Can Math Prove God's Existence?


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  • The Grey Jedi
    The Grey Jedi 22 hours ago

    This is a matter of what people believe not logic

  • Magma_Chicken999

    What is this?

  • F54DF4 A044
    F54DF4 A044 2 days ago

    If one were to study quantum physics one would know that if an action has a probability to happen, even if it that probability is infinitely small, that action would happen.
    Suddenly you don't need a God to be alive.

  • bakkerman73
    bakkerman73 2 days ago

    conveniently left out evolution/abiogenesis ?

  • TheRokunana
    TheRokunana 2 days ago

    But are the people who are running our simulation also in a simulation?

  • tythorn13
    tythorn13 3 days ago

    The comments! Lol! I knew the comment section would be like this!
    Regardless, in my opinion its a alright argument. It's definitely not the best imo, but it certainly is nice to see someone think about something, unlike those that make a claim either way without arguments.

  • M'aiq the liar
    M'aiq the liar 4 days ago

    God isnt real science made us

  • Ella Star
    Ella Star 4 days ago +1

    Is he atheist?

  • Muhammed Eizzat
    Muhammed Eizzat 5 days ago +1

    God does exist. It is that simple.

    • Muhammed Eizzat
      Muhammed Eizzat 3 days ago

      +Zanta 100 If you study history my friend. This is exactly what people told to the messengers of God when the messengers deliver the message to the people. People accused the Prophets as liar, deceiver after the message being delivered to the people. Because the concept of God is too strong to grasp and deviates from their ancestor's believes. Too much too tell about tho.
      But yeah, the truth is very selective I guess😅. Most people have eyes yet not all people can see the truth. Keep studying and ask His guidance. Peace yow

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 3 days ago

      you are commiting a special pleading fallacy

    • Muhammed Eizzat
      Muhammed Eizzat 3 days ago

      +Zanta 100 In order to study God, you need revelations from Prophets. Not science. Science is for creations not creator.
      who created God?
      God is One and Only. He is absolute and not comparable to anyone. No one created Him before because there is no any power more powerful than Him.
      He doesn't have families because family is for creation to survive. While is He is the creator. He is independent and doesn't need anyone to maintain His might. Either you believe or disbelieve towards Him, it wouldn't increase and decrease His power and might even in a slightest bit.
      He has so much power, even the creation of the universe is not difficult for Him and He is not tired to create the universe anyway. He doesn't need His creation to worship Him while His creations are fully dependent on Him.
      Those are some reasons why He is worthy of being worshiped.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 3 days ago

      "whos playing behind the big bang? Who initiated it?"
      quantum fluctuations caused it
      we have observed these in labs
      but if god exist who created him?

    • Muhammed Eizzat
      Muhammed Eizzat 3 days ago

      +Zanta 100 whos playing behind the big bang? Who initiated it?
      It must be God. The One and Only Supreme being. And God that I worship is unbound by matter, space and time. He must be outside from any spectrum of creations. All kinds of it. He must be unbounded and unaffected by time because time is His creation too.
      Anything that already been imagined by mankind is not God. God that I worship can't be imagined and can't be compared by anyone or anything. Anything about Him is unimaginable and uncomparable. That is why He is worthy of being worship.

  • Mitchell Hajec
    Mitchell Hajec 5 days ago

    Wtf are you talking about... Seriously guys I just can't watch you anymore. Great math btw 😏 get your shit together

  • ッLewellyX
    ッLewellyX 5 days ago

    Probability dont define "yes" Or "no". For the most possible that gods exist Or someone created humanity, it doesn't mean at all it's most likely the case or it's true.
    It's called evolution of the species. Read a good SCIENCE book and you obviously change your mind.

  • Cerealocelot 945
    Cerealocelot 945 5 days ago

    There’s also the fact that gods are impossible... are you forgetting that?

