• Published on Jul 8, 2018
  • Guess who’s back with another makeup challenge!!! What happens when you take your makeup routine, work it, flip it and… REVERSE IT!!! Today I’m doing my makeup BACKWARDS! It may sound easy, but this video will show you otherwise, haha! I hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to thumbs up!
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  • NikkieTutorials
    NikkieTutorials  8 days ago +12357

    *I obviously didn't work it, flip it and reverse it...* 🤔

    • Sophia Bertwell
      Sophia Bertwell 6 hours ago


    • ellie rose
      ellie rose 12 hours ago

      You forgot eye primer

    • Arlene Chaidez
      Arlene Chaidez 14 hours ago

      Just have to mention that you didn't place the foundation in your lips like you always do

    • Isidro Flores
      Isidro Flores 14 hours ago

      NikkieTutorials hi

    • Isidro Flores
      Isidro Flores 14 hours ago

      NikkieTutorials u should do a list of reverse makeup to make it easy

  • Brody Skilton
    Brody Skilton 4 minutes ago

    Omg obsessed with that jacket

  • Justina Lanjian
    Justina Lanjian 6 minutes ago

    Seriously she forget to prime her eyelids and concel her eyebrows

  • Starlight LovesKawaii
    Starlight LovesKawaii 15 minutes ago

    tbh ur skin looks pretty good after the foundation ;-;

  • Sudipta Ratna
    Sudipta Ratna 26 minutes ago

    Hellllo guys..It's me nikkie..Hello!!

  • lovely diva
    lovely diva 42 minutes ago

    your lips look beautiful without anything

  • Chloe Morris
    Chloe Morris Hour ago +1

    Wouldn't it be so cool to see Nikkie cover her whole face in liquid highlighter?? Or use liquid highlighter as a foundation. 😂 Especially the highlighter "Iconic Illuminator in the colour shine" It would be so pretty. 🤩✨

  • Amy Anderson
    Amy Anderson 2 hours ago

    This video is stressing me out!

  • Darcy's Life
    Darcy's Life 2 hours ago

    it still looks better than i do normally bahahah

  • Amy Anderson
    Amy Anderson 3 hours ago

    Damn still looks better than when I do my makeup in order 😂😅

  • Fam Wut
    Fam Wut 3 hours ago

    So much skill, just STOP.

  • Shawneey Hill
    Shawneey Hill 4 hours ago

    I start and end my routine with Mac Fix+ so I guess I win there 😂

  • Boweedle
    Boweedle 4 hours ago

    Girl why does your eyeshadow look like the opening to lion king😂😂😂😂 love you mean it ❤️

  • Io.lover Ofc
    Io.lover Ofc 5 hours ago

    You forgot the comceler for the eyes

  • April Chaney
    April Chaney 5 hours ago

    I don't hate it, it ended up looking pretty ok. Maybe not your normal but not clownish. :)

  • Kacey Baaheth
    Kacey Baaheth 5 hours ago

    She still looks good but very colorful

  • Madison Wyatt
    Madison Wyatt 6 hours ago

    Her not priming her eyes after the eyeshadow gave me anxiety😩🤣 but love the video!!!

  • Kierra Bunnell
    Kierra Bunnell 6 hours ago

    Do half reverse half normal with your makeup routine

  • Keyper Squad
    Keyper Squad 6 hours ago

    ..........and she still slays.

  • D&E
    D&E 7 hours ago


  • julia albaine
    julia albaine 7 hours ago

    You forgot the eyeliner

  • Dgaf Stfu
    Dgaf Stfu 7 hours ago

    That jean jacket needs to be tailored to your body. Because it makes your shoulders look manly. You still cute though

  • Lili Bare
    Lili Bare 7 hours ago

    That asmr setting spray

  • Margaret T
    Margaret T 8 hours ago

    Loved the Ru girls reference! LOL also livingggggg for how talented you are 😍

  • Julianne Pattillo
    Julianne Pattillo 8 hours ago

    nikki forgot her eyeshadow base

  • AmberNicoleMotionless
    AmberNicoleMotionless 8 hours ago

    Love her but not that shirt 👕🚫

  • piper
    piper 8 hours ago

    why did i feel the fan when she dried her setting spray??

