Top 10 Scary Teletubbies Theories

  • Published on May 30, 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Teletubbies Theories
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    Tinky winky, dipsy, lala, po. Teletubbies, teletubbies, i dont know the rest of the words but i used to love it when i was a wee little human. But were these colourful chubby smiley creatures really as innocent as they appeared? And is anyone gonna mention how creepy the baby sun was? I'm not saying the baby itself was creepy but the concept was weird. And im about to ruin it for you so lets go, this is the Top 10 Scary Teletubbies Theories.
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  • Cross echlipse
    Cross echlipse Hour ago

    Daughter: dad come here
    Me: what is it
    me: TURN DAT THE FUK OFF WERE MOVING *Gets in car*

  • Alex Shepherd
    Alex Shepherd 7 hours ago


  • Perla Garcia
    Perla Garcia 10 hours ago +1

    1:15 yes noo noo does clean up after them in the game slendytubbies noo noo puts poison in one of custards when the teletubbies eat them tinky winky ends up being infected and kills his friends halfway threw the game the white teletubbie/Guardian meets noo noo then noo noo says he is making the world a better place super crazy

  • Perla Garcia
    Perla Garcia 10 hours ago +1

    1:08 yes there is someone monitoring and what they’re doing so this may sound crazy but there is a game called slendytubbies and made by zeoworks halfway threw the game (slendytubbies is game that is the opposite of teletubbies there is killing and stuff) so halfway threw the game laalaa is the only teletubbie alive then something comes towards her it is a teletubbie that is white it’s never shown in the teletubbies series the white teletubbie it’s self says to laalaa that there is other teletubbies living and he says the his job was to keep the teletubbies from getting harm and protecting them he also monitors them everyday and if one of the teletubbies saw something more interesting outside of the land they live other teletubbies/workers will erase their memory of what they saw and put them back to teletubbie land where they live crazy right?

  • 사랑해
    사랑해 Day ago

    "Both of them are girls so..what?"
    Me: (1)They're possibly Lesbian
    (3)Teletubby Logic

  • 사랑해
    사랑해 Day ago

    Ayman: "They're really cute"
    Me: They're really scary

  • 사랑해
    사랑해 Day ago

    Me: *Clicks video*
    Also me: Why did I click this?

  • potato girl
    potato girl Day ago

    Am I the only one that actually loved the vacuum?

  • unicorn squad
    unicorn squad Day ago +1

    I'm traumatized

  • galaxy pickle gacha pickle

    MostAmazingTop10: *makes top 10 scary Teletubbies theories*

    Teletubbies: hold my Tubbie custard.

  • Maria Iosif
    Maria Iosif Day ago

    Is Po the yellow Teletubie? I never knew but I do know this show.

  • Maria Iosif
    Maria Iosif Day ago +1

    Hello Ayman! I love both you and your USclip channel! You're tge best!!! I love you! ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Ryan Ventura
    Ryan Ventura 2 days ago

    I watch that teletubies when i was 4 years old and my mind like crazy i mind why teletubbies act like im 9 years old....i knew its dagerous vid

  • Billy Winchester
    Billy Winchester 2 days ago

    It's a good thing I was satisfied with Tom and Jerry.

  • LolbitPranksta
    LolbitPranksta 3 days ago

    I actually knew about some of their backstory barely, and jezz I used to kinda like it in my Elders house on a old TV, what a perfect mix... God the show scarred me, I used to Duck or run away screaming when the Speakers came poping up, And my days would be Ruined.. If I would be their I would probably, just Sit facing away and turn my head, to watch and smile thinking..*"she's going to regret it.."*

  • Zakkary Moore
    Zakkary Moore 3 days ago

    Tubby custard is actually made of mashed potatoes with other ingredients

  • Alice Gacha
    Alice Gacha 4 days ago

    I was watching a Teletubies episode on youtube and they were "bottom bumping" :I

  • BonnietheGamer [plush productions]

    Number 11: SlendyTubbies

  • Jb Hyman
    Jb Hyman 5 days ago

    9ld 58nk6... Thant's me!...

  • Jb Hyman
    Jb Hyman 5 days ago

    Hah remember this this is my name 58nk6 28nk6

  • Here's Chica
    Here's Chica 5 days ago

    Dear god no!! Why are there always creepy theories like these?
    There're spooky as hell!!

  • Here's Chica
    Here's Chica 5 days ago

    AWWW!!!! Hearing Ayman singing near the star is super cute!!
    May i have a hug, Please!!~

  • Aldwyne Carindig
    Aldwyne Carindig 6 days ago

    Teletubbies became sleandytubby cause the custard is infected became monster...