  • Dima
    Dima 6 days ago

    Hate to say it, but you got all the math wrong.
    P(alx) > p(a|y) is the same as P(x|a) /p(x) > p(y|a) / p(y). If p(a) is non-zero. This follows from Bayes theorem.
    Let ngods be number of gods in the universe.
    P(humans|ngods >O) > p(humans | ngods =O) is what you asserts. (1)
    Let's grant this for a moment.
    Then you conclude that humans are evidence for Gods, which is
    P(ngods >O l humans) > p(ngods =O | humans), which is what it means mathematically that something support a hypothesis more than it's negation (2)
    Anyone with enough math background should be able to spot that (2) does not follow from (1) in the light of Bayes theorem. It just doesn't. It depends on ratio of p(ngods =O) / p(ngods>O).
    If you however consider that a is evidence for x if p(x) < p(x|a) - a different take on what it means to be evidence, this is useless.
    Say you have p(ngods >0) =0.00001
    And p(gods | human) = 0.001
    Fine, under this definition humans are evidence for Gods, bug evidence is so weak, the probability is still abysmal. No gods hypothesis is much more likely even in face of humans existing. This definition is not helpful at all in establishing the final conclusion that gods are more likely than no gods.

  • Dustin Kingsbury
    Dustin Kingsbury 8 days ago

    I love this because it shows just how little of a probability there is of us just happening to be here with no God. I know there are a lot of atheists upset about this video, however it brings up amazing points in how there is a higher chance of there being one God compared to no Gods, and an even higher chance of there being many Gods compared to one God. Face it, the odds don't even compare, it is more likely that there is a God, and possibly even many Gods compared to there being no God.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 8 days ago

      " however it brings up amazing points in how there is a higher chance of there being one God compared to no Gods,"
      the chance of my dragon killing all gods is 1/1 so sorry but your argument is false since all gods are killed off by my dragon

  • Tony Kubetz
    Tony Kubetz 8 days ago

    This video goes to show how ridiculous the, "What are the chances?" argument is. Thank you for that.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 8 days ago

    Gravity is the God. Gravity created everything and gives orders to everything and everything obeys it's order. Universe is not random as Gravity arranges all matter and radiations in the universe in an order according to specific Gravity. As universe is arranged in an order hence it's not random. In fact randomness can't exist. See the video on my channel. It's only half a minute long. It proves that a universal order exists and universe is created by an unknown invisible omnipresent Singularity which we have named as Gravity. Read the description if you don't understand the video.

  • Ken Haley
    Ken Haley 9 days ago

    1. Why do you say "dumb luck" as if that is the only alternative to god? (Fa;se dichotomy logical fallacy).
    2. Non sequitor at 1:02. Statement (3) does NOT follow from (1) and (2) because you never postulated whether humans would develop if there IS a god. I might postulate (1.5) If there IS a God, humans developing is ALSO very unlikely. Therefore the conclusion at (3) should simply be Humans developing is VERY unlikely...which it is! Just like it is very unlikely to win the lottery. But when someone wins, that doesn't prove that "it is unlikely that there is no god." It just proves that a very unlikely thing actually happened!
    3. At 1:42, two more logical problems. Why is the likelyhood that humans exist MORE likely if God exists? Second, if the likelihood of humans existing is 1 in 4 billion billion, this is far less than the number of planets in the universe by many orders of magnitude. Given that, the likelyhood of humans existing somewhere (with no god) is VERY VERY likely. Of course, both conclusions rely on the unfounded probability of 1 in 4 billion billion (or any other number you might come up with).
    4. At 2:30 you say "we can agree that... etc." No, I don't agree with that, and it's another unfounded assertion.
    5. The final (which you assert is the most likely) option, i.e., that we're nothing but a simulation created by other humans (or other non-supernatural creatures) simply begs the question and/or removes it one step. Were those creatures in turn created by a god? This gets us nowhere.
    6. The video promised to used math to address the existence of God debate. I see no math here. Nor do I see any reasonable conclusion.

