BEST Magician Winner Mat Franco on America's Got Talent 2014 | Magicians Got Talent


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  • Summer P
    Summer P 46 minutes ago

    Rose was in the fosters

  • Valeria Fantastica
    Valeria Fantastica 2 hours ago

    At 25:52 I literally thought the king of hearts!

  • Mason Hopkins
    Mason Hopkins 2 hours ago +1

    I live in Coventry RI and I also Saul the king what the heck

  • Fox Land
    Fox Land 2 hours ago

    And I chose the queen of ♣️ smh

  • Fox Land
    Fox Land 2 hours ago +1

    I wish I had a grandma like that...
    My grandma is pure evil.....

  • 6Lilly Wu
    6Lilly Wu 4 hours ago

    about the king of hearts, it was since he stopped for a second at the king of hearts. i thought it was suspicious so i chose the six of hearts

  • MIKS 108
    MIKS 108 5 hours ago

    Wtf it was king it wad my card

  • Von dela Cruz
    Von dela Cruz 7 hours ago

    29:41 see a green ball in his left hand.:)

  • June Yang
    June Yang 9 hours ago

    Is It weird that i thought of the king of hearts

  • Sapere Aude
    Sapere Aude 11 hours ago

    15:32 one of the cards was black but in the red row so he put it back without anyone notecing

    • Sapere Aude
      Sapere Aude 11 hours ago

      and i dont mean the tree of clubs btw

  • Sapere Aude
    Sapere Aude 11 hours ago

    14:50 its normal to have 50% right since half of those cards are black and the other half are red

  • verrel az10
    verrel az10 14 hours ago

    15:34 see it clearly

  • Abdul rehman
    Abdul rehman 14 hours ago

    i also saw heart king

  • Smiley
    Smiley 15 hours ago

    30:57 i applied what he says during the first audition..... Stop pause play etc.... Then i figure it out......but i cant do it on crowd😨

    THE WCEA ARUNP 17 hours ago

    I need to learn magic...pls some one will teach me

  • Luke C
    Luke C 19 hours ago +1

    wonderful story

  • Sean Bennie
    Sean Bennie 19 hours ago

    i love his enthusiasm

  • Joseph Scott
    Joseph Scott 21 hour ago

    Lmao fake asf

  • Alex Vasquez
    Alex Vasquez 23 hours ago +2

    25:53 am dead 😂😂🙀🙀🙀

  • BoyScout
    BoyScout 23 hours ago

    This comment is not for those who put it in slow-mo.
    WOW. how´d he do THAT?


    Phillip defranco’s brother

  • Weli7272
    Weli7272 23 hours ago

    How does he do 27:53?

  • Kaliyah Rock
    Kaliyah Rock 23 hours ago

    Omg I saw the kind of hearts to omg! 😲 25:58

  • Xo Kliexy Xo
    Xo Kliexy Xo Day ago

    I figured it out..Not tellin' yah, but it's pretty easy. Look VERY closely at the top card

  • Chris Bell
    Chris Bell Day ago

    No one picked the King of hearts. It's called a force pick. Go back and watch how he makes the king of hearts sit so you can see it but the other card he flipped through fast. It's force. It's kinda old trick. Thanks

  • Hakito VR
    Hakito VR Day ago

    25:54 i saw king of heart and when he shove the card and its fly its king of heart wtf !?!?!??!

  • asspounderify
    asspounderify Day ago

    Cups and balls seems to be used a bit late in his progression of magic for the show? shouldnt this be an upfront starter? lol

  • asspounderify
    asspounderify Day ago

    Mine was 3 of spade ...

  • asspounderify
    asspounderify Day ago


  • asspounderify
    asspounderify Day ago

    Thats honestly the sweetest

  • viper ville chrisie strikes

    10 spade

  • Makayla Deangelo

    The first act when he said pick a card then flew them had the card of the king. But mine was 10 🖤 so he got it wrong for mine 😂

  • Sophie's Channel

    Did anyone see the one with humans cards he switched 2 0-0. Oops nevermind

  • Maverick Waterman

    Are you happy USclip I finally watched this video

  • CruKXzs
    CruKXzs Day ago

    What if he just airdropped the photo

  • carly mars
    carly mars Day ago

    I saw him put three balls down

  • gd bambam
    gd bambam Day ago

    King of hearts.....OMG that really got me.... lots of respect for all the magicians🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Hussain Khan
    Hussain Khan Day ago

    i also think the king of hearts bro amazing

  • ling qq
    ling qq Day ago

    he is amazing!!!

  • sherry lou gogolin


  • Norsendo
    Norsendo Day ago

    Mat Franco explains his backstory like Barry Allen from the flash TV SHOW

  • Muhammad Sani
    Muhammad Sani Day ago

    i saw the number 5

  • gamerdiamond yt
    gamerdiamond yt Day ago

    Ahahahay nice magic but I known there iis 4 balls

  • Ronny Han
    Ronny Han Day ago

    @2:17 "Wow so you're self taught", "Yes"
    @5:09 "When other kids went to football camp, i went to magic school is LA"


  • Sophie Smith
    Sophie Smith Day ago

    I picked the king of hearts

  • Dahlila G.H
    Dahlila G.H Day ago

    That’s literally the card I saw

  • OwonacyGaming
    OwonacyGaming Day ago

    The king of hearts trick is so easy

  • Jennifer Pedraza

    That was my card king of hearts

  • leeoma collins
    leeoma collins 2 days ago


  • yujiang zhu
    yujiang zhu 2 days ago

    i was think 10 of spades

  • Topsy Cretz
    Topsy Cretz 2 days ago

    It think he forced us to choose king of hearts

  • Owen D
    Owen D 2 days ago

    Poor seat 642 and the one who sits there to

  • ShadowRocket 102
    ShadowRocket 102 2 days ago

    I was thinking the queen not the king

  • Lhyn Rivera
    Lhyn Rivera 2 days ago

    Wow hes so great..😍

  • Blue Ant Rblx
    Blue Ant Rblx 2 days ago

    Omg no i guess red king love omg no way

  • Lady345 USD
    Lady345 USD 2 days ago

    Do slo mo 29:35 to 29:43

  • Soty Cloi
    Soty Cloi 2 days ago

    the jew

    AWSOME NERD 2 days ago


  • Just some chilling lemon with no moustache

    Shin Lee has joined the chat

  • Rhonamae Gumapon
    Rhonamae Gumapon 2 days ago

    I really like Mel B everytime she said "Noooooooooo"

  • John Marcie Roa
    John Marcie Roa 2 days ago

    February 2019 Anyone?

