Can Math Prove God's Existence?


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  • BoriquaAteo
    BoriquaAteo 19 hours ago

    Nonsensical noise

  • BoriquaAteo
    BoriquaAteo 19 hours ago


  • Lil Spuun
    Lil Spuun 20 hours ago

    That's why you don't do drugs kids

  • ANTREU96
    ANTREU96 Day ago

    I love the completely at random chosen numbers of one in four billion billion and one in four million. Why? WHY?
    I guess I cannot explain it therefore the flying Spaghetti monster exists

    • jinitron
      jinitron 11 hours ago

      ASAP explained the numbers don't mean anything. Think of it more like
      X < Y < Z
      He should have used just logic ,rather than put numbers on the screen. Which confused many.

  • sulljoh1
    sulljoh1 Day ago

    uh.. evolution?

  • Michael Sieger
    Michael Sieger Day ago

    This was the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen

  • Wilson McCallum
    Wilson McCallum Day ago

    Did you take into account the computing power nessesary for a sim.

  • Sean Hazlett
    Sean Hazlett 2 days ago

    This is like someone saying I won the lotto so God must exist because there's only a tiny probability of me winning the lotto and I did.
    You're saying given that we exist there must be a God because its unlikely that we would exist?

    • Sean Hazlett
      Sean Hazlett 10 hours ago

      +jinitron so you think this video is satirical?

    • jinitron
      jinitron 11 hours ago

      Personally, I think he is mocking that christian idea.

  • The Pharaoh
    The Pharaoh 2 days ago

    How can you prove something that is ill defined? God is just a word with no real definition in reality. It's just simply absurd.

  • DopeMemes
    DopeMemes 3 days ago

    The fact that infinity is a thing proves god

    • DopeMemes
      DopeMemes Hour ago

      Simulation theory is as baseless as evolution. Obviously there is no exact proof, but there isnt of a lot of things. But one thing that remains constant is the existence of infinity. Even if our numbers are a made up concept, infinity is not a made up concept. Infinity was found through our made up concept. Just like most of our modern science came from made up concepts. Theories. Technically the nature of infinity is an axiom of math, meaning you either accept it or dont. But most logic reasoning people accept infinity as a real thing.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 3 hours ago

      yes math is a constant but its also just a concept its not a "real" thing
      you cannot say because my madeup concept has trait A this trait exists in actual physical beeings

    • DopeMemes
      DopeMemes 11 hours ago

      Very intellectual response lol.

    • jinitron
      jinitron 11 hours ago


    • DopeMemes
      DopeMemes 11 hours ago

      Everything that has been proved in physics is based in math. So yes it is extremely good enough to prove infinity exists in real life considering math correlates to every aspect in reality.

  • Joseph Lee-Doktor
    Joseph Lee-Doktor 3 days ago

    This makes me want to be dead.

  • Jesus Padilla
    Jesus Padilla 3 days ago

    God is Infinite. Time doesn’t exist for him and his age is infinite

  • oscargordon
    oscargordon 3 days ago

    If the probability of humans being created by some god creature is 1 in 4 billion billion, then since there are somewhere around 10 billion billion insects alive today and between 100 billion billion and 100 thousand billion billion nematodes, clearly it is massively more likely that we were created by nematodes than by a god.

  • TyMinnesota
    TyMinnesota 3 days ago

    e^pi^i + 1 = 0. Euler said it himself. This is the best proof we have for God.
    Oh yeah, tbh, none of you are probs smart enough to understand him

    • jinitron
      jinitron 11 hours ago

      That's not proof for god. That's just proof that math is consistent.

  • Ángel Rodriquez
    Ángel Rodriquez 3 days ago

    How I know this pissed off atheists.
    The comment section.

  • Nick Hanson
    Nick Hanson 3 days ago

    This is ridiculous and dangerous. To try and pass this garbage off as math or science is downright shameful. I truly hope this was a thought experiment or something and not REALLY what u believe. Because u obviously have faulty conclusion making skills. U had so many fallacies in your entire process I want believe it.

    • Nick Hanson
      Nick Hanson 3 days ago

      I meant I can’t believe it. Autocorrect haha.

