Opioids II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • Following some recent revelations about the role of large companies in America’s ongoing opioid epidemic, John Oliver takes another look at the crisis.
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Comments • 8 547

  • Ken Olsen
    Ken Olsen 2 hours ago

    This is the same as alcohol prohibition, history shows us how well that worked out. Junkies buy heroin on the black market, so lets make people in legitimate pain buy heroin. Grow up American !

  • Mac Watson
    Mac Watson 6 hours ago

    As a Canadian, I honestly weep for you America. You are a shell of the country you once were. I hope it’s salvageable, but I’m less hopeful everyday. How could a nation with so much knowledge, innovation, technology, work ethic and wealth go so badly wrong. It’s disheartening.

  • Bea Hawkins
    Bea Hawkins 18 hours ago

    "kermit is a top...not that that is ANY of your business" BITCHSDFHSDFH

  • Nick Dicky
    Nick Dicky 20 hours ago

    Ah maybe don't take them?

  • Forever Petty
    Forever Petty 20 hours ago

    *I DON'T KNOW*

  • shqarthi
    shqarthi Day ago

    Purdue Pharma is only one of the drug companies that did this. There are other companies who did the same on an even larger scale. Johnson and Johnson from the news this week is an example. Looking forward to an Opioids III piece. www.washingtonpost.com/national/2019/07/20/opioid-files/?utm_term=.10d6f5af720f

  • Pikaia Gracilens

    Ah, great. A shitty rap video by a pharmaceutical company completely destroyed my city (I live in Vancouver).

  • Gabriel Hoekstra
    Gabriel Hoekstra 3 days ago +2

    His statement could've been worse, though. He could've said, "That's not too bad. It could've been far worse. As long as it was mostly jews."

  • Mr Miscellaneous
    Mr Miscellaneous 4 days ago

    That rap in the beginning...

    Given that Eminem had an addiction to similar drugs before, got off them, and has been sober for over 10 years, using his song to sell those drugs is just insulting.

  • Faith Fuldeeds
    Faith Fuldeeds 4 days ago

    I applaud Michael Keaton for not smacking in some thoughtlessly abstruse or overly exaggerated manner while eating his sandwich on film. *snacking maka me wana snap!!!*

  • Faith Fuldeeds
    Faith Fuldeeds 4 days ago

    The point about Dennis, the janitor is actually an insanely considerate and accurate statement. Like the people responsible are actually going to sweep up anything (other than lawsuits under the proverbial rug). On the other hand, I'm sure he gets paid hourly and maybe he might have needed a little over time that week. *of course I'm sure they would commission extra help for the cleanup of such a thing, but it's still an adequate example of how short sighted and thoughtless a mob of protestors can be....

  • Walter Luhm
    Walter Luhm 4 days ago +1

    mr sackler will never have to spend 1 single in prison because he is a high ranking freemason. how do i know? because when democracy now did a piece on him they showed a picture of him wearing a button with there logo on it. why is that significant? two reasons. one because a basic tenet of there beliefs is that everything is a hierarchy so if u get rich crushing somebody its ok because thats just how nature works. secondly if your in that organization long enough, you earn diplomatic immunity. no joke and no conspiracy theory. wake up america!

  • Cosmus Melly
    Cosmus Melly 4 days ago

    www.sacklergallery.com/ This will work.

  • Jeffrey Stull
    Jeffrey Stull 5 days ago

    I'm in love with what this crew gets out in the open. Thank you sincerely and truly.

  • Sequential Geek
    Sequential Geek 5 days ago

    Why dont you articles / videos about how 'Americans' in general do NOTHING hold people accountable for anything,... -Instead of having actors play people from Purdue, have actors play Americans saying 'Oh well, Im sorry that you feel that way", and "if someone wants to take Oxycontin, then THATS THEIR CHOICE" -like typical 'Americans', then show them obsessing on who around them is 'different', and how to be an 'entitled' alienating mean bigot... like good well bred 'Americans' in a fake country.

