Keith Eats Everything At Taco Bell

  • Published on Jul 4, 2018
  • “I hope I don’t die, I hope I Live Mas.” #EatTheMenu
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    Taco Bell
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Comments • 19 660

  • Mikayla Jennel
    Mikayla Jennel 27 minutes ago

    He MENTIONS the fiesta potato but DOESNT eat ?? ppl really do sleep on the fiesta potato. Sh*ts bangin


    Rip toilet

  • Kitkat Huerno
    Kitkat Huerno 3 hours ago

    Keith REALLY looks like Grant

  • The Gaming Chronicles
    The Gaming Chronicles 7 hours ago

    Taco Bell is so unhealthy...the buy the cheapest and lowest grade of meat and it’s actually poisonous so they put laxatives in it so it doesn’t stay in your body for very long.

  • TheDebilu
    TheDebilu 8 hours ago

    Did you trow all that food if you took a bite from everything

  • Hannah Baldwin
    Hannah Baldwin 8 hours ago

    "This is a salad?"
    Later... "this is almost all lettuce."
    Someone please tell me, is a salad not mostly lettuce?

  • Chronos Gaming
    Chronos Gaming 9 hours ago

    Stop saying my fucking name Spaniards.

  • bあなたはすでに死んでいる

    _all right mexicans, bring your italians!_

  • bあなたはすでに死んでいる

    My mango bout to blow up 1:02

  • cory miller
    cory miller 10 hours ago

    You refer a buritio to a plastic dick then slap it on your face 😂

  • Aly Brazil
    Aly Brazil 10 hours ago

    I love Taco Bell, so it think the only thing that made me sad about this video was all the stuff being wasted. Cause... Taco Bell is my love.

  • Zats It
    Zats It 12 hours ago

    I am so hungry after watching this 🍽

  • Los.Trevor SanAndreas
    Los.Trevor SanAndreas 12 hours ago

    Keith my favorite guy from Buzzfeed & Try Guy

  • Perposterown
    Perposterown 12 hours ago

    For real tho, Taco Bell is my favorite fast food place..... and I legit feel significantly less like I'm dying after eating Taco Bell than when I eat literally any other fast food..... which makes me terrified.

  • Tiffany Liao
    Tiffany Liao 13 hours ago

    they forgot the beefy frito burrito 😭

  • Juan Zarco
    Juan Zarco 13 hours ago

    The cheesy Gordita crunch is my fav I got cunfunst

  • Juan Zarco
    Juan Zarco 13 hours ago

    Gordita crunch is the best on the menu for me

  • sweet Gonzalez
    sweet Gonzalez 13 hours ago

    Director:shut up Keith just eat

  • Tiny Boi
    Tiny Boi 13 hours ago

    How many rolls of toilet paper did he use? 🤔

  • seventeen woo
    seventeen woo 13 hours ago

    can i be keith he always eat something 😭😆😆😆

  • Leslie Chiang
    Leslie Chiang 14 hours ago

    Every time he says bucket I thought he said Buggate(don’t know how to spell it sorry)

  • Michael Wade
    Michael Wade 15 hours ago

    somebody call Matt Stonie

  • Araris Valerian
    Araris Valerian 15 hours ago

    Welp, earned my sub.

  • Kelcie Killian
    Kelcie Killian 15 hours ago

    ive rewatched the beginning 3 times just because his reaction to that guy is hilarious

  • Andrea Hunt
    Andrea Hunt 16 hours ago

    Me after I give birth 😂😂😂😂

  • Trev Mink
    Trev Mink 18 hours ago

    MMMM. Grab a bag of Churcles!!!


    1:00 u mad bro🤣 dang Keith roast was so friendly but hit him like a motherfuker

  • YaBoiAndrew
    YaBoiAndrew 19 hours ago +1

    So nobody's gonna say something like "Shane's spirit animal"

  • Enal Gaming
    Enal Gaming 19 hours ago

    Rip toilet

  • Pepperoni pizza man
    Pepperoni pizza man 20 hours ago

    4:44 yes at that angle he looks high as the sky.

  • Pepperoni pizza man
    Pepperoni pizza man 20 hours ago

    I know I couldn’t do that my stomach would suffer but my mouth would water for the food!

  • Jaye Teagan
    Jaye Teagan 20 hours ago

    What happens to all the leftovers? That seems like a pretty big waste

  • Rachel king
    Rachel king 21 hour ago

    I wonder who's video idea this was 🤣

  • Phuck Hugh
    Phuck Hugh 22 hours ago

    Keith did not try the Potato Roller. Its delicious and has been on the menu since 2013. Its just potatoes cheese, and sour cream. its a bit different froma soft potato taco because its crunchy and the potatoes got some nice seasoning. I also loved the nacho fries which were a temporary item over the summer which was not tested here.

