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  • Published on Aug 22, 2018
  • Watch Card magician and Winner of America's Got Talent 2014 (AGT), Mat Franco. Watch all of his amazing magic auditions and performances, including his final with Rosie O'donnell. What did you think about his auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
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  • Winter_Green
    Winter_Green 3 hours ago

    On the finals I saw 6 of hearts also he slowed it down on the king of hearts so I didn’t choose it

  • Winter_Green
    Winter_Green 4 hours ago

    The best magician was the man who pulled tricks out his ass...literally

  • 39 Degrees
    39 Degrees 8 hours ago

    In the last performance I didnt see the king of hearts but the ten of spades..smh

  • Unica Princess
    Unica Princess 11 hours ago +1

    Anyone 19 and is fond of these talent

  • Kat and Cub
    Kat and Cub 15 hours ago

    He didn’t guess my card my card was 6 of hearts but I can explain his trick he held the king of hearts for longer than the other ones

  • Gaming with Sharkop36
    Gaming with Sharkop36 18 hours ago

    At 25:54 bruh the k or king card was what I chose and he got it wow I’m amazed and I wasn’t even at the show.

  • Dakota Geyer
    Dakota Geyer Day ago

    now, in 25:00 ish, when he shuffles throught and wants you to focus on a card, there is a quick pause on the king of hearts...the pause and color, and it being the last card seen, forces you to remember that card

  • Daniel Finzi
    Daniel Finzi Day ago

    17:23............sooo how do you know the trick

  • Lone Gamer
    Lone Gamer Day ago

    Am I the only one? That when he smiles his face is similar to howie

  • Tyler Kelso
    Tyler Kelso Day ago

    I thought of king of Hart’s

  • ĎustinÔnÝŤ
    ĎustinÔnÝŤ Day ago

    king of hearts thats what i saw

  • Andrew Fox
    Andrew Fox Day ago

    my card was actually the king of hearts

  • Kevin Chung
    Kevin Chung Day ago

    The king of hearts one is like that cuatros he like sorta stopped showing the king of hearts for a second. I got five of diamonds also

  • Sally Hammer
    Sally Hammer Day ago


  • Stan A.C.E, you'll be making a good CHOICE

    Damn I saw 5 of spades

  • Riyan Syed
    Riyan Syed 2 days ago +1

    collins key like

  • Riyan Syed
    Riyan Syed 2 days ago +1

    shin limm like

  • Riyan Syed
    Riyan Syed 2 days ago +1

    matt franco like

  • Urayeneza Vestine
    Urayeneza Vestine 2 days ago +1

    It's so incredible

  • CwSavage Wash
    CwSavage Wash 2 days ago

    Yo the king of hearys was my card

  • The O.G Dante
    The O.G Dante 2 days ago

    15:35 he swapped seven of hearts with ace of spades cheetah....... right?

  • GalaxyCat 284
    GalaxyCat 284 2 days ago +1

    I feel bad for the guy who got his seat cut open.

  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos 2 days ago +2

    Just imagine playing cards with this guy..

  • iftikhar Mahar
    iftikhar Mahar 3 days ago

    I really selected the card king

  • Wrandom
    Wrandom 3 days ago

    All of the judges stabbing at each other but never themselves 🤔

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma 3 days ago +1

    Wait I have something to show for You😉
    29:35 - 29:43 - 29:52
    (WATCH IN SLO-mo)
    25:21 - 25:27 (There was nothing to choose except king of Heart)
    But he is supperr tallented ....Loved it! #NoOffense #BestMagician

  • Raghav SM
    Raghav SM 3 days ago

    Mat is awesome

  • Crystal Kids
    Crystal Kids 3 days ago

    At 25:51 my card was the 10 of spades you got it wrong srry

    JAMSAUSAGE man 3 days ago

    15:33 had two black cards in the red pile but he moved the ace of spades back into the black pile

  • annam narendra
    annam narendra 4 days ago

    When he asked the audience to select a card I paused the video at 10 of spades during the shuffle and selected 10 of spades but he came out with king. Its pretty obvious because human eyes attract to bright colours. He knew that for sure and hence he put that king at the bottom most of the stack. This might be the theory behind the scene. Do any one agree?