  • Giga
    Giga 10 days ago

    I just expect those who try to prove the existence of the god of the three Abrahamic religions to come to wild and stretched-out conclusions. Even when I was a Christian, pretty much every argument contained a leap in logic and/or people not being able to offer anything up but anecdotal evidence.

  • Bix Cool
    Bix Cool 10 days ago

    This was dumb

  • Amanda Tulbure
    Amanda Tulbure 10 days ago +1

    always math is shit hahaha
    no more math
    die math >:)

  • HermioneElla_101
    HermioneElla_101 11 days ago


    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 10 days ago

      why should we stop?
      their "math" is insulting to everyone with a basic understanding of chance
      and no most people here are atheists

    THANOS 11 days ago

    I am thanos and I am god

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 10 days ago

      but you were unable to delete this crappy video...
      how strong can you be?

    • THANOS
      THANOS 10 days ago

      I finished half of the universe. And kill Superman ,Doctor Strange, black panther vision and many other

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 10 days ago

      prove it

  • Foster Keebaugh
    Foster Keebaugh 11 days ago +1

    Religion was just a way control people

  • N3ptune
    N3ptune 11 days ago +1

    The quick answer is no.

  • Zeus
    Zeus 11 days ago

    How did you get 1/4 billion billion?

  • WadelDee
    WadelDee 11 days ago

    It's not pure math if you base your argument on non-mathematical statements, such as:
    - Humans exist.
    - A universe with more gods is more likely to make humans than a universe with less gods.
    - Advanced humans are more likely to simulate humans than gods are to make humans.
    In order to do that you would need to mathematically define the following concepts which currently have no mathematic definition:
    - human
    - universe
    - god
    - any form of creation, simulation, or even thought for that matter
    - existence (the mathematical term "existence" means something else)
    But even if you did all that it still wouldn't be a mathematical proof because this would merely prove it's very likely which doesn't mean it's true.

  • darkness21princess
    darkness21princess 12 days ago

    If God really excited he will not make humans in this world. We are destroying this world so it makes no sense for us to live here. If there was a God and everything was made as an "inteligent design" Humans would be living in a world that we don't need to destroy to continue progressing in anyways posible.
    But there's no God nor Gods. So we keep evolving and destroying this world

  • Rahman Serajur
    Rahman Serajur 12 days ago

    Answer of this video:
    I am sim who can musterbate and smart people are watching me

  • Mr.PicklesWorth Jr.
    Mr.PicklesWorth Jr. 13 days ago

    No because math is from the devil

  • Thejosh
    Thejosh 13 days ago

    Holy crap. Did they really try to conflate the odds of humans existing with the odds of god(s) existing? Seriously???

  • Digital Porch
    Digital Porch 14 days ago

    GOD does exist, and he commands you to Please help me with my truly modest goal, I have a real need, plus check out my other projects, all is very appreciated. Thank you for looking.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 14 days ago

      wow such a greedy person...isnt that something god sees as a sin?

  • Shamiah Ledington
    Shamiah Ledington 14 days ago

    saying christian god is real is saying all other gods are fake
    the argument lasts forever

  • Shamiah Ledington
    Shamiah Ledington 14 days ago

    will god be mad that i watched this?

  • Cyclo Key
    Cyclo Key 14 days ago

    title of this vid should be 'can we use METH to proof god?'

  • OneStauffder Sirynch
    OneStauffder Sirynch 15 days ago

    Your box analogy is wrong because while you use the current number for chance of us existing, a quarter of a billion billions, you should have used the number, not a quarter million million or whatever but the number should have been 1. Just a probability of 1. Because it’s up to God if we are to be created. There’s no chance anymore. If there’d been the probability of 0, then there’d be no video to be commenting on. There’s no chance of that happening, obviously. Not at any point along the way. Unless there’s a chance that god can’t do everything all the time, which isn’t the definition and function of one, apparently. If that thing that does, from which there’s no higher doer, apparently, doesn’t always do, then you can work this and that out and make your way about the universe and get on with your day.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 15 days ago

      and your god is forced to create humans by what?
      because he could simply not create us.....
      also your argumentation could also be used to say abiogenesis has a chance of 1...