  • Phuck Hugh
    Phuck Hugh 23 hours ago

    Next video: Keith diahreahs Taco the bathroom.

  • Ridhima Joshi
    Ridhima Joshi Day ago

    Where does all the waste food go?

  • LiLMusicBunny
    LiLMusicBunny Day ago

    Whata asshole..yu kno theres ppl who actually go to wrk for a living n just try to grab a quick lunch n the moment yu realized yu were bothering the ppl yu could've stopped..its not like yur buying all the taco bell n feeding it to the homeless..yur literally wasting it, complaining about it,n making fun of the Spanish names..while ppl r actually trying to eat

  • No More Juicy Bananas

    *Live Mas!*

  • AlphaChaser
    AlphaChaser Day ago

    What is that? Matt Stonie's snack?

  • Tropic
    Tropic Day ago


  • DubZtep ThuNder
    DubZtep ThuNder Day ago

    Thanks Keith

  • DubZtep ThuNder
    DubZtep ThuNder Day ago

    I haven’t eaten in a month and your sitting here eating everything off the Taco Bell menu

  • Cassie Wuethrich

    i don't know if it's because i'm watching this at 4 am but this is the funniest content i've ever watched on this website

  • Samantha Vargas
    Samantha Vargas Day ago

    As a mexican, tacobell offends me :(

  • Darth Pug
    Darth Pug Day ago

    r.i.p Keiths stomach

  • Laly Ponte
    Laly Ponte Day ago

    I find it so sad that many people from poor countries, and even in the US, have absolutely nothing to eat and this guy wastes fresh food just because he can. They probably ate it anyways but showing him putting all that food into the bucket is just not ok. Just my opinion.

  • Troll 47
    Troll 47 Day ago


  • Jeremiah is a goat

    His eating is so soothingly to thd ear

  • Nova Lee💋
    Nova Lee💋 Day ago

    I love chalupas too lol❤️

  • Jordan Rainey
    Jordan Rainey Day ago

    The way he said “Nacho Doritos Locos Tacos” was definitely my favorite part.

  • Sarah Stavran
    Sarah Stavran Day ago

    I don’t think that was a hexagon though.

  • Waddle Waddle
    Waddle Waddle Day ago

    This makes me hungry for Taco Bell....

  • Charli Wise
    Charli Wise Day ago

    it always sucks seeing people live out your dreams

  • Emma H.
    Emma H. Day ago +1

    Aww why do I have to go home? Italians your welcome over here with me!! Your fellow Italian!! 🇮🇹

  • chamique xiang
    chamique xiang Day ago

    So well you tasted cat food.

  • Mercedes Khamsisavatdy

    Bien is a French word and that mean good

  • Kujo The Mujo
    Kujo The Mujo Day ago

    does that bucket have more shit in it or does his toilet, after this video

  • Fernanda Rodríguez

    OMG it is the first time I see what's in taco bell menu, I'm Mexican and it is funny to see that Taco bell thinks lettuce, tomato and a tortilla makes everything Mexican 😂 I don't know about the flavor but almost all look the same too, I can't tell the difference between a taco, a tostada or a quesadillas tho

  • jona873
    jona873 Day ago


  • Celtic Lass
    Celtic Lass Day ago

    People are so rude. As if either of them, particularly the man, are going to DIE if they have to wait. Keith explained why he couldn't just order it all. If they FELL like they're going to DIE from waiting, then go the 3 blocks to the other Taco Bell. Brother.

  • Celtic Lass
    Celtic Lass Day ago

    Part 2 - How much tp was used in the 24 hours after the filming of this video.

  • Brandon White
    Brandon White Day ago +1

    Rip toilet

  • ethanonthemoon
    ethanonthemoon Day ago

    tell the Italians to go home

  • Nick archy
    Nick archy Day ago

    This man is not the hero we wanted but the hero we need

  • Super Mojo
    Super Mojo Day ago try guy get the Taco Bell, And anotherone get the" taser in the #ss pregnancy simulation???!!!