  • emily shalyn de mey
    emily shalyn de mey 8 hours ago

    Omg We Finally Got to see you fill in your brows on cameraa!!

  • Zaara Shafique
    Zaara Shafique 9 hours ago

    Go lose some weight first lol

  • Cira Las Vegas
    Cira Las Vegas 9 hours ago

    Juvia doesn't ship to Germany, whyyy? :'(

  • Aoife Wolfe
    Aoife Wolfe 10 hours ago

    Why does she have sleeves but her shoulders are exposed??? How does this work?!??

  • Marisol Betancourt-Quiroz

    You are so funny Nikkie, make me laugh so much!! even in reverse you look amazing

  • Jefferson Pacheco
    Jefferson Pacheco 10 hours ago

    rocking versace accessories I DIED

  • Sarah rose
    Sarah rose 10 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure that is how my mom does har makeup

  • Norma Pinto
    Norma Pinto 11 hours ago

    yeah you really need makeup

  • Daddy, why did you eat my fries?

    U look like a pwetty peacock

  • Emma Thompsett
    Emma Thompsett 12 hours ago

    omg, the sound of nikki patting the foundation into her skin made me DEAD

  • Ashlea Cacal
    Ashlea Cacal 12 hours ago

    she still looks so bomb😍

  • crybaby 4 life
    crybaby 4 life 12 hours ago +1

    *bootyful make-up has left the chat*

  • Enna Myyryläinen
    Enna Myyryläinen 12 hours ago

    Im so happy that my first makeup routine step is washing my face 😂

  • samayyy
    samayyy 13 hours ago

    It came out awesome !

  • gabrielagamingadventure08 gamingadventure

    Since you do mascara last for the eyes shouldn't mascara be first?

  • Kayyas Gmail
    Kayyas Gmail 14 hours ago +1

    When her makeup is still better than yours.

  • elui team
    elui team 14 hours ago

    I love u nikkie hahaha ur the best 😍

  • Margo Nikolova123
    Margo Nikolova123 14 hours ago

    You forgot eye primer

  • Fermina Montijo
    Fermina Montijo 15 hours ago

    Nikkie I love you so much and I have a question what product you use to have a flawless skin? Please let me know 😭😭❤️.

  • Song_Minha
    Song_Minha 15 hours ago

    Dat fan tho🤣 love it

  • Iona Beattie
    Iona Beattie 15 hours ago

    any makeup look you do and no matter what challenge, you actually SLAY it

  • Melike Avcı
    Melike Avcı 15 hours ago

    Anlamıyorum Türkçe konuş👏🏼

  • Grasi
    Grasi 16 hours ago

    i wish i would look like that not doing my make up in reverse...

  • BTSJKdreamer
    BTSJKdreamer 16 hours ago

    Can you please do a K-Beauty style makeup look please!! ❤️ aub doe het!❤️

  • Cozy Pillow
    Cozy Pillow 16 hours ago

    You forgot Eye primer😂

  • Leticia tejada
    Leticia tejada 16 hours ago

    You Finally Filled In Your Eyebrows On Camera.

  • LeeAnn Eun
    LeeAnn Eun 17 hours ago

    Wouldn't she need to blend first and then put contour on??

  • Mariz Sunga
    Mariz Sunga 17 hours ago

    How dare u Nikki! Still looking gorg! 😩💖

  • edrnsrock Rn
    edrnsrock Rn 17 hours ago

    *i can cover my sins away, i can powder my life away*

    *Read more*

  • Jennifer Ruby
    Jennifer Ruby 17 hours ago


  • sumaika zaidi
    sumaika zaidi 17 hours ago

    you still look good 😍😍

  • EveB
    EveB 18 hours ago

    Wouldn't her inner corner highlight be what was supposed to be done first

  • charvie khloy
    charvie khloy 18 hours ago

    You look good in everythinggggg omg

  • Coralie Blanc
    Coralie Blanc 18 hours ago

    Your reverse makeup is more beautiful than mine at the place 😅

  • K Bro
    K Bro 19 hours ago

    you just have received a new subscriber!!