  • Sequential Geek
    Sequential Geek 5 days ago

    UGH! The jokes Oliver inserts are terrible,...

  • Jumping Sloth
    Jumping Sloth 6 days ago

    Well this idea didnt just start here. China was flooded with opium in old history. Thats why so many nations strictly forbid it. Punishment with death even in some countries

  • Seth Horras
    Seth Horras 7 days ago

    Awesome Micheal Keaton did this.

  • Seth Horras
    Seth Horras 7 days ago

    Wow, JO makes me laugh every f#@%ing episode. He's a national treasure.

  • kim okla
    kim okla 7 days ago +1

    Great John Thx soooo much, LOL salamanders!

  • Amrita Chatterji
    Amrita Chatterji 7 days ago

    doing god's work John Oliver.

  • Amrita Chatterji
    Amrita Chatterji 7 days ago

    they also get trump's tax cut

  • Arthur Clements
    Arthur Clements 8 days ago

    Oliver is a monster...a deeply ugly man making money and making light of a horrible crisis. Scum bag masquerading as a saint. Kill yourself Oliver.

  • Dr. Kira
    Dr. Kira 8 days ago

    "I'll substitute you like a Xylotol" Is a lamer rap line than that C.R.E.A.M. by Wu-Tang chorus parody? I would agree except,
    "I can hold my own/knick-knack Shaq attack give a dog a bone" exists.

  • Ca Ad
    Ca Ad 8 days ago

    I would say that having Michael Keaton, Bryan Cranston, and Michael K Williams play me is worth owning the opioid crisis....

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 10 days ago +2

    He needs to make an, "Opioids part III" episode about the Poppy fields in Afghanistan where the Pharmaceutical manufacturers get the bulk of the primary active ingredients for their Drugs.
    (Oxyconton, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Morphine, etc.)
    The problem is so systemic, the US Military is actually actively protecting the Opium Poppy Industries run by Tribal communities, most of which used to be maintained, regulated, and controlled by the Taliban and other comparable local organizations and government agencies.
    Although they're mostly all still owned and operated by the same Afghan Tribal communities, and there have been efforts to transition them to growing and cultivating altogether different cash crops, like corn, etc., the region is particularly suited to the healthy and profitable growth and cultivation of the Poppy plants in a far more significant rate per acre of land.
    It's the primary global, "supply," end of the worldwide Opiate crisis, accounting for about 80+% of the industry's supply.
    And, just as the Drug manufacturers are protected by American Lawmakers here, the Opium Poppy farms are protected by the United States Military in Afghanistan.
    So, it's clearly just as complex a problem as the manufacturing and distributing end, and ultimately the drug users and abusers themselves.
    Making the entire industry from Poppy to pill a worldwide systemic issue needing a solution.

  • Dale Bouwman
    Dale Bouwman 11 days ago +1

    The Sacklers should be fed their own medicine. Daily.

    • Dale Bouwman
      Dale Bouwman 7 days ago

      @Sharon Jensen Your hired....love the enthusiasm

    • Sharon Jensen
      Sharon Jensen 9 days ago +1

      Can I volunteer to do it? It would give me great satisfaction. Double dosages.

  • Carlositos G-O
    Carlositos G-O 11 days ago

    “Kermit is a top” 😂 OMG The Oliver Team on top of the gay lingo! *pun intended lol

  • MoistCake
    MoistCake 11 days ago

    Why does the legal supplier have the responsibility ... they respond to demand? If X pharmacy has a billion script count, someone has to supply. Maybe they should flag the pharmacy and report to a third party?

  • Floxxoror
    Floxxoror 12 days ago

    my grandma did get fentanyl(for good reasons). well sadly i managed her medicine and got kinda hooked on it. the result: the hardest shit in my life that was kinda like rape and the hardest anxiety kicks and panic attacks you can imagine. well i guess you cannot, as i couldnt up to this point. im not from the us though.

