What Happens If You Drop a Nuclear Bomb Into a Hurricane?


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  • MilkManTV
    MilkManTV Hour ago

    -Phil Swift has entered the chat.
    Hurricane Katrina caused $102 Billion dollars in damage

  • Coneon22 TV
    Coneon22 TV 16 hours ago

    Really think 1st world countries really waste their precious nuke

  • Pyryte
    Pyryte 20 hours ago

    Our lord and savior Toyota shall save us!

  • Daddy Eugene
    Daddy Eugene Day ago

    You don’t need to nuke it just drop a bunch of Nokia phones in it.

  • Unoriginal Dumbass that just follows the trend

    Lmao are you stupid? The Nuke would just start spinning in the air inside the hurricane

  • TJ _singer
    TJ _singer 3 days ago

    We all know who did it.

  • Nicacio Ferreira
    Nicacio Ferreira 3 days ago


  • Noob Pro Gamer
    Noob Pro Gamer 4 days ago +2

    *Hurricane Harvey has liked this video*

  • Raven !
    Raven ! 4 days ago

    Poisoning a hurricane with radiation before it hits sounds like a great idea!

  • BudKnight
    BudKnight 4 days ago

    With that tab now I can beat it while donating

  • Izumiko Playz
    Izumiko Playz 4 days ago

    My moms name is irma ._.

  • Gamer I like gaming
    Gamer I like gaming 5 days ago

    The Zsar Bomba was 58 megatons idiot ... sorry

  • The Crazy Guy
    The Crazy Guy 5 days ago

    The last problem really is not a problem anymore as the US just stepped out of the nuclear treaty

  • Name
    Name 5 days ago

    Can’t challenge nature.

  • Dankus
    Dankus 5 days ago

    American niggas be like

  • Abdul AlpLimIndFox
    Abdul AlpLimIndFox 5 days ago

    What happens when you nuke a nuke?

  • Mason Silvers
    Mason Silvers 6 days ago

    How tomstop a hurricane:
    *hurricane approaches*
    Humans: YOU SHALL NOT PASS *makes a huge hurricane prof wall*

  • Smokin Man
    Smokin Man 6 days ago

    I dont get why people move near the coast. I get if you lived there your entire life, work there etc. But to move there? You know there's going to be multiple hurricanes every year and you decide to move anyway. That would be like moving to Tornado Alley.

  • Xenobiath
    Xenobiath 7 days ago

    Yay, radioactive category 17 hurricane. Fuck all that.. I'm moving to Mars.

  • Carlos Carreño
    Carlos Carreño 7 days ago

    Oh 1960, the solution always was to nuclear power everything.

  • Vitamineq
    Vitamineq 7 days ago

    And tsunamis.

    NEVERMIND ME 8 days ago

    0:52 TRY #3

  • broly
    broly 9 days ago

    An anime action scene

  • Sneh Patel
    Sneh Patel 10 days ago

    Capture the hurricane n shoot it off earth towards the sun to cool it .. global warming

  • Adorable101
    Adorable101 10 days ago

    The storm will yeet it to the sun 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Right Ladd
    Right Ladd 12 days ago

    Why don’t the US just make a nuclear bomb WITHOUT all the nuclear stuff, then no one would get hurt.

  • BlazingFastPulse 123
    BlazingFastPulse 123 13 days ago

    how to get rid of a active hurricane: bomb it with a asteroid

  • Jose Pokemons
    Jose Pokemons 13 days ago

    No way u live in Texas me too😁

  • aaron Salentine
    aaron Salentine 13 days ago

    What would happen if you nuke all the nukes in the world to eliminate all nukes?

  • hahalol GL
    hahalol GL 14 days ago

    That's allata damage.

  • shedletssky
    shedletssky 15 days ago

    I was in florida and am fine and my house

  • Onkar Dogra
    Onkar Dogra 15 days ago +1

    We should build a wall

  • Temporary Name Change
    Temporary Name Change 16 days ago

    Nukes solve all our problems!
    It can even solve overpopulation!

  • Noro Derek
    Noro Derek 16 days ago

    *drop x toyotta corollas to stop a hurricane*

  • Aaron Zou
    Aaron Zou 16 days ago

    0:49 drop X Toyota Corollas 😆😆😆

  • Kencing Dibotol
    Kencing Dibotol 16 days ago

    *Thats a lot of the damage*

  • sandwich
    sandwich 16 days ago


  • Koffel
    Koffel 16 days ago

    The tsar bomba hade 57 megatons

  • Luke Warmwater
    Luke Warmwater 16 days ago

    Stupid factless video

  • D-Riker-W gaming and lessons

    I was part of a boy scout relief group for hurricane Harvey it was terrible what happened down there.

