What Happens If You Drop a Nuclear Bomb Into a Hurricane?

  • Published on Sep 29, 2017
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Comments • 10 976

  • Mr Jokerk201
    Mr Jokerk201 21 hour ago

    Were homeless cause of Harvey

  • MetaDragon
    MetaDragon Day ago +1

    “Jack W. Reed”

    You just know that this guy was American.

  • 2. 0
    2. 0 2 days ago +1

    Nothing in this world made by humans can't beat mother nature..

  • William Bird
    William Bird 3 days ago

    Talk about creating a shitstorm of radioactive fallout! :(

  • Samuel Iverson
    Samuel Iverson 4 days ago +2

    HA I live in the north west no hurricane here lololol😄..........

    Except Earthquakes and Volcanoes.😳

    MR_ BIONIC 5 days ago

    This guy loves Toyota Corolla s

  • Bass Hunter
    Bass Hunter 7 days ago

    Those price are not as much as they say. Ever year stuff costs more so that make damages can be less but the costs would be more. College boys.

  • rodeo o
    rodeo o 7 days ago

    it will eat it up and spit it out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we aint shit to mother nature,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Ken Thorne
    Ken Thorne 8 days ago

    It would kill all the people is the surrounding areas with massive radiation

  • Stacie45
    Stacie45 9 days ago

    The "Nuke a hurricane" idea always seemed loony to me from the standpoint of basic thermodynamics. A hurricane is fueled by heat. A nuclear detonation gives off a bunch of heat. Sooo, let's give the hurricane more fuel...great idea!! But wait, there is more...now you have a radioactive hurricane. Awesome idea!!!

  • M3me_EAter YT
    M3me_EAter YT 9 days ago

    “Real life lore”
    Historical info.

  • Dionaliza Lasquite
    Dionaliza Lasquite 13 days ago

    The most power bomb is the Supernova bomb

  • MCH122790 H
    MCH122790 H 13 days ago

    wouldn't nuking a hurricane also cause a tsunami several hundred meters tall that would cause even more damage in addition to the hurricane possibly getting stronger from being nuked? I'm a Katrina survivor btw, in 2005 that storm did so much damage it turned coastal Mississippi into a desolate wasteland there was nothing left standing it looked like a Fallout game the damage was so bad

  • Dionaliza Lasquite
    Dionaliza Lasquite 15 days ago

    Dapat ipilgil mo yan ang Hurrcane na yan

  • KaiBowman
    KaiBowman 16 days ago

    Yeah I think dropping x amounts of Toyota Corolla's will work. (0:48)

  • gameimgwith_lalay x katie56738

    Hurricane in 2019 WAT THE HORROR HEY

  • Cleonarda Erry avanindra

    Wait my mombis a hurricane?!?!?!

  • Amey Parkhi
    Amey Parkhi 17 days ago

    Better use Firecrackers

  • ⱧEĐi кυяd
    ⱧEĐi кυяd 18 days ago

    can i get 1 billion before it destroys more?

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B 18 days ago

    Dropping corrolas might actually work

  • spiderman 5000
    spiderman 5000 20 days ago

    What is wife Toyota corola

    RANDOM FBI AGENT 20 days ago

    Stop giving ideas to Russians

  • Buckboyking
    Buckboyking 21 day ago

    That would make a giant tsunami?

  • Justin Lloyd19
    Justin Lloyd19 23 days ago +1

    Why don’t we take the hurricane and push it somewhere else

  • Tabish Riaz
    Tabish Riaz 26 days ago

    Real life did ur charity help A Palestinian person

  • Camping Joe
    Camping Joe 26 days ago

    This video is dumb ass....

  • Riley Whitworth
    Riley Whitworth 26 days ago

    Did you know hurricane Irma Hit Disney World

  • steven walker
    steven walker 27 days ago

    I was in hurricane irma and i was in tampa florida and i dident expect it it was only a catagory 2 when it hit it still distoryed a tree and hit the houes and then riterned to england

  • Rock Hill ER slendy Tubbies

    What happen if you drop a hydrogen bomb on Venus

  • Justin Y
    Justin Y 28 days ago

    Oh I know how we could stop these hurricanes! Literally stop global warming and we'll go back to seeing less servere hurricanes per year :)

  • supersoulshasher
    supersoulshasher 29 days ago

    How you about you press the computer delete button to delete the hurricane?

