How To Make A Sweet & Tangy LEMON MERINGUE PIE MEGA CAKE | Yolanda Gampp | How To Cake It

  • Published on Aug 15, 2017
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    Hi, I'm Yolanda! Some people call me the Beyoncé of cakes. I post my drool-worthy, jaw-dropping caking creations every Tuesday at 11am EST! From novelty cakes that look like your favourite foods to my MEGA mash up cakes that have layers upon layers of goodness - I dream in cake!
    To make this Lemon Meringue Mega Cake, I filled three marbled Vanilla cakes with lemon buttercream, chopped lemon meringue pie cookies & yummy lemon curd. I even topped it with a whole Lemon Meringue Pie and decorated the cake with white chocolate ganache drizzle and sweet lemon candies!
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    Editor: Orhan Sumen
    Cinematographer: Jeremy Kohm
    Producers: Jocelyn Mercer & Connie Contardi
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  • How To Cake It
    How To Cake It  Year ago +1183

    Hey #VIPs & #NotficationSquad! Who else feels like this cake takes them on a trip to Lemon Meringuia? 🌎✈️ Mmm... lemon buttercream, lemon curd, lemon simple syrup, lemon meringue pie cookies & lemon candies - OH, and did I mention an ENTIRE Lemon Meringue Pie on top!? 🍋🍋🍋 YUM!! 😍 What other MEGA cakes do you wanna see me CAKE next? Comment BELOW! 👇👇👇

    • Rahwa Tesfay
      Rahwa Tesfay 2 months ago

      You have to do a Oreo megacake!!😄

    • Mads💕
      Mads💕 8 months ago

      How To Cake It TAKE ME

    • SaRaya Johnson
      SaRaya Johnson 8 months ago

      How To Cake It hi

    • Kriti Kaushal
      Kriti Kaushal Year ago

      100 layers of cake... even though the trend is over

    • Em my
      Em my Year ago

      How To Cake It I wish lemon meringues was real!!!

  • Shavonne Jackson
    Shavonne Jackson 20 days ago

    cool it's like lemon meringue pie

  • Zozow White
    Zozow White 24 days ago

    Why don’t we ever get to see Jocelyn ?😢

  • Simrita Gopalan
    Simrita Gopalan Month ago

    I'm dying that looks so good...

  • Alex CHONG
    Alex CHONG Month ago

    I see Walter on Yolanda's arm!!!!!!!!!!!! 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉

  • Gerlinde Knoppert
    Gerlinde Knoppert Month ago

    How much times did she say lemon? 😂😂

  • Cierra Leysath
    Cierra Leysath Month ago

    What if you did a Frank Sinatra inspired cake with the T-shirt that says... "Cake me to the Moon!?!" Just an idea 💡

  • chlo chlo
    chlo chlo 2 months ago

    I know a lot of people say this but I love you so much Yolanda 😍you make me so happy especially when I’m down. I’m proud of you for getting this far in life. I love you😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • scarlet heart
    scarlet heart 2 months ago

    Great I'm hungry now

  • KMichelle Argus
    KMichelle Argus 2 months ago

    Lemon meringue is love

  • Sarou Cher
    Sarou Cher 2 months ago

    This is just my opinion but I feel like the candy kinda ruined the cake. Like it was just too much you shouldve left it like that and it would've been way prettier

  • Bekah
    Bekah 2 months ago


  • Summer Butterworth
    Summer Butterworth 2 months ago

    😉you should go on a baking show your awesome 😎 at baking

  • Mya Cain
    Mya Cain 3 months ago

    I'm so hungry

  • TheBlindRaptor 74
    TheBlindRaptor 74 4 months ago

    You just earned yourself a subscriber guys! This cake looks SO GOOD

  • BigBox Williams
    BigBox Williams 4 months ago


  • BigBox Williams
    BigBox Williams 4 months ago


  • Shalon Graham
    Shalon Graham 4 months ago

    how long do you whip the buttercream for? I've done it twice following the link recipe and it looks like cottage cheese :(

  • Steve Ahn
    Steve Ahn 4 months ago

    I'm not sure if you've done this one, what about a giant fried chicken cake? 🍗

  • Jon Mclaughlin
    Jon Mclaughlin 4 months ago

    are the street posts forks?

  • ice cream is my last name

    I don't like lemons😐sorry.
    but i love how the cake looks like. so creative😄😊😊

  • Blue Vixen
    Blue Vixen 4 months ago


  • Junior Alina
    Junior Alina 4 months ago +1

    Can you do a “Sweden” cake?❤️❤️

  • Ivanna Lee Torres
    Ivanna Lee Torres 4 months ago +2

    Yolanda make a t shirt saying " KICK 'EM TO THE CURD " 🙌🏼 for your lemonade curd videos

  • Majestic Butterfly
    Majestic Butterfly 4 months ago +1

    I remember when I first watched this... I wondered what Mum was doing so I went into the kitchen and by complete coincidence, she was making lemon curd!!!!

