10 Times Gamers Got BANNED For The Right Reasons

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
  • Getting banned in games can be a controversial thing, but these extreme examples are a bit more justified.
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  • Serilaene
    Serilaene Day ago

    Would've liked more details on that N°2 'griefer" guy because honestly, define "griefing" in overwatch. I've never seen anything in this game that could qualify as griefing aside maybe from putting a teleporter exit facing a cliff lmao

  • Kyle Ward
    Kyle Ward Day ago

    1. To stupid
    2. To lazy

  • Gnosis Landscape
    Gnosis Landscape 2 days ago

    I was using cheater back then in 2009 playing CoD, the sensation is its good to dominate another player. not long after that, I feel its kinda boring and I promise to stop using cheats, even if I must it must be an offline game...

  • JaneZki
    JaneZki 2 days ago

    i have been VAC banned from csgo on my main account for cheating because i was literally addicted to the game and couldnt stop playing and wasting money on it (i was 15) and after VAC bans and few accounts later i finally stopped. Now (age of 19) i finally play it again but without addiction. Cheating is stupid af and should be made illegal in law

  • AAVl
    AAVl 2 days ago

    Kumawat must be Indian

  • Dev Guy
    Dev Guy 2 days ago

    you got to sucks in real like so bad and be a complete bottom-feeder loser to cheat in an online game to feel good lmao

  • drumcorpful
    drumcorpful 2 days ago

    Dude... do normal video, not this shit in the middle of video... nobody cares about that, and you don't have to make video that long. Prick!

  • Get The Arm Down
    Get The Arm Down 3 days ago

    I have a very rare colorblindness which is red green blue def. So basically every color. Ive been banned many of times from pc and mobile games because a lot dont use a colorblind system and if they do they are for red green, green blue, Blue red def. There is no solution yet for red green blue. So i use a software on my pc and phone that let me customize the colors of almost everything so that i can actually see what im looking at or for example, the rarity of weapons on battle royale games

  • Patrick Lafferty
    Patrick Lafferty 4 days ago


  • Sidney Turner
    Sidney Turner 4 days ago


  • Voløvøy
    Voløvøy 4 days ago

    Well you can cheat in a moultyplayer but local games so you can play with cpu

  • Sebastian Canter
    Sebastian Canter 4 days ago

    Most cod game will always have cheaters. but those on 360 servers...

  • Asahi Sutekina
    Asahi Sutekina 4 days ago

    If you cheat in a game that multiplayer then that just proves you are not a real gamer

  • JimReaver666
    JimReaver666 5 days ago +2

    How do you “grief” a overwatch server? I honestly dont know.

  • Paul Donohue
    Paul Donohue 5 days ago

    back when counterstrike was played on 56k modems people could turn into the cameras and have guns, they could spawn helicopters with guns then ban the admins from their own servers. If a person cheating, cheats smart they can just go on cheating, I dont understand why a client side anti cheat does not exist that can detect any post processing that makes wallhacks possible a cheat.

  • qweryuiasdf
    qweryuiasdf 5 days ago


  • Tracey Shulch
    Tracey Shulch 5 days ago

    Who needs freedom of speech?? Pfffttt. Plebs.

  • Ade Walo
    Ade Walo 6 days ago

    i got banned twice for making an uganda knuckles shirt on roblox

  • Chris Upton
    Chris Upton 6 days ago

    I've gotten suspended for cheating when I don't cheat so maybe someone modded me in cod or GTA and I got suspended temporarily

  • Donny Mac
    Donny Mac 6 days ago

    I’m thinking about playing in creative mode in a survival world in Minecraft

  • eDope
    eDope 6 days ago

    I've cheated a bit in CS1.6 random mass matches, didn't even try to hide it, just pure trolling. that was like 10 years ago.

  • Blazing gaming
    Blazing gaming 6 days ago

    In the last two day I’ve ran into two invincible gta players

  • Potatoe Thingie
    Potatoe Thingie 7 days ago

    3 words
    Black ops two

  • subz3r0 lol
    subz3r0 lol 7 days ago +1

    Have you cheat before?
    Me: Depends on the context. In a casual play: NO
    If theres a cheater on the enemy side: YES

  • atomicdeath10
    atomicdeath10 7 days ago

    I was at a huge lan party/ Elimination match for CS 1.4 back in the day, someone happened to walk by a guy who was tucked away neatly in the corner and saw him running a wall hack. At the time his PC easily cost over $1000 not including the monitor, mouse and keyboard. Some guys roughed him up pretty good, smashed his shit on the sidewalk and someone slashed the tires on his car. That was my first real encounter with cheating, and the results of said cheating in a competitive setting.

  • Helldiver Intelligence

    I got banned for spaming one attack in Super Smash

  • 24k A
    24k A 7 days ago

    Add Jarvis to this list😂

  • Yannick El Manssouri

    Falcon is by far my favorite host on tis channel.

  • Josh Sittingwolf
    Josh Sittingwolf 8 days ago

    Everyone better me feels like a cheater, it’s how I am.

  • J K
    J K 8 days ago

    Back in 1988 I discovered a secret code that gave me 30 lives in Contra.

  • Theo Fonias
    Theo Fonias 9 days ago

    Haha I once got banned for hacking on Minecraft, had a good laugh with my friends because they’re the ones who reported me. I’ve got about 112 years on my ban left if I remember correctly.

