6 Riddles Only 2% Extraordinary Thinkers Can Solve

  • Published on Apr 23, 2018
  • When we find ourselves in unexpected situations, it's hard to know what to do right off the bat. Do you think you can get yourself out of any challenge possible, no matter how strange it might be? If so, you must have better logic and critical thinking than 98 % of people.
    A guy named Charles is quite an extraordinary individual. He’s overcome tons of obstacles and pulled through a lot of difficult situations throughout his life. Let’s see if you have the same sharp wits as our friend Charlie here.
    Riddle #1: The flawed equation 0:42
    Riddle #2: Escape from the well 1:39
    Riddle #3: The prank 2:59
    Riddle #4: Bad romance 4:17
    Riddle #5: A revolutionary cure 6:07
    Riddle #6: Mysterious murder 8:12
    -Correct the flawed equation without changing the numbers or their position in the equation.
    -Do some math and figure out how many days it took Charles to climb out of the well.
    -Guess how Charles managed to get the ping pong ball out of the pipe.
    -Figure out how Irene managed to poison her husband when she ate the same exact apple and didn't take any sort of antidote beforehand.
    -Use your logic to find out which of the coworkers tried to kill Charles.
    -Help the police to name and arrest the right person who killed Charles.
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Comments • 13 388

    BRIGHT SIDE  6 months ago +419

    Riddle #1: The flawed equation 0:42
    Riddle #2: Escape from the well 1:39
    Riddle #3: The prank 2:59
    Riddle #4: Bad romance 4:17
    Riddle #5: A revolutionary cure 6:07
    Riddle #6: Mysterious murder 8:12

  • Rutley7
    Rutley7 2 hours ago

    So she gave him an apple knowing full well he would suspect it would be poisoned, so instead, preemptively she poisoned one side of a knife- predicting too that he would ask her to cut it in half.
    If that's the case why not poison his toothbrush?

  • Danny R
    Danny R 5 hours ago

    Clearly the person who came up with apple riddle has never experienced fluid dynamics... poisoning only one side of the knife still results in both halves of the apple being contaminated and both people being poisoned....

  • Samial Mohaimin Efti
    Samial Mohaimin Efti 10 hours ago

    3 out of 6 have been solved by me.

  • Xinitchi De Luna
    Xinitchi De Luna 13 hours ago

    Wow..I managed to passed it all..also I accidentally passed the riddle#5 I only counted how many number are there,turned out to be 6 numbers same as the letters on "NICOLA"..

  • Mahmoud Yasser
    Mahmoud Yasser 14 hours ago


  • Nathaniel Briones
    Nathaniel Briones 19 hours ago

    I got 2

    SYED KAMAL 22 hours ago


  • Kyle Phelps
    Kyle Phelps Day ago

    I answered 5/6 correctly

  • Amin Ouafi
    Amin Ouafi Day ago


  • Krishna Gehlot
    Krishna Gehlot Day ago

    Why the grocery man didn't call police as the newspaper man killed him on Tuesday. Police get to know on Friday.

    Can anyone help?

  • L.A Vlogs
    L.A Vlogs Day ago

    I got 1

  • Gladson Zou
    Gladson Zou Day ago

    i got the 5th and the last one correct

  • Vegard Thorbjørnsen

    4 out of 6

  • Ethan Lock
    Ethan Lock 2 days ago

    I only cracked 1 riddle

  • Tropical Troop
    Tropical Troop 2 days ago


  • Sebastian Vargas
    Sebastian Vargas 2 days ago

    I got 3/6
    Also I knew question #5 because i just counted how many letters each person had in their name, 28 meant NI (cuz its two numbers).

  • Ann Sculimbrene
    Ann Sculimbrene 2 days ago +1

    where are his parents?

  • jeremy mckechnie
    jeremy mckechnie 2 days ago

    all of them you losers

  • Master Kyle
    Master Kyle 2 days ago

    failed 2 I'm ded tho with the newspaper dude

  • Salma Mamish
    Salma Mamish 2 days ago

    Got them right

  • -Wendy's-
    -Wendy's- 2 days ago

    I got a whole 1 out of 6 correct!

  • oscar zamora-bautista

    I was at least able to do 2 or 3 I can't remember. One of them was not the same way that I figured out the answer

  • oscar zamora-bautista

    A lot of these could have waaayy many more answers if it is outside the box thinking. For example number 3 could have been that he blows air for the ball to fly up or move the pipe one way or another

  • Evgeny Byvatov
    Evgeny Byvatov 3 days ago

    6/6 yay!!

