Film Theory: The TRUE STORY of The Conjuring Horror Movies - What REALLY Happened?

  • Published on Oct 25, 2018
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    The Conjuring, like many horror movies, claims to be based on "true events". I wanted to know, how TRUE are these movies? I talking names and dates - REAL sources. Theorists, today were are going to see if these ghost stories have ANY TRUTH to them at all!
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  • NormalBoots
    NormalBoots 5 months ago +10623

    Thanks for the shout out MatPat!

  • Neko chanz
    Neko chanz 3 hours ago

    *when the opening gives you a heart attack and you have to hide in the comments*

  • Emily Garten
    Emily Garten 4 hours ago

    I’m hiding in the comments lol

  • Potato LlamaDog
    Potato LlamaDog 7 hours ago

    i love the subtitles

  • Robbie's Red Velvet
    Robbie's Red Velvet 8 hours ago

    11:55 Didn't expect BFB to be there. Expect Jacknjellify to give you a hug?

  • E.K. Rossi
    E.K. Rossi 9 hours ago


  • Matrix SystemX
    Matrix SystemX Day ago


  • HelloWorldAnimations

    So, I scare super easily. Even the intro to this video scared me. Until...MatPat did his "spoopy" voice. Then it's all giggles. Oh, and if you couldn't tell I'll laugh at anything and everything.

  • Christopher Mcgovern

    "Oh look a film theory upload that I don't remember watching"
    Legitimately 2 seconds into the video.
    "I know why I didn't watch this one"

  • Lone Wolf Gaming
    Lone Wolf Gaming Day ago +1

    My logic :
    Watching scary movie : nonono!!
    Sees USclip scary vid: I'll watch it

  • BallisticBanana
    BallisticBanana 2 days ago

    Oh yeah cause apparently "spirits" can make a chair levitate and also the language could have been a language that the child would have never heard of.

  • James Field
    James Field 2 days ago

    I'm binge watching these, such a great channel :)

  • Chsrr
    Chsrr 2 days ago +1

    If you want to see a movie that sticks with you watch hereditary. That movie has stuck with me for over a month.

  • Dooms Day
    Dooms Day 2 days ago +1

    The stranher is based on 3 killers who therorized a can see that on youtube

  • Mimi koulik
    Mimi koulik 2 days ago +1

    Why does he say "Dawls" it's Dolls

  • boodle pizza
    boodle pizza 2 days ago +3

    MatPat : _don’t turn around_
    Me : *does it anyway and sees a wall*
    Me : huh..

  • Sophini 88
    Sophini 88 3 days ago

    I retreated to the comments too early and couldn't focus on the video, my dog, and the comments, so now I have to rewind...
    Edit: oh ya, my dog was the shadow behind me that matpat said not to turn around to look at... I had food and she wanted it lol

  • Luna Peters
    Luna Peters 4 days ago

    I don't believe in the supernatural, especially demons and ghosts. This mostly has to do with the fact that I'm very cynical and I believe that when you die, you're dead and that's it. The second your brain stops functioning is the end. And since the chances of me getting murdered in the area I live in are *very* slim, horror movies really don't scare me. There's nothing to be afraid of. I also tend not to enjoy any horror movie that fails to be creative or differentiate itself from the others. But if it has a good story, I'm likely to enjoy it anyways and allow the same willing suspension of disbelief that we provide to any movie, show, or book. Just because I'm not scared, doesn't mean I can't enjoy it.

  • Smasher1stplace 47
    Smasher1stplace 47 4 days ago

    Still more scared of Frozen

  • Indiana Johns
    Indiana Johns 4 days ago

    The Conjuring movies suck dude

  • King TigerFire
    King TigerFire 4 days ago

    You can't handle the truth!

  • Lars Kraus
    Lars Kraus 4 days ago

    hate to break it to you ... sharks are real.

  • No No
    No No 5 days ago

    It's supernatural... so it's all bullshit, video done.

