10 Times Gamers Got BANNED For The Right Reasons

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
  • Getting banned in games can be a controversial thing, but these extreme examples are a bit more justified.
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  • Joji Sir
    Joji Sir 2 hours ago

    I got banned from plying my PS 1 because I got an F in middle school

    AIDEN AWESOME 14 hours ago


  • Nolast Ionut
    Nolast Ionut 20 hours ago

    How "professionally" get the best? By trolling pure players and making them to smash keyboards or mouses, these kind of peoples should have ban from multiplayer games and to play cheats with bots

  • Bold Eagle
    Bold Eagle 21 hour ago

    I once won a hacker in a race while I was playing GTA 5. He was always teleporting at the bak of my bike xD

  • Colton Clark
    Colton Clark Day ago +1

    I was playing Minecraft and I was playing survival games and a person was using speed hacks

  • Saucey Memes
    Saucey Memes Day ago

    I was playing fortnite and I couldn’t control my character an it was doing its own actions as if somebody else was playing, he used aimbot build bot which is unheard of it makes he spam builds everywhere but I got accused and banned, when they found the hacker later on I was unbanned and given an apology letter for banning me for a thing I never did..

  • Jeck jeff
    Jeck jeff Day ago

    Well uhh my friend cheated in a multiplayer game but this was amazing not bc he was cheating to win but cheated bc the other team had one and didnt kick him but he played fair to the others like hadnt aimbot on for the normal players but on for the cheater but he got kicked from or team for cheating the other team were dicks not gonna lie but we still manged to win some how lmao and this was a ranked match

  • deadpro121 Ssa
    deadpro121 Ssa Day ago

    I got banned from csgo for using hacks

  • VulpineKitsune
    VulpineKitsune Day ago

    Well, Real Time speedrunners often learn from TAS speedruns, and that was basically what the faked Getting over it speed run was.

  • Crazy Dragon4000

    Everyone who plays Fortnight

  • TailoredPlaza
    TailoredPlaza Day ago +1

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  • UNKNOW4FOR? ????
    UNKNOW4FOR? ???? 2 days ago

    In America there is no freedom of speech my parents are strict my dad don't want to be corrected its unfair for me and me life

  • Corbenik Gaming
    Corbenik Gaming 2 days ago

    Ok ok i do Hate scamers a lot but BUT at the same time it's Neverwinter it has a player driven market the players choose how much to sell something for if the buyer doesn't like the price just shop around for a better one it's that simple banning someone for over pricing something in a player driven market is stupid now like i said i Hate scamers but at the same time in this account the buyer who can't be bothered or are to stupid to shop around first before buying are at some level at fault as well yes the scamer is most at fault but you should use your brain to think first before buying that goes for the real world as well.

  • fares adawi
    fares adawi 2 days ago

    one time i was fighting someone in pubg but then i realized he had unlimited health so i reported him

  • Ashes 0723
    Ashes 0723 2 days ago

    I want to try aimbot just to see how it feels but then never use it again

  • ex-treme games
    ex-treme games 2 days ago

    i got banned for killing ninja

  • MrJagMaybe
    MrJagMaybe 2 days ago

    If you don't get caught? Oh Well?

    XD I'm joking I didn't even cheat once..

    WULFAXE 3 days ago

    I was reported in war thunder because i made a long shot to a BMP1 sitting in the literal open field, in a snow map

  • Lori Sturek
    Lori Sturek 3 days ago

    Apex and fortunate is trash

  • OBYisbetter
    OBYisbetter 3 days ago

    I GoT BAnNed

  • DarkSansGD
    DarkSansGD 3 days ago

    one time, I was playing halo, PC version, almost got banned for aimbot because I was just so good at aiming. lol.

  • Zen Ah Go Gaming
    Zen Ah Go Gaming 3 days ago

    One of my friends once got banned for supposedly using aimbot when he was just extremely good.

  • Nick Wrest
    Nick Wrest 3 days ago

    Rainbow Six Siege 100

    SAIIIURAI 3 days ago

    Cheaters in Mp pvp just ruining the experience for everybody else and are just pathetic! For the newest example: Bf V... i don't play it when its infested with these honorless RATS!( which is a insult to Rats to be clear!) no they are one of the lowest lifeforms there is!) And if the devs have better things to do, instead of finding a solution, i also have! rather than being a target of multiple aimbots!

