6 Riddles Only 2% Extraordinary Thinkers Can Solve

  • Published on Apr 23, 2018
  • When we find ourselves in unexpected situations, it's hard to know what to do right off the bat. Do you think you can get yourself out of any challenge possible, no matter how strange it might be? If so, you must have better logic and critical thinking than 98 % of people.
    A guy named Charles is quite an extraordinary individual. He’s overcome tons of obstacles and pulled through a lot of difficult situations throughout his life. Let’s see if you have the same sharp wits as our friend Charlie here.
    Riddle #1: The flawed equation 0:42
    Riddle #2: Escape from the well 1:39
    Riddle #3: The prank 2:59
    Riddle #4: Bad romance 4:17
    Riddle #5: A revolutionary cure 6:07
    Riddle #6: Mysterious murder 8:12
    -Correct the flawed equation without changing the numbers or their position in the equation.
    -Do some math and figure out how many days it took Charles to climb out of the well.
    -Guess how Charles managed to get the ping pong ball out of the pipe.
    -Figure out how Irene managed to poison her husband when she ate the same exact apple and didn't take any sort of antidote beforehand.
    -Use your logic to find out which of the coworkers tried to kill Charles.
    -Help the police to name and arrest the right person who killed Charles.
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Comments • 7 764

    BRIGHT SIDE  29 days ago +68

    Riddle #1: The flawed equation 0:42
    Riddle #2: Escape from the well 1:39
    Riddle #3: The prank 2:59
    Riddle #4: Bad romance 4:17
    Riddle #5: A revolutionary cure 6:07
    Riddle #6: Mysterious murder 8:12

  • Myrko van Renswoude
    Myrko van Renswoude 4 hours ago

    I only didnt get the elemental table riddle cause where i live we dont learn it

  • Asia Mahamud
    Asia Mahamud 5 hours ago

    i love this can you do more please

  • jake holden
    jake holden 8 hours ago

    i got 3 right 3 wrong

  • End3rblad3 *
    End3rblad3 * 9 hours ago

    All but one of them

  • TheFootballPlaya
    TheFootballPlaya 9 hours ago

    riddle # 5, i interpreted as 28, 27, 57; 2-8 = -6, 2-7 = -5, 5-7= -2; -6 + -5 + -2 = -13; looking at the alphabet, counting from z - backward, the 13th letter is 'N' --> Nicola did it.

  • Creativity with RD
    Creativity with RD 12 hours ago

    solved only 4

  • Vanshdip Rawat
    Vanshdip Rawat 14 hours ago


  • phanimadhavi jonnavithula

    answer for 4 riddle is-half of the apple is poisend and other half isn't poisend

  • The Wizard
    The Wizard 15 hours ago +1

    I got non correct!!!! bye Charles good riddance!

  • Mohammed Rizwan
    Mohammed Rizwan 17 hours ago

    Last one was easy

  • Darth Leito
    Darth Leito 20 hours ago

    So are you saying the other 98% of us are dumb?
    P.S. that could be you as well Bright Side

  • mgirl02176
    mgirl02176 21 hour ago

    I got all of them in wicked smart 💡

  • farooq ahmad
    farooq ahmad 22 hours ago

    Not a single one..😑😑

  • harlene macapas
    harlene macapas Day ago


  • Juanafe Al Balooshi

    I got 2the 1 andthe end

  • fastr1337
    fastr1337 Day ago

    universal antidote was kind of silly and when Charles got poisoned wouldnt it be a lot easier to right down their ages and the one missing is the killer?

  • Just_jessie_ Cullen


  • JJWasp
    JJWasp Day ago

    All of them

  • Wong Wei
    Wong Wei Day ago

    2:42 Yeah, but on the morning of the 23rd day, he was 92 feet up.... ((23*(10-6) = 92) while (22*(10-6) = 88)) If you're saying that he can't climb that 8 feet on day 23, then I'd say that the riddle was rigged.

