• Published on Apr 10, 2019
  • Timestamps
    00:07 Trendy hair hacks
    05:40 How to curl your hair
    07:05 DIY dry shampoo
    08:20 Easy hairstyles
    13:12 Weird hair tools
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  • Two. Timed. Dances
    Two. Timed. Dances 34 minutes ago +1

    12:37 or you could just use a curling iron

  • kawaii_gacha Queen
    kawaii_gacha Queen 2 hours ago

    umm the reason its a low ponytail and a lose one is because you need to TRIPLE TIE IT NOT DOUBLEE and take your time on it

  • wqnder
    wqnder 4 hours ago

    the woman with the black hair for the first hack.. thank you! i can do a french braid!

  • Abdia Sadik
    Abdia Sadik 13 hours ago

    She’s so pretty 😍 Kinda missed the point but she is

  • Tarsila Carranza

    eras una perra ytus trensas estan feas

  • Jacky Abrahams
    Jacky Abrahams Day ago

    Gys if you wanted to know that some of these thing s

  • get artsy with elsie

    Only the master of click bait

    No hating :) I'm subscribed

  • Rameen MaNo
    Rameen MaNo Day ago

    In your face suit short hair

  • Tilly Dee
    Tilly Dee Day ago

    Please... Dont use any of these hair cutting hacks... Not worth it...

    • Rosa McFall
      Rosa McFall Day ago

      Tilly Dee thxs for letting us know

  • Lucia Jaeger-Collins

    Wait what if something happens and goes wrong

  • Sanskruti Shetye
    Sanskruti Shetye 2 days ago +9

    If anyone noticed that on 1:36 she looked like lavender from Harry Potter
    All Potter heads plz like
    Oh I guess I am the only one??

  • Valeria Absinthe
    Valeria Absinthe 2 days ago

    I have a suggestion for a change in one of your "hacks." Trust me, it's much better:

    Greasy hair? Take a fucking shower! Adding more shit to your hair doesn't make you look fresher, it just makes you look lazy. And arguably more dirty, as I can guarantee any normal people with functional eyes would notice you trying to cover up gross hair when you could just, you know, clean it.

  • Natalie Hardaker
    Natalie Hardaker 4 days ago

    LIFE HACK: if your hair is greasy instead of putting a shit load of powders in wash it

  • Lacey Wheatley
    Lacey Wheatley 4 days ago +1

    But I'm a fan

  • Lacey Wheatley
    Lacey Wheatley 4 days ago +6

    One thing y'all need to slow down on the hairstyles!

  • Alexis Rohm
    Alexis Rohm 4 days ago


  • Gewoon Madelon
    Gewoon Madelon 5 days ago +1

    Because of this hacksw i needed to cut my hair because it was stuck!

  • Suhani Kalkhanday
    Suhani Kalkhanday 5 days ago

    3:36 which haircut??

  • Heena Qadir
    Heena Qadir 5 days ago

    What is she using at 12:17?

  • Asad Mahmood
    Asad Mahmood 7 days ago +1

    For the greasy hair one you could just wash your hair

    • Aaron
      Aaron 6 days ago

      Asad Mahmood lmao yes it’s much better than whatever that was or dry shampoo.

  • Holly Ridarelli
    Holly Ridarelli 8 days ago

    The first bangs video look so bad and ugly

  • freya jones
    freya jones 9 days ago +5

    The curling hacks like um WHAT they look really ugly. Literally just do some research and look at some USclip videos on how to curl your hair like uhhh

  • Riley Shoemaker
    Riley Shoemaker 9 days ago

    Hayley wood is so right

  • Riley Shoemaker
    Riley Shoemaker 9 days ago

    ugly hairstyles

  • Jacintah Wanyoike
    Jacintah Wanyoike 9 days ago


  • Felifeli Nur
    Felifeli Nur 10 days ago


  • Dana Montgomery
    Dana Montgomery 10 days ago

    In the beginning the girl look like her name could be jenny

  • metallic unicorn
    metallic unicorn 11 days ago

    Hey guys guess what!? If your hair is greasy get in the fucking shower

  • Little Mix Fan Girl 2k17

    I feel like everyone in these videos complains about greasy hair and tell you to go out and buy powders or other things that will stop your hair being greasy but if they actually washed it I’m sure they’d be fine 🤷‍♀️

  • Layla Hassan
    Layla Hassan 15 days ago

    7:09 Greasy Hair ?
    Take a shower

  • Unicorn Princess
    Unicorn Princess 17 days ago +2

    This girl needs to take a bath her hair is nasty and dry girly you need hydrating shampoo and conditioner

  • Siri 2008
    Siri 2008 21 day ago


  • Really Seriously
    Really Seriously 21 day ago

    Notice they never show how to secure these magical creations? Just poof and its done and will stay up. It also helps to have super thick mannequin hair and a hairdresser to do it for you.

  • Malati Mondal
    Malati Mondal 22 days ago

    Your. Work

  • Bisma Fajar
    Bisma Fajar 22 days ago

    Can u tell your hair straightener's company ????