  • Ayana Seturino
    Ayana Seturino 4 days ago +3

    Omg he got my card!!! The king of Hearts

  • Ibrahim 2-45
    Ibrahim 2-45 4 days ago

    I guess it right it was k ❤️

  • Darby Sylvia
    Darby Sylvia 4 days ago

    How’d he do the 2nd trick when the card appeared in howies pocket

  • omar_ 550
    omar_ 550 4 days ago

    2019 anyone

  • Fares BAF
    Fares BAF 4 days ago

    29:41 you can see the ball

  • Fares BAF
    Fares BAF 4 days ago

    I choosed card 6❤️ he got it wrong

  • Unnick Gaming
    Unnick Gaming 4 days ago

    I saw 2 of diamond lol

  • Serious Buddy
    Serious Buddy 4 days ago +6

    13:59 15:33
    The human deck magic was kinda tricky for him....he got nervous when talking with Howard

  • TfAce FVR PG3D
    TfAce FVR PG3D 4 days ago +3

    to be honest he threw the phone at 18:40..
    see it in slow mo

  • Qwertyuiop Qweryuop
    Qwertyuiop Qweryuop 4 days ago +2

    17:04 you can see the cameraman behind him xD in the bottom right of the iPad

  • K9 DEX
    K9 DEX 4 days ago

    I hope people know this show
    Is hella fake

  • Saman S.S
    Saman S.S 4 days ago +1

    *_He is like another Andy Samberg..:)_*

  • Georgia Dann
    Georgia Dann 4 days ago +1

    ummm... I didn't have the king of hearts... I had the 2 of diamonds...

  • Viktoria Bahdjedjian

    OMG! I was thinking about the King of Hearts and he was right!!HOW??! 🤔

    • Anna Hathaway
      Anna Hathaway 3 days ago

      That's easy, king of hearts was the last card and most time we saw it as well others just flip through and stopped at king which made us think automatically about it more.
      I think i knew this trick as i have watched 'now I see you' movie where they reveal this trick that's why he wasn't able to guess mine

  • smyk2004 _
    smyk2004 _ 5 days ago +1

    I'm better than him in magic I can take someone's life forever

    This is a joke

    • Julia xx
      Julia xx 2 days ago

      smyk2004 _ omg same!!!.................. wait wut

  • Nicole Palo
    Nicole Palo 5 days ago

    ...he kinda looks like tyler joseph

  • Sahand Bf
    Sahand Bf 5 days ago


  • Yeah, that is TOTALLY right. :\

    What a nerd.

  • Tiant Fikky Setiaji
    Tiant Fikky Setiaji 5 days ago

    30:33 what can u see huh hahaha

  • Ethan Lising
    Ethan Lising 5 days ago

    25:25 the trick worked because he made it so the king of hearts had more time to be on the screen for us to see. Still a got trick tho

  • Blobby2
    Blobby2 5 days ago

    nibba wut i saw a 6 of spades

  • big ben tom
    big ben tom 5 days ago +1

    Franco drops phone Mel b thinks I will kill you

  • Jake Buckland
    Jake Buckland 6 days ago +1

    Alll I could think was at 21:00 what about that persons seat and where are they going to sit now

  • Random Gamer255
    Random Gamer255 6 days ago

    I can do the cup trick

  • Hoop Shots
    Hoop Shots 6 days ago +1

    These are so obvious

  • Domy Noodle
    Domy Noodle 6 days ago

    I was think kind of hearts

  • jasmineee
    jasmineee 6 days ago


  • Midnight Rose
    Midnight Rose 6 days ago +2

    OMG!!!! I choose King of ♡s and thats the card that was on the roof like omg this is awesome but creepy

  • AlbretEinstong/Ls Lin-Manuel-Miranda’s-NumberOneFan

    I love how they just glossed over the fact that he cut open someone’s chair
    Like fr someone was sitting there lol

  • Maricruz Salgado
    Maricruz Salgado 6 days ago +2

    No way was the card I saw and was thinking about on the ceiling omg 😭😭

    • Nazeefa Ikram
      Nazeefa Ikram 6 days ago +2

      Maricruz Salgado I think he flicked through the cards in a way to make sure everyone sees the same card (King of Hearts) by flicking through slightly more slowly when he got to that card and having it near the end of the pile means we forget any glimpses of the first ones we see. Then he must have already put a different King of Hearts on the ceiling beforehand. It’s very clever!

