Teachers VS Students GONE MAD

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
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    Kara Madison Hour ago

    The weave looks like a Gertrude to me

  • Lucia Bernucca
    Lucia Bernucca Hour ago

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  • Foxykittycatprincess Winter

    Lol my teacher from 4th grade meant to say “go get your stuff.” But instead she said “go get your *explicit*” lol I died 🤣🤣😂

  • Saje Voltaire
    Saje Voltaire Hour ago

    He got kicked in the balls so hard it made my balls scared 😂

  • Ilovedogs 123
    Ilovedogs 123 2 hours ago

    My teacher hit a boy in my clas because my class hate the teacher but it was quick reflexes and that teach still got his job now

  • Lizzy Worring
    Lizzy Worring 2 hours ago

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  • Jessica White
    Jessica White 4 hours ago

    Why i like women teachers better because they less angry than this mental dude 2:29

  • edgars runcis
    edgars runcis 5 hours ago

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  • Jenna Dyer
    Jenna Dyer 5 hours ago

    2nt grade: goes to office for slamming a book!!!!!!!!😯🙁

  • Emma Kate
    Emma Kate 5 hours ago

    when you said what kind of teacher allows music and computers during a test because most tests are on them. because everyone gets one at my school K-6 gets iPad's 7-12 gets MacBooks.
    Most of our teachers allow music if we have headphones/ Earbuds.

  • Clare Donaldson
    Clare Donaldson 5 hours ago

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  • marina avazashvili
    marina avazashvili 6 hours ago

    my teacer saying the n word but notonly that she is white

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    Melody Playz1 8 hours ago

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    Isabella Mackenzie 9 hours ago

    1:02 when you have a pop quiz

  • Carole O'Reilly
    Carole O'Reilly 9 hours ago

    Do oga I am not Back in school

  • Kody The Camper
    Kody The Camper 9 hours ago

    I liked that girl. Perfect response

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    Tyrique Williams 10 hours ago +1

    3:26 SUPER SAIYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and this is the first super saiyan girl

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  • Cookie_ Studios
    Cookie_ Studios 14 hours ago

    My substitute didn’t show up to school so we sat outside in the rain for 2 hours until another teacher showed up to teach us.

  • Jocelyn Martinez
    Jocelyn Martinez 14 hours ago

    How can this little girl be so brave to kick this teacher in the balls!!

  • Jocelyn Martinez
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    Unicorn Lover 15 hours ago

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    dananderson99 15 hours ago

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  • Kayla Montoya
    Kayla Montoya 16 hours ago +2

    Hey did you know if a kid falls asleep and they are still not a wake when it is lunch time they get left in the class room.😑 that is pure evil.😈

  • Kayla Montoya
    Kayla Montoya 16 hours ago +1

    Hey did you know if a kid falls asleep and they are still not a wake when it is lunch time they get left in the class room.😑 that is pure evil.😈

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    Lizzie Jones 16 hours ago

    olga is QUEEN

  • Paige Van Nyhuis
    Paige Van Nyhuis 16 hours ago

    😯! My district school is skyline high school! But I’m going to my private school

  • The Felicia Lockhart Show

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  • Jayla Tomlinson
    Jayla Tomlinson 18 hours ago

    My teacher is like this 4:00

  • Coco Person
    Coco Person 18 hours ago

    At the start of school my teacher said some days she might be mean but remember I’m just having a bad day so just ignore my bad mood

  • Emily Walker
    Emily Walker 19 hours ago

    Hi ugla

  • tylerboy307 English
    tylerboy307 English 19 hours ago

    Putting a cap in someone is shooting someone

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    Franklin Johnson 19 hours ago

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    Denise Cunningham 19 hours ago

    Just so you guys know I'm a girl and just because I sent all those hearts does not mean I'm gat

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  • Jada Johnson
    Jada Johnson 19 hours ago

    The worst thing that the teacher has done to me is slap me because i yelled a her and i had to move schools and she got fired

  • Virginia Ellis
    Virginia Ellis 19 hours ago

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  • li1king
    li1king 19 hours ago

    Why you So funny Lmao!!!

  • kittencat gost
    kittencat gost 20 hours ago

    My first grade teacher which I hated once told me to shut up and screamed it right in my face in front of the whole class

    • Actually Sabrain
      Actually Sabrain 17 hours ago

      My first grade teacher called a kid who couldn't find something a called him stupid but gave us candy... a lot

  • Stormy Chan
    Stormy Chan 20 hours ago

    My sub called us a**holes

  • roqiaann tarawneh
    roqiaann tarawneh 20 hours ago

    Shut up Mother F****

  • Jenica Susan
    Jenica Susan 20 hours ago +1

    I love the people that are all like, "Please calm down, sir." Or, "Please calm down, ma'am."

  • Amy Hurst
    Amy Hurst 20 hours ago

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  • Lunar Stars
    Lunar Stars 21 hour ago

    1:51 she did not just say that
    8:08 my teacher has a substitute for her in fourth grade and the sub say the f word and everyone stopped dead!

  • Wõlfie Playz
    Wõlfie Playz 21 hour ago +1

    Yo kids in my class (including me) figured out how to block the school systems and play games

  • Walter McDonald
    Walter McDonald 21 hour ago

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    jill spruill 21 hour ago

    I don’t like teachers like that😠

  • jill spruill
    jill spruill 21 hour ago

    I love your videos 🙂

  • Ivanae Darnell
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    One of my subs told us to "shut the hell up"🙁

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    Awesome Mya 21 hour ago

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  • Kim Tran
    Kim Tran 21 hour ago

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  • gangster cat for life
    gangster cat for life 22 hours ago

    All of my teacher shout when me and my friends talk to much it's there fault they put me next to my friends

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    At 2:35 HULK SMASH!!!!!

  • Sara McGarrigle
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  • Filler Fist
    Filler Fist 23 hours ago

    My teacher r kicked me in the balls and said who kicked me in the balls lmao

  • Gacha TV
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  • yasmin
    yasmin 23 hours ago +1

    One of my teachers nearly killed me , basically I am allergic to peanuts and the teacher had a Snickers and me and my friends told him that I can't have peanuts he ignored us and my friends then a girl breathed and touched me and my allergies started it was mild and it was turning serve.

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    When she kicked him in the ballsss!!!!!!

  • alexis herman
    alexis herman Day ago

    my teacher right now yells in all of the students ears i hope you feel my pain ;-;

  • Theo Tabanor
    Theo Tabanor Day ago

    I hate school all thay thinck thae kan do what thay want thay an dowing shit

  • Thongdam Am
    Thongdam Am Day ago

    Yell at me for coloring

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  • Allena Julian
    Allena Julian Day ago

    One time my teacher got mad at me for something i didn't say and some one was beside me and heard nothing becouse i didn't say nothing

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    She punched meee

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    hi olga i thought that was yesica

  • isaac miller
    isaac miller Day ago

    This video makes me wanna rage on teachers I used to have and now I’m raging because I don’t have a bad teacher anymore😂

  • planet me
    planet me Day ago

    two girls sneaked out of the classs we were in hell