Keith Eats Everything At Taco Bell

  • Published on Jul 4, 2018
  • “I hope I don’t die, I hope I Live Mas.” #EatTheMenu
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    Taco Bell
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Comments • 21 648

  • SimLov3r4ever Simmer

    I'm jealous lol

  • Rebecka Bergseth Hansen

    What did you guys do with all the tacos after just taking one bite?

  • Jacob Kugley
    Jacob Kugley 4 hours ago

    In the bucket.

  • Deadpan
    Deadpan 6 hours ago

    How the fuck do you put the Gordita crunch in the bucket, it’s the best thing on the menu

  • JP
    JP 8 hours ago

    Grossss haha everything at Taco Bell looks like cat food. Signed, a Canadian who has never tried Taco Bell

  • Bradiyo24 x
    Bradiyo24 x 9 hours ago

    Alright mexico call your italians because were having

  • NickLaverda
    NickLaverda 9 hours ago

    Oh my gosh, that guy is miserable.

  • Brinna Retzlaff
    Brinna Retzlaff 10 hours ago

    A good Spanish word.... Heehee..... Biene.... Heehee..... Cause good in Spanish is biene hahahaha

  • Angel1968
    Angel1968 10 hours ago

    Hey Keith, love love you guys. Try Jolibbee fast foods. That's the filipino Mc Donald which is popular for Filipino( Philippines) community Pleasseeeee :)

  • Quira Kennerly
    Quira Kennerly 10 hours ago

    “The has me that was advertised as the most crazy is in fact the most normal?”

  • Dylan Grigg
    Dylan Grigg 11 hours ago

    Best USclip video

  • Section Eight
    Section Eight 13 hours ago

    This dude is ridiculous

  • LoganLee2003
    LoganLee2003 14 hours ago

    i think they got keith high before they made this video.

  • Commander CdAksin
    Commander CdAksin 16 hours ago

    not to be rude, but keith has a kind of gay ish behavior

  • Craft.
    Craft. 16 hours ago

    Toilet Left The Chat...

  • Nivan
    Nivan 18 hours ago

    Should've been like well sir that is indeed the video I am making. and then waste his time by explaining the entire process of the video.

    LCHO MEDIA 21 hour ago

    wow, i feel happy once i watch this video. thanks to keith

  • KudosK
    KudosK 22 hours ago

    R.I.P. Toilet
    And butthole

  • Zeni2three
    Zeni2three 23 hours ago

    Got a dominos ad

  • ecstatic fanboy
    ecstatic fanboy Day ago

    Correct me if i'm wrong but that was a pentagon...

  • Sofia Barrera
    Sofia Barrera Day ago

    Then there’s me
    Who has never had Taco Bell eating a homemade quesadilla sitting on a kitchen stool

  • Galaxy God
    Galaxy God Day ago

    I feel bad for the toilet

  • Slime Wiz
    Slime Wiz Day ago +1

    Lmaooo I just got a Lite n Easy add😂😂😂

  • Slime Wiz
    Slime Wiz Day ago +1

    I’m from Australia soooooo...

  • Mackenzie Wisnyai

    I feel bad for his toilet 😂😂

  • Dominic Garcia
    Dominic Garcia Day ago

    Love the Try Guys but Taco Bell isn’t Mexican food sorry.

  • なつきThe potato named

    I'm hungry.

  • Eliana Watson
    Eliana Watson Day ago

    if you want to get food poisoning, i highly recommend the doritos locos taco

  • NewReefAddict !
    NewReefAddict ! Day ago

    Taco bell is an insult to Mexican food

  • Superchuyito 1195

    You forgot bean and cheese burrito with green sauce cuz bean and cheese burrito with red sauce sucks

  • Wayne Jamel
    Wayne Jamel Day ago

    this guy is disrespecting taco bell and I don't appreciate that

  • Wayne Jamel
    Wayne Jamel Day ago

    Dude ordered everything at Taco Bell and it cost only $180. Taco Bell is amazing. I want to try this

