If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Sudan | The Daily Show

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • The Sudanese people’s victory over oppressive leader Omar al-Bashir was cut short by a violent military takeover, sparking both governing bodies and social media users to take action and spread awareness.
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Comments • 3 358

  • Tik tok Bh Star
    Tik tok Bh Star 4 days ago

    Plz prey for Sudan 🇸🇩 😢😢🥺🥺 my Country

  • A R
    A R 7 days ago

    United States of Zionist Israhell wants to bring "Democracy" to Sudan coz of its oil reserves... Its that simple.

  • lina hamid
    lina hamid 19 days ago

    Well said.
    Thank u

  • Hussain The Egyptian
    Hussain The Egyptian 19 days ago


  • ryan toth
    ryan toth 21 day ago

    Dude looks like evil gandhi

  • Abdelrahman Osman
    Abdelrahman Osman 22 days ago

    We thank you for your support, love and respect

  • Illuminati Bloodline 666

    How bout the homicide committed by the government of Cameroon

  • H S G
    H S G 24 days ago

    Sudan is not for a bad guys...

  • Tadeh Khachatourian
    Tadeh Khachatourian 24 days ago


  • Abbas Hamza
    Abbas Hamza 26 days ago

    I blame you for the big mistakes at that map of Sudan 🇸🇩 at your back. Especially boarders between Sudan 🇸🇩 and Egypt 🇪🇬. You have to check ✔ it

    CHOPPER Z 27 days ago

    Thank you for support

  • Surgé Land
    Surgé Land 27 days ago

    I always get worried when the US gets involved. They've only ever made bad situations worse.

  • Catlover 2976
    Catlover 2976 28 days ago

    Lmao its tea all over again

  • Marijan Batinic
    Marijan Batinic 28 days ago

    usa will bring democracy like in iraq and afganistan ecc.. xD ahhahah

  • فؤاد حسن
    فؤاد حسن 28 days ago

    شكرا حمدوك

  • Umar Iftikhar
    Umar Iftikhar 28 days ago

    Please raise awareness for Kashmir

  • Noha Mansour
    Noha Mansour 29 days ago

    it's not because of bread, it's because bread is the cheapest thing they could afford and not it's now becoming a luxury, the increasing poverty is what triggered an uprising... not bread

  • Fayiz Z
    Fayiz Z Month ago

    Don’t mind the pic . It’s all about the idea. 😂

  • Julie Mariah
    Julie Mariah Month ago

    I love you.

  • Tokologo Karabo
    Tokologo Karabo Month ago

    us send special military to drain oil not for freedom

  • gacha girls
    gacha girls Month ago +1

    this is so sad I'm so from Sudan myself and god bless my country

  • Lottodds
    Lottodds Month ago +1

    WHY? We have our own problems. Why do we need to POLICE the World??? Let them handle their own problems.

  • shuang shuang
    shuang shuang Month ago

    There is nothing with US at all

  • Tshiamo Motlhaloga
    Tshiamo Motlhaloga Month ago

    America is obviously involved in this shiiii.... Because of the oil😡😡😡😡

  • Timothy Gathings
    Timothy Gathings Month ago

    Why don't they send some of that trash over so they can

  • gyetdalefni dakundegyniverantweurde!

    for fuck sake realy guys....3:47 is not sudan its algeria , they are waving tribal amazigh flags and algerian flags, i love this show but just make sure you show me the right african nation when you talk about one ,dont show me "fake news" lol ;p

  • Candace Marcos
    Candace Marcos Month ago

    Sudan should have learnt from Zimbabwe 😂😂 and ain’t nobody prayed for us

  • Mohamed alhassan
    Mohamed alhassan Month ago

    I love you so much ms.trevor
    it has been a sort time that i know you but i feel like I lose many thing bacuse i know you later.
    excuse me for my bad Language bause english is not my mother tangue.

  • Sula Bulungi
    Sula Bulungi Month ago

    Movements that start from the top with government officials or popular celebrities are usually illegitimate. Tread lightly!

    SEIF HATEB Month ago

    Hey Trevor, at 3:48, you've showed two sequences from the current Algerian Revolution started in Feb 22nd, 2019. It wasn't Sudan. BTW, why don't make something similar about Algerian Revolution? Isn't the largest African Country and a strategic player? #YetnahawGa3

    • Nazim Jijel
      Nazim Jijel Month ago

      Algeria is not friend with the west.That's why nobody cares at all

  • Alissa E
    Alissa E Month ago

    So California has the best bread! On the bread front California actually ruins you. After you've eaten California bread there are very few places left (at least in the US) where you can tolerate the bread. This Californian eats tons of bread in California, but has to abstain when living elsewhere just because of quality. She wished she could eat more bread.

