THE $1,000 FACIAL! Is It Worth It?!

  • Published on Jan 24, 2019
  • "MEDICATE" SINGLE & MUSIC VIDEO FEBRUARY 1! I've never needed your support as much as I need it now, so make sure you DOWNLOAD & STREAM the hell out of it, and watch the music video!
    Check out Ivan! I swear the results are even better today than they were when I filmed the outro. I'm shook.
    My girl Irene! She bakes & is funny
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  • Gabbie Hanna
    Gabbie Hanna  4 months ago +3134

    FEB 1!! This is MY FAVORITE THING I'VE EVER DONE and i know i say that every time but i MEAN it every time. i really think i found my voice on this song, and i can't wait to blow you ALL AWAY. it's NOTHING that you're expecting, it sounds nothing like anything i've done, and you're gonna gag. i REALLY need your support rn, so make sure you're DOWNLOADING AND STREAMING ON FEB 1!!!

    • Vanessa Valentin
      Vanessa Valentin 2 months ago

      Hi Gabbie I think ur really cool what u do for your fans. I really like ur show it's funny and the music u do is great keep it up.😁😀❤️

    • Ellie Garcia
      Ellie Garcia 3 months ago

      Feb 1st is my B-day!

    • Shadow Nova
      Shadow Nova 3 months ago +1

      Heard it technically

    • Shadow Nova
      Shadow Nova 3 months ago +1

      I’ve seen it. It’s awesome good job Gabbie ❤️

    • sofia Polydorou
      sofia Polydorou 4 months ago

      Omg the think with the thermometer happened to me as well but like in the doctors waiting room ... With other peopleeeee

  • Jazmin Bradley
    Jazmin Bradley 15 hours ago

    Gabbie +Irene= Gibrene!!!!!

  • Deja Robinson
    Deja Robinson Day ago +1

    When u were talking about how u came up with the song it got deep and very true
    Clap 👏 clap 👏 clap 👏

  • Tazia Leigh
    Tazia Leigh 5 days ago

    Tell me why he looks like Criss Angel 😆

  • Lye Ann Fox
    Lye Ann Fox 5 days ago

    The thumbnail reminds me of its Wednesday my dudes

  • David Collins
    David Collins 5 days ago

    Why get a $1000 facial, when you can get a free one from you local male prostitute

  • Joel Zavala Jr.
    Joel Zavala Jr. 5 days ago

    I could have given you a free facial that taste yummy if you swallow

  • Izzabelle Besser
    Izzabelle Besser 6 days ago

    That bedding looked like a bath and body works bag😂

  • Sen Mora
    Sen Mora 6 days ago

    I can give her a free facial *winks*

  • idek anymore
    idek anymore 9 days ago

    2:54 *casually twerks*

  • Hahahahaha I hate you
    Hahahahaha I hate you 17 days ago

    He’s such a beauty GOO-ru

  • Ashley Reilly
    Ashley Reilly 17 days ago

    19:58 she cut out Irene saying “2 Way Mirror”

  • chalk holder king kaae
    chalk holder king kaae 19 days ago +1

    Very bad video

  • Isa Fleming
    Isa Fleming 19 days ago

    i love how irene is bring rad back

  • BriannaMotte
    BriannaMotte 20 days ago +2

    0:16 - 0:28 legit went from super model to quirky relatable human being in legit 10 seconds !! omfg yassss

  • Danielle Moreau
    Danielle Moreau 20 days ago

    Gabby: Let’s spend $1,000 on a facial
    Me: Didn’t I buy that same Space Jam shirt at Walmart for my ex boyfriend?

  • Desiree Morgan
    Desiree Morgan 21 day ago

    What is the first treatment he did?

  • LAxBeauty
    LAxBeauty 21 day ago

    new worth it channel

  • Kakudo Shimura
    Kakudo Shimura 24 days ago

    0:18 Irene looks like humantale Mettaton for all the undertale fans, im kinda out of undertale tho

  • Adrienette forever
    Adrienette forever 25 days ago

    I'm gonna radio frequency your face!!!

  • Lil Dolly
    Lil Dolly 26 days ago

    Irene is fck dope

  • Alayssia Canora
    Alayssia Canora 26 days ago

    I’m so sorry but I DON’T LIKE IRENE!

