Teachers VS Students GONE MAD


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    Hai Olga I’m SSSniperwolf’s BIGGEST FAN and I love you

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    Hello oga

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    That was Russian

  • Bon-Bon Mischief
    Bon-Bon Mischief 3 minutes ago

    I heard my 4th grade teacher say “Pissed off, Shut up, and stupid.” She once also called my paper pathetic and threw my paper on the ground.

  • Bon-Bon Mischief
    Bon-Bon Mischief 8 minutes ago

    Hi Olga. (Sorry if I spelt that wrong)

  • Unicornsandcupcakesarereal Forever

    My teacher legit does this every day it's funny though

  • Michael LaMagdelaine
    Michael LaMagdelaine 14 minutes ago

    “They don’t pay me enough to put up with you children”

  • Nique connor
    Nique connor 18 minutes ago

    Hi olga

  • Breasia Mims
    Breasia Mims 19 minutes ago

    8:37 why this teacher sound like doctor phill

  • Stephany Villa
    Stephany Villa 19 minutes ago

    I love you

  • Silent Scream
    Silent Scream 20 minutes ago

    That little girl :.....
    Teacher:*yells at girl*
    Girl:*finish him*
    Also girl: *kicks teacher* K.O!

  • Mel Fig
    Mel Fig 20 minutes ago

    A teacher fell.😄😃😀😊☺😉😌😁

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    Hello Olga!!!😃

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    Super Smartie 23 minutes ago

    Still waiting for Lia to meet Reaction Time

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    Hi ogla

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  • chloe o'shaughnessy
    chloe o'shaughnessy 29 minutes ago

    My year head told us to stop being bitchy sooooo i mean

  • Sonia Webster
    Sonia Webster 29 minutes ago

    I know how that older teacher situaition is like because when I was in the third grade in the computer lab there was about 68 years old and this jerk face says shutup shutup shutup everytime we said a word but he was a black man to and I'm glad that he was the substitute.😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡💩💩💩💩😾😾😾😾👎👎👎👎🎃🎃🎃🎃✂✂✂✂🎭🎭🎭🎭🍆🍆🍆🍆🌋🌋🌋🌋

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    Olga has joined the chat

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    hi olga

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    The first one....**LAWSUIT**

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    Maurice Jones 41 minute ago

    Cap is whopass

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    Obryan Gardner 42 minutes ago

    That vid was in 2015

  • The Germinator’s Daughter

    Hi olga

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    Obryan Gardner 43 minutes ago

    My brother was in that Joseph video in the gray shirt lol😂😂

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    Maurice Jones 43 minutes ago

    Not a champ a bi Tch

  • Ally Hanson
    Ally Hanson 51 minute ago

    high olga

  • Maddie Prickett
    Maddie Prickett 59 minutes ago

    My sub pushed someone into a wall and made him cry and we told the pricible but she didn’t beleave us

  • cory pitchko
    cory pitchko 59 minutes ago

    Hi Olga!

  • Unicorn Glitter
    Unicorn Glitter Hour ago

    In 3rd grade our art teacher threw a chair at these two kids because they were talking. One of the kids dad was the superintendent. I was in the next classroom and heard the crash but no teachers or parents would believe our class when we told them about it. She didn’t get in trouble or fired

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    *Hi **-SSSniperwo-* *I* *mean OLGA*

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  • Patricia Navarrete
    Patricia Navarrete Hour ago +1

    My second grade teacher called my friend Julio the son of the deeeeeee-OOF

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    why in every video your hair is different

  • Kingboyy223 1
    Kingboyy223 1 Hour ago

    My teacher said i will never be nothing and told me noone will ever like me

  • Omar Khan
    Omar Khan Hour ago

    The worst thing my teacher did to me was say shut up so I flipped her off

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    Bye Felicia

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    I had a sub she had to leave bc she swore at the class and she held a grudg on me everyone would talk and I got in trouble when i talked and this teacher knew I was highly medicated and had issues and she oneday threw a test paper at me and then pushed me off my desk and called me a fat boy and another teacher had a fight with me because I had short hair and she kept calling me a boy

  • Sunlight Aesthetic
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    0:58 - 1:03 I’d hate that!

  • billi montes
    billi montes Hour ago

    My teacher gave up on us and walked away

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  • HumonLunar heartbroken exe

    My teacher accidentally said “Shut up” in Spanish when she was trying to tell a kid who spoke Spanish to be quite..oof

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    Sup olga

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  • Tristan Grinder
    Tristan Grinder 2 hours ago

    My teacher expects us to know the answer. like he's like, "What's this" *points to something we haven't learned yet* and then when no one responds (Because no one knows the answer) he just stops the lesson and just stands there waiting for us to answer a question about something we haven't learned yet! It's frustrating.

  • Anastacia daniels estrada

    Lmao how many times this happened to me

  • paige van roon
    paige van roon 2 hours ago +1

    wants when i was in 2th grade on of my replace mant teacher was there and one my friends was messing aroude and he whould not stop she oh f***k you and that serprised me and hole intare class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I got no Grammer

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  • Jayda young
    Jayda young 2 hours ago

    We had a substitute and at dismissal we ALL were talking, the assistant principal came in and we all got in big trouble. but it is the teachers fault because we were talking and she didn't do anything about it! I am like, IF WE GETTIN IN TROUBLE, AT LEAST SAY YOU DIDNT DO ANYTHIN ABOUT IT. Geez

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    Maggie Duff 3 hours ago

    I had one substitute who yelled right in a kids face

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    Ruthellen Martinez 3 hours ago

    Hi olga (ahm sorry.. don't know how to spell)

  • Master Crafters
    Master Crafters 3 hours ago

    busting a cap in someone is kind of a getto thing to say but it means to shoot someone

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    Add me on Fortnite locoone1

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    Way to bring that

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    Add a public *chat*...

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    Mortal Kombat :3

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    Olga for the win!

  • Cringe queen Bee
    Cringe queen Bee 3 hours ago

    The other last 2 weeks my substitute sed conduom instead of condoum

  • bumble bee
    bumble bee 3 hours ago +1

    My teachers always say shut up and they always say stfu 😂

  • Julie Marie
    Julie Marie 3 hours ago

    Russian people are crazy,. I’d know I am.. nice job girl I don’t do well with being yelled at and pointed fingers at or touched with a finger

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      This is olga the biche and yes i love sssniper 🐺

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