  • Vishwanth Vishwanth

    ohhhhh!! poor Charles

  • Nguyen Nguyen
    Nguyen Nguyen Day ago

    NOOOOOOOOOOO😱😨😰😥😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤭R.I.P. Charles

    YASH SHAH Day ago

    5&6 only☺😅

  • DarkZeroWarrior
    DarkZeroWarrior Day ago

    i figured most out, the ball was a different answer i hadnt thought of from being locked up, and the knife through the apple would actually have slid the poison from the poisoned half to the other half depending on the type of knife. didnt get the nikola one but thats due to knowing nothing on the elemental tables really. and as for the last one, i have alot of issues with it. for one, mailman goes to houses daily. if he noticed on friday, he likely would have noticed on thursday or even wednesday. due to this, i thought him. though understandable for newspaper being the clue. yet somehow it wasnt noticed until friday? that one is just not done quite right. i've seen similar but more in detail stuff on TV of similar things happening for that one. fun to figure many out all the same though.

  • MadMan Channel
    MadMan Channel Day ago

    Well I just say one thing..
    One unlucky son of *****

  • Original High Quality Name

    These aren't even riddlesYou add an extra variable to the equation without mentioning them in the first placeFor example , what information was there to suggest that of all things he could of done to spell Nicola on the lab riddle was to go and look up the periodic tableIt's not a genius puzzle , it's incomplete and not part of the original equation

  • Xd MemeLord xd
    Xd MemeLord xd Day ago

    What a true gamer I am knew em all

  • isali ranasingha

    0:38 Charles was spelt Charlie

  • Original High Quality Name

    That's not part of the equation

  • Rohit Singh
    Rohit Singh Day ago


  • diwakar roy
    diwakar roy Day ago

    6 out of 6!!!

  • Romeo Viana
    Romeo Viana Day ago

    6/6 i will never cheat i just think of it

  • Thilo Nagano
    Thilo Nagano Day ago

    Riddle Nr. 2: On the morning of day 24, he's not at 96 but 92 ft (23x4=92).

  • Isiwary Anupaja
    Isiwary Anupaja Day ago


  • Kj Beach
    Kj Beach Day ago

    5/6 missed the prank one

  • dead xxx
    dead xxx Day ago

    What a coincidence that Charles falls down a hole 100 feet down, with a backpack full of food to last him almost a month. 🤔🤔🤔

  • Ghost the Wolfanimations

    I only got one which was the one of Nicola. I got it a different way than I was supposed to though. On the paper there are six numbers and there are six letters in his name and he is the only one with 6 Letters in his name so there are four of them so I got it

  • showdonz
    showdonz Day ago

    Guys...I'm a genius

  • Manchester Tulio
    Manchester Tulio 2 days ago


  • Manchester Tulio
    Manchester Tulio 2 days ago


  • Manchester Tulio
    Manchester Tulio 2 days ago


  • Adia Holcombe
    Adia Holcombe 2 days ago


  • Fluffy T
    Fluffy T 2 days ago


  • The Karoake Guy
    The Karoake Guy 2 days ago


  • EJ Lorena
    EJ Lorena 2 days ago

    It was easy

  • Judy Hsu
    Judy Hsu 2 days ago

    For number one u just change the plus to multiply... it never said u couldn’t change the sign

  • H3MY
    H3MY 2 days ago

    the riddle five u can make it in other mode
    he put 6 numbers and nicola is the single one who have a 6 number name

  • Aubrey Thompson
    Aubrey Thompson 2 days ago

    I only got one right

  • C M
    C M 2 days ago

    Riddle 2: He reaches the top in 23 days as he falls back after he peaks at 10feet/day. Unlucky guys.

  • Feed Me
    Feed Me 2 days ago

    What about the other 98% extraordinary thinkers?

  • rohan pal
    rohan pal 2 days ago


  • Areon Amazing
    Areon Amazing 2 days ago

    Got 2 right poor charles

  • yash khatsuria
    yash khatsuria 2 days ago

    #2....At the end of 23rd day he would be 4*23= 92 feet up, in the morning of 24th day he would come out...so the ans is "23"

  • zulfiqar 11097gaming and reaction

    The fifth one !

  • Brainz package
    Brainz package 2 days ago

    Riddle #2 is 25,

  • bina kaushik
    bina kaushik 2 days ago


  • yanelen12 Februari
    yanelen12 Februari 2 days ago

    Ni co la tesla death ray...

