proposed project quantum leap would work

  • trivulous
    trivulous Month ago

    had to return the aether and mjolnir. odin could help him put space stone in tesseract, mind stone back in scepter, and got cap to vormir

  • Brian Rogalski
    Brian Rogalski Month ago

    Why is this an issue, lol the quantum tunnel allows you to go to any place and any time.... he just went there ... the ONLY reason why they divided into teams was because there wasn't enough Pym particles .... After the 're-snap' Hank Pym comes back and can give Cap as many as he needs to make his trips, he also has the quatum-gps... I am sure with all the comments someone probably suggested this....

  • David Zilber
    David Zilber Month ago

    LoL Maude's face at Eric's quantum phys class

  • Kevin Heinz
    Kevin Heinz Month ago

    Infinite number of Soul stones?

  • Anish Magar
    Anish Magar Month ago

    How was Thanos able to lift Strombreaker?

    • electroplaque
      electroplaque Month ago +1

      Stormbreaker doesn't have the same spells as Mjölnir.

  • Momijisu
    Momijisu Month ago

    They just had to put the stones back into the timelines they came from - they don't HAVE to put them in the exact spot - as the timelines have already split.

  • Jamie Morris
    Jamie Morris Month ago

    I WANT GALACTUS AND THE SILVER SURFER. My only disappointment is that wasn't the end credits. Don't care about the time travel confusion. I just enjoyed the movie. I liked the Dr. Strange movie more than Black Panther. Found it far more interesting. I know I'm probably the only one.

  • Ben No
    Ben No Month ago +1

    cap just need to put the soul stone back in that exact moment in time, location is not really an issue.

  • Edouard Young
    Edouard Young Month ago

    Cap used the space stone to return the soul stone and power stones before returning it

  • Dan Stahl
    Dan Stahl Month ago

    HBO has His Dark Materials coming up. Don't give up your subscription yet.

  • MrFig 358
    MrFig 358 Month ago

    so, I guess my biggest plot hole gripe about the movie is this:
    if you possess all of the infinity gems, then you are essentially God. why would you not be able to isolate your own timeline, after retrieving all of the stones from the other timelines, then using your stones to gather all of the stones from your own particular timeline, changing the course of history in your own timeline, then using the stones from your own reality to replace the stones from the other timelines? that way no offshoot multiverses would be created, and only your specific reality would be changed, with Thanos being defeated, and no snap.

  • Sai Pranav Yamjala
    Sai Pranav Yamjala Month ago +49

    Thor: hold my beer
    Thor: actually gimme that back

  • Benjiman Yocum
    Benjiman Yocum Month ago

    The aether makes sense now. It’s fluid because it can be any form just like reality when the wielder wills.

  • J Sutton
    J Sutton Month ago

    It was only the Time stone that needed to be returned to The Ancient One as promised by Bruce Banner. The others? It did not matter where they went.

  • Jay Flack
    Jay Flack Month ago

    The real question is... where did Red Skull go?

    Also, he had Mjolnir with him and a time stone... couldn't those have helped him travel? He showed that he can use the hammer... bifrost travel, too?

  • Mike Y
    Mike Y Month ago +1

    Cap has the space stone..he could get to vormir the same way thanos did can he not?

  • Pat Santos
    Pat Santos Month ago

    "Not my problem" means its another writers problem to figure it out meaning we will get more Chris Evans on Disney+?? Maybe??

  • Levi Peterken
    Levi Peterken Month ago

    Namor is kind of owned by no-one

    • Levi Peterken
      Levi Peterken Month ago

      @Delmar FrazierOn the Diagram of Marvel rights he is uncoloured. He is kind of up for grabs

    • Delmar Frazier
      Delmar Frazier Month ago

      Right if Universal Studios is no one.. okay

  • WithLink EG
    WithLink EG Month ago

    Can The trade be Soul of other for soul of others instead of soul for soul stone??
    Will One of those two hero that sacrifice be alive?

  • aiden picken
    aiden picken Month ago

    the time travel wristband allows him to select the location as well as the time, thats how they all left one place and some landed in NY, others landed in asgard etc.

  • Brad Paulson
    Brad Paulson Month ago

    Why does everyone dismiss the power of the gauntlet itself to contain the stones? It was forged for that purpose alone.

  • leoBCM
    leoBCM Month ago

    well, thanos uses the stones "to destroy the stones", which means they can alter their own form at the user's will. cap uses the reality stone to transform itself back into the aether and injects it into jane foster

  • drunkredninja
    drunkredninja Month ago

    if you use the space stone which put red skull on vormir in the first place you won't see him there when you return the space stone.

  • TheRawPotato
    TheRawPotato Month ago

    You guys should do a video on what you think they’re gonna do with the fantastic four in the mcu.

  • Treyvin Tracy
    Treyvin Tracy Month ago

    Wouldnt something bad happen to there time because the dont have the stones

  • SissyLaLa
    SissyLaLa Month ago

    will you do Detective Pikachu easter eggs??

  • Red Diamond
    Red Diamond Month ago

    How about someone come up with a theory for this

    How does anyone survive in the quantum realm when you literally get smaller than oxygen atoms

  • Christian Morales
    Christian Morales Month ago

    Endgame nailed the concept of time travel. Banner telling the ancient one that they can go back to the past and return the stones checks out. Banner is not trying to change his timeline, he's trying to change the ancient one and that reality's timeline. If Cap went back to the past to the exact point when Banner took the time stone and says hey we don't need this anymore so I'm returning it, Ancient One's reality will not be doomed. Ultimately, what this means is that going back in the past may not change your timeline but you can change other timelines and create branches in timelines.

  • john patton
    john patton Month ago

    He used the space stone

  • Lonewolf213
    Lonewolf213 Month ago +1

    A year ago when Infinity War came out the Russo Brothers said on Twitter that when Thanos had the Soul Stone in his possession they said Red Skull was free to leave Vormir so that means once Hawkeye got the Soul stone then Red Skull must've left since he was free to go.

  • David Chuah
    David Chuah Month ago

    Everyone was wandering about how to return soulstone...actually all the returning concept is a bit screw up. The space stone no longer in cube form, same to mind stone and reality stone...these all created alternative version...are they trying alternative univers?

  • Mark Aleman
    Mark Aleman Month ago

    Th th that's all for today folks

  • Scott Slingerland
    Scott Slingerland Month ago

    why do you keep touching your phone every 16 seconds?

  • Nathanaël LAVALY
    Nathanaël LAVALY Month ago

    Where is the raven?