  • Jeremiahthegreat
    Jeremiahthegreat Month ago

    Who thinks about dropping a nuke into a hurricane lmao 😂

  • Just jokin N tokin
    Just jokin N tokin Month ago

    In Russia hurricane drops nuke bomb into it

  • Pepper lambo
    Pepper lambo Month ago

    What happens if we throw a nuke in a hurricane?
    Me: I'll ask -kim jong un- _nuke testers_ like *me*

  • Breezy Wizzy
    Breezy Wizzy Month ago

    Drop a nuclear bomb to destroy a hurricane? And I think Patrick was stupid for wanted to push Bikini bottom and place it somewhere else

  • Acey Fortnite
    Acey Fortnite Month ago


  • Hu Ssss
    Hu Ssss Month ago

    اسفين قمنا بابعادك ..

  • KarateGirl
    KarateGirl Month ago +1

    Toyota Corollas solve everything.

  • Brady Greenberg
    Brady Greenberg Month ago

    You drop something permanent on something temporary.

  • Budo Ph
    Budo Ph Month ago

    Marcos develop typhoon rockets

  • jane doe
    jane doe Month ago

    Yeah, well don't live in Texas. I don't know why ANYONE would! lol

  • Agent J
    Agent J Month ago +1

    At least they support charity

  • Agent J
    Agent J Month ago +1

    Ah, another content farm channel’s video: complete with a sponsorship, clip art, and pointless facts about bikes that every other content farm already told us. Oh well, at least they support charity

    • Agent J
      Agent J Month ago +1

      Well at least they support charity

  • Omar Lopez
    Omar Lopez Month ago

    So long story short Mother Nature is unstoppable and any attempts will be useless got it 👍

  • The Savage Banana_
    The Savage Banana_ Month ago

    Dont nuke it use a M.O.A.B we dont need nuclear winds in the world

  • Asensio Rodriguez
    Asensio Rodriguez Month ago

    We don't have enough problems here. What idiot concoct this type of foolishness. This is the same as using a shotgun to kill a mouse.

  • Skippy
    Skippy Month ago

    I think the hurricane will reverse card on you because it can spin back at you.

  • Duino Ino
    Duino Ino Month ago

    How about preventing its formation by covering the oceans to prevent evaporations..

  • Runzr Uploads
    Runzr Uploads Month ago +5

    Who's here after Hurricane Barry July 2019?

    • Cinnamon :0
      Cinnamon :0 Month ago

      Runzr Uploads I don’t live near it, But were you safe?!

  • Just your average Chad

    What about a tornado? Obviously it would be dumb to do but a small tornado could probably get blown away right

  • Águila701
    Águila701 Month ago

    You make a bad situation into a worse one.

  • Death Fear
    Death Fear Month ago


  • Musik Siro
    Musik Siro Month ago

    You die, that's what happens its like russian roulette with countries, just will yeet away the nuke

  • Amethyst Shenandoah

    “What happen if you drop a nuke in a hurricane?”

  • Macleata Kirkwood
    Macleata Kirkwood Month ago

    Dont Play with God or Nature!

  • ben cedeno
    ben cedeno Month ago


  • david Tgreat
    david Tgreat Month ago +5

    The best thing to do, throw every Democrat inside of that tornado.

    • david Tgreat
      david Tgreat Month ago

      You Democrats destroy countries just see for yourself Central America is corrupt.

    • Team epiphany Art
      Team epiphany Art Month ago

      david Tgreat you do know that a tornado causes 0.2% the damage of a hurricane

    • Black Tim Howard
      Black Tim Howard Month ago +1

      *how to spot a man with a small penis*

    • Lost In YouTube
      Lost In YouTube Month ago +1

      You Just Offended Me!😡

  • Emir Latinović
    Emir Latinović Month ago

    A nuclear explosion creates a giant, sudden airburst that should disrupt the air circulation all together in any hurricane.
    So, it's not so outlandish.
    Truth, no one really knows what could happen but it would be worth of try.
    Use non radiation nuke.

    Or just live underground as a coward.