  • Meadow Rae
    Meadow Rae 12 days ago

    I live in WV and the medical examiner, foster care, and first responder systems are completely overrun. There are so many kids in care and kids as young as 6th grade overdosing. I wish I could melt all of those responsible in a vat of acid.

  • Samantha Wells
    Samantha Wells 13 days ago

    American Greed has three episodes from season 12 that deal with opoids and heroin.

  • samuel rappaport
    samuel rappaport 13 days ago +1

    can we please put “Bears are gonna Bear” on a t shirt?

  • bloodvow333
    bloodvow333 14 days ago

    The most fucked up part thing about this is that it’s an Eminem song and Eminem almost died from addiction to opioids

  • D. C. S.
    D. C. S. 15 days ago

    7500 doses per person in Kermit is 675 a month the hell?! (It has to be other areas around it)

  • Rey Barrera
    Rey Barrera 15 days ago +1

    Wtf man. I went to jail for a gram of weed.
    But opioids are contributing to literal mass addiction and death.

  • Kyle Mouttet
    Kyle Mouttet 15 days ago +2

    And the victims of this are still treated like trash!
    I guess it's just too difficult for people who've lived their whole lives looking down their nose, to see the world from any other perspective.

  • Karen McCarrell
    Karen McCarrell 15 days ago

    Oh! Oh! Christopher Walken please, please!

  • Terri Williams
    Terri Williams 15 days ago

    Does McKesson just drop ship meds to Kermit? You're story doesn't make sense.

  • John O.
    John O. 16 days ago

    the phrase "it could have been worse" can only not be applied to two things: Richard Sackler's statement regarding those 59 deaths and the way ICE is handling their detainment of migrants.

  • Sara Murphy
    Sara Murphy 17 days ago +1

    Can we just pause to realize his name is Dick Sackler?!?!?!

  • Jebediah Gentry
    Jebediah Gentry 17 days ago +2

    I wanna know where a janitor gets $15 an hour because I'm moving there

  • Bhanu Singh
    Bhanu Singh 17 days ago +1

    Hail Satan, but only if thy skullfuck Sackler

  • Dylan Noah
    Dylan Noah 17 days ago

    “Kermit is a top I’ll have you know...not that that is any of your business.”
    Why...why did I laugh so hard at this...

  • Aradia With Geese
    Aradia With Geese 17 days ago +1

    They made a sequal?

    • Sharon Jensen
      Sharon Jensen 14 days ago

      They had to. Since some people didn't get the memo last time.

  • Richard Wyant
    Richard Wyant 18 days ago

    Why should my taxes pay for someone's irresponsible choices?

    • Smilley MLK
      Smilley MLK 16 days ago

      Because other people's taxes will pay for your unfortunate accidents, unplanned medical conditions and assorted mishaps. The same goes for medical insurance, BTW.

  • Plixemon
    Plixemon 18 days ago +1

    Opioids two; the electric bugaloo

  • Kyle Rider
    Kyle Rider 18 days ago

    Greed will be the undoing of the USA

  • only me
    only me 19 days ago

    Omar's coming....

  • BockworschtSoldier
    BockworschtSoldier 19 days ago

    Opioids for minor issues like Back- and Knee Pain? I don´t know how it is in the States, but for minor issues like this works Paracetamol or Ibuprofen very well and they don´t make you addicted.

  • dsm02c
    dsm02c 19 days ago

    The giraffes face, awesome.

  • Allison Bauch
    Allison Bauch 19 days ago

    I so love Bryan Cranston. He is such a great actor. I loved him on "Malcolm in the Middle". He fucking cracks me up. I am so happy he's had so much success. He deserves it. Congratulations, Bryan.

  • David Roberts
    David Roberts 20 days ago

    47,000 isn't a large number, at all, especially when you stop to think that cops have shot or killed triple that number of citizens...we might want to get *that* "epidemic" taken care of first.