  • vokab
    vokab 3 days ago

    This video gets worse everytime I watch it

  • SassySociopath
    SassySociopath 3 days ago +1

    In my opinion humans were created by evolution and then humans created the Idea of god(s)

  • Mariah Messinger
    Mariah Messinger 4 days ago +1

    I don't ever understand why people get so upset if there is a slight mention that their God might not exist. This is not claiming that "God doesn't exist," it's putting into easy to understand mathematical ratios of which one is more likely to create humans between highly advanced humans, Gods/Goddesses, One God, and No God. It's only disputing the irrational behind "well if it's so unlikely, God must exist." There might be other things that you think proves the existence of God, but do you really need proof? If you believe in God, then that's your faith. If someone believes in multiple, that's their faith. If someone believes in a religion with no god, that's their faith. You can never prove to them that their belief is wrong just as people can't prove to you that yours is wrong.

    • jinitron
      jinitron 11 hours ago

      You can prove some things wrong. We are boxing god in with science. In ancient days, gods directly created humans with a creation story (like Genesis) Nowadays we know that could not be true.

      Genesis is wrong.
      So what do the religious do? They try to say the parts that are PROVEN wrong are just stories, but the rest is REAL.
      Science will continue to chip away at religion =)

  • Kyla N'Cole
    Kyla N'Cole 4 days ago

    This is about spirituality. People who ask for tangible proof don't understand it. This is very interesting though.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 4 days ago

      "People who ask for tangible proof don't understand it."
      yeah why having proof for claims that litteraly killed people????

  • Kbh
    Kbh 4 days ago

    tie dye Fibonacci is enough for me

    One love

  • samurai69 gaming
    samurai69 gaming 5 days ago

    Soooo, what is the answer?

  • Brooklyn Davis
    Brooklyn Davis 5 days ago +1

    God does exist, but not like this.

  • Purple Turtle
    Purple Turtle 5 days ago

    This video is bollocks. You can't state the likelihood of humans developing as a result of chance or by creation of God(s). We've not discovered any evidence of intelligent life in the universe so the odds of humans evolving by chance is 1/? Because there is no evidence of God(s), that also means that the chance of us being created is 1/? Interesting, it does make sense to state that there is more compelling evidence for us living in a simulated universe because as we ourselves have created and controlled worlds that we play as video games. In this case, the chances of us actually not being a part of this is 1/∞

  • Eli Hansen
    Eli Hansen 5 days ago

    With logic, you can start with an absurd premise and logically work your way towards an absurd conclusion.

  • Rhys Wheeler
    Rhys Wheeler 5 days ago

    God would most likely exist if we are in a simulation as well because the same probabilities apply to the creation of advanced humans bing created Vs evolving.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 5 days ago +2

      and the same probabillity wopuld apply to a gods your argument is infinite regresson

  • feofox
    feofox 5 days ago +1

    "[...]What you've just said... Is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point, in your rambling, incoherent response, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul." ~Billy Madison

    • jinitron
      jinitron 11 hours ago

      "may God have mercy upon your soul."

  • G G
    G G 6 days ago

    What do you expect from a sponsored video? If they didn't make the money would they still make videos? And since companies only sponsor what fits their narrative....

  • necromancer
    necromancer 6 days ago

    Conclusion: GOD is created BY humans!!!

  • W W
    W W 6 days ago

    That they are claiming is that perception is reality. By changing your orientation, you change your view of reality. Trying orienting yourself towards seeking the truth. It's like having a mirror in your speech that reflects bad intent.

  • rnodern
    rnodern 7 days ago

    I am so bitterly disappointed. There is quite a lot wrong with your video. It's quite clear that you put science aside for god. This throws all of your content into question. I am unsubscribing.

  • River Towner
    River Towner 7 days ago

    Is it math or logic? You messed up God and gods....thank you anyways

  • foxwolf productions
    foxwolf productions 7 days ago +1

    Everyone who doebt believe in Jesus and god will not go to heaven

    ✔ *HELL*

    • jinitron
      jinitron 11 hours ago

      I am a good atheist, for that reason, if there is a heaven, I will get it. Because I did good for NO REWARD. While religious people believe in god because they desire heaven.
      That makes you greedy. And you will not get heaven because you are greedy for heaven and a coward who fears hell.
      Religious people are very selfish. They will not get heaven.

  • Jarryd Lee
    Jarryd Lee 8 days ago

    What is this? I don't think Math means what you think it means...