  • Taofeeqah Ibrahim
    Taofeeqah Ibrahim 6 days ago

    That boi at 16:24 made me laugh

  • Taofeeqah Ibrahim
    Taofeeqah Ibrahim 6 days ago +1

    Okay... The second one was fabulous

  • Taofeeqah Ibrahim
    Taofeeqah Ibrahim 6 days ago

    *People were so nice back then*

  • Pankaj
    Pankaj 7 days ago +2

    25:50 kings of hearts ❤️ came bcz that's the only card u could see when he was asking u to choose bcz he shuffled the card very fast 25:24 but only hold the king of hearts for a tad longer

  • jorge negron
    jorge negron 7 days ago

    I also picked the king

  • Article 13
    Article 13 7 days ago

    25:54 wtf i saw k of hearts thats weird what the fu**

  • OrangeFishSticks
    OrangeFishSticks 7 days ago +1

    15:31 is it just me or he moved the 7 of hearts to the red side

  • Alyse Medrano
    Alyse Medrano 7 days ago +1

    Wow that was actually my card

  • BlueBear
    BlueBear 7 days ago

    Until his grandma dies

  • BlueBear
    BlueBear 7 days ago

    Until his grandma dies

  • RobloxOregonBoy
    RobloxOregonBoy 7 days ago +1


  • Shaz A29
    Shaz A29 7 days ago +1

    25:30 Matt. Sorry. I got three of hearts😂😂

  • Shaz A29
    Shaz A29 8 days ago +15

    He's so charming and I love the way he talks😍

  • scrash landicoot
    scrash landicoot 8 days ago

    the last trick was even the easier

  • Varun Soni
    Varun Soni 8 days ago +1 see the king one he stop.for 1 second so everyone mind will pick out king

  • Jessieee Bruhhh
    Jessieee Bruhhh 8 days ago

    26:00 i was thinking king of hearts

  • manny borlington
    manny borlington 8 days ago

    what kind of power he used maybe its a trick or satans black magic power

  • Dawn Nelson
    Dawn Nelson 8 days ago +2

    Part of the trick was that the king of hearts was the bottom card of the deck

  • Claudine laboc
    Claudine laboc 8 days ago

    Whatever , it such amazing for me 😊

  • Roman Kuleshov
    Roman Kuleshov 8 days ago

    Судді з ним за одно і найобують нас всіх

  • Xtg 123
    Xtg 123 9 days ago

    all I'm saying is saw two of diamonds cut I paused cut he makes sure u see kings the longest lol

  • clashing with priyank

    Just an awsm

  • James Jones
    James Jones 9 days ago

    O My GOd the card I saw was 4 of spades that was Howards card

  • H TP
    H TP 10 days ago

    I legit chose the kIng of heart and he did it I am so amazed. I'm watching it all the way from Aussie and i am so shocked right now

  • CarloGacha
    CarloGacha 10 days ago +5


  • Netai Halder
    Netai Halder 10 days ago


  • Jacob Nowell
    Jacob Nowell 10 days ago

    He messed up one of his tricks but saved it very fast lol

  • Roshan Sarmah
    Roshan Sarmah 10 days ago

    This man is superb!!!!

  • Prateek Patel
    Prateek Patel 10 days ago +1

    25:23 we could see king of hearts for more time

  • Matthew Sydoruk
    Matthew Sydoruk 10 days ago +4

    the king of hearts one was the only one i easily saw how he did. still amazing!

  • Dominic Grunzke
    Dominic Grunzke 10 days ago +2

    It would suck if you were a magician and did the same trick, where the judge and called him out

  • Kexz
    Kexz 11 days ago

    25:50 he slows down when he goes through the deck at the king so people only think of that card.

  • GTX 1050TI
    GTX 1050TI 11 days ago

    I don’t know if it’s magic... or everything is staged. Because all of his magic tricks, there is a judge involved.

  • LeeZha
    LeeZha 11 days ago

    Not only his magic, his way of telling stories are beautiful ❤💞

  • Nathaniel Khoo Wei Jie


  • Nathaniel Khoo Wei Jie