Can Math Prove God's Existence?

  • Published on Mar 16, 2017
  • Can math stop the debate over God's Existence?
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Comments • 41 239

  • Alpharedfox
    Alpharedfox 8 hours ago

    “The numbers mason! What do they mean!?”

  • Soggy Mattress
    Soggy Mattress Day ago

    Can crosses prove Jesus’s existence? No. The answer is no. You had a good explanation, but this is just an absolutely absurd and irrational idea.

  • Liam Daily
    Liam Daily Day ago

    You are basically saying that god/gods most likely exist because they exist with absolutely no evidence and even if so what created gods??? This video is basically you stating your opinion. and wheres the "math" to back this up? Because the video is literally titled "Can "MATH" prove gods existence?" But wet all you do is say god most likly exists.

  • Hitesh Odedara
    Hitesh Odedara Day ago +1

    Well i go to bed I may find 50 million or may not in what universe is that 50-50

  • Chris Da Boss
    Chris Da Boss Day ago

    If god made the world then who made god?

  • Taylor Richards
    Taylor Richards 2 days ago

    So your telling me that if i don't believe in a man and have my own thoughts i will be tourcherd for the rest of my afterlife. All because i think for myself and dont waste every sunday? B.S.

  • Rivvy
    Rivvy 3 days ago

    If there's a God. Why doesn't he just show himself. Like how difficult can it really be. Just pop out the sky and be like "hey douchbags, I'm here and I'm real. So worship me or I'll burn you". Then everyone will know.

  • Tom Beglin
    Tom Beglin 3 days ago

    Short answer = NO

  • Golden Youtube
    Golden Youtube 4 days ago +1

    God isnt real, its like all the religions like Greece, Rome, and many others. God isnt real because its just something made so people can explain things. You guys have no proof that God is real.

    REFLECT GREATNESS_ 4 days ago

    Dumbest video I’ve seen in a while.....

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 4 days ago

    Am I joke to you

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh 5 days ago

    Why so much dislikes?

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 4 days ago

      cause people understand math and see that this is bullshit

  • mark ostrowski
    mark ostrowski 6 days ago

    I believe "God " is something we slightly understand but dont fully understand. To our brain it seems hard to believe that we "just happened". I believe that we happened by chance and for a reason at the same time simply because we dont understand

    MASS YT 6 days ago

    I saw this vid it was a man asking a priest how many gods there are he said 1 he said it’s Jesus and than th man asked who is his fathe he said god is the father,weird huh

  • David de la Llera
    David de la Llera 6 days ago

    We actually might not exist because there is a theory that our existence is one big simulation by aliens because our senses are electromagnetic waves.

    • David de la Llera
      David de la Llera 5 days ago

      What they are saying is that even if we are a simulation that we still exist. What I am saying is that we are A.I. and our thoughts are a part of an advanced computer, and all I am saying is that it is likely that we are not living and should be part of the “We don’t exist” part of the “does god exist” chart.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 6 days ago

      +David de la Llera as is said
      the simulation theory (wich this still falls under) has been debunked
      the amount of data would ramp up too fast to be storageable

    • David de la Llera
      David de la Llera 6 days ago

      I meant that we could be holograms and never have existed living, and are part of computers.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 6 days ago

      that one has been debunked

  • Rainbow MW
    Rainbow MW 6 days ago

    2. evOluTioN
    3. That's just an opinion though

  • Nate fletcher
    Nate fletcher 7 days ago

    Delete this

  • Elle Wille
    Elle Wille 7 days ago

    Interesting video. When the ’sims theory’ has higher probabillity i think: ”well those ’even smarter humans’ need a god to exist too.” The defenision of god (independent and all mighty) is needed to avtively create life. Humans cant be gods.

    • Elle Wille
      Elle Wille 6 days ago

      Zanta 100 do you want to DM? My IG: @eliavillhabrand

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 6 days ago

      +Elle Wille not really as no religion ever was able to prove that their answer is right...

    • Elle Wille
      Elle Wille 6 days ago


    • Elle Wille
      Elle Wille 6 days ago

      Zanta 100 well, evidence (or reasons to believe) are piling up behandlas those answers

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 6 days ago

      +Elle Wille "God answers WHO and WHY"
      simply having an answer doesnt mean its correct

  • Sophia Blackett
    Sophia Blackett 7 days ago

    Rationality Rules did a remarkable video explaining just how the logic doesn’t add up in this video. You should go check it out.