  • Wow Wow
    Wow Wow 8 days ago +2

    And there STILL be atheists out here. Atheism is so EASILY dismissed if any thought or research is put in. If you’re an atheist, do some research, I promise you won’t be one for much longer.

    • jinitron
      jinitron 11 hours ago

      Good work Zanta. WowWow has no answer.

    • Anonymous Nameless
      Anonymous Nameless 7 days ago +1

      +Zanta 100 Exactly.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 7 days ago +1

      "Conclusions to arguments and claims are evidence."
      no they are not
      " Aesthetic Argument,"
      since it is simply "look at this therefore god " its as valid as look at this comment therefore no god
      " Christological Argument"
      this argument relies on jesus beeing the son of god and is therefore circle reasoning
      "Consciousness Argument"
      basicly a god of the gaps
      we dont know what causes conciousness therefore god
      "Cosmological Argument (Contingency and Kalam)"
      is only valid if you can prove god is eternal
      also since the big bang does not say the matter in the universe had a begining it doesnt debunks the big bang as many theists think
      "Argument of a Fine-tuned Universe,"
      “This is rather as if you imagine a puddle waking up one morning and thinking, 'This is an interesting world I find myself in - an interesting hole I find myself in - fits me rather neatly, doesn't it? In fact it fits me staggeringly well, must have been made to have me in it!' This is such a powerful idea that as the sun rises in the sky and the air heats up and as, gradually, the puddle gets smaller and smaller, frantically hanging on to the notion that everything's going to be alright, because this world was meant to have him in it, was built to have him in it; so the moment he disappears catches him rather by surprise. I think this may be something we need to be on the watch out for.”
      ? Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt
      " Argument from Love,"
      love is just chemical reactions in your brain wich can be made artifical
      "Miraculous Argument, "
      relies on miracles beeing true wich has not been proven
      "Moral Argument"
      morals are based in evolution
      if i dont help this person it wont help me
      "Necessary Existence Argument"
      that argument is just saying god needs to exist therefore god exists.... its not even an argument
      "Ontological Argument"
      because we can imagine god god must exist....
      therefore i am a millionair since i can imagine it....
      " Pascal's Wager,"
      depends on the abillity to choose what we believe wich we cant therefore invalid
      also it doesnt take other gods into concideration wich makes it not invalid but simply not usefull for any religion
      "The argument from a proper basis"
      begs the question and nothing more
      "Argument from Reason, "
      to vague to be concidered
      "Teleological Argument
      argues for multible creator but not for a single god
      ignores the laws of probabillity
      "Argument of Natural Law"
      implies that this universe has order and laws wich has not been proven or is easily explained by other causes like gravity
      "Transcendental Argument"
      cirlce reasoning
      If god is the pinnacle of logic and moral then moral and logic proves god
      since we cannot say that god exist we cannot say that he is the pinnacle of moral and logic
      "Applying Occam's Razor"
      while it is an argument for god that cannot be refuted easily it also is the biggest argument agains god since it debunkes nearly all privious arguments named here
      "billions upon billions of accounts of religious experiences"
      that are all argueing contradictive to each other have never been proven to be supernatural or even are recorded in the time of mobile cameras....
      on the video
      the math is wrong
      the conclusions based on rdmly applied numbers and the argument doesnt even argue for god

    • Wow Wow
      Wow Wow 7 days ago

      Anonymous Nameless Conclusions to arguments and claims are evidence.

    • Anonymous Nameless
      Anonymous Nameless 7 days ago +1

      +Wow Wow I see lot of arguments and claims, yet no scientific evidences lol

  • Up Your Hops
    Up Your Hops 8 days ago

    And who created those people?

  • dyeace
    dyeace 8 days ago +1

    To answer the title's question no, math cannot prove God's existence. Random nonsense can lead these guys to believe in a deity tho.... Also, I don't think ASAP knows the difference between rational/irrational

  • cedric williams
    cedric williams 9 days ago +2

    In the Bible it says god set the age limit on man to be 120. There is rarely anyone that lives to be that old... any explanations other than gods word?🤗

    • jinitron
      jinitron 5 days ago

      When the bible was written humans had been living for millions of years. So they already had much experience when human lifespans.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 8 days ago +1

      theitst makin special pleading fallacies since mankinds beginning

    • cedric williams
      cedric williams 8 days ago +1

      Zanta 100 they were patriarchs. Fathers of the human race.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 8 days ago +1

      yet many people in the bible got way older than 120

  • Abcdeee Fghggg
    Abcdeee Fghggg 9 days ago

    It get worse if it be many of God maybe other Gods don't agree whit another Gods to created humans but 1 God can decide by his own

  • Stubbling
    Stubbling 9 days ago

    You changed your argument halfway through the video. You started with humans exist, were they just dumb luck? Or were they created? Then you changed your argument to why would God or gods create humans. Not a very thought out video or argument in my opinion.