  • Chris Floyd
    Chris Floyd 20 days ago

    Bryan Cranston ffing killed it.

  • LiK
    LiK 20 days ago


  • Troy Carr
    Troy Carr 21 day ago

    When people finally realize that a million is only one-tenth of one percent of a billion, how we hold giant corporations and the people who run them accountable will change dramatically.

  • Sawyer Miller
    Sawyer Miller 21 day ago

    Insys is bankrupt now, thankfully.

  • -R- -H-
    -R- -H- 22 days ago

    Frozen 2 actually drops this year.

  • Anon¥mus
    Anon¥mus 22 days ago +1

    The only difference between Richard Sackler and Pablo Escobar is that Escobar didn't have FDA approval.

  • Jasmine Starcher
    Jasmine Starcher 23 days ago

    Every single company that instigated the opioid crisis should have to pay reparations to the victims and their families.

  • Demon Lord Sebas
    Demon Lord Sebas 23 days ago

    Kermit the frog is a drug lord. He created the Sackler name is an a cover up. I would also like to thank the Sacklers for the people in my family you killed. You can put your name on their head stones or turn their grave sites into an art gallery since it seems you like art.

  • Demon Lord Sebas
    Demon Lord Sebas 23 days ago

    Eminem needs to come up with a reply to this rap video peasants trying to challenge the rap god?

  • Arya Afshar M.
    Arya Afshar M. 23 days ago

    Y'all just made him feel so cool...
    "honey did you see? They cast Bryan Cranston as me!"

  • Julia Carl
    Julia Carl 23 days ago

    Yes, of course, there should never be a pill with Fentanyl in it as it is 82 times stronger than morphine. And yes, Purdue has kick started the problems we have now. And I say that as a certified pharmacy tech.. Nevertheless, John Oliver, is quite biased in this report, it is not so simple as stated. As am employee in a Level I trauma center I can say that there is not the level of addiction because of opioid treatment from car accidents and other trauma as we are lead to believe. A patient should only be given opioids for pain when other pain relieving methods will not work. And yes, sometimes they are the only reasonable choice. And if used properly, there will be no addiction. And I speak from experience. We used to treat people that had been in horrific automobile wrecks where a person had broken 10 or 12 bones. Just try and stay away from narcotics if that were to happen to you. And if taken properly, the levels of addictions are very low. But in this climate of near hysteria about narcotics, not every person who uses pain medications is an addict.

  • Trey Oleson
    Trey Oleson 23 days ago

    why isnt there a show about a callous opioid dynasty?

  • Alex MacFarlane
    Alex MacFarlane 23 days ago

    please, someone, tell me the difference between corporate drug dealers and the street? This is the worst example of profits over people. It's fucked up.

  • yobro manson
    yobro manson 23 days ago

    If you have a massive termite infestation and cockroach/pest apocalypse in your house, do you call a clown? Same here; what the fuck are you going to do about it other than honking your red nose on every issue? Do you even do anything? I bet you feel quite accomplished nonetheless, as a clown would in a crumbling house if he got a chuckle out of the homeowners.

  • Austin Bishop
    Austin Bishop 23 days ago

    Doubt eminem gave them permission for that beat

  • Harp
    Harp 24 days ago

    Brown people let's all invest in slacker. So the government can make this shit illegal.

  • Billy Bronco.
    Billy Bronco. 24 days ago +1

    Regulators should be in jail.

  • Chiara Gibbs
    Chiara Gibbs 24 days ago

    Really wish one of the places that were stopping taking funding turned around and gave the money that was being donated to an opioid crisis help fund instead in the name of the sacklers.

  • Sketch Armslong
    Sketch Armslong 24 days ago +2

    Michael Keaton is a personal hero of mine

    • Sharon Jensen
      Sharon Jensen 14 days ago

      Michael Keaton has one of the most interesting faces.

  • Don Ghidoni
    Don Ghidoni 25 days ago

    Edit: The Supreme Court, and money in politics through there decission on Citizens United, that's allowing corporations to take over our government. Sack them all, and those below.

