100 People Tell Us the Worst Thing They've Ever Done | Keep it 100 | Cut

  • Published on Oct 2, 2017
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    A rapid-fire montage of 100 of us responding to the same awkward prompt.
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    About this video:
    Music: Marvelous Mint / Not Over You
    100 People Tell Us the Worst Thing They've Ever Done | Keep it 100 | Cut
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Comments • 13 597

  • MM Rust
    MM Rust 17 hours ago

    0:57 lmao

  • It’s Kpop !
    It’s Kpop ! Day ago

    “Whats the worst thing you’ve done?”
    “Coconut cream pie in my daughters face when she was asleep”

  • Potato Boy
    Potato Boy Day ago

    Do you like ask people if they are liberal before putting them on, because here people are fucking pussies

  • Danny 21boii
    Danny 21boii 2 days ago

    1:45 biggest head ive seen

  • Shauna Crawford
    Shauna Crawford 2 days ago +1

    “I threw my cat out a window”
    “She was a bit of a bi-“

  • ese kruzz
    ese kruzz 2 days ago

    New FBI profiling

  • applejuicyjuice
    applejuicyjuice 2 days ago

    I smuggled drugs into Singapore

  • Charlotte Grant
    Charlotte Grant 2 days ago

    "Played the piano in church intoxicated" *I need details*

  • No one Home
    No one Home 3 days ago

    “I put my friend in a locker.
    She couldn’t get out.”

  • MovieNerd_EP
    MovieNerd_EP 3 days ago

    "I smuggled drugs into Singapore".....please elaborate.....

  • Adventures 365
    Adventures 365 3 days ago +1

    I got drunk two days ago and lied to my mom about what I was doing.

  • Maggie Cheng
    Maggie Cheng 3 days ago +1

    I stole a piece a candy

  • joonie noodle soup™

    "A couple of hit and runs" uhhhhhh

  • Lisa L
    Lisa L 4 days ago

    so are these guys gonna get arrested for this or wha? 😂😂 this some illegal shit

  • Jordan Thomas
    Jordan Thomas 4 days ago

    Worst thing I’ve ever done is sneak a Plan B pill into my exes yogurt when I busted in her the night before

  • Baxter Paschal
    Baxter Paschal 4 days ago

    The girl at 1:40 eyes are so cool

  • Olivia Drew
    Olivia Drew 4 days ago

    1:25 sounds like Danielle bregoli

  • Global Warming
    Global Warming 4 days ago

    The last person. The way he laughed then looked down and his face got completely serious😳

  • Sofy
    Sofy 4 days ago +3

    They have secrets to tell.

    • Global Warming
      Global Warming 4 days ago

      Yeah😳 did you see how that smile immediately disappeared. I sensed something. He’s probably ashamed and feels deep regret. Must be something real bad🤔

  • Summer Mae
    Summer Mae 5 days ago

    *i stole a car*

    *i rode my bike without a helmet*

  • prettyquiche
    prettyquiche 5 days ago

    guy: i rode a bike... without a helmet
    me: whoa

  • me still me
    me still me 5 days ago

    0:28 and 0:31 are both moods...

  • Ava Ainsworth x
    Ava Ainsworth x 5 days ago

    “I threw my cat out of the window,”
    “She was a bitch.”

  • Fyr3 St0rm
    Fyr3 St0rm 5 days ago

    man, I was expecting something I wasn't expecting... you guys are lame (also, 'I've done a couple hit and runs' and everybody just laughs? I wouldn't be laughing on the pavement, also the worst part is my ex made me think she wasn't cheating on me when she obviously would thanks for that validation.)

    • Shivakalyan Rajavaram
      Shivakalyan Rajavaram 3 days ago

      honestly tho dude why tf is she laughing admitting somethign that terrble

  • Psychotube Creations

    0:16 😁

  • cuteNeonGamer msp
    cuteNeonGamer msp 5 days ago

    "stole a car"
    "sell drugs"
    WTF that was most shocking for me tbh

  • Amiru _ Osu
    Amiru _ Osu 5 days ago

    Cutting myself cuz of streeeeeeeessssss
    Stealing money

  • Nayuki Chan
    Nayuki Chan 5 days ago

    You can either ride your bike without a helmet or sell drugs

  • Junko Enoshima
    Junko Enoshima 5 days ago +1

    I mean I didn’t pay to go on a train once.

  • Toasted Toast
    Toasted Toast 5 days ago

    2:30 that hit me hard

  • Zoey Nelms
    Zoey Nelms 5 days ago +1

    Me- "I kinda threw my cat out the window"
    Me- "She was a bitch"

  • aperson22222
    aperson22222 6 days ago +2

    So many of these people don’t answer.