  • MarioGlitcher 64
    MarioGlitcher 64 9 days ago

    Conclusion: it is 10 times as likely that you have an invisible, intangible string that when cut, ends your life than an actual higher being capable of creating other beings, but more importantly, it is a million times greater chance that humans created humans.

  • Frmr Christian
    Frmr Christian 9 days ago

    This argument is loaded with fallacies! Watch some critical thinking videos, Man!

  • Nirjhor Chakraborty
    Nirjhor Chakraborty 9 days ago

    If god does exist, the probability of humans is 1, because given the lifespan of god - infinity, there is a 100% chance god would make things that look like him - humans. There, I made up a number and proved god! This video really is useful! 😜

  • Sayan Shil
    Sayan Shil 9 days ago

    So stupid

  • Jim Winchester
    Jim Winchester 9 days ago +1

    I'd rather believe and it not be true. Than to not believe and it be true.

    • Jim Winchester
      Jim Winchester 4 days ago

      I used to be on your side. My friends and I used to follow Sam. I've seen most of his videos. Hes a really smart man. But I could no longer believe that I was just an insignificant piece of dust. And that nothing mattered. My Heart was telling me something completely different. I think youre in the same boat I was. I have a feeling thats why you were watching a video still searching for proof!

    • jinitron
      jinitron 4 days ago

      Good without god is my own idea. Sam Harris though is amazing. Try this video by Sam, short but sweet.

    • Jim Winchester
      Jim Winchester 5 days ago

      Have you studied the bible and the life and death of Jesus for yourself? Dont be influenced by people like Bill Maher.

    • jinitron
      jinitron 5 days ago +2

      I'd rather be a good person, who doesn't need to be threatened with an imaginary danger+reward to scare me, and waste my life on. Good without god. And a good god would give me heaven. So, there ya go. Good atheist gets into heaven, and has a full life without bothering with all the contradicting religions.

  • Atheist Man
    Atheist Man 10 days ago

    You just say that this has this much probability, and expect us to believe you.

  • Jules Foca Gosset
    Jules Foca Gosset 10 days ago

    A simple answer. NO.

  • Mischief Rebecca
    Mischief Rebecca 10 days ago +1

    in my opinion, i think that jesus is 100% not a/our god because he was just a person and so was his family and how the flip could a person create the freaken universe, thats why i dont think jesus is a/our god HE WAS A FREAKEN PERSON!

    • jinitron
      jinitron 10 days ago +1

      Jesus was just another lunatic or con man. Just like every religion you see started today. Look into the history of the Mormons and Joseph Smith. Or the Scientologists. Even the bible has passages about them killing all the people in town who didn't believe. in 1 god.

  • Cyber Doggo
    Cyber Doggo 10 days ago

    Even Kent Hovind's bullshit is harder to debunk than this nonsense.

  • Trevor
    Trevor 10 days ago

    This makes me sick

    MEENAZ SAYYED 11 days ago

    god exist,ramanujan

  • rickonami
    rickonami 12 days ago

    Thanks Asap for this upload... great job, and ignore the negative comments below and the videos about this. People sometimes don;t want to hear some info that goes against their own ideology and traditions.

    • rickonami
      rickonami 11 days ago

      And you are entitled to your own opinion.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 11 days ago +1

      yeah ignore the fact that your math is wrong....

  • PandaKing 145
    PandaKing 145 12 days ago


    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld 11 days ago +1

      @Zanta 100
      "There is a caveat..."
      See, basically the argument is that it gets "exponentially complex" to simulate a lot of particles.
      However, in case we are a simulation, we KNOW NOTHING about the possibilities or rules that govern the "base universe" - the one where the simulation is running in.
      I am pretty sure there are other caveats, as well.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 11 days ago +1

    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld 11 days ago +1

      @Zanta 100
      No, they haven't. I don't think it can be either proven or disproven.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 11 days ago +1

      actually scientists have disproven that hypothese

    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld 12 days ago +1

      Yeah; it's a remote possibility - the problem is, there is no real reason to believe that. No evidence.

