Owen Wilson & Jack Black think Ben Stiller's a Dic...Tator - The Graham Norton Show


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  • Pushing 30
    Pushing 30 31 minute ago

    It’s an easy day at the office for a host when you have Jack Black in

  • HiYa Pal
    HiYa Pal 2 days ago

    I really like Owen, but, let's admit that Jack is the funniest one there on that set. And, Owen is second. ;)
    ...the others...Eh...

  • Katie Hudson
    Katie Hudson 29 days ago

    I love Owen Wilson so much sadly he is to old for me and he has kids and is married 😭😭😭😭😭

  • mike
    mike 29 days ago

    Penelope looked furious , lol, it must've sucked to work for Ben.

  • CMG
    CMG Month ago

    All of these guys better days are behind them. None are that funny anymore.

  • Tiia
    Tiia Month ago

    This show is too funny

  • siad barre
    siad barre Month ago +1

    Who else thinks owen looks like modric

  • Casper Christensen
    Casper Christensen Month ago

    "Hi, Im Owen Wilson, wwwwwwoooooow."

  • Mitch mitch
    Mitch mitch Month ago

    Penelope so hott!

  • Anonymous Boi
    Anonymous Boi 2 months ago

    I gave my friends a riddle: a movie, that stars lightning mcqueen, hiccup, Po the panda, Alex the lion and iron man...I’m surprised no one thought tropic thunder

  • FartyFiddler
    FartyFiddler 2 months ago

    Ben stiller annoyed 1:57

  • Sam Valladares
    Sam Valladares 2 months ago


  • Menolikeit Me
    Menolikeit Me 2 months ago

    All these are my favourite guys since a teen! What a cast!

  • Gmail Account
    Gmail Account 2 months ago

    Ben is a dick he only plays dicks in movies. The same character. He is mot that great of an actor. To play the same guy in 90% of his movies.

    • Wolfie Blackheart
      Wolfie Blackheart 2 months ago

      He's type casted in other words.....I like some of his more popular movies like meet the fockers, Hollander etc though I admit his personality in interviews is a bit dry and dick...torial xd but besides that his stand up comedy in the 80s was decent, not Kevin Hart or Dave Chappell level but pretty good.

  • Johannes Weger
    Johannes Weger 2 months ago +1


  • Patrick Schudel
    Patrick Schudel 3 months ago

    great story funny

  • Zac Saleski
    Zac Saleski 3 months ago


  • tyler devlin
    tyler devlin 3 months ago

    I’m not complaining and I didn’t do it on purpose but Elton john has been in every video I’ve watched of this show is he on every episode ???????

    • Wolfie Blackheart
      Wolfie Blackheart 2 months ago

      Not every show but most shows he's on tour he gets invited, seeing as he and Graham Norton are good friends from their gay bar hopping days when Graham was a comedian

  • zakaria azzioui
    zakaria azzioui 3 months ago


  • Roy Perkins
    Roy Perkins 3 months ago

    Sadly the natives ate Jack when their check cleared!

  • Giel Rozilio
    Giel Rozilio 3 months ago


  • Justin Dicarlo
    Justin Dicarlo 3 months ago

    elton just chillin

  • cool cat777777777
    cool cat777777777 3 months ago

    Elton John, Jack Black, and Ben Stiller in the same room. Now I've seen everything!

  • Dab Marino
    Dab Marino 4 months ago

    Jack Black and Ben stiller were also on " the cable guy" together. Believe it was directed by Ben as well

  • J C
    J C 4 months ago

    Penelope Cruz is an array of beauty and grace

    RAJESH KUMAR 4 months ago

    penelop cruz still 2018 who had crush on her... she is still shining... oh god... hit like button

  • Adesuwa's Two Kobo worth

    Have you seen Edward Norton do an Owen Wilson impression?