  • Derek Glasscock
    Derek Glasscock 5 days ago

    MatPat said Great White Sharks are fiction

  • rampage the sneaky lil bitch

    before i watch the video im gona say how powerfull the human brain is. i have ben using drugs. and att sertain points i have ben upp for days not sleeping for weeks and then taken stuff like ecstasy wich i take is huge doses. when i have ben on extreme doses of drugs i have seen hallusinations of people. i have held a baby in my arms for hours trying to get it to stop crying and go to sleep only to realise later that im all alone att home and i have no kids. the human brain is so strong that you can actualy hallusinate somthing that you can feel,lift and actualy feel the weight of, hear, and belive is there. the human brain is strong enough to actualy make somthing that is 100% real for you. i use to belive in ghosts but ever sins i have ben on drugs i have a logical explanation. the human brain is strong and can create things that feel,hear,have weight. it can allso make you think you have done somthing while doing the absoute oposite. how people see funriture and shit be moved is just them forgeting.

    • rampage the sneaky lil bitch
      rampage the sneaky lil bitch 5 days ago

      my point is that the brain can make you belive what ever it whants you to belive. and if you belive sombody or somthing enough your brain can adabt itself around that belife. people who are realy realy realy religios for example can have a brain that adapts its information of the world around that belife so it will find proof of god where others dont simply becaus it will focus on that

  • Sindre Steen
    Sindre Steen 5 days ago

    He looks like inut

  • Cat lover with insane obsession with cats

    Don’t be scared of paranormal creatures.................... JUST CALL GHOSTBUSTERS

  • Afnan Hossain
    Afnan Hossain 6 days ago

    Looks at thumbnail
    Okay bye

  • Afnan Hossain
    Afnan Hossain 6 days ago

    Okay so I'm not gonna sleep today......

  • Jalyn Sanchez
    Jalyn Sanchez 6 days ago

    I’m on mobile so I can’t hide in the comments someone help PLeAsEeEEeeEeEEeeEeE :c

  • daggers
    daggers 6 days ago

    5:34 bitch don't you dare scare me again lmao

  • serkan çetin
    serkan çetin 6 days ago

    It’s actually Edmund Kemper

  • Teddy Calma
    Teddy Calma 6 days ago

    was that tie in the pic in the first conjuring a tie that bat shiba was tied

  • Josh PHELAN
    Josh PHELAN 6 days ago +1

    I watched the conjuring when I was 9

    Wtf am I doing? I’m going to see the next in a week

    • Josh PHELAN
      Josh PHELAN Day ago

      Tim OB I mean... my mum was a thing...

    • Tim OB
      Tim OB 5 days ago

      Now here you are 6 years later... do you think it has had an effect on you?.... have you had any Supernatural experiences?... the reason I asked is because dark entities seek out young terrified Minds for they are easier 2 influence and even possess.

  • Matt Bruckard
    Matt Bruckard 6 days ago

    I am viewer 3,000,069

  • Prachi Turbadkar
    Prachi Turbadkar 6 days ago +1

    I don't understand how you managed to make this funny.
    I loved it.

  • Doctor Dogger
    Doctor Dogger 7 days ago

    Behind me is a closet

  • Steven Mazariegos
    Steven Mazariegos 7 days ago

    I want 666 like plz or I kill you mom

  • Doctor Dogger
    Doctor Dogger 7 days ago

    look what she made me do.

  • Bailey J.
    Bailey J. 7 days ago

    MATPAT repeat after me Doll not DALL lmao

  • Anonymous Cringer
    Anonymous Cringer 7 days ago

    Too bad that people dont really realize how idiotic the idea of demons and exorcisms and ghosts sound.

  • Alicia De Medeiros
    Alicia De Medeiros 7 days ago

    matpat not to be mean but are u trying to give me a heart attack?

  • This Is 60 Seconds
    This Is 60 Seconds 7 days ago

    How to fuck the nun

  • I am Empty
    I am Empty 7 days ago +6

    I got yall a safe room
    👮‍♂️👮‍♂️👮‍♀️👮‍♀️🚪🛋 🛏 🚽🛁

  • MKWeirdo :3
    MKWeirdo :3 8 days ago

    I'm so fucking scared! hELp mE!