  • youtube tv
    youtube tv 12 days ago

    Here is a hint, why not ask Him yourself ?
    And you can read The read The Bible He sent. two ways to know what God wants from you and that He does in fact Live. The bible warns however we need Him ( Chirst ) to exist .

    • jinitron
      jinitron 9 days ago +1

      Nah, the problems are definitely with the Bible. Just check out Skeptics Annotated Bible. It's a great resource to demonstrate the flaws in the bible.

    • youtube tv
      youtube tv 10 days ago

      the only problems are those people bring with them. its not with the bible. look yourself all things considered. if you're bringing baggage you may need a little help to learn objectivity. As long as you are actually learning facts, there is nothing that says you need anyone other than Christ; once you've gained Skills of your own to determine the differences ! its a resource to arm you, not waste your time as others are in the habit of doing . Im not doing that.

    • jinitron
      jinitron 11 days ago +1

      And I have TheSkepticsAnnotatedBible (link is on my channel) , if anyone wants a handy dandy guide to showing a ton of problems in the bible.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 11 days ago +1

      why would i need to watch a subjective view on the bible if i have one myself and can view it objectivly?

    • youtube tv
      youtube tv 11 days ago

      This is the only channel in all youtube or internet that completely teaches the entire bible in time you can with their help and a care, willing and working at it , can learn everything about the Bible if you try

  • Brian Cooper
    Brian Cooper 12 days ago

    Go live without technology for a week you didn't prove anything

  • Dance to the BaileyBeat

    If 1 plus 2 = 4, that means let there be light, therefore the original earth was abducted by aliens and we are officially dead.
    -ASAPscience's logic, 2018

  • Reese Kim-dailey
    Reese Kim-dailey 13 days ago

    wow great "math" you used there
    also i dont really understand how you can conclude that because the universe came from a unknown place you can just say god made it without even saying how the hell god came into existance

    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld 12 days ago

      Right, that's basically the problem with ANY origin theory.

  • potata fluffy
    potata fluffy 13 days ago

    You can't prove God exists. He is above this.

    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld 13 days ago

      Basically I agree that you can't prove it. However, if you can't prove that a god exists, I see no reason to believe in one.

  • EggOfReason
    EggOfReason 13 days ago

    An embarrassment to the atheist scene.

  • Lucas Hilton
    Lucas Hilton 13 days ago

    Also the universe possibly evolved through natural selection.

  • BoriquaAteo
    BoriquaAteo 13 days ago

    Wtf idiocy is this. Not science

  • Saltz
    Saltz 14 days ago

    Ya'll niggas say it isnt proof while all the proof you got is a book

    • Saltz
      Saltz 14 days ago

      +Hilmar Zonneveld i mean that people in the comments are saying that this video isnt stating proof while all that christians have of proof is the bible which also doesnt really prove anything

    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld 14 days ago

      What book? And how does that book prove anything?

  • Marcus Mikkelsen
    Marcus Mikkelsen 14 days ago

    Then there does the people hosting the simulation come from?

    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld 14 days ago +1

      Yeah; that's ALWAYS the problem... whether you assume a simulation, or a god. Where did that creator, or those creators, come from.

  • starstuff8394
    starstuff8394 14 days ago

    hahahaha nice try folks

  • Magma_Chicken999
    Magma_Chicken999 15 days ago

    Sorry AsapSCIENCE, but this isn't science...
    This is a channel of science.

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 15 days ago

    I don’t have any religion but i’m not an atheist either...i swear to godssss that all this comments are filled with fierce atheist 🤣

  • GamingBros
    GamingBros 15 days ago

    This video is very nice.
    I loved it.

  • rickonami
    rickonami 16 days ago +1

    Quran 52:35 ""Or were they created by nothing, or were they the creators [of themselves]?""

    • rickonami
      rickonami 5 hours ago

      Quran 29:6 ""And whoever strives only strives for [the benefit of] himself. Indeed, Allah is free from need of the worlds."" The religion all about independence from others, and never use religion to control anyone.