  • Sammy Ally
    Sammy Ally Month ago

    I felt this shit. Deep in my feels.

  • ALEyZEEO- Aleyzee
    ALEyZEEO- Aleyzee Month ago +2

    Are u stupid? West helped sudan to get divided into two parts, and now, it's going to harvest it's fruit, oil :)

  • mohammed mouj
    mohammed mouj Month ago

    I'm Sudanese and i Appreciate what you've said. Thank you.

  • suliatube2010
    suliatube2010 Month ago

    The problem is that some western governments are still supporting the dictatorship in Sudan but we hope that one day all poor countries can escape it

  • Vincent Wong
    Vincent Wong Month ago

    The whole thing feel like the start of Arab Spring, hopefully it won't end like it.

  • Trailer Junkies
    Trailer Junkies Month ago

    Unfortunately OIL KILLS

  • mayada makeen
    mayada makeen Month ago


  • Bryan Smail
    Bryan Smail Month ago

    I don’t understand why there’re some videos taken in Algeria while talking about Sudan.
    U can clearly see the Algerian flags and the difference of skin color.

  • قاسم الزمزمي

    Watching from Atbara💪

  • ባሕታዊ ሂወት

    ትረቨር ኖሃ we have the same problem in the neibouring state eritrea

  • Abdou GTD
    Abdou GTD Month ago

    In the minute 3:46 that’s not sudan that’s Algeria that’s our manifestation with our flags that’s a big mistake

  • Hanya1210
    Hanya1210 Month ago +2

    Great coverage & comment ... yes please put pressure on congresspeople to help end the military coupe in Sudan, they don’t have to suffer as the Egyptians😥
    Thanks a lot from Cairo, Egypt

  • Sci Sudan1006
    Sci Sudan1006 Month ago

    It was not only about the bread the economy is run down there is no cash in banks, runaway inflation and fuel unavailability... Now you know!

  • izeldin osman
    izeldin osman Month ago

    Thanx trevor

  • رشوود
    رشوود 2 months ago

    I miss you Sudan

  • Vman Phosa
    Vman Phosa 2 months ago

    a zimbabwean story

  • Hiba Idriss
    Hiba Idriss 2 months ago

    He explained everything wrong

  • Quraan FM
    Quraan FM 2 months ago +1

    Talk about Kashmir the people of Kashmir need your help

  • Sarasita xx
    Sarasita xx 2 months ago

    In another Sudan news: 27yr old woman mother of two awaits her death sentence by hanging. Her crime: converting to Christianity.
    This society is rotten from within if they are killing people for religious reasons.

  • Fatima Khan
    Fatima Khan 2 months ago

    the U.S. will be after the oil.

  • Shari Scott
    Shari Scott 2 months ago

    In all his clips I laugh thru the whole thing, but his last sentences have me ready to cry

  • tsbone taxo
    tsbone taxo 2 months ago +2

    No one even knew what Sudan was. before all this bs 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Sofiy Mansor
    Sofiy Mansor 2 months ago

    Usa cant even get their shit together, and now being busybody on other countries problem..the fact that usa have trump as the president shows enough evident how messed up the country is..

  • Justin Morgan
    Justin Morgan 2 months ago +1

    3:46 those protestors are Algerian not Sudanese lmao. They're protesting against Bouteflika

  • Meron Mussie
    Meron Mussie 2 months ago

    Please help us with the Eritrean dictator Eseyas afewerki...

  • Amin Barca
    Amin Barca 2 months ago

    Love from Sudan.. Thanks Trevor

  • Moaz yahia
    Moaz yahia 2 months ago

    Iam not good in English but I will tray .. One think you should know abut Sudaniss that we never retreat from a fight and we are strong and unaited more than ever .. We will prevail no matter how and we will have or Civilian Government and our Freedom .. Many of us have been killed for freedom, so don't worry we will die as we fight for our freedom and we will not become refugees for no more.
    Segint by :
    Not Refuge - From Sudan

  • Amanuel Berhane
    Amanuel Berhane 2 months ago +3

    Can you Do the same about North korea of Afrika =Eritrea

  • Camila Estefânia
    Camila Estefânia 2 months ago

    Trevor Noah you are the best that I have ever seen.