  • Don Ghidoni
    Don Ghidoni 25 days ago

    The guilty: Owners, members of the Board of Directors, and CEO"s; Law Enforcement, Politicians, the FDA & the Consumer Protection Agency.

  • Don Ghidoni
    Don Ghidoni 25 days ago

    The crisis is that off corporate pharmaceutical company greed, complicite criminal doctors who over prescribe, and criminal pharmacist. Pain is real, and often opiods are the only solution, but because of these bastards those who are suffering are being denied by doctors for fear of prosecution over prescribing opiods on a commonsense fashion. As usual the government is addressing the the wrong end of the problem. Put corporate criminals in prison where they belong.

  • Tamala Rovaris
    Tamala Rovaris 25 days ago

    And an ordinary person weed under intent to distribute a low level amount of anything up to a gram qualifies for up 2 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000...and if you’re black you will get the highest sentence possible compared to being white!
    If you are a rich company you don’t admit wrongdoing and pay 💰 a fine that proportionately is a slap on the wrist compared to the amount of money considered to be around almost forty percent of a four person family at the poverty line PH TO BIG PHARMA IN AMERICA LAND OF THE FREE IF YOU HAVE MONEY 😢😢😢😢🇺🇸

  • Hugh Mann
    Hugh Mann 25 days ago

    Umm, that TOWN was a supplier ..

  • SCGunDog
    SCGunDog 25 days ago

    "This didn't just happen. It was a deathly coordinated, planned event that took dozens of workers years of effort to succeed. The most demanding new drug approval package for any analgesic product ever submitted didn't languish at the agency," Cranston dramatically said as the camera slowly zoomed in. "Unlike the years that other filings linger at FDA, this product was approved in 11 months, 14 days. Our previous best approval time for other products was measured in years, not months."

  • D K
    D K 25 days ago

    talk about this every single day please

  • Mike Perkins
    Mike Perkins 26 days ago

    Trump is an abomination of a president.

  • raerae7273
    raerae7273 26 days ago

    He needs to do a video about how this "opioid epidemic" is affecting patients like me with chronic pain. All these laws they keep making are making it increasingly harder for me to get the meds I need to function. I have lupus, fibromyalgia, and degenerative disc disease in my back. I need my pain meds to treat my pain. But every month it's a battle. Oh I get a legitimate prescription, but they won't increase my meds, even though what I take doesn't work like it used to, cuz my condition has gotten worse, but because the fucking government says I can only have a certain amount. The doctor has said she would increase it if she could but I'm at the max dose. Who made that rule up? Someone who knows nothing about my medical condition. Or anyone else's. We pay the price for people who are just using them recreationally and selling them on the street illegally. You don't see diabetics having to jump through these hoops to get insulin, no, cause they need it to treat their illness. Well I happen to have chronic pain so I need painkillers or I can't even get out of bed, nevermind function. And why should I have to go through all this BS every month? Cause the government wants the public to make it look like they're doing something. People whose meds have been cut or not properly increased as their condition gets worse are resorting to those same illegal street dealers because they get desperate enough when their doctors refuse to give them the help they need. Dude, we're not addicted cause we wanna chill out and get high. This BS always affects those who haven't done anything wrong. I hate it. If I didn't have to take these things, I wouldn't, but I do. I have turned into a total bitch about checking ahead of time to make sure the pharmacy the script is gonna be sent to electronically has enough of the painkillers I need because they don't write them out anymore, it's sent to one pharmacy, and once it's there, you are locked into that pharmacy. They can't even transfer it to another pharmacy of the same branch (ie CVS to another CVS) who may have enough.And if they order them, the order takes several days to come in. Well I can't wait that long. If I wanna go to another pharmacy, I need a new presciption, and my pain management place doesn't answer their phone. So I make sure they all went through to the pharmacy and there is no issue BEFORE I leave the doctor's office. Because I have had so many times where I get to the pharmacy and more than once, one or more of them didn't get there... why? IDK. The doctor sends it electronically during my appointment. So if there were an issue, I would have to physically drive back to the doctor's office to let them know about it. This just happened with my ADHD meds too (which are now narcotics apparently) and they didn't have enough, so instead of a partial fill like they used to do, and then filling the rest when they come in, the rest of the prescription is cancelled and I need a new script for the rest. That makes no fucking sense! It's not my fault you didn't order enough. But my doctor and I have to do the leg work to get a new prescription called in for the other 22 pills in a week... it's ridiculous. Oh and they can't order more when they're running low, they have to get down to none before they can order more, hence why they are sometimes out of stock. I have had to have my scripts sent to two different pharmacies in the past, because one had two of the three, and the other one down the road had the other one. Which means twice the headache for me.... are we getting the picture yet?