  • rage redface
    rage redface 9 days ago

    using aimbot would be hella fun in a br just because i dont like any brs

  • Adam Blitz
    Adam Blitz 10 days ago

    One time I was playing roblox and someone was using a dev console and killing everyone

  • DankKoolAid 18
    DankKoolAid 18 10 days ago +1

    Back to my PlayStation 3 days I used to mod on gta 5 n I had got banned for 7 days but that’s the only time

    • Luxi Turna
      Luxi Turna 9 days ago +1

      That totally sux, man. It's wrong.

  • Marvin
    Marvin 10 days ago

    i got banned in minecraft for using autoclicker xD

  • Micheal McLaurin
    Micheal McLaurin 10 days ago

    Now if only they would get rid of this annoying player in WoW, they keep killing lowbies and running in and out of ragefire everytime you go after them.

  • Pataganja
    Pataganja 11 days ago +1

    How tf I remember Trick2g somehow

  • Professor Sypher
    Professor Sypher 11 days ago

    If you don't remember lan switching being a problem, you are either too old or too young.

  • MagicCarpDudo YT
    MagicCarpDudo YT 11 days ago

    I would whant to get banned lol for sicence

  • Malaki C
    Malaki C 11 days ago

    I saw terraria yay ::::DDDD

  • Youri HL
    Youri HL 11 days ago

    A buddy and I encountered a cheater jumping and teleporting all over the game area in GTA Online and it was streamed live by me.
    After notifying Rockstar about it with a link to the footage, he was not banned. At all. We did, however, get a reply to the ticket/report, saying it was a server issue and was most likely caused by a defective SSD in one of their servers. Right, really Rockstar ? It's so clear he was cheating and to this day, some 3 years later, he's still not banned.

  • Meme God
    Meme God 11 days ago +3

    Falcon: "in professional competitions if u get caught your screwed".
    Me: "So don't get caught".

  • MotivatingIntoxicatingDD

    I cheat in Oxygen not included.

  • Russell Harris
    Russell Harris 12 days ago

    I love the part about Xbox not being affiliated with the United states government. How do they explain the whole PRISM fiasco with the Xbox 1?

  • YouraWizurdHarry
    YouraWizurdHarry 12 days ago

    The best part about the h1z1 one is the fact that the moderator guy spawned in a police car (I don’t know if there are other cars then the police car haven’t played h1z1) and the cheater got into said police car and went and cheated then got banned or whatever

  • Risky Whiskey
    Risky Whiskey 12 days ago +1

    When you're trying to cheat
    Don't fucking record it

  • Jay Dave
    Jay Dave 12 days ago

    PUBG is a platform for cheaters and hackers anyway, so why bother?

  • ThaRealMckoy Bones
    ThaRealMckoy Bones 12 days ago +1

    People cheat in Tom clencey’s the division 1 everyday maybe y’all can check them out

  • Tsipher
    Tsipher 13 days ago

    Been playing Neverwinter for a few years now, people were getting banned for basically scamming people out of rare items. During trading, they would offer a list of items in exchange for a rare item, then they'd delete the rare items within the list so that people would think they were getting good items for trade when really, they'd trade their rare items for crappy items.

  • Midigees YT
    Midigees YT 13 days ago

    Once I cheated on gta 5 by accidentally putting one of my mods in gta online I only use mods for story mode

  • Avidion
    Avidion 13 days ago

    The only time I've cheated online was on a friend's realm server on Minecraft and that cheat was an X-RAY texture pack which didn't work very well since you couldn't see what's behind a block thanks to the discovery system in Minecraft so all i could see is either caves or mineshafts or even a stronghold which is why i kinda used it, i also used it to find where i died cause my memory sucks majorly

  • sleepystreets
    sleepystreets 13 days ago

    1:20 imagine having to cheat to make up for smol pp

  • kevin gunther
    kevin gunther 13 days ago

    The only cheat I'd ever put on a multiplayer game is oddball lol goldeneye

  • Scorpian Hunter
    Scorpian Hunter 13 days ago

    I encountered a hacker on seige who was using a recruit with revolver along with wall hacks and aimbot when my team confronted him he came up with the lie of " you can use a recruit in ranked if you own the season 4 pass and the deluxe edition" well jokes on him cause my whole team owned both I have no idea if he got banned all I know is that hackers and cheaters have no point in playing games if they aren't going to take the time to get good at them.

  • John Lillywhite
    John Lillywhite 13 days ago

    I was VAC banned from MW2. In all honesty, I did cheat. I downloaded a mod that was able to rank you up to any level you wanted. I used to rank myself to the top, and then was like "oh this isn't fun. I'll rank myself back down to the start, and rank up CORRECTLY". I soon as I ranked myself down, I was VAC'd. Bummer day.

  • Blueberry Sans
    Blueberry Sans 14 days ago +1

    I’ve reported quite a ton of Minecraft hackers in Hypixel.
    Though sadly I’m now banned on there for ‘cheating’ because my account got hacked.
    Heck, Mineplex of all servers was able to detect my account was comprised while Hypixel couldn’t. Jeez.

  • Rorswa31 YT
    Rorswa31 YT 14 days ago

    I got banned from club penguin for saying idiot

  • trikadoc
    trikadoc 14 days ago

    i got perma banned from runescape for talking about botting without ever having used a bot in my life.

    PROJECTMAYHEM 14 days ago

    Unfortunately, Middle Eastern and Chinese people are the ones ruining PUBG Mobile. I feel bad for all the legitimate Middle Eastern and Chinese players because there’s just so many people cheating from their home country/region...

  • NewmakerFreeStep
    NewmakerFreeStep 14 days ago

    I admit that I cheated in Cs Go but not from the beginning, I hate playing rank full of randoms who are like braindead and ruining all the matches, you cant rank up if your team is not good.
    I got banned permanently but it was quiet fun to play around. But im not hacking anymore.