  • lolsnipingtroll from PSN

    yea I was on Parcel Storm in Battlefield 4 and this "kind sir" was using invis and god mod was sneaking up behind me (I heard his footsteps) so I turned around shot 3 times and die from 4 rushed Unica 6 shots. in other words I startled him/her

  • Cube
    Cube 3 days ago

    It always surprises me just how bad Falcon's videos are...

  • William Burdzel
    William Burdzel 4 days ago

    I think you said it beat when you said cheating in single player games is harmless fun but cheating in multiplayer is a dick move

  • DaniloStanković
    DaniloStanković 4 days ago

    So many cheaters in cs:go right now it's complete shit for normal people who play game properly

  • Xenomorph 9/11
    Xenomorph 9/11 4 days ago +1

    I got banned for being a toxic player.

  • barzY
    barzY 4 days ago

    I love cheating on every game

  • Myraid Myst
    Myraid Myst 4 days ago

    What is a griefer?

  • Axikia
    Axikia 4 days ago

    I've used hacks against hackers... That's a fun thing to do

  • Grey Fox
    Grey Fox 5 days ago

    Sone time I was messing around on roblox and some body thought I cheated which in reality I did not cheat but was very lucky in the roblox simulator by the way if you want to se how lucky I got my username on Xbox 1 is StatedOpossum45

  • eternalhalloween1
    eternalhalloween1 5 days ago

    My favorite is how MissQGemini got caught cheating and tried to blame it on her imaginary friend Clara.

  • Lauren Sturgill
    Lauren Sturgill 5 days ago

    Ppl who cheat aren't true gamers. IMO. Even a single player game is meant to be played unmolested by dirty cheating hands. Again IMO. In multiplayer, Play right or don't play at all.

  • Harbinger
    Harbinger 5 days ago

    I would like game studios get a bunch of streames to play inba private room agains each other while one has pemission to hack. Stream that game so we can learn how hacking actually looks, how to teamwork against it and improve detection algorythims, also would be a fun stream in any game

  • Sniff
    Sniff 5 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah. Maximillian Mus at number 2.

  • Somidz
    Somidz 5 days ago +1

    I cheat in Roblox

  • SuperRaimz
    SuperRaimz 5 days ago

    kumawat. thats forsaken

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon 5 days ago

    I am a gamer

  • Charlie Mc caffrey
    Charlie Mc caffrey 5 days ago

    I got banned for oceanic solo 1v1s in fortnite before playground came out

  • SYM!
    SYM! 5 days ago +1

    Yes I have a thought; learn the lingo. A cheat that allows you to see where other players are is a wallhack.

  • Bubz
    Bubz 5 days ago

    Welcome to the watchmojo of gaming

  • Nujorous Macgrath
    Nujorous Macgrath 5 days ago

    What about that one guy in Fallout 76 that got so good at the game Bethesda banned him for cheating?

  • Pepe Gonzáles
    Pepe Gonzáles 5 days ago

    I cheat in gangs of new york... I know all the cheats

  • Subvital
    Subvital 5 days ago +1

    i got banned from hypixel in minecraft because i was using an autobuild mod and I made a penis...

  • danteispower
    danteispower 5 days ago

    kind of stupid if you cheat on tournament you cant never play as professional again even if it is couple of years cause nobody want to play with him and everyone would remember these things

  • Wolfy SinkenHopper
    Wolfy SinkenHopper 5 days ago

    The only time I cheat is in Minecraft when I haven’t finished my base and it’s night I’ll set it to day

  • Path of Phobos
    Path of Phobos 5 days ago +1

    It's a slippery slope what xbox has been doing. You're basically not allowed to trash talk now.

  • Combater0525
    Combater0525 5 days ago

    You haven't seen cheating if you haven't been in 2b2t

  • CadX
    CadX 5 days ago

    I saw that terraria pic 7:07 ye im a terraria fan

  • Kirb Oatmeal
    Kirb Oatmeal 5 days ago


  • Big Chungie boi
    Big Chungie boi 6 days ago

    I cheated on ROBLOX

    TP VALENCIA 6 days ago

    6:50 . Yes you may have the freedom of speech but you do not have the freedom from consequences.