  • Learn Tech
    Learn Tech 8 days ago

    Science is just studying the creation of the god

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 7 days ago

      science has shown time and time again that god isnt needed for this world to exist

  • George Pantzikis
    George Pantzikis 8 days ago

    You heard of the false dichotomy logical fallacy?

  • Nayana Muppavarapu
    Nayana Muppavarapu 9 days ago

    Figures don't lie, liars figure

  • Falcon V
    Falcon V 9 days ago

    Ik most of ya'll don't like math cause of school, but if you do some research or even watch a few USclip videos you'll learn that math is literally all around us and what makes up our reality and it's actually fascinating. Very hard to understand but fascinating

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 9 days ago

      and if you know math you would see why this video is pointless and makes no mathematical correct statement

  • Steven Katz
    Steven Katz 9 days ago

    Is the equation '1 + 1 = 2' true?
    How does a person prove that it is true?
    Before we can answer the second question, we must first understand what truth is.
    We can then understand the process of proving something to be true, or, to be false.

  • Dutch van der Linde
    Dutch van der Linde 10 days ago

    This video is just nonsense.

  • carlos cortes
    carlos cortes 10 days ago

    The simulation is created no spontaneus

  • Emanuel Colon
    Emanuel Colon 10 days ago

    What if we are sims but god or gods created the advanced people that created us

  • PopGamerNation
    PopGamerNation 10 days ago

    I think it was a bunch of gods because the gods created us together not apart so wouldn't he be in a team too

  • Felt Is king
    Felt Is king 11 days ago

    But what about jesus he exist and proven to have powers

    • -Star_27-
      -Star_27- 10 days ago

      Felt Is king there is no evidence that he exists

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 11 days ago

      nope and nope
      there is no good evidence that jesus ever existed
      even less for his powers...

  • iCommandYew
    iCommandYew 11 days ago +1

    I'm Muslim and 2:36 is *HIGHLY* offensive, watch your mouth Asap No Sense. And congrats bro you just loss 1 sub from 8.5 million. And this comment could make you lose all you subs. Also stop making these videos for views assholes. I don't even no how you dare make these videos.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 11 days ago

      "I'm Muslim and 2:36 is HIGHLY offensive"
      cry a river....
      why should we respect your religion while you dont even respect the human rights?

  • Rob
    Rob 11 days ago

    Explaining a complex universe by adding additional complexity. Seems like a great model /s

  • Scott Everett
    Scott Everett 12 days ago

    You still have this embarrassment up?

  • Christian Twins
    Christian Twins 12 days ago +1

    Nothing is impossible for my God to do and also God did create humans

    • Christian Twins
      Christian Twins 9 days ago

      +-Star_27- I've told you your answer

    • Christian Twins
      Christian Twins 9 days ago

      +-Star_27- dont watch harry potter

    • -Star_27-
      -Star_27- 9 days ago

      Christian Twins What is the Harry Potter booms claimed that everything written in them is true? How are you suppose to know if that is fake?

    • Christian Twins
      Christian Twins 10 days ago

      +-Star_27- just read Isaiah in the old testement

    • Christian Twins
      Christian Twins 10 days ago

      +-Star_27- how do you know it's fake

    DR.LILJAY 13 days ago +2


    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 13 days ago

      well show me one that hasnt been explained with science and clearly was the work of a god...

  • Sanja B
    Sanja B 14 days ago

    Unsubscribed. This video is sh*t.

  • Abdulaziz Elbakkar
    Abdulaziz Elbakkar 14 days ago

    the book of quran sourat lhachr 23 god say : ( If We had caused this Quran to descend upon a mountain , thou ( O Muhammad ) verily hadst seen it humbled , rent asunder by the fear of Allah . Such similitudes coin We for mankind that haply they may reflect 22 . He is Allah , than whom there is no other God , the Knower of the invisible and the visible . He is the Beneficent , the Mercifull .23 . He is Allah , than whom there is no other God , the Sovereign Lord the Holy One , Peace , the Keeper of Faith , the Guardian , the Majestic , the Compeller , the Superb . Glorified be Allah from all that they ascribe as partner ( unto Him ) . .24 . He is Allah , the Creator , the Shaper out of naught , the Fashioner . His are the most beautiful names . All that is in the heavens and the earth glorifieth Him , and He is the Mighty , the Wise .