  • guitarpro594
    guitarpro594 3 days ago

    These riddles are extremely flawed and any slightly intelligent person could figure them out. Not to mention the math equation one, wrong. The board was moved thus moving the numbers changing the last number to the first moving the numbers and completely changing the answer number itself which is considered moving numbers in the equation as the whole equation was moved (this is called common sense). All the others simply have way to many options to even be considered riddles. The ping pong ball, you could've blown in the tube to raise the ball up with air not by peeing.. it is a simple method to lift skateboard wheels out of molds and that's just one example. The poison one, if he knew.. that's the end. There would be no poisoning as you're intelligent enough to figure that out you would leave and find someone better. Not to mention you cant just go out and buy universal poison antidotes and take them everyday, this is just not realistic. Your bodies immune system will actually fight the "antidote" making antibodies to fight it. Who ever made these riddles should find another hobby or job.

  • Saikumar Jammulapati

    I am in 2%extraordinary thinkers 😎😎

  • Mary Kahler
    Mary Kahler 3 days ago


  • Matthew Zhong
    Matthew Zhong 3 days ago


  • kismat kc
    kismat kc 3 days ago

    I can challange you that your 2nd riddle answer is 23

  • Johnathan playz roblox And more

    I got 4 right 👍

  • The Llama
    The Llama 4 days ago

    6/6 correct

  • רוני בייטלמכר

    On riddle number 2, he was actually 92 feet on the morning of day 23rd... It doesn't change the answer, but the explanation is wrong.

    JHAMS 4 days ago

    I got 4 right

  • Adeel Razzaq
    Adeel Razzaq 4 days ago


  • Blisse Toys
    Blisse Toys 4 days ago


  • Venom Sniper
    Venom Sniper 4 days ago

    This was way to easy 6/6 I wish there was a better challenge 😢

  • ArseniiG
    ArseniiG 4 days ago

    i did only 1

  • SuperSisters
    SuperSisters 4 days ago

    For the last riddle dosent say what day it is

  • Ben Layers
    Ben Layers 4 days ago


  • tylee 53
    tylee 53 4 days ago

    I'm not fear lis this is not really true

  • Divit Kowli
    Divit Kowli 4 days ago


  • RaR SnipeZ
    RaR SnipeZ 4 days ago


  • Anoushka Dubey
    Anoushka Dubey 4 days ago

    I got riddle no 3 cuz im weird

  • Shreyash Jaiswal
    Shreyash Jaiswal 4 days ago

    Dumbest riddle video on the internet.

  • Rita Daniela De Guzman Iringan

    In riddle #1 you changed the numbers by flipping the board, I'm hoping that it's that equation to change

  • Rita Daniela De Guzman Iringan

    In riddle #1 you changed the numbers by flipping the board, I'm hoping that it's that equation to change

  • John Noogle
    John Noogle 4 days ago

    So the mailman doesn’t deliver mail everyday? Why did he find him dead on a Friday? Because it was him

    • Ben Layers
      Ben Layers 4 days ago

      You receive mail everyday ?

  • JD l
    JD l 4 days ago

    I got none right but I'm still smarter than you all

  • Jakub Pranks
    Jakub Pranks 4 days ago +1

    1 like=10 Years for Charles life

  • Jakub Pranks
    Jakub Pranks 4 days ago +3

    Riddle number 3 you can flip the case and the ball will come out just saying

  • Jakub Pranks
    Jakub Pranks 4 days ago +1

    I cracked all of them

  • Jasfer Olendo
    Jasfer Olendo 4 days ago


  • itsyourboyaz GG
    itsyourboyaz GG 4 days ago

    I solved 2/6

  • Squidward Tortellini
    Squidward Tortellini 5 days ago +1

    Poor charles

  • Philip II
    Philip II 5 days ago

    Riddle #2: Charles gains 4 feet per day until he begins a day 10 or fewer feet from the top. 23*4=92. So he would have began the 24th day 92 feet from the top. Right? The answer would still be 24, but the explanation is wrong.

  • Maltorian Gamez
    Maltorian Gamez 5 days ago

    We cracked every single one of them !!!😎😎😎

  • A vlogs
    A vlogs 5 days ago

    Riddle 3: just knock over the pipe lol

  • william benson
    william benson 5 days ago

    every one

  • Sharjeel Ahmed
    Sharjeel Ahmed 5 days ago

    When you solved the 5th Riddle
    "You know I am something of a scientist myself"

  • Ethan Mcspadden
    Ethan Mcspadden 5 days ago

    I got 2

  • Jon McNeal
    Jon McNeal 5 days ago


  • Gavin Dean-St. Clair

    I got only 3 questions right (1, 5, and 6).