  • Rubix films
    Rubix films 17 days ago

    No way I'm from Texas too!!! I'm from Waco!!!

  • Austin Schulz
    Austin Schulz 17 days ago

    But what about sharknadoes?

    xKRONxAxTHONx 17 days ago

    I dunno, but let’s try it.

  • jaymorpheus11
    jaymorpheus11 17 days ago

    Energy this, energy that... the narrator is saying he would survive 200+ tsar bombas vs dealing with the hurricane... this is why info needs to be put into context.

  • William Kentner
    William Kentner 19 days ago

    Just use a lot of Moab’s

  • Aussiereborndaddy Trains and Trainz Vlogs

    Ah nuking a cyclone is a bad idea

  • hayden 5594
    hayden 5594 19 days ago

    It would take almost 12000 megaton of tnt to match a hurricane

  • Omar Abdul
    Omar Abdul 19 days ago

    This is some haram shiz astaghfirulldick

  • Krazy Kid
    Krazy Kid 20 days ago

    Hurricanes are pretty......

    Read More

    KYLER BOOTH 22 days ago

    unfortunate side effect of human extinction, you say?
    hmm... good idea!

  • Vincent Ciccone
    Vincent Ciccone 24 days ago

    2hat would happen if you dropped a Nuclear bomb on..... Your Head. 😂😂😂🤣

  • Goldbug 456
    Goldbug 456 25 days ago

    Well I think that all the radiation and stuff would get sucked into the hurricane making it much more dangerous than before

    Imagine dropping the Tsar Bomba in a Cat 5 Hurricane

  • Darth Sidious, Sheev Palpatine

    Several MOABs? No radiation, and if you knew anything about this Theory it's not about blowing the hurricane up but displacing enough air out of the eye to disrupt it.
    Seriously though the best idea for disrupting a hurricane is dropping dry ice into it, dry ice melting takes away a lot of latent energy. It's worked on small scales, and would probably take over 10000 tons to pull off on practical scales. But still would be cheaper than the damage the hurricane will do.

  • mad0tflow
    mad0tflow 27 days ago

    Oh, hello, fellow Texan. I've just discovered your channel and love it, keep up the great work! This is a bit late, but I still hope Harvey didn't effect you too badly (repairs on my house are supposed to be completed by around spring break - our first 2 builders fell through on us)

  • David
    David 28 days ago

    When will people ever understand that humans cant control mother nature? Every attempt to do it so far has ended in and potential catastrophic events.

  • Ape X
    Ape X 28 days ago

    Lmao why nuclear? Is Trump sponsoring dis?

  • SilverlonewolfX
    SilverlonewolfX 28 days ago

    Lets not forget, the radioactive fallout carried in the droplets of water in a hurricane. It'll spread to land when it makes it to the shores would be toxic to every living thing. Marine life would be affected too, but not as bad as the ocean water will dilute the radiation. Land is a different story as it can take ages for the radiation to decay over time.
    So whoever think this is a good idea.... No... Just no.

  • lugli nicolo'
    lugli nicolo' 29 days ago

    If you launch a nuclear bomb in a hurricane you obtained a bad idea

  • AimanMutaleb
    AimanMutaleb Month ago

    corolla XD

  • Mike P
    Mike P Month ago

    that idea was probably thought up before they knew about the deadly affects of radiation or stuff like black rain

  • Crawford Groat
    Crawford Groat Month ago

    I live in Houston, whole inner city was underwater for a few weeks, "be someone" sign was un recognizable

  • Knack Christ
    Knack Christ Month ago

    How many fucking ads does this guys need.

  • William Simon
    William Simon Month ago

    haha JUULS (I'll stop)

  • Ricardo Pesenti
    Ricardo Pesenti Month ago

    Super stupid to irradiate the whole country and possible even multiple others....
    Apart from the not beeing effective part...