  • Cookie Tiana
    Cookie Tiana 7 days ago


  • Dark Tube
    Dark Tube 7 days ago

    You can Google where Teletubbies live or see USclip vids of it

  • Romdom lom
    Romdom lom 7 days ago


  • ruthiemomma
    ruthiemomma 7 days ago

    All 9 till 1: eh not scary

    1: ............... Oh jeez okay im gonna bleach my eyes now

  • Ana Šnajder
    Ana Šnajder 7 days ago

    The banned episode is on my grandmas videotape because she was filming it but she didnt realize they would ban that same episode so i can watch it at home. I didnt even know it was banned.... SO CRAZY!!

  • Luis C
    Luis C 8 days ago

    Smash or smash?

  • Linda Earheart
    Linda Earheart 8 days ago

    Screamtubbies horror game

  • Luka227
    Luka227 8 days ago

    Im 10 yrs old i play that horror game and watching real movie of teletubbies (not horror)

  • Mr.noobie Boy
    Mr.noobie Boy 8 days ago

    My theory: the teletubies are being treated so kindly that they cant feel sadness so one day they will be in controlled and enslaved by humans

  • Nacole Burrell
    Nacole Burrell 9 days ago

    I was scared of them ever sense

  • Hamed Al Ketbi
    Hamed Al Ketbi 9 days ago

    Teletubbies was my favorite show when I was little

  • Connie Hopkins
    Connie Hopkins 10 days ago +1

    My grandma once gave me a creepy purple Teletubbie

  • Far Ha
    Far Ha 11 days ago

    Thats really scary

  • GachaxLover
    GachaxLover 11 days ago

    I always thought the Teletubbies were creepy

  • EG_Animates
    EG_Animates 12 days ago

    i made a blue teletubie in my head called bluezy gluezy who drinks glue

  • Cheyenne Morgan Likes Teletubbies 2.0

    *I'm gunna go cry in a corner now...... BUT ILL STILL LOVE DA TELETUBBIES!!!!!!!! U CSNT MAKE MEH STOP LOVING THEM REEEEEEE*

  • gameboytom
    gameboytom 13 days ago

    O yea da bear 😳😳😳

  • bebelabs Josh
    bebelabs Josh 13 days ago


  • Chuck Little
    Chuck Little 14 days ago

    Teletubbies Teletubbies Sing hello *Teletubbies* Helllo!

  • Ñêkø ßêløvêd
    Ñêkø ßêløvêd 14 days ago +1

    If you look up how old is barney you will see something funny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • batwing gamer
    batwing gamer 15 days ago

    Wee little human

  • Nova Kun
    Nova Kun 15 days ago


  • donut ľøvëř
    donut ľøvëř 15 days ago

    Why my childhood i remembered i liked the yellow and red i think the yellow is lala i really liked them but when i was 8 i decided to watch my childhood movie again i was a little creeped though

  • I’m A sans fan girl Oof

    I am thinking so much about Slendytubbies right now

  • Ariel Ruh
    Ariel Ruh 16 days ago

    I don't mind the Teletubbies I actually love them they're so cute

  • Super Mario Kaeden vlog Kermit

    Teletubbies are creepy I wonder why I watched teletubbies when I didn’t hated the show and creeped out

    ALUX ALUX 16 days ago

    Too much information dude

  • Ne Chi Rakheli paw
    Ne Chi Rakheli paw 17 days ago

    Nono i don’t know say the blue he was a tluytubby the blue thing

  • d gamer bitamog
    d gamer bitamog 17 days ago

    A game name slendytubbies

  • Kelllalllfruryss
    Kelllalllfruryss 18 days ago

    Tele go hard wtf guys

  • siosifa maasi
    siosifa maasi 18 days ago +1

    There goes my childhood.....

  • imopet
    imopet 19 days ago

    Change Da World,
    My Final Message. Goodbye

  • Gianna Cherry
    Gianna Cherry 19 days ago

    Rose's are red
    The color of yellow goes with corn
    The voice actress of Po went off to do lesbian porn.

  • Adrianna Bastardi
    Adrianna Bastardi 19 days ago

    Me: watches this at 3am knowing I’ll be terrified

    Also me: *everything is fine*
    Me: *shreik*

  • Avery Johnson
    Avery Johnson 19 days ago

    Laa laa is male

  • Anti Zoom
    Anti Zoom 20 days ago


  • audit pedro
    audit pedro 20 days ago

    And po is evil