    • jinitron
      jinitron 12 hours ago

      I think I answered that question 2-3 times. In 2-3 different ways, you just don't understand the answers. I think the reason is because your imagination is too limited to what you were taught and you're not thinking outside the box. So I'll answer it another way, to demonstrate your errors.
      If the goddess of the universe is all good, then she would welcome me into heaven. Because I as an atheist am good, and did good for no reward.
      While greedy and scared religious people, like yourself, do not get heaven. Why? Because you did good for greedy reasons (to get heaven) and fear (to avoid hell)
      The true maker of all, everything, (including Allah) the goddess of all goodness, would reward me.
      I get heaven, you do not. Because you believed the wrong things and for bad reasons. She does not respect that.
      Also, I explained why what happens in life MATTERS. What your argument is, is commonly called Pascals Wager. And its a bad argument. What happens in life MATTERS because that is the price you pay for belief in your god. That's why I bring it up. Because to buy something, comes with a cost. Therefore, I as an atheist have NO COST to the ALMOST 0% chance at afterlife.
      This life matters. I will not pay the religious cost to follow your out of date book. I do not want my society or government to pay the cost either, since I care about my neighbors, friends, and family.
      Therefore I reject the scam that is religion.
      Onto your point about Nature. No. The energy of nature is ETERNAL. Timeless. Infinite. Just like your god. But my "maker" is just natural nature. It is infinitely powerful and eternal. It is superior to Allah idea or any god idea, because it is simpler. It makes more sense. Eternal math is the base of everything.
      I watched that vid of Tyson and Rogan. Tyson is as wrong as he ever was. He's been saying the same thing for 13 years and he's still wrong. Just read the comment section where there is like 90% disagreement with Tyson. He's an atheist.

    • rickonami
      rickonami 3 days ago

      Listen to what Neil deGrasse Tyson has to say...

    • rickonami
      rickonami 3 days ago

      What power gave this universe its energy? If scientist don't know? Then it's a risky chance to say ( nature ) made it, cuz what made that nature in the first place? And what made that nature.....So is there a power that made all this in the beginning? We are talking on the designer that has the power to create nothing and make it something. Cuz if we say nature? Then we will go forever saying what made that nature. I answered my question on what if there is no maker (after we are dead, not talking during our lifetime)... I said i would not care, cuz i die and become nothing... You are avoiding the question somehow with more words and excuses, i'm asking a simple hypothetical question, what if there is a maker after all when we die? What would your honest answer be?? I answered mine, hope you are brave enough to answer yours.

    • jinitron
      jinitron 3 days ago

      Not nothingness. The rules of the universe. (or pre-universe) That's the maker. Think of it like this, you are on an island. The island was made by the volcano. Volcano = maker. Atheists however realize the volcano is just natural. But religious people are scared, and worship it. Volcano is a god! Volcano is our god! Worship the almighty volcano!
      Believers are prepared? No, you're wrong. I already explained this. There are many ideas out there.. Other gods. Other goddesses out there. Other karmas. You worshipping the wrong one makes the other gods angry. But maybe there are gods out there who respect the strength of atheists, and that means instead atheists are more prepared.
      In addition, if there is no maker so who cares? I do. All humanity does. Why? Because we waste our time on your gods, your rituals. Your traditions. Your rules for life that are harmful. Our governments won't have to follow your decrepit fake religions.
      So who cares? All sane people care there is no god. It makes life better that we know truth that there is no god. You live today in the story books, in fantasy. Fantasy is the religious life. Atheists live in reality. You MIGHT care later. We DEFINITELY care today about the atheist truth.

  • Eleazar Guevara
    Eleazar Guevara 16 days ago

    Oh ok. Math just proved we where in the matrix.

  • ABM Studio
    ABM Studio 17 days ago

    Is this what they call satire?

    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld 17 days ago +1

      I am not entirely sure. I would guess it might be SOMEWHAT satirical, considering that theists try to use similar arguments to prove a god.

  • ツFriedMushroom
    ツFriedMushroom 17 days ago +2

    This argument is saying there is a higher chance of god existing then not.

    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld 17 days ago +2

      I think it's saying the exact opposite - a higher chance of a god NOT existing.
      However - and even though I am personally an atheist - I think that many of the numbers involved are just guesses, so it doesn't really prove much.

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 17 days ago

      its saying they would use math.....