  • Lannai G
    Lannai G 6 days ago

    “Riding my bike without a helmet”

    “I threw my cat out the window”

  • Ghostboyss
    Ghostboyss 6 days ago

    No one gonna talk about that one girl who said having an abortion? Bold.

  • Drew Stokes
    Drew Stokes 6 days ago

    2:29 so sad

  • H E A R T T H R O B
    H E A R T T H R O B 6 days ago

    I actually hurt on the inside when the last guy “shared the worst thing he’s ever done”

  • Eliza Carreon
    Eliza Carreon 6 days ago


  • H E A R T T H R O B
    H E A R T T H R O B 6 days ago

    *stOLe a BaG oF CHiPS FRoM my GraNDmaS StoRe*

  • Eliza Carreon
    Eliza Carreon 6 days ago


  • Isabella Rose
    Isabella Rose 6 days ago

    trusted a guy who didn’t love me back

  • Blue Animul
    Blue Animul 7 days ago +1

    I tackled a wahmen. Don’t mistake, I respect wahmen very much. Very much.

    • Sofy
      Sofy 4 days ago

      Blue Animul is the word you are looking for woman?

  • ghostyyy
    ghostyyy 7 days ago

    2:57 wut

  • I havent showered in 4 months

    How the fuck can you steal? Trash ass

  • TaraIsAnExtraTerrestrial

    The guy in the thumbnail looks like he is going to take off his head

  • Icky Ziki
    Icky Ziki 7 days ago


  • starry night
    starry night 8 days ago

    the worst thing i ever almost did was catfish a girl i hated just to get back at her for bashing my body (she said my feet were hairy & i was too skinny :/)
    worst thing i've ever ACTUALLY done was pity date people... did it for a loong time yikes

    ZIGGY 8 days ago

    I don’t really like the editing, I just want to know individually what each of them had done

    MARIA SALINAS 8 days ago

    "Saying yes to be in this fuccking video"
    *Slowly regrets*

  • Muhd Farhat
    Muhd Farhat 8 days ago

    1:36 she's gorgeous

  • Catherine Cantrell
    Catherine Cantrell 8 days ago

    2:03 is it open season for crackheads already. Wtf

  • Mendy Moo
    Mendy Moo 8 days ago +1


  • Shaha Rothe-Khan
    Shaha Rothe-Khan 8 days ago

    The girl at 2:39 I've seen before in a video telling her mum when she lost her virginity

  • shin
    shin 8 days ago +2

    2:58 I THOUGHT HE SAID "I creampied on my daughters face while she was asleep" OH MY GOD

  • Vicky Tireito
    Vicky Tireito 9 days ago +1

    the last one is savage

  • akilahh
    akilahh 9 days ago

    A COUPLE HIT AND RUNS????????????

  • Big Gay bob
    Big Gay bob 9 days ago

    Worst thing I’ve ever done was tell my bestfriend my biggest secret and he went and told everyone at school.

  • Nicolas Thompson
    Nicolas Thompson 9 days ago

    Threw his cat out the window ?!

  • Danny
    Danny 9 days ago

    I played fortnite

  • Minty Gacha
    Minty Gacha 9 days ago +1

    *Riding my bike without a helmet*

  • Starr Robinson
    Starr Robinson 9 days ago

    The last one 😂😂

  • Tiffani Gardner
    Tiffani Gardner 10 days ago

    I know there are some silly ones, but I want to hug the guy who jumped of a cliff.

  • Mr. Sunshine
    Mr. Sunshine 10 days ago +1

    “What is the worst thing you’ve ever done?”
    Me: existing

  • Michelle ‘
    Michelle ‘ 10 days ago +1

    I stole candy from the
    Grocery store when I was 8……

  • Shows that have disabled comments Kween

    Idk I’m still in school but the other day I was laughing and someone who I hate said is that how you laugh and I said yes do you actually think I laugh to your stupid jokes hahahahah lol she was offended

  • basicallykermittbh
    basicallykermittbh 10 days ago

    I still believe they’re all good people regardless of the mistakes they’ve made (just hopefully they’ve learned from them.)

  • Han
    Han 10 days ago

    2:30 broke my heart. Me and my parents we have bad relationship i tried to fix it but it never works.

  • holymilk
    holymilk 10 days ago

    0:30 Mood. Fucking mood. My cats are both bitches AAALL the time xD

    ΗARRY 10 days ago

    Had an abortion is probably the worst one.