  • Switch Gaming ReZin

    I wish you weren’t associated with buzzfeed

  • Win Keba
    Win Keba Day ago +1

    Close your fuckin mouth while you eat

  • M0rgan_x
    M0rgan_x Day ago


  • AJ Ewing
    AJ Ewing Day ago

    3:45 when he says that a salad is almost all lettuce 🥬 😂

  • Christian Kusmierski

    Doritos locos taco with a baja blast is fire

  • Joss Kawaii :3
    Joss Kawaii :3 Day ago

    Taco bell is not a taco!!! >:"V im mexican a really mexican and this is not a taco :"v

  • Mason Goose
    Mason Goose Day ago

    Angry guy if you’re reading this, $#@! you ^&*$# @#$ ^&*#$@

  • James Joseph
    James Joseph Day ago

    You didnt say WHAT was best, you should rank a top 5,

  • Beef Loin
    Beef Loin Day ago

    I always get the crunchwrap supreme and a chicken chalupa, both with the chipotle sauce. AMAZING.

  • Pyper Sagdal
    Pyper Sagdal Day ago

    I'm full yet I've eaten nothing today

  • Amy Falcon
    Amy Falcon Day ago

    That red thing you got in your quesarito was the exactly what I got in my taco!!!😦

  • Viruss
    Viruss Day ago

    I get 2 soft tacos and 2 chesse roleups lmao

  • TheFlute Dude
    TheFlute Dude Day ago

    *diarrhea has entered the chat*

  • T3R3PY_P1P3S
    T3R3PY_P1P3S Day ago

    Keith: I’ll be the bucket man!
    Me: *Has homestuck flashbacks*

  • scrubl0rd
    scrubl0rd 2 days ago

    Video is pretty pointless if the person doesn't already enjoy everything on the menu.

  • scrubl0rd
    scrubl0rd 2 days ago

    Easy, the crunchwrap supreme is the most food for the money and it's delicious.

  • Drew Meyer
    Drew Meyer 2 days ago

    You are going to be pooping for weeks

  • Mitty
    Mitty 2 days ago +1

    The chalupas are the shit.

  • Gracie Sarabia
    Gracie Sarabia 2 days ago

    i work at tacobell. try a fiery gordita crunch with shredded chicken or the spicy potato soft taco with sour cream c;

  • DarthLachie186
    DarthLachie186 2 days ago

    Diabetes has left the chat

    LUKE SOUTHWICK 2 days ago

    “The greatest hexagon ever” its a pentagon

  • James Deans
    James Deans 2 days ago

    Next video he learns how to eat without talking with his mouth full

  • Drensreviews 203
    Drensreviews 203 2 days ago

    Eat everything on the MD mean you

  • Twyla Aalbers
    Twyla Aalbers 2 days ago

    OMG, I'm surprised you weren't deathly ill, I'm in Canada and the taco bells here are beyond disgusting, kootos to you for getting through it

  • Scuando Z
    Scuando Z 2 days ago

    Keith you’ll have to run to the toilet

  • Will Tempura
    Will Tempura 2 days ago

    Guy that got mad was probably fired from Try Guys before

  • Fad Sid
    Fad Sid 2 days ago

    180 dollar for this crap i rather buy meat onions and make my own home burger
    s then put money on that sh it

  • Calebnondumm
    Calebnondumm 2 days ago

    Is it funny how when he threw the stuff in the bucket it sounded like the taco bell bell?

  • Richard Yok
    Richard Yok 2 days ago

    why is he eating his burrito horizontally?

  • Marcelle Gonzalez
    Marcelle Gonzalez 2 days ago

    10 things in less than 11 min is a world record

  • Potato
    Potato 2 days ago

    *_Uh, and then a Baja Blast!_*

  • Ethan Huntington
    Ethan Huntington 2 days ago

    anyone else getting key and peele continental breakfast vibes? no?

    k :(

  • Gualix Yt
    Gualix Yt 2 days ago

    6:14 some vegetarians dont consume cheese

  • Isadalel Odom
    Isadalel Odom 2 days ago +3

    R.I.P Toilet

  • Koffel
    Koffel 2 days ago

    Omg what a great name 3:53

  • Annie Fahd
    Annie Fahd 2 days ago

    When he was ordering he could've just said "I would like one of everything on the menu"

  • Amy Cao
    Amy Cao 2 days ago

    When I was watching this a was thinking of a video idea
    “a man ate everything at Taco Bell this is what happened to his voice”

  • Emma Gundorf Eriksen
    Emma Gundorf Eriksen 3 days ago +2

    Someone who can send me some taco Bell? I live in Denmark and we don’t have a taco Bell...