  • Soph1a D7che
    Soph1a D7che 15 days ago

    So...... gods could also exist???

  • Naeem Plastikwala
    Naeem Plastikwala 16 days ago

    Uniformity of laws of nature proves that all this universe from an atom to what it is now and where it’s going is all measured by the same divine laws.

  • Lacey Largey
    Lacey Largey 17 days ago

    Wait Elon musk believes that?

  • Bazooka Joe
    Bazooka Joe 17 days ago

    I'm still waiting to see something come from nothing and life come from no life.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 17 days ago

      the first will never happen since its impossible
      but there is no scientists that even claims that
      you are strawmanning the big bang
      the second takes millions of years
      yet it was proven to be possible in labs
      you can google these experiments

  • ChrisDGamer
    ChrisDGamer 17 days ago +3

    Lmao this comment section is the type i look for under any video where youtubers make bold claims...

  • Warren Bennett
    Warren Bennett 18 days ago

    Something allowed something. space

  • Gustavo Morales
    Gustavo Morales 18 days ago

    Horrible content from a generally amazing channel.

  • Enlade
    Enlade 19 days ago

    Pure bullshit.

  • ChristDisciple Anonymous Anonymous

    So God is a unicorn
    Where does bible say that
    Why do we say that
    'this argument is bull****'
    That's an opinion
    Not a statement of facts
    Give me facts and I'll listen
    Until then, stop claiming stuff and telling us to stop claiming stuff

  • MrPerfectlogic
    MrPerfectlogic 19 days ago

    The only scientific proof of God existence.

  • TheSmartEagle - Stuff 101

    What is this? Oktoberfest?

  • Juicy Mango life
    Juicy Mango life 21 day ago


  • LexiixeL
    LexiixeL 21 day ago

    Read the Bible, lol there's all your answers!

  • kylie graal777
    kylie graal777 21 day ago

    The thing about uses humans as an expiriment and making then think they are conscious, is so disgusting and cruel

  • Blazing Dragon
    Blazing Dragon 22 days ago +1


  • sohelwriter
    sohelwriter 22 days ago +1


  • Kevin Honesh
    Kevin Honesh 23 days ago

    There is no existence of God,if yes simple thing you have to do,just prove it to me,that he lives at present where I can see through my eyes or feel with my you can't coz,he doesn't exist,..ok let's not confuse,...we all are lucky because we are born as humans,were we can understand how the universe works,..for that we all should be greatful to yourself and others,....I was inspired by Stephen hawking❤️❤️❤️❤️,...I love Stephen hawking ❤️❤️❤️


    Rationalityrules destroyed this video

  • Juan#Juan
    Juan#Juan 24 days ago +1

    Hey guys im seeing alot of comments and im getting confused, the video sort of confused me too. In the comments i see that this channel was either using no evidence or making fun of christians which really confused me, can someone please explain?

    • Juan#Juan
      Juan#Juan 23 days ago

      +Zanta 100 oh well that makes sense thanks

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 24 days ago

      they are not making fun of any group
      they are propagating their religious viewpoint by assigning numbers rdmly to chances without giving any logical explanation why they use these numbers
      infact they even say that the numbers dont matter yet making a fazit on basis of the numbers
      like saying the chance to roll a 6 on a 6-sided dice is 1/ 2543265576245455243
      while the chance to roll 1 one is 1/1
      i can just say this but we both know its not true even without any mathematical explanation on chances

  • zickey
    zickey 25 days ago

    Can all the fools who don’t understand that there is no actual math here but it’s really just logic but logic makes since here