  • Jorishio
    Jorishio 6 days ago

    I got banned from a nutaku gane because i used a free shop hack

  • Swer4324
    Swer4324 6 days ago

    the number 2 is obviously a lie because there's a lot of trolls on overwatch and they never get banned

  • Fastrox
    Fastrox 6 days ago

    i mean they are not hackers but cheaters in csgo (ibuypower) i think you missed that from the list because that was a big ban as well

    ILLUMISCOTTY ??? 6 days ago +3


  • Joseph Upton
    Joseph Upton 6 days ago

    Iswear i saw this video thumbnail 3 years ago

  • William Jones
    William Jones 6 days ago

    All your doing when you cheat is admitting that your not very good. Theres nothing wrong with not being good. just takes practice and if thats something your not interested in then just play something else.

  • co le
    co le 6 days ago

    Do you mean TAS when you slow down the game?

  • Kellen Gray
    Kellen Gray 6 days ago +3

    Do I have thoughts about cheating? No. Will I exploit any glitch that could swing a multiplayer match towards my favor? Infinite nova bomb level yes

  • IgnitedIce81
    IgnitedIce81 6 days ago

    I only cheated once in Minecraft, it took me literally 5 minutes to regret it and uninstall the program because it was so boring, I honestly don't understand why people use cheats

  • Simple Noob
    Simple Noob 6 days ago

    i was cheating on roblox with minecraft.

    roblox still doesn't know ;)

    TYT APEX GT 6 days ago


  • Dead 45
    Dead 45 6 days ago

    I got banned from csgo because someone had the same name as me and was hacking

  • Omar Contreras
    Omar Contreras 6 days ago

    I got some VACations in CSGO cuz of my little brother lmao

  • Starlight Greenlow
    Starlight Greenlow 6 days ago +1

    I once got banned from a vanilla Minecraft server for "cheating using third party resources" for using the server's own map that they advertised in their MOTD.
    That thing servers used to do-- maybe still do I don't really know-- where you can put look at a huge isometric map of their world in your browser, basically. You see, this was a persistent world wherein no one could spawn in items or resources. Even the mods were strictly required to find materials. Bricks were a luxury, and only the mods had brick houses. However, the isometric map had a flaw. Things could be behind particularly tall natural formations. I began to seek these out using the map and look behind them, and sure enough I found deposits of clay that the mods had not.

    I made the mistake of explaining this to one of the mods that I was being friendly with and got almost literally told "Gotcha!" and banned for using their own map because it was against their rules to use their map, apparently. I'm mostly amused by it, and was told by a friend that literal SECONDS after I got banned, mods converged on my house and fought over mining up the bricks for their own use.

    JMAR GAMES 6 days ago

    Blops 2 on Xbox 360 needs Justice

  • TheDragon'sChild Gaming

    I was accused of using an aim bot on Roblox, I laughed and left the server. The girl accusing me began to harass me and I reported her for the harassment because you just don't do that to people who just wanting to play. I am a very good shot when it comes to pc video games and I can understand her frustration.

  • Howlpha
    Howlpha 6 days ago

    Lmao I remember getting banned for being too good in MW2 and 3 and black ops 1 and 2

  • noise
    noise 6 days ago +1

    *the gam*

    ARSENAL 6 days ago

    No I haven’t but I’ve heard people on gta online are sending innocent players in game currency through exploits in order to frame them a and it has worked

  • Sam J
    Sam J 6 days ago

    My brother got banned in the early days of unreal tournament because he was good at the game. It was only a competitive ban, so it wasn't a big deal, and then they realized he wasn't cheating he was just fast.

    Same thing happened to someone I know on CSGO

  • Jacob Mclain
    Jacob Mclain 6 days ago

    speaking of apex can a havoc one hit a gold sheid ?

  • Christian Mcmillan
    Christian Mcmillan 6 days ago

    Back in the beginning of the 3.55 PS3 geohot days I was one of those dickhead 13 year olds on mw2 that would go out my way to ruin your after school experience.
    Godbless the early 2010’s

  • endishTM
    endishTM 6 days ago

    I have cheated kinda
    In borderlands 2 i modded one of my accounts to have fun and destroy everything since i already had a legit max level account

  • Jason Wowhero
    Jason Wowhero 6 days ago

    I got my friend banned from league. Best part about it was how i called mid first in chat so Riot games saw it as i got it first because in the pregame and in the matchmaking i called mid first. So what my friend did was he picked heimerdonger (a genius character in game) however the user wasnt all that smart. So what ended up happening is he just stayed mid and fed until he was 0-17 within 20 minutes of the game. But what made it great was how he just kept reseting the gold value on the enemy mid laner, I was Zed and got overwhelmingly fed to the point of immortality because of the ammount of gold i got. We won this match in the end and as a joke i reported him for intentionally feeding. In the chat bar where it says please describe more i put “dont actually ban him LOL idc what happened this game”. 2 seconds in the discord call later we see that he logged off of league. And we asked what happened? And he tries to log back on but he had a 1 year ban on his account. We all died of laughter. And the icing on the cake. Top right corner whenever you “Help” riot games with any reportig message. It said “thank you for helping” or whatever it was. And i sent the screenshot of the thank you to everyone in the disc. Long story short he made a new account and got the next 3 banned too.