  • Baklavas Siropiastos
    Baklavas Siropiastos 19 hours ago

    Can I just say how gorgeous those lips are

  • Sama Al._sh767
    Sama Al._sh767 20 hours ago

    You’re beautiful no matter what💓

  • ohhpalefox
    ohhpalefox 20 hours ago

    The real challenge would have been if you remembered to prime your eyes hahaha

  • Azyan Rosley
    Azyan Rosley 20 hours ago

    You looked extremely tortured 😂😂

  • laisa uda
    laisa uda 21 hour ago

    is this even necessary?

  • Hara Domingo
    Hara Domingo 21 hour ago

    i actually love the lipstick over lipgloss HAHAHA

  • hafizatul sufiah yaacob

    You look ok.. but if the eyeshadow is in neutral colour, it will look like a soft,normal look

  • EXOL Baekhyunee
    EXOL Baekhyunee 21 hour ago

    Can you teach how to
    "powder my life away “ ...

  • Rose Meschi
    Rose Meschi 21 hour ago

    You should make a video recreating a bunch of your makeup challenge looks

  • Lex Fisher
    Lex Fisher 21 hour ago

    your natural skin is so amazing it’s unreal, I’m so jelous 😘😘

  • Grace Park
    Grace Park 21 hour ago

    As she didn’t do eyeshadow primer

  • Samaira Ji
    Samaira Ji 22 hours ago

    Can we use setting spray before the make up...?

  • Ash Aya
    Ash Aya 22 hours ago

    This still looks 100x better than how I do my normal makeup. Wishing I was as talented as her 😭

  • Lindsay Doyle
    Lindsay Doyle 22 hours ago

    She’s so cute. I love how she freaked out when she missed the lower lash line. No Biggy Nikki!! 😊

  • Alice Kataeva
    Alice Kataeva 23 hours ago

    hi please like my comment i have no friends okay bye i love you random people on the comment section, have a good day

  • Miss Sophia
    Miss Sophia 23 hours ago

    When you where done you looked like you got burned in the sun

  • ezabellah
    ezabellah 23 hours ago

    Omg she’s Scared me without makeup 😝😝

  • nikki belmonte
    nikki belmonte 23 hours ago

    Running out of ideas?

  • Bella's DIY
    Bella's DIY 23 hours ago +1

    That drag race references though 😂😂

  • Cecilie Salling Vestergaard

    You still look amazing

  • Jems World Blog
    Jems World Blog Day ago +1

    Shouldn’t you have covered the eyeshadow with your p Louise base though? 🤪

  • Chasity Stricklin

    Still gorgeous! I actually still love that look on you!😍

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You Day ago +1

    Everyone else: *gets over 100 likes*
    Me: *likes own comment*

  • roshini singh
    roshini singh Day ago


  • Melissa Srivastava

    All I did throughout was laugh.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kat Dog
    Kat Dog Day ago

    Still better than me

  • Angie :3
    Angie :3 Day ago

    I feel her pain ;^;

  • BayonettaxXxDante

    Why didn’t you right a list down of what you did in your normal order. Then read it backwards?

  • Aadam Khan
    Aadam Khan Day ago

    You are so good at make up that you still look gorgeous no matter what

  • Anaya 123
    Anaya 123 Day ago

    Hey! You haven't applied concealer on your eyelids...😲

  • Amelia Hagos Habtom

    I like’d the look but the eyse wer to bright and to dark four the skin tone

  • Hannah Denzel
    Hannah Denzel Day ago

    Still beautiful ♡

  • Yazmin Ileyah
    Yazmin Ileyah Day ago

    she did her makeup backwards. she could do her makeup upside down and still do better than me.

  • soni Verma
    soni Verma Day ago

    Wow u still look so beauty

  • Elly H
    Elly H Day ago

    When you put the creme contour on shouldn't you of blended it before even putting it on because it's in reverse

  • Natali Perez
    Natali Perez Day ago

    You should do another video just like this but with the steps written down so you do it correctly! Enjoyed this video regardless though!

  • Angel Park
    Angel Park Day ago

    I like her lipstick..

  • talia warner
    talia warner Day ago

    Bruh this ain’t rocket science, ya don’t need to explain it for an hour chill.