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 13 days ago

      hey look useless gibberish

    • Rony Bro
      Rony Bro 13 days ago

      The book of gospel of flying spaghetti monster said
      I created Allah,jesus, Moses and Brahma and God of all religion
      So will you believe it as it is written in a book

  • Slavic Warrior
    Slavic Warrior 14 days ago

    But who crrated those people that crated us then?

  • Austin Bryan
    Austin Bryan 14 days ago

    Hahahahaha i literally burst into laughter at the 1/4 billion billion part. Firstly there is even MORE planets than that so that means we CAN expect to exist and two evolution has nothing to do with chance.

  • SkyBlue R
    SkyBlue R 14 days ago

    According to Occam's Razor, it's probably more likely that there would be one god instead of many. I personally don't believe in a god, but that's just my thought.

  • Chandler Sleziak
    Chandler Sleziak 14 days ago

    Mathematics cannot prove God no matter what you say. The Fibonacci sequence especially cannot prove God.

  • Modu Official
    Modu Official 15 days ago

    Too much information

  • Jesse Villarreal
    Jesse Villarreal 15 days ago


  • Jeremy Shaw
    Jeremy Shaw 16 days ago

    This is so bad and lazy...

  • Jeremy Shaw
    Jeremy Shaw 16 days ago

  • Benny *O_O*
    Benny *O_O* 16 days ago

    Human are just rare breed made by God duh

  • Benny *O_O*
    Benny *O_O* 16 days ago

    See u in heaven Jesus

  • Adoo
    Adoo 18 days ago

    There is no god but Allah

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 18 days ago

      you kinda added to much letters there
      it "there is no god"
      thats it....

  • The Ultimate Destroyer 829

    What if we are simply a dream...

  • Joross Malatag
    Joross Malatag 18 days ago +1

    If simulation is real then what made the player

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 18 days ago

      prob the same that made god

    ARAB BUMBLE BEE 19 days ago

    Little knowledge of science can make you an athiest more knowledge in science makes you a believer

  • Gum Chewing Pegasisters

    *Math can't provide anything*
    Regardless of the weather you believe in God or not, math is made up. Let's pretend I'm a genius and everyone believes everything I say. From now on the formula to find the value of *F* = 69÷420√¢¥`^`¶™®. *Ok??!*

  • Hamad
    Hamad 20 days ago

    This is BS for kids only.

  • Kevin Mayle
    Kevin Mayle 20 days ago

    Math with made up numbers. Why bother.

  • Emma Lander
    Emma Lander 20 days ago

    This is all just fake I hope because this is stupid I mean they didn’t Even touch on the subject about how complex our body is and that when God would be more lonely and even more likely to create a human.

  • The Secret
    The Secret 20 days ago

    If advanced humans created human sims to study them then why do other animals, birds & insects do exist? If humans were the subject behind development of simulation then other living beings including tiny microbes shouldn't have existed? The mystery of universe is much more deeper concept than that. I hope that one day we might find out the answers about the existence of god through the advancement of science & technology 👍

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 20 days ago

      +The Secret well i am sure they need more brainpower to create such life then to obbserve it....

    • The Secret
      The Secret 20 days ago

      +Zanta 100 Yeah you're saying as if they are super intelligent beings to study such a vast biodiversity with around quadrillion or sextillion of bacterias scattered across this globe alone. Oh! I almost forgot to mention about other planets and the life it might host in it. It's no wonder that our universe is 40-42 billion ly wide & there's a higher probability that it may contain not one or two but around thousands of civilization some of which are advanced & others are still in progress like us. Then you also mean that the humans will study them too. If so then you're naive 👍

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 20 days ago

      " then why do other animals, birds & insects do exist?"
      to study them too....