  • jessica francoeur
    jessica francoeur 4 months ago

    you should cake a jet

  • Redfin _706
    Redfin _706 5 months ago

    The drips are a lie

  • Dolores Boston
    Dolores Boston 5 months ago

    Yeah everything you said at the end was as clear as mud 😄😄😄 and I understood every word 😂😂😂😂
    But girrrrl your cakes look delicious and I’m sure they are.
    So for this cake you said to follow the carrot cake recipe. Just switch carrots for sweet potatoes. Now for your lemon-meringue, would I use the vanilla cake recipe?
    Ohhh I forgot....when you level your cakes what do you do with the piece you sliced off?

  • ♡venuz_babi♡
    ♡venuz_babi♡ 5 months ago

    Where's the lemon curd recipe?

  • Amber Geegan
    Amber Geegan 5 months ago

    Who else saw walter on her arm

  • Call me Kayla
    Call me Kayla 5 months ago


  • Arieal Bryant
    Arieal Bryant 5 months ago

    Chef Valerie from kids baking championship would love this 🍋 mega cake omg 😍😍😍😍

  • Mary Daniels
    Mary Daniels 5 months ago

    I want to live in Lemon Meringuia!!!

  • Alexis_Crusher Youtube
    Alexis_Crusher Youtube 5 months ago

    The clubs cost MONEY?!?

    JOEL GOMES 5 months ago

    You should make a big cake that looks like a lemon.🍋🍋🍋🍰🍰🍰

  • Lou Cancian
    Lou Cancian 5 months ago

    I made something like this last summer... It had one level and it took a day and a half😂

  • Midnight Rose
    Midnight Rose 5 months ago

    Does anyone know a good recipe for the lemon merengue cookies? I’ve tried to find a good one, but none are very lemony at all

  • Jeewon Kim-Ka
    Jeewon Kim-Ka 5 months ago

    Can you do miniature treats for a video?

  • Johanna De Oliveira
    Johanna De Oliveira 5 months ago

    You should make a BUTT cake.😅

  • Novel Beats
    Novel Beats 6 months ago +1


  • Leelah H
    Leelah H 6 months ago

    The hills are alive with the sound of merangia

  • Mai Lee Vang
    Mai Lee Vang 6 months ago

    I love lemon and I love lemon curd! Can you bake a cake with Jocelyn! I wanna see Jocelyn! Also Orhan! 🙌🏻💕😱

  • Hilliary Brooks
    Hilliary Brooks 6 months ago

    You are on nailed it I watched it!

  • Javier Iriarte Gonzalez

    You should make a video on how to make lemon curd

  • Ali Bird
    Ali Bird 6 months ago +1


  • Swetha G
    Swetha G 6 months ago

    I want that cake yummiest

  • BellasLife
    BellasLife 6 months ago

    Can you do a pineapple mega cake?!?!?!?!!!!!

  • Matthew Baker
    Matthew Baker 6 months ago

    She is such a charismatic and wonderful human. My new favorite youtube channel.

  • seanviv2
    seanviv2 7 months ago

    That video was everything I cracked up was intrigued watching it assembled and was left drooling at the end.
    I need a slice of that cake.😩😋

  • Angelface :)
    Angelface :) 7 months ago

    YUM :-)

  • Kylee Hill
    Kylee Hill 7 months ago

    Told mom to make a cake to copie you. She let it so to chill for two days!! 😂

  • Emily Potts
    Emily Potts 7 months ago

    I want to eat this so bad, I love lemon. Also lemon curd is the best!

  • cheyenne rankin
    cheyenne rankin 7 months ago

    am i the only one who wants to see yolanda on a show like cake wars, or something like that?
    just me?

  • Hannah DePue
    Hannah DePue 7 months ago

    is it dodie yellow tho?

  • Andrea Cevallos
    Andrea Cevallos 7 months ago

    OMG! That was perfect!

  • Brian Rocha
    Brian Rocha 7 months ago

    Yo aren't wearing a yollow t-shirt, missed opportunity.

  • HiLoWme123
    HiLoWme123 7 months ago

    Jeremy: yolanda what's your religion
    Yo:you already know
    Jeremy: no I don't
    Yo: CAKE

  • Yvette Awumbase
    Yvette Awumbase 7 months ago

    I 😘you but I'm 9

  • Kaitlyn Ellis
    Kaitlyn Ellis 7 months ago

    Do you sell your cakes? I think you would have a super popular business.❤️

  • captain_ smart.casual
    captain_ smart.casual 8 months ago

    Jocelyn would be the best person to have in the audience for a comedians show. Just wack out a few cake jokes and soon everyone will be laughing with her.

  • Monique Etsebeth
    Monique Etsebeth 8 months ago

    Wait, wait, wait, wait, that watermelon on her arm an ACTUAL tattoo??

