Can Math Prove God's Existence?


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  • Rares Duvac
    Rares Duvac 39 minutes ago

    The most baffling thing about this video is that it still has more likes than dislikes

  • Soc Virnyl Estela
    Soc Virnyl Estela 9 hours ago

    sadly this vid is disappointing

  • • Limassoleon •
    • Limassoleon • 17 hours ago

    Prepare for the flame war in the comment section.

  • clossysubser
    clossysubser Day ago

    Actually "God" option must have more chance of creating humans than "Gods" option because if multiple gods exists it would create chaos.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 Day ago

      yet we know multible pathenons that worked well

  • Dane Lawson
    Dane Lawson Day ago

    Well, actually if you were doing percents, there is a much higher percent chance that god doesnt exist. Young Sheldon stated this when Sheldon said that imagine one day you are walking home and you think, I wonder if there’s 1 million dollars on my porch, that is not a 50/50 chance, the same thing would be the case with god. BUT, god could definitely still exist.

  • Endernani 8
    Endernani 8 2 days ago

    If there's God how did he end up existing?...... but if God didn't exist then how did we exist

  • Dog Tooth
    Dog Tooth 2 days ago +1

    He just doesnt wants to trigger the believers lmao

  • hussein aden
    hussein aden 2 days ago

    this is the worst video they ever made

    EDSONPLAY Z 2 days ago

    the god+gods+simulation is all right so this is what i think, i think that god made us play a game called life and we will end the game when we die

  • christian miranda
    christian miranda 2 days ago

    GOD is real.

  • Lukas Novella
    Lukas Novella 3 days ago

    I’m a Christian, but I really don’t like this on a science channel. Sure, in theory it is more likely that something as marvelous as life is created by an intelligent god/gods, it’s not really science of math. Sure, on a Christian channel, it would make sense, but not on a SCIENCE channel. Smh

  • Aidan Wong
    Aidan Wong 3 days ago

    Well if sims created us who created sims and also if the earth was not created by god then were did all the science come from to make the earth

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 3 days ago

      the earth formed naturally due to gravity

  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith 4 days ago

    There is only one God, and he created the world. There is no changing my mind.

    • Benjamin Smith
      Benjamin Smith 2 days ago

      +TheFacts hey, I was born and raised Catholic, I've done research, and I just can't believe that God didn't create the universe. You can believe what you want to believe, and I will believe what I want to believe.

    • TheFacts
      TheFacts 2 days ago +2

      Great - you just demonstrated you are intellectually dishonest and irrational.

  • IzJusMe
    IzJusMe 4 days ago

    No. No it can't. At least not with great favour. Mathematically, a god/gods would be extremely improabable. There is an infamous cold spot on the heat signatures of the big bang. Where we bumped into another universe. Yeah. Ikr. But seeing as that is the only one of its kind, it would be logical to suggest that if god/gods were real, they would leave a similar signature, as they are otherworldly.

  • Austremaddux
    Austremaddux 4 days ago +2

    You misspelled "meth"

  • Nukubu
    Nukubu 4 days ago

    100% proof that atheists are wrong!

    • TheFacts
      TheFacts 2 days ago

      You are of this planet and are talking in english right? Because nothing you said is correct.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 4 days ago +2

      nothing here proves anything...

  • ImThinkaton
    ImThinkaton 4 days ago

    For anyone: the reason they are making numbers up is because we don't know if there is a good or not so we have no real numbers. So we have to make numbers up to fit our question

    Thus comment is probably gonna get hate

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 4 days ago

      but because we have no real numbers we cannot make any propabillity conclusions
      that is like saying the chance to get a 1 on a 6 sided dice is 1/123453466243
      its equal to the conclusion of this video...

  • The Watch Seeker
    The Watch Seeker 4 days ago

    There is a God!!

    • The Watch Seeker
      The Watch Seeker 2 days ago

      With The Universal Languages: Geometry, Art, and Science, their is indeed a God... please note, I might get caught in spilling out several secrets to the public...
      I really must stay quiet for now...

    • TheFacts
      TheFacts 2 days ago

      Well if some random internet person using an alias tells us that there is a god with zero proof or warrant to believe them... I'm sold. It must be true.
      Are there any deposed kings from Nairobi here today needing some money wired to them so they can share their millions of frozen funds with me?

    • the cringest channel on youtube
      the cringest channel on youtube 2 days ago

      No, just no

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 4 days ago +2

      prove it

  • The Watch Seeker
    The Watch Seeker 4 days ago

    You Suck...

  • Autumnz _Artz
    Autumnz _Artz 5 days ago

    I dont think simulations will get that realistic and im agnostic still.

  • B3rry_Da_Worgi òÒÓó


  • Lawless Lonewolf
    Lawless Lonewolf 5 days ago +1

    2+2=4-3= God quick maths

  • Random person
    Random person 7 days ago +1

    What if soup made us

  • Sophia the unicorn!
    Sophia the unicorn! 7 days ago +2

    I don't wanna be a Sim

  • Pimp Thanos
    Pimp Thanos 7 days ago +2

    I'm gonna preach a bit.
    If you don't agree, you're probably a child.
    God isn't real. There has been multiple "signs" that the world will end in a year. That was 5 years ago. God is a mystical force. If god loves everyone, then why does everyone die of illness? Because he isn't real. Get this into your thick skull. That "light" you see when you die, it's not heaven, it's just a light. Math doesn't prove it. Social Studies doesn't prove it. Science doesn't prove it. ELA doesn't prove it. That means he is fake. The bible? Just a book that someone made. People believe he is real, yet no one has seen him in person. You might say you have, but you haven't. God isn't real. No one knows.
    So where is your god? In your mind. Fake.