  • Bandit
    Bandit 6 days ago

    The other day some kid was no clipping on the other team in r6 siege and it was hilarious. he got banned.

    EMU EMPIRE 7 days ago

    I got banned for cheating on minecraft

  • Pixeljam
    Pixeljam 7 days ago

    4:00 that's called ESP by the way.

  • ThiccDucc
    ThiccDucc 7 days ago

    I cheated in minecraft once

  • D H
    D H 7 days ago

    Number 9 is not cheating. It is called tool assisted speed run.
    It allows player to make the perfect speedruns and, theorically, show the limits of the game.
    If guy did his job correctly it means no one will even be able to finish the game faster than 1.12min without OOB or skip.

  • Trident Power
    Trident Power 7 days ago

    Only cheat solo or on a coop with just me and a friend

  • Noah Jensen
    Noah Jensen 7 days ago

    i have never cheated in an online game before ahahah

  • Wiggeoli The third
    Wiggeoli The third 7 days ago

    I don’t need to cheat I got admin in BUM BUM BUM roblox pirate wars
    Roblox has a bad stigma but I like it

  • Rhexxthe Greater
    Rhexxthe Greater 7 days ago

    Got away with modding tons of money on GTA5 with a USB (PS3) and then transferred my account to PS4, I figured I got away with it because I didn't give myself a stupid and detectable amount of money. Just 500mil, enough to buy any and all things that will ever come out in the game but also not enough to get banned for I guess.

  • another gaming channel

    I was banned for 1 month (unbanned tomorrow) for calling a guy a dhead for harassing me on PlayStation and he was keeped calling me a fukwit and stuff like that and I did report him and I was banned on my first gta account for cheating 2 get money becuse I bought something it took the money but did give me it sad times sad times indeed

  • JokerGS
    JokerGS 7 days ago

    im using some skin changer for csgo hope i dont get banned for that lol

  • Hellcat Car Meets & Gaming

    I got banned for surviving an "unsurvivable" plane crash in a game for getting lucky and surviving.

  • Frost Tear
    Frost Tear 7 days ago

    me i'll cheat on my own times in singleplayer but i won't go multiplayer because it ant fair for the other person, even thought it's hilarious doing it to others

  • DiZy twin 1753
    DiZy twin 1753 7 days ago

    I want to cheat in Minecraft

  • Hades Of death
    Hades Of death 8 days ago

    I’m a white hat hacker

  • MrStevenWolfe
    MrStevenWolfe 8 days ago +13

    YEARS ago, I out-snipped a guy in TF2, on the servers custom map.
    Turns out he was a moderator.
    I'm STILL banned for "Excessive Abuse of a Moderator", because my ban was set for over 12,000 years, rofl
    Excessive Abuse, indeed

    • DJ Autistic
      DJ Autistic 4 hours ago

      @E E been there done that only the mod got banned for abuse 😂

    • E E
      E E 5 days ago +3

      some moderators are cry babys I got banned from a csgo surf because I was better then a moderators gf

  • Anime_Watcher2
    Anime_Watcher2 8 days ago

    i got banned on Minecraft 4 times for using hacks.

  • GREENWOLF 1337
    GREENWOLF 1337 8 days ago

    I think a match with about 35% activation rate aimbot for all players would be fun, because at it's core, a game is meant for fun, not getting agitated and strained. This would still be fair, and make it more fun, because it's just unpredictable

  • GREENWOLF 1337
    GREENWOLF 1337 8 days ago

    Modding a multiplayer game is fine if YOU are the one to host the server, and give others the permission to use mods

    YOU2ONEDAY 8 days ago

    how about when they dont ban modders or even moderate? DBX2 PS4.... they give zero shts about modders.

  • Sword Slasher
    Sword Slasher 8 days ago

    Why so many P99's in the thumbnail lol
    Well I see why it is a great gun but still funny

  • Pikachudreams
    Pikachudreams 8 days ago

    everyone knows the csgo shit, old news