Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial


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  • Lisa de Vries
    Lisa de Vries 4 hours ago

    "no, i see nothing, all the time!" 😂

  • James Harris
    James Harris 4 hours ago

    dude that's not bad

  • Keri Harguess
    Keri Harguess 4 hours ago

    She actually kinda nailed it haha 👌🏼

  • rosie VLADO
    rosie VLADO 4 hours ago

    Mystery but hole IS Sweating💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Анна Пилиева

    Jenna it's wonderful! You're so clever! ❤💖

  • Jula Makeup Artist
    Jula Makeup Artist 4 hours ago

    Love this video ❣️

  • See Abe’s
    See Abe’s 5 hours ago

    Jenna should cut bangs

  • douglepug
    douglepug 5 hours ago

    You did really good but if you ever try and make it again try to lower the land on the right side and make the trees on that land taller.

  • Justin Kime
    Justin Kime 5 hours ago

    That was really awesome Jenna!! Thank you so much!!

  • Хома К
    Хома К 5 hours ago

    It's very beautiful!!! Happy birthday! You are the best.

  • Elizabeth Ann
    Elizabeth Ann 5 hours ago

    I used to follow these as a kid. Good times. :)

  • Chilaka_
    Chilaka_ 5 hours ago

    Bob is too fast

  • Gentherly Coronado
    Gentherly Coronado 5 hours ago

    Wait.... We’re you high in this video?

  • •Alina Hi•
    •Alina Hi• 5 hours ago

    Здесь есть из СНГ?

  • Gentherly Coronado
    Gentherly Coronado 5 hours ago

    You did really good for a beginner though.

  • Samantha Seay
    Samantha Seay 5 hours ago

    I went from Mr. Rogers to Daria... 😂

  • dizzxy
    dizzxy 5 hours ago

    your painting went from a 4 to a solid 8 real quick

  • ElPistolero06
    ElPistolero06 5 hours ago

    It came out pretty good. I think something that would help is you blend the clouds a little more. When he coats the canvas with the liquid white, it’s an extremely light coat (which means he uses very little). I’m not a pro or anything but I’ve watched Bob for so long that I hope my “critique” helps. ~Pete~

  • Ankan Sunuwar
    Ankan Sunuwar 5 hours ago

    do more of these

  • Alberto Stegeman
    Alberto Stegeman 6 hours ago

    18M subs and not able to buy a normal brush?

  • mutt
    mutt 6 hours ago

    feeling fucking zen

  • cfaithp
    cfaithp 6 hours ago

    Make "x"s to blend better, great job it is fantastic!

  • Bryzillah
    Bryzillah 6 hours ago

    I need someone to make a funny edit of 'ohhh he's already got his knife out' XD

  • danielxmiller
    danielxmiller 6 hours ago

    This is actually pretty good!! Haha I couldn't even come close to that

  • Emma Carrasco
    Emma Carrasco 6 hours ago

    clouds,,, oof. BUT THOSE MOUNTAINS AND TREES !!!!

  • Cyrena Wilcoxson
    Cyrena Wilcoxson 6 hours ago

    You should paint all your pets as humans please?? Btw I'm not crazy just really wanna see this

  • Not Perfect
    Not Perfect 6 hours ago

    It actually looks good lol

  • Audrye Shirah
    Audrye Shirah 6 hours ago

    Jenna actually did a really good job. ❤️

  • Julian Rodriguez
    Julian Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    You know, the mountain and the trees are actually really good! If you keep practicing you could probably be really good!

  • Amir Ali Pourjabbari
    Amir Ali Pourjabbari 6 hours ago

    That actually looks good

  • Xmvijess 13
    Xmvijess 13 6 hours ago

    9:13 😂😂😂I love her

  • Rainy seasons
    Rainy seasons 6 hours ago

    "Turns me on", I laughed until I cried deeply.