  • Eddies Life
    Eddies Life Month ago

    Michael myers:Miller

  • the xbox gamer
    the xbox gamer Month ago

    well I guess Mother Nature is just invincible nothing can stop it like that invincible cheat in GTA V

  • GoOnS! Yas
    GoOnS! Yas Month ago +1

    President: So, we have heard of the hurricane.
    Vice President: We need a solution to stop it.
    Advisor: I have an idea!
    President-Vice President: What is it?!
    Advisor: Let’s use a Toyota Corolla!
    Vice President: THATS AMAZING
    President: Perfect let’s use that!

  • I don’t know Tofu is the best

    What about .... the..... *the fallout* ?

  • Canadian Goose
    Canadian Goose Month ago

    Orrrr just hear me out now you may make a HUGE NUKE CATAPULT

  • Kansas City Shuffle
    Kansas City Shuffle Month ago +1

    You think that's the dumbest idea? Hold my beer.....We all turn on our Air conditioners to max and leave the doors open to cool the air and reduce the heat that feeds the storm. Boom solved.

  • Philippine Ball
    Philippine Ball Month ago +2

    It’s easy
    It blows up

  • nightmare firedragon

    It turns into a elephant

  • skoDOOM
    skoDOOM Month ago

    it's simple:
    the nuke will yeet off the hurricane and will hit somewhere else

  • The Silver River
    The Silver River Month ago

    I think the Toyota Corolla was the best idea

  • Noooooby45
    Noooooby45 Month ago

    At least I survived irma

  • david losteiner
    david losteiner Month ago

    0:51 drop x toyota corolla ok

  • #kane poe
    #kane poe Month ago

    Or call HARRP

  • F0XYT
    F0XYT Month ago

    Oh Noes HurIcan comin let's bwo up the wind

  • LordExecutor0824
    LordExecutor0824 Month ago

    Throw A Giant Meteorite At It

    Or A Planet(Maybe Even The Sun)

  • Tim G
    Tim G Month ago

    "What Happens if You Drop a Nuclear Bomb into a Tornado?"
    Ok guys we dropped it! now watch it destroy this Tornad-
    *it throws the nuke like a missile at the civilians which explodes killing more innocent lives*
    Um...lets not speak of this...ever...

  • Daniel Manning
    Daniel Manning Month ago

    Where did you get your science to make that claim bruh

  • ChaiKnees Nollies
    ChaiKnees Nollies Month ago

    Yeah.. bad idea

  • How am I supposed to know?

    That would cause more damage. Tsunamis would occur, and if it were launched from land it, it could’ve been launched from the wind. Thus launching it farther into the ocean, still causing tsunamis, and it could also hit land, killing thousands.

  • NEONProductions
    NEONProductions Month ago

    It's not about could we. It's about should we

  • mayur manudhanya
    mayur manudhanya Month ago

    Who came up with this idea bush?

  • Killergrip Offgrip
    Killergrip Offgrip Month ago

    You know what people who put this hypothesis or idea by the way it's so stupid idiot and dumb....anyways no one or anything more than GOD BECAUSE GOD WHO CONTROL NATURALS ELEMENTS STUPID IGNORANTS

  • Paul Park
    Paul Park Month ago

    I wonder if humans can turn the Hurricane into energy sources

  • hydro78878
    hydro78878 Month ago

    you would get a radioactive cyclone

  • duncan tg
    duncan tg Month ago

    Also the explosion would cause a huge tsunami that would destroy coastal cities

  • OpticSkater65451 TheBeast

    Drop x Toyota Corolla’s 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Is that the car you drive🤣🤣🤣

  • Mia Rodgers
    Mia Rodgers Month ago

    Why tho

  • Dom Verdi
    Dom Verdi Month ago

    Better to find a way to use the energy of the hurricanes.

  • Jose Guel
    Jose Guel Month ago

    I live in texas

  • Mmm Mmm
    Mmm Mmm Month ago

    Hmmmm... i think number three will work

  • I_am_ a_fetus
    I_am_ a_fetus Month ago

    For once, the sponsor isn’t Skillshare, Squarespace, or Brilliant

  • MonoPod
    MonoPod Month ago

    Don’t drop Toyota corollas drop Toyota Prius’s.

  • Real Cuberducation
    Real Cuberducation Month ago

    Hurricane Cyclone And Typhoon are only one.

  • Bruce Wang
    Bruce Wang Month ago

    WOW what a crazy idea

  • Tipu Kashmiri
    Tipu Kashmiri Month ago

    Very funny 😂

  • CoolSaitama HD
    CoolSaitama HD Month ago

    That would be sick