  • Tubin Hage
    Tubin Hage 20 days ago +1

    Okay m not saying God exists!
    But there is a great possibility, coz every creation has to have a creator. Therefore it is quite possible that someone with supernatural, unimaginable, magnificent and mind-boggling power exsist in or out of this universe that put the whole damn universe into existence.
    Example: Which brand phone do u own Apple? Samsung? Sony? No matter which brand u own it's existence and functionality is the result of work done by its creator. Basically ur phone exsist coz someone created and programmed it coz it simply can't exist out of thin air and as a human being we can agree to that!
    But an animal or insect won't be able to say which brand ur phone is or who created it. But as per their knowledge and understanding they can theorize that it fell from the sky coz of some phenomena.
    So, what we don't understand we can only pull the pieces together and comeup with a theory and what we know we can further improve on. So until discovered how universe started we can't just conclude that big bang is where it all began.
    Therefore anything is possible my friend!

    • Tubin Hage
      Tubin Hage 14 days ago

      +Glen Carbon Yea it's possible

    • Glen Carbon
      Glen Carbon 16 days ago

      Then there would also have to be a creator for the creator, and so on. An infinite list of creators creating creators.

  • Annabel Gilmour
    Annabel Gilmour 21 day ago

    only thing - if we are in a simulation, the people that made the simulation ALSO exist so how did they come to be?

  • ToBe Honest
    ToBe Honest 21 day ago

    From another point of view this also proves an infinite amount of universes

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 21 day ago

      it "proves" nothing
      it states a hypothese and than makes shit up to show how it could be if said hypothese is true

  • cena alan
    cena alan 21 day ago

    Even that probability to win Million or even Billion dollars in lottery is extremely small, doesn't meant that there are no events when somebody wins the lottery.

  • cena alan
    cena alan 21 day ago

    "Given how complex and amazing all around is, can we believe that dumb luck put it together?"
    But who designed and created God in this case? Actually God is even infinite times more complex and amazing then Universe. It follows that God must be designed by somebody for sure. And vice versa. If something so complex and amazing as a God could exist without creation, then more primitive and less complex universe should be able to exist without any design at all!

  • lDy burg
    lDy burg 21 day ago

    But if more gods,then each would fight against each other.but we dont see them do,we.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 21 day ago

      because poly deiistic religions dont exist...

  • Li Adam
    Li Adam 21 day ago +1

    Can a computer prove human existence?

    Computer: command invalid.

    Without human there won't be any computer.

    Computer: command invalid.

  • egg leaf
    egg leaf 21 day ago

    God told me to kill myself

  • The Black Zone
    The Black Zone 22 days ago +1

    Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous~Albert Einstein

  • Orla O'Sullivan Roberts

    created the advenced humans?

  • TheBousse
    TheBousse 22 days ago

    stupid, stupid, stupid, SSTTUUUPPPIIIDDD...i thought this would convince me

  • Dragos Savic
    Dragos Savic 22 days ago +4

    Short answer: no
    Long answer: hell no

  • alvaro gonzalez
    alvaro gonzalez 23 days ago +2

    The idea of other beings creating us seems possible, as we are doing the same nowadays!

  • thebibleformula
    thebibleformula 23 days ago

    Here's the proof. In my channel, you may be interested to watch the video with the title THE MATHEMATICAL MIRACLE OF THE KING JAMES BIBLE.

  • Giona Cantarutti
    Giona Cantarutti 24 days ago

    The fact that you not only made this video but still haven't taken it down proves that you're a shit channel that has nothing to do with science but only uses ignorance of people to manupulate their beliefs

  • flawlessduck
    flawlessduck 24 days ago

    Why would God or gods have a higher probality to create humans than nature?

  • YellowJuniper
    YellowJuniper 25 days ago

    Does anybody have any more popcorn? This comment war is getting more and more entertaining

  • eleventy-two subscribers with only two dead mooses

    No it can not, nothing can prove something with no evidence

  • Law Thang 6C Bagterpskolen

    U have to believe in god. God maked ur day.

    • Alex my little Budgie
      Alex my little Budgie 14 days ago

      Why did God give me cancer at age 12? And why did he kill my friend at age 13?

    • Glen Carbon
      Glen Carbon 16 days ago

      +Law Thang 6C Bagterpskolen
      The flying spaghetti monster is the only real god. My proof: your existence.

      HAHAHA LMAO! 21 day ago

      Then why I always have bad days :( does god hate me?