  • wang congwen
    wang congwen 5 days ago

    Riddle number 2 was something we Chinese did in 4th grade

  • Drizzy
    Drizzy 5 days ago +3

    2nd riddle makes no sense. If he fell 6ft by every morning that means for him to be at 96ft on the morning of the 24th day he would have had to be at 102ft on the 23rd. Meaning he would have made it out day 23

    • Amara of the End
      Amara of the End 3 days ago

      After day 22, he would be 22x10 - 22x6 → 88 feet up (because it's more than 6 away from 100, he didnt make it before falling down during the night)
      After day 23, he would be 23x10 - 23x6 → 92 feet up (because it's more than 6 away from 100, he didnt make it before falling down during the night)
      Since there's only 8 feet to go, he made it during day 24, thus it took "24 days" or "23 days and 80 % of the 24th day."

  • Animated OreoCookies- animations and more

    The second question is wrong. It's 25!!!!

  • James Walker
    James Walker 5 days ago


  • Christine Fang
    Christine Fang 5 days ago


  • Lennox King
    Lennox King 5 days ago

    ı got 3

  • Chandr Bhairon
    Chandr Bhairon 5 days ago

    😔just 3

  • Meet Rajput
    Meet Rajput 5 days ago

    Charles could have just write down Nicola instead of numbers...

    • Ben Layers
      Ben Layers 4 days ago

      what would have happen id Nicola found this message ? Number on a page is numbers who care ? But my name ?? Did he write it after I stabbed him ? .

  • Scottie Slone
    Scottie Slone 5 days ago


  • EX Nilla
    EX Nilla 5 days ago

    The pipe one was. . . Weird

  • Ducksdog2
    Ducksdog2 5 days ago

    You can’t survive that long with no sleep

  • Ducksdog2
    Ducksdog2 5 days ago

    No the mail man is the killer why did you go in when you can gots put it in the mail box or the front door and one news paper is not going to help because he probably through the news paper away and forgot that one

  • Lizard Pop
    Lizard Pop 6 days ago


  • Brian Lalla
    Brian Lalla 6 days ago

    6/6 ... but I didn't need the periodic table to come up with Nicola; also, I just rotated the 91 to make it 16?

  • Bob Eagle
    Bob Eagle 6 days ago

    do you have any riddles without people getting poisonsed or stabbed or killed ? it would be nice so I can show my kids these vids.

  • Enes Scott
    Enes Scott 6 days ago

    From 6 3 questions correct

  • #Immortal Gameing#
    #Immortal Gameing# 6 days ago

    all solved so easy

  • Bradley Jones
    Bradley Jones 6 days ago


  • Cielarko
    Cielarko 6 days ago

    That Charles must be Jewish.

  • Future Relic26
    Future Relic26 6 days ago

    Count how many numbers their were

  • Future Relic26
    Future Relic26 6 days ago

    Fpr riddle #5 just count the numbers then see who has the same amount of letters in their name

  • jjaet jacobi
    jjaet jacobi 6 days ago

    1 /6

  • Paige Allen
    Paige Allen 6 days ago

    Poor Charles, he's been poisoned, stabbed twice, used, and practically everything else you can think of

  • James DeLong
    James DeLong 6 days ago

    6/6 too easy !! Had doubt on apple riddle but it did cross my mind about the knife.

    • Ben Layers
      Ben Layers 4 days ago

      the one that cause me most trouble was the periodic one.
      But I knew they were 2 letters each so = 6 letter for the full name so I havec count and only Nicola Had 6 in facts since normaly this name have an S I was even more suspicious.

  • Trenasist
    Trenasist 6 days ago

    Let me say that the poison Apple riddle is ridiculous. The only reason why I didn’t get it, is cause bright side said the wife didn’t take antidote. So tell me, how can you poison one side of a knife/apple when the knife has to enter into the apple? She is WIPING the poison on both sides of the apple as the blade cuts through, hence contaminating it on both sides.
    Try this for yourself... smuge some chocolate on one side of a knife and cut an apple, and see how it smears on the other half as it cuts

  • 21billiebug
    21billiebug 7 days ago

    One am in ten

  • Kareem Kobeyssi
    Kareem Kobeyssi 7 days ago +1

    Only 1 riddle

  • Mr Truson
    Mr Truson 7 days ago

    These questions are designed to be easily answered so everyone feels smart. More views.

  • Zion X
    Zion X 7 days ago

    All of them

  • Ashwin Anbuselvan
    Ashwin Anbuselvan 7 days ago

    and im 5 and a half years old

  • IAMBATMAN133 Playz
    IAMBATMAN133 Playz 7 days ago

    this video sucks it doesn"t make any sense only idiotz can pass

  • Ashwin Anbuselvan
    Ashwin Anbuselvan 7 days ago

    241 feet

  • Ashwin Anbuselvan
    Ashwin Anbuselvan 7 days ago

    8 + 8 = 18

  • Cyrus Bryhne Gonzales


    DAVID OCANSEY 7 days ago


  • David Samoa
    David Samoa 7 days ago

    how??? how can u sleep on a wall