    • jinitron
      jinitron 17 days ago +1

      its saying that we are likely in a simulation run by infinite gods.

  • yourbrownhoe
    yourbrownhoe 17 days ago +2

    If there is a god great if there isn’t that’s fine too I rather die believing I will go to a paradise then die thinking it’s a pitch of darkness

    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld 17 days ago +1

      So, basically wishful thinking.
      I would rather believe that within a year, I'll be the richest person on Earth, so I guess I should just go ahead and firmly believe that?

    • jinitron
      jinitron 17 days ago +2

      Id rather die knowing the truth, rather than fooling myself with a lie. The truth will set you free, Your.

  • jermy
    jermy 17 days ago +2

    Until you atheists can prove me what created the singularity that made the Big Bang happen, I’m sticking to religion.

    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld 17 days ago +3

      That's not very "critical thinking". There is no evidence for a god or gods. The fact that there are some things that science doesn't know yet, doesn't prove a god.
      As long as there is no evidence for a god, the rational attitude would be to DOUBT that a god exists.

  • The Apprentice
    The Apprentice 17 days ago +5

    Dude,most people that are subscribed to this are actual science and maths enthusiasts/students.Did this channel actually think they could get away with this?Honestly,how stupid do you think we are?There are so many inconsistencies in this video it's baffling.

    • jinitron
      jinitron 17 days ago +1

      Like whats 1 inconsistency?

  • The Little ghost girl
    The Little ghost girl 17 days ago +1

    I’m still not sure if god exits or not..... if he does I will be happy

    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld 17 days ago +1

      I guess I'll be happy as well. However, I have seen no evidence whatsoever for gods, and I won't believe that until some actual evidence is presented.

    • jinitron
      jinitron 17 days ago +1

      There could be gods, and goddesses, gnomes, and gremlins. How do we prove Santa doesn't exist? He's magic, he might.

  • The Little ghost girl
    The Little ghost girl 17 days ago +1

    Is afterlife real..

    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld 17 days ago +1

      OK, so there are many different opinions on this.
      Here is my take on this:
      * There is no evidence whatsoever for a god, so I don't believe in a god.
      * Similarly, there is no evidence whatsoever for an afterlife, so I don't believe in that, either.
      Similarly, I don't believe in ghosts, demons, etc., or for that matter in unicorns or in Bigfoot, until somebody provides some good evidence.

  • anthony Lee dickinson
    anthony Lee dickinson 17 days ago

    Here is one who made god?

  • 007 007
    007 007 19 days ago

    Serious bullshit.

  • NoProtection
    NoProtection 19 days ago

    i see salty human beings in the chat :/

  • TheAceGamer
    TheAceGamer 19 days ago

    Math can't prove god. Jesus Christ this video sounds so bad

  • Arcaithe
    Arcaithe 19 days ago +2

    Wow look at this puddle in the middle of the road. The hole it is in is so perfectly designed for the water that the hole must have been designed for the water.
    That’s what the argument of design ultimately boils down to

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 19 days ago +2

      “This is rather as if you imagine a puddle waking up one morning and thinking, 'This is an interesting world I find myself in - an interesting hole I find myself in - fits me rather neatly, doesn't it? In fact it fits me staggeringly well, must have been made to have me in it!' This is such a powerful idea that as the sun rises in the sky and the air heats up and as, gradually, the puddle gets smaller and smaller, frantically hanging on to the notion that everything's going to be alright, because this world was meant to have him in it, was built to have him in it; so the moment he disappears catches him rather by surprise. I think this may be something we need to be on the watch out for.”
      ? Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

  • Walteria Music
    Walteria Music 20 days ago

    Math is Not a Language because it requires another language to explain it ....
    MATH IS GOD ....
    Always was & Always will be .....

    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld 14 days ago

      Math... is god???
      Then just call it "math"; we already have a word for that. I mean, you know, to avoid confusion.

    • jinitron
      jinitron 17 days ago

      Math is deterministic, it does not have a mind. It cannot be a god.

  • YoungJay
    YoungJay 20 days ago

    I got an ad about god before the video started

  • haris mujanovic
    haris mujanovic 21 day ago


  • endercraftman
    endercraftman 21 day ago

    This used to be a science education channel and this video shows how biased and unscientific this actually is. Shame on you ASAP, I used to think this was a credible channel.