  • Awesome Man
    Awesome Man 3 days ago

    Barney Stinson did it why can’t you

  • faisal kollam
    faisal kollam 3 days ago

    35.06 she put back 3 cards on his pants ...

  • Valcons
    Valcons 3 days ago

    was his grandma in a vegatative state

  • Raphael Correia
    Raphael Correia 3 days ago


  • ItzNexi
    ItzNexi 3 days ago

    That Audition was really good but i saw a others card xD

  • Erfan Vlogs
    Erfan Vlogs 3 days ago

    25:52 *I guessed King of hearts who else?*

  • Aaron 0357
    Aaron 0357 3 days ago

    I saw the 5 of hearts

  • Best clipz
    Best clipz 3 days ago

    That was the number I saw

  • Brady Davis
    Brady Davis 3 days ago

    *shim Lin entered chat*

  • Mesha Botes
    Mesha Botes 3 days ago

    I guest that card K

  • Coco21212
    Coco21212 3 days ago

    He's very charsimatic, but his magic tricks are really easy to see through.
    It's just not worse one million dollars. Especially when I've seen tricks on this show I couldn't even begin to understand. And those people lost. I don't get it.

  • Jakob Coronado
    Jakob Coronado 3 days ago

    At 25:52 he knew it was that card cus when he flicked the cards he flicked that card slowly so he knew we were gonna focus on it

  • Aymerick Roy
    Aymerick Roy 3 days ago

    magic off dynamo magician impossible versus Mat Franco

  • D.F
    D.F 3 days ago

    I can be sure all of them are one group. All of them are trying to make him win for untold reason . Very bad for famous people’s like them .

  • Miguel Salas
    Miguel Salas 3 days ago

    That was cool cards across trick

  • Ianjhefer Guevarra
    Ianjhefer Guevarra 3 days ago

    27:13 he got the wrong card ? Why the ace of spade ? It should be the card with signature

  • the awesome bros hahaha

    No joke I literally guest king of hearts

  • Vaugsy
    Vaugsy 3 days ago

    Last trick is easy to do, it’s just cards across

  • froilance Manantan
    froilance Manantan 3 days ago

    same with my magic trick wahahahahha

  • LJ Vids
    LJ Vids 4 days ago

    with the ball and the cups there is a 4th ball cus i have the magic trick at home

  • theonetheycallJOLLY Tv

    With the card on the ceiling trick he uses a mental trick were he riffles through all the cards fast and goes slower past the king and that’s why most people read the king because it’s the slowest and the only one they can read. I’ve seen this used in other tricks before.

  • Zep_U
    Zep_U 4 days ago

    how did he know that the king of hearts was what i was thinking

  • Gewoon Mert
    Gewoon Mert 4 days ago

    Nope mine was 5 of diamond

  • المخترعون العرب

    He refused two times and the jury asked him to stop singing again but he shut them up the third time

  • gala almarri
    gala almarri 4 days ago


  • Aedan Howe
    Aedan Howe 4 days ago

    At 34:02, it sounds like Howard squeezed one out...

  • euniqee
    euniqee 4 days ago +18

    This man has so much confidence and is so comedic in so many ways. If you are just looking at him for the flaws of his tricks, who cares? His tricks may be easy to solve but he make it unbelievable with his way of entertainment skills. Props to this dudes future.

    • Kewl guy
      Kewl guy Day ago

      euniqee Trying to figure out the trick is entertaining to me tho

  • Arihant singh
    Arihant singh 4 days ago

    29:51 u can easily spot it in his pinky finger

  • Arihant singh
    Arihant singh 4 days ago

    27:54 the card is already up,he only lifted his thumb so that is pops

  • Belal Naaj
    Belal Naaj 4 days ago

    Mat fraco is always smiling

  • What now?
    What now? 4 days ago

    He got it wrong because i saw the 10 of spades.

  • Emma Uttley
    Emma Uttley 4 days ago

    You thought it was the king of hearts because when he shuffled them he stopped on that card and then closed the deck so that one was the most visible so everyone would’ve picked it

  • Ghost Play
    Ghost Play 4 days ago

    It was the king of harts

  • totits21
    totits21 4 days ago

    What how i see the k
    And thats what iam thinking what the hell

    GTUF GT 4 days ago

    29:41 did you see the ball?

  • P.K -
    P.K - 4 days ago

    Shin lim is better

  • Dark Zhiro
    Dark Zhiro 5 days ago

    Does take away some of the fun, but I do have fun figuring out his sleight of hand tricks. Even if the cameras try to trick us, I can still see exactly when it all happens.

  • Ryanov Akbar
    Ryanov Akbar 5 days ago

    15:34 is okay?

  • Dark Zhiro
    Dark Zhiro 5 days ago

    25:50 I was actually thinking of the 6 of hearts. I paused in the middle of his shuffling and saw that card. But I also knew the King of hearts would be up there because he obviously showed it for longer.