  • Guitars and Cars
    Guitars and Cars 10 days ago

    One of the guys had the same turbo car shirt as me

  • jhdfjsagjkf
    jhdfjsagjkf 10 days ago

    “Shot at a crackhead yesterday” 1:50

  • Royale Ari
    Royale Ari 11 days ago

    The worst thing I've ever done was get into an argument with my bestfriend recently,he betrayed my trust on many levels many times, and did so much,but we were also ex's so I was in love with him and let it go,he recently betrayed me and the worst thing i ever said to anyone ever was "your a BITCH for crying over your parents because you heard a line in a video,and you cried for what? Like you could actually relate your parents are DEAD" cuz he could relate to it then again he couldn't because they were dead....and I feel bad...but then I dont because he pushed me so far to a point I just snapped and really my main goal was to hurt him i didn't necessarily mean it.

  • Cornedice2113
    Cornedice2113 11 days ago +1

    I left my boyfriend to walk a mile in the rain on Valentine's Day because I snuck him over and my dads gf came home so I had to sneak him out.

    Either that or kill 2 of my hamsters

  • xd Gotthashot
    xd Gotthashot 11 days ago

    2:01 had me dead

  • Glammer the Gamers
    Glammer the Gamers 11 days ago

    The guy at the end tho

  • R U !3 Y
    R U !3 Y 11 days ago

    In kindergarten, I slapped a girl with a jacket😂

  • trey sieler
    trey sieler 11 days ago

    I don’t think anybody should be out walking right now
    I hear there’s people riding their bikes without helmets 😲

  • Memzie Tech
    Memzie Tech 11 days ago

    Last one it the best

  • Brendan Hammond
    Brendan Hammond 11 days ago

    I threw my cat out of my window.
    Cuz she wuz a bitch

  • isabella bjarkadottir
    isabella bjarkadottir 11 days ago +1

    0:28 I think he is lying

    Like if you do too

    • trey sieler
      trey sieler 11 days ago

      Prolly something worse than smuggling drugs into Singapore

  • A Random Blue Corgi
    A Random Blue Corgi 11 days ago +9

    Is nobody talking about the hit and runs? Seriously?

    • Shivakalyan Rajavaram
      Shivakalyan Rajavaram 3 days ago

      dood honestly ive been scrolling through the entire comments for that shit no ones goddamn saying anything like wtf thats terrible

    • Graphic Nerdity
      Graphic Nerdity 10 days ago +1

      Her and the fuckwit who did multiple hit and runs neet to fucking rot in hell.

  • aubrey
    aubrey 11 days ago

    I stole over $100 from my brother for the school book fair

  • Sarah
    Sarah 12 days ago +2

    1:42 "my ex husband"

  • RayyyXOX
    RayyyXOX 12 days ago

    *riding a bike without a helmet*

  • Murtaja Al Maliki
    Murtaja Al Maliki 12 days ago

    You’re lucky you’re getting a blowjob!

  • Wade Allen
    Wade Allen 12 days ago

    3:13 knock knock knocking on hells door

  • Quirky _T
    Quirky _T 12 days ago

    dRug SMugGleR
    iDEnTitY tHetHEd...

    plz don’t @ me I can’t spell...

  • lacey m
    lacey m 12 days ago

    when i was 10 i watched my fish die day by day because i didn’t want to clean the tank.

  • Sanako 銀
    Sanako 銀 12 days ago

    I didn’t feed my cats one day because I spent their food money on toothpaste.

  • sippin tea
    sippin tea 12 days ago

    I've had sex with two of my cousins and ate my friend out when I was 10

  • Alexandra Boenig
    Alexandra Boenig 13 days ago

    3:13 I want to kill her

  • ColorMeWithYou
    ColorMeWithYou 13 days ago

    wow the girl at 1:37 is stunning

  • Charlie Reddall gaming
    Charlie Reddall gaming 13 days ago +1

    Nahh nahhhh 2:00 😂😂😂

  • Charlie Reddall gaming

    0:30 has me acc dead

  • Baby Goose
    Baby Goose 13 days ago

    0:30 fuck that guy. Horrible.

  • Maximilianmus Thee great
    Maximilianmus Thee great 13 days ago +7

    2:24 hahahahaahahhahhahah how tf could *you* bully someone

    • Sofy
      Sofy 4 days ago

      The same way you are now...

    • Fifth Beatle
      Fifth Beatle 12 days ago

      Lmaooooo ikr. Btw check my covers

  • Marley Ullock
    Marley Ullock 13 days ago +1

    It starts off with “ riding my bicycle without a helmet” and gets into “ smuggling drugs into Singapore”

  • That Syrian Guy
    That Syrian Guy 13 days ago

    Holy shit we are all watching the video. You don't have to quote every fuckin thing they say.....

  • Person Simple
    Person Simple 13 days ago

    Guy at the end killed me

  • The S.O.I
    The S.O.I 13 days ago

    *I threw my cat out the window*

  • Vivienne Bennett
    Vivienne Bennett 14 days ago +1

    Being young is not an excuse for cheating lol but not gonna judge