  • Lhda Del
    Lhda Del 8 months ago

    Adelain Morin should watch this video

  • lacey dufault
    lacey dufault 8 months ago

    Can you please make a scooby doo cake my son just loves your channel and cakes

  • Brianna Utz
    Brianna Utz 8 months ago

    Ukulele cake?

  • Pen_On Paper_Inkspill
    Pen_On Paper_Inkspill 8 months ago

    Honey, my sour @$$ never left Lemon-Meranguia.

  • Mads💕
    Mads💕 8 months ago

    Jesus take the wheel

  • Mads💕
    Mads💕 8 months ago

    I would kill for that cake

  • peaches’n’edits
    peaches’n’edits 8 months ago

    You could make a Peter Pan or tinker bell inspired cake and have your tee say “CAKE ME TO NEVERLAND”

  • Mèo mèooo _art
    Mèo mèooo _art 8 months ago

    oh awesome! This is a perfect cake! I think it can be combined with lemon juice ...!
    i want to try it, its so tempting !!!!!!

  • Sam Brown
    Sam Brown 8 months ago

    Why a lime floaty? Sir Squeeze!

  • Annabel Rose
    Annabel Rose 8 months ago

    I feel like a tide pod cake is overdue

  • crystalpaladin :/
    crystalpaladin :/ 8 months ago

    All your cakes are soooooo pretty I love your work!!!!

  • Clara Pratt
    Clara Pratt 8 months ago


  • SaRaya Johnson
    SaRaya Johnson 8 months ago


  • Robyn Kibbie
    Robyn Kibbie 8 months ago

    I went to an improv show shortly after I watched this episode for the first time. they were asking for a location for their routine and I shouted out "LEMON MERINGUIA!"... They used it for the entire 2.5 hour show XD

  • MO.YASEEN .yaseen
    MO.YASEEN .yaseen 8 months ago

    pandora cake shop..plzzz make a car moving one

  • Meghan Ellis
    Meghan Ellis 8 months ago

    U should make a huge I phone x cake

  • Sophiaxx7 1
    Sophiaxx7 1 8 months ago +10

    Hi yolanda! My name is sophia. I think you should do a cherry mega cake. (Since it is a fruit u havnt done yet).

  • Hobby_Gardener412
    Hobby_Gardener412 8 months ago

    This would be my "died and gone to heaven" cake, for sure... Omg, lemon everything, looks so delicious!! 🍋🍋🍋🍋

  • Eva Sonneveld
    Eva Sonneveld 8 months ago

    OMG so yummy!!! by the way, I loveeeeeee burny!

  • Norseen Awein
    Norseen Awein 8 months ago

    Can you make a unicorn f

  • bails rugby
    bails rugby 8 months ago

    is there anywhere i can find measurements in grams for all your cakes? do you give grams and cups in your book as was going to buy it? thanks

  • Layla Eiler
    Layla Eiler 8 months ago

    wow you can eat every thing in lemon maringeua

  • Hope Allyson
    Hope Allyson 8 months ago

    i think it would be cool if she did cupcakes and then later went on cupcake wars cuz that would be freaking awesome :D

  • Katrina DeKarver
    Katrina DeKarver 8 months ago

    This cake was made for me! I love lemon.

  • Jason Rivers
    Jason Rivers 8 months ago +1

    *disrupts the cookies*

  • Sara Gray
    Sara Gray 9 months ago

    cake it till you make it :)

  • KawaiiCupcake
    KawaiiCupcake 9 months ago

    I love lemons 🍋 MOMMMMMM MAKE THIS FO’ MEEEE

  • puppy lover
    puppy lover 9 months ago

    The hills are alive with the sound of music

  • Nick Maass
    Nick Maass 9 months ago

    my fave part is always the slice at the end

  • Weirdsquirrelgirl
    Weirdsquirrelgirl 9 months ago

    This sounds weird, but I'm interested on how you would do something like a Skittles megacake.

  • Aman
    Aman 9 months ago

    i love this channel
    you guys are so so so funny

  • Jade Tryon
    Jade Tryon 9 months ago

    My new favourite word is "dollop"

  • Aasma Sibal
    Aasma Sibal 9 months ago

    Can you make a descendants cake please ! Love you !!!!!

  • Kate K
    Kate K 9 months ago

    Q: What do the people of lemon meringuea listen to
    A: Lemonade by Beyoncé

  • Nikina Wow
    Nikina Wow 9 months ago

    That my dream Cake❤️❤️😍

  • Nevaeh Harp
    Nevaeh Harp 9 months ago

    This cake is perfect for Adelaine. And who's watching in January of 2018

  • Madison Morou
    Madison Morou 9 months ago

    Anyone else eat lemons with salt?

  • kizzi- rose oliver
    kizzi- rose oliver 9 months ago

    i do not know how you do it every time i bake the smoke alarm goes of i think you should bake a giant flamingo cake for

  • Azariah Harvey
    Azariah Harvey 9 months ago