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 24 days ago

      wich is why they get so much hate

    • zickey
      zickey 24 days ago

      you make a good point but I don't think this say anything about evolution simply about whether or not God exists and its evident in the video that they wanted to make a video about this trying to talk about it but failed to use math

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 24 days ago

      no the ideas are not
      how is god more probable than evolution?
      any god could just have sat there like: this is fine
      and not make any lifeform at all
      to make any probabillity claims about this thematic we would need to ask a god how and why he created us
      and since we cannot do that (no your religious book does not count since you cannot prove its actually true) we cannot make such claims

    • zickey
      zickey 24 days ago

      I mean that the numbers aren't logic but the ideas are it's just they fail to communicate them

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 25 days ago

      there is no logic here
      tthey assign numbers without a valid explanation and make fazits based on these numbers

  • Salomao Serra
    Salomao Serra 25 days ago

    Really? Like, the amount of fallacies in the video is tremendous. And that box? Why exactly you chose those numbers?

  • K C
    K C 25 days ago

    All you did was repeat the argument from the beginning when laying out your table. You didn't examine the underlying logic at all. You assume that if there is a god it's more likely that they would have created us. Why? As you said, they could have made any other animal. They could have made literally anything.
    As for the naturalistic argument, it's hard to say how likely life is as we only have 1 sample. It very well could be infinitely more likely that there is no god based on that logic.

  • wanda j
    wanda j 25 days ago +1


  • TOOOBIIIAAASS Feigenwinter

    Just not how maths works...

  • jakepaulthiccboy ́
    jakepaulthiccboy ́ 26 days ago

    “How not to be wrong”

  • jakepaulthiccboy ́
    jakepaulthiccboy ́ 26 days ago +3

    Wow ... I’m actually mindblown by the amount of bullshit 😂😂

    I thought you guys were smart!!

  • Houssem Eddine Mhiri
    Houssem Eddine Mhiri 26 days ago +1

    Wtf was this trash .. 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  • Tristen Taylor
    Tristen Taylor 27 days ago

    Just regarding the final statement...
    "So God created mankind in his own image,
    in the image of God he created them;
    male and female he created them." Genesis 1:27

    • Tristen Taylor
      Tristen Taylor 19 days ago

      Yes, you correct... just like the concept that everything is "relative"... If "everything is relative", then that statement is also relative... it's a paradox... yet here we are. Something has to be the truth... it's this limit of human understanding that is also seen in the bible.. in many reoccuring themes. It's an amazing book, even from an objective perspective... I encourage you to read, friend!!!

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 23 days ago +1

      yeeah a paradox is a contradiction

    • Tristen Taylor
      Tristen Taylor 23 days ago

      No contradictions in the Bible... just paradoxes... lowkey a difference. Study it more, my friend

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 27 days ago +1

      yeah an unproven book full of contradictions will surely help here

  • chase hass
    chase hass 27 days ago

    How do we know we aren't our own gods. For example we are destroying earth and learning how to explore space.

  • craig the bridge troll 3

    Godddamn jesus

  • Alexander Holland
    Alexander Holland 28 days ago

    Dude... I expected better from you. You missed one huge point: there are just so many possibilities for life to exist in the universe that it’s near impossible for it not to. Which kind is chosen kind of randomly.

  • Alexander Holland
    Alexander Holland 28 days ago

    I haven’t seen the video yet but i know the answer is no

    DaBIONICLEFan 28 days ago

    4 minutes and 30 seconds of completely asinine verbal diarrhoea

  • The Nobody
    The Nobody 28 days ago +1

    Here come those triggered atheists...

    • The Nobody
      The Nobody 26 days ago

      +Freedom Anderson I'm an atheist.

    • Freedom Anderson
      Freedom Anderson 26 days ago

      And yours isn't? There were many fallacies committed in this video. That's not bias or opinion.

    • The Nobody
      The Nobody 26 days ago

      +Freedom Anderson Your opinion is biased.

