Solving The IMPOSSIBLE PACHINKO Puzzle!! Level 10

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
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    Today I'm going to attempt to solve the Extremely Difficult level 10 Puzzle by Wil Strijbos known as the Pachinko Box!
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Comments • 2 078

  • Chris Ramsay
    Chris Ramsay  Month ago +1206

    Had to Reupload.... Sorry! Thanks to those who watched both!! :)

    • Andrew Collins
      Andrew Collins 7 days ago +1

      You say you're a genius in this vid later, but I figured out you're supposed to use te coin that dropped out a long time before you used it.

    • trent soumis
      trent soumis 9 days ago

      Where do you buy these????? everytime I watch your videos I try to buy stuff and I cant find!!

    • thomas tsounis
      thomas tsounis 9 days ago

      12:00 sorry

    • thomas tsounis
      thomas tsounis 9 days ago

      whats the song in 11:53?

  • Bilbo Begins
    Bilbo Begins 11 hours ago

    russian puzzle

  • Johnathon Curtis
    Johnathon Curtis 12 hours ago

    I just wanted to say I absolutely love your videos. Your personality and humor is spot on. And the fact you have played Magic: The Gathering is sick. Would like to play you 1vs1 on MTGA. If you haven't installed it, check it out on PC. Don't stop being you! Thank you for doing what you do!

  • not Xehanort
    not Xehanort 14 hours ago

    you don't solve problems by disregarding the rules of the game, chumpy cheater.

  • Hunter Kennedy
    Hunter Kennedy 20 hours ago

    What's the song at 2:20?

  • Sam Squanch
    Sam Squanch Day ago

    Wow I thought it was much smaller before seeing it in your clodhoppers

  • G Sucks
    G Sucks Day ago

    10:12 cant stop laughing when he said that but reality was harsh

  • Гера Митрофанов

    опа почти чирик

  • werewolftheforsaken
    werewolftheforsaken 2 days ago

    never seen this puzzle before this vid. about 60seconds into having first coin out i realized it must have to go back in somehow. i tried to keep watching but got impatient and had to skip ahead to when you tried it. i think the rest of it went as efficient as can be expected. im dyslexic tho, my brain is wired differently. it is pretty ingenious because it goes against human nature to want to put it back in after all the work getting it out, and they used a coin instead of simply a silver disc just to make you not want to put it back that much more.

  • RC Slyman
    RC Slyman 2 days ago

    10:16 "Ooh. I feel like it fell into a hole somewhere." 10:27 ... well, you weren't wrong.

  • The_Cosmo
    The_Cosmo 2 days ago

    17:32 - Insert the coin into the slot since it seems it can go in sideways from how it came out?
    edit: nailed it. :D

  • Spookay T'is Me
    Spookay T'is Me 3 days ago

    15:28 ... I love the word you just created! Un-lotched!
    Un + Latched + Locked = Unlotched!!! Love it!!!

  • NoCap_Max
    NoCap_Max 3 days ago +1

    17:33 put the coin you have in the hole on the bottom that you said one would come out of
    Edit: I was kinda right

  • D1zen
    D1zen 3 days ago +1

    2 евро(рубля)

  • Hudson Jones
    Hudson Jones 3 days ago

    Those are Chinese coins


    its wednesday my dudes

  • psykidelias
    psykidelias 3 days ago

    All you do is swinging and banging it, the only thing this is not made for... So annoying. I would call you the puzzle breaker. Whatever you do, DON'T send this guy puzzles. ;)

  • thinki haveahernia
    thinki haveahernia 3 days ago

    I would use a screwdriver

  • Ruined Prophet90
    Ruined Prophet90 3 days ago

    Chris: one thing i noticed was the three
    Me: the only thing i noticed was the furnice near me
    Chris: i forgive you for giving me a hard time

  • Jaminout 2
    Jaminout 2 4 days ago +2

    2:07 right under the reload button is roblox.. apparently he plays roblox..

    • Jaminout 2
      Jaminout 2 2 days ago

      KxNE not sure

    • KxNE
      KxNE 2 days ago +1

      Oh shit 😂 does he have kids?

  • Baws Nitti
    Baws Nitti 4 days ago

    Anything you practice you'll get good at, including BS - Denzel Washington

  • Justin Miller2
    Justin Miller2 4 days ago

    at 12:35 the timer disappeared because he probably left and googled the answer

  • David Henriques
    David Henriques 4 days ago

    use the card in the "grove"

  • bath water
    bath water 4 days ago +1

    2:49 you’re welcome

  • Smosh Gacha
    Smosh Gacha 4 days ago

    *a trickay situation*

  • Doroteja Liaukeviciute

    Well the solution is on the internet now

  • Ridik
    Ridik 4 days ago

    Where you buy the puzzle?

  • John Aish
    John Aish 4 days ago

    Lmao I had to pause the video and comment how funny it was when you thought it fell into a hole and it really just came back out 😂😂😂😂 that sigh of extreme disappointment

  • Jacob Baird
    Jacob Baird 4 days ago


  • op2mus 2357
    op2mus 2357 4 days ago

    You kind of sound like dax Shepard.