  • Indra Allen
    Indra Allen 4 months ago +1

    Lightning McQueen meet Kung Fu Panda

  • Gabriella Louise
    Gabriella Louise 4 months ago

    Jack black just always seems like he’s playing a character

  • Dynasty2201
    Dynasty2201 4 months ago

    Owen Wilson's prayer: "Waaaaooowww".

  • Tyler Leurquin
    Tyler Leurquin 4 months ago

    My life would be set if they made a tropic thunder 2

  • Jorge Francisco Torres V

    a buffalo named jack, huh, that's funny

  • scott rose
    scott rose 4 months ago

    Penelope Cruz is one fine lady.

  • saintvictorie
    saintvictorie 4 months ago


  • Joshua Heiss
    Joshua Heiss 4 months ago


  • oldnew newold
    oldnew newold 5 months ago

    Is the graham norton show on every night in England ? Anyone know?

  • Nancy Nazzaro
    Nancy Nazzaro 5 months ago

    Behind Enemy Lines

  • Margu 761
    Margu 761 5 months ago

    Sir Elton John seems a bit out of place sitting on that sofa....?

  • dave latumbo
    dave latumbo 5 months ago

    I feel like stiller is pissed on how they talk about him asa director.

  • Oliver4 Elio
    Oliver4 Elio 5 months ago

    The little Jedediah from Night from the museum has grown in height.

  • LuckRequired
    LuckRequired 5 months ago


  • Sara Jasmine
    Sara Jasmine 5 months ago


  • paul davison
    paul davison 5 months ago

    So he cant act,he isnt funny and he is a dictator and directing. Not much going for him

  • rewind_pie
    rewind_pie 6 months ago


  • Samuel Davis
    Samuel Davis 6 months ago

    It kinda seems like they don't like each other

  • CC
    CC 6 months ago

    Tropic Thunder was so good !

  • Mort
    Mort 6 months ago

    British Broadcasting Company America

  • two awesome
    two awesome 6 months ago

    Lol all awesome people. Its cool they can take the piss out of each other that way and still be cool.

  • Pat Fitzgerald
    Pat Fitzgerald 6 months ago

    Jack Black doesn’t care about much because he’s on narcotics.

    • Forwen Eymnorty
      Forwen Eymnorty 6 months ago

      Pat Fitzgerald hopefully they are potent narcotics. Go hard or go home.

  • Pat Fitzgerald
    Pat Fitzgerald 6 months ago

    Well, Ben Stiller is a money hungry jew.

  • Goran Hrastovik
    Goran Hrastovik 6 months ago

    zoolander 2 the worst movie ever

  • 00Billy
    00Billy 6 months ago

    Ben stiller for some reason ..I just cant do... all the others im fine with.

  • Maria Pia
    Maria Pia 6 months ago

    Lol they hate each other 😂😂😂

  • mariahsmiles22
    mariahsmiles22 6 months ago

    damn, he does seem like a dic

  • Vincent Loparo III
    Vincent Loparo III 6 months ago

    There HAS to be behind the stage footage of Stiller dressed as Zoolander directing the movie

  • Mario Soto
    Mario Soto 6 months ago

    Meanwhile Elton is sitting pretty and prob thinking how to look human.

  • deBebbler
    deBebbler 6 months ago

    Positively *everyone* taking the piss out of Stiller. Too funny.

  • Karl Harris
    Karl Harris 7 months ago

    Tropic Thunder had me in tears laughing the few times I watched it. However, I think it might have killed the name Lance for a few years 🤣

  • Wither
    Wither 7 months ago


  • Blake Hardy
    Blake Hardy 7 months ago

    "Wow" - Owen Wilson

  • Paul Sepich
    Paul Sepich 7 months ago

    Damn you need to step up your game if you're on the Graham Norton Show

  • MJ
    MJ 7 months ago

    Owen wilson looks like trump

  • Michael Rawson
    Michael Rawson 7 months ago +8

    Wow!!! Penelope Cruz is SO stunning!!!

