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  • Published on Aug 22, 2018
  • Watch Card magician and Winner of America's Got Talent 2014 (AGT), Mat Franco. Watch all of his amazing magic auditions and performances, including his final with Rosie O'donnell. What did you think about his auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
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Comments • 6 000

  • Sultan Mahax
    Sultan Mahax Hour ago

    It's fixed show I beleive

  • Suhaimie Hingreq
    Suhaimie Hingreq 2 hours ago

    I like his smile.....

  • karderr me emer
    karderr me emer 5 hours ago +1

    He is lieing look at 15:34 0.25 the 7 of hearts is at black side

    COMEDY HUNT ODIA 9 hours ago

    Is he janky pandey??

  • TriGN
    TriGN 16 hours ago

    Omg the King of hearts

  • mastervids
    mastervids 19 hours ago +2

    he snipped one card to make you think about it

  • Stephen Karl Cayube
    Stephen Karl Cayube 21 hour ago

    i just watched this video and on that part that you should capture one card i saw king of hearts and when he popped the card cannon the card on the ceiling was king of hearts. and i was shooked

  • Isaac newton molsoi meskarai 097vd

    How did he do that😳i actually choose king of heart,, i don't know about other

  • aleahjoy doncillo
    aleahjoy doncillo 23 hours ago +2

    King of hearts... amazing👏👏

  • уυ мι
    уυ мι Day ago +1

    I was think of the king card too😅😂

  • Nafizzat ,
    Nafizzat , Day ago

    But he can't hook

  • Nico Avila
    Nico Avila Day ago +4

    27:15 the card in his mouth was supposed to be Howard’s signed card but he messed up

  • SeventhSonStudios

    At 3:41 you can see an obvious cut in the video where the blank card disappears

  • Saintheart Knights

    Have to stop watching after ive seen a lunatic rosie donnel stepped in to the stage what a turn off

  • Fitore Spahiu
    Fitore Spahiu Day ago +1

    But the phone desepeard did you see that or are u blind.?? .maybe with the balls he trucks not well.but with another was so real and amazing.and best part of show was when he talk.he is so cute.and sweet so sweet.2019?? Anyone loves still MAt.

  • Frijolero _
    Frijolero _ Day ago

    18:59 the phone is water proof cuz it’s iPhone XR lol

    KILLER KING 2 days ago +1

    I thought of five leaf and he says that its was king im more intelligent then you sir

    KILLER KING 2 days ago +1

    I thought of five leaf and he says that its was king im more intelligent then you sir

  • Ricky Canon Mahilum Abansado

    im so amize of king of heart

  • C. Ronaldo
    C. Ronaldo 2 days ago

    Mat Franco or Shin Lim?

  • MEP Gamer
    MEP Gamer 2 days ago

    *Watching in 2019* ??

  • dave duha
    dave duha 2 days ago

    props to the gramma for helping model a great kid

  • Abhinav Saxena
    Abhinav Saxena 2 days ago +1

    Imagine the person beside you shouting from the public *THATS NOT MY CARD* while everyone is cheering.

  • Luke Yerrall
    Luke Yerrall 2 days ago +1

    The phone trick was in my opinion the best act ever on agt

  • broken bones
    broken bones 2 days ago +4

    this dude...
    i was thinking of the 5 of diamonds 🙄

  • Khundongbam Graceson


  • Anandhu Babu
    Anandhu Babu 3 days ago

    At 27:10 his trick failed because he wanted the card that havard signed to be in his mouth bt he got ace of spade instead of that. Bt no one said that, I think melb recognised it. Bt she didn't tell that in her judgement.

  • Manu Kureel
    Manu Kureel 3 days ago


  • Noor E
    Noor E 3 days ago


  • Jherome Leeh Retamal

    Unbielivable mines k of heart

  • Assassin overlord31204

    I saw 2 of diamonds

  • Charlotte Weitz
    Charlotte Weitz 3 days ago +1

    27:51 : The card is already o the top. He flattens it by holding it with the thumbs and when he snaps he lets it go

  • Charlotte Weitz
    Charlotte Weitz 3 days ago +5

    15:33 : Did anybody else see not all cards where in the correct row? 7 of hearts and the ace of spades were wrong and he switched it

  • Pzoulll1039 MPC
    Pzoulll1039 MPC 3 days ago

    When he was shuffling 10 of hearts he made it slower so everyone chooses it but im impresed by the card sticking to the ceiling

    • Ryan Abell
      Ryan Abell 3 days ago

      that card was up there before the show, for sure.

  • K. Y Aliyah
    K. Y Aliyah 3 days ago +2

    Dammit i like his smile and he looks so cute and he's so sweet!

  • Nautilus Shells
    Nautilus Shells 3 days ago

    This man is a sneaky snek.

  • 7Instincter jeff
    7Instincter jeff 3 days ago

    15:32 He moved the ace i don't know if he messed up picking the deck up or not just noticed it

  • Rohit Banga
    Rohit Banga 3 days ago

    30:33 - You can just see the three balls in his hand before he lifts the glass.
    The rest was just magic.

  • Milos Stojanovic
    Milos Stojanovic 3 days ago

    He reminds me of Patrick Jane from The Mentalist, probably the most in first trick.