  • Bert CarPro
    Bert CarPro 5 days ago

    The coin is actually a 10cent Chinese coin

  • successfuhl
    successfuhl 5 days ago +2

    he made coffee in literally 22 seconds. i-

  • Ayla Moon
    Ayla Moon 5 days ago +1

    I was screaming 'use the coiiin' as soon as it dropped out haha

  • marshalllhiepler
    marshalllhiepler 5 days ago

    Stopped watching at 1:56.
    Too much yapping.

  • Captain Ron
    Captain Ron 5 days ago

    What kind of coffee is that?

  • Rich Staples`
    Rich Staples` 5 days ago

    put the coin in the slot

  • aga
    aga 5 days ago +2

    There is no such thing as Free Money.
    What else does Honey do with my device/data to make them money ?
    They don't work for free, so there is money in there somewhere.
    Actually, i'll go and find out for myself.

    • AtlasBCM
      AtlasBCM 2 days ago

      I do believe they get a portion of the purchases you use the coupons on

  • Heung Wing Yip
    Heung Wing Yip 5 days ago

    though this sounds like kind of after reaction, but Pachinko is a machine that needs “insert coin” to start the game
    therefore once you get the first coin, my instance thought was....well, insert it into that special shape hole :3

  • MeatMurderer69
    MeatMurderer69 5 days ago

    I wonder if the puzzle companies are mad that he solves them and gives it away. My favorite channel by far

  • Jakob Sal
    Jakob Sal 5 days ago

    Then he threw it on the ground

  • Jada Broome
    Jada Broome 5 days ago

    Why doesn't he do these things live so we can shout at him 🤷🏾‍♀️🥺

  • Xtra Ketchup
    Xtra Ketchup 5 days ago

    Can you show us your puzzle collection in a video??

  • Jack Sample
    Jack Sample 5 days ago

    Chris: doesn’t know intro
    Chris: hey little doggies

  • Karim Larson
    Karim Larson 5 days ago

    Who is Rya ?

  • Yoshiro Matsuki
    Yoshiro Matsuki 5 days ago

    Perfect thing to gift my girlfriend .. it will keep her busy lol

  • Ok? Okay.
    Ok? Okay. 5 days ago

    Chris bud, the way the coin slot went over your head for a while peeved me a bit ngl.😂 I mean I don’t solve puzzles like you and I don’t think I could sit and be so patient with one so big ups for that...but man, the oversight.

  • Matt Barnett
    Matt Barnett 5 days ago +1

    Once you’re done with the puzzle it seems so easy but the process is just insane lol

  • Joseph Peery
    Joseph Peery 6 days ago +2

    I love how you displayed the puzzle before trying to solve it. Epic intro.

  • Ian Hanson
    Ian Hanson 6 days ago

    What would I do.... smash it open in a fit of rage

  • Freddy Mann
    Freddy Mann 6 days ago

    He read part of the solution to himself without realizing it when he looked up the definition of Pachinko..."Pachinko is a game by inserting cash..." , ie insert the coin (cash) into the box. That popped into my head as soon as he read the definition...
    Great vid...even better puzzle....

  • Linda Palmer
    Linda Palmer 6 days ago

    "that ball is the trigger"..yep got ya triggered XD

  • StephMUA
    StephMUA 6 days ago

    Is honey really free though?

  • K J
    K J 6 days ago

    I was screaming use the coin and reinsert it for a good 5 mins lol. No idea if that’s the solution yet.. haven’t got to that point in the vid yet

  • Evan Morrison
    Evan Morrison 6 days ago

    Pachinko, if Plinko met pinball. Seems like a great game to me.

  • lawless vapors
    lawless vapors 6 days ago

    I never thought twice about puzzels until I found this channel! Now I want to start buying some

  • Buddys Pencer
    Buddys Pencer 6 days ago

    you are a genieus!

  • Acid Rain
    Acid Rain 6 days ago

    Thats is a 2 Rouble coin, not Euro.

  • Linden Aho
    Linden Aho 6 days ago

    The slit is T shaped so my guess as of 17:41 is the coins come out of different slots, or the coin goes back in a different orientation to access from a different angle.

  • poweron 360
    poweron 360 6 days ago

    He just call us" little doggies" lol look who talkin

  • Bryan Pedrazzoli
    Bryan Pedrazzoli 6 days ago

    Off camra he just opened it, with a screwdriver to see what was going on .. I smell a cheater

  • Gr8rspy 31255
    Gr8rspy 31255 6 days ago

    Wich Tool would u rather have when u rage quit a pin or a screwdriver or just keep tryin until u prob smash it

  • Dave Post
    Dave Post 6 days ago

    @17:45 I'd try to use the coin in the slot(s) on the bottom.

  • Jialian Wang
    Jialian Wang 6 days ago

    That flower coin is a Chinese 10 cent coin

  • Joe Hunter
    Joe Hunter 6 days ago

    Go instal it with out the cris Ramsay 😆

  • Христопатий Быстросупов-Разорваки

    The first coin seems to be a modern Russian 2-roubles coin.