  • Jessica Barboza
    Jessica Barboza 26 days ago

    Dick Sackler definitely sounds like the name of a Marvel villain

  • ghingyi
    ghingyi 26 days ago +1

    If only they didn't waste paper for a practical visual effect.

  • luke maxwell
    luke maxwell 26 days ago

    Yes, The (((Sacklers)))...
    ...You missed the bit where Sackler said,"They're just dumb goyim..."

  • GodsPerfectFailures
    GodsPerfectFailures 26 days ago

    They DID NOT just RUIN RAP GOD.

  • Russ
    Russ 26 days ago

    The whole war on drugs is a charade. Learned something with this video though.

  • Nirvana 123
    Nirvana 123 27 days ago

    loud noises, making funny faces and no humour. John oliver should rethink

  • ZionHillCalling
    ZionHillCalling 27 days ago +2

    'the amount of opioids sent to Kermit'
    A lot has changed since Jim Henson passed away.

  • John Wang
    John Wang 27 days ago +2

    The law looks like a joke in front of the rich people. Amazed by how corrupted this system is.
    I'm starting to understanding why are there so many super heroes in the movies and comics, it's because the law had failed to protect the innocent.

    • Sharon Jensen
      Sharon Jensen 14 days ago

      "You have failed this city!" (Arrow's diss to the rich and powerful who have poisoned and destroyed his city).

  • Heart of Iron RGF
    Heart of Iron RGF 28 days ago +1

    *Shoots Richard Sackler in the Kneecaps*
    *Richard Sackler starts screaming in pain*
    *Me:* "Oh it's not too bad, it could have been far worse."

  • Ted Phillips
    Ted Phillips 28 days ago

    Government health insurance caused this.

  • Celesa Shapiro
    Celesa Shapiro 29 days ago


  • Patrick Bryce
    Patrick Bryce 29 days ago

    Bruh 4 people and 8 videos each? He’s gonna fucking hate that

  • Dan R
    Dan R Month ago

    We have a local drug dealing Doctor here in Tucson. Search Healthcare Southwest Doctor David Ruben. There are legal documents online where he is trying to justify prescribing 8X80mg oxy per day. There is a real damning statement from a Pharmacist that blew the whistle on him. I ask if this in inappropriate to inform the public about these legal documents that are online for all to read and come to their own conclusions?

  • Migas Almeida
    Migas Almeida Month ago +1

    Chris Cornell was caught up in this shit :(

  • Heda Trikru
    Heda Trikru Month ago

    I wonder how many enemies John Oliver has made at this point #protecthimatallcosts

  • Darren Skjoelsvold
    Darren Skjoelsvold Month ago

    Richard Sackler could be called "Dick Sackler". Dick is just short for Richard.

  • Bogness
    Bogness Month ago

    If DeadSec were real.. they would have a field day with these guys.

  • Mark Elmore
    Mark Elmore Month ago

    God bless John Oliver

  • Leon Meyers
    Leon Meyers Month ago +1

    I feel a lot better now. Thanks John! 💖💖💖