  • Svenja Gebhardt
    Svenja Gebhardt 29 days ago

    And honestly that guy is super chill with this young funny girls and does not seem annoyed at all

  • Svenja Gebhardt
    Svenja Gebhardt 29 days ago

    Everyone is kinda annoyed about gabbie and Irene talking and I’m like ... what time is it ? There was *NO ONE* around on the streets

  • briT BCRUNK
    briT BCRUNK 29 days ago

    Kinda jealous to be honest. I wish I could afford to get a facial. Damn

  • stillmikaela
    stillmikaela 29 days ago

    her cheeks really lifted

  • Paulismyhero777
    Paulismyhero777 Month ago

    There’s a really noticeable lift, she looks healthier but my only thing is how many of these treatments do you really need? I wouldn’t want to spend like 10 years getting these and 20 years paying for it 😂

  • Elli Marie
    Elli Marie Month ago

    I love that she is wearing her ex boyfriends t-shirt lmal

  • Lyndsay Oxenberg
    Lyndsay Oxenberg Month ago

    🖕🏻 you lost me with your bullshit about depression.

  • Alindz Khan
    Alindz Khan Month ago +1

    "You like my face, gee thanks that's botox"

  • C Lucifer W
    C Lucifer W Month ago


  • I dont think so Thot

    I feel bad, she was just trying to relax

  • Julia Verhaest
    Julia Verhaest Month ago +1

    Well I mean now she has Botox so she doesn’t need to spend 1000 dollars on a facial anymore

  • Chloe Lou
    Chloe Lou Month ago +1

    42!?! WTF 😱😱😱😱😱

  • Braelyn Cunningham
    Braelyn Cunningham Month ago +2

    It's like gabbies face is a slice of cake and the guy is just carving into it

  • Gacha Panos
    Gacha Panos Month ago +2

    This man is f-ing talented

  • Maggie Boyd
    Maggie Boyd Month ago +3

    Is it just me, or do you ship Irene and Ivan too? IVENE!!!!!!

  • Dawson Mueller
    Dawson Mueller Month ago +1

    “Did u get a $1000 dollar hand facial”-Irene

  • Mari Wared
    Mari Wared Month ago +2

    Irene’s commentary is GOLD

  • Shayla Mitchell
    Shayla Mitchell Month ago

    You should get your butt done 😂😂😂

  • Ashley Kirkland
    Ashley Kirkland Month ago +3

    Who else thinks Irene is I love with gabbie

  • Month ago +1

    Imagine the clicks if gabi got a nose job and made it a video lmao

  • Charlize Kriedemann

    You and Irene are friendship goooaaaalllllsss

  • Jayda Ostertag
    Jayda Ostertag Month ago

    That looks worth it

  • Rachael Van Vleck
    Rachael Van Vleck Month ago

    this guy is 100% into gabbie

  • gerry
    gerry Month ago

    My god I need one

  • Simran Srivastava
    Simran Srivastava Month ago

    Feb 1 was my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAAAAAAAA she uploaded the song on my video

  • Vee T
    Vee T Month ago

    Anyone else think Ivan's voice sounds like Bernard off of Megamind?

  • Macie_ 2011
    Macie_ 2011 Month ago


  • Natalie Rodriguez
    Natalie Rodriguez Month ago

    Her friend that was with her was talking so much it was annoying

  • archaic chaotic
    archaic chaotic Month ago

    *t h o u s a n d d o l l a r h a n d f a c i a l*

  • Keezy Thagreat
    Keezy Thagreat Month ago +2

    I’m just here to see if someone said they can give her one for free😂😂😂

  • Aniahhh. Xoxo
    Aniahhh. Xoxo Month ago +2

    “Did you get a 1000 dollar hand facial”
    Ummmmmmmm let that sink in

  • Jorja the poptart
    Jorja the poptart Month ago +19

    bro 1:30 to 1:35 is that the place where morgan adams got that like cursed necklace brooo

  • Rippin Reaper
    Rippin Reaper Month ago

    Ur a shity person who only care about yourself and money there a special place in hell for u or a con artist

  • Katiesgamimg Channel
    Katiesgamimg Channel Month ago +2

    Umm I thought her pimples would be gone 😐

  • Rabbaruu
    Rabbaruu Month ago

    She was still so pretty before.

  • karime munoz
    karime munoz Month ago

    0:17 to 0:28 the 2 sides of me

  • just a random person -.-

    *most luxurious bed in the world*

    *gabbie twerks on it*

  • Mira Parker
    Mira Parker 2 months ago

    Except filler isn’t toxic... it’s just hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in our face

  • Jeni Georgekish
    Jeni Georgekish 2 months ago

    The guy looks like my 6th grade theacher😭 omg this is so funny

  • Marissa Cruz
    Marissa Cruz 2 months ago

    Fix that 👃first. Eww too ugly n big!!

  • Ray
    Ray 2 months ago

    "Did u get into it when u were 4?"

  • Sexi Lexi
    Sexi Lexi 2 months ago

    Jesus you stress way too easy lol damn girl

  • I sTaN YoOnGI
    I sTaN YoOnGI 2 months ago

    I’m not going to lie but the guy looks like ken from Barbie

  • michaeltd578
    michaeltd578 2 months ago

    If i pay $1000 for this fuckery, I'm gonna be as annoying as i want. This dude made $1000 in what, like an hour? He can deal with my annoying friend and I.

