If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Sudan | The Daily Show

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • The Sudanese people’s victory over oppressive leader Omar al-Bashir was cut short by a violent military takeover, sparking both governing bodies and social media users to take action and spread awareness.
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Comments • 3 175

  • Ben Chermside
    Ben Chermside 3 hours ago

    But this is basically a classic coup the peapole didn't overthrow the king the peapole below replaced him using the protests as an excus.

  • LF DV
    LF DV 8 hours ago

    Trevor missed the June 3rd massacre.... held by the military VS civilians. :( Look it up and you won't laugh as much

  • Work of 8
    Work of 8 12 hours ago

    In any developing country with oil , we need some US toys as govt. Oh no democrazy.

  • geeaiye
    geeaiye 13 hours ago

    True Talk

  • سالم جعيل Salem Djail

    Photos from Algeria 😅not Sudan.

  • Ouadie
    Ouadie 18 hours ago

    Got your videos mixed up... That was Algeria... min 3'45

  • DEbby simelane
    DEbby simelane 20 hours ago

    But, America🤔, this has been on going forever... Is this your way of rigging resources(/oil) from yet another African country?
    The South African defense always sends our people there, we better get a cut from any deal. Africans should enrich each other!

  • Suvar Oglu
    Suvar Oglu 22 hours ago

    Unfortunately any regime change coming with military coup creates more devastation in the middle east. Sudan will be in a worst situation for a long time.

  • Soleil Sucré
    Soleil Sucré Day ago +1

    3:45 it's not in Sudan, actually it's in the algerian protests !

  • mohamed kamal
    mohamed kamal Day ago

    Sudanese people are going to take their freedom and rebuild the new sudan , whatever it takes we're not going to back out we've had enough of these military dictatorships that have been rolling our country for more than 60 years destroyed our resources and killing our people and creating wars but it's time to back off now even the kids are chanting the civilian role in sudan even though we're being threatened to be killed by the militias of the military council but Sudanese people are still protesting against the military council and its militias we will not stop until we get our full civilian state thank you for drawing attention to Sudan

  • albaraa suliman
    albaraa suliman Day ago

    Thanks from sudan ❤

  • Bakry Faroug
    Bakry Faroug 2 days ago

    Thank you Trevor for spotting lights on our crisis in Sudan. As a sudanese American I and the people of Sudan appreciate you and everyone trying to help our country to move forward towards democracy and freedom.

  • Zhang Yixing1007
    Zhang Yixing1007 2 days ago

    No one should become a refugee in the first place 😭😢

  • Bakosta Ba
    Bakosta Ba 2 days ago

    Thanks a lot
    But you put a wrong Sudan map

  • ZooL ShefeT
    ZooL ShefeT 2 days ago


  • Omer Abbas
    Omer Abbas 2 days ago

    Hey The Daily Show team those frames from 3:46 till 3:51 are from Algeria, not Sudan.

  • Omer Hatim
    Omer Hatim 2 days ago

    InGodWeTrust 🇸🇩✌🏼

  • Fakhri sonta
    Fakhri sonta 2 days ago

    I'm sudanese...... what's going on right now is not pleasing

  • Liban Warsame
    Liban Warsame 2 days ago

    America is too concerned by a fallen dictator in Sudan while keeping mum about an emerging dictator in Egypt. The irony? Huge oil reserves in the Sudan.

  • osman Khlel
    osman Khlel 2 days ago

    I am from sudan thank for you and all Americans

  • Dalal Singer
    Dalal Singer 2 days ago

    Thank you for using your platform for talking about my country 🖤🇸🇩

  • Moh gorte
    Moh gorte 2 days ago

    We're god's soldiers.

  • Hussam Shannan
    Hussam Shannan 2 days ago +4

    I’m hussam from sudan
    And thanks for everyone who wants to help us

  • Fadl Alobaid Fadl
    Fadl Alobaid Fadl 2 days ago

    Is it good topic to discuss. Is not about bread as you said to find more visit our facebook.