  • Kevin Mario Kevin
    Kevin Mario Kevin 8 days ago

    lol, the beging on auto play when i was home alone for 2 nights at 3 am with the whole house dark no noise when im 13 years alone, i almost peed myself lol

  • Marlou Co
    Marlou Co 8 days ago

    Fake Theirs just actors To use A Ghost gadget Its always Not true its Jusg A Clickbait

  • Liv4 Sun
    Liv4 Sun 8 days ago +1

    ive known theses stories were real BEFORE these actors auditioned for anything in their lives. I'm at 2:17 in to this clip an I am wondering how well you did your research. And if it will be at all mentioned Annabell doll is actually a raggedy ann doll (which is an extreamly less threatning) ya you are gonna find it difficult to scare people with a felt patch eye, & nose doll with red yarn as hair

    • Liv4 Sun
      Liv4 Sun 8 days ago

    • Liv4 Sun
      Liv4 Sun 8 days ago +1

      yay he did!! also when the word says "Based on true events" appears in a movie it means NOT COMPLETELY FACTUAL but most of us learn in elementary the definition of words. I can not speak for todays schooling I do know that most kids can not work on anything alone, meaning they lose sight of independent thinking. Plus they have removed much needed subjects and things like history are changing words like "SLAVES" into words such as "EMPLOYEES" to be less offensive. But it implies that slaves received fruits of their labor which they did not. Which is a straight out lie

  • Younireverse
    Younireverse 8 days ago

    this is how i get nightmares

  • Karolin Kiehl
    Karolin Kiehl 8 days ago +1

    I want to say paranormal things do happen sometimes. Don't ask i just now .

  • Jodie is not okay
    Jodie is not okay 8 days ago

    my mums ex boyfriend knew the young possessed girl, she always envited her friends round to play but always got let down aha

  • Jayderthegater
    Jayderthegater 9 days ago

    the thing thats even worse,...... is that i live in connecticut

  • RoomerJ
    RoomerJ 9 days ago

    Some individuals sited ventriloquism to be the reason for the haunting you talk about in the video. These were never proven to be true and a bit ludicrous considering that ventriloquism doesn't really apply to that situation and no one in the house was capable of this.

  • Aldredo Burciaga
    Aldredo Burciaga 10 days ago

    My mother has 6 glass clups flow of holy water is looks like this 🍶it looks like the second one

  • MeneerWouter
    MeneerWouter 10 days ago

    Yeah it wouldn't be quite as scary if at the end of the movie they said something like: "nah just kidding this is all fake"

  • Ghazt Gamer
    Ghazt Gamer 11 days ago

    This stuff is fake

  • a l i s h a
    a l i s h a 11 days ago

    Ya'll i'm home alone

  • Kats Cagurangan
    Kats Cagurangan 11 days ago

    Thankfully, i live in the Philippines, not america

  • Kats Cagurangan
    Kats Cagurangan 11 days ago

    Aren’t these images at the start copyrighted

  • Noobcraft Gamer
    Noobcraft Gamer 12 days ago +1

    I turned around scared to see a shadow and I saw a shadow I looked up it was my mom and I screamed my mom said what and I said oh nothing 😂😂😂

  • Chad Landon
    Chad Landon 12 days ago

    I agree aboit annebelle

  • Mossy Something
    Mossy Something 12 days ago

    Omg i should have not watched it

  • Shister jackie Squad
    Shister jackie Squad 13 days ago are low key cute👌💕

  • Haley Mendoza
    Haley Mendoza 13 days ago

    as im watching this again the front door closes

  • Erika Shiella Santillan

    Ive literally watched all of the movie of this, i think the others are not, i think theyre are just trying to get spoiled.

  • Derp Gamer
    Derp Gamer 14 days ago +1

    Sat with my back against a wall

    Just to be sure

  • Itza Navarro
    Itza Navarro 14 days ago

    Me: *sees a video that looks pretty cool*
    *4 seconds in the video and enjoying it*
    *23 seconds in the video hears a*
    *annoying voice*

    Me: **clicks of**

  • Blunar Gaming
    Blunar Gaming 14 days ago

    MatPat why you gotta even make ur theories scary

  • Ceasar Bergonia
    Ceasar Bergonia 15 days ago

    I made a scary story called the mom with a belt and everyone was so scared because the mom with the belt was a real person.

    like if you get it

  • dodoo asstrood
    dodoo asstrood 15 days ago

    Edmund Kemper not Edward Kemper

  • tae tae and cake
    tae tae and cake 15 days ago

    The house where all the supernatural stuff happens in the Conjuring 2 is like 30 minutes away from my house.
    On Halloween my friends went there and knocked on the door. They claimed they heard a voice saying ‘My House’.
    They went there *_before_* the Conjuring 2 movie.