    • Freedom Anderson
      Freedom Anderson 26 days ago

      There are many fallacies committed in this video, and it proves nothing.

    • The Nobody
      The Nobody 26 days ago

      +Freedom Anderson And your reasoning is?

  • Squidward tentacles
    Squidward tentacles 29 days ago

    hi welcome to Sunday worship

  • X seacat X
    X seacat X 29 days ago

    2018 anyone?

  • Nazir Ahmed
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  • Susan A.
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  • Professor Ditto -
    Professor Ditto - Month ago

    Just going to say to look up FSMism and you'll be amazed fellow veiwer

  • Nerakin
    Nerakin Month ago

    Ah, yay. Arbitrarily chosen probabilities. I suppose this could be convincing if you already believe whatever this is trying to show.

  • Comical
    Comical Month ago

    I am a Christian and I agree, this is not the best video. What I think he would have been better off saying is the chances of us being created by chance are lower than the chance of an intelligent designer/designers.
    And then maybe he could have given some evidence for intelligent design like the Fibonacci sequence reoccurring throughout nature or the perfect positioning of the moon for controlling the tides and protection the earth.
    He could have also gone a step further to show how the theory of the universe occuring by random chance is flawed on many levels. Carbon dating is highly inaccurate, the lack of modern day Neanderthals, Pluto's core still being warm even though it should have cooled down by now if the universe is as old as they say it is and so on and so fourth.
    That's what I would have said anyway.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 28 days ago

      "can you really believe that everything happened just by chance though?"
      "That everything that is came from nothing? (A scientific impossibility.)"
      can you actually read the scientific paper to the big bang theory that states nothing like this?
      can you see that your god also is a scientific impossibility after that same rule?
      "People think that they have found evidence for evolution but you could say that's just cherry picking too."
      cherry picking what?
      the massive amounts of evidence for evolution vs the nonexisting amounts against it
      all "evidence" against evolution that have been presented till now are either just stupid assumptions or based on a wrong definition/understanding of evolution
      as the "adaptation" argument
      or the dna limits that no creationist ever was able to prove
      "People have a remarkable ability to see what they want to see and ignore what they don't want to see. "
      best example creationists and theists as that
      "you will find that there is far more evidence for God"
      name one

    • Comical
      Comical 28 days ago

      +Zanta 100 can you really believe that everything happened just by chance though? That everything that is came from nothing? (A scientific impossibility.) People think that they have found evidence for evolution but you could say that's just cherry picking too. People have a remarkable ability to see what they want to see and ignore what they don't want to see. If you really start to try and view things with an open mind, you will find that there is far more evidence for God or at least a god than there is for random chance creating us.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 Month ago

      the Fibonacci sequence does no appear in nature very often
      all cases are cherry picking given how many other things it doesnt fit
      the moon is drifting away and is changing distance throuout the year
      "Carbon dating is highly inaccurate"
      and rarely used to date older things
      "the lack of modern day Neanderthals,"
      its called evolution by natural selection
      "Pluto's core still being warm "
      just bc science cannot explain it yet doesnt mean we will never
      and why should a god leave an evidence like that?
      the most rdm thing ever

  • Tommy
    Tommy Month ago

    But then who created those people?