  • Syeda Aisha Jabeen
    Syeda Aisha Jabeen 23 days ago

    I have no wish at all just want to see you only

  • Syeda Aisha Jabeen
    Syeda Aisha Jabeen 23 days ago

    You are so cute

  • Syeda Aisha Jabeen
    Syeda Aisha Jabeen 23 days ago

    What is your name

  • Amy Greaves
    Amy Greaves 23 days ago +3


    Metal + Straightener = ?
    Write your answer in the replys

  • Olivia Pelfrey
    Olivia Pelfrey 23 days ago +4

    Them: Greasy hair? Oh! Just bake a whole cake and make sure to really get it in that scalp!
    Me: Just take a bath..

  • Kavita Saini
    Kavita Saini 29 days ago

    You cheat on me
    Love you but...

  • Lҽαʋҽ
    Lҽαʋҽ Month ago

    2:39 Je trouve que sa fait un peu superficielle à la fin le résultat ...mais bon c'est mon avis ;)
    Bonne journée (:

  • Guldar Baidavletova

    Лайкайте думая что я написала что то умное)

  • Teehee Sarah
    Teehee Sarah Month ago

    i hate that its a middle ages woman doing these hairstyles on herself ;-;

  • ginger mace
    ginger mace Month ago

    These hair hacks are all COOL and CLEVER ! But I can't remember them all...

  • Mritunjay Pandey
    Mritunjay Pandey Month ago

    Osm video

  • nusrudin ahmed
    nusrudin ahmed Month ago +1

    they make it look so easy but its really hard if you try it out
    in real life

  • Naura youtube
    Naura youtube Month ago

    Mantab bagus kok hehe sory pake b.indo

  • wilzhane borja
    wilzhane borja Month ago


  • Jack Saraiva
    Jack Saraiva Month ago

    Hellou sou do brazil iolove you

  • Naziya Khan
    Naziya Khan Month ago

    This is very bad hairstyles

  • Amatullah Hasina Parveen

    Superb 👌🏽🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💐🥰♥️

  • Superheroesism
    Superheroesism Month ago +2

    So now 5 min crafts is plagerizing.......coz those hairstyles on the doll.......I've seen them somewhere else........
    Edit: also there's a channel called brilliant......half these hairstyles are there and many more.....

  • Dharmishtha Gaur
    Dharmishtha Gaur Month ago +1

    If you watch closely on high resolution, the girl @14.54 seriously needs a doctor..
    Her hair is so dirty,you can easily spot the nits and dandruff.
    Some hacks are OK,while most of them are a waste of time...

  • Katy Blank
    Katy Blank Month ago

    The first 8 mins of this video is just god awful. From a hairstylist, please for the love of god don’t cut your own hair!!

  • Oumaima Chentir
    Oumaima Chentir Month ago +1

    8.48 looks like something Danaerys Targuarian would do

  • Elke Arikan
    Elke Arikan Month ago


  • The Queen Alvarez Linares

    Gor God's sake girl...put some coconut oil on that hair!

  • Meera Sharma
    Meera Sharma Month ago

    Your hair colour is not good I am from India

  • kanwaljeet kaur
    kanwaljeet kaur Month ago


  • joebaby1975
    joebaby1975 Month ago +7

    Some of these styles are cool but they’re on wigs. People’s hair isn’t that smooth. Mostly.

  • Mallory 28
    Mallory 28 Month ago +5

    3:46 lmfao her bangs aren't straight at ALL.

  • Florence Pierce
    Florence Pierce Month ago +11

    4.57: Yeah, rub what looks like the equivalent of snot through your hair, yay.

  • Diana mahmudova
    Diana mahmudova Month ago

    В 14.38 эта девушка первый хвост сделала ниже, а второй выше. Они всё врут!

  • Just Listen
    Just Listen Month ago

    Your face is too wide for your head



  • Heo Bé
    Heo Bé Month ago

    3:15 đỉnh của đỉnh

  • Tinagary Jones
    Tinagary Jones Month ago

    I love the channel

  • مغرورة وبس عندي معذورة

    مين سعودية لايك فدوة

  • Mediana Rachma Kusumah

    Bro why her hair is so dry?

  • プリモ可愛い
    プリモ可愛い Month ago


  • Avigeya Roshina
    Avigeya Roshina Month ago

    Нихрена, она отфигачила себе

  • hybridkoala
    hybridkoala Month ago

    Is termoprotector over?

  • sandra Sanchez
    sandra Sanchez Month ago

    Amo el peinado del minuto 0:53

  • Natalie D
    Natalie D Month ago

    19:35 interesting eyeshadow color choice😒 I’m sorry, but it just seems to be too much. It doesn’t look natural. I use makeup to “enhance” the natural look of my face, not make it look like I’m a clown. I think everyone should do that because it really gets on my nerves when I see a bunch of “female clowns” walking around. It just doesn’t look good. I don’t see why anyone thinks it does. It just stands out like an elephant in a herd of buffalo. Sorry for ranting like this, but I feel that it’s not giving a good message at that part of the video.