  • HighlandAveVisual&SoundWorks HAVS

    Hey look guys it’s another MapHat your wrong comments

  • arc 453
    arc 453 15 days ago

    Oh hell no

  • Eh
    Eh 16 days ago

    i enjoy watching creepy stuff, and now i'm smiling wide lmaooo

  • Antonio Aguilar
    Antonio Aguilar 16 days ago

    *starts with ghost spoops. ends with lawsuits*

  • Prabhav
    Prabhav 18 days ago +1

    Bro U want a proof? Go live in the house for a week and I doubt that u will ever require proof after that. Do you know that u r allowed to visit these haunted places? I visited the house of betesheba( whatever the name is) and I swear I felt strange and after that my entire body was drained out of positive energy in an instant. I can't guarantee it was a demon but I m pretty sure there was some negative energy in there.

    • j blue
      j blue 18 days ago


  • Koteshima :
    Koteshima : 18 days ago

    didn't need sleep anyway

  • FlogRocks
    FlogRocks 18 days ago

    Why was the a crypt monster in there?

  • Nycola P.
    Nycola P. 18 days ago +1

    Mat pat: HAUNTED DAWLS!

  • Drak
    Drak 18 days ago

    you say you are a scary cat, but i am got scared in the intro :s

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl 19 days ago

    When he said don’t turn around to see the shadow I turned around and saw a giant teddy bear staring at me

  • Michael Rogers
    Michael Rogers 19 days ago +1

    Me reading the comments so I won't be scared at 3am

  • XxUniLizzyxX XxUniLizzyxX

    the strangers werent there for no reason.
    they were there because kristen &james were home
    do some fucking research fore you make your stupid lame ass videos -_-

  • Annika Ilagan
    Annika Ilagan 20 days ago

    I ain't goin' into full screen for that intro...

  • Iron Ox
    Iron Ox 20 days ago

    Anything to do with the supernatural is not based in any sort of truth as the paranormal carries no truth.

  • Blue Ash3z
    Blue Ash3z 20 days ago

    Do more conjuring videos, i love these man

  • Rylen Exp
    Rylen Exp 20 days ago

    This is fake I’ll tell you what’s really happening ... the demon aren’t demons ITS DEMONITIZATION

  • Amelia Phillips
    Amelia Phillips 21 day ago

    Ooh ooh ooh I love the conjuring I watched it yesterday! My new favorite horror movie!

  • Fall Out Boys Fannest Boy

    Ok I’m going full screen pray for me

  • Nick Butta
    Nick Butta 21 day ago

    1:02 I believe his name was Edmund Kemper, not Edward... correct me if I'm wrong : )

  • Simspiracy
    Simspiracy 21 day ago

    Amityville Terror was proven fake.💞

  • Sekar Kadhita
    Sekar Kadhita 21 day ago

    4:10 that's stehp's voice

  • kyre eilee papera
    kyre eilee papera 21 day ago

    All i see is my couch when i turn around

  • Rebekah Johnson
    Rebekah Johnson 22 days ago

    Never. Sleeping. Again

  • Peter Speers
    Peter Speers 22 days ago

    GLaDOS: *clap...clap...clap* oh at least my slow clap servo made it in here

  • Rayquaza The Hero
    Rayquaza The Hero 22 days ago

    I watched the beginning of this video and then when Mat started talking my phone died

  • loading . . .
    loading . . . 22 days ago

    Spirit,more like a physically superior being that likes to fuck with humans.

  • bloxer boy
    bloxer boy 22 days ago +1

    2:40 i'm sitting on a toilet.

  • Holy Tea Wolf Girl
    Holy Tea Wolf Girl 22 days ago +2

    Slow down,
    grab your bible.
    Pray like try to make your soul rebilile.
    the lord

  • Wisecrackin' Wiseguy
    Wisecrackin' Wiseguy 22 days ago

    Wasn't strangers based on a creepypasta known as butcherface?