Bixby: How to get upcoming info you need

  • Published on Mar 27, 2019
  • When you order a ride, Bixby shows you relevant details from your schedule (like upcoming reservations) every step of the way.
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  • burak malkoç
    burak malkoç Month ago


  • GENIUSX geniusx
    GENIUSX geniusx Month ago

    Pongalo en español

  • Sanjay Vishwakarma
    Sanjay Vishwakarma Month ago

    Samsung love you

    ՄԱՐԻԱ Month ago

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  • BMLB 4Ever
    BMLB 4Ever Month ago

    Did anyone notice the error?? They used Bixby 2.0 in Android Oreo with Samsung Experience and it isn't available 'til Android Pie with One UI! :v

  • Rahul Katare
    Rahul Katare Month ago +1

    Samsung You BEST ..

  • Alleballe _
    Alleballe _ Month ago

    Bixby is a copy of siri

    • Ava Camire
      Ava Camire Month ago

      Siri is like eating ketchup and chocolate

  • gtone339
    gtone339 Month ago


  • Khurshid Amos
    Khurshid Amos Month ago +2

    Get Upcoming Info You Need Now

  • Khurshid Amos
    Khurshid Amos Month ago +9

    Samsung Galaxy Phone 📱 Fans 💟 like to here 👇👇

  • Eser'in Kanalı
    Eser'in Kanalı Month ago +1

    I am wishing to Turkish language for bixby

  • Eser'in Kanalı
    Eser'in Kanalı Month ago +1

    Dear Samsung,
    Please send Turkish language for bixby because everyone is saying bixby for null in the Türkiye

  • Eser'in Kanalı
    Eser'in Kanalı Month ago +1

    Samsung artık Türkçe desteği getir lütfen Türkiye de bixby boşuna diyorlar sustur onları kral samsung

  • Igor Gabrielan
    Igor Gabrielan Month ago

  • Malcolm Bennett
    Malcolm Bennett Month ago +1

    You guys need to fix the voice dictation. My goodness Bixby cannot get any words right.

  • The Tuareg
    The Tuareg Month ago

    Let's be honest. Nobody needs this bixby. Google Assistant is more powerful and it's available in many languages

  • Malkiat Singh
    Malkiat Singh Month ago

    Thanks Samsung for bixby

  • bilal tarakji
    bilal tarakji Month ago

    I would like to add the Arabic language

  • Mike Jiang
    Mike Jiang Month ago +4

    The most underrated virtual assistant especially by Americans......

  • Aoly Joly
    Aoly Joly Month ago

    Samsung just remove the Bixby button😤😭🎂...and every thing will be better...🤯🤯🤯

  • Spynox
    Spynox Month ago +1

    Why this is Android 8 Samsung Experience and not Android 9 One UI?

    • Spynox
      Spynox Month ago

      +BMLB 4Ever Lol there are late in their own update. Why did they don't used the S10 for this video?

    • BMLB 4Ever
      BMLB 4Ever Month ago +1

      Exactly! I though the same

  • Orange TheG0D
    Orange TheG0D Month ago +2


    {\_ _/}
    (* _ * )
    > 📱>

  • Jakub Muller
    Jakub Muller Month ago

    Bixby is so stupid after version 2.0,She know less than before :(

    SUPERCHI? Month ago

    I Have a Samsung Galaxy s9

  • King Silva
    King Silva Month ago


  • Everything ML
    Everything ML Month ago +3

    Bixby may not be the best recieved Assistant but let's see what it offers when it improves over the time.

  • HarizshahHamin
    HarizshahHamin Month ago +58

    Bixby tell me a joke
    Bixby: _iPhone_
    Me: *_*WHEEEEZEEE*_*

  • Fumax
    Fumax Month ago +4


  • Meni M.
    Meni M. Month ago

    Love it 😍

  • Gaana music
    Gaana music Month ago

    Like me

  • Fumax
    Fumax Month ago

    Was that s8...?

  • lightning_jackoYT roblox


  • lightning_jackoYT roblox

    Got google shes cool

  • lightning_jackoYT roblox

    Im on s6 sadly😔

  • حيدر الربيعي

    سيء جداً لم استفد منه ،ولا يدعم اللغة العربية
    Very bad did not benefit from it, and does not support the Arabic language

  • Anjana Gamage
    Anjana Gamage Month ago +6

    "Samsung" best..👍

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma Month ago +5

    Bixby is the best assistant I have seen

  • Sofiane L'Arabe
    Sofiane L'Arabe Month ago

    French language please

    OMAR AL SHASH Month ago

    لماذا لا تتوفر اللغة العربية

  • bilal tarakji
    bilal tarakji Month ago +5

    I wish to add the Arabic language personal assistant

      TITANIC SIA Month ago +2

      Me 2 i am from lebanon 🇱🇧 i am arabic

    ANGEL OF GOD Month ago

    Can i use bixbi in a6 plus and how

  • bilal tarakji
    bilal tarakji Month ago +4

    I wish to add Arabic language

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Month ago +3

    In India please extend the galaxy buds offer for another month i want to buy galaxy s10+ as well as galaxy buds both together

  • Juice
    Juice Month ago

    I swear Galaxy phones camera systems helped me gain over 15k USclip subscribers, monthly sponsorships and signed with a PR marketing firm. #teamsamsung

  • Théo HASLAY
    Théo HASLAY Month ago

    Bixby in french please 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • VejaIstoÉ by Walter Santos

    Este App deveria ter em portugueses do Brasil... pois existem muitos usuários de smartphone samsung de língua portuguesa do Brasil espalhados pelo mundo ... aguardamos um novo App com atualizado....

  • Ahmad Agustiawan
    Ahmad Agustiawan Month ago

    Im from Indonesia. And in my country uber is no longer available here. Just grab and gojek. When will the bixby compatible with those app?

  • ArteXx
    ArteXx Month ago +1

    Polish language, please !

  • Arpita Saha
    Arpita Saha Month ago


  • Betina Krepsky
    Betina Krepsky Month ago +5

    Nice Samsung! Congrats! 👏👏👏👏

    • Betina Krepsky
      Betina Krepsky Month ago

      And if you are loving the new S10, don’t forget to check the channel Voco 43! I loved it!

  • Isaac Of Olympia
    Isaac Of Olympia Month ago +12

    My bixby turns on without my consent. And I found out my wife started talking to bixby also.

  • Agiel Wahyu ramadhan

    Wow... Amajjinggg

  • HK Bro Wong
    HK Bro Wong Month ago


  • UA Aviation
    UA Aviation Month ago +3


  • Aruna Minz
    Aruna Minz Month ago +10

    Samsung always best 🔥🔥

  • Faxreddin Aliyev
    Faxreddin Aliyev Month ago


  • Patricia Ignacio
    Patricia Ignacio Month ago +1


  • Turan Ağayev
    Turan Ağayev Month ago +2

    Bixby ay love you

  • DoctorPain Roboctic


  • 同盟ショートヘア

    So cool!

  • David D
    David D Month ago


  • KnT
    KnT Month ago