  • Blue hair don't care
    Blue hair don't care 7 hours ago

    Artist with pets just accept the added texture because it can't be stopped
    Edit: you're painting looks amazing actually!

  • Diego Del rey
    Diego Del rey 7 hours ago

    All the devil quotes are so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jo-Ann Zaleena
    Jo-Ann Zaleena 7 hours ago

    Love it Jenna! Happy Birthday!!!!

  • dasaniwaters
    dasaniwaters 7 hours ago

    I'd buy that Jenna

  • David Jouvrot
    David Jouvrot 7 hours ago

    This is so lovely. I think you did really great . Bob Ross is just over the chart with 40 years xp painting.HE can paint a masterpiece in 30mn.. I had a friend once with whom I watch 2 episodes of Bob Ross with. The next day ( a Sunday) he came back with all the materials to try it himself.. That's the effect of BR on people . You really believe that you can do like him. Well, no.. takes a lot of practice. Your painting is not Bob's one but you definitely did a great job, your painting looks really good. Hope you can put it up a wall, anywhere. As a reminder. thank you for the video

  • Lily Recinos Martínez

    I love you Jenna! U n Julian remind me of my husband n I so much!!!

  • Janely Hardin
    Janely Hardin 7 hours ago

    Jenna is just so funny without being funny or trying anyways who else love her and her painting is actually good

  • Murby Harrison
    Murby Harrison 7 hours ago

    Happy birthday to you :з

  • 许迦南
    许迦南 7 hours ago

    this is giving me anxiety .....

  • Heather Pappas
    Heather Pappas 7 hours ago

    tbh it doesn't look that bad

  • Kim Carpenter
    Kim Carpenter 7 hours ago


  • marcelle beall
    marcelle beall 8 hours ago


  • Melati Neal
    Melati Neal 8 hours ago


  • Tara Henry
    Tara Henry 8 hours ago

    This honestly looks really good. You did a great job!

  • Pizza Pie
    Pizza Pie 8 hours ago


  • Winston Gow
    Winston Gow 8 hours ago


  • alexandra ortiz
    alexandra ortiz 8 hours ago

    I love this video sooooooo much!!!!! I need to try this.

  • Breanne McGreevy
    Breanne McGreevy 8 hours ago


  • Tom Dantzman
    Tom Dantzman 8 hours ago

    You did remarkably well, good job

  • Kyra Schwartz
    Kyra Schwartz 8 hours ago

    1(love you)

  • Breanne McGreevy
    Breanne McGreevy 8 hours ago

    “The devil is still in here” 😂😂😂😂

  • jalyn barker
    jalyn barker 8 hours ago

    Sorry I’m late but happy birthday 🎉🎊🎈🎂🎁

  • Rocky Marie
    Rocky Marie 8 hours ago

    Wow. I expected a painting of black but.... You did fucking awesome!

  • Kat Jones
    Kat Jones 8 hours ago

    Amazing video! The reason your brush went wierd is because this technique requires real hair brushes rather than synthetic. Hair brushes dont separate. Tip for next time!

  • Cailey Hutchins
    Cailey Hutchins 8 hours ago


  • T e a
    T e a 8 hours ago

    B e a u t i f u l

  • Lindsey VanDusen
    Lindsey VanDusen 8 hours ago

    This is amazing!!!! Please do more. You have a taken

  • Maria Wendy Nielsen
    Maria Wendy Nielsen 8 hours ago

    It's just like watching a makeup tutorial! "Why is that so blended, mine looks like not blended!"

  • misn1ce
    misn1ce 9 hours ago

    Did you really think we’d forget! Squirrel murderer

  • Egret& Yarrow
    Egret& Yarrow 9 hours ago

    loved it

  • Lainagail Greason
    Lainagail Greason 9 hours ago

    Tbh that’s beautiful Jenna. Those trees are on point. U should do this again

  • Jorge Palma Medina
    Jorge Palma Medina 9 hours ago

    lmao -"the power of Christ compells you" XD

  • Vianca Diaz
    Vianca Diaz 9 hours ago

    wait til its dries and rub off the hair :)

  • Yeemo
    Yeemo 9 hours ago

    I would pay more for yours than Bob Ross’s

  • pheonix cowdrey
    pheonix cowdrey 9 hours ago

    Your trees look bad ass jenna

  • Emily Serey
    Emily Serey 9 hours ago

    you did so good!!!