  • potato chips
    potato chips 6 days ago

    Столько стараний за 2 рубля

  • Pauldamo
    Pauldamo 6 days ago

    i was getting so frustrated saying use the coin,use the coin in that T shaped hole,the T shaped hole would come into view and i thought you were going to check it out,but then you'd bypass it,but then you finally did try it.

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 6 days ago

    your rager moment reminded me of Zoolander when they're trying to get the info out of the computer

  • spgoo1
    spgoo1 6 days ago

    Is Chris wearing a DPCU/Auscam hat??

  • Timothy Stoddard
    Timothy Stoddard 6 days ago

    I was right

  • Timothy Stoddard
    Timothy Stoddard 6 days ago

    I'd be jamming the coin into things right here

  • DeathFyre66
    DeathFyre66 6 days ago

    Proud to say that I was part of the design team

  • Rich y
    Rich y 6 days ago

    A puzzle box made in China, lol. The coin is a Chinese Jiao ( 9 pence in English money ). Big give away. I am surprised it didn't break and If that Bronze coin is indeed 2 roubles from Russia. I surprised you didn't get gassed for your reward lol. Communism at it's finest.

  • iim xBlade
    iim xBlade 7 days ago +1

    People in comments have 400 IQ like always

  • TheEnlightened One
    TheEnlightened One 7 days ago +2

    "It's just a pachinko ball"

  • Cody Brookhouser
    Cody Brookhouser 7 days ago

    Google puzzle solver 🤣

  • Bobby Wheaton
    Bobby Wheaton 7 days ago +7

    I don’t have the patience to unlock my gas tank cap let alone one of these puzzles lol

  • Princess_Zelda
    Princess_Zelda 7 days ago

    Do you end up keeping al the puzzles your get it do you resell them

  • Prithvi Tanna
    Prithvi Tanna 7 days ago

    solving the possible puzzle*

  • Isaac Williams
    Isaac Williams 7 days ago

    it would suck to lose that marble

  • Uptown Yute718
    Uptown Yute718 7 days ago

    Brought to you by Konami.

  • keychu
    keychu 7 days ago

    wait toronto has a youtube space?? wait you're canadian>?? from my city? oof

  • Stanley Zubrick
    Stanley Zubrick 7 days ago

    2 russian roubles!!!))

  • ollie f
    ollie f 7 days ago

    Those stupid vile tattoos, what a regretfully awful decision

  • Heru Johnson
    Heru Johnson 7 days ago

    "There's your content!" I doff my cap to you sir and totally appreciate not throwing the puzzle through the window.

  • Matthew Paden
    Matthew Paden 7 days ago

    Impossible = overused.

  • Whit 350z
    Whit 350z 7 days ago

    Holds coin in hand....looks at coin sized slit
    Why is this shaped like this

  • Whit 350z
    Whit 350z 7 days ago

    Kudos to you for not starting over the timer and acting as if you could solve it in 5 minutes...these are gunner to watch in my opinion than the ones that go as planned.

  • Leo Alex
    Leo Alex 7 days ago

    Монетка то русская

  • Michael Furness
    Michael Furness 7 days ago

    What I would do is see if the hole that the coin can fit inside of to put it in there

  • Евгений Улитин

    О! Два рубасика

  • armancha23
    armancha23 7 days ago

    This and Lotus have been my Favorites! ...maybe the phone also haha.

  • Quinn Sullivan
    Quinn Sullivan 7 days ago

    da coin

  • Sebastian Petrie
    Sebastian Petrie 7 days ago

    Just wondering if you’d ever or ever considered a Rubik’s cube themed video

  • Quinn Sullivan
    Quinn Sullivan 7 days ago

    the glad commercial gets me so bugged bc the dog goes for the treat

  • Vivie Phoenix
    Vivie Phoenix 7 days ago

    I would rip my own hair out if I had to do that.

    JOMOGO 7 days ago

    0:03 today it is Wednesday my dudes

  • Ivan Serebryakov
    Ivan Serebryakov 7 days ago +4

    the coin is 2 russian roubles, i am impressed :)

    • NintenHub
      NintenHub 4 days ago

      +Rich y 0.01p = £0.01 there are 100p in £1. I Said I made the mistake with the 7RMB one so no need to be a complete dick about it. Just so you know. Have a nice day.

    • Rich y
      Rich y 4 days ago

      +NintenHubOh.... right.... sure...if you say so. By the way...You cannot get 0.01p it's 1p. And just to let you know... 7 RMB is 79-80p. Just to make sure you know. Have a lovely day :)

    • NintenHub
      NintenHub 5 days ago

      +Rich y Yes, you are right. I didn't read the exchange rate correctly, but 1 jiao is around 0.01p not 9p

    • Rich y
      Rich y 5 days ago

      NintenHub 7 RMB would = 79-80 Pence actually ;)

    • NintenHub
      NintenHub 6 days ago

      +Rich y 1 jiao is about 1p according to current exchange rates ( at time of posting) 9p is around 7 RMB

  • streetwolfe
    streetwolfe 7 days ago +3

    Video starts at 10:00
    You're welcome.

  • yvan mfinyom
    yvan mfinyom 7 days ago

    I would've just stopped after the first coin and called it a day.