    • Law Thang 6C Bagterpskolen
      Law Thang 6C Bagterpskolen 25 days ago

      Ur existence. Done...

  • Ctrl Gamers
    Ctrl Gamers 26 days ago +5

    Just because something is more likely to happen doesn't mean it happened, this is not a good basis to theorize about God🙄

  • Benjamin Downing
    Benjamin Downing 26 days ago


  • Pedro
    Pedro 26 days ago

    I almost subscribed to this channel, until I watched this rubbish. This video is painfully stupid.

  • Void Griffin
    Void Griffin 26 days ago +1

    But if this world is a stimulation than what about the people running the stimulation? If they are as well than what created the people who created the original stimulation? Aren't there computer physics limitations in our world and likely in any world that would want to stimulate us as well such that eventually should any recursion go deep enough it will eventually reach a insurmountable stopping point? Don't the previous conclusions mean that any recursive string of stimulations must have a finite, but unknown quantity as well as an unknown beginning point and a distinct end?

    • Oh Wowow
      Oh Wowow 26 days ago

      Infinite regression.

  • Egg
    Egg 27 days ago


  • con damoso
    con damoso 27 days ago

    Came across a site looks at faith with reason and logic. If anyone;s interested in logic.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 27 days ago

      yeah they somehow manage to ignore all evidence against their case....
      like that all records of jesus were written way past his death in a describing way about christianity...
      that only proves that christians believed in christ....not that he existed...
      none of them are first hand

  • Joseph LaBonte
    Joseph LaBonte 28 days ago

    This is so patently absurd I really like a lot of your videos but if this is behind your thinking I'm done with you. This is so patently absurd I really really enjoy it a lot of your other videos but I'm afraid I can't watch anything more you really need to grow up and stop passing yourselves office knowing something about science and logic.

  • Crni Covek
    Crni Covek 28 days ago

    Humanity is obsessed with humans... that touched me

  • Brendan Kapp
    Brendan Kapp 28 days ago

    A simulation has nothing to do with having or not having a God. A simulation with God is a perfectly viable option.

  • Brendan Kapp
    Brendan Kapp 28 days ago

    Saying that more Gods would be more likely to create humans than a single God clearly means you don't know what a God is.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 28 days ago

      +Brendan Kapp " That's because a stone too heavy for him to lift doesn't exist."
      so god cannot create nonexisting things....
      then he couldnt have created humans then?
      but ok can god truthfully say he isnt omnipotent?
      can he create another omnipotent beeing?
      if yes can that beeing kill god?
      can god kill that beeing?
      all of these are possible and not logic breaking
      so god should be able to do it......
      "if they are all powerful then two cannot exist as they cannot destroy each other. Thus "
      yes wich also means that one omnipotent beeing cannot exist next to another...wich again means it wasnt omnipotent

    • Brendan Kapp
      Brendan Kapp 28 days ago

      +Zanta 100 "which already proves that no gods exist as omnipotence is impossible to exist
      he caannot create a stone too heavy for him to lift"
      That's because a stone too heavy for him to lift doesn't exist. Omnipotence is a completely viable option, so no, my logic isn't flawed all at states.
      "omnipotence=/=omniscience" you got me, I didn't use the correct wording. I assumed all knowing in all powerful. My b.
      "that is just plain wrong...." if they are all powerful then two cannot exist as they cannot destroy each other. Thus meaning they aren't omnipotent. How's that wrong?
      "that you cannot comprehent as your logic is flawed on all stages..." you made literally 1 point, a very weak example to disprove omnipotence, but suddenly MY argument is flawed? You literally just said "you're wrong" without any proof. But I'm the idiot 🙄

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 28 days ago

      +Brendan Kapp "The entire idea of a single God is that he is omnipotent"
      wich already proves that no gods exist as omnipotence is impossible to exist
      he caannot create a stone too heavy for him to lift
      " Thus, he will be so wise that there is no need for multiple."
      " Additionally multiple omnipotent Gods cannot exist as that means they are inherently not omnipotent."
      that is just plain wrong....
      "Thus, comparing a single omnipotent God too multiple gods is a useless statistical endevour and one that we cannot even comprehend."
      that you cannot comprehent as your logic is flawed on all stages...