  • Dee G
    Dee G 7 months ago

    I'm so sad to hear Owen is depressed. I think he's so likeable

  • Bill M
    Bill M 8 months ago

    If you want to see the real Ben Stiller watch the show where he appears with Bear Grylls in the wilderness. Very eye opening.

  • American girl
    American girl 8 months ago

    Both guys make very enjoyable movies.

  • Patrick Savage
    Patrick Savage 8 months ago

    All I hear is Po, the dragon warrior.

  • Shon A.
    Shon A. 8 months ago

    I feel like they named the buffalo after Simple Jack, not Jack Black lol.

  • Maks Repsol
    Maks Repsol 8 months ago

    Kachow he's comes the McQueen

  • Walter Williams
    Walter Williams 8 months ago

    He didn’t mention he fathered that buffalo too

    FORZEROTOO 8 months ago


  • AtomHeartBrother
    AtomHeartBrother 8 months ago

    Good to see Sam Harris on the BBC

  • Swati Narasimhan
    Swati Narasimhan 8 months ago

    Love Owen, Jack, and Ben, but I was looking at Penelope the entire time!

  • Ryan Ingram
    Ryan Ingram 9 months ago

    Heatvision and Jack reunited at last

  • Jakob Strand
    Jakob Strand 9 months ago


  • Ian Christopher
    Ian Christopher 9 months ago

    If Emile Hirsch were fat he would be Jack Black's twim brother.

  • Stuart K. Seels
    Stuart K. Seels 9 months ago

    BEN STILLER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What the f*ck did you just say?

    so fake

  • Shadow Heart
    Shadow Heart 9 months ago

    That fall from the buffalo is scary. You could easily break something on landing. That's how Christopher Reeve broke his neck and became paralyzed for the last 15 years of his life....

    • Skanda Baby
      Skanda Baby 3 months ago

      Reeve didn't fall from a water buffalo

  • - -
    - - 9 months ago

    Ben Stiller look so angry!

  • Matt Smith  612
    Matt Smith 612 10 months ago +3

    Sort of bizarre seeing Elton john just sitting there

  • TheOriginalDante MA-Kaus
    TheOriginalDante MA-Kaus 10 months ago

    God damnit that chick is fine

  • madman2541
    madman2541 10 months ago

    Water buffalo is Special Jack

  • Pedro Henrique
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  • Jeremy CHEW
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  • achanwahn
    achanwahn 11 months ago

    Ben is so embarrassed. I love this good-natured ribbing they're doing. He's obviously an easy target.

    STONEMATT 11 months ago


  • Sam Spink
    Sam Spink 11 months ago

    I'm not sure about anyone else but I'm still secretly hoping for a Heat Vision and Jack movie

  • Bryon Lape
    Bryon Lape 11 months ago

    My god...Penélope....

  • Skeet Freak
    Skeet Freak 11 months ago

    I love Ben so much always

  • trcsonic
    trcsonic 11 months ago

    Ryu and Ken of the real life.

  • Chris J
    Chris J 11 months ago

    With Penelope's look's and that accent. WOW!

  • wade Talent
    wade Talent Year ago


  • BFrank
    BFrank Year ago

    1:52 "Hello darkness my old friend.."

  • TotalDrganMania
    TotalDrganMania Year ago


  • blueckaym
    blueckaym Year ago

    All these guys (and girl) in the same place and universe didn't collapse back?!

  • JOSH46
    JOSH46 Year ago

    Penelope's laugh is cute haha 1:09

  • Ruth K
    Ruth K Year ago

    Everybody has a water buffalo,
    Yours is fast but mine is slow
    Oh, where did we get them?
    I don't know!
    Everybody has a water buffalooooo!

  • Laren Curry
    Laren Curry Year ago

    Jack Black looks so much better now without the moustache

  • paboll Z
    paboll Z Year ago

    -Owen Wilson