  • Gabriel Renato Catindig

    Matt do not! find a love becuase they would be all gold diggers. Because they saw you on youtube. £0£

  • wilmar samson
    wilmar samson 4 days ago

    awesome . your my idol

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez 4 days ago

    Genuinely so happy he won, he’s so talented.

  • Naima Adan
    Naima Adan 4 days ago

    Omg that was my card kings of harts wow that’s amazing

    • Furcifer
      Furcifer 3 days ago

      Watch it 4 times slow, you'll see how he shows this card the longest. It's just basic manipulation of the human brain and memory, but it's clever.

  • HowTo Fix
    HowTo Fix 4 days ago

    He stopped slower at the king of hearts so you can easily see it

  • FaZe Jay
    FaZe Jay 4 days ago

    I picked the card 10 of black diamonds, He said King of Red Hearts😭

  • Salmi Ghazali
    Salmi Ghazali 5 days ago

    How did he do the last trick???

  • Purval Modi
    Purval Modi 5 days ago

    At 29.41 his left hand is making some moves and he simply holds that green ball in his left hand then he picks a glass in same hand he drops that green ball from his his hand hided behind the glass and it seems as this ball was dropped from ball

  • Sabna Mundodan
    Sabna Mundodan 5 days ago +3

    He is soo innocent and have a great talent..

  • Yap Yap
    Yap Yap 5 days ago

    With the human card trick he actually moved a red and black card to the spots the should of been at when flipping them over to the judges

  • Basim Adnan
    Basim Adnan 5 days ago

    The card I chose was 5 of spades

  • daxis 1234
    daxis 1234 5 days ago

    What is so good about him? I’m not impressed at all, boring

  • yxura
    yxura 5 days ago +1

    everyone's thinking; WOAAAAAA IM HOW THE HELL.
    642 guy; *_i farted before i stand up..._*

  • And /OR
    And /OR 5 days ago

    30:00 is just the oldest trick in the book that even a 10 year old can do. yeah. even the tennis balls trick has been done a thousand times before. there was a guy on pen & teller years ago that used glasses of the same size, and went up to handball size

  • Jason Cleary
    Jason Cleary 5 days ago

    21:37 just wait and the guy is like yaaaaa

  • angel angel
    angel angel 5 days ago +2

    25:24 i know how the trick works #promagician

    also........25:24 i got the six of hearts

    YT RBLX AND MORE 5 days ago

    I pickes the the 5 of hearts so i guess hes wrong

    • Ashanti
      Ashanti 5 days ago

      I picked the 6 of hearts

  • Dino Saurio
    Dino Saurio 6 days ago +2

    The segment with his grandma was so sweet. #notcrying #damneddust #gonnacallmyparents

  • Yo It’s ya boy
    Yo It’s ya boy 6 days ago +3

    The 642 trick
    Boss:how was yesterday
    Guy sitting at the seat on 642:Oh nothing I just sat on Mel Bs phone
    Boss:WHAT THE F

  • Ashwaq Ahmed
    Ashwaq Ahmed 6 days ago

    25:00 I saw 10 it was wrong

  • Dk raj
    Dk raj 6 days ago +1

    Card magician is ever Osm magicians in America got tailent show && keep magic & keep well done work 💪💪 & i lv this show ever

  • Dk raj
    Dk raj 6 days ago +1

    Just Magic no mssti wassti on the Agt show .. Agt show is must go on American show ever & Matt Franco is osm magician 👍💪💪

  • M Channel
    M Channel 6 days ago

    The final trick is simple

  • asspounderify
    asspounderify 6 days ago

    Balls and cup routine, really? Lol

  • Joshua Brooks
    Joshua Brooks 6 days ago

    Mat Franco deserved to win America's Got Talent. His magic Is Awesome. I've also been fascinated with magic since I was a child and I'm nowhere near as good as this guy is. I will be going to see his show in Vegas.

  • Kenneth Warner
    Kenneth Warner 6 days ago

    Rosey needs to retire could have got anyone else f class actress

  • Matt J
    Matt J 6 days ago +1

    I actually was thinking of the king of cards

  • dacel88
    dacel88 6 days ago

    27:15 think he actually meant to get the signed card in his mouth but he messed it up D=

    • MC™
      MC™ 4 days ago

      yah he got the ace

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 6 days ago

    I should hire him as a magic teacher

  • nathan adriano
    nathan adriano 7 days ago +1

    Man I see the 10th of clubs not the king of heart

    • Dk raj
      Dk raj 6 days ago

      Ya, maybe true magic.. & Matt Franco is nyc card magician ever .. & I lv Agt

  • snivy's gaming
    snivy's gaming 7 days ago


  • Michael Candra
    Michael Candra 7 days ago

    But but i see 10 spades

  • Lance Tschirhart
    Lance Tschirhart 7 days ago

    Rosie is a lesbian, lol

  • Lance Tschirhart
    Lance Tschirhart 7 days ago

    This dude has Mel B's phone on his wall now. Pretty cool

  • Garrett M
    Garrett M 7 days ago

    I like this guy but every single trick used the same mechanic. He needs to switch it uo