  • Fun friends
    Fun friends 2 days ago


  • asdf griffin
    asdf griffin 2 days ago

    i got 1 correct

  • Robloxian Flims
    Robloxian Flims 2 days ago

    5:25 My answer is....She put it in one side as she thought he would ask that and then switched the sides to poison him yet the poison wasn't that fatal

  • Tqazi
    Tqazi 3 days ago

    i got two and im ten years old

  • tiradit derojanawong

    So easy

  • cool pikachu
    cool pikachu 3 days ago

    Lol the baby

  • Aliyah Carter
    Aliyah Carter 3 days ago

    I thought the last was the mail man because if he was delivering letters he would just shove them through the letter box, if it was a parcel then he’d know on and obviously get no answer, how was he in there in the first place then? 🤨🤔

  • Haribo Bear
    Haribo Bear 3 days ago

    only 1 lol

  • Colin Goddu
    Colin Goddu 3 days ago

    I Got All 6

  • Spyalg Gyaltsen
    Spyalg Gyaltsen 3 days ago


  • drewcliff82
    drewcliff82 3 days ago

    Riddle 3 and 4 super easy. Riddle 5 I mean come on man really

  • Mansie Dixit
    Mansie Dixit 3 days ago

    Only 2

  • Balthazar Lincoin
    Balthazar Lincoin 3 days ago


  • kurt siagan
    kurt siagan 3 days ago

    how tf did he sleep while climbing ?

  • Wu Daniel
    Wu Daniel 3 days ago

    4/6 correct

  • Uno Andrei Kabigting


  • Arjun Mehta
    Arjun Mehta 3 days ago

    Wow your brain

  • Carter Matusiak
    Carter Matusiak 3 days ago


  • The Shady Fierce Deity

    I literaly thought 4 5 seconds then thot of the knife

  • The Purple & Gold Colton Channel

    I got 3 of them

  • KawaiiWolf 1234
    KawaiiWolf 1234 4 days ago

    Um um um
    Idk I GOT THE LAST ONE OMG!!!!!!

  • Ninja green Start Hart and mart

    Wait guys Nicolas take the s out I my will be Nicola

  • Kurt Gonzalez
    Kurt Gonzalez 4 days ago

    Money is the root of all poisoned apples.

  • TruthfulPeace
    TruthfulPeace 4 days ago

    Number one can simply be solved by doing
    8+8 < 91
    Quick maths

  • Kristen Kehl
    Kristen Kehl 4 days ago


  • Lopa Afrose
    Lopa Afrose 4 days ago +1

    I fell sorry for charles

  • Zayane Dawood
    Zayane Dawood 4 days ago

    I solved all without pausing

  • Myrtuu 乡
    Myrtuu 乡 4 days ago

    8:07 Nicola, but u said before HE

  • Diem Ngoc Pham
    Diem Ngoc Pham 4 days ago

    In riddle one, the equation would also be correct if the equal sign was changed to the “less than” sign. The equation would read 8+8

  • Bailey Chase
    Bailey Chase 4 days ago

    On riddle 2, if by the morning of the 24th day he was at 96 feet, that meant at the night of the 23rd day he was at 102 feet and already out of the well.....

  • TheGamingSnake YT
    TheGamingSnake YT 4 days ago

    0/6 tried my best

  • Super Girls
    Super Girls 4 days ago

    I got to riddles

  • Webster Jerry Noronha

    I got all 6... Wow ...yaaayyyy

  • Francis Kim Aleta
    Francis Kim Aleta 4 days ago

    rip 1/6

  • irsa shafique
    irsa shafique 4 days ago

    1 of them

  • DumbleDerp
    DumbleDerp 4 days ago

    I actually got the ping pong ball one and i feel like a genius

  • Sheyli_ privv
    Sheyli_ privv 4 days ago

    I only answered correctly 2 questions!!☹️

  • Gacha_Bolt _LOL_YT
    Gacha_Bolt _LOL_YT 4 days ago

    All :)

  • LoRon Pearson
    LoRon Pearson 4 days ago

    I got two

  • Jade Loughrey
    Jade Loughrey 5 days ago

    make that 3%

  • Mike Tyson
    Mike Tyson 5 days ago

    all easy cmon....

  • Lucas McLane
    Lucas McLane 5 days ago