    • Brendan Kapp
      Brendan Kapp 28 days ago

      +Zanta 100 Again you don't understand what God is. The entire idea of a single God is that he is omnipotent. Thus, he will be so wise that there is no need for multiple. Additionally multiple omnipotent Gods cannot exist as that means they are inherently not omnipotent. Thus, comparing a single omnipotent God too multiple gods is a useless statistical endevour and one that we cannot even comprehend.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 28 days ago

      it is statisticly right tho.....
      god (in this scenario) is a needed variable for humans
      so if more god then the chances for humans rises
      this doesnt mean there is a god or that one is needed tho
      and dont forget that multigod religions do exist

  • Joe Young
    Joe Young 28 days ago

    There is only ONE TRUE GOD!!

      HAHAHA LMAO! 21 day ago

      Soooo who is Chivas, Allah, Muhammad, Vishnu and other gods?

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 28 days ago

      Bob Ross

  • I Casanova
    I Casanova 28 days ago +2

    Guys calm down its just an early april fools joke

  • triple466
    triple466 29 days ago

    This what niggas be learning in school now a days? 🤦‍♂️

  • Rialiaa
    Rialiaa 29 days ago

    Wtf? Can we just admit we were just created trying to explain just makes you sound stupid.

  • Nelf C.
    Nelf C. 29 days ago

    But where was the math

  • John Wissa
    John Wissa 29 days ago


  • Shia Shia
    Shia Shia 29 days ago

    Like how everyone is mad because they can’t see from someone’s perspective yet they try and change an atheists point of view. Lol

  • FBI Is watching
    FBI Is watching 29 days ago

    I agree with we are more likely to exist if God is real, but where do you get these fractions from??

  • Atheist Non-stamp collector

    1. In the Past we Used God to explain the wonders of the universe.
    2. Before we had science, we thought that God made things like crystals, and we even thought they were actually solid.
    3.However, Science has taught us, against all intuition, that apparently solid things like crystals and rocks are really almost entirely composed of empty space. And the familiar illustration is the nucleus of an atom
    is a fly in the middle of a sports stadium, and the next atom is in the
    next sports stadium.
    4 Because of Science, We know more each day about the world than we knew the day before.
    Therefore 5 God almost certainly does not exist

  • TheMinistryOfDefense

    Creepy how Satanists
    pretend to be atheists,
    but spend a lot of time
    trying to convince us
    their is no God.
    A real atheist wouldn't
    care either way, and just
    does their own thing.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 Month ago

      creepy how theists still dont understand that atheism isnt satanism....
      a real atheist can care about the existance of religion as religion brings nothing but suffering...

  • ClumsyRoot
    ClumsyRoot Month ago

    This is just embarrassing.

  • Zoe Tang
    Zoe Tang Month ago

    The arguments do make sense... Besides, this channel said nothing offending to atheists or people who believe in a religion. This was just a question that this channel tried to answer. It wasn't biased at all, so why are you all so infuriated?

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 Month ago

      "Besides, this channel said nothing offending to atheists or people who believe in a religion. "
      they just insulted every human that understands basic math...
      "It wasn't biased at all, so why are you all so infuriated?"
      because it was biased
      it gave gods more probabillity without any reason
      they just stated the chance is higher
      they pulled the numbers out of their asses
      and they ignored evolution and abiogenesis

  • Nyal Burns
    Nyal Burns Month ago

    But you created the proberbility numbers

  • Isaac Shelp
    Isaac Shelp Month ago

    Right off the bat just throws in random numbers to justify existence of a god

  • Jason Pont
    Jason Pont Month ago

    Asinine false logic. Seriously guys, stick to teaching where the decimal point goes, because in this case, you didn't get it.
    So much filth being taught to kids in this video.

  • Kirath Gaming
    Kirath Gaming Month ago +1

    For all the people that are pissed off !!! Even I believe in God , but imagine being god for one day with trillions of prayers and many stupid prayers that people say includes: god help me pass my exams , god please give me a job
    When god already gave us brains to think for ourself , why do we waste our time by praying when most of the things in the world today is our creation , what I'm trying to say is , don't be reliant on gods and rather think for yourself , cause if I was god , I would have given up long time ago on humans and let them kill themselves !!!