  • _manifest
    _manifest 3 days ago

    You can take your negro country and go back. No one cares about Africa

  • Walaa Mohamed
    Walaa Mohamed 3 days ago

    Civil freedom and peace for sudan

  • desprado.
    desprado. 3 days ago

    Sudan under military juntas and theocratic thieves leaders, has turned into a shite hole as once D trump used this term for describing some countries.
    I'm sudanese and I guarantee it is beyond hell in suffering.

  • Exotic Memes
    Exotic Memes 3 days ago

    this proves the old roman saying "bread and circus", imagine the size of the parade if the circus also closed down and the clowns joined in

  • source code pro
    source code pro 3 days ago

    Dont worry my nation... We don't have oil so America is far away...

  • mahmoud sad
    mahmoud sad 3 days ago +1

    Middle east military dictators fuck the shit out of the people and american media collect a great content to make jokes and awareness an western governments collect billions out of the military criminals to overlook their crimes.

  • Baby Taw
    Baby Taw 3 days ago

    Thank you 🙏🏼

  • Emad Ginawi
    Emad Ginawi 3 days ago

    The 2 scenes 3:46 and 3:49 are from Algerian revolution not ours " Sudanese "

  • ga pavds
    ga pavds 3 days ago +3

    there is no democracy in america The Jew Money rules USA

  • Samar Almukhtar
    Samar Almukhtar 3 days ago +3

    I’m sudanese
    We love you Trevor ♥️♥️

  • Nina Shahidi
    Nina Shahidi 4 days ago

    I read this man’s book
    I am so proud of you Trevor I’m happy for you
    God bless you ❤️

  • salah lakrioui
    salah lakrioui 4 days ago +10

    3:45 is the 2019 Algerian protests and not in sudan, Africa is not a big country for those who don't know about geography

  • Lobna Mohammed Nael
    Lobna Mohammed Nael 4 days ago

    Keep freaking America out of all African and Arab countries! They just make things worse

  • Mustafa sayed ali
    Mustafa sayed ali 4 days ago

    The Revolution started at the same time by secondary school students in al damazin and Portsudan a day before Atbara then it continued till the 30th of the last month.
    The revolution will never die.

  • Munyaradzi Zvavanyange

    My precious

  • good _vibes
    good _vibes 4 days ago

    I love you Trevo noah and america... #freedom to sudan ✌

  • ms great
    ms great 4 days ago

    woow then what happend in iraq will happen again in sudan F***😕

  • fares
    fares 4 days ago +13

    Dude, 3:46 was not from Sudan but Algeria!
    I mean there's a giant flag there!

    • manager-nim
      manager-nim 4 days ago +1

      I was confused when I saw the poster about France, but we're dealing similar issues and maybe someone notices your flags and cheers for your victory hopefully

  • Lillan Thompson
    Lillan Thompson 5 days ago

    Trump is trying do that here.

  • Nicolas Ruiz
    Nicolas Ruiz 5 days ago

    Please América don't bring your "freedom" there.

  • Shaimaa Abdalla
    Shaimaa Abdalla 5 days ago

    It might take a while but GOD helps every country suffers from a smiling dictator, economical pressure, racism, colonialism, etc etc. Unfortunately the exploitation is getting worse and worse everyday. Men and women walk on streets everyday asking for the simplest human right (nutrición and treatment) even though they know they won’t make until the next sunrise.
    Thank you Trevor for taking this topic so seriously and preciously, it gives me hope to the people who almost lost all hope. God bless all countries and my country Sudan with freedom and peace.

  • k.motion
    k.motion 5 days ago

    I feel like this happened before.... Sadly there's always a background of story... Next thing I'll be watching documentaries about a wrong person dead then there's a Sudan like Lybia.... Why Africans God?😔😔 My prayers for the innocent

  • rafiya kazi
    rafiya kazi 5 days ago

    Great episode trevor Noah thanks from bottom of my heart

  • Big fish Ke
    Big fish Ke 5 days ago

    Sudan is right above Kenya 🇰🇪 on the map. If you didnt know ,now you know

  • mohammed alnaser
    mohammed alnaser 5 days ago

    Thanks for your support, but small thing in your show I don’t like, Sudan map is totally wrong please check UN countries maps.