  • Hello There
    Hello There Month ago

    Im a creationist, but this video is nonsense

  • Blank
    Blank Month ago

    This is not statistics nor is it probability. We cannot assign the probabilities of any of these outcomes because we only know of one universe and a small fraction of the data regarding it let alone any other universe to compare it to to either compare conditions of what is needed to make a universe or life. In fact, we cannot be certain that there is not a fourth or even fifth probability such as this universe has existed in some form and never ceased, though it is bizarre and irrational to talk about a beginning to time (in fact in may be entirely pointless to do so). The sum total of all probabilities by definition must sum to one so in this case the video implies that we somehow know that it is far more likely for no universe or people to exist at all, when this would imply a sense of "nothing" which is conceptually vague as well. In conjunction with most of this is that the first premise of the logical argument is outright absurd to be assumed as true as it presumes we even /can/ determine the odds for any of these things, because all of these are technically indistinguishable for the people within the universe that we live as you've included the simulation argument, but even supposing any of this trash is true and that the conclusion holds saying that something is likely to be true does not prove if any of these are let alone determine what god/goddess/gods if any would be the cause making it a useless argument to even attempt. Furthermore, the fine tuning argument has been debunked by a large number of individuals and is largely absurd because by the way statistics and probability work many extremely improbable things have occurred such as dealing the perfect poker hand because something being improbable does not mean it is impossible. Also, we again do not know the conditions needed in every case to form every kind of life, we don't even have a great definition of "alive" so to be completely clear we cannot even give the probability of us existing in the universe with the parameters that we do know. I realize this is an old video, but seriously ASAP why would you even make a video this bad? Is it a confirmation bias that led you to treat these arguments as legitimate and logical? Normally you do so much better research and it is sad to see evidence that even a channel as good as yours can sink to such a low level. Perhaps you should stick to topics of science and leave cosmology alone because all this video did was give more publicity to debunked claims. I know people at ASAP probably /feel/ the claims of the video to be justified, but this does not prove that a god /did/ create us or our universe, that anything in particular did, how to test for any such claim, any confirming tests possible (even in concept), or even suggest a relevance. In the way you've treated the claims any god/gods/creators would be completely irrelevant to everyone because they created the world but do not interact with it so /why/ did you do this?

  • pumpkin pie
    pumpkin pie Month ago +1

    Just the simple fact of God instructing the Israelites in through the Mosaic law how to wash their hands before meals and if they're touch someone who's unclean like that in itself in my opinion proves Beyond a reasonable doubt that there's an intelligent designer behind the Bible it's too obvious to ignore,,,but then you would have to submit to his authority or you can be one of the ranting lunatic philosophers that likes to have their ears tickled by all the pseudoscience theories based on theories instead of facts

    • strange lee
      strange lee 26 days ago +2

      Of course there is an intelligent author of all the holy
      Your holy book isn't the's the Claim.
      Back it up with some solid evidence and then go for it..the world is waiting.

  • AppealingHalo3
    AppealingHalo3 Month ago

    So much dislikes lol. At first I thought you were going to come up with some crazy formulas but how did that make any sense???

  • Strigoi
    Strigoi Month ago

    This was bad. You made me not want to read Ellenberg’s Book if that’s where you got this BS from.

  • Sitting on a chair
    Sitting on a chair Month ago

    Even if it were dumb luck that put the world together, considering the millions of habitable planets in the universe, it would be like going for a jackpot with a few million spins.

  • ρяєтту ℓιfє
    ρяєтту ℓιfє Month ago +1

    God doesn’t look ANYTHING like he created. He is nor a human, nor alien. No one knows what he looks like. But in the kur’an (bible) it said, God doesnt want anyone to predict what he looks like.

    • Sebastian Stark
      Sebastian Stark 17 days ago

      So you are basing your oppinion on an old book that has been translated way too many times to really resemble the original version?

  • Super Psych
    Super Psych Month ago

    4:08 You obviously didn't read that book.

  • Super Psych
    Super Psych Month ago

    No, no it can't. Go watch another video now.

  • THOR odinson.
    THOR odinson. Month ago

    I k..I m God without maths😵

  • Michael Rueck
    Michael Rueck Month ago

    A lot of people are missing the point on this video. This isn't trying to prove god's existence it's trying to show that it's much more likely, using the reasoning of a theist, that we live in a simulation.
    This clearly doesn't include the Weak Anthropic Principle in the argument and i can't imagine this channel hasn't heard of it. It goes like this, if a puddle could be sentient it would assume the world was made for it, after all, the puddle perfectly fits the space that it's sitting in. The puddle ignores the fact that the hole its sitting in was there long before and will stay there after the puddle dries. In this example humans are the puddle and the universe is the hole.