  • Super Mojo
    Super Mojo Day ago

    This mouth was made for mukbang !😀😁😋

  • Daniel Esteban Joensen Trujillo

    he is galactus the planet eater

  • Harpsikord
    Harpsikord Day ago

    I would have been in the bathroom all year eating all that from taco bell, I love it but even just after four tacos I'm running to the bathroom, lol. It's good once in a great while though, I do love home made tacos a lot more

  • Solbrutha 1149
    Solbrutha 1149 Day ago

    Taco Bell is basically the McDonald’s of Mexican food 😂😂

  • Kiara Morinville
    Kiara Morinville 2 days ago


  • Kimberly Kellerman
    Kimberly Kellerman 2 days ago

    Bien is french

  • Joshua Plummer
    Joshua Plummer 2 days ago

    After that volcano taco he had a whole volcano coming out of his rear end

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 2 days ago

    Keith’s favourite childhood dream

  • Crazy Girl roblox!
    Crazy Girl roblox! 2 days ago

    The thing is we all have a different opinion and we all like different things. So why did he do this? 😂😂😂😂

  • Bronwyn Meehan
    Bronwyn Meehan 2 days ago

    While I find it incredibly amusing watching Keith eat everything on a fast food menu and would love to see more videos like this, I also don't want him to die....

  • simplyeason
    simplyeason 2 days ago

    what’s wrong with that taco bell? i’m actually so mad that Keith got hate for what he was doing! what? they couldn’t have more people at the front of the store? the fuck? what assholes. blame the main cause of the problem. not enough people to take orders. 🙄🖕🏻

  • normaali lapsi
    normaali lapsi 2 days ago +6

    The legend says, that Keith is still on the toilet.

  • natalie eng
    natalie eng 2 days ago +1

    please stop, close your eyes. breathe deeply in. and imagine going to the front counter of taco bell, casually putting your arm on the table. and looking at the menu. then at the person..

    *_um can i have 1 of everything_*

  • Maddi Sackett
    Maddi Sackett 2 days ago

    you forgot the best thing on the menu, the freaking shredded chicken quesarido. if you haven't had it, you are missing out my man

  • Urwifesboyfriend
    Urwifesboyfriend 2 days ago

    Wonder how high he had to get to get through this?

  • Daviiied
    Daviiied 2 days ago

    *L I V E M Á S*

  • Maria Gillen
    Maria Gillen 2 days ago

    the only person who could take down thanos :(

  • karen sand
    karen sand 2 days ago

    Keith i love you, but this thing is not mexican cuisine is pretty much the american idea of mexican food which is SAD and looks awful, anyway i love all try guy videos. Saludos desde la ciudad de Mexico

  • Amelia Dahm
    Amelia Dahm 2 days ago

    I’m over here like, “I’m sober and craving Taco Bell” 😂😂

  • Stock Brothers
    Stock Brothers 2 days ago

    My favorite at Taco Bell is “Beefy Frito Burrito”

  • Old ganny Emma
    Old ganny Emma 2 days ago

    Chinese food 🍲🍙🍛🍚🍣🍵

  • Elisa Chavez
    Elisa Chavez 2 days ago

    “Why don’t you just order everything on the menu?” “Uhhh there’s no order-all button” and this ladies and gents is why Keith is my fave try guy

  • Stormpaw7 .0
    Stormpaw7 .0 2 days ago

    Rip Toliet you will be missed

  • NotNot Danil
    NotNot Danil 2 days ago +2

    what a waste. The bucket could probably feed like 30 people.

    Btw im just sayin i still love keith

  • Bangtan_Boys
    Bangtan_Boys 2 days ago

    we love sister kieth

  • Bangtan_Boys
    Bangtan_Boys 2 days ago

    0:21 “what’s a good Spanish word. BIEN!” BAHAHAHAH

  • Ulric Williams
    Ulric Williams 2 days ago

    5:46 That was all to real

  • Antler Girl
    Antler Girl 2 days ago

    6:22 this is pimple popping asmr

  • Spiceboy9000
    Spiceboy9000 2 days ago

    I can smell this video

  • emily ahuna
    emily ahuna 2 days ago

    people ARE sleeping on fiesta potatoes!!!

  • Hassantheefirst Comicgeek101

    This dude %100 gettin diabetes

  • ella thorne
    ella thorne 2 days ago

    Ughh i miss chicken but i love them too much to eat them 😩😩

  • Kaitlyn O'Donnell
    Kaitlyn O'Donnell 2 days ago

    as a once employee of taco hell i relate to the guy yelling at keith

  • Rose 1212
    Rose 1212 2 days ago

    Taco bell is the best

  • albatra0z_ovaries
    albatra0z_ovaries 2 days ago

    what ... what happened to the old Bucket Man of LA??