  • Carmen Bjorlokken
    Carmen Bjorlokken 2 months ago

    Hanna brigman

  • Erin Armstrong
    Erin Armstrong 2 months ago +4

    I hate the way her friend is constantly saying 'for real' it's actually sooo ennoying

  • Greenblood Evergreen
    Greenblood Evergreen 2 months ago

    1000 dollars = eating 4 week 2 persons in my country.

  • Natalie Sanchez
    Natalie Sanchez 2 months ago

    idk he kinda gives me pedophile vibes

  • Ebubechi Abonyi
    Ebubechi Abonyi 2 months ago +1

    Lol did you start when you were four

  • Elizabeth Su
    Elizabeth Su 2 months ago

    2 months later gets Botox

  • LiveToSaveTheEarth
    LiveToSaveTheEarth 2 months ago

    LOVE 😍 😍

  • jasmine clevinger
    jasmine clevinger 2 months ago

    I don’t see a difference

  • Rose from UK
    Rose from UK 2 months ago

    Love this video

  • Val Vanessa
    Val Vanessa 2 months ago

    You say its peanut butter "ew" when you say but it has 24 karat gold in it "oh my god its so pretty "

  • Nathan Buerkle
    Nathan Buerkle 2 months ago +1

    this guy is literally Misha Collins

  • Audra Luecke
    Audra Luecke 2 months ago

    14:33 when you realize your kind of cute for once 😂

  • Natalie Drnek
    Natalie Drnek 2 months ago

    *Gabbie has ptsd about pain from the vampire facial

  • ruby barber
    ruby barber 2 months ago

    "give me all your beauty! Give me all your cologen!"

  • Nicola Thompson
    Nicola Thompson 2 months ago +51

    Ivan: I’m 42
    Gabby & irene: NOOOO


  • malorie
    malorie 2 months ago

    But does Gabby return all the hype Irene gives 😥

  • It’s Gaby G
    It’s Gaby G 2 months ago

    is nobody gonna talk about how the facial guy looks like an older Brendon Urie

  • Alyssa Bray
    Alyssa Bray 2 months ago

    11:02 I love his sarcasm

  • Alyssa Bray
    Alyssa Bray 2 months ago

    I watched this video after medicate and hearing the song a bunch of times and it's really opened up my eyes wider. Knowing the back story and where it originated from 8:55 thank you Gabbs

  • Molly Mason
    Molly Mason 2 months ago

    irene is such a genuine good friend, i am so glad you found someone like that!

  • Maria O
    Maria O 2 months ago

    “I’m 42.”

  • Tayla Williams
    Tayla Williams 2 months ago

    Love Irene

  • Alondra Marquez
    Alondra Marquez 2 months ago +7

    Gabby talking stresses me out. Shut up! Let him do his job lmao!

    • Cory Sauers
      Cory Sauers 27 days ago

      Alondra Marquez oh yes, because talking during her own USclip video is forbidden 🙄

  • Ld world lizabeth and Darsy

    Is she your gf

  • Melindii Covers
    Melindii Covers 2 months ago

    How can I say this???

    I looooovvveeee yoouu

  • Colbie Oneel
    Colbie Oneel 2 months ago

    Put lotion on for a week

  • mndi
    mndi 2 months ago

    ugh that dr is hot

  • Amman Usman
    Amman Usman 3 months ago

    So many hate comments. Leave her alone imao.

  • Paul Waterhouse
    Paul Waterhouse 3 months ago

    All her annoying fans trying to stick up for them saying "oh they're being teenagers having fun!' but she's literally almost 30 years old and getting a professional procedure done with another professional adult and that's not good etiquette. Any normal person would know this..but it's okay for UScliprs?? No.

  • Caleb Good
    Caleb Good 3 months ago

    It came out on my brothers birthday Feb 1

  • The Taylors
    The Taylors 3 months ago +5

    That guy reminds me of the dude from 13 going on 30.

  • Salty Red
    Salty Red 3 months ago

    1:30 nothing like two middle-aged women filming a video in a totally not sketchy street :)

  • Calla Baker
    Calla Baker 3 months ago

    Don't get me wrong this looks amazing on her, and I get that there is a lot of benefits to what they're doing but I would not spend $1000 on a facial that isn't even really relaxing. When I picture a facial for that high of a price I imagine super relaxing, calm music, possible candles, dim lights, and no talking except him answering a question I have. Not bright lights talking the whole time with nothing but some cream and high tech machines. That's just my opinion though.

  • Heather Ann
    Heather Ann 3 months ago

    Gabbie. I like your videos most of the time, but I always wonder why you are so loud and talkative/disruptive whenever you're getting something like this done? Whenever someone is doing something to you.. you should tone it down