    • Michael Rueck
      Michael Rueck Month ago

      that's where i got the analogy from yup. It sums up the principle in a much more tolerable way. Most people don't like to hear "The Universe, and Earth, fit us so well because we are a product of them, not the other way around. Moreover, we would only ever be aware of a universe that fit us, because we wouldn't exist if it didn't fit."

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 Month ago +1

      is this it?
      “This is rather as if you imagine a puddle waking up one morning and thinking, 'This is an interesting world I find myself in - an interesting hole I find myself in - fits me rather neatly, doesn't it? In fact it fits me staggeringly well, must have been made to have me in it!' This is such a powerful idea that as the sun rises in the sky and the air heats up and as, gradually, the puddle gets smaller and smaller, frantically hanging on to the notion that everything's going to be alright, because this world was meant to have him in it, was built to have him in it; so the moment he disappears catches him rather by surprise. I think this may be something we need to be on the watch out for.”
      ? Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

  • Gay Baby Man
    Gay Baby Man Month ago

    Wow! What a waste of my time!

  • o
    o Month ago

    If time didnt exist , then how did god create the universe?

  • Tan Meng
    Tan Meng Month ago

    Then gods and prophets are just experiment subjects to see how we react.

    WAMIM HOSSAIN Month ago


  • Dogdayboy Pro
    Dogdayboy Pro Month ago

    We are just sumilations

  • MrSolarWaffle
    MrSolarWaffle Month ago

    It wasn’t dumb luck, and I personally don’t believe in god, I think that earth was naturally formed and the single celled organisms adapted to one of the only life bearing planets they were given to make what we have now, there was bound to be a life bearing planet and the first organisms just adapted to the planet to create our world

  • Amy Adams
    Amy Adams Month ago

    1 God,he can do anything,if he wants to make 10000000000000000000000000000 people on this earth then he can snap his fingers and wa la its done

  • YuckFou502
    YuckFou502 Month ago

    Search for "Believe in God in 5 Minutes"
    That's a good start to a broader concept in which math fits perfectly fine as well

  • The Church Of Asian Andy

    When you think about it
    Religion and Atheism are both fairy tale's because if you believe in God you think a wizard did it and if you don't believe then you think that everything came from nothing

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 Month ago

      " if you don't believe then you think that everything came from nothing"
      that is a strawman

  • Matthew H
    Matthew H Month ago +1

    The numbers are arbitrary

  • ijams sum
    ijams sum Month ago

    What I found is the advanced math and geometry using the golden ratio in all intricate and large lifeforms cannot be accidental out of chance unless you say 1-billion to 1 odds came about !
    How can math genius of life designs be accidental , tiling of turtle shells for strength because of the higher density is allowed by atoms having less space between them had to be known before being selected for a turtle shell !
    No accidents can create something that took complete knowledge of working complex systems we still have not figured out due to there ability to communicate and work together is baffling today even !
    The electrical systems not even known operate perfectly by accident , biologist who do not believe in the Creator is blind !
    When life is examined where or how it complex systems operate and interact is far beyond the human mind due to complex multi-system interactions needed for healing and changes in enviroments !
    Yet ignored is the fact that human minds can affect matter at the particle function level and change the function into wave functions as quantum physics has shown with the double blind experiments !
    All life is sparked with a complex ability to change and evolve and is not changing by chance but by knowledge acquired by a system to communicate with the DNA system to create a new DNA gene for a reason !
    The ability to create life to intelligently acquire knowledge using advanced math and electricity is beyond accident !
    We are blinded from the light !

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 Month ago

      the golden ration is just humans seeing a pattern where there us none
      it actually applies to nearly nothing
      no the turtle evolved into that shape
      all you are blabberiing here are baseless uinproven claims