  • okay onyia
    okay onyia 5 days ago

    Nigerian Christians are constantly being massacred since 2015, now degenerating into war. Why are you and other celebrities ignoring such horrendous situation?

  • Mohammad Taghi
    Mohammad Taghi 5 days ago +15

    The banner at 3:47 says:
    France is the enemy of the past , now , and future
    Held by Algerian people

  • J DS
    J DS 5 days ago +1

    "Hello, hello, hellooooo, these mf's hung up on me"....is what will happen if american's called senators about Africa!!

  • Scaly Khajiit
    Scaly Khajiit 5 days ago

    The only good thing about American Democracy, that tend to be inexistant in others, is the ability to call your representative.

  • Afri cam
    Afri cam 5 days ago

    From Sudan thanks for this

  • peeta Marlik
    peeta Marlik 5 days ago

    Thank you people for the support and solidarity. I'm Sudanese

  • Kormelev
    Kormelev 6 days ago

    It is dumb that press report about celebrities bringing awareness instead of reporting about the root problem.

  • island Xue
    island Xue 6 days ago

    Learn top 10 chinese phrases usclip.net/video/peNFh_J2b1c/video.html

    #chinese #essential

  • MegaMaxclan
    MegaMaxclan 6 days ago

    Thanks a lot for talk about the subject. 1 more thing to add is how Bashir injustice reached south Sudan. We were a whole country before but since Bashir's horrible treatment to south Sudanese people they decided to split and form their own country in 2011. South Sudan is now suffering more. I hope we can help them after we get a proper civilian government.

    • Nadia Riyal Ahmed
      Nadia Riyal Ahmed 5 days ago

      Come on....it was da pipo...it z not lyk bashiir was able to move from one door to anotha.....light skinned always treat dark skinned lyk trash...and nomatter the president dat will still stay the same

  • Sed Hameurlaine
    Sed Hameurlaine 6 days ago

    That was an Algerian protest at 3.55 not in Sudan

  • Andre Pretorius
    Andre Pretorius 6 days ago

    Thanks Trevor! I'm sure your corporate sponsors are happy!

  • Rebel AC
    Rebel AC 6 days ago +2

    God bless the Military of Sudan and it people,
    To hell with the African Union and the American envoy.

    • Shaimaa Abdalla
      Shaimaa Abdalla 5 days ago +1

      Rebel AC you r kidding right? You gotta be trolling.

  • Benjamin Herrmann
    Benjamin Herrmann 6 days ago +10

    that poor intern who had to work on Hitler's picture for hours...

  • Ankoyc Aio6
    Ankoyc Aio6 6 days ago

    3:46 is Algeria Algiers And Not Sudan .

  • abdallah kharchouche

    3:45 now hoooold up...That's Algeria u dumbass.. I thought ur African American.. And yet u don't know African countries.. Shame 😒

  • Ahmed Khaled
    Ahmed Khaled 6 days ago


    • manager-nim
      manager-nim 4 days ago

      Yes but you guys gave up too quickly and now stuck with another dictator

  • حموده
    حموده 6 days ago


  • RAOUF Tek
    RAOUF Tek 6 days ago

    3:46 You used videos from Algeria 's protest instead of sudan.

  • Houssem Aziz
    Houssem Aziz 6 days ago

    no one care, the dictator been an dictator when he been enemy of america, but when he an alies ,america support him, like cici in egypt, MBS in saoudi arabia, MBZ in emirate, but no! democrats in iran are bads, like eminem said you know but you acting like you don't know, sorry about my bad english because i am from africa & i didn't get a good education, hope you get my message

  • sissi saf
    sissi saf 6 days ago

    3:47 It belongs to the algerian manifestation . Next time, make sure to verify your resources

  • Aymen Remitta
    Aymen Remitta 6 days ago

    This piecters are from Algiera not Sudan do yours research