  • Kozmobot
    Kozmobot 7 days ago

    I believe in God. I am an Orthodox

    • TheFacts
      TheFacts 2 days ago +1

      I run with scissors and am unorthodox as I don't like to follow the rules about running with scissors.

  • Judika Jude
    Judika Jude 7 days ago

    I think It's so funny. Cause human believe in ghost rather than God

    • TheFacts
      TheFacts 2 days ago

      Ahhh Dude God is a ghost - You are funny.

  • SuperMario MasterGamer

    What proves god's existence is the logic that every creation MUST have an almighty creator

    • TheFacts
      TheFacts 2 days ago

      +Zanta 100 I like the cut of your jib.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 7 days ago +1

      this would need you to prove that anything is a creation

  • Nathan Silvas
    Nathan Silvas 8 days ago

    If God Isn't Real
    How Was Life Created

    • TheFacts
      TheFacts 2 days ago +1

      It was not created. That is how. Checkmate.
      IF???? What do you mean IF?

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 7 days ago +2


  • Merry
    Merry 8 days ago

    Short answer: no. Long answer: of course not this whole video has a false premise and a gambler's fallacy.

  • Stella V
    Stella V 8 days ago

    This made me question everything...

  • SwethaYT
    SwethaYT 8 days ago +4

    Today is my birthday. Can I get a few likes?

  • Waluigi Joins The Smash!

    Sorry, but

    trying to prove that a religion is real isn't science.
    Sorry, ASAP S C I E N C E!

  • American Patriot_1776

    Those sims had to be created by someone, or something, therefore still making it more likely there is a God using this equation.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 8 days ago

      not really since the chances of life could be way higher in a their world

  • SharrpDK
    SharrpDK 9 days ago


  • Stop Motion
    Stop Motion 9 days ago +1

    The fractions are random so this isn't a strong argument. He evaluates a no god, god, gods, or simulation scenario. The next step isn't to assign ramdom fractions and say we live in a simulation, it's to look at every worldview and see which one best fits the evidence we see and also see how many times a worldview has to change it's story to fit the evidence. Because there are so many worldviews this is near impossible. And while whatever your worldview is you'll probably reply that your worldview is correct, I want to give examples of the changing or adding to your worldview things which you never mentioned or that there's no evidence for other than if it's not valid, they're wrong (I'll call these conjectures) Most atheists would argue religions do that but we don't so I'll use the atheist's common big bang, planet forms, evolution happens, present day theory to show them all worldviews do it. Conjectures: Inflation and the inflaton, The mercury asteroid hit, dark matter, dark energy, etc.

  • zhader
    zhader 9 days ago


  • IceCreamJunkie
    IceCreamJunkie 9 days ago

    I myself am Catholic, but I don't have anything against people of other religions, atheists, or agnostics. There are a lot of assholes in the comments, but don't listen to them. If we are all honest with ourselves, we can say that we don't know if a God or gods exist. There is strong evidence supporting the existence of God or no god. We can all believe what we want.

    • jinitron
      jinitron 5 days ago +1

      There's more evidence that god doesn't exist.

  • crackhead
    crackhead 9 days ago +2

    No he doesnt exist

  • Alexander Robinson
    Alexander Robinson 9 days ago

    This video seems a bit Judaism-Christianity-Islam biased, because there is no way we can develop statistics about any of those categories, but you decide to compare two nonrealistic statistics between a God, and Gods to make our reality appear to be more likely "Gods" based. Also, if you rewind back before anything was created, whatever created everything afterwards is expressed through it's creation. Life is an expression of it's creator, meaning what created everything was alive.

  • Astra nomical
    Astra nomical 9 days ago +1

    Short answer: no

  • Bryan Blair
    Bryan Blair 10 days ago

    Scroll more to see atheists losing their shit

  • Tristen Cox
    Tristen Cox 10 days ago

    This is a science channel. Yet you are going against evolution and the big bang, which science has proven to be true.

  • Tristen Cox
    Tristen Cox 10 days ago

    You believe in god and you know dinosaurs existed. Those two things already don't add up

  • cassie fromeyer
    cassie fromeyer 10 days ago +1

    Wow why am I here I don't even believe in god

  • Shaffan Shafeeq
    Shaffan Shafeeq 11 days ago

    No there is no god its creator almighty its allah we are gods.sapiens are gods.wizard witches enginears singers etc...

  • Shaffan Shafeeq
    Shaffan Shafeeq 11 days ago

    A single sighn possibility to breath and desighn the video.

  • TheMofoHeister
    TheMofoHeister 11 days ago +1

    Well the chances of me doing a successful bottle flip are low but I still did it, didn't I? (I did)

  • Ÿøů ._.
    Ÿøů ._. 11 days ago +1

    God is the one that caused the big bang and why squidward is in 2:12

    • GamingwithJesse YT
      GamingwithJesse YT 9 days ago

      That isn't squidward. Are you trying to make fun of Hindi God