  • Zoe McInnes
    Zoe McInnes 3 days ago

    The f*ck it bucket

  • Fernie20_ !
    Fernie20_ ! 3 days ago

    Taco Bell is nasty

  • Rodnicole1980
    Rodnicole1980 3 days ago +1

    2:47 Spider Man into the spider verse Oh God I Love this burger so delicious

  • Youdont knowme
    Youdont knowme 3 days ago

    Like Keith is to painful to watch in this one😂

  • Kailey Kuntz
    Kailey Kuntz 3 days ago

    6:08 "let's get loco" 😂😂😂😂 every girl during spring break in Mexico

  • Mehrub Chowdhury
    Mehrub Chowdhury 3 days ago +1

    2:15 “The greatest hexagon ever created”. Me: it is a pentagon....

  • Candace George
    Candace George 3 days ago +2

    There was no quesarito 🙄

  • Rylee Williams
    Rylee Williams 3 days ago

    Dammit, now I want taco bell.
    I'm supposed to be on a diet!

  • SquirrelForce
    SquirrelForce 3 days ago +1

    I just ate a ton of taco bell and I feel horrible. I never want to eat again.

  • Punk Jesus
    Punk Jesus 3 days ago

    keith has reached that gross dad age where he just talks through burps and it doesn't even phase anyone

  • duranjames61
    duranjames61 4 days ago

    I like how Good Mythical Morning and Worth It always share small meals or save food "for the crew" and Keith just ordered everything for himself XD nothing wrong with that tho

  • Ashle Lane
    Ashle Lane 4 days ago

    F that guy and lady that got mad at Keith!!!

  • I Say
    I Say 4 days ago

    stop throwing it away :(

  • Zackinthesoda
    Zackinthesoda 4 days ago

    How to get ass blown up going to taco bell

  • Johanna Soleil
    Johanna Soleil 4 days ago

    I would like to inform you that if you come to my Starbucks, as a barista i will not make you every drink we have. Just nope. Awesome idea, great content, but no.

  • because I said so
    because I said so 4 days ago

    It is pretty rude to just take all your time by getting everything
    You’re ruining everyone’s day

  • Attacking Iguana
    Attacking Iguana 4 days ago

    Doesn’t seem like that man needed food any time soon.

  • Judy Wu
    Judy Wu 4 days ago

    Sounds more like fuck it more than bucket.

  • AY Trin
    AY Trin 4 days ago

    It'd be real sad if u wasted that....

  • D D
    D D 4 days ago

    What about the encharito? They missed one

  • Lyn Sater
    Lyn Sater 4 days ago

    Waste of food. Hope you didn't throw that out. There are a lot of hungry people in the world 😔.

  • Cory and Marienda
    Cory and Marienda 4 days ago


  • Doggo
    Doggo 4 days ago +2

    Taco Bell is love, Taco Bell is life

  • Maya. A
    Maya. A 5 days ago +15

    *I've seen this like over 10 times*

  • cristian valdez
    cristian valdez 5 days ago

    as he grabbed that 'rito he craved cock

  • Anum Alwani
    Anum Alwani 5 days ago +2

    Get Shane to react to this please?

  • lachazaroony
    lachazaroony 5 days ago

    What is it with Americans throwing away food. So many starving people in the world and this is what Americans do with their time.

  • Darkk
    Darkk 5 days ago

    4:06 what im eating rn

  • Mia Andreatta
    Mia Andreatta 5 days ago

    If you say anything other than the Gordita crunch, chipotle chicken loaded griller(with rice) and the classic bean burrito, you are wrong.