  • Fisky Tv
    Fisky Tv 21 day ago +1

    It is called ‘Maths’ not “Math”

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 21 day ago +1

      i think they meant meth

  • Hima Rama
    Hima Rama 22 days ago

    Anyway.. who ever created this video.. may peace be upon you lol

  • Hima Rama
    Hima Rama 22 days ago +1

    Well i have no science background, but i extreamly understand the difference zero and one. First of all, who created simulation for our simulation, and whos creating a simulation between the simulation and so on. Human never know the truth, maybe because we are programed to never know?, and who the hell programmed me? And who the hell programed the programer who programed me? Ofcourse there is an extremely difference between zero and 1
    If its concious that youre asking about, then everybody concious too, and who the hell the most concious and very concious about conciousness our reality? Zero? Or one?

    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld 17 days ago

      _First of all, who created simulation for our simulation_ - That's the problem, whenever you ask about the origin. As a result, ultimately, neither the simulation hypothesis, nor the god hypothesis, provides a satisfactory answer to the question, "How come there is something instead of nothing".

    • jinitron
      jinitron 19 days ago +1

      The natural universe created the programmers.

  • William Rheubottom
    William Rheubottom 22 days ago +1

    I can already smell the salty atheists

  • NJCoopdog
    NJCoopdog 22 days ago

    Lol what a joke

  • Moments with Jenya
    Moments with Jenya 22 days ago

    Very disappointed in you guys. Here some feedback

  • Krish Mistry
    Krish Mistry 22 days ago +2


  • Aditi John
    Aditi John 22 days ago

    God bless you amen

  • drawinq
    drawinq 23 days ago +3

    I'm very open to new beliefs, I believe that God and evolution co-existed. I definitely respect the opinions of others who believe in god, and the ones who dont. I think many of the stories in the bible sound ridiculous, like Noah's Ark. How would they have been able to fit two of each animal on the boat without running out of space, how did they not eachother? I do believe in god, but only in a different way.

    • Colton The Bolton
      Colton The Bolton 11 days ago

      jinitron why are you atheists here then God is right when he said The fool has said there is no God in his heart. You people obviously want there to be a God because we click on the video. But then your heart is hardened by this world and this poor videos. If you really beloved there was no God then you wouldn’t of click on this video trying to get clarification. You would of passed over it knowing your right but no you wanted proof. Wander no longer hopefully soon the be brothers I will pray the the one and only God that he will help you discover the Bible evidence at its finest

    • jinitron
      jinitron 19 days ago +3

      There is no reason to believe in gods. Just like there is no reason to believe that if your keys are missing fairies took them.

    • j.sandusky
      j.sandusky 22 days ago +2

      drawinq I find that to be incredibly stupid. You know the bible is full of outdated, unrealistic bullshit yet you still believe in the magical sky daddy that watches you 24/7?

    RALPH JAYAMANNE 23 days ago +1

    Could it be that the universe itself is god

    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld 13 days ago

      _what i mean is the universe could be conscious like god_
      1) In that case, I would still call it "the Universe".
      2) It could be conscious, but I see no reason to believe that. The idea seems rather far-fetched; and in any case, there is no evidence whatsoever that anything but what we normally call "life" is conscious.

      RALPH JAYAMANNE 13 days ago

      +Hilmar Zonneveldwhat i mean is the universe could be conscious like god

    • Hilmar Zonneveld
      Hilmar Zonneveld 17 days ago

      If that is so, just call it "Universe", to avoid confusion. I mean, if there is already a word for it...

  • Loving Rose
    Loving Rose 23 days ago

    Do you belive life is a lie?!

  • Follower
    Follower 23 days ago +1

    The answer: so yes math can prove God. Why can’t scientist except it already?

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 23 days ago +1

      e3xcept that scientists can back up why they use these numbers while asap is litteraly saying the numbers dont matter but are making a fazit based on the numbers

    • Follower
      Follower 23 days ago

      Zanta 100 that’s the exact same thing I see when scientists explain how we came from monkeys

    • Zanta 100
      Zanta 100 23 days ago +3

      becauser this here is not math
      its assigning rdm numbers to variables to propagate a viewpoint

  • Spica Rinse
    Spica Rinse 24 days ago

    No math but interesting thoughts and predictions, why are the comments hateful?