  • Me Channel
    Me Channel Month ago

    How bout we push the hurricane and push it somewhere else? Lol

  • Imperator Augustus
    Imperator Augustus Month ago +1

    You don't have to match the daily energy output to stop a hurricane, the amount of energy a hurricane produces in a day is only relevant in the sense that it gives you a read of the current strength, a temporary disruption is all you need hurricanes operate like a weather reactor powered by thermal transfers, any disruption could theoretically kill the energy mechanism, obviously don't nuke it but if nukes did work it wouldn't take that many you just need to match the energy momentarily, and hydrogen bombs most certainly do that energy in spades.
    Also you should have said that hydrogen bombs are literally tens of thousands times stronger than Hiroshima atomic fission bomb they aren't even comparable not even close few kilotons atomic weapon versus most hydrogen Fusion bombs around 25 Megatons plus or minus 10 Megatons usually some people don't understand that hydrogen bombs are much stronger than fission
    (A bombs) and you presented the info one after the other implying hiroshima bombs are relevant in said scenario in a purposely misleading way

  • Yahomiej
    Yahomiej Month ago

    What if you nuke a tornado?

    • Dorkfish
      Dorkfish Month ago +1

      it's impossible to do that because tornadoes can appear and vanish long before a nuke launches, and even if by sheer BS you manage to nuke the tornado, congrats, you just fucked up more shit that the tornado would've in the first place.

  • I'm a bird bruh just a bird

    You would kill more people than the damn hurricane

  • Jayden Balmaceda
    Jayden Balmaceda Month ago

    Anyone else watch this on July 4th😆🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • yadorly718
    yadorly718 Month ago


  • Glenn Lathem
    Glenn Lathem Month ago


  • Lovely Living
    Lovely Living Month ago

    how about we have trump deport the hurricanes??

  • Kxloux
    Kxloux Month ago

    I just heard you say "nyuke" like 20 times

    UNIT GAMEX Month ago

    That's crazy. 4 hurricanes were retired that year! Harvey, Irma ,Maria, and Nate

  • N B
    N B Month ago

    Nope will not be downloading adware

  • goran Snortsse
    goran Snortsse Month ago

    Seems like people who's always using the term "Nuke it" don't know about the radiation in Nukes...
    We don't want that shit anywhere in this world....it's airborn stuff as well...

  • JLHartsock the Conqueror
    JLHartsock the Conqueror 2 months ago +4

    *Kurzgesagt appears*
    RealLifeLore: Why do I hear Boss Battle music?

  • Botond Kalocsai
    Botond Kalocsai 2 months ago

    I would rather suggest a more thermodynamic approach to the problem. Hurricanes are basically heat engines that uses the ocean / sea as a heat source and the part of an upper atmosphere as a cold sink. In order to stop the working of a heat engine, one has 2 option: disassemble the working body, or nullify (or even invert) the temperature difference between the heat source and the cold sink.
    One interesting things about hurricanes is that their working body is completely made of the working substance. In that sense the "working body" of a hurricane is basically the flow field of the substance of the hurricane.

    Exploding big nukes under the eye of a hurricane wouldn't do much good, because it won't have the yield to permanently disrupt its flow field, because it has too much momentum, but it will temporarily increase the temperature of the heat source, thus boosting the hurrricane.
    Directly trying to disrupt the flow field of a hurricane via bomb blast is an very difficult task, because one has study the flow field of a hurricane in order to be able to point out possibly exploitable "weaknesses".

    The simpler solution to the problem would be to articifially heat up the upper the localized part of the upper atmosphere, that the hurricane uses as cold sink, to a much higher temperature then the sea water. This will not only cut off the hurricane from its energetic supply, but it will drain its energy (as if we replaced the heat source and cold sink on an already working heat engine). So if one manages to do this for enough long time, then the hurricane will slowly loses its momentum, and bleed out.
    The problem is in the quantities. We don't know how much is the volume of it's heat sink that uses, and how much nuclear power required to keep the cold sink hotter then the sea, and of course how long do we have to keep the cold sink hotter then the heat source.
    However, if this solution is achievable, then it would be far more gentler solution, then just blast away the whole hurricane, and exploding nuclear warheads in the upper atmosphere would cause much less fall out on the earth, because the majority of the radioactive wast would fly out into space.

  • Chelsea Jones
    Chelsea Jones 2 months ago

    Who made these ideas ? XDDD

  • Steven Wilson
    Steven Wilson 2 months ago +1

    great video. greetings from Anahuac TX

  • The JGamer08
    The JGamer08 2 months ago

    Drop x Toyota Corollas