  • Aubrianna Marie Salas-Bakalars

    It’s so good!!!

  • Megan Okeefe
    Megan Okeefe 9 hours ago

    Omg this video is amazeballs!

  • Maile Harper
    Maile Harper 9 hours ago

    This is so good omg 😍😍

  • angle wolf
    angle wolf 9 hours ago

    That looks awsome

  • Kayla Marie
    Kayla Marie 10 hours ago

    Your painting looks amazing! i would love to see you do it a gain

  • Juan Negron
    Juan Negron 10 hours ago

    It was pretty but the clouds were a mess

  • pup903
    pup903 10 hours ago


  • Susan Latif
    Susan Latif 10 hours ago

    I’m begging you please please please please do another one ☝️ I will be sooooo sooooo soooo happy 😊

  • Katherine Light
    Katherine Light 10 hours ago

    OK what the hell that's really good.

  • Oceanswan 568
    Oceanswan 568 10 hours ago

    Very nice, I couldn't do that well .

  • allie x
    allie x 10 hours ago

    6:08 *”HHHUUUHH”*

  • Mariosuperplush fan
    Mariosuperplush fan 10 hours ago

    When Jenna marbles is better at art than you are 😂

  • LaToya Walton
    LaToya Walton 10 hours ago

    I love this

  • AJ Renae
    AJ Renae 10 hours ago

    You actually didn’t do too bad though like wtf. 😍

  • Shannon Fontana
    Shannon Fontana 10 hours ago

    Your trees are so pretty!

  • Why Tho
    Why Tho 10 hours ago

    dat some good shee

  • Sabrina Harrington
    Sabrina Harrington 11 hours ago

    How are you so good?! I can't even make purple!

  • Kendal Stearns
    Kendal Stearns 11 hours ago

    What day is your Birthday!? Mine is September 3rd!! #Virgo 😁

  • Michelle Anne
    Michelle Anne 11 hours ago

    Jenna this is hilarious , immediately thought of you when I saw this.

  • Michelle Anne
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  • sofia sanmartin
    sofia sanmartin 11 hours ago

    Bob would be proud

  • wowfur girl
    wowfur girl 11 hours ago

    They used your name on Family Guy on season 15 episode 17. "take a letter".

  • Cathy Lau
    Cathy Lau 11 hours ago

    This is the best thing I’ve seen all week

  • TinaBeans92
    TinaBeans92 11 hours ago

    You are great! It looks awesome! Also Happy Belated Birthday!!

  • Carly H
    Carly H 11 hours ago

    this is beautiful! good job jenna im so proud

  • carin morse
    carin morse 11 hours ago

    way to go jenna, your happy little accidents are beautiful. don't ever be scared of art fear, girl.

  • Annie Zhang
    Annie Zhang 11 hours ago

    Damn just do a series where you follow different art tutorials whether it’s makeup or oil paint (also don’t worry about the art fear there’s always a point in an art piece where you think you fucked up but it almost always works out)

  • bri
    bri 11 hours ago

    Bob Ross is god

  • S.E.PtemberGirl
    S.E.PtemberGirl 11 hours ago

    THIS WAS POSTED ON MA BDAYYY!!! {ahem..} sorry haha..ha.. didn’t mean to freak out like that.... o~O

  • Silfiger
    Silfiger 11 hours ago

    this inspired me to go and paint now

  • annjanet sotelo
    annjanet sotelo 12 hours ago +2

    You